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Posted by Bob Bode (Frisco, Co) on 11/25/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I routinely use dilute apple cider vinegar/water solution for ear infections which freguently occur after swimming in pools. I recently started using it very successfully for sinus infections that occur with or without a cold. I taste the solution first. If it is very strong vinegar taste it probable will sting, so I dilute it more. (Bacteria do not like the acid in vinegar)

Posted by Sean (Bastrop, Texas ) on 11/23/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had been struggling with a very mild but disgusting sinus infection for 8 weeks. It came from a secondary infection after a viral cold. I'm lucky in that it barely bothered me (sticky yellow blob 2-3 times a day, breathe fine), but I couldn't get rid of it. I even took 10 days of antibiotics (thinking it would help) to no avail. I was skeptical (like always) when I saw this, but I went ahead and tried 1 teaspoon in some water. ONLY ONE TEASPOON ANNIHILATED MY INFECTION. It is the day after and I no longer have any discharge at all.

FOR ALL YOU SKEPTICS OUT THERE: You can rule out placebo, this really works, I took both this and anitbiotics truly believing each would work and this did!

Replied by Donna
Pinnacle, North Carolina

Do I drink this or snort this? I'm a lil confused.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tennessee
523 posts

Donna, I have put ACV in boiling water & inhaled it, but these folks are talking about a tea, so it's a pretty sure bet that they are drinking it, not snorting it!

Replied by Roly
Miami, Fl
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a sinus infection with a fever for 3 days now I tried everything I dont know this was just a coincidence but I started the tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar every few hours with water like said on this forum and a few hours later I feel great thank you!

Posted by Karen (Barrington, Rhode Island) on 11/11/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Okay, wow..... I tried the ACV cure and within 20 minutes, I feel better... I put 2 tbsp. of ACV and a few tsps. of honey in some hot water..... Doesn't taste so good, but 5 minutes of drinking that is soooo worth getting rid of the pressure in my head... This was my second sinus infection ever, and I have a feeling I am prone to them now as my mom said she gets them often..... Didn't want to go get the usual antibiotics, they throw my whole system off for weeks after I take them.

I definitely recommend the ACV cure... It thins the mucous AND kills the fungus that has caused the infection, great stuff..... I LOVE the internet... Thanx everyone..... TRY IT!

Replied by Dawn
Edmonton, Alberta

I have tried everything. I am suffering from sinus pain, watery eyes and a running nose. Nothing works. I am going to try this.

Posted by Nicola (Dublin, Ireland) on 11/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I've just ended my ever-lasting cold- it was on and off for over 3 weeks now, and I've had to take yesterday and today off work because my sinus had gotten so bad with a sinus infection that my eyes even hurt and I couldn't even think! I dread to take antibiotics as I was only on them 2 months ago for a bladder infection, so I found this website.

I drank a glass with the ACV and after 20 minutes my sinus started to clear! I was so excited because it's been blocked for the last 3 weeks! Then I added a teaspoon of ACV in with the salt in my sinus rinser water and did a rinse at lunch time and it scalded a little but it cleared me up completely!! I can't believe my nose is dry now after 3 weeks of utter misery!! I had spent so much money on over the counter things that worked for a while but wouldn't get rid of this anything like the 2.50 bottle of apple cider vinegar!!

I'm not completely better, but will continue with this treatment as it is working so well! Thank you!

Replied by Nicola
Wexford, Ireland
5 out of 5 stars

I used this exact advice. I drank a tbsp in a glass of water and then I put a drop into my nasal irrigation bottle with the saline solution. And YES it did scald a little!! But it worked and it is worth a little scalding!! I'm amazed at the speed the ACV works, you can feel it working straight away, there's just no doubt about it that ACV cured my sinus!!

Posted by Bill (Merida, Mexico) on 11/07/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had a sins infection 2 weeks ago, got the usual anti-biotics and was fine for a week and now it's back. I tried the neti pot and it worked great, just feels funny. So I surfed the net looking for something else. I came across this site and thought I'd give ACV a shot. Just made myself a cup before this post. I added the lemon and honey as suggested and it taste pretty good. I don't feel any effects yet but I'm only halfway through the cup. The neti pot cleared out my sinus cavity I just need to get the gook off the back of my throat........ Well my cup is done...... Still no effect.... Oh no wait... There it is, it's breaking it up a little. I will see what it does over the next couple of minutes... Thanks for your help.

Replied by Tiffany
Seattle, Washington

I have had sinus congestion on 1 side for YEARS now - I could not get rid of it. Here's what finally worked for me - adding honey to the apple cider vinegar drink!!!! I use a raw, organic honey that has a thick consistency. I take 1 tablespoon ACV & 1 tablespoon honey in 8 ounces filtered water 3 times a day. I was just drinking the ACV (the kind w/the "Mother" in it! ) and my sinuses were definetely better, but I could tell I still needed more help. I had been avoiding adding honey bc I feared that my sinus congestion could be fungal and I didn't want to "feed" the fungus w/sugar. About a week ago I added the honey - and bam! - my sinus congestion is GONE!! Crazy, but there really is something miraculous about this drink - adding these 2 ingredients together!! I also feel more energy, am losing weight, and I don't even notice my mild asthma anymore!! You have to try this combo - truely incredible!!

Posted by Yayamom3 (Kansas City, Mo) on 11/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Several years ago, I had probably my third or fourth sinus infection of the year on New Year's Eve. I researched homeopathic treatments online, and found the apple cider vinegar treatment. I did it, and it worked! After mentioning this to my doctor, she told me about apple cider vinegar tablets (drinking the stuff is disgusting! ). In addition to curing sinus infections, she said they would also prevent them and were just good for overall health. I have been taking one tablet a day ever since. I haven't had a sinus infection in five years!

Replied by Laura
Harrisburg, Pa

Where did you purchase the apple cidar vinegar tablets?

Posted by Ron (New York) on 10/26/2011
5 out of 5 stars

OK... I have to be honest about my results on ACV.

I am a 51 year young man, I am in very good health and stay very fit (not obsessed) I just enjoy it. Since I was about 5 years old I suffered from constant sinus infections. Now I know it is not the worst thing , it can be very painful and debilitating, and can worsen and if it happens at the same time you get a cold or the flu.... You feel like you are on your way to the cemetary. Right before I went to Aruba last month I picked up a sinus infection and I was MISERABLE. Snorkeling and diving was awful due to the water pressure... Vacation ruined?

As I sat on the beach holding my head and looking pretty miserable, one of the housekeepers asked me what was wrong and I explained. She said go to the market and get Apple Cider Vinegar and put it into a coffee cup 2-3 tablespoons.... She said breathe it in through your nose then take a sip until you finish. At this point in my life I was tired of the antibiotics and their wonderful side effects.

So I did what she advised and I said to myself "this is silly" But within 8-10 minutes my nose ran like crazy for a few minutes, I sneezed a few times... But that awful throbbing pain, itchiness and stuffiness was gone

It was kind of creepy... But I was giddy with my new found success... I could not thank this woman enough. I gave her a Amex Gift card...

She also recommended fresh ginger, but warned me that too much can cause indigestion. I will stick to Apple Cider Vinegar.

Posted by Jvanderwerken (Bellevue, Ne) on 10/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

All I can say is wow! I really didn't think this would work. I had a really bad sinus infection and after 2 weeks of it, went to the doctor. I got an injection of antihistimines and 10 days of antibiotics. I felt better after the 10 days, but it came back the next week. I didn't want to go back to the doctor and do more antibiotics, so I searched for a natural remedy.

Found apple cider vinegar on this site. After the first glass of ACV and honey, I felt really tired and went to bed. When I got up, I could breathe much better. The green stuff I was coughing up was much lighter. I had another glass after lunch. Within a few minutes I was feeling even better and the mucus had turned almost clear. By that evening, I was even better and could breathe just fine and was not coughing, no headache. This stuff has worked a miracle in me. I am hooked! If you have a sinus infection, it is definitely worth a try!

Replied by Jay
Vidalia, Ga
5 out of 5 stars

I am a total skeptic by nature, but the numerous responses here to ACV for a sinus infection made me say Hmmmm....

Well, it did away with my obvious sinus infection...
For 2-3 days, twice a day, I did stove-hot water with ACV & local honey, sipping the cup for 15 minutes or so.... I also added cayenne & garlic.

No more green gunk from my nose, no more sinus pain & pressure, etc. Yeah this really works.... sign me up for the commercial.

Posted by Bcb (Traverse City, Mi) on 09/24/2011

I have struggled with sinus infections for the past 7 winters. The winter of 2010 I was sick with colds-turned into sinus infections from January to April 25, when I began having unbearably awful back pain. After 13 days of extremely intense and excrutiating pain, I went to emergency and discovered I had shingles, due to a totally wiped out immune system from being on antibiotics for the sinus infections for the past 6 years. Last winter (2011) I had two sinus infections, with accompaning antibiotics and in May I was diagnosed with Candida.... An entire body yeast infection, with itchy pustule eruptions all over my body, again due to the antibiotics destroying my immune system. I have discovered that sugar suppresses the immune system, so I cut out all overt sugar from my diet, but not when it is in foods like cottage cheese, yogurt, bread, etc. Just the coffee cream, the candy and dessert type foods. I also bought a 3 month supply of Threelac, a probiotic with a punch, and Candex to break down the yeast wall so it can be killed. I haven't had any eruptions in three months, even when I have had some cake and ice cream for birthdays. However, I ended up getting another sinus infection because of a birthday yesterday, and not wanting to compromise my immune system any further, I decided to look for a natural remedy for it, and therefore found this site.

I should have read the testimonials first, because I put 2 TBS of ACV in 8 oz. of water and swallowed it, not liking the burn in my throat and thinking I won't do this again. But I see that honey and lemon or stevia can be added to it without diminishing the results, and since I can't do honey because it causes yeast to grow, I will use Stevia next time. As I have been writing this, I have noticed that I have no drainage down the back of my throat. I never got any sinus pain with any of my infections and therefore was hard to diagnose at first. I just get a stuffy nose and bucket loads of drainage and feel like I've been run over by a Mac truck... No energy, no joy, no anything. I just want to sit at home and hibernate. I'm am hopeful that this will work and I will never have to take another antibiotic.

I see that Oregano Oil and Grapeseed Extract can also be taken to help fight these infections. Can anyone tell me how much should be taken and how often?

As I'm sitting here, I'm feeling a slight pain in my neck and something funny in my forehead area, so I believe that the AVC is working. Hallelujah!! I am forever grateful to whoever discovered this remedy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Replied by Jdecarlo
Miami, Fl, Usa

Hallelujah! This remedy works. I prefer not to put it in coffee, though. Warm water or ice water with two tablespoons of ACV and stevia clearned up my sinus infection, the pain is gone and I'm going back to work. Thanks to everyone on this site. =)

Posted by Twin-mummy (Miami, Florida) on 09/15/2011
1 out of 5 stars

Hey, meanwhile I am desperate. Since more then 4 weeks I have a sinus infection. I have tried prescription medicine, the recommended tomato juice, oregano oil and acv. The pressure in my head (sinus area) is not getting less and on top, since I have been taken Apple Cider Vinegar (2 ts on 16oz over the day) for about a week I have a "crawling" headache up the back of my head. Any recommendations?

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
5 out of 5 stars

I hope you are taking the honey with the ACV as they work together.

Replied by Suziq
Haslett, Mi Usa

Does the honey work together with ACV the same way the stevia would? Since it's a sugar substitute I hope so.

Replied by Alpen Mom
South, Usa

Honey is naturally antibiotic, antifungal, antimicrobial. No, Stevia doesn't have any of these properties. Even for those avoiding sugar, one spoon of honey has many benefits and less affect on blood sugar than a spoon of sugar. Unless type 1 diabetic or poorly controlled type 2, small amounts of RAW honey are very good for you.

Replied by Deborah
Coeur D Alene, Id
5 out of 5 stars

Raw honey is a natural antibiotic, so it is important to use it in conjunction with the ACV.

Posted by Clair (Burlington, Ia) on 09/11/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I get sinus infectoin all the time, and yet only 14! I started getting it probably 2-3 years ago.. And I've probably had 13ish times. Well, when it gets close to fall, about now in Iowa(:, my dad always buys apple cider. I also just got off medication for a sinus infection about a week ago. Yesterday and last night I felt it coming on again my snot changes to almost a dark yellow brown color, and as soon as I blow my nose it immediately closes back up. So anyways I had a glass this morning with my breakfast and my nose got majorly better! ... So I had another glass and the results were better! So being a curious one, I googled sinus infection remedies and waaalaaw! Apple cider is one! I have like no claug at all! So anyone reading this pllleeeaaassseee give it a try! :) Haha what a wonderful day!!!

Replied by Delila
Tel Aviv, Israel

After using all the treatments for sinuses, including Apple Cider Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar with steam and nothing seems to help consider reading up on systematic candida, with tons and tons of symptoms including foggy head and headaches!!! And by the way sugar and antibiotics aggravate the condition makes it ten times worse!!!!

Posted by Shawna (Wakeman, Ohio, Usa) on 08/13/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have spent the past hour reading through testimonials and directions on your site. I started having terrible sinus pain yesterday, so much that the pain was waking me up throughout the night. I used my sinus rinse but to no avail. So I thought I may as well try the ACV. Holy moly! I heated a coffee cup full of water, added 2 TBSP of ACV and a bit of honey. Halfway through the cup (sipping... Not a bit fan of the taste of vinegar! ) I could literally FEEL the gunk in my sinuses loosening up. I cannot believe how fast this works. I read many of the testimonials on ACV/sinuses but thought it really could not work that quickly.... I admit, I was wrong! I am absolutely and undoubtedly a believer.... Off to finish the rest of my cup :)

Replied by Fit Chica
Redondo Beach, Ca

Just finished reading the post that ACV w/hot water, lemon & honey works to clear up a sinus infection. So, since I have one and I feel like crap, I decided to try it. It's 5:40pm 2 mins after my first sips... I love the taste of ACV. I must admit, I feel a little less congested. I took 8 oz water and put in the microwave mixed it with 2 TBSP ACV, 1 pkt stevia & a few squeezes of fresh lemon. I'm wondering if 1 tsp of cayenne pepper would speed the process up... ? Will definitely have to try with the pepper and let you all know.

Posted by Carmen (Fair Oaks, Ca) on 07/24/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I am typing while drinking. I am Soooo desperate for this to work. I told my friends, that could hardly understand me as I sound so pathetic, I feel like one of those cartoon characters where they are runing around screaming and the head explodes! My eyes hurt so bad I just wanted to cry all night (pause, sip) On antibiotics and mucinix and saline and vicodine so far the best I got was an occasional feeling of maybe air, but mouth breathing is my only surviaval... Sip.... Ok OMG left side just opened! Although right is my worst side. My recipe is actually very yummy and I HATE ACV I put 2 tbs ACV 1 heaping tbs honey and a decent splash of lemon juice in a coffe cup and heated in m/w. sip again!! I am not kidding, this email has taken about 5 mins and I feel relief! Pain in right eye still severe, but definitely a big difference. Put it this way, I am in sales and I could not talk on phone as it was disgusting, I would pick up phone now. Try it. Lemon truly made a huge difference and it actually tastes good!!!

Replied by Dln
Forty Fort, Pa
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering from a severe sinus infection for about 3 weeks, the most painful I have ever had. The sinus infection grew out of an infected gumline and tooth, which I did not know was infected until the dentist told me so. The tooth infection was around the root, 4th tooth from the back on the upper right jaw. Well, the dentist put me on clindmyacin and vicodin extra strength. The clindamyacin did absolutely nothing to the infection, waste of time taking the pills. Oh, the dentist also sent me to a dental specialist, who was able to determine the location of the infection and the fact that it had gotten into the tooth nerve, so I had a root canal done on the tooth two days ago, I was nervous abou the root canal, but the dentist was a miracle worker - not pain during the procedure and no tooth pain since.

The sinus infection is still raging though. The 2nd dentist put me on a Z Pak for the infection, not sure if it is working or not, as I am still getting the extreme pressure and pain in the right side sinus.

Tonight, my wife bought me a neti pot and I used it as soon as she got home, I was in the midst of a really bad episode of pain and pressure. Well, the neti pot reduced the pressure and pain - from 10 to a 6. So I loaded up on some sudafed and benadryl, too a vicodin too. Then the pain and pressure started coming back so I jumped online looking for a natural home remedy since the OTC crap was not working.

Just happened to find this site and I read the first 4 pages of "Cure a sinus infection" So, what the hell, since I was in enough pain to wish that Mr Death would come and knock on the front door, I decided to try the ACV remedy. I did the modified version - 2 tbsp of ACV, 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of wild flower honey - mixed them up in a coffee cup and drank it down in 3 gulps - not too bad tasting at all. It was like a miracle, 4 minutes later the pressure started to go down and the pain right along with it. In 15 minutes I would say the sinus inflamation had been reduced by 50 percent and I could breath thru my right nostril. So, just so you know, I am one of those people that has any patience and if one cup of the ACV mixture did this well, a 2nd cup of the same mixture couldn't hurt - LOL So 25 minutes after the first cup went down I drank the 2nd.... 10 minutes later I was feeling a bunch of pain again, but this was different than the sinus pressure, like an opposite pain... It was the pain of my sinus's - both sides of my head, and all the sinus cavities at the same time.... They were shrinking.... Too quickly... And it hurt like hell..... Well 10 more minutes and the pain and pressure are both gone and I am breating freely. So, if you read this and are going to try the ACV mixture I listed above.... Take my advice, do not drink 2 doses within 30 minutes of each other... It works great but it hurts!!!!

Just a couple of other items about my sinus infection. I have had very similar episode 6 times before, with uncommon symptoms: no nasal discharge - none; no drainage into my throat when sleeping; hours upon hours of no pain or pressure at all - completely normal feeling, then all of a sudden the pain and pressure come on like a freight train going 100 mph. The pain brings tears and crying - I am a 41 yr old man with a very high threshold for pain, but this is an evil kind of pain - and the pressure is unbelievable - feels like the right side of my head is going to actually burst open and my right eyeball feels like it is being pushed out of its socket!!!!

Since a lot of folks on this site seem to know more about sinus infections than I do, I have a couple questions to ask.

1) Is it common for a sinus infection to stay on only one side of the head?

2) Is it common to not have any nasal discharge at all?

3) What causes the sinus pressure and pain to be absent for up to 14 hrs and then all of a sudden flare up with a vengence?

Well, that is enough for now. I would like to thank everyone for sharing their experiences as I have already benefitted greatly with the ACV remedy!!! For those that will read this posting, try the ACV remedy.... It worked extremely quickly for me!!!

Replied by Diane
Margaret River, Wa, Australia

Try using Hair Combs or as I do, use Hair Comb Slides. With teeth from combs slighty pressed on fingertips [pressure points] keep this up for 15 minutes a day for 2 Months and you will have no more Sinus problems. But I still continue with this at least twice a week to make sure it never returns.

Replied by Carlos
Winnetka, Ca

I have been suffering a chronic sinusitis for about 5 months does this ACV actually work to cure it n be relieved?

Replied by Mitch
Dover, Ma
5 out of 5 stars

I found this thread after 2 weeks of an on again off again cold that eventually became a sinus infection. I have used the neti pot with salt water in the past with good results especially if I catch it early, but this time the sinus infection seemed to hang on longer. I drank apple cider vinegar with honey and hot water yesterday and like others wrote the stuffiness seemed to clear in about 15 minutes. It did come back somewhat later in the day and I had another round of the drink. The next day (today), my symptoms are barely there. AMAZING! I am definitely a believer and am very happy not to go the antibiotics route - which has worked but then my GI tract gets messed up for weeks. ACV!! Thanks for this website!

Replied by Dln
Forty Fort, Pa
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Thought I would drop by and give an update on my situation. Well, the ACV stopped working after 5 days, no effect whatsoever any more. Maybe the body builds a tolerance, or the infection does, but whatever happened, it does nothing now.

So I gave in and went to the ENT, same Doctor I saw 10 years ago for the same thing. He remembered me right away. After talking for a few minutes, he brought the super spray - in a little glass bottle attached to a air pump - whatever that stuff is, it is absolutely amazing - 1 spray and the sinus immediately starts to open, wait for a minute or so, 2nd spray and all 4 sinuses are about 50% or 60% open, wait another minute and 3rd spray - all 4 sinuses are now 100% open, pressure is completely gone. The ENT was very surprised that there was no drainage of any kind. He had me snort and spit a number of times, but nothing out of the ordinary, just plain spit - so he gave me a 4th spray on the right side a single spray on the left side - waited about 30 seconds - more snorting and spitting - still no discharge. He was kind of stumped at this point. All symptoms point to an infection in the right side sinuses only. He check my right ear, checked my throat - no problems found. He then looked up my nose and other than the right sinus being overly red - from a month of netipot, nasal sprays, saline irrigation sprays - he saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Well, he scratched his head a couple times and remembered one other case like me about 15 years ago. He said all the symptoms lead to a sinus infection but he could never get a sample of the infection in spit or nasal mucus. He kept put that patient on predisone and antibiotics - took a couple rounds, but eventually it worked.

So, he put me on Avelox, predisone and more vicadins. He also recommened the Ocean nasal spary in the can. So I started the regimine of pills - finished them off this past Friday - in the 10 days I had 4 very good days - no pain or pressure, but last Thursday I had a horrible night, pain and pressure for 15 hrs straight - and then Friday afternoon, everything opened up, pain and pressure went away and I thought, prematurely, that it was all over for good. Sat morning was pretty good, then by 4 in the afternoon it was back with a vengence, but I was able to knocked it back with a few sudafed. Yesterday, Sunday, sucked bad - spent most of the day in bed and then it cleared up for a couple hours and then came back last night around 11 pm. Took a couple hrs to get it to subside - hot shower for 15 minutes, nasal spray, sudafed and allegra. This morning I could feel it, like a nagging throb, but it was fine until around 3 pm - then it hit again, hard, and it stayed painful until 6:30 pm and just went away. Came back a little about 9 pm, so I took 1 - 100mg GSE tablet, and a couple sudafed - seemed ok until about 30 minutes ago - so back to the neosynephryn - 3 sprays and everything is wide open for now. So hopefully the GSE will start to do something.

Have another visit with the ENT this Thursday - will get a CT scan this week as well, hopefully something will show up that will help the Doctor figure out what is going on.

The pain and pressure, reoccuring when it wants to, with no trigger that I can narrow down - not any specific food or food group, or smoking or lack of smoking, outside, inside, in the car, in a resturant, movie theater, grocery store - so I am basically at a loss, just like before.

This has become very depressing and is weighing very heavily on my emotional state. One minute I am perfectly fine - and the next I am feeling my skull is going to explode - the pressure is so bad that when I used the cayene nasal spray, the tears coming from my right eye actually tasted like cayene pepper - and my eye burned like hell until I washed it out.

Will update in a week or two, hopefully the next time will have a more positive update.

Replied by Dln
Forty Fort, Pa

This will probably be my last update as the sinus infection is on its last legs - finger crossedXXX.

I did start the ACV again, and once again it worked on a limited basis. It worked right away the first time I took it - same mixture I used before - 2 tbsp of ACV, 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of wild flower honey. But the longer I used it the effectiveness wore off. I got about 4 days of usefullness out of it, then it did nothing to relieve the pressure any longer.

So I did some more research and had another visit to the ENT and think I have found a combination of vitamins, OTC and prescription drugs, and home remedies that seems to have finally led me to a viable solution to a dry sinus infection.

Here is the list of stuff I have used since my last update to get to the point of 90% cured.

1. Avelox antibiotic - not as harsh on the system as some antibiotics.

2. 500 mg of Vitamin C chewable tablet, 4 to 8 a day.

3. 400 mg of Acai berry extract a day

4. Predisone - to reduce inflamation and promote sinus drainage

5. 400 mg guaifenesin tablets - up to 2,400 mg a day - this was the missing part of all my previous attempts - the ENT agreed this can be very helpful in certain cases. It thins mucus, not only in the lungs, but all mucus and I was finally able to get drainage out of my sinus. I did not get any of the colored mucus as drainage, but I can feel the sinus drain into the back of my throat and the pressure just disappears within 15 to 20 minutes of taking the tablets. I chase the pills down with a softdrink containing caffein to speed the process along.

6. 1/8 tsp Sea salt - dissolved with saliva in your mouth, then swallowed and chased down with a 8 to 12 oz glass of water - do this a couple times a day, say morning, mid-day and evening. This sounds crazy, but it works wonders. Details and testimonials can be found at "Watercure2. Org". Some of the claims and testimonials do seem to stretch reality a little, but, I can honestly say this works, at least for me. No increase in bloodpressure, no serious side effects, unless you consider clear urine a bad thing - LOL I think this helps with the sinuses because it increases the volume of water/salt in the body, which increases the mucus, but thins it, along with the guaifenesin. It is like doing the neti pot on an internal level.

Like I said above, I am not 100%, still get a small flareup every other day or so, like tonight, but it is easily shut down by 400 mg tablet of guaifenesin and taking the 1/8 tsp of sea salt and the glass of water. Takes about 20 minutes and the pressure goes away, the sinuses and nasal passage feels soothed, probably from the increase in thin mucus, and air flow thru the nose is increased. If you lay down at the 30 minute mark, you will feel the drainage in your throat. It is not an excessive amount to cause gagging, but more of a dripping/leakage feeling as the mucus just kind of slides down your throat, but there is no irritation associated, and no sore throat the next day.

I really think it is the combination of sea salt and guaifensin that is making the difference. Any sinus infection needs to drain, and the thinner you can make the mucus the better off you will be. My ENT thought I might have a partially plugged sinus and was thinking surgery if it does not get better. Well, the hell with surgery. I don't care if the sinus drain hole is 1mm in size, I will thin the mucus until it gets out of the hole. I am not going to have surgery, period!!!

I am hoping that in another week I will be back at 100% and this will all just be a bad memory. I wish my fellow sinus sufferers the best of luck. What seems to be working for me may not work for you, but don't give up hope. Keep trying different and varied things, different combinations of remedies, you will eventually find something that works.

Replied by Gail
Charlottetown, Pei, Canada

I had persistent sinus infections for years, each episode getting a little worse until it got really bad. Started going to a naturopath for another problem (candida), and when I took grains and dairy out of my diet, sinus problems went away.

It is now 2 days post-Christmas... Over the period of the last month, eating some of my forbidden foods has once again presented me with a sinus infection. Am using ACV and oil of oregano... Seems to be working for all except the chills-- broke down and took a Tylenol a few minutes ago. Planning to have a detox bath later this evening (contains epsom salts, baking soda and ACV) just before bedtime and hope that it will give me a good night's sleep. The health food store where I purchased the oil of oregano also suggested probiotics two hours after taking and ACV or oil of oregano. Apparently the oil of oregano will kill the good bacteria as well as the bad.

Replied by Lynn

Could it be you are having migraines?

Posted by Tec (Frederick, Md) on 07/01/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I came to this sight as I've had a sinus infection for three weeks now and 10 days of antibiotics didn't help (drat! ). Still sick and need to be well! I did the steam with ACV and it did work well for me and cleared my head. Today, I'm trying the ACV to drink. I made an 8 oz mug of tea, mixed 2 TBSP of ACV and a little honey (apple tea) - it really seemed to clear my head about five minutes after I drank it. It didn't clear it completely, but I could feel my pressure being relieved just a little. I'm going to keep trying this method and see if maybe it will work... so far so good.

Replied by Yogagirl
Texas, Dallas, United States
4 out of 5 stars

Hi all! I have looked over the ACV thread many times in desperation during my NUMEROUS chronic sinus infections. I always have given in and ran to the drs thinking that all of this homeopathic stuff was for nutty people. Well, count me in the nutty pile now!!!! And so happy to be here! I finally said ENOUGH! When you've learned your lesson and gone to the Dr.time after time taking antibiotic after antibiotic, spray after spray, from Z-Pacs to the dreaded (for me anyway I'm allergic augmentin) and you get about three weeks if that of happiness and a faux feeling of being 'cured'-ahem-cough cough. Something is NOT right!

So, I went straight down to my local health food store and purchased a inexpensive bottle-lg. by the way of Organic ACV-which doesn't taste bad to me for some odd reason and picked up LOCAL honey to aid in preventing my allergies after educating myself on chronic sinusitis, Started using my neti pot daily and I am committed to taking measures into my own hands. If I have to rely on some OTC remedies occasionally then so be it but from now on my diet is changing and my preventitive sinus and allergy health care is as well. Back to basics.

The first night I tried it I woke up the next day and was so shocked I could breathe and my pain level decreased from a literal-NO JOKING HERE-ten to a three!!!!!! The next day was better. But I am also using clear rinse sinus rinse every thirty minutes in each nostril-you can google that-no I don't sell it. It's kind of an experiment because there was some big AD on YT about another product like it twice the price that is supposed to kill the bacteria if used every thirty minutes for about three days to a week. Same darn ingredients. I am sorry it's called Ocean I got it at CVS. It is really taking the sinus pain away. I was in so much pain that I almost went to an emergency room for pain without health insurance. The local honey my landlord told me about makes sense because that would-it seems where ever you live, build up your immune system to fight against pollens etc.

Good luck guys-allergies and sinus pain is awful it has shut down my social life I literally haven't ecercised or dated in a year. Wish me luck! Much luv!!!

Replied by Debbo
Dallas, Texas

Yogagirl I am right there with you! I am absolutely miserable! I am trying ACV for the first time and I believe it is helping. I have been on 4 months of antibiotics and steroids for my Sinusitis. I now have to get surgery (which I hate) but nothing has been able to help me. I am from Dallas too and I swear Texas is the worst place for allergies. I am allergic to everything in the state of Texas except for fire ants. Yay. My social and dating life is nonexistent and hasn't been for over a year. I physically cannot exercise due to the fatigue and exhaustion the sinus infections have on me. I don't know if you have tried an ACV detox bath but I have done that before and it worked amazing, but then the pain came back so hopefully this combo will get me through the next couple of weeks till surgery! It is comforting to know that I am not the only one going through this. Makes me feel less crazy! Hope everything is working out for you and life is getting back to normal! Wishing you luck!

Posted by Shiverling (Mackay, Queensland, Australia) on 06/13/2011
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Last week, after having bad pain in one sinus(maxillary) and green disharge, I thought that only a trip to the doctor and antibiotics would sort this out. But I read everyone's tips here on apple cider vinegar and decided to try it (with scepticism). After sniffing the steam of hot half apple cider vinegar and water, the next morning I woke to no pain and only a slight clear discharge and have been better now for days. These home remedies here are worth their weight in gold and I'll be happy to hang around and hear even more :).

Replied by Jen
Irvine, Ca

Wow, I just saw this posting. I have antibiotics, nasal spray and an inhaler. I've had a cough for weeks and I had a migraine from the sinus congestion... Now full blown infection. I'm excited to try this home remedy! Thanks for the posting and feedback on this!

Replied by Shiverling
Mackay, Qld, Australia

I hope that it works for you too Jen, please let me know how you go with this :)

It wasn't the nicest thing to do-sniffing such a strong-smelling concoction and the steam left a little burning sensation in my nose, but I was able to blow out so much gunk afterwards. Now I'm also trying other remedies for better health including eating 1 or 2 cloves of raw garlic each day & have also started oil-pulling.

After being so fatigued over the years(no energy & need at least 9-12 hours of sleep per day just to function), this morning I woke at 6. 30am, got the kids ready & off to school, myself off to work and I felt so energetic.. Am hoping that this isn't a fluke(or placebo effect), that perhaps these remedies are doing something for my constant tiredness.