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Connection With High Iron in Blood for Gout

| Modified on Feb 05, 2023
Connection With High Iron in Blood
Posted by Mike Ur (Usa) on 08/14/2020
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FYi responding to Jared's post from 2010 - Gout Connection With High Iron in Blood:

I was having attacks of gout and discovered my ferritin levels were around 650. I started giving blood like a madman every 2 months for 2 years getting down to 40.

I am gout free for years now, weening off completely from allopurinol over a year ago.

I worked with my doctor on this for the last 5 years and she is actually amazed at my blood work. She is adding iron level tests for all her male patients.

You want your ferritin levels in double digits, probably best 40-50, but talk to your doctor.

Connection With High Iron in Blood
Posted by Liz (Dublin, Ireland) on 12/16/2010

Hi with high ferritin levels I would advise you to have your doctor test you for Haemochromatosis if undetected and untreated this stored iron can cause organ or tissue damage and can be fatal. Symtoms are chronic fatigue joint pain diabetes and irregular heartbeat I was diagnosed last september and have a unit of blood taken each week to get my levels down. Hope this helps!

Connection With High Iron in Blood
Posted by Jared (Portland, Oregon) on 12/14/2010

Hello- I have been a on and off sufferer of Gout for the past 6-7 years. Anytime I ever encountered a bout, Ted's suggestions always worked. ACV worked. Just after thanksgiving, I had a bout that lasted 10 days and was never even dented with ACV, Vitamin C regimen etc. Continued research and I stumbled on a research study "Facchini's research, Near-iron deficiency-induced remission of gouty arthritis. , was published in Rheumatology (Oxford) in December 2003. "

Facchini theorized that high Iron content in the blood made gout worse and that treatment was near impossible. Big problem is vitamin C enhances Iron absorption. Vitamin C, Uric Acid bond in the blood to an extent that makes the Uric Acid almost impossible to be excreted. This is not a big deal for non-menopausal females as they have the ability to rid the body of blood through menstruation. This applies to men and menopausal females mostly. Based on my experience as well as others who has posted to Earth Clinic that treatments do not work, the following is to be considered. On Day 10 of my painful bout, I scheduled an appt with my local Red Cross to donate blood. I get there and during the pre donation screening, the Red Cross take a blood sample. My Hemoglobin level was 17.4. VERY HIGH. This also means I have high iron content. I donated my pint of blood and went home. The following morning, 90% of the pain and swelling in my left knee was gone. I had only minor discomfort. 48 hrs. Gout was totally gone. So, for those who have visited Earth Clinic reporting treatments don't work, have blood work done for Hemoglobin and Iron levels. Normal for adult males is 14-18. Like I said, something to consider for chronic sufferers. Not everyone is able to donate based on individual health and meds but for those that can and have not seen any relief from Ted's great formulas, try donating. It worked for me!!!!