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Effective Natural Arthritis Remedies: Relief & Healing

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Lee773 (Chicago, Illinois, United States) on 09/24/2009

I have been reading and researching for the last few weeks about the many cures of Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade. I purchased a bottle from ____, and had my mother start with the treatment 1 drop in an 8 ounce glass of water 3 times a day, increasing the drops by one drop each day. She is now up to 5 drops as of today, and will be on her 6th drop tomorrow morning. My mother has been suffering from severe artritis for many years, but over the last year it has gotten to the point where she could barely walk. So let me tell you that as of today 9-24-2009, since starting this therapy of oral ingestion 5 days ago, she is not complaining at all of the pain in her lower back, left shoulder, wrist or leg areas. My mother said the only thing she feels now is stiffness in the back of her leg (knee area), but its starting to loosen up. I can tell by looking at how she walks now compared to last week, that it is working for real, It is still early, but I have to say that I am shocked!

Today as I was talking to her, she told me that the feeling in her toes have returned, she didn't bother to mention this to any of my siblings or myself until I was asking her how she has been feeling, since I got her started on the Hydrogen Peroxide 35% diluted with the dropper in 8 ounces of water. By the way my mother is 85 years old. I don't know what to expect as we continue with this therapy, but I have to say I'm thankful for a site like this, and all the information that I have read online here, and all the readily available information on the internet. I will update as I continue to watch my mother's progress. Thank you again!

Lee from Chicago, Illinois.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Distilled Water Spray

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Posted by Kelly (Anywhere, USA) on 06/22/2009

arthritis cures... I have recently come upon a natural help for arthritis pain derived from another post. I have terrible pain in both knees ( left is injured so it's worse ). I keep a ( garden) spray bottle that holds 32 oz. of liquid. I fill it w/ 2or 3 oz.'s of drug store H202 hydrogen peroxide and 20 oz.'s of distilled water (various strengths can be tried depending on how sensative one's skin is to drying out. I keep this by my bed and shake and spray myself all over, especially knees and hips. It is not automatic like a pain pill but once you get that concentration to the joint IT DOES WORK. I'm 49 and have just experienced this pain in the last 5 years. If you can run around in shorts, spray the concoction on joints 4,5,6x's a day you will feel the difference. There are nights that I would not be able to sleep from the hip pain if I didn't spray.

Replied by Ira
(New Jersey)


How effective has this been? And how long did you do this before you started feeling relief from arthritis? Thank you.


Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 04/04/2015

Got twisted bulging finger joints ...why yes how fun it that ? I was reading up on hair loss sites with Ted about how using Iodine causes so much die off symptoms and I tend to err on the side of caution because I hate pain.

I put a bandaid with one drop of iodine on it on a bad finger joint and went to bed and it was stained for two days golden brown, the color of the iodine .

Then I used a small sample plastic spoon 2-3 inch long including the handle and put one drop iodine on it and held to the joint until is got sucked into the joint .A few minutes time went by while I held the spoon with the drop to the joint . The joints seem to be heading back into the healthy direction . It takes hours for the iodine to dissolve into the joint and return to skin color again. Hope this helps someone .


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Posted by Bonnie (Richmond ) on 09/15/2021

I've been taking ivermectin once every 2 wks. for covid prevention but I notice it's working great for my arthritis inflammation.

Replied by Tina

Where do you get it at? Is it prescribed?

Replied by Tara

Yes! Ivermectin for arthritis: This is a cure that worked 100%.

I had extreme pain in my hands like fire ice at night while sleeping. Couldn't move crying numb . Must have been parasites. I applied liquid ivermectin for cattle with dmso and instantly over a few days it began to cure. It came back many times and many times I did it again I started to do it daily and up my arms. Eventually, it never came back. This remedy would work in many places - neck, feet, stomach, back etc

good luck

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Did you dilute the DMSO?

Sayonara S. P. P.
(Espírito, Santo)

Po favor, vc ainda faz uso da ivermectina? Eu tenho artrite reumatóide, pode me ajudar?

Please, do you still use ivermectin? I have rheumatoid arthritis, can you help me?


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Posted by Joan (Ohio) on 08/29/2005

Jello! Just plain old Jello is the best thing for Arthritis! I promise! Someone told me about it yrs ago because i have Arthritis in my lower back. and when it gets to bad, i cant walk at all. and i tried it and it worked great!! Just mix it as if your going to chill it and instead of putting it in frig, pour a coffee cup full and drink. do 1 cup a week to start and then drink as often as needed. Great for stiffness and all!!

Replied by KS

Sounds easy enough.

But, for those who don't eat meat or are fussy about food sources you might want to read this:

"Why I don't eat Knox"

"But the current method of taking gelatin from the skin and bones of cows and pigs has a number of drawbacks, including variation in quality from batch to batch, the potential for transmitting infectious diseases like Mad Cow and the possibility of triggering immune system responses in humans."

Replied by Cheryl

I'm interested in the jello for joints! Do I take just one cup a week in beginning? Or one cup a day? I suffer also, not being able to get pain managed and on strong medication that defeats the purpose as the medication makes it hard for me to walk also!

I really hope this helps! I'm eaten up with arthritis in my spine in my arms and hands. This will be a real answer to my prayers!

Thank you for sharing!


Jello is simply gelatin that is flavored. If you 'drink' the sugared kind, bear in mind that sugar can actually cause arthritic pain. Please consider adding plain gelatin to your foods. I use the Now brand beef gelatin powder and just put a sprinkle into foods I eat daily. There is a brand (Great Lakes?) that has 2 types, one that thickens and one that does not, and are easy to add to coffee or other foods. Neither of these add any flavor and can be added to any food you normally eat. Start out with 1/4 teaspoon for several days, then increase until you get to a dose that works for you. Gelatin taken this way is also soothing to the gut.


Check out Barbara O'Neill on YouTube about castor oil compresses…I have bone spurs on spine for 1O plus years ….had neck surgery to prevent the possibility of paralysis, it helped but still had lower back pain to the point of BARELY able to walk…Decided to faithfully use castor oil compresses for one year, into 7th month, can walk for 2O or 3O minutes straight without pain….

Juicing, Vegetarian

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Posted by Benjamin (Denver, Colorado, Usa) on 06/25/2012

I have gone from having severe, painful arthritis in my hands, particularly my thumb joint and wrists as well, to nothing short of a miraculous recovery.

Nothing really helped much, until I began drinking fresh juiced vegetable juice every day, 2X a day. I use 7 or 8 different veggies, and drink about 32 oz of juice a day. I'm also vegetarian. After six months of this regimen, I have virtually no arthritis pain AT ALL!!

Kombucha Tea

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Posted by Bill (Denver, Colorado) on 01/10/2016

Arthritis: . I started using manchurian mushroom tea (aka kombucha tea). . (real homemade), my sister turned me on to over 20 yrs. Ago. Works very well for shoulder arthritis. It worked very good, but as I'm older I need a larger dose, approximately 11 ounces. To start with u only need 4 ounces. It's not working as good on me anymore. I'm 64. Cold weather doesn't help. I'm in Colorado.

Linseed Oil, Tyrosine, Echinacea

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Posted by Anonmyous (Australia)

Linseed oil (refrigerated), Tyrosine and Echinacea cures wrinkles, arthritis, varicose vein pain, Parkinsons Disease, fibromyalgia. 5 tablespoons Linseed oil and 2 echinacea tablets 3 times a day. Don't take calcium, evening primrose and glucosamine if you have any of the above conditions. Just try to eat less meat and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Fresh vege juice is very good also try 1 clove of fresh garlic a day. Tyrosine stops the shakes of Parkinson's very quickly. You will feel so much better.

Low Dose Naltrexone

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Posted by Chip (Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica) on 09/21/2014

I have posted my story before. I was turned on to Earthclinic by a retired Pharmacist from Houston. He was adamant that advice from Earthclinic saved his leg while big pharma's solutions only made his condition worse. Unfortunately, I do not what his problem was, however I became an avid reader of Earthclinic as a result of talking to him. I suffered from MS like symptoms due to aspartame poisoning. I have a long post about aspartame in the Artificial Sweeteners section. However, this post is about how I got rid of Arthritis symptoms. It resulted from several posts on the use of LDN (Low-Dose Naltrexone) in the Earthclinic section on MS.

When I first started reading Earthclinic I thought I had MS, in fact 6 different Neurologists all said I had MS. Although my currant Neurologist thought that initially, once she looked at 9 years of MRI's, she told me that I had MS-like damage to my nerves, but I did not have MS. However, prior to that diagnosis, since several posts on Earthclinic talked about using Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) to successfully treat MS symptoms. I started using it. After 3 months, totally unexpectedly, my arthritis symptoms went away.

I had been taking a strict regimen of supplements that included Fish Oil, Zyflamend and White Willow bark to control the stiffness and pain in my hands; I had had arthritis symptoms for over 10 years. The LDN helped to boost my Immune System, and got rid of the Arthritis symptoms. LDN did not cure it, but as long as I take it, it works. Since I travel frequently I once forgot it and after 4 days without it, the pain and stiffness returned. I have since found from numerous websites that boosting the body?s Immune System with LDN helps it to overcome many autoimmune diseases. One UK website claims that 80% of Arthritis suffers experience relief after taking LDN for from 1 to 12 months. If someone suffers from Arthritis and they can't get rid of it any other way, I strongly recommend LDN.

The website explains how it works in detail. Many other sites discuss it as well. It is without a doubt worth looking into for Arthritis as well as other diseases that are affected by your immune system. I use a dosage of 1.5 mg of LDN taken each night at bedtime. The max dose for LDN is 4.5mg, but I have Restless Leg Syndrome and can't take that much without making those symptoms worse. I had to get a prescription to get it and I use Skip's Pharmacy in Boca Raton, FL as the compounding pharmacy.

Note that the lowdosenaltrexone website lists several compounding pharmacies that provide LDN but Dr. Skip has probably the most patients and provides great advice. He told me that even though the MD who wrote the prescription specified 4.5 mg, that I would get better results if I started with 30 days of 1.5mg then 30 more days of 3mg then going to 4.5 mg. Then, when I found out I had problems with the higher doses, he recommended diluting the 4.5mg doses by emptying two 4.5mg capsules into 1.5 cups of distilled water and drinking a quarter cup each night. Then storing it in the refrigerator. I saved a lot of money this way. I have now been using LDN for 18 months and it is still working well.


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Posted by Jane (Maine) on 10/13/2018

Magnesium for arthritis:

I use magnesium oil on my fingers and hands every night and have never had my fingers lock up since. Plus it is quite a sedative.

Replied by Ailora

Hi, thank you for your post. I am struggling right now, this RA has gotten progressively worse in the past few months so I'm desperately trying to figure something out. I rubbed my joints with magnesium oil before bed last night and I do believe it helped some. I'll keep it up to see if it does more good. Thanks again!

(New Mexico)

I use Thorne Glucosamine & Chondroitin for joint inflammation. I find Thorne products are high quality. I did my research first before I took this product.

(Cabarlah, Qld.)

I discovered the information of Clint Paddison, who cured himself of Rheumatoid Arthritis and I would recommend his youtube. It's not an easy protocol but worth it.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

AILORA,,,,,,, all I do is read and have been at the stuff for many moons. The guy that knows more about how DMSO works was Dr Jacobs and he is with our maker. What I would like to tell you is that DMSO will get magnesium far into your joints to relieve your pain. His book said to used 50% above your waist and 75% below your waist. Use your magnesium oil first and then coat that with the DMSO. Your best bet is to read his book on DMSO and MSM. MSM is the product of mixing Hydrogen Peroxide and DMSO. It will be far more effective than Magnesium. We use the MSM from the farm co-op that they use on million dollar horses. I can promise you that it is as pure as it gets. I ain't worth a million dollars.

Won't get started on another story, but if you go back in the EC archives, all my DMSO tales are there when the Bogalusa, La. Paper Mill made DMSO from their black liquor. It is now made from methane gas in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Even Ted Kennedy could not get DMSO accepted with his congressional hearings way back when. He could not stand up to Big Pharma. $ has always talked and it does so today.

If all think we have health problems now, just wait until Gen 5 is up and going. You will be living in a micro wave constantly. Just think of that microwave cartoon many years ago of that bubbly melting face in the door. That will be me and you. Is life grand or what?


Posted by KT (Usa) on 09/06/2015

Any information I have shared on nutrition has been taken from a Nutrition Almanac, copyright 2007. I have recently read updated information that I feel is important to inform EC members with regard to magnesium. In the NA and on the bottles of Magnesium Oxide, the instructions are that it is to be taken with meals because it needs to bind with protein before it will be absorbed.

A 2014 report by a practitioner of natural therapies suggests that it not be taken with meals, but an hour before or after.

Even though I eliminated my joint pain (i.e., neck, spine, elbow, knees, and one toe) for decades after I had been taking it right after a protein meal, I recently (in the last few days) started to feel some arthritis type of pain in my right hand. I thought maybe I better read the article. I don't remember when I got it...I had intended to read it...I just kept moving it aside, to do later when I had the time. Now is the time.

The article recommends mixing the powder in 1/2 glass of water, which I used to do, but because it hardened and seemed to "coat" the glass, I wondered if it could be doing that in my veins. I started mixing it in about 4-6 oz. of OJ, slightly warmed (30-45 sec. in microwave) and it seemed to dissolve better.

If anyone is interested in the article, here is the link: select "Colon Cleanse" then "Read More". Scroll down past "Magnesium Oxide", then PASS "Learn more about Magnesium Oxide" and select Magnesium Oxide Information". It should take you right to the article.

I just tried my first dose with water again (I ate about four hours ago so I don't know if it will do any good), I just don't like the way it mixes with water. I will let you know if my hand improves...or even if it doesn't.

I'll have to confess that I had also stopped taking the mag powder everyday and alternated using the tabs instead because it was easier and I'm running low on my powder.

The mag powder is 400 mg. per 1/4 tsp. and the tabs are 250 mg. per tab. Gee, that's pretty obvious. Why didn't I think to look at that before? Maybe this will help someone in pain.

I've learned so much over the last two decades. I had switched to the powder because I had reactions to the binders and fillers in tabs (hidden MSG) Maybe that's why, although "NatureMade" was supposed to be tolerated well by people sensitive to MSG.

It's taken me over a couple hours to type this and I'll have to say the pain in my hand is not as bad as it was earlier. Thank you for allowing me to "process information" as I dealt with the pain.

New things are being discovered all the time...KT

Replied by KT

Last night after I typed my post, the pain in my hand subsided but I felt a little pain/stiffness when I brushed my teeth. I am happy to report that this morning there was less pain/stiffness.

I prepared my first cup of coffee with milk and drank some (about 4 AM). I then dissolved 1/4 tsp. Magnesium Oxide powder in about 5 oz. (juice glass) of warm water and drank that. It still did not dissolve totally so I wiped my finger inside the glass to get the residue. It makes sense to me about the magnesium binding with protein to be absorbed and it worked well for my joint pain from injuries. I am impressed that it seems to be working now, for my hand. I guess age-related degeneration pain is different.

Replied by KT

Well here it is Monday evening. I've been busy all day moving things out of the way and doing laundry so I can go to Lowe's tomorrow to get another washer and dryer. Last day for the Labor Day sale and can use a charge interest free if paid in 18 or 24 months.

I am not in any pain. My hand is not even stiff. I lifted, shoved and worked pretty hard vacuuming and moving things by myself (I have no one to help me). I would have never believed it if I hadn't experienced it. Just those 1/4 tsp. doses of mag powder last night and this morning was all I had to take to resume a pain-free hand.

Posted by Moira (Cork, Ireland) on 12/06/2009

I suffer from arthritis (especially in the hands) and for years I have been taking Glucosomine daily to try and ease the pain but, with little relief. A friend recommended I try Magnesium instead. Whilst on holiday I bought own brand Magnesium Oxide capsules from a branch of (beginning with R). I have been taking one 500mg capsule of Magnesium oxide each morning after breakfast for about 5 months without any side effects. After 1 month the pain and swelling decreased dramatically and now I have little or no pain in the joints.


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Posted by John (Brunswick, Ohio) on 07/21/2007

I repaired my arthritis that was causing three bad discs in my lower back. My surgeon told me I was to full of arthritis and there was nothing they could do for me and sent me to the pain clinic. A friend of mine called me to tell me about a meeting on using permanent magnets to repair my arthritis problem. I went to the school and learned how to use magnets. I bought a few magnet pads, and experimented with my problem, the one that made me believe in the magnets was what happened when I went to the hospital to have my pacemaker replaced, they took the pacemaker out, but held me for a few days while they run me throw an MRI to better see what was going on with my back and put a new pacemaker in on the other side of my chest a few days later. That night after they removed the old pacemaker, the incision from cutting out the old pacemaker swelled up, so I put one of my magnet pads over the swelling, and to my surprise after forty-five minutes the swelling was down to nothing. After what the magnets did for the swelling made me want to make my own magnet pads, I wanted something to penetrate deeper into my back so I made my own magnet pads using 12,000 gauss magnets to reach deeper into my body. I placed the pads on my side of the bed and slept on them for a year, and during the day I would put a pad over my lower back were I had the bad discs. I also started taking coral calcium to rebuild the discs that was eaten out from the arthritis, I needed to get a lot of exercise to bring the mussels back that I lost to support my body, but it was all worth it to be able to enjoy life again.


Posted by emmanuel (montpellier) on 09/28/2022


on it's written that calcium can be got from milk and dairy but that's not how it works:

Finland country is the world's top milk drinker but it also has the top broken bones, same for Sweden :

And you'll see that each of the country in the list is heavily involved in using milk: France for example, UK, US. The osteoporosis comes from milk ->

We are the only specy to drink the milk of another specy and thus even after being weaned!!! Cow's milk is perfect for growing calves fast, not for human beings. When will cows will milk artificially made pregnant human women to nourrish their calves?

Milk is popular because it serves huge economical interests:

Replied by Vegan

I'm 5'8" and drank pasteurised cow's milk every day as a child. Besides well water it was nearly the only calcium in my diet. I have never broken a bone. My teeth were perfect until I began drinking soft drinks. Though my wisdom teeth were removed. You may consider fluoride levels as a factor in brittle bones. I doubt, despite the studies, that milk caused the weak bones.

The best argument for veganism is this:

"Causing animals unnecessary harm" is the definition of "animal abuse". Since people have no biological requirement to eat animals, all carnivores are guilty of animal abuse.

Best wishes.

Mama to Many

Over the years I have read the pro and con arguments for milk consumption. Due to a dairy allergy, I have not consumed cow's milk for most of my adult life. My children also showed varying sensitivity to cow's milk when they were young, and it was just not something I served. 6 of my children are adults and none of my children have ever broken a bone.

My dad on the other hand, drank lots of milk his entire life. Probably raw milk as a child when he also consumed well water. Then pasteurized and city water as an adult. He broke a leg in a bad fall midlife. But as a senior he fell dozens of times, even in his 90's and the only thing he ever broke was his nose one time.

I really don't know what to think. I wonder if it is more complicated than just a one-to-one correlation. So many factors affect health, including genetics, nutrition, weight, exercise, hormones, stress etc.

I think one of the best things we can do for our health is to be optimistic. I recently read the story of Norman Cousins curing a crippling disease with laughter and Vitamin C.

A proverb that was written thousands of years ago is, "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones."

After I read about Norman Cousins, I looked up old Candid Camera episodes and laughed and laughed with my kids. Can't hurt. Might help!

~Mama to Many~

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M to M,

I completely agree with you!



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Posted by Robert S. (USA) on 06/23/2022

I have arthritis in several places, both knees, back, neck with chronic pain. I found out about MMS / CDS water and tried it, and it lowered the pain better than anything else I have used. The best site for its use is

Never mind what negative press he gets, it is just the usual medical Mafia hit pieces **clinical studies are documented on his site & standard treatment in certain countries in South America**.

You make CDS water the easy way using just a plastic sandwich bag and a glass jar & a cup warmer to speed it up to 12 - 24 hours instead of 48 hrs. Measure the amount of MMS you need per the amount of CDS you are making, put it in the sandwich bag, make sure it is sealed tight so no leakage, put it in the glass jar filled with distilled & filtered water being careful not to break the bag *squeeze out all the air first* if using a cup heater check every so often so it does not get too hot and melt the bag usually about 8-12 hours if it gets too hot turn it off until it cools a bit then turn it on again until done. If you put room temp water, you can time it, so you can do it at bedtime and adjust in the daytime. If you have a small heating pad, you can use it, but remember to put something under the jar between it and any heater to prevent cracking. Also place in an enclosure to keep the heat in, I use a small cardboard box, no fuss no muss, plain and simple & it works.

Any type of heater will do & can get to 100-130-F but not melt the bag. You either have to buy the MMS solution or make it yourself & both are possible.

The dosage I use is straight out of the jar, about 1/2 tsp 1x daily in the morning on an empty stomach. I have just started to use it intranasal using just a 1oz spray bottle. I mix 1/2 oz CDS with 1/2 oz water > saline I think would be better. Likewise, I use it several times daily and no ill effects, no burning, but it does make your nose run until it clears it out of whatever is in it. Gets into the body easily due to the nose being filled with blood vessels and bypassing the GI tract.

Replied by Luvbug

Thank you Robert! I'm go into try it for Arthritis. I would recommend making it the way Andreas Kalcker teaches and only use glass. There are too many unknowns with plastic, especially flexible plastics like baggies. But it is SO SIMPLE to make! To your good health😀