Effective Natural Remedies for Sciatica

| Modified on Dec 02, 2023
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Sciatica Natural Remedies

Sciatica, a nerve pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, can cause discomfort, numbness, and tingling in the lower back, hip, buttock, and leg. While various medical treatments for sciatica exist, natural remedies are a popular and effective approach to alleviating pain and discomfort.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica refers to nerve pain localized in the sciatic nerve, causing discomfort that radiates from the lower back, through the hips and buttocks, and down to the lower leg. This painful condition often occurs when the sciatic nerve is pinched, commonly due to a herniated disk or an overgrowth of bone on the vertebrae.

This nerve pain follows the path of the sciatic nerve, presenting a branching pain from the lower back through the hips and toward the lower leg.

Natural Remedies for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Numerous individuals suffer from sciatic nerve pain caused by misalignment and compressed nerves. Adopting practices that support and realign the spine can provide swift relief from sciatica symptoms. Simple actions like sitting on a tennis shoe or stretching exercises can make a significant difference.

Moreover, certain natural supplements are proven effective in easing pain and reducing inflammation related to sciatica.

Candied Ginger Slices: Top-Rated Sciatica Remedy at Earth Clinic

Discover the unexpected relief brought by candied ginger slices for sciatica pain! Available at most grocery stores, over 30 Earth Clinic readers report that consuming candied ginger swiftly alleviates sciatica nerve pain. Alternatives like fresh or powdered ginger root have similarly been effective.

Tennis Shoe Technique

Explore the unconventional yet effective tennis shoe technique for alleviating sciatic nerve pain. Place a tennis shoe on a chair with the heel facing forward and sit on it like a "bike seat" style cushion. This innovative method supports the tailbone and allows the gluteal muscles to relax, relieving central body pressure and offering comfort to those suffering from sciatica.


Incorporate stretching as a beneficial option to ease sciatica pain. A vital stretch to know is the chair technique for sciatica relief. Sit in a firm chair, cross your knees, clasp your hands over your knees, and gently pull your knees towards the opposite shoulder. Then, reverse the stretch. This exercise promotes proper alignment and stretches both sides of the buttocks, relieving pain.

Foam Mattress Topper

A favorite remedy of ours for sciatic pain relief, simply adding a three or four-inch foam mattress topper to your bed can help immensely. A high-quality foam mattress topper can provide additional support for the spine, ensuring proper alignment and reducing pressure on the sciatic nerve during sleep. It also helps evenly distribute body weight, preventing the worsening of sciatica symptoms.

Benefits of Foam Mattress Topper

Improved Spinal Alignment: A foam mattress topper adapts to the contours of your body, offering enhanced support and helping maintain proper spinal alignment.
Pressure Relief: It relieves pressure points by evenly distributing body weight, helping reduce sciatic nerve stress.
Enhanced Comfort and Sleep Quality: By providing additional cushioning and support, a foam mattress topper can improve sleep quality, helping the body to heal and recover.

Herbal Remedies

According to Earth Clinic readers, beneficial remedies include turmeric, sea salt, l-lysine, and Epsom salt. Integrate these options to reduce inflammation, detoxify the body, and deliver overall relief from sciatic nerve pain.

Heat and Cold Therapy

Applying heat or cold to the affected areas can also help reduce inflammation, soothe muscle spasms, and alleviate sciatica pain. It’s recommended to start with cold applications for the initial inflammation and switch to heat to relax the muscles.

Continue reading below to learn which remedies worked the best for Earth Clinic readers, and let us know which one worked for you!

Address Disc Bulge for Sciatica

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Posted by Patrick Cooke (UK) on 01/10/2023

Sciatica Caused By Disc Bulge AKA Slipped Disc

I was diagnosed with a bulging disc and severe dehydration of a few discs including the bulging disc which was impinging the left sciatic nerve. I was in a bad way. Physio never helped. Used a chiropractor twice a w££k to help realign the spine after years of poor posture. A chiropractor can only help align the body to where it should be, the rest is on you to learn how to move, sit and lift correctly. if you don't do this, your spine will end up out of alignment again causing your body to compensate and then more pressure on the disc. While you're doing this you want to focus on strengthening your core muscles to support your spine and posture. This will support the disc healing process and long term back health. (If your car was in a crash you would strengthen the impacted area to ensure its was safe to drive)

The next thing to do is regain disc height, when the discs are dehydrated they lose height and the disc wall will weaken leading to higher risk of the disc bulging. Unlike other parts of the body, the discs cannot draw in nutrients by themselves, they need movement and draw in nutrients like a compressed sponge draws in water. complete safe workouts to get the nutrients into the disc is key to rehydrating the discs. I would also ensure to drink plenty of water along with supplementation of key minerals like Magnesium, sodium and potassium to boost your mineral intake. Minerals are the foundations to health. Avoid alcohol (Dehydrates the body)

You may feel more pain early on, but you're agitating an already sensitive area. It's a long healing journey just stay patient and be consistent.

I had a lot of secondary inflammation around my hips caused by my body's response to the pain. so by the end of the day, I could barely walk. I cut out gluten entirely from my diet and the inflammation was significantly reduced and the sciatic pain had halved. It took two weeks for dietary changes to set in and it was hard to avoid Gluten products but it was definitely worth it.

Obviously this was my experience and not medical advise but I have now being free of sciatica for 5 years without a flare up.

Replied by Prioris

90 percent of sciatica is caused by herniated disc. I discovered how to heal my herniated discs a long time ago. The gel between discs degenerates. It needs to be regenerated. Please see my post under Hyaluronic Acid, Chondroitin, Biocell collagen. This is a supplement that absorbs very well. Most pain eliminated in 1 week. No need to exercise. I had severe sciatica at L5-S1 and was crippled.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Eve (Florida) on 12/05/2016

ACV is a great topical for sciatica and foot and leg cramps. Works almost instantly. Didn't see this suggestion on your app info. Try it it works. Just pour some in the palm of your hand and apply.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Epsom Salt Foot Bath

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Posted by Brett E. (Fullerton, Ca) on 05/01/2017

Newly Found Relief with Strange but Simple Method

Hello all,

I'm an 18-year-old senior in high school and I've been suffering with sciatica for 2 years. I've seen countless doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc. From acupuncture to cryotherapy, I've tried every physical method to treat my pain. Nothing has worked. They believe my pain started from a sports-related back injury. I have two bulging discs in my lumbar spine. The pin generally is focused in my upper right buttock, but spreads down my leg throughout the day.

About 3 days ago, I tried something new. I filled a bucket with hot water, and put 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and a handful of epsom salt in it. I soak my affected side's foot in the water until it cools, and get straight into bed after. No walking or getting up after it soaks.

I feel like this method is working. The pain has not been spreading to my leg and I am managing my pain in a much better way. I would recomend you try this method because I pretty much lost hope of being able to walk without a limp, but today I played pick up basketball with my friends for the first time since my injury. Comment with any questions or advice!

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

To Brett E.

Such a shame to be so badly afflicted at such a young age! You will need to take good care of yourself from now on, as Sciatica can be very debilitating. Many of us oldies only got into mischief and strife once we hit sixty and we moan a lot but at least we were running on all six cylinders when we were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

There are good exercises you can copy from chiropractors or osteopaths on u tube. Even as few as three or so, if done regularly, can be beneficial. Your posture should also be assessed professionally, including your driving position- straighten up your bum in your seat before you take off in your Mustang! Seriously! Swing out both legs before exiting the vehicle so the weight is evenly distributed. Use your arms more to lessen the load. Also much information from sufferers on this web site which you should peruse. There are natural pain relievers such as ginger and turmeric of course plus many more. I am impressed with your foot soaking/ACV/Epsom Salts discovery! Try out one of those gismos that vibrate at the same time whilst you are soaking. You could also bone up on Reflexology and massage the parts that relate to the Sciatic nerve.

You can do most of the above yourself.

Hope you have long-lasting improvement.

Cheers, Michael

Replied by Pete

I used traction to cure my sciatica

Arch Supports and Magnets

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Posted by Mary (USA) on 08/05/2019

Sciatica, cause is the arch of the foot has fallen.

Remedy is simple - use arch supports. I use walk fit because it has 3 lifts low, med, high, but the trick, if you have leg pain, is to install a dime size thin magnet between the lift and the support. As you know, magnets do not do the healing but iron in blood is attracted to the magnet iron brings with it oxygen and oxygen heals.

Since it is a static magnet it may take a few weeks before one sees improvement BUT, if you take statins forget everything I wrote as statins cause the leg problems.

Replied by Gloriya

I had sciatica when I was very young, and it was caused by wearing Earth Shoes because the heel was lower than the rest of the shoe. I wore normal tennis shoes and walked a lot on a straight highway and it went away. Now I am very old and I have sciatica again, and I noticed that I have been wearing shoes with a lower heel. I forgot that I can't do this!

This may be the root cause of many people's chronic sciatica. I hope so for your sake because it's a very easy permanent cure.


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Posted by Marykaylady (Tempe, Az, Usa) on 04/15/2011

I AM CURED OF SCIATICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing on this thread helped me but B-12. So many medications deplete B-12 and old age too. My friend told me to get this and in 7 days that sciatica was gone. You can do what you want. I have been meaning to come here for a month now because it is sad for so many to be hurting when all they have to do is buy this product. Get the one that dissolves under your tongue.

Thanks JO in AZ

Replied by Cyndi

How much did you take of this? My mom is having terrible pain and exercise is hard for her. Thank you


You do not have to buy expensive B12 at an expensive store. But is is best to buy the kind that says "sublingual" on the package because it's more absorbable. You can get liquid or quick dissolve tablets. You will not overdose on even the highest doses sold in stores because excess is not stored by your body, it's flushed out with urination.


It does matter what kind of b12. Methylcobalamin is the most absorbable.

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, Oh)

Get the B-12 sublingual tablets at Whole Foods. 2000 mcg (micrograms). They're cherry-flavored. I was taking just 1 tablet per day, but my nutritionist suggested taking 3 per day because I have some sciatica pain. I take all 3 pills at once, letting them melt under my tongue. Also better to take in the morning, because they may give you a slight burst in energy and you wouldn't want that before bedtime.

Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Jimverwey2007 (Houston, Tx) on 05/01/2012

01/24/2010: Cristi from Tucson, Arizona, United States: "I cured sciatica in my right leg using blackstrap molassas. I read in the book The Ultimate Healing System by Donald Lepore, N. D. That sciatica in the right leg is caused by a potassium deficiency. Since I always seek out food sources over supplements I started the black strap molassas and have never had pain again.

FYI, the book says sciatica in the left leg is a sodium defiency.

Things that deplete potassium and sodium are drinking alchohol, processed foods, sweating/exercising, and being sick, to name a few."

Bullion cubes or salt in warm water will stop the pain. Look up sciatic pain, etiologies, mineral deficiencies.

Replied by Lonita

Yes, I heard that too. Right side potassium and left side sodium deficiencies. Mine is on the left side and sometimes left so I been using maginesum salt for sodium and cream of tartar for potassium.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Cristi (Tucson, Arizona, United States) on 01/24/2010

I cured sciatica in my right leg using black strap molassas. I read in the book The Ultimate Healing System by Donald Lepore, N.D. that sciatica in the right leg is caused by a potassium deficiency. Since I always seek out food sources over supplements I started the black strap molassas and have never had pain again.

FYI, the book says sciatica in the left leg is a sodium defiency.

Things that deplete potassium and sodium are drinking alchohol, processed foods, sweating/ecercising, and being sick, to name a few.

Replied by Marykaylady
(Tempe, Az, Usa)

You are right on about this being from a potassium deficiency. Some drugs like Metformin or Lisinipril cause a potassium deficiency then we get sciatica pain. Molasses is high in potassium and it is easier than all the others to incorporate into one's diet daily but you didn't say how much you take? I will probably do this remedy because it is so easy and quick to take.

I was eating avocado, peanuts, potatoes, lima's, apricots and pears and a lot of other things that have potassium but the avocado gave me more relief than anything within 1 hour--(1 whole avocado). Also B Complex.... Like breads and Brewers yeast etc. Brewers yeast is the best one in the B's. So for me it is potassium and B complex. These are the two that I work on. May my prayers be with all sciatica pain sufferers. By the way Ibuprofin 800 mg is the only thing that will eliminate the pain completely temporarily while nothing else really will. Icy Hot spray and stick (both) work pretty good. I use them both at the same time.... Spray and then stick. I also take baths with Epsom and Lavender, I buy it at Walgreens in a bag. I get the water very hot or sit in it before the tub fills up because I want it very hot. Then when I am done I drain the tub and turn on the cold water. So it is a hot and cold bath... This works for me. I think that is about my take on this mess and I just wonder if I will ever! Get rid of this without surgery. Anyone ever used a Ten's unit? JO in Phoenix

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

Arnica Montana is great for pain. Also, most pharmacies have Arnica gel for pain. It comes in a tube.

Replied by Judy

I have used a Tens unit. They always put the Tens unit on one in physical therphy. I bought one and use it but get caught up in the wires. I just ordered a wireless Tens unit with rechargeable batteries. I saw a thing on them on GMA the other day. They say the Tens unit sends a signal to the brain. They warn not to use it for more than 2 hrs. at a time. Mine has timer for up to 0 min. I can do a lot more without pain when I wear it. I had small incision surgery and am in pain management. There is no surgery to help me and surgery could make me worse. Try the Tens unit. Get a good one that will last. I think you will really like it.

Candied Ginger Slices

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Posted by Tap Out Stress Mary Cassidy (MT) on 05/17/2022

Unbelievable--I slept well after eating the candied ginger last night. It wasn't completely gone but I'll report back after a week's use. Super excited.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hello Tap Out Stress Mary Cassidy,

A herniated disc pressing on the sciatic nerve (or possibly osteoarthritis?)

Yes, the candied ginger does seem to be a quick (temporary) fix for sciatica and sacro-iliac problems.

However, all that sugar is no good long term!

Maybe switch to a once per day Arthritis Smoothie as follows:-

Almond Milk 1 cup / Turmeric 1 tsp - 2 tbsp / Ginger 1 chunk 1/2" x 1/2" / Cinnamon 1/2 tsp / One Banana / Pineapple 1 cup / Vanilla extract 1 tsp / One large Carrot / Hemp seed 2 tbsp (optional).

All the above are among many ingredients recommended for arthritis treatment - there is no shortage! Some recommend using cow's milk if you cannot get almond milk but dairy consumption should be minimized for arthritis sufferers (also grains unfortunately) plus a host of others which you can research:- "Worst Ten Foods for Arthritis" that sort of thing...

Finding what best suits you is a journey you will need to embark upon for yourself. My only other advice is to try alternatives for a month or so before giving up.

I have learnt that with arthritis, it is as much about giving up some (dietary) things, as about taking correct supplements and exercising and getting good rest as well as developing good postural habits.

Get an "expert" to evaluate your sitting posture and acquire a good sitting habit. Makes a huge difference to sciatica.

Also, there are some very beneficial exercises on u tube that really do work for this condition - one shouldn't despair - help is at hand.

Meanwhile, enjoy the candied ginger lumps!

Please let us know how you progress.

Cheers from Down Under

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Jitendra (India ) on 09/28/2021

Candied Ginger is doing wonders for sciatica nerve pain. Thank you all.

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Sally W. (Ohio) on 05/16/2020

I have sciatica for 3 years and a weak right leg with electric shock going down it. It got to the point where I was pain all the time, even at rest. I was crying at the rest pain. So I ran and got the candied ginger and in one day the pain was gone. I'm shocked to say the least. I can't believe it. I still have the horrible back pain which I don't think is better after a week. My leg is weak still. And I have pain, but not that electric sharp sciatica pain and it's not constant. It has much more movement. I could not cross my leg or move without electric shocks. Amazing!!!

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Susan (Atlanta) on 06/27/2019

I have faithfully consulted EC for years for many different ailments and remedies, but have never posted until now. Thank you ALL for the recommendation on the candied ginger for sciatica.....after approximately 5 pieces I feel like a new person. The shooting and stabbing pain is gone, I still feel some tension in my back but am so grateful not to feel the continual ache and throb in my thigh and calf. I will continue with the ginger and again thank everyone for their posts!

Replied by Anon
(Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Where can you find the candy?

Karen Messina
(New Jersey)

Hello to Baton Rouge re candied ginger - I know it's been a while but maybe you will check back. I make my own from store bought fresh ginger root. Peel it, cut it up, boil in water. Drain it, then make a simple syrup of sugar and water and boil the ginger in that. Be careful, syrup is very hot and sticky! here is Alton Brown's video: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/candied-ginger-recipe-1944906

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Diane Powers (United States) on 04/26/2019

Ok, so I am one of the last people to believe some of the fantastic posts on any page about remedies related to relief of pain. The other night, I couldn't sleep because of the pain from my sciatic nerve. I received an email from Earth Clinic in my inbox about the new & improved site. I decided to click on it & see what can be done about the recent pain I have been having in my right thigh. I kept reading about eating candied ginger & the wonderful healing benefits of eating it for sciatic pain. I was excited to go to the store in the morning to try the "cure". I bought the small quantity & ate a piece on my way home from the store. I ate another piece right after dinner. I am here to tell you that I have no pain from my sciatic nerve in my right leg! Can this be, that after 2 pieces of ginger, relief from the pain that keeps me up at night? Folks, I am as amazed as any one could be but I am a believer now. Try it for yourself, the package cost me about 5 bucks from Sprouts here in Texas. Thank you to all who posted about this remedy. I'm going back to bed now, not because I was awakened by pain but because I was so excited to write this post. Good night!

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Dena22 (Md) on 06/19/2018

Candied ginger completely cured my sciatica. I had pain down my left leg for a while and I came here looking for a remedy. I bought the candied ginger slices from the grocery store and ate a couple pieces everyday. After the first day the pain was gone. I kept eating it and the pain stayed away. Now I just eat it every once in awhile and still no pain. It might not work for everyone but it's worth the try.

Replied by Penny

Why candied? What about fresh ginger to avoid the sugar?

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 07/07/2017

A number of weeks ago I met a lady who was suffering with sciatica. I think she is about 80. We were at a reception after one of my children's music recitals and it wasn't super conducive for conversation as it was a bit loud. I know there are many wonderful remedies for sciatica, but tried to think of something do-able for her. I mentioned that candied ginger worked for some people with sciatica. She asked me about it a few times and said she would try it.

Yesterday I heard that she felt that the ginger was really helping her! I was thrilled to hear it. Something so simple for a miserable condition.

On the subject of sciatica, an extended family member mentioned that he was dealing with sciatica. I tried to think of something that he might be willing to do. I mentioned that sitting cross legged on the floor seems to bring relief to mine.

In general, I am making more notice of my posture when I am sitting and I think it is helping my chronic back issues.

When my back is hurting I tend to want to sit back in a squishy chair. I think that may be the worst thing ever for it. When I think about what the spine looks like (from pictures at the chiropractor) I think that leaning back and other postures cause more stress on my back. I am not letting the pelvis support the spine and do its job. When I sit so that the spine is above the pelvis, I let the pelvic bones do their job.

I have a large exercise ball that I sit on some. It helps me to get my pelvis and spine aligned and balanced. (Don't start sitting on an exercise ball for long periods of time at first! ) I think comfrey smoothies are helping my back, too, while I am on the subject.

So much to learn. So many interesting remedies!

Have a super day!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mari H.
(Los Angeles)

I'm thinking ginger might work on sciatica because I believe ginger is good for the liver and gall bladder. I knew a chiro who treated sciatica by cleaning out his pts. liver and gb's.

Replied by Prioris
(Fort Pierce, Fl, USA)

Does it matter if it is candied vs crystalized ginger?

The terms “candied” and “crystallized” are typically used interchangeably. If a distinction is made, the term candied refers to ginger stored in the simple syrup and crystallized ginger means the version cooked in the sweet syrup and rolled in sugar.


When using ginger for remedies, no, it doesn't matter as long as it's real ginger--unless you're on a very sugar-restricted diet. You can use fresh ginger, or dried ginger but it's tastes so strong most people use the crystalized kind because it tastes like candy. I use fresh ginger root to make ginger tea.

***Most commercial brands of ginger ale don't have enough ginger in them to do much of anything other than taste good & quench your thirst. It's probably the carbonation & sugar that settles people's stomachs.

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Sharon (Ny) on 06/28/2017

Suddenly getting nauseous and feeling abdominal pain after eating crystallized ginger, and it is happening many hours after eating it. Anyone else have this reaction? Have eaten it many times in the past with no reaction. Do I need to eat it on a full stomach instead of as a snack on a mostly empty one?

Replied by 2q&learn
120 posts

I've had some discomfort after ingesting powdered ginger root in just water. Never when I took it in my food, though. You don't want to overdo it, either. Too much of anything can cause problems!

(pennsylva nia)

I heard that ginger can be used for parasites so maybe do a parasite cleanse I been using wormwood and black nut oil to help me. Tastes like sh#t but you will feel better after feeling like sh#t off and on but the parasites come out! I took pics