Sciatica Remedies

Candied Ginger Slices

Posted by Hugo (E Freetown, MA) on 02/27/2006
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Replied by Joyce
bonifay, Fl.

Candied ginger slices for sciatica. what is the recipe for the candied ginger slices? I can't find it anywhere.

EC: You can buy candied ginger in Asian Markets.. Also possibly Trader Joes and Whole Foods...

Replied by Elaine
Butler, N.J.

is crystallized ginger the same as candied ginger? I want to try it for sciatica pain but your post did not say how much to use. thanks for your help.

EC: Probably the same. Cystallized ginger has 2 ingredients: ginger and cane sugar.

Replied by Elaine
Butler, NJ
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Iv'e been eating the slices for about a week now, I don't know how it works, but it is working. The pain is almost all gone. It's nice not to be taking excederin every four hours. I snack on about 5 or 6 slices a day. Thanks for the tip!!!

Replied by Anna
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Candied ginger slices for scatica:

My husband suffers from sciatica for weeks in a stretch about four times a year. It started hurting him really bad (not able to function without OTC painkillers) few days ago. Two days ago I read here about candied ginger. Yesterday he snack on it- about 10-12 slices which is a lot but he found 1. he likes the taste 2.everybody in his work seems to like it too and wants to have some! It was his first night without painkiller! The pain is gone! Early morning, which used to be worst, he sensed "something" along the nerve, but it even wasn't painful or lasting. It is so hard to believe - but IT IS A FACT. (I learned meanwhile that ginger works against inflammotion; whatever the reason-it has worked!)

Replied by Mariana
San Pablo, Ca.

I was wondering if it also works with powdered ginger? I used 1 tablespoon with water. I guess I am hoping this also works.

Replied by Angela
Antioch, California
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Amazing, the spasm on my leg from the my sciatica pain have improved after the 3rd day on eating the ginger slices along with some yoga exercise. I eat about 5 to 10 slices a day and I am feeling much better after a week. My last sciatica pain last nearly 2 months which was 2 years ago. It is definitely worth of trying.

Replied by Linda
San Diego, Ca

what about using plain ginger or ginger root tea? For those of us that don't want all the sugar. Is it the ginger or the combination of?

Replied by Moondancer
Gaffney, Sc

I thought I stumbled across this site by accident, but now I'm not so sure. I've been dealing with pain in my hips and back for years now and nothing seems to help it. Here lately it has gotten worse. I hurt all the time and I can hardly walk without a limp. I was literally at the end of my rope when I stumbled across this site. With nothing to lose I thought I would give the ginger a try so I bought some today. I don't know why, but I have a strong belief that this will work. The true test will be in my martial arts would be so nice to be able to participate again.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca

I would also highly suggest you try oil pulling. I have been in excruciating pain of my hips for 3 years now and within 3 days of oil pulling twice a day I found incredible relief! Also read the oil pulling section.

Replied by Ethel
Prescott Valley, Az
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I had extreme sciatica pain. Best I could do for myself was walk because sitting was sooo painful and lying down didn't help much either. I came across this site by accident, thank God. I read about using ginger so I bought some candied ginger and ate about a tblspn size and went to lie down. I was up in 15 minutes and I just wanted to cry! The pain was all but gone for the first time in months!!! Please, if you have sciatica pain, eat ginger! It will help get you through!!!

Replied by Oliver
New York, Ny/ Usa
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I had terrible Sciatica brought on by a new running regime. I tried (I thought) everything- Acupuncture, Chiropractor and was running out of hope. It went on for 2 months plus and would get to the point where my leg would completely seize up. I then did 3 things and within a couple of days I was seeing results and by 2 weeks totally fine.

1- Ginger Slices, this really seemed to help reduce swelling in my lower back

2- Yoga ( I went twice and had great results) I was then able to use the techniques at home- It takes a tiny amount of work compared to the agony of Sciatica

3- Removed my wallet from back pocket when sitting!

I am not sure if all 3 or just 1 cured me, but combined I went from having no hope of cure to complete cure in days.

Everyone will be different, but don't lose hope and try not to spend too much money on treatments when you have some simple options you can try first.

Good Luck everyone, it really sucks.

Replied by Rachael
Orlando, Fl

Just purchased some crystalized ginger to treat some extreme sciatica and lower back pain. I was not at all prepared for how spicy it would be. I was thinking that it was candied and wasn't expecting it to burn a whole in my tongue. Oh well, small price to pay for pain relief, I hope it works. I will post an update in a few days and let you all know how it worked.

Replied by Danamarie
San Marcos, Ca
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I was reading the comments on candied ginger for sciatica as well as the other comments regarding potassium rich foods. I did an internet search on the potassium content of ginger and it turns out that ginger is very high in potassium. The ginger has helped aleviate my sciatica pain and so has the tennis shoe tip. I also saw a video online about stretching the "piriformis muscle" which is the muscle the sciatica nerve runs through. Learning how to stretch this muscle has helped. I saw a video on YouTube video that was simple and it didn't hurt me. Anyway, I'm on the road to recovery thanks to all the Earth Clinic people with the willingness to research what is out there and to separate the good from the not so good.


Posted by Lorene (Montgomery, Tx) on 09/21/2020
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I HAD Sciatica pain. 1) cause is neuropathy from Rx antibiotic drugs years ago. Haunting! Rips magnesium from the body causing inability to walk, stand, etc.

2) had MRI identify bad discs in spine, and Ankylosing Spondylitis disease. Also have 2 knee issues needing replaced, but declined. Had Hyalgen shots in knees, but still had odd electrical like jolt behind knee and in leg. Doc said Bakers Cyst. (humph....)

3) Suddenly my entire leg caved with jolting excruciating pain. I take lots of supplements for bone, joints, etc. knowing magnesium loss and use of Cipro drugs damage. Had lots of pain creams, but never total relief, and this pain was different and EXTREME! I had CBD Hemp Oil in my cupboard SUPER strength 1000mg with slight 0.3% THC in it. Sat on couch. 2 hours later, could move.

Overnight I was rescued with ability to walk!! Since I have continued daily use of CBD oil, I am nearly cured and comfortable. I know that the nerve damage is still there in feeling the tendon, but can swing my leg back and almost tight now, which was impossible before the CBD oil. I feel sold on this medicine. Only get CBD online and not in store-fronts. You want a GOOD product.

Hope you are as fortunate as me. I am 80 years old and "walking". No, the disease does not go away, damage is done, but walking is good.

Chair Exercise

Posted by Helen (Austin, Texas) on 07/30/2008
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I get minor sciatic nerve pinches regularly. A woman at a conference showed me a simple exercise, and a massage friend later said that's the exercise he teaches to everyone.

Sit in a firm chair. Cross your knees. Clasp both hands outside the knee and pull it towards it's opposite shoulder (right knee towards left shoulder.) Won't move more than an inch, but you should feel the pull on the side-near back buttocks area.

Do this for 20 seconds every time you sit down, and the pain should be gone in less than a week.

Keep doing it once daily to prevent recurrence.

Actually, doesn't have to be a real firm chair but starting that way helps you feel where the pull should be.

Also, massage guy said, stop sitting so much! And when you sit be sure to get up and move significantly every 45 minutes or so. Chiropractor said "Get a stand-up desk, sitting is unhealthy."

Build times of standing into your day. I made a habit of standing up when talking in the phone. At conferences and friendly meetings I often get up and stand in the back of the room for a while, especially if I had to drive an hour to get there.

Replied by Kim
Coast, Oregon
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I've recently suffered from a week of extreme muscle spasms in my back. Upon reading this recommendation, I began the stretching exercises and IMMEDIATE relief was felt after the first stretch. Sit in a firm chair with a straight back (concentrating on proper alignment & posture) and enjoy the benefits of this stretch. This is the first thing to bring relief in almost of week of pure, unrelenting pain.

I knew there had to be more options than massage and bed rest!

Thank you so much for sharing your "effectual" experience!

Replied by Nikki Jean
Philadelphia, Pa
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I want to register a huge YEA for the chair exercise to help ease sciatica pain. It literally took me from excruciating pain to relative comfort in about 10 minutes. THANK YOU. I use this site for everything, but this is the first time I just HAD to write in, because the difference felt miraculous. I'm on a long road trip and not being able to sit was just not an option, thank you again.

Replied by Realeone2
Ssi, Ga
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This works wonders like the chair exercise, I read this awhile back for sciatica, on Dear Abby I think it was-this helped me too. Lie on your back, stretch your toes, pointed as far as you can while stretching your arms over your head as far as you can, release, then stretch again, arms upward and pulling your toes inward. Do this BEFORE you get out of bed in the morning. Also, lie on your back, cross ankle to your knee, push down on knee while pulling in opposite leg, you can feel the burn/pull/release of the buttock area, hence sciatica release!

Replied by Mesem
Toulon, France

Swimming (over arm and backstroke) and cycling up a good steep hill several times do the same thing and gets your circulation going more than a stretch. You may hurt directly after but the next day you will be fine.

Replied by Ledtocrowe
The Plains, Ohio

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

Replied by Es

Hi! I'm sorry if this is a silly question but what do you mean cross your knees? Cross your legs? Like when kids sit on the floor? Or like cross your legs like women sit?

Replied by Nikki

Yes I have sciatica. I wonder when I started the exercises pulling knees back, I notice I started to burn. Is that coming from the nerve being released? Because I never had the burning feeling before.


Posted by Julie (Wisconsin) on 08/13/2013
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I decided to do a 21 day Daniel fast and not drink coffee or caffeine during that time. After a couple of days my bones were ACHING! I thought I was detoxing and that it would go away within a few days. Most of it was better, but my right side had sciatica terrible that would not go away. It would help to take ibuprofren or pain pills, but the pain continued after it wore off. It was the worst at night and I couldn't sleep. I remembered other times that I would quit drinking coffee that I had bone/nerve pain and after five days I decided to try and see if it was coffee. I drank one cup of 1/2 regular and 1/2 decaf, which is what I normally drank and I didn't have to take anything for pain. It did hurt some in the middle of the night, but was much better! The next morning I again drank a couple of cups of 1/2 regular 1/2 decaf coffee and have had no more pain!! I know those who think coffee is poision will think this is crazy, but I would rather drink a couple cups of coffee a day then have the terrible pain that sciatica causes.

Replied by Daniel
Los Angeles

Did you use instant coffee at home? If so, how much coffee of each? 1/2 tablespoon? 1 teaspoon? Did you drink black, with sugar, with cream? Please advise. I don't drink much coffee. I've had sciatica the last 4 days and the stretches are not working any more.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

To Daniel (Los Angeles)

This can be remedied with topical Magnesium Chloride oil, alkalizing with one half tsp. baking soda about three times a day away from food and two tsp. turmeric in warm milk or nut milk twice a day. I use goat milk.

Try the separately or together in a day to find out what works best or keep taking them all.

Good luck, Namaste, Om

Replied by Joe
Poway, Ca
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I have extreme pain in the right hip ( sciatica, I guess) going on 3 weeks. Can't walk or sleep and the only thing that has helped is coffee. Prescription pain pills and muscle relaxers were no help. Pain was so bad last night, I had to drink a cup of coffee to get some sleep.

Cold Showers

Posted by Burness Speakman (Fredericktown , MO)
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I read about the cold showers here 3 days ago. I have experienced whole body pain for as long as I can remember. Recently it has become unbearable to try and sleep without double doses of over the counter pain killers. The legs throbbed, prickley needles in the soles of the feet, leg muscle pain, skin pain, hip pain, numbness in the shin area. It was building up for years. I was ready to check myself in somewhere but I do not go to doctors. Anyway to continue. After reading the messages, I went and took a cold shower. This was the afternoon. Just before retiring I took another. This one really affected my body. Gasping and panting but not painful I stayed in the shower. For the first time since I could remember I had a peaceful night sleep. No pain in the legs at all, no numbness, no prickleys. I took three the next day with the same good results at night but with one more added strangeness. My Bowel Movement turned green. Not a dark green a kackie green and I was not constipated as usual. I gathered my bile was flowing. I had come to think I had a gallblader problem years ago but never associated the whole body aches with it. There might be some siatic nerve situation involved also, but I don't know. All I do now is that this seems just short of a miracle for me. I certainly hope it continues, because I don't know if I ever want to take another hot bath again as long as I live. Oh, the energy and high spirits are there too as others reported. Bless you all.

EC: Read more about Cold Showers here.

Dietary Changes, Supplements

Posted by Bluefriend (Bc) on 06/01/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I am now pain free from severe sciatica, and I'd like to share the story. First to say that it began about 6 months ago, extreme pain, twice knocking me to the floor with excruciating jabs in lower back, right side. Felt like electric shocks were running down the front of my legs, and feet so heavy at other times I could barely pick my feet up. I did try the pillows, the exercises on floor, and a lot of ibuprofen.

But it occurred to me about 3 weeks ago that pain is caused by inflammation. So I looked up an inflammation diet..... eliminate all sugars and starches which feed
inflammation. And at the same time took 3,000 Vit. D3, 3,000 mg Vit. C and 3,000 Salmon oil with these numbers: 300mg EPA/DHA, each day. After 2 days the pain
had dropped from a 10 to an 8, then on 3rd day of this the pain was about a 6.

Steadily dropped until today, 3 weeks later..... I am totally pain free. I will continue to follow this regime for at least another month. I just want to share this info with anyone suffering the horrific pain of sciatica. This regime may work wonders for you, too.

Distilled Water

Posted by Bella (Holyoke) on 07/02/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Many thanks to the person that sent a great link in today about distilled water from doctors. This feedback from Dr. Graham Bell should go in the sciatica section for someone to test!

Source: Raymond W. Bernard - 1996 (Google Books)

"Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, recognized the health value of distilled water, and claimed that its daily use prolonged his life. Afflicted and bed-ridden with sciatica, Dr. Bell could find no relief for the pain. The attack came just as he was investigating the deposit of salts in the human system. A well-known scientist had written a book in which he said that old age came from such deposits, and that the ills of advanced years were due to the lack of their elimination. He believed that when such deposits went to the joints, man had rheumatism. When they went to the kidneys, he had kidney trouble and stones in the urinary organs; and when they lodged in the arteries, they produced what is called hardening of the arteries. In the same way when such deposits coated the nerves, they caused sciatica.

Dr. Bell wrote: “I knew that distilled water was pure. I thought that if I drank plenty of it, I could get rid of some of the salts that were covering my sciatic nerves. I tried drinking it and it worked like a charm. I have kept up my drinking of distilled water and I attribute my almost perfect health largely to it.”

—Dr. Alexander Graham Bell

Epsom Salts

Posted by Aldo (Brisbane, Australia) on 06/04/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Epsom Salts Worked for Sciatica!

My mother came down with sciatica last week. Immediately she went to see my brother, who is a chiropractor. That helped her a lot but the pain and discomfort was still there for her. Since then she was resting her leg as often as she could and taking pain killers when needing to walk on it for any extended period of time. When I heard about it, I had a look on this site and noticed the epsom salts testimonials. I suggested that she try having an epsom salt bath and to drink a couple of teaspoons of it with a glass of water also.

Well, I called her this morning and my mother was so excited! She said that she had a bath for about 30 minutes (and read a magazine!) with 2 cups of epsom salts on Wednesday night before going to bed. She also drank a glass of water with 2 teaspoons of epsom salts with some honey to improve the taste. She said that she slept so peacefully that night and woke up in the morning with NO PAIN! She was over the moon!

On Thursday, she drank a couple more glasses of water, epsom salts and honey and she plans to have another bath tonight (Friday). There has been no sciatica pain since waking up Thursday morning.

Thank you to Jean and Gwen for posting your results, the good news has now spread to our family too and we are passing it on to others. God Bless.

Replied by Curt

My sciatic nerves are so bad, I can't hardly sleep. No matter how I lay, there is no pain relief. I will try this remedy to night and see what happens. How often should I do this a week?

Posted by Jean (Los Angeles, California) on 03/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I had severe siatica. could not sit or get out of a chair. walking was difficult. I went to a gentle homeopatjoc chiropractor who told me to sit in a hot bath of two cups of epsom salts for 15 minutes. The next morning 90% of the pain was gone. No aspirin. I will do more epsom salts baths until my exercises begin to loosen the muscles which were tight from too much sitting at the computer......

Posted by Gwen (Denver, CO) on 02/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have found over the years that I will experience severe sciatica when I am severely constipated. When this happens I pull out the "big guns", Epsom salts. 2-4 teaspoons dissolved in water. Small amount of water followed by as much water as possible after wards. I'll use a straw to drink solution. Put straw to back of tongue beyond taste buds & suck. Taste terrible, but when I am in that much pain I'll do anything to relieve it! You can also add lemon or lime juice to lessen the taste. Pain starts to diminish after first trip to the pot. Works every time & I'm over it in less than 24 hour. Good luck & God/Goddess Bless!

Exercise and Stretching

Posted by Lorraine (Derby, Kansas) on 12/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Sciatica: Using a Precor stretch trainer does wonders for me. These seem to be available at many gyms including the YMCA. Too much sitting causes flare-ups for me. Getting regular exercise and stretching allows me to do my work (which is sedentary) without pain. My pain used to be so bad that doctors prescribed painkillers. As long as I stretch and exercise regularly, I find that I am pain free.

General Feedback

Posted by Chuck (Cape Coral, Florida, United States) on 03/02/2013

Sciatica: I have been plagued with this for many years and have thought that it was due to something lacking in my diet. I will certainly try this. I was diagnosed with cancer eight years ago and have had great success against it by using only holistic methods!!!

Posted by Wellspruce (Juneau, Ak, Usa) on 03/01/2013

OK, I've been posting about my back pain and personally-tested Earthclinic remedies of other posters here, see Ted remedies hyaluronic acid if you want to read my journals here. Anyway the hyaluronic acid doesn't seem to be doing much. I also take glucosamine 1500 and MSM 1200 and continue the hyaluronic acid 30mg 2 x daily. After spending $thousands 18 mos ago to drs. and hospital I was never diagnosed because I wasn't about to spend thousands more to see an osteopath. Reading net sites I've learned I have siatica. Beginning tonight, I'm taking 1T ground ginger with 1t blackstrap molasses, as I have those in the house and will start the raw ginger tomorrow, and potassium 200 mg as gluconate. Also tonight I'll take at least 800 mg ibuprophen at bedtime. These three are recommended on this site for relief of siatica. Tonight I'll incorporate the exercises (crossing knees and pulling toward opposite shoulder, and stretching recommended here on this site).

The vertebrae involved seem to be the L's and the last S. Because of the pain in back, butt, hip socket and down right outer thigh, I've not slept a night through without waking 50 or more times in maybe a couple months. I'm about to claw the walls. The only temporary relief during the night is to fall asleep flat on my face and stomach which causes a whole new set of problems~~pain in several neck vertebrae.

I'll try the above for two nights and days and if no relief will increase the above dosages and include something else from this site. Please pray for me as I do all who suffer in these posts. And many thanks for those who take time to give their testimonies of what has worked for them.

Tonight I also ordered a sacral wedge which claims:

  • helps to stabilize the sacrum, allowing the pelvic girdle to relax and return to its normal position of balance.
  • helps to eliminate symptoms such as pain or numbness radiating down the legs and tightness and pain in the hip area.

There are also other items you can order that claim to help siatica~~"decompression" devices that decompress the vertebrae and others that stretch the Piriformis. I'll see how the above all work and I'll report back.

Replied by Namiyah
Westport, Or

I've had sciatica since the mid-nineties and tried everything from herbal supplements, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments but the pain remained constant, especially on cold, wet, rainy days. Then I purchased some Magnesium oil and placed some in a roll-on bottle of Vitamin E leaving about 1/3rd Vitamin E in the roll-on. The strategic area that I applied it was upon my tail-bone from 1L to 5L. It took about several weeks and I noticed a 75% reduction in pain. I've been using it daily for 6 months and notice a tremendous difference. Good luck!

Replied by Steve
Las Vegas, Nv Nevada

I have found using a laser therapy pen helpful for relieving sciatica pain. I apply the laser to all the painful points on my lower back for a few minutes and can feel the muscles releasing as I laser them. Sometimes it takes a few days to get everything to release but it always helps.

Replied by Wellspruce
Juneau, Ak, Usa

Thank you Namiyah from Westport, OR so much for the magnesium oil with vit E in rollon remmendation. I'm adding that to my list of remedies. I MUST TELL YOU ALL, I "tentatively" testify that I DO BELIEVE the ginger, both ground and raw, I've been taking since night before last is HELPING me. I have slept through most of the night the last two nights which is first for me in months, and though I did wake once or twice with horrific pain, that's usual, that first night I began the ginger I didn't wake with severe pain last night.

Last night before bed I spent about a half hour, 1. Rubbing my L's and lower S's and the entire siatic nerve path down leg to just below the knee where the pain ends, with cream methyl silicylate 17% with menthol USP 12% (probably 12-15 min. ),

2. Doing the exercises recommended on this site where you cross your ankle over knee then pull knee toward opposite shoulder and hold 20 or 30 seconds; doing both sides. This feels GREAT and I highly recommend for anyone not just siatic sufferers. I also did this as recommended every time I sat down yesterday and again today.

3. I also developed and performed other joint stretches in lower back and hip joints I thought would help, I did them GENTLY. Be careful.

4. I increased my B12 intake to 2000 mg morning, and an additional B12 2000 mb at evening (began the increase last night). B12 was reported on the Earthclinic under the siatica site to have cured someone's siatica.

5. The last thing I did was take about a half teaspoon of ground ginger in a finger of water before bed along with 800 mg ibuprophen. I had taken the ground or raw every three or four hrs during the day.

I don't like taking ibuporphen so will probably not take it tonight. Hoping for at least similar experience of last night.

Still awaiting the sacral wedge I ordered.

Will continue to report back. Thank you all so much for input.

Replied by Sue
Fairfax, Va Usa

I sympathize about sciatica pain and found help by using enzymes such as bromelain. I took one 500 mg pill or capsule of it on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, and just before bed, or during the day 2 hrs after eating and. 5 hour before eating. With food it acts as digestive enzyme; without, it reduces inflammation. Also, turmeric capsules or pills (450-500 mg), with meals that contain fat and black pepper. Both of these supplements are available at health food stores, relatively cheap, with no side effects for me. Best of luck.

Replied by Wellspruce
Juneau, Ak, Usa

SUCCESS!! I'm pain free.

I pray all siatica sufferers read this. After trying several suggestions on earthclinic for siatica pain the two that healed me are: taking the ginger in both raw root (minced into tiny pieces and eaten throughout the day) and ground (about a teaspoon couple or three times a day) for only three or four days the hot and cold pain that was shooting down the siatic nerve path from back, over hip and to just below my right knee has stopped totally and I believe the numbness is improved. However I believe the recommended exercises that came with the sacral wedge I ordered from has done the most to heal me. I've never even used the sacral wedge as I was healed doing just the exercises. I'll try to describe the exercises, the one I do in chair and, and the two I do about three minutes on bed on waking and before I fall asleep at night.

The three exercises:

1. Sitting in chair, cross ankle at knee, with both hands pull knee toward head while back is straight. Hold 20-30 seconds. Do other leg. I do this a couple times a day. You will feel the tug over your butt muscles and into your hip and down leg. This feels marvelous and I highly recommend for anyone who wants to remain or become more limber. In the deep reading I've been doing to understand siatica, I've learned that done daily this keeps the muscle relaxed over the siatic nerve.

2. Lay flat on back; I do have my head on a pillow. Maybe you could try with then without pillow. Draw knees up with feet flat on bed (the literature recommended floor or table, but my bed is hard). Tilt pelvic area toward your head, rock your pelvis like this intermittently for a minute or so, occasionally hold the tilt for a few seconds.

3. After the above, feet still flat on bed knees together, back remaining flat on bed, roll knees to the left until they lay on bed, then rock them to the right. Rock them back and forth for a minute or two.

I was waking many times during the night with severe pain radiating from back into right hip socket and down my leg to knee; and now I have none of that pain waking me nor none of the pain at any time.

I've had no waking pain the last six or seven nights. I've noticed that doing the exercises and taking the ginger also has my other joints limber now.

I do hope so much this helps other sufferers and that they read this.


Posted by Candy 0 (Riverdale, Ny) on 11/05/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Eat raw ginger or crystalized ginger candy to permanent cure your sciatica pain. I was in constant pain for a year and a half, I could not run or walk on my treadmill, I could not sit for long periods of time and I am in my thirties. I was out walking along the Henry Hudson Parkway one afternoon and after 5 hours on constant walking the pain was unbearable in my leg. I sat down and consulted Earthclinic on my Iphone. I read 14 reviews giving praises to candies ginger, I limped along to the near supermarket and brought a bag of gingered candy. This was mid July it is now November I have been cured of the ailment since the day after consuming ginger candy. I have since started a daily regime of eating a couple slices of raw ginger, which I believe the best remedy, without the sugar from the candied version.

Replied by Southernboy Pride

How long does it take for you to eat ginger to cure this??

Posted by Uniqueadh (Mcdonough, Ga) on 12/31/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I am so thankful to all of you for your posts. I had a severe sciata flare-up that began Thursday as a mild one. By Sunday morning(12/30/12) I could not move and it had spread all to my foot. If I even shifted a minute amount excruciating pain went through my left side (buttock to toes). My foot was so numb ans cold. It tingled and sent tingles to my arms when I ran my other foot alomg the heel. I was taking ibuprofen to no avail. My sons called the paramedics after I failed to dress for them to take me to the doctor. I could not move even an inch. The paramedics advised alternating ibuprofen with arthritis strength tylenol and drinking gatorade to balance the electrolytes.

My sons immediately went to purchase the gatorade and tylenol which I added to my regimen. I, still felt no difference so I searched for remedies to help me sleep. I came across this thread at 2:00 this morning (12/31). My son didn't want to go buy the ginger slices but we had some ground ginger. So, I had him bring me a cup of boiling water and I put a tablespoon of the ground ginger and some honey into the water and sipped it. About 30 mon. Later I made my way to soak in an epsom salt bath. When I awakened still in the tub about an hour later the pain had subsided greatly. My foot still felt numb and the calf pain was there when I tried to walk, but, it was much more bearable. I awakened this morning and all but the foot pain and numbness is gone. Thank you all so much. I am sipping another cup of ginger tea as I type.