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Multiple Remedies

Posted by Olddude (Chattanooga, Tn, Usa) on 04/22/2012 21 posts
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Apple cider vinegar helps me some since I'm still active in working with a friend building a boat. I run the sanders and my arms and shoulders get tired and stiff. I'm 66, male, and still going. I also use extra virgin olive oil and it really helps more then the Apple Cider Vinegar in my opinion. One teaspoon in evening. I also take blackstrap molasses to in the evening. For those days when I've really overdone it, I take a 800 mg Ibuprofen prescription and that stops all aches and pains. I don't take the aspirin much, just when I've done myself in thinking I'm 21 again, lol. good luck.

Posted by Regina (Marietta, Ga) on 02/07/2012
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First I'd like to thank everyone for their input. This site is a life saver.

So, I came down with terrible pain in my wrist, fingers, right hip, knee, foot and lower back. It became so unbearable at times that I could not walk or get out of the chair, and I thought that this is no life. If I had to live like this forever I'd rather be dead. However, I prayed and found the answers. Since I don't have insurance anymore - which is a blessing not a curse - I had to self diagnose and realized that I have Osteo Arthritis.

I spent many hours in researching on the internet and found that there are several things I could do to not only stop the pain but also to reverse bone cartilage decay. And this is for all forms of Arthritis. To stop the pain: 3, 4, or 5 thin slices of Organic Ginger, 8-10 oz. of hot good water, 2 teaspoons of each Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey. Place the Ginger in a cup and pour the boiling water over it. Put a lid (Not plastic) or a small plate over it to cover. Let it soak for 10-15 minutes. Then add the ACV and Honey and drink this 3 times a day. It controls the pain to the point where I forget it is there. But for the long run do also exercise and eat undenatured Type II chicken cartilage and Gelatine. (I'll get to this later). Another important thing is to get all your trace minerals back into your body.

Exercise as often as you can. Every 2 minutes count. It does not have to be exhausting and you don't have to buy anything. Get something that has weight (a can of vetable, a plastic bag with sugar, or buy exercise weights). Start low, and do about 20 gentle reps. The pull on the bones strengthens them and you can feel a difference in a short period of time. Start with maybe 3-5 minutes several times a day, and build up. My favorte exercise is this: stand on your toes for a few seconds (maybe 5-10) and go back down. Do 20 repetitions, many times a day, and/or walk on your tippy toes for several steps keeping your neck up like a giraffe. There is no wrong way of doing it. Do this is as often as you can. I even do the toe up and down when standing in line for the cashier. These exercises are very powerful - don't under estimate them. Another good one is to stand with your feet a little bit apart, then bend your knees and go down a little bit but keep your back straight, like you have a broomstick along your spine. Never force anything that does not feel good to you.

Type II Undenatured Chicken Cartilage. This is so powerful that the Harvard University patented it. Undenatured means raw and it is the cartilage from the chicken's sternum. I personally would not eat that from a non-organic chicken because of the risk of contamination. There are many supplements on the market but many of them have been heat and/or chemically treated which destroys the effect. You need to do your own research on that. Tip: Dr. Joel D. Wallach is a Vet who has treated Arthiritis successfully in animals and people. I have red only an exerpt that was published online but I will get one of his books. He has used Chicken Cartilage and Gelatine, but I recommend to get only Organic Gelatine since the regular one is treated with heat and chemicals.

And last but not least: Minerals. If you have been eating non organic (conventionell) fruits and vegetables, or even worse - packeged stuff, you are definitely deficient in essential trace minerals. Your body cannot do without them or you get all kinds of diseases. The cheapest and quickest way to remedy this is to get Organic Blackstrap Molasses. Take about 1-2 teaspoons a day. Indefinitely if you want. In addition to this I have also taken Boron supplement. I take 2-3 capsules a day, each capsule containing 3mg. The late Dr. Rex E. Newnham has cured his own arthiritis with it.

So this is my contribution to this website. Everything I have stated here has helped me to control my arthritis to the point where I sometimes forget it is there. I have just started this regimen about a week ago and it has helped very quickly, almost instantly, especially the ACV/Honey/Ginger Tea. However, I am not a doctor or healthcare professional. Do your own research and before starting anything new consult your doctor first.

Good luck and all the best to all of you.

Replied by Mary
Belfast N Ireland

Thanks for posting so many helpful suggestions, lots of different ideas for folk in pain and discomfort with arthritis. My husband's thumbs are very sore at times so I'm going to try the ACV/ginger/honey and include the Blackstrap molasses in his diet. Hope you continue to feel better.

Replied by Beryl

Reading on Earth Clinic about Type II Undernatured Chicken Cartilage, I'm interested in discovering if anyone has had any success in treating arthritis with this?

And, if so, where to purchase it, dosages, etc.

Many thanks!

Posted by Katie (Philadelphia, PA) on 01/27/2009

Hi all, I absolutely love this site. I've used many of the cures (tea tree oil to avoid headlice in 5yr old daughter, turmeric and ginger tea for MRSA) and have come away with perfect results. However, I've been diagnosed with arthritis in my hip and it has been suggested to me the only way to relieve my pain is to have my hip replaced. I'm 30 yrs young, I do not want to resort to surgery just yet so naturally I've come to earthclinic for advice. I've been drinking 2tbs of raw, unfiltered ACV with 1tsp of organic honey or Agave Nectar in 8oz hot water every night for the last 3 weeks and it has done nothing for my pain. I decided to add 1 spoonful of blackstrap molasses every morning to my regime (just started this yesterday) and also added 1/2 tsp of turmeric to my ACV tonic. I was hoping for some relief this morning, but I'm still in pain and limping around. I'm going to continue with all of the above, but wanted to see if anyone had any other advice or perhaps just some words of assurance that this could eventually reduce my pain. Sincerely, Katie

Replied by Robin
Rocky Ridge, Oh

Oh please, please research your options before having joint replacement surgery! Check out a guy by the name of Pete Egoscue, I believe at He is the author of several books as well. This guy started out as a physical therapist or something along that order. He started researching kinesiology and other movement methods and has come up with a way to overcome arthritic conditions.

You see, many cases of arthritis are alignment problems. Our muscles have memory and can loose that memory to do a specific job in a few days or less of bed rest from a cold, injury, etc. When you are back up and around, often times the wrong muscles start doing the wrong job. Over time, this pulls joints out of place and a rubbing of the cartilage starts. After awhile, the cartilage is worn to nothing and pain sets in. What most people don't know is, cartilage can regrow if the proper muscles are re-taught the proper job and joints are pulled back into place, eliminating the wearing away of the cartilage and a rejuvination of the joint takes place.

This guy helped Jack Nicholson (the famous golfer) when he was set to retire because of severe pain. One day he was to be in a tournament and was about to announce his retirement due to unbearable pain when an associate of his convinced him to try Egoscue out. He got an appointment that day and within a very short time on his first visit he had reduced his pain to the point that he made it to the tournament later that day. He then continued treatment with Egoscue until he made a complete recovery.

The last time I checked, you could find the simple movements meant to correct the alignment problems you suffer from on his website. I would suggest getting his books as a guide and for further research before you decide to go through with this surgery. All you would be out is some time and a few bucks for the books. It would be worth it if it saved you a complicated, painful surgery and rehabilitation if a simple movement plan could remedy the problem. Blessings, Robin

Posted by James (Montreal, Canada) on 06/11/2008
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i was a arthritus cripple at age 15yrs and got no help from doctors so i suffered for over 20 yrs before educating myself concerning natural products and now at 61, i am enjoying the best health of my life and most of the products discussed here i use regularly, apple pectin, wild origano oil, apple cider vinigar, coral calcium..yes i take them all and they all work!!chlorella also is a fantastic product and ditto for acai, gogi, they all work fantastically!

Niacin, Vitamin C, and Avoid Glyphosate

Posted by Paracelsus (Orlando, Fl) on 07/08/2020 24 posts
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Although I've been very health conscious all of my life, including a diet which is mostly organic and vegetarian, I started to develop pain in the joints of my fingers, my knees and my neck. This was very frustrating to me, since I took a lot of pride in my health and my lifestyle. This wasn't supposed to happen to me.

Of course, most people told me that it was simply age that was causing this pain. I refused to accept that, since my Dad was still snow skiing at age 79. And my Dad was not really health conscious. The only difference between the two of us was that he lived in Switzerland, while I left Switzerland and had been living in the US for about 30 years.

So my intuition told me that it had something to do with the US food supply and/or water supply. By the way, the pain in my neck was really bad to the point I could barely move my head. I went to see a chiropractor, thinking I injured my neck exercising. Luckily, after a couple of sessions the chiropractor told me that it was probably arthritis. (of course, he too wrote it off to getting older).

I had previously read a couple of books and old studies on niacin and niacinamide (the form of niacin or Vitamin B3 that does not cause a flush when taken in large doses). So I knew that doctors in the past have cured all forms of arthritis with niacin. So I started taking 1500 mg Niacinamide with 1000 mg of vitamin C 2x daily. I started feeling better almost immediately but the pain didn't completely stop until about 2 weeks later.

I now take 1500 mg of Niacinamide and and 1000 mg of time released or liposomal vitamin C daily. I'm totally pain free.

Getting back to the difference in the food and water supplies between Switzerland, or Europe in general, and the USA. In Europe, GMO foods are illegal. But even more important, Europeans do not use glyphosate ("round up") as an herbicide.

Why is this important? Per Stephanie Seneff, researcher at MIT, glyphosate is responsible for a wide range of diseases in Americans. Glyphosate, which btw was derived from the Vietnam era "agent orange", is not only an herbicide but also an antibiotic, which means it wrecks havoc in your gut. Furthermore, glyphosate has a very similar molecular structure to the amino acid glycene. So in the production of proteins, glyphosate may inadvertently be substituted for glycene, producing defective proteins, which in turn cause all kinds of havoc to the body.

The bottom line is that glyphosate is responsible for widespread inflammation, including inflammation of the joints. So avoiding glyphosate is very important if you want to reduce or eliminate the cause of many forms of arthritis.

As a side note, not only do American farmers dump millions of tons of glyphosate on so called round-up ready GMO crops, but they use it for a totally unrelated purpose. They use it as a desiccant on wheat and other crops, right before harvest. (A desiccant dries the wheat, making it easier to harvest). So you get a really heavy dose of glyphosate when you eat bread or other wheat products. And this is also the reason, imo, that so many Americans claim to be gluten intolerant. It's not really the gluten but the glyphosate. That also explains why many Americans who visit Europe are able to eat the bread over there without any problems.

So in summary, if you want to get rid of arthritis, avoid glyphosate like the plague (only eat organic whenever possible), and supplement with Niacinamide and vitamin C. If your body is already saturated with glyphosate, bentonite clay and charcoal are great in eliminating toxins, including glyphosate.


Posted by Barbara (Manama, Bahrain) on 09/10/2012

Has anyone got a remedy to cure/prevent Arthritis Nodules? I cured myself of the disease with ACV but still have the Rheumatoid factor, I have no pain or stiffness but I still get the nodules and have to have them surgically removed from my feet and elbows every couple of years. This is not really a problem but now I have one growing on my index finger and it's getting expensive to have them removed.

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand

If the ACV dosn't stop the nodules, (they are called Hebendens nodules if they are on the finger joints).. Try Lemon juice it disolves the dead calcium that the ACV cant. But be careful not to continue for too long.. A couple of weeks on and a couple of weeks off should be ok for about three months, . If you go into full detox you could get some boils or zits as other nasty stuff comes out.

Oil Pulling

Posted by Maya (Singapore, Singapore) on 08/16/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hi. I only discovered about oil pulling while browsing the web on information on how to cure me of my skin disorder (keratosis pillaris). I read a posting done by this lady who SWEARS by oil pulling and its remarkable effects! I tried it just yesterday and was shocked at how fast results can be observed! I'm suffering from a knee injury due to my active lifestyle and since i'm not exactly young, i don't recover too easily. I've been having a bad knee for weeks now. But when i did my first oil pulling yesterday, i got IMMEDIATE results! My knee felt so light and i was able to do squats with no problems! I'm really a sceptic so i was finding ways to credit the improved knee flexibility to other 'health practices' of mine. But when my mom tried it later that night (she sufferes from acute arthritis), she too said that her joints felt remarkably better! i did it again this morning and later today, my heart was racing. Also, i feel a bit of discomfort in my private region. I don't know if it could be because i had an infection before and it was probably in the process of healing... i'll continue the OP and see what happens! I'm a convert!

Oregano Oil

Posted by Janis (Boston, Mass) on 01/28/2015
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I believe I have the onset of arthritis in my hands, however that is not how I stumbled on to this remedy. One evening I woke up with a terrible throbbing pain in one hip. It would not stop with Ibuprophen, ACV or Tiger Balm. I've been using essential oils a lot in the past year and I also have strong faith so I said a prayer and sifted through my essential oils. I landed on oregano oil, I know it has strong medicinal value because it is a staple in thieves oil that I make. So I put 6 drops with a carrier oil (almond) and rubbed it directly into the area. Later I researched it and sure enough there were many articles on the effectiveness of oregano oil with fibromyalgia, arthritis, bursitis, joint pain. The pain went away rather quickly, 20 minutes. I put another dose before I went to bed and woke up with no pain. Funny thing the hand that I used to put on the ointment had no joint pain. The night before I had excess oil that I rubbed mostly into one hand. The other hand I did have pain in my joints. So this is definitely a keeper in my home remedy journal.

Organic Sulfur

Posted by Arete (Rancho Dominguez, Ca) on 11/08/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am 74 yrs old and am a massage therapist. I put my hands through a lot of work. In the morning I used to wake up with stiff hands and pain during the day. I started taking organic sulfur and in two days the pain disappeared. There are different sources of sulfur, but make sure it is organic. I take the powder- it doesn't taste good, so camouflage it. Caps would be better.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn

ARETE,,,,,,,, as you probably know MSM is a result of combining DMSO with H2O2. DR. JACOBS did all the lab studies for Crown Z and he suggested taking MSM orally and topically followed with DMSO to take it to your joints. One of his products contains both MSM and DMSO and is available on line at Jocobs Lab.

I put 1/2 tsp of MSM in my coffee every morning and it does not affect the taste.


Replied by Arete
Rancho Dominguez Ca

I am referring to organic sulfur. All MSM is sulfur, but not all MSM is organic.

Replied by Arete
Rancho Dominguez Ca

Robert Henry- I did further research on MSM and according to a study, Cellular Matrix Study by Patrick McGean, MSM is inferior to organic sulfur. When we found an article about the 16 "deadly" additives found in MSM—the anti-caking additives, we realized why our early participants were not reporting any health improvements. These additives benefit only the packaging industry; our health is apparently a lesser concern to them.

And according to Dr. Mercola, MSM is only 34% sulfur by weight.

I still think the best form of sulfur is Organic Sulfur.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn

ARETE,,,,,,,, you may be right, but I do not understand what you mean by organic MSM. I will tell you a wild story that gives credence to your position. This is a story of what happens when a novice gets involved and does not understand why purity is important.

As a freshman in '54 at Ga Tech, we had to make salt peter in our chemistry lab. We all know what this compound does to a male. We had a 4 man suite and my roommate was a 6' 4" kid from Texas. He carried a switch blade in his jeans watch pocket. He played the "BAD ASS" role.

My girlfriend had mailed me some cookies. I took my impure lab salt peter and put it on these cookies and left them on my desk. The next morning my suite mates asked me what was on those cookies because Tex ate some and became sick as a dog, throwing up, etc. That scared my mule, but not near as much as when Tex came in that afternoon, opened his knife, stuck it to my throat and told me, " Bobby, never do that again ". I was sweating bullets. That stupid stunt sent me to school that stays with me today....62 years later.

So you are right in that you should have the purist product available. Having said this, we take a 100% pure MSM made for horses and buy it from the farmers Co-op. If you want the best MSM possible I suggest Jacob Labs. Dr Jacob has passed, but his children are still running his company.

I wish you well. =======ORH========

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn

ARETE,,,,,,,, reflected on your organic sulfur and suggest you research Collard Greens. When cooking these, it will run you out of the house the sulfur smell is so strong.

I get a kick out of the latest rage about soul food. Soul food is what poor Southern folks ate whether they were white or black. That is what I was reared on and love it to this day.

Getting frost, so we will pick a mess of Collards as soon as we think they are producing sugar and are not bitter. You keep posting because you are causing me to think. At my age, I need all the help I can get.

Yo buddy, ======ORH=======

Replied by Bob S.
Onalaska, Wi

I am wondering what the recommended dosage of the organic sulfur would be. Thank you! Bob

Replied by Arete
Rancho Dominguez, Ca

I take 1 tablespoon in my cereal each morning. I have a client that takes 2 tablespoons a day.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn

BOB, I don't know if you are addressing me or not. I have no clue what organic sulfur is. Sulfur is sulfur. My Tractor Driver and I both take MSM for joint aches. She increases her MSM if her joints ache. Seems to be a common sense thing. Try that and see how it works.


Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn


Just got sent to school about what's what as far as DMSO is concerned. In my day DMSO was made from Black Liquor from the paper industry. Now all that is by the wayside as of 2010. Now DMSO is made the same way worldwide. But like anything else, some make a more pure product than others as with all companies.

I got into this research because some posters kept using the term Organic MSM. Cannot find any MSM product made from a plant. MSM is the product of the reaction of DMSO and Hydrogen Peroxide. Neither of these products are made from plants. So why is the term Organic used? My self, I think it's another promotion thing.

This article is what sent me to school. Hope it helps all to better understand that MSM is made in plants cannot be recovered for a supplement. That is down by a chemical reaction, which is not Organic.


Replied by Mom

I don't know what you mean by 'organic sulfur'. I have dmso and msm. I also have a bag of 100% pure sulfur that is used in my chickens dustbaths for pest control, as well as other uses in the garden. I'm really having an issue with my index finger knuckle--feels swollen like it needs to pop but won't and it hurts. Do I take this garden sulfur? How much? I have empty capsules I can put it in (it smells bad! ). The msm lotion and dmso don't seem to do anything for this pain, but it's only been a week of 1x/d application. I open mail at work-lots of mail- and this makes it really hard to do my job. Thanks.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn

MOM,,,,,, just hold on. Don't take that sulfur, least you will end up in your local ER. I took issue with the organic sulfur poster and figured they would mess some folks up. Think they were referring to MSM which we do for arthritis. Suggest you go to a nutritional store and talk to them. They have MSM capsules. Normally folks buy 1000 mg capsules and initially take one to two a day with meals. Increase slowly as gas can be a side effect. You can get a good liniment and follow that with your DMSO. Won't solve your problem, but should give you some pain relief. You are smart to try to get clarification and this should be a lesson to posters that they can cause grief, if not careful.

Wish you well. ======ORH======

Replied by Mom

Thanks, ORH. I did stop in and get some msm tablets. Last night, I mixed up some dmso with my mag oil because I have terrible leg/feet cramps at night. I'm sure it will help once I get it built up to the correct level. I take potassium, too. For my arthritis, I've been applying tiger balm which doesn't help much. Think today I'll put the dmso on over it. I have an msm lotion but it's like 15%, so I can add some dmso to that and increase the dose. Will have to think on that one. I get awful reactions when I try anything new, so the msm tablet (should have gotten powder) I dissolved in 1/3 c water and took 1 tbs of that. Also, what I got has sorbitol in it so I"ll hve to pay more attention next time. Thanks for your help. I did do more research yesterday and see that 'organinc sulfur' is apparently not msm and not the garden kind, but a unique product that is not widely advertised and you have to work to find it.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

Posted by Brenda (San Antonio, Texas) on 06/24/2010
5 out of 5 stars

i have found that to get rid of pain in many kinds of arthritis, pantothenic acid or B-5 is the bomb! you must dose it 2 500mg caps with every meal will get me out of pain in 3 or 4 days .i know they have done studies using as much as 10 grams a day without harm. the B-5 is somewhat stool softening. but it will leave the body every day. i don't have to take it every day, just when i hurt. i have been taking it for so many years, that if i catch the pain the first day and don't wait i can take 3 tabs in the morn and 3 at night and i am over it in 1 day. i have used this on many people over the last 10 years and it works even on gout. brenda


Posted by Velda P (Calif.) on 04/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

One tablespoon of dried parsley in a cup of water and drink it daily no missing the daily drinking. Two months later my pain was completely gone.. One year later the swelling was gone . Three years latter still no pain or swelling. I have been taking parsley for five years and will do so for the rest of my life.

Replied by Lika

Thank you for the advice.

Did you have improvement in swelling in the affected joints? Did you have your joints deformed before the treatment?


Posted by Bmw, Atlanta, Ga (Atlanta, Us) on 10/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

For the past 6 months I've had throbbing knee pain, especially when I lay down to sleep at night. I had heard about C_____, or fruit pectin (used to make jellies and jams) can be purchased in any supermarket, stopped one individual from having a knee operation. I've been taking one tablespoon mixed with any fruit drink (you can mix it with anything really) at night and it seems to be working!! Certainly worth a try, especially since I know I don't have much fruit in my diet. Will keep you posted.


Posted by Jim (Fort Worth Texas) on 01/07/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Try bromelain for joint pain it helps. Has anyone ever tried noni juice it helps also.

Bromelain, derived from the pineapple plant, is one of a group of proteolytic enzymes (enzymes capable of digesting protein).

Posted by John (TN)
5 out of 5 stars

Have heard that pineapple/juice cures 26% arthritis. It works and have even saw this in animals such as bears that were arthritic being helped. Make sure pure & no sugar added.

Poke Berries

Posted by Kathryn (Tulsa, Ok ) on 03/03/2011

Hello! My dad called me the other day to ask me to check online for poke berries to help him with severe arthritus pain he's been suffering with even with medication. I had never heard of such a thing being taken for that. And, like most everyone else, we had always been taught that they were poisonus! So, I started digging and came across this page. In my search I noticed that, even though it is available in the wild, no one mentioned where it might be purchased. Since we are not currently in a growing season, where might one PURCHASE poke berries to take till he can harvest his own? Alos, are there any pointers on harvesting?

Thank you so much for offering this thread and opportunity to reply!

Replied by Granny Laura
Waco, Tx Usa

To Kathryn in Tulsa-- you are absolutely right about it being the wrong time for Poke Berries. There will probably not be any in the wild until mid to late summer. My late husband knew what Poke Salad (as he called it) was. I was a bit reluctant to eat something growing in the wild, especially if you had to boil it 3 times to get it tamed down enough to eat. I like my boiled Poke Salad best scrambled with eggs! It tastes much like strong spinach.

His father was born in the Oklahoma Territory and that is who he learned about Poke Salad from.

We lived in the country near Baton Rouge, LA when my husband spotted some growing wild behind the house. I live in Waco, TX now and there was some growing on a vacant lot down the street from me last summer so it grows quite prolifically in the central US for sure. Perhaps you can find some seeds online and plant them for plants and berries this summer.

If the powers that be have their way we will have laws passed banning all except very weak prescription vitamins (Codex Ailamentarium). We are going to have to learn how to survive with what we know about medicines from Mother Nature. People survived before synthetic drugs came on the scene, we may have to go back to natural cures.

I found this reference online"This plant contains chemicals called the "pokeweed mitogens" that are being studied for use in treatments of autoimmune diseases including AIDS and rheumatoid arthritis". Another site mentions using the pokeberry dye in their solar power units. Another site mentions making pokeberry wine for arthritis. I did not find any mention of seeds for sale but the best site I did find is by a herbalist and has a lot of comments from other people that use the berries for gout, children's medicine made as a tincture for a cold, assorted other things. That site was Google said there was over 50, 000 references to poke berries so you may find seeds online with some reading. Good luck in your quest.