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Posted by Tongia (Montgomery, Alabama) on 08/26/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I have been bothered with BV for over 13 years now. Everything you ladies experienced I have too.I told my Dr. I think I am allergic to sperm. I have taken antibiotics over and over for 13 years now. I thought something was wrong with me. Because you dont know or think this happens to any one else but you. I have even accused my husband of sleeping with other girls. I even changed GYN Dr's because I was going on regular basis, even the receptionist at the front office knew me by first name. Ladies I called my Dr. and got RX for Flagil AGAIN. And thats when I come home and got on the internet and found you guys. After reading your life stories, and found out what has heeled you all, I also went out and bought folic acid,acidophilus pills and also apple cider vinigar. Last night I took my flagyl, 2 800mcg folic acid pills,1 acidophilus pill by mouth and inserted 1 in my vag. When I woke up the next morning the odor was very faint and I felt fresher. By that afternoon the smell was gone. Ladies I called my Dr. because some of you all wanted to know do this really work. My Dr. told me that Aciidophilus is more for yeast but it do help the ph in your vag. Folic acid will kill the bacteria in the vag. and dont just mask the oder but it will take about 1 month to completly kill the bacteria. ACV she stated take 3 tsp every day will help build your immune system. I dont want to wait that long to be cured so I decided to do as one person said a few stories up Take my Flaygl medication to kill the bacteria good and bad. And I will insert the acidophilus pill for 1 week to help put back the good bacteria in my vag.(ph level) and take 2 800 mcg of folic acid every day to keep folic acid level up in my immune system. Dont want to get to exited yet. But it all make so much since. Replace what your body dont make enough of. Why didnt someone tell me years ago about this. Thank you all for your wise wisdom. will keep you posted.....Tonya In Alabama.

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Rebecca (Athens, Georgia) on 08/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Acidophilus and folic acid worked for bacterial vaginosis! It's true, this simple combination was key for me. I started taking 800mg of folic acid once a day at lunchtime, and taking acidophilus capsules intermittently or some days just eating good quality organic yogurt. I have no more odor or discomfort- I am really impressed with this remedy. Even after I was better I keep taking the folic acid and have yogurt every few days, and I haven't had any recurring problems. It has been over a month since I have had any symptoms, but just like a lot of other women experienced, this remedy worked for me really fast, I'd say almost an immediate change and then about a week before I felt completely better.

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Christine (Binghamton, NY) on 07/20/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I have to say that this folic acid and acidophilus treatment really works, and FAST. I had noticed the odor everyone mentioned on this forum, and also had itching and some slight pain as well. I started downing yogurt (plain with active cultures) I think all the flavored yogurts have too much sugar and they are defeating the purpose. I also took the folic acid. Felt about 30% better first day, about 50% the second day, now I am on my 3rd day and I must say I feel about 80% better. The odor was gone the first day though, that really impressed me to know this is probably going to work. I give all the glory to God, after all he made our bodies, and he created everything, he led me to the answer to help with this problem. There is nothing wrong with Dr's, but I don't run to them for every little thing I always seek natural remedies/cures first. This website is great, thank you to all the people who keep it going, and all the people who respond, so that we know what works and what does'nt. I know that each cure will not work for '"everyone" but when such a majority of responses are positive you have to give it a try!!! God Bless

Replied by Joy
(United States)

How many pills per day do you suggest? Do you suggest inserting them?

Replied by Hisjewel
(New York)

Hello Joy,

You have to read and then re-read to figure out where to start.

EC usually says start low. it seems that some victors used one 400 mg of folic acid capsule, and also the one included their multi vitamin for a total of 800mg folic acid. The audiophilus capsules has been taken two to three capsules. When you are desperate you try everything, some ate it, some inserted it. Read again for how they were used.

If you have not tried a daily separate Vitamin D 2000 IU by mouth, give it a try. It worked for me.


Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Tina (Pittsburgh, PA) on 06/29/2009
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I have been using the Acidophilus (3 Tablets inserted vaginally) and folic acid (2 pills taken orally). The BV was feeling a lot better, but I started getting severely itchy, mostly on my legs and arms. I stopped taking the folic acid and the itching has stopped. I guess I was taking too much? Still taking the acidophilus, but some of the BV symptoms are returning! So frustrating because I thought I had solved the problem. Not sure what to do next. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! This is the pits!

Replied by Mary
(Baltimore, Maryland)

The only remedy I can suggest is to try the hydrogen peroxide and water douche.I used 1/4 h20 to 1/4 of h202. A number of ladies on this site will suggest half and half. I used this method for 7days straight. Worked wonders for me.

Replied by S.marie
(Fort Lauderdale, Fl)

You could have been taking too much of the folic acid. When folic acid builds up in the body it can irritate the nerves in the extremities. Just take the RDA for folic acid which is 400 micrograms/ day, rather than doubling up like some women were doing.

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Lori (Hope Mills, NC) on 06/13/2009

Hi, I have been struggling with this BV fish disorder (lol) for about 6 years now and I read over your suggestions and decided to try the folic acid/yogurt pills! I am taking 400 mg of folic acid and 2 yogurt pills in the am and 2 in the pm. I noticed a BRIGHT yellowish discharge and the smell went from fishy to musky! And, My Vaya is extremely moist, like the BV is still there!!! My sex life seems to be over and not to mention that I feel like I am cramping in my stomach and back (like a period) and in my cervical area when I take these! Any suggestions???

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Newbie (Richmond, Canada) on 06/10/2009

Thank you everyone for your posts. This is the FIRST time I've ever gotten Bacterial Vaginosis, so I am pretty clueless. My story: About a week ago, I realized that my discharge was smelling really funky. There is no itch or burn, nothing except the smell and excess of discharge. I do not know what had triggered can't be sex because I have been with the same partner for over 4 years with no problems, and he is out of the country right now...which means that when I got BV, I have not been having any sex for 2-3 weeks. Furtheremore, I have gotten a pap test done just 3 weeks ago, which came up clean!!

After reading all the comments on Earth Clinic, I went out to buy Folic Acid and Acidophilus. I read that just taking the Folic Acid worked on some people, so I have not tried the Acidophilus yet. Last night I took two tablets of 1,000mcg of Folic Acid, and did the same this morning. The smell has subsided, but it is still slightly there (probably because I only took two tablets for one day.)

There is nothing I can think of that could have triggered this, other than hygiene (eg. not showering right away after a work out - I have been exercising a lot recently) ... if I be extra careful about hygiene after the BV heals, am I still at risk of getting BV again, since I've already gotten it once?

Many people on here have said that they are continuously taking Folic Acid/Acidophilus to prevent BV from coming back, and that when they do stop taking them, the BV returns...

Is there anyone who knows if Folic Acid/Acidophilus can completely cure BV, and return my vagina at the normal state it was always in?!

Thank you in advance!

Replied by NIK
(Chickasha, Oklahoma)

I have been reading this page for weeks. I finally tried the acidophilus and folic acid taking 1 acidophilus in the morning and the folic acid three times a day. I have done this for about a week and the other morning I used a half and half water and peroxide douche. I kept an eye on my vajayjay and it seemed to be doing better. The horrible smell went away. However, I needed to test it further. So last night I had sex and this morning there wasn't any odor. I finally want to have sex and enjoy sex, but the BV kept me from wanting to be intimate. I mean how embarrassing. I also have a daughter and have been stressing the importance of keeping herself clean, and it makes me feel bad because mom has an odor. I have been dealing with this for six years...since I had my son. I am so happy with the results so far and it doesn't matter to me if I have to take this stuff for the rest of my life. I want to be open with my bf and was really prude in the bedroom due to the bv which put a damper on our relationship. I want to personally say thank you so much for all of your makes me feel better to know that I am not the only woman dealing with this issue and that it's not because I am fact my gyno said I was too I stopped doing alot of the stuff I thought would help with the bv but it didn't work. I am so releived and will keep yall posted. To anyone else who is reading these won't hurt you to try...and its inexpensive to try. Once again .........THANK YOU ALL!!!

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Fed up! (Miami, Florida) on 06/09/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I've been taking folic acid for my BV now for about 2 weeks. I also take about 3 acidophilus pills a day. My symptoms have improved slightly, but they're still being stubborn and not quite disappearing. I read somewhere on this site where one woman said she was taking folic acid and acidophilus together, and her symptoms only improved--but when she STOPPED taking acidophilus and continued taking folic acid, her symptoms finally went her body was rejecting the acidophilus.

Has anyone else found this is the case for them? I want to try it, but I'm afraid if I stop taking the acidophilus my symptoms will go back to normal. Only way I want to try it is if I see it's been the case for other women as well!

Replied by Kuhlai
(Tuguegarao City, Philippines)

The Folic Acid alone cured my BV. It was the most effective remedy i had for my VB.

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Km (Brooklyn, New York) on 06/07/2009

Question: FOLIC ACID AND ACIDOPHILUS for Bacterial Vaginosis

I had been struggling with BV for almost a year, found this site, and then got on a strict regimen of 800mg Folic Acid (400mg from my multivitamin and 400mg from a vitamin that contains iron, b12 and folic acid) plus a Probiotic (1/2 teaspoon powdered acidophilus mixed in a small amount of juice) every morning. Within 2 weeks, the discharge and the irritation disappeared completely. I have been in great shape for the past 3 months--it has been life changing and I am so thankful for this website.

That said, I also notice that if I forget to take the folic acid/probiotic combo for 2-3 days in a row (sometimes I get lazy on the weekends), I start to feel itchy and mild discharge returns. Once I take the folic acid and probiotic again, it goes away within a day.

I truly feel like the BV is gone, but how is it possible that it comes back so quickly?
I am also questioning if this "cure" is really just a mask. Covering up symptoms without really fixing the root problem?

Has anyone spoken to their OBGYN about this?


Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Dawn (Desert Hot Springs, CA) on 06/06/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I'm very greatfull for this website I've suffere with BV off and on for many years. The doctor has prescribed tons of stuff that only seemed to mask the problem. I found this website and went out and bought folic acid and liquid acidophilus. I take the acidophilus orally and saturate a tampon with it and inserted it. I know I thought it was crazy too. I did this twice the same day that I bought it and I couldn't believe it when I removed the second tampon it was odor free. I'm going to do this for 2 more days and see what happens. I've also decided to continue to take the acidophilus capsules as part of my daily regimen since it helps with the digestive health. I'll keep you all posted on the BV issue. Thanks ladies for all of your input, I thought I would have to live with this forever.

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by relief at last! (Seattle, WA) on 05/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I've had persistent BV for about 2+ years, done the metronidazole gel and it just comes back. BV made me feel awful! I am a dentist, and my lap is right next to all my patients' faces! I knew if I could smell it, they could too. Nothing worked! I felt pretty disgusted about it and did not want to have sex too often, not that my partner said anything, but more because I just felt unattractive. I want to thank all the women on this page for your suggestion to do lactobacillus acidophilus + folic acid! It worked in about 4 hours! I took 1 capsule of lac. acidophilus orally, and inserted one in my vagina. I took 1 tablet of 800mg folic acid. This was at lunch time, and by the end of the day it was all gone! Its a miracle! Thank you so much for saving me from this junk. I had begun to think it was never going to go away. I think I will do the vaginal capsule bit for a few more days, and then just stick to one capsule of each per day orally.

(Washington, DC)

I am so glad I came across this site. I hope I can be helped! I've had BV for almost three years. I would say it's recurring, but I honestly just think that it has its many bad weeks, or months, then goes into "remission" for a few days or a week.

So, I've been prescribed (repeatedly) by my gyno Flagyl (Metronidazole) & Clindesse. IF the BV even goes away at all, it is back shortly w/a vengeance! Like sometimes twice as bad & at times there is the bad burning & terrible itching. Don't even ask about the smell...I shower minimally twice a day & thank goodness I have an understanding boyfriend. Sex is infrequent now.

Anyway, after all the failures with the prescribed meds, I stared taking zinc supplements, drank acidophilus milk (probably didn't do anything,) & tried tea tree oil "down there." No true result...just felt a bit less burning.

Now I've been taking 1200mg of folic acid once a day, JUST bought acidophilus (5mil) so we'll see what happens...any advice/warnings/input would be greatly appreaciated! Thx!

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Sher (London, England) on 05/20/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have to say a big Thank you to everyone who has posted their feedback on this site. After suffering with this embarrassing condition on and off for 5 years I feel free. I have been taking 1 capsule of folic acid 800mg and 1 capsule of acidophilus 2 billion, 4 times a day inserting 1 at night for 2 days now. The odour stopped almost immediately and I now have no discharge. You definitely have nothing to lose, please give this a try it's worked for me.

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Happy in NY (Manlius, NY USA) on 05/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am so happy to have found this website! I read about BV on the web as I was trying to research what my problem might be! I have had yeast infections before, in fact EVERY time I use an antibiotic, I wind up with one. I believe we Americans are over medicated. We take antibiotics for every little thing so that our doctors and drug companies can rake in the dollars. I was searching for a natural cure...and I found it! I read about curing BV with Acidophilus and Folic Acid and the testimonials were so convincing, I tried it! I purchased Acidophilus (500 million live cells per tab) and Folic Acid at my local drugstore and proceeded to take two of the Acidophilus orally and inserted one in my vagina. I also took one tab of Folic acid. When I woke up the next morning, my symptoms were, and are currently, GONE!!! No smell, no discharge (except for the residual Acidophilus).

I am wondering though, I also have UTI's frequently and have suffered with toenail fungus for years...could there be any connection? Perhaps some of us simply do not or cannot host as many of the "good" bacteria that keeps the "bad" bacteria at bay! Anyways, I am happy to have found this website and this cure! Skeptical??? TRY IT!

Replied by Judy

UTI - I take D-mannose & I have not gotten a uti in a couple of years. I would get at least one a year for 10 years. Also I take olive leaf extract for one month, then oregano oil caps for a month. Probiotics daily.

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Erin (Alexandria, VA) on 05/11/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I love this web-site. In the past 15 years, I have had soo many eposides of B.V. I have been told that I have had a sexual transmitted disease to only be called 3 days later and be told my tests were negative. Honestly I probably have never had a S.T.D. When I would go to the doctors they were always ready to say it was a S.T.D. and I would leave the doctors and break up with yet another (GOOD) boyfriend. I might have let the one I would have married go because I was soo embarressed to talk about it to him. Besides once a cheater always a cheater.RIGHT???? This B.V IS sooo much more then a smelley discharge. It's a deal breaker. Now I have/had b.v once again. For once in my life I feel in charge of my body. Two weeks ago I found this website. I read for two days and decided to give it a shot. So I bought folic acid (i never drink o.j) and acidophilus 3 billion per table. I even tryed a whole clove of garlic. I was too weriod for me. So I let took it out. So this is what I have done and am free of discharge and smell. One acidophilus pill in the morning, one in the afternoon, one at night one in the vagina at night. Also in the morning 2 400mgs of folic acid. In the beginning of the infection I used tampons soaked in yogurt. Because it is cool it immediatly feels great, and the yogurt feels like it is doing something. I have also limited my beer, only on weekends. I am drinking more water tooo. I feel that this is a whole life change. I am feeling better and in control.

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Damiana (Sonoma, California) on 05/05/2009
1 out of 5 stars





Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Lucky09 (Philadelphia, PA) on 05/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Folic Acid and Acidophilus: I have suffered from chronic BV and yeast infections since I can remember, I'm 24 now. I tried this for the first time yesterday and already I can see a difference! The discharge is almost non-existent and there's no smell! I can't believe this actually works, after rounds of antibiotics that would work for a day or two and then symptoms came back, this is amazing! I wish I would've found this site years ago! Give it a try!

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