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Most Effective Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Golden Grapes Soaked in Gin

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Posted by Lorik24 (Newcastle, Va) on 07/06/2011
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Hi, I hope this remedy is posted, even though it requires Gin (alcohol). I have researched this and recently tried it myself.

Soak a cup or more of yellow/golden/white raisins in about 1/2 cup of Gin. Make sure it's not the least expensive gin, or the most expensive. It is suppose to have something to do with the Juniper berries used to make the gin. Anyway you soak the raisin in a tightly covered container for at least a week. Then you take 9 a day, 3 in the morning, 3 mid day, 3 in the evening.

I have been bothered by arthritis pain not only in my right knee, but had tennis elbow or tendonitis in my left elbow. Also since my arthritis was very painful, I began walking strangely. After seeing my own MD then a sports medicine specialist, who wanted to 'inject' the site. I went to my holistic acupuncturist. After his treatment my knee felt much better, but my calf muscles began to hurt tremendously. My good friend and massage therapist said she thought it might be a ripped/torn calf muscle. It felt like a very tight charlie horse anytime weight was put on it.

My boss had been telling me about the gin soaked raisins, but I never bought the ingredients to make it up. After this July 4th holiday weekend, she brought me in a cured bottle. After just 2 days of 9 raisins, both my calf and elbow feel so much better. I will continue to use what she gave me and then replenish as necessary.

I do hope this gets posted. It works!

Thanks so much for this site.. Because of ACV I have not been sick in almost 3 years, or had a headache in the same time frame. Thanks to all!!


Golden Grapes Soaked in Gin
Posted by Surfer143 (Obx, Nc) on 07/02/2010
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I have to say that when I worked in Pharmacy years ago, there was a patient who came in and swore by this recipe. She used white raisins, instead of grapes, though. But I have to say that she had severe rheumatoid arthritis in her hands to where they were starting to curl and after beginning this treatment she always showed off to me how pretty her handwriting was and how straight her fingers were. I've seen it myself...I'm a believer.

Golden Grapes Soaked in Gin
Posted by Kitty (Bransonm MO) on 04/18/2006
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golden grapes soaked in cheap gin for nine days, then nine grapes per day, everyday. Considerable help for my arthritis. Go figure???? Heard from two others who swear by this.

Replied by Danielle
(Hernando, Florida)
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I have tried this recipe. When taken regulary it seems to be very helpful. There's several of my friends who find it helpful too.

I also recently lost 25 pounds, with the help of Raw apple cider vinger. I use it for a daily detox, antiseptic for scratchs, minor burns, mostly to help alakalize my body. Most americans have more acid in akaline in there systems.I take about a shot a day. I can really tell when I am not faithful, and eat poorly.

Replied by Cynthia
(Jacksonville, Alabama)
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I was told by a friend this cured his relative of crippling arthritis after 2 months. We have been doing it for 2 yrs and it does really help.

Gin raisins. Take golden raisins and clean them out and pick out any not good looking ones on a tray. Fill a jar 3/4's full and fill the rest of the jar with Gin. We use Bombay. Gin has lots of herbs. We are recovering alcoholics and don't drink but don't have a problem with this. After 8 days, eat 8 raisins every day. It works wonders. Good luck.

High Dose Magnesium, Vitamin C

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Posted by Stefan (Polska) on 04/11/2021
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[Google translate from Polish - not great, apologies to the author of this post!]

Once I read an article about [parrot beaks] from a priest who had healed with magnesium and I thought to myself that I had nothing to lose because I had a problem with my back and hip, which 10 years ago was dying, he said that it would need to be replaced soon. I started drinking 2.6 grams of magnesium chloride in divided doses during the day with Vit.C. I took 1,000,000 mg. i.e. 1 kg. and the same amount of vit C. It's hard for me to say now how much time it took, but I won't go to a doctor for advice on joints and spine, because I normally don't limp. I would like to point out that I have a lot of traffic on the plot and during renovation. If someone does not work physically, he should exercise a lot. Now, when I overwork a bit, I lubricate the sore spots with DMSO and after the pain.


Kiedyś przeczytałem artykuł o dziobach papugi u pewnego księdza który wyleczył się magnezem I pomyślałem sobie że nie mam nic do stracenia mając problem z kręgosłupem I biodrem, które to 10 lat temu pewien konował zqpowiedział się że niedługo będzie trzeba wymienić. Zacząłem pić 2,6 grama chlorku magnezu w podzielonych dawkach w ciągu dnia I vit.C. Przyjąłem 1000000mg. czyli 1 kg. I tyle samo vit C. Trudno mi teraz powiedzieć ile czasu to trwało ale więcej po poradę odnośnie stawów I kręgosłupa do lekarza się nie wybiore, bo normalnie chodzę nie kuleję. Zaznaczę przy tym że mam dużo ruchu na działce I przy remoncie. Jeżeli ktoś nie pracuje fizycznie to powinien bardzo dużo ćwiczyć. Obecnie jak się trochę przepracuję smaruję bolące miejsca DMSO I po bólu.

EC: If anyone can improve that translation for us, please reply!

Replied by Art
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Here is another translation of this post, but I think it is a very safe bet that these doses of magnesium and vitamin C are going to give you explosive diarrhea and this dose of magnesium is not safe for regular use:

>>>' I read an article about the beaks of a parrot by a priest who healed himself with magnesium and I thought to myself that I have nothing to lose by having a problem with my spine and hip, which 10 years ago a horse doctor told me would have to be replaced soon. I started to drink 2.6 grams of magnesium chloride in divided doses throughout the day and vitamin C. I took in 1000000mg. or 1 kg. And the same amount of vit C. It is hard to say now how long it lasted but I will not go to the doctor for more advice about my joints and spine because I walk normally and do not limp. I am walking normally and do not have a limp. If you do not work physically, you should exercise a lot. Currently, when I work a little, I lubricate the painful areas with DMSO and there is no pain. '<<<


Homeopathic Hypericum

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Posted by Bc (Fair Lawn, Nj) on 01/29/2010
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My mom, who is elderly, had bad osteoarthritis in one knee, with pain, swelling, and limited range of motion. It would be severe at times. She started taking homeopathic Hypericum 30c 2 pellets twice a day for something totally unrelated.

The same day she started it, she was surprised to find that the swelling and pain in her knee was very much reduced, and she now had full range of motion. That night, she told me she got into bed bending that knee for the first time in years!

At first we thought it was just the change in weather, but it continued getting better so that she no longer needs a cane. She stopped taking it after two weeks, and the pain started to creep back, so she has started it again, with improvement again.

It was startling how fast the improvement was. We consider it a miracle, since we weren't even treating arthritis. It's nice to have a positive side effect for a change.


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Posted by John W. (Deer Park, NY, USA) on 10/21/2008
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Hulda Clark Zapper

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Posted by Melanie (Tennessee, United States) on 05/30/2019
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I have dealt with severe scoliosis my entire life, but issues with my hips, particularly the left one, has garnered diagnoses such as arthritis and/or calcification. Turns out, however, that I've had two parasitic worm infections since 1976, and there was a nest in my hip among a few other places! The usual herbal antiparasitics are too harsh for me, but I'm having tremendous success with the Zapper and homeopathic Cina. I urge anyone dealing with chronic issues to get a Zapper and diagnoses via biofeedback machine since worms are much harder to eradicate than bacteria and amoebas. Additionally, my boyfriend used the Zapper briefly to see what it felt like. His arthritic swelling immediately went down, however, tiny pinworms are now appearing in his fingers so I now believe the few studies I've seen stating that arthritis has parasitic origins. Definitely worth an $80 biofeedback session and a $35 Zapper.

Replied by Annie
(Brisbane, Australia)

Hi Melanie, Please will you tell me which zapper you purchased (I'm familiar with zapping and Hulda Clark)? Thank you. Annie

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Luckyone (Seattle) on 05/20/2016
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I decided to try Food grade hydrogen Peroxide for arthritis. I got a bottle 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I wear gloves because it does burn your skin . I mix one ounce with 12 ounces of water to make it less than 3%. I did see at the grocers 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I will get that once I run out.

I began taking one drop in a glass of water 2x a day.The first day, the second day I took two drops and the third day I took three drops, so on and so fourth. I worked my way up to 8 drops. All arthritis pain disappeared within a few days. GONE! I took it for short while, just to be sure. There are books out there on the subject like McCabes book, Flood your body with oxygen. But going overboard on anything, even oxygen, is not good either. I do tons of research before I jump in.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Geri (Lawrenceville, Georgia) on 12/12/2012
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In June of 2009 I began taking 35% H2O2 upon the recommendation of a healer friend because my left hand was greatly affected by arthritis. I could not close my hand or grip anything. I was amazed that within only a few days my hand was so much improved taht I could close it and grasp objects. I began taking it daily.

I had a total hip replacement of my arthritic right hip in September 2009 and I continued using 35% H2O2 with no discernable negative effects. I recently had my left hip replaced also, partially due to a break. I stopped using the 35% H2O2 until a couple of weeks ago, when I resumed taking it. I had noticed that the arthritis in my left hand had worsened and I wanted to make sure the results would be as positive as the first time I took it. I will doubtless keep taking it now.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lee773 (Chicago, Illinois, United States) on 09/24/2009
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I have been reading and researching for the last few weeks about the many cures of Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade. I purchased a bottle from ____, and had my mother start with the treatment 1 drop in an 8 ounce glass of water 3 times a day, increasing the drops by one drop each day. She is now up to 5 drops as of today, and will be on her 6th drop tomorrow morning. My mother has been suffering from severe artritis for many years, but over the last year it has gotten to the point where she could barely walk. So let me tell you that as of today 9-24-2009, since starting this therapy of oral ingestion 5 days ago, she is not complaining at all of the pain in her lower back, left shoulder, wrist or leg areas. My mother said the only thing she feels now is stiffness in the back of her leg (knee area), but its starting to loosen up. I can tell by looking at how she walks now compared to last week, that it is working for real, It is still early, but I have to say that I am shocked!

Today as I was talking to her, she told me that the feeling in her toes have returned, she didn't bother to mention this to any of my siblings or myself until I was asking her how she has been feeling, since I got her started on the Hydrogen Peroxide 35% diluted with the dropper in 8 ounces of water. By the way my mother is 85 years old. I don't know what to expect as we continue with this therapy, but I have to say I'm thankful for a site like this, and all the information that I have read online here, and all the readily available information on the internet. I will update as I continue to watch my mother's progress. Thank you again!

Lee from Chicago, Illinois.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Distilled Water Spray

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Posted by Kelly (Anywhere, USA) on 06/22/2009
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arthritis cures... I have recently come upon a natural help for arthritis pain derived from another post. I have terrible pain in both knees ( left is injured so it's worse ). I keep a ( garden) spray bottle that holds 32 oz. of liquid. I fill it w/ 2or 3 oz.'s of drug store H202 hydrogen peroxide and 20 oz.'s of distilled water (various strengths can be tried depending on how sensative one's skin is to drying out. I keep this by my bed and shake and spray myself all over, especially knees and hips. It is not automatic like a pain pill but once you get that concentration to the joint IT DOES WORK. I'm 49 and have just experienced this pain in the last 5 years. If you can run around in shorts, spray the concoction on joints 4,5,6x's a day you will feel the difference. There are nights that I would not be able to sleep from the hip pain if I didn't spray.

Replied by Ira
(New Jersey)


How effective has this been? And how long did you do this before you started feeling relief from arthritis? Thank you.


Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 04/04/2015

Got twisted bulging finger joints ...why yes how fun it that ? I was reading up on hair loss sites with Ted about how using Iodine causes so much die off symptoms and I tend to err on the side of caution because I hate pain.

I put a bandaid with one drop of iodine on it on a bad finger joint and went to bed and it was stained for two days golden brown, the color of the iodine .

Then I used a small sample plastic spoon 2-3 inch long including the handle and put one drop iodine on it and held to the joint until is got sucked into the joint .A few minutes time went by while I held the spoon with the drop to the joint . The joints seem to be heading back into the healthy direction . It takes hours for the iodine to dissolve into the joint and return to skin color again. Hope this helps someone .


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Posted by Bonnie (Richmond ) on 09/15/2021
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I've been taking ivermectin once every 2 wks. for covid prevention but I notice it's working great for my arthritis inflammation.

Replied by Tina

Where do you get it at? Is it prescribed?

Replied by Tara
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Yes! Ivermectin for arthritis: This is a cure that worked 100%.

I had extreme pain in my hands like fire ice at night while sleeping. Couldn't move crying numb . Must have been parasites. I applied liquid ivermectin for cattle with dmso and instantly over a few days it began to cure. It came back many times and many times I did it again I started to do it daily and up my arms. Eventually, it never came back. This remedy would work in many places - neck, feet, stomach, back etc

good luck

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Did you dilute the DMSO?


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Posted by Joan (Ohio) on 08/29/2005
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Jello! Just plain old Jello is the best thing for Arthritis! I promise! Someone told me about it yrs ago because i have Arthritis in my lower back. and when it gets to bad, i cant walk at all. and i tried it and it worked great!! Just mix it as if your going to chill it and instead of putting it in frig, pour a coffee cup full and drink. do 1 cup a week to start and then drink as often as needed. Great for stiffness and all!!

Replied by KS

Sounds easy enough.

But, for those who don't eat meat or are fussy about food sources you might want to read this:

"Why I don't eat Knox"

"But the current method of taking gelatin from the skin and bones of cows and pigs has a number of drawbacks, including variation in quality from batch to batch, the potential for transmitting infectious diseases like Mad Cow and the possibility of triggering immune system responses in humans."

Replied by Cheryl

I'm interested in the jello for joints! Do I take just one cup a week in beginning? Or one cup a day? I suffer also, not being able to get pain managed and on strong medication that defeats the purpose as the medication makes it hard for me to walk also!

I really hope this helps! I'm eaten up with arthritis in my spine in my arms and hands. This will be a real answer to my prayers!

Thank you for sharing!


Jello is simply gelatin that is flavored. If you 'drink' the sugared kind, bear in mind that sugar can actually cause arthritic pain. Please consider adding plain gelatin to your foods. I use the Now brand beef gelatin powder and just put a sprinkle into foods I eat daily. There is a brand (Great Lakes?) that has 2 types, one that thickens and one that does not, and are easy to add to coffee or other foods. Neither of these add any flavor and can be added to any food you normally eat. Start out with 1/4 teaspoon for several days, then increase until you get to a dose that works for you. Gelatin taken this way is also soothing to the gut.

Juicing, Vegetarian

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Posted by Benjamin (Denver, Colorado, Usa) on 06/25/2012
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I have gone from having severe, painful arthritis in my hands, particularly my thumb joint and wrists as well, to nothing short of a miraculous recovery.

Nothing really helped much, until I began drinking fresh juiced vegetable juice every day, 2X a day. I use 7 or 8 different veggies, and drink about 32 oz of juice a day. I'm also vegetarian. After six months of this regimen, I have virtually no arthritis pain AT ALL!!