Natural Remedies

Most Effective Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Bee Stings
Posted by Eloise Burke (North Carolina) on 05/20/2021 5 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Two wasps got into my bathroom and stung me. This was painful and long-lasting, but I am a stoic and did nothing. Then I discovered that my arthritis had ceased to pain me. I've since heard from old-timers that "everybody knows bee stings are good for arthritis." If anybody had told me that I wouldn't have believed it, but boy, is it TRUE!

High Dose Magnesium, Vitamin C
Posted by Art (California) on 04/12/2021 1573 posts

Here is another translation of this post, but I think it is a very safe bet that these doses of magnesium and vitamin C are going to give you explosive diarrhea and this dose of magnesium is not safe for regular use:

>>>' I read an article about the beaks of a parrot by a priest who healed himself with magnesium and I thought to myself that I have nothing to lose by having a problem with my spine and hip, which 10 years ago a horse doctor told me would have to be replaced soon. I started to drink 2.6 grams of magnesium chloride in divided doses throughout the day and vitamin C. I took in 1000000mg. or 1 kg. And the same amount of vit C. It is hard to say now how long it lasted but I will not go to the doctor for more advice about my joints and spine because I walk normally and do not limp. I am walking normally and do not have a limp. If you do not work physically, you should exercise a lot. Currently, when I work a little, I lubricate the painful areas with DMSO and there is no pain. '<<<


High Dose Magnesium, Vitamin C
Posted by Stefan (Polska) on 04/11/2021
5 out of 5 stars

[Google translate from Polish - not great, apologies to the author of this post!]

Once I read an article about [parrot beaks] from a priest who had healed with magnesium and I thought to myself that I had nothing to lose because I had a problem with my back and hip, which 10 years ago was dying, he said that it would need to be replaced soon. I started drinking 2.6 grams of magnesium chloride in divided doses during the day with Vit.C. I took 1,000,000 mg. i.e. 1 kg. and the same amount of vit C. It's hard for me to say now how much time it took, but I won't go to a doctor for advice on joints and spine, because I normally don't limp. I would like to point out that I have a lot of traffic on the plot and during renovation. If someone does not work physically, he should exercise a lot. Now, when I overwork a bit, I lubricate the sore spots with DMSO and after the pain.


Kiedyś przeczytałem artykuł o dziobach papugi u pewnego księdza który wyleczył się magnezem I pomyślałem sobie że nie mam nic do stracenia mając problem z kręgosłupem I biodrem, które to 10 lat temu pewien konował zqpowiedział się że niedługo będzie trzeba wymienić. Zacząłem pić 2,6 grama chlorku magnezu w podzielonych dawkach w ciągu dnia I vit.C. Przyjąłem 1000000mg. czyli 1 kg. I tyle samo vit C. Trudno mi teraz powiedzieć ile czasu to trwało ale więcej po poradę odnośnie stawów I kręgosłupa do lekarza się nie wybiore, bo normalnie chodzę nie kuleję. Zaznaczę przy tym że mam dużo ruchu na działce I przy remoncie. Jeżeli ktoś nie pracuje fizycznie to powinien bardzo dużo ćwiczyć. Obecnie jak się trochę przepracuję smaruję bolące miejsca DMSO I po bólu.

EC: If anyone can improve that translation for us, please reply!

Peanut Oil
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 03/15/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Peanut Oil for Arthritis and RA

My Grandmother, who lived to 92 years old, swore that the reason she didn't have arthritic problems was due to peanut oil massage. Most of these old time methods of healing are much better than our modern day medications and have no dangerous side effects. The pharmaceutical companies will never admit this however as there is no profit to be made.

Peanut Oil in the Cayce Readings. The primary use of peanut oil in the Cayce readings was as a massage oil ingredient. It was described as a "food for the nerves AND muscular forces" and a specific preventive measure against arthritis.

- Use peanut with olive oil (I add castor oil also) as a massage oil and rub into the affected area daily, the excess oil can be wiped off with a tissue before dressing. Edgar Cayce readings included oil of peanut blended with olive and pine oil for treatment of arthritis.


George Washington Carver (GWC) Rubbing Oil was created between the years of 1900 and 1910 by Dr. George Washington Carver, the famous agricultural scientist who invented over 300 products from peanuts. Yes, the same man that invented peanut butter. GWC Peanut Rubbing Oil is known for maximum penetration to relieve stiffness in joints, joint-friction from bones rubbing together, tight and sore muscles, and restricted range of movement. The main ingredient is peanut oil.

Ringmaster Pain Relief Rubbing Oil invented around 1950 Pain Relief formula contains 60% peanut oil.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Joseph (Nottingham) on 12/21/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I was in my late 60s when arthritis flared up in my ankles, some days it was so bad I had difficulty even getting out of bed, it seemed to come and ease off. I suspected it may have been an intolerance, so along the route of modern medicine I eventually hit the buffers when I finally saw a Rheumatologist who assured me they could "manage" my condition not cure, only manage. Great. So this is how I cleared my arthritis, I was diagnosed as being wheat intolerant by a Kinesiologist.

So my cure turns out to be NO grains that is:

NO wheat, rice, oats, rye, corn

NO sugar - you knew this already

No processed foods this includes processed meats, sausages, bacon, pies et. al. we all know what those bad boys are, anything containing chemicals preservative etc. they don't belong in your body.

Its up to you. Try it - its not easy. A small price to pay to get you're life back tho.

Of course you may intolerant to something else find out yourself what that something is, your doctor has absolutely no idea, they are on the whole incompetent and unable to cure.

Good Luck

Boron and DMSO
Posted by Bob. S. (USA) on 11/21/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I have arthritis in the back & neck real bad along with herniated discs, but what I found is that capsules of boron a supplement, taking a loading dose at first 4-5 time usual dose for 4-7 days, combined with DMSO applied topically, takes away the pain far more than the pain killer and muscle relaxant I was prescribed. I also had an epidermal to try to calm the pain, and it worked OK, but the pain just keeps coming back, normal with an epidermal, it is not permanent.

It also took away the severe headaches I started to get after the epidermal, another common side effect.

Again the DMSO and boron work better than the scripts. You can add anything else you like, including turmeric, which also helps quite a bit but don`t count on the recommended dose. You might have to up the amount according to your own needs, but all I can say is it works for me and better than any script I have been given.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Bonnie (Canada ) on 10/29/2020

Hi and thanks. How long does Ted's treatment take to feel less pain?

Posted by Martha (New Mexico) on 09/14/2020

I use Thorne Glucosamine & Chondroitin for joint inflammation. I find Thorne products are high quality. I did my research first before I took this product.

Posted by Piratepete (The Great White North Eh) on 08/10/2020

"I drank four gallons over about a month's time, and nothing. So disappointed." SMH

People need to realize, to be healthy you need to be drinking at least a gallon of pure clean water per DAY! That's 4 liters a day for you Canucks out there... More if you drink coffee or on water pills... I suggest people to not take any pharmaceutical medication because they are ALL poisons.

Pure clean water = distilled water.

I have been drinking distilled water for 6 -7 years now. It is the cleanest water there is. AND no, distilled water does NOT leech essential minerals from the body. They do however remove any non organic matter that doesn't belong in our bodies. Including heavy metals.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Idot13 (Co. Dublin) on 07/15/2020

Try a massager you buy on amazon. Also borax and vitamin e without the I but you must use it in the right places.

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 05/08/2020
5 out of 5 stars

ORH here,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hands now ache and SJS, I figured it out on my own. When this stuff started, then I bought a water filter. We have used our well water going through an Alkaline Ionizer for some 10 or 12 years. The world is coming to an end so you must have a filter that will clean up water from a cow track. So I bought one. We then stopped using our alkaline ionizer to fill our half gallon of water with a 1/4 tsp of borax. What a miss step that was. After 3 months of no borax, my hand joints now ache. The joints are all headed in different angles. I have out-smattered my self. Not a problem........ I said I would be smart at age 85. and have one and a half years to get there. I so smart that I's going back to before I got so smart. Does that make sense?


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Denise (True-Northern-California) on 05/02/2020 186 posts

Well this is interesting, I can actually reply if I use Chrome Browser, but not my Firefox. Oh well, anyway, I'm glad I can finally post. I wanted to update people on what I'm doing for my arthritis. I found what I have for one thing, trigger finger (that's what it's called I guess). The other thing is my elbow, for no apparent reason started hurting so bad, and nothing seemed to work. I use straight DMSO, Then later, I broke down and took 4 ibuprofen, and rubbed my elbow with Freeze Max, some junk I had I bought otc. Still hurt after all that, for several hours. My friend Tanya brought over some ointment made with cloves and marijuana she said. Luckily, I guess you can't get stoned if you put it on topically. I hate pot, and tried it when I was in highschool, and worst paranoia I've ever had. Anyway, even after that, 2 days ago, elbow is still sore and I can't lift with my right hand, nothing too heavy that is. Ok, so yesterday I was determined to go to work on the "fixes" for arthritis, and first thing was the boron (borax, 1/8 tsp in 1 liter filtered water). So today is my second day of that. Weird thing happened last night though I wanted to toss in here. Oh, I also took an epsom salts bath yesterday. I'm suffering with allergies, and arthritis right now so I think my routine really helps both. I use ACV/lemon/ginger drink each morning, and sinus irrigation with salt-water. Now I've added the boron. So I am keeping track of the boron and want to keep people up to date if I can, on my progress. I really believe it can work. Oh yes, the weird thing!! Lastnight, for only the 2nd time in 4.5 years, I went to bed, read my book, and totally forgot about my tinnitus. When I realized it wasn't bothering me I wondered if it was the boron since it's the only new thing. Anyway, my ears were still ringing but much lower. Same today, no noise in my apartment at all right now. I'll be back to let folks know how it's going. Fixing, or stopping arthritis won't be overnight, but I am so hoping to make some progress and not have that awful pain again in my hand, elbow, or anywhere else.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Denise (True "Northern" California) on 04/15/2020 186 posts

I have started to have arthritis in my hands. I had a shoulder pain awhile back and they did an ultra-sound/xrays if I remember right. Anyway, whatever they did I remember the doctor saying I had "some" arthritis starting. So I now am looking to EC to help with my hands. I now use ACV, lemon, ginger powder, Salt-water irrigation, on a daily basic for allergies mostly. But I also will take a swig of ACV for stomach upset after eating too much, or something that isn't nutritious. I have taken 800 mg of ibuprofen the last, two nights as the pain in my left hand was keeping me awake. I also put on icy/hot type junk I bought otc which I think helped a bit too. I refuse to live on ibuprofen the rest of my life (I'm 67) so I am looking for input on what you do for your arthritic pain specifically. There's so many things listed, and I have cayenne, ginger, and turmeric to make a little roll-on for pain. I hope that works instead of the ibuprofen. I already do the ACV 2 times a day. I guess really, all I want to do is talk to others that have this particular ailment, so I am posting here. Any feedback is welcome, but I do want to talk with folks that are using something that works for them. I read almost every day and know of tons of things to try, and mostly I find the "reads" here on EC. Thank you all in advance. I forgot to mention that I exercise regularly, but I am afraid to do weights now. I don't think I over-did them and mostly I just walk. I want to ride my bike but worry about using my hands for gripping. Which reminds me, I drop things often, and the strength is deteriorating. I love to dance, haven't for years now, but fearful now of ever dancing with a man because he might hurt my hands. If age is just a number, I feel I am 90 today ;(

Vitamin C
Posted by Denise (True ) on 04/15/2020 186 posts

I don't do dairy anymore because of allergies (environmental but dairy makes them worse) I was doing Vit. C because of the Covid 19 outbreak but something was making my tinnitus worse so I stopped taking any supplements for a few days. Ears are still ringing, but much less. I'm going to read up on the calcium accumulation, and have also looked into heavy metal detox. Have borax, and edta (ordered that) but I'm afraid of both of those things so haven't tried it :(

Vitamin C
Posted by Sam (Spain) on 09/27/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Arthritis is caused by poor circulation due to vitamin C deficiency, also caused by infection and calcium accumulation by hard water or by eating many dairy products.

Posted by Denise (True ) on 05/03/2020 186 posts

DMSO doesn't touch the trigger-finger pain, or the elbow pain (that started just 2 days ago). I first did the dmso diluted, then when that didn't help I used it right out of it's bottle at 99.9%. Now I'm doing the boron/borax thing using 1/8 tsp in purified water. This is my 3rd day into that. I'll take off 2 days as recommended. I know not all "fixes" work for everyone, but I'm pretty sure DMSO is one that takes effect immediately after rubbing it on. I did use it for a few days on my finger/hand, but only 3 times on my elbow.

Posted by Denise (True ) on 04/15/2020 186 posts

Thank you for this J. I have some pretty painful arthritis starting up, especially in my hands, but lots of places in my body have the pain, seems out of nowhere. I am going to look into both your suggestions and see if these might work for me. I am grateful for you telling about how to use the DMSO in such detail. Thank you again, Denise

Posted by J.Park (United States) on 09/16/2019
5 out of 5 stars

DMSO spray or lotion to affected area to be first choice of Arthritis remedy (whether rheumatoid or osteo). There are plenty of authoritative documentations as to how effective DMSO is. It is surprising that not many people seem to use it. The typical 99.9% is too strong to spray, best skin absorption is 70-80% they say, but one shouldn't use such high concentration since it stings too much. There shouldn't be any rush, I use 40% spray to hip joints (which I have been suffering few years & getting worse), and I saw much improvement in only few days!!! I don't feel much stings with 40% (just add 6 parts of distilled water to 4 parts of 99.9% DMSO, this will HEAT the solution, don't be surprised, this is normal reaction – this is NEVER mentioned in any literature I saw). Some plastic melt in DMSO, so preferably buy DMSO spray bottle. Also don't forget Red/NIR Light Therapy too. This is very effective on arthritis as well as many many body conditions, you will be surprised to find so many health benefits in Red Light Therapy including skin rejuvenation. Again plenty of documentations. Study them. This is NOT UV high frequency light, but low frequency red and beyond NIR (Near Infrared that is invisible & has longer wave length than red).

Gallium Nitrate
Posted by Lahura Chavez-Barajas (reno ) on 03/30/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I have used veterinary liniment gel for horses and is a little helpful

Gallium Nitrate
Posted by Bethbs (UK) on 09/06/2019

Update. Eby Pharmacy did finally respond by email, though both telephone numbers are permanently on answer phone. If you want to buy his gallium from the UK, be aware the cost is high. In addition to the selling price USD250 for 500 ml of the 42% solution, express postage from the US is a further £58; then VAT and further handling costs are charged by ParcelForce in the UK to the tune of another £76.(2019) . I'd be interested to hear whether anyone has had any success using gallium.

Gallium Nitrate
Posted by B Jones (London) on 08/27/2019

Gallium nitrate as a cure for arthritis George Eby in Austin Texas has posted various articles about curing arthritis in people and navicular disease in horses using gallium III. Some of his research has been published in respectable journals. An internet search will easily find his sites, including a sales site. As there seem to be no known side effects I would be willing to try this at least topically (he recommends soaking an arthritic joint in his liquid gallium nitrate for an hour). However, he's elderly now and it doesn't look as though his site has been updated for a couple of years, though it will still accept money. No-one answers the phone or responds to emails. Does any chemist out there know how to acquire the necessary ingredients in the UK or how to concoct a similar solution? I can't find anything similar elsewhere.

Hulda Clark Zapper
Posted by Annie (Brisbane, Australia) on 07/01/2019

Hi Melanie, Please will you tell me which zapper you purchased (I'm familiar with zapping and Hulda Clark)? Thank you. Annie

Hulda Clark Zapper
Posted by Melanie (Tennessee, United States) on 05/30/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I have dealt with severe scoliosis my entire life, but issues with my hips, particularly the left one, has garnered diagnoses such as arthritis and/or calcification. Turns out, however, that I've had two parasitic worm infections since 1976, and there was a nest in my hip among a few other places! The usual herbal antiparasitics are too harsh for me, but I'm having tremendous success with the Zapper and homeopathic Cina. I urge anyone dealing with chronic issues to get a Zapper and diagnoses via biofeedback machine since worms are much harder to eradicate than bacteria and amoebas. Additionally, my boyfriend used the Zapper briefly to see what it felt like. His arthritic swelling immediately went down, however, tiny pinworms are now appearing in his fingers so I now believe the few studies I've seen stating that arthritis has parasitic origins. Definitely worth an $80 biofeedback session and a $35 Zapper.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Candy (Fort Madison ) on 03/17/2019

Turmeric extract might help and or diatomaceous earth. You should see some improvement with your bone broth supplements.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Denise (True "Northern" California) on 05/03/2020 186 posts

Turmeric jar is still full since I can't seem to get passed the taste of it. When you mentioned Golden Milk, thought I'd try and find the recipe. I can handle turmeric in almond milk I'm thinking, although I haven't tried it. Also, if I mix it with other anti-inflammatories like cinnamon, ginger that was ok for a very, short time. I can't get away from bread so far, I don't know what effect that would have on me. I know many say gluten is bad for them but I don't think I have an issue with that, and eat very little. I've heard a lot about turmeric though so I am going to look for something to put it in so I can gag it down, lol! Or maybe just use capsules. I have a bag of those I was putting Cayenne pepper in. I should start using the cayenne again too ;)

Dietary Changes
Posted by Denise (True ) on 05/03/2020 186 posts

Right now Wen, I'd give a bunch (if I had it) to be able to go to an Alternative medicine doctor. I do all alternatives, no drugs, myself. Kind of my own guinea pig but I've been helped so much so far. Now I'm developing arthritis (diagnosed with degenerative, and some arthritis about 2 years ago. I'm 67, active and eat balanced meals including fruits, vegetables, lots of water (bout my only liquid is water) I walk 6 miles a week average, and ride my bike double that probably. I also do free weights here at home at least 3 times a week. I also love to dance and like turning on my tunes and doing lots of stretches, bending and just moving to the beat ;) But I know as I age, my body will get deficient for the usual reasons. Can't get it all in the foods I buy, and I am not a perfect eater, although most days are very balanced. So maybe my arthritis would be a lot worse than it is, but even a little of it hurts like being kicked. I know people here know just what I'm talking about. I hope and pray we all find relief, and also, can somehow rebuild our bods, or at least stop the progress of the arthritis, etc.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Wen (United States) on 04/02/2019

I am 64. I consider that to be young. Its definitely too young for a hip replacement and wonder if other remedies such as you are doing now would have helped you avoid that. Try accupuncture [japanese is painless].

Dietary Changes
Posted by Wendy (Columbus, OH) on 03/16/2019 18 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I have age-related osteoarthritis (I'm almost 64). What's worked for me is completely cutting out refined sugar in any form, including the "bad" carbs (pastas, breads, white rice, etc.), and definitely using turmeric whenever I can. I've regularly made the "golden milk" (recipe here in EC), and have added the turmeric, organic UNrefined virgin coconut oil and black pepper to my homemade soups and teas. I had a right hip replacement February 2018, and the only time I feel any pain in my knees or even that right hip area it's because I've "cheated" with the junk food. So, basically, at least for me, cleaning up the diet and lots of turmeric really keeps the aches and pains away.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Beryl (Nottingham UK) on 03/16/2019

Hello, Approximately a year and a half ago I had a knee replacement, and although I'm left with residual pain and stiffness I have been able to walk three or four miles. However, I feel that the arthritis is moving to my hips, and this worries me. I've tried so many supplements, Borax, ACV, MSM, gelatine, etc but none of them have appeared to help. Very recently I've started taking chicken cartilage type II in capsule form, so I shall see if this helps. I attempt to follow a healthy diet, but am wondering if changing to either a vegetarian or vegan diet would help with the arthritis. The Arthritis Society suggests that this could be beneficial. I'd be interested to learn if anyone has had any success in treating their arthritis by cutting out meat, fish, etc? Best wishes.

Niacin, Vitamin C, and Avoid Glyphosate
Posted by Paracelsus (Orlando, Fl) on 07/08/2020 47 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Although I've been very health conscious all of my life, including a diet which is mostly organic and vegetarian, I started to develop pain in the joints of my fingers, my knees and my neck. This was very frustrating to me, since I took a lot of pride in my health and my lifestyle. This wasn't supposed to happen to me.

Of course, most people told me that it was simply age that was causing this pain. I refused to accept that, since my Dad was still snow skiing at age 79. And my Dad was not really health conscious. The only difference between the two of us was that he lived in Switzerland, while I left Switzerland and had been living in the US for about 30 years.

So my intuition told me that it had something to do with the US food supply and/or water supply. By the way, the pain in my neck was really bad to the point I could barely move my head. I went to see a chiropractor, thinking I injured my neck exercising. Luckily, after a couple of sessions the chiropractor told me that it was probably arthritis. (of course, he too wrote it off to getting older).

I had previously read a couple of books and old studies on niacin and niacinamide (the form of niacin or Vitamin B3 that does not cause a flush when taken in large doses). So I knew that doctors in the past have cured all forms of arthritis with niacin. So I started taking 1500 mg Niacinamide with 1000 mg of vitamin C 2x daily. I started feeling better almost immediately but the pain didn't completely stop until about 2 weeks later.

I now take 1500 mg of Niacinamide and and 1000 mg of time released or liposomal vitamin C daily. I'm totally pain free.

Getting back to the difference in the food and water supplies between Switzerland, or Europe in general, and the USA. In Europe, GMO foods are illegal. But even more important, Europeans do not use glyphosate ("round up") as an herbicide.

Why is this important? Per Stephanie Seneff, researcher at MIT, glyphosate is responsible for a wide range of diseases in Americans. Glyphosate, which btw was derived from the Vietnam era "agent orange", is not only an herbicide but also an antibiotic, which means it wrecks havoc in your gut. Furthermore, glyphosate has a very similar molecular structure to the amino acid glycene. So in the production of proteins, glyphosate may inadvertently be substituted for glycene, producing defective proteins, which in turn cause all kinds of havoc to the body.

The bottom line is that glyphosate is responsible for widespread inflammation, including inflammation of the joints. So avoiding glyphosate is very important if you want to reduce or eliminate the cause of many forms of arthritis.

As a side note, not only do American farmers dump millions of tons of glyphosate on so called round-up ready GMO crops, but they use it for a totally unrelated purpose. They use it as a desiccant on wheat and other crops, right before harvest. (A desiccant dries the wheat, making it easier to harvest). So you get a really heavy dose of glyphosate when you eat bread or other wheat products. And this is also the reason, imo, that so many Americans claim to be gluten intolerant. It's not really the gluten but the glyphosate. That also explains why many Americans who visit Europe are able to eat the bread over there without any problems.

So in summary, if you want to get rid of arthritis, avoid glyphosate like the plague (only eat organic whenever possible), and supplement with Niacinamide and vitamin C. If your body is already saturated with glyphosate, bentonite clay and charcoal are great in eliminating toxins, including glyphosate.

Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 06/30/2020 394 posts

If you've been boron deficient for a long time, your body may be using the boron to fix something more vital. Which actually makes the teeth sensitivity aspect extremely interesting as it suggests sensitivity in the teeth may be connected to something more serious than arthritis.

Your body knows what it's doing. When it gets something it's been lacking, it doesn't care what you want it to do with it. It's going to apply it where it's needed most, first. Give it some time to get more serious issues under control. Don't try to force it.

Posted by Lisa D. (Dallas) on 06/28/2020

I've been taking borax for about a year and although I have not seen great benefits for arthritis relief, one thing it has helped is my teeth sensitivity. I'm not giving up!

Vitamin C
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 12/09/2018

Hello Alfredo of Texas.

It was very interesting to hear about your success with Vitamin C for the treatment of your Arthritis.

Vitamin C and MSM together have been recommended by some, as they supposedly work in synergy to bring relief to sufferers. Some C's are easier on the stomach than others by the way-check that one out- and MSM CAN take a bit of getting used to.

Of course, what works for some does not always work for others, as a quick perusal of the feed-back on this Site will quickly inform you.

My personal recent success for aching joints has been as a consequence of taking one or two Magnesium amino acid chelate 150mg tablets per day. They worked a treat and quickly too!! Magnesium Chloride LIQUID also helps me. Magnesium is needed by a vast array of bodily processes and without sufficient (most Americans are deficient in it anyway, for various reasons) then it can make life pretty miserable. Also, it is a very cost-effective remedy. What's not to like?

Gosh, I was so relieved, as I was in the midst of having to get through many DIY / handyman jobs at the time and I was struggling.

However, stick with what works for you and please keep us posted, especially if you need more help with the arthritis. The "Arthritis Club" is one of the largest in the world by the way - "You are not alone", as they say.

Cheers from Down Under.


Vitamin C
Posted by Alfredo (Alpine, Tx.) on 12/07/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I had moderate pain in my joints and muscles for 4 months.For the last 3 days, I took 2 vitamin c capsules, 1,000mg each, morning and evening. Now 95% of my pain is gone. There is definitely a connection between Inflammation and vitamin c. I am a person who does not eat many fruits or vegetables, especially raw, to get my vitamin C..

Posted by John S. (Suffolk, England) on 11/03/2018
5 out of 5 stars

People may be interested in the history of Dimethyl Sulfoxide, MSM or methylsulfonylmethane and the disappearance of the symptoms of arthritis amongst workers at the paper mills. Also, having had your same problem in the feet, how it has, now, completely disappeared since I supplemented with MSM, to the point where I can down a tub of it and the pain stays gone. The last tub I had was two months ago. Still no problems.

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 10/16/2018

AILORA,,,,,,, all I do is read and have been at the stuff for many moons. The guy that knows more about how DMSO works was Dr Jacobs and he is with our maker. What I would like to tell you is that DMSO will get magnesium far into your joints to relieve your pain. His book said to used 50% above your waist and 75% below your waist. Use your magnesium oil first and then coat that with the DMSO. Your best bet is to read his book on DMSO and MSM. MSM is the product of mixing Hydrogen Peroxide and DMSO. It will be far more effective than Magnesium. We use the MSM from the farm co-op that they use on million dollar horses. I can promise you that it is as pure as it gets. I ain't worth a million dollars.

Won't get started on another story, but if you go back in the EC archives, all my DMSO tales are there when the Bogalusa, La. Paper Mill made DMSO from their black liquor. It is now made from methane gas in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Even Ted Kennedy could not get DMSO accepted with his congressional hearings way back when. He could not stand up to Big Pharma. $ has always talked and it does so today.

If all think we have health problems now, just wait until Gen 5 is up and going. You will be living in a micro wave constantly. Just think of that microwave cartoon many years ago of that bubbly melting face in the door. That will be me and you. Is life grand or what?


Posted by Ailora (Ohio) on 10/16/2018

Hi, thank you for your post. I am struggling right now, this RA has gotten progressively worse in the past few months so I'm desperately trying to figure something out. I rubbed my joints with magnesium oil before bed last night and I do believe it helped some. I'll keep it up to see if it does more good. Thanks again!

Posted by Jane (Maine) on 10/13/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Magnesium for arthritis:

I use magnesium oil on my fingers and hands every night and have never had my fingers lock up since. Plus it is quite a sedative.

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