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Cherries - A Natural Treatment for Gout

Posted by Ramkumarvt (Tvm, Kerala, India) on 06/06/2010
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Im 32, I had my first gout attack abt 5-6 years back, but after diagnosis , it was found that I had higher Uric acid content in my blood. So i took Uric acid suppressant tablets and after it went, i completly forgot about gout and now from last 2 months iam getting continuos attacks of gout. Mostly starts with at right ankle and spreads to the whole feet swelling and deep pain. I visited the doc again and he gave a 4-5 tablets and told me to take the Uric acid depressant. It was gone in 4 days. Now the doctor asked me to control my diet. Now i take very limited protein rich food like pulses. Now i reduced taking Non veg to once a week and that too very small quantity.

But the attack keeps coming back again and again. I cant excercise regularly and for the 4-5 days im like a disabled person.

I started taking cherries since last two weeks but now the attack has come again.

Now im planning to take apple cider vinegar and cherry.

Some one please tell how ACV, Cherrys are supposed to be used on a daily basis. Please help. Thanks Ram