Hydrogen Peroxide for Sinus Infections

Last Modified on Mar 04, 2015

If you have ever experienced a sinus infection, you likely have felt true pain. The bones surrounding the nose and eyes and in the cheeks are lined with membranes that function to produce mucus and filter germs. However, when congested, these membranes are unable to drain properly, causing inflammation, congestion and pain. While a variety of treatment options are available for the condition, hydrogen peroxide is one of the safest and most effective.

The Problem with Common Treatments

Typical mainstream treatments include antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, steroids and even surgery in some cases. The main problem with many of these treatments is their abrasive nature. Rather than working at the root of the issue to relieve the condition, they affect the body by eliminating fluid production and altering the natural fluid balance of the body. This generally causes more adverse effects in the future. People also develop an immunity to these treatments, making them less viable options for future treatment.

A Better Alternative

Hydrogen peroxide, on the other hand, is a safe, natural alternative. Its natural composition makes it an effective remedy for sinus infection without extensive treatment. These five reasons illustrate why it is such an effective treatment option.

1. Relieves Congestion

One of the most important reasons to use this option is that it safely and effectively relieves congestion. Used as a rinse, it cleanses the sinuses and alleviates the condition.

2. Eliminates Infection

Hydrogen peroxide has the added benefit of eliminating infection. It is a natural antibacterial agent.

3. Controlled Concentration

While the appropriate concentration to use in this treatment is 3%, the concentration can be controlled even further by adding additional water to the solution. This control prevents adverse effects.

4. Cost Effective

One bottle of hydrogen peroxide is more than enough to treat multiple sinus infections and is available at a very low cost, especially when compared to other treatments.

5. Non-Habit Forming

Many traditional remedies create a reliance effect in the body during which the body requires more and more of the treatment to get the same effect. Hydrogen peroxide does not have this habit forming effect on the body.

Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment for Sinus Infections

To use hydrogen peroxide, mix four parts filtered water with one part 3% hydrogen peroxide. Irrigate the nose using a spray bottle or neti pot.

While a variety of different sinus infection treatments are available, hydrogen peroxide is one of the most effective options. It safely relieves congestion and eliminates infection without forming dependence.

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User Reviews

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Posted by Russ (Utah, US) on 01/22/2015

[YEA]  I used to get sinus infections about twice per year, but have been using hydrogen peroxide successfully for 3 years now and have not needed antibiotics. I use the 3% solution one can obtain at the pharmacy and dilute it to one part hydrogen peroxide to 15 parts warm water. (This avoids excess irritation.) I do this in a little medicine measuring cup and then suck it into a child's medicine syringe. (Both these items can be purchased for little cost at any pharmacy.) Then I get on my hands and knees on my carpet and inject the mixture up each nostril. Then I put my head down which keeps the solution in my sinuses and keep that position for 4 to 5 minutes. I have found that I usually need to do this 2 days in a row and the infection is completely eliminated. I love it. It is a miracle after struggling for so many years. Hope this works for you as well.

Replied by Mack
Denver, CO
I use a 16 oz Neil Med bottle, two packets of the additive, and just enough 3% hydrogen peroxide to cover the bottom of the bottle. I will never go back to the Dr. for a sinus infection again; works WAY better than antibiotics, and quicker too; costs almost nothing. This and some HP dropped in my ears along with the expanding foam earplugs, & I get over infections and colds MUCH more quickly. I drain it after about 15 minutes. No stinging or pressure. I have tried it with just 3% HP, and that is a bit harsh; but it DID attack the infection. I'd use it the new way about 5-6 times a day; It's less time than it takes to go to the Dr.'s office!

Posted by Michael (Ontario. Canada) on 01/04/2015

Hi! I'd like to start using 35% FGHP as a nasal spray to get rid of a chronic sinus infection.

How many drops FGHP should I add to a 4 ounce bottle and how many times/day should I use it? thx

Posted by Snuffy (Bethel, Alaska) on 12/29/2014

[YEA]  I had a cold; my sinus was congested and horrible sneezing and runny nose, so I took a Q-tip and saturated it with H-P and swabbed as far up as I could reach and snorted. Intense reaction followed by clearing of the nasal storm ...

amazing what the extra oxygen can do.

Posted by Taram7 (Cincinnati, Oh) on 01/01/2014

[YEA]  Best folk remedy that works! h2o2 TO SOAK in each ear for at least 1-2 mins each side twice and drain out... do this 2-3 times a day - don't know how it works but it really does. I use this on myself and my kids at the first sign... after using it.. no more congestion, nose blowing, etc. Seems to work for some seasonal allergies too.

Replied by Man
[YEA]   Oh most definitely Hydrogen Peroxide in the ears will clean out much debris in there. I heard once that to put Hydrogen Peroxide in the ears at the first inkling of a cold or sick feeling. In fact I have done this for seven minutes or longer for each ear until there is very little bubbling in the ears. It is very useful for this purpose. On two occasions the full blown cold/sick was stopped in its tracks. I mean, I did not have to go through the full cycle of sick, sicker, and sickest from the cold. I also used prayer to Healer and obedience to God, and Vitamin C and EVOO and turmeric and other anti inflammatory things like Coconut oil and (see other posts).

Posted by Gary (Arvada, Co) on 02/05/2013

[YEA]  Hydrogen Peroxide for Sinus Infections: I looked at this web page out of curiosity as I have my 1st sinus infection in 12 years. Curious because when I was a teen I had them all the time. I one day got so tired of living that way against my better judgement and the warning label not to take up the nose, I did anyways desperate to kill it. I took the cap off the bottle, poured what seemed like 3-5 drops in the cap, slowly added water in the cap, and snorted up my nose, then did the same the other side. Also dipped a qtip in the peroxide and went deep in both ears. I was cured instantly after the burning sensation and drainage cleared the burning sensation away. I always wondered if this cure had possible brain damaging effects like sniffing markers would?

Anyways, I totaly forgot I used to use this when I was younger, and sinse so many people have admited doing this I will too. I guarantee it almost always instantly cures you. Don't miss the ear swab with it, and a throat gargle. It will burn, and your eyes too for a bit, and will make you a bit or very dizzy for 1- 20 minutes. There were a few times I did it twice a day for a few days in a row to make sure I didnt miss any of the infection. I just want to say this does work, and thank you for reminding me.

One warning, per the burning and foaming , hold your breath as you need to tip your head back so it goes deep down your sinuses. This means a bit may go down your throat causing a little lung choke. A few times in the past, after I did that it went down through my nose down my throat, and a bit got in my lungs, I felt like I couldn't breath for a few minutes and coughed excesively. It really sacred me!!! the peroxide fumes, can cause your lung passages to swell. {So keep it to a few drops or you may regret it} I mean it!!! So make absolutrely sure you hold your breath a good 20 secs after snorting it. Peroxide also cures my sore throats I get occasionaly, gurgle it carefuly do not swallow. {Hold your breath, and gargle after a minute with plain water and spit out.

I forgot I did this, because it started to become a big habit, I did it for preventative reasons too often, and 1 day I said I better stop this or I could be possibly slowly killing brain cells, I don't know? After reading this forum I thi maybe the drs and fda dont want you to know this cure or theyl loose patients to thids remedy. Plus a dr has to worry about malpractice if they say its okay, and someone is to stupid to realize not to od on it, so they say nothing. I wonder????

The best answer, is start out with 1 drop per top cap filled with water and snort. Test your tolerance 1st. If its not so bad try 3 {next time} and no more than 5 drops per capful. Im sure I don't have to tell anyone to be respectful and not share the same bottle of peroxide with others even if it is a disinfectant. lol.

Hope this helped. I did this twice a week when I was 18-19-20 yrs old even when I didnt have anymore infection to keep it from returning. I'm 38 now and this is my 1st sinus infection since about 20 when I stopped.

Replied by Jean
Sounds scary - I think I'll try it in my ears first - thats supposed to work isn't it?
Replied by Tony
Claremore, OK
I put a cap full of peroxide in a styrofoam cup and mix it with 1/2 cup warm water. I then pour it into my hand and snort it. I do this with peroxide or sometimes salt. Sure quick way of healing sinus issues. I also used this for strep throat which helped a lot since that post nasal drip was causing the strep.

Posted by Diane (Foley, Al) on 09/23/2012

[YEA]  Working with arts and crafts and living on a farm with feed and hay, you tend to get a little infection. Got this idea from Earthclinic about 6 yrs ago. I use hydrogen peroxide (4 drops) 1/4 cup water. I mix and put in a dropper. I lay down and arch my head back put about 4 drops in and let the mixture sit there for about 2 minutes. It burns a little. Then I blow it out. Within 5 minutes the pressure is gone. Within 15 min. It's all gone. It does not return until I throw hay again. It's always work for me, and no problems.

Replied by Lady_samantha
Mn, Usa
[YEA]   It burns like hell. But mins after doing it. I felt a lot better! I mean a lot!

Posted by Oxygenman (Jackson, Mich) on 06/28/2012

[YEA]  I have another remedy that you might be interested in. Take 1oz of 35% foodgrade hydrogen peroxide and 11ozs of distilled water and mix and put in a sprayer and than spray 4or5 times each nostril and hold as long as you can and then blow. I did this at night once a day and on the third night I had to wake up my wife and show her what came out, it wasnt the regular sinus drainage that I was used to it was like a clot of some kind and it was more than the yellow and green shit, it was nasty.

Replied by Kris
Wis. Rapids, Wi
My head hurts so bad but that was hillarious! Thanks for the giggle!
Replied by Lea
Montrose, Colorado
To oxygenman: I think what you were describing about the clump of grossness that came out was what is called a "fungal ball". I read about this when I researched fungal sinusitis. Yuk!

Posted by Ilovejoybells (Cocoa Beach, Florida ) on 12/02/2011

I am just starting to use the food grade Peroxide being very careful I stay to the 4 drops per 8 oz. glass. I have only taken it twice now. I have a history of Sinus infections and my friends swear this will help me so much with my over all breathing? So far it's helped me big time. Should only an 8oz per day be enough to see me continue to feel better? Any input I would appreciate.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, E
If that amount is doing you good, why change?! Sometimes we rush, but run into trouble. As they say: "Slow and steady wins the race"!!
Replied by Rachel
Louisville, Kentucky
Most of my sinus infections start in my ears and I've noticed that if you put hydrogen peroxide in your ear it will get the infection out. I've never tried putting it in my nose and probably never will, its easier to put it in your ear and it does work.

Posted by Grandestgrandma (Brooklyn, Ny) on 01/11/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have tried the remedy of hydrogen peroxide to clear an ongoing chronic sinus condition I used a syringe with .1m and I did this three times a day for 3 days I have developed terrible headaches I contacted one place and they said to stop it so I did now I just get these attacks like when you go out in the cold and it pulls up to the brain any help available will be greatly appreciated. thanks

Replied by Sally
Se, Kansas
I don't normally suffer from sinus problems but was looking for relief from a sinus infection that stemmed from a cold. All I could dream about was an antibiotic from the doctor but didn't want to spend the money on our racket of a healthcare system. So I looked into homeopathic remedies and ended up here on this sight. Deciding against apple cider vinegar - although I do believe that it is some powerful stuff - the hydrogen peroxide was something I'd never heard of but sounded like a good idea. I shook some salt from the salt shaker into a small bowl, added about a 1/2 cup of warm water, then put in the hydrogen peroxide - just a glug - far less peroxide than water in my mixture. I dug out one of those blue baby booger suckers I used when my kids were smaller. Tipped my head back and squirted it in one side of my nose - it burned bad! This is not even the 50/50 mixture - but green & yellow snot with the fluid immediately came dripping out my nose and landed in the sink. It was really cool. I repeated this several times on each side until the snot stopped coming out. I can even breathe out of one nostril now. Wow! Thanks for this cool site! This was way better than antibiotics - even a little fun. :)
Replied by Pontiacmoon
Manitou Springs, Co
This is hilarious... I'm going to try it with a turkey baster.. Lol. Thank You :)
Replied by Gardner123
Cincinnati, Ohio
[WARNING!]   The person who says they use a 50/50 solution of peroxide to saline has to be joking! The first time time I tried the wash I used 2 tablespoons of peroxide to 1 packet of saline and 8 oz. Lukewarm water for my netti pot squeeze bottle (much easier than the netti pot). The first blast drove me to my knees it burned so bad. My nose foamed and I swear it felt like the foam came out my eyes and ears too. I know it didn't, but it sure felt like it did. As soon as I could breathe again and stand, I rinsed with plain, cool water. For an hour after that attempt, I could feel the uncomfortable bubbling sensation in the roots of my jaw teeth.

There is some validity to the treatment however. I now use 1 teaspoon with the saline solution. I was on antibiotics for a year, had my 2nd sinus surgery last year, and continued with aantibiotics for an ongoing sinus infection for another 7 months. I gave up on the antibiotics for the peroxide wash and have not had a sinus infection for 4 months now.

Replied by Chucktruck
Montgomery City, Missouri, Usa
[YEA]   Wimps, all of you. I snort the straight 3% right up my nose and into my sinuses. Yes it burns, therefore I do not recomend it unless you have a rather high tolerance for pain. Just try to limit the quantity so you do not swallow it when it comes down the back side. Enjoy!! Chucktruck
Replied by Bradford
San Francisco, Ca
[YEA]   Holy C**P , this really works. I did antibiotics two weeks ago and nothing moved. I had presure and pain, unable to taste anything and dizzy everyday. I was going crazy waiting for another Dr. Office visit and saw this water salt and little bit of Hydrogen peroxide mix, tried it and suddenly I had drainage for the first time. Never so much so fast. It kills but it works.
Replied by Shamil
Ocean City, Nj/usa
Every year in the past fall season, I would get a cold/sinus infection that took me to my MD, who then put me on a course of antibiotics. About four years ago I began the sinus rinse (sea salt warm water) at the first sign of infection. This helped greatly. About two yrs. ago I started adding h2o2, and have not needed an MD or antibiotic since. When started early enough, only a small amt. of h2o2 added to the rinse solution works for me.
Replied by Paul123
Burns Harbor, Indiana
About how many drops ?
Replied by Chipaholic
Brandon, Manitoba
[YEA]   After 3days of antibiotics and no results I was on the floor in pain, I tried this and I am not in pain anymore! Yah! I thought my weekend was ruined.
Replied by Jimmy O.
New York, Ny
I can't stop laughing after reading Chucktruck's response here. As I read through all the entries here I thought that maybe I was overdoing it a bit. LOL I too use straight 3% HP up both nostrils and in both ears. It sure can hurt, so it's not for the faint of heart. I know it's working if I think my eyeball will explode. LOL Straight HP is strong medicine, but if you can bear it, it does work. Don't forget the ears too!

Posted by Alex (Hawthorne, California) on 09/28/2009

[YEA]  I read an article on a person in mexico city. he suffered from sinuses for seven years, and me i was sick for five. i could not believe it at first. but i am fine from alergies and living great for now. here is my cure, like i said it is up to you to do it.

use a sinus rinse which you can find in cs, rite aid or other pharmacies. put some hydrogen peroxide amount. mixed with warm water and flush your nose. the next day u will start hacking and spitting kind of brown mucus from your mouth. it will take about one week to start feeling great and getting the sense of smell back. to tell you the truth it does work. if any questions email me ok

Replied by Jamie
Lake Worth, Fl
Please give more details. I have had long time sinus issues and am interested in this cure. How much peroxide? How much water? How often do you rinse?
Replied by Angel
Indianapolis, Indiana
how much water and how much peroxide do u use i have had a sinus infection for almost a yr now and have no health insurence to go to the dr so plz let me know
Replied by Amanda
Seattle, Wa
How much water to how much peroxide? and how often a day?
Replied by Marlene
Nampa, Idaho, United States
Mix 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water. Put it in a nasal spray bottle and spray one squirt in each nostril twice a day. It clears out the infection almost right away.
Replied by Joseph
N. Bay, Manitoba
Warning****Nobody has mentioned that you must use food grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide. Don't use that medicine cabinet disinfectant stuff. You can get food grade from reputable health food stores or online.****
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Joseph, the famous Bill Monroe used regular drug store H2O2.....
Replied by Susan
Buffalo, NY
I've used 3% drugstore hydrogen peroxide for many years and feel very confident using it. You don't need food grade to treat a number of these issues.
Replied by Claudia
Ia, US
[YEA]   You're absolutely right. I've used the regular 3% hydrogen peroxide (Walmart/Walgreens) sparingly in salt water, with a little plastic neti pot with no problems. With enough practice, one learns how to tilt the right then the left side over a sink and clear out those sinuses in minutes. Don't need food grade and it doesn't burn that bad if one uses just a little. Immediate comfort is felt, infection clears up with just a few uses. Hydrogen peroxide mixed with the salt water works!

Posted by Minerva (Baton Rouge, LA) on 04/18/2009

[YEA]  Like many people who have written on this site, I suffered with sinus infections until the bouts with them became more frequent and intolerable. I would break down every year and get a steroid shot after becoming desperate. After finding this site, however, I decided to try the neti pot and added a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to the already pre-mixed solution packet in lukewarm water. I was not looking for a miracle, but must say that I feel like a new person after only a day and a half. I have used the solution three times and can tell that my glands are not as swollen and that my sinus passages are starting to open. I no longer have the eye or face pressure that is so painful with an infection. Truthfully, the mixture is not pleasant, but it works. After the first time you use it, you will get your same symptoms returning, but it is after the second/third use that you realize that you are being cured of your actual infection. Thanks to this web site I hope to never need antibiotics again. Thank you.

Posted by Charles (Los Angeles, CA) on 03/04/2009

[YEA]  Hydrogen Peroxide + Neti Pot = No more Sinus Infection. I am a big believer in natural remedies (probiotics rock!) but my wife is a HUGE skeptic. She has been suffering from severe headaches with pressure in her forehead, eyes and cheeks for about a month. She has always had problems with her sinuses and has tried a neti pot with a saline solution, but with no luck. Before my wife went off to the doctor for another round of antibiotics (boo!) I found your website. What an incredible source of information. I followed some of the postings here and mixed up a 50/50 mix of lukewarm water and hydrogen peroxide in her neti pot. Almost instantly she said the pressure in her head subsided and her nose started pouring. As other people have commented the mucus was thinner and whiter than before and it did sting when she first started. But says it is definitely worth it.

Replied by Gean
Salina, KS
Did you put salt in the Neti pot along with the water and hydrogen peroxide? If so, how much?
Replied by Charles
Los Angeles, CA
No, we didn't use salt with the hydrogen peroxide, but my wife did use a saline solution after the peroxide mix. She's been using it for 3 days now and for the first time ever she gets a steady stream out of both nostrils using her neti pot.

I have another question for people - can you use too much hydrogen peroxide? At what point should you just use salt and water?

Replied by Jusin
Topeka, Kansas
[YEA]   I'd like to thank Charles and Earth Clinic. a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide and water in a netti pot (or what I used, a decorative tea pot) and pouring it down through my nose cleared up the horrible pain I had. My pain on a scale of 1 (non-exisitant) to 10, 10 being the worst (pulling teeth because it would be easier to deal with), it would have been an 8. Not because of the bad sinus infection it's self but because of my bad (bad!!) tooth the infection was bothering.
Replied by Scianna
Sacramento, Ca
[NAY]   I tried the hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 cup warm water and 1 capful of the peroxide and I got the worst nose bleeds possible. I do not recommend this. Good thing I didn't do the 50/50!
Replied by Honesty
Durham, NC
If your sinuses burn you are using too much peroxide! you should only use about a half a teaspoon per 10 oz of water. you should definitely NOT be putting a 50/50 mixture into your nose. It can and WILL make sinus symptoms worse if you use too much peroxide. Also, I would recommend using about a tsp of salt in the mixture as well.
Replied by Vic
Los Angeles, Ca
You should always use salt with the warm water and a little peroxide. The reason you should use salt and warm water its because it mimics what we already are made of. salt water mainly, actually the exact same amount that exists in our oceans. By using the salt or saline solution along with warm water it will not give you the drowning affect or pain in your nostrils. it will flow smoothly. Our bodys use peroxide as an antibotic. i also use peroxide when i have tooth aches or mouth rinse, anyway hope this helped.

Posted by Lori (Kapaa, Hawaii) on 01/16/2009

[NAY]  I have had sinus congestion for the past several days real bad. I decided to try the 50/50 Peroxide/Water mix and squirt in each nostril. It burned like people said on your site and my nose started running like crazy, but it did NOT clear up my sinuses. Actually it increased the pressure in my sinuses so much that I did not sleep well at all, had a sinus headache, and my cheek bones hurt. I would not try that again.

Replied by Joe
Wichita, Ks
If using H2o2 burned your nose... you used too much. You should have only used about a tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide to 8 ounces of water.

Posted by Diane (Magnolia Springs, Alabama) on 06/01/2008

June 1, 2008 for a living I deliver mail as a Rural Carrier in a right hand jeep. In Baldwin County along the Gulf Coast the roads here are dirt or red clay probably about 4 to 5 miles on my route. During the dry months the dirt covers the vehicles inside and out and of course your hair, body and you breathe in the dirt particles in your nose and mouth. I would suffer with horrible headaches in the evenings and morning until I discovered Nitty (rinsing your nose with water and small drops of hydrogen peroxide) it's wonderful at removing the dirt and pollen that gets trapped inside your sinus cavity. I do this immediately when I get home and no headaches.

Posted by Sarah (Baltimore. MD, USA) on 04/07/2008

[YEA]  My husband had been struggling with a sinus infection, he started taking 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water a couple times a day. The second day we doubled the dose and a few minutes later a ball of disgustingly yellow and green mucus came out flying from his mouth... I mean flying. It was pretty impressive. The nest of the infection was gone. Thanks HP!

Replied by Jim
Madison, Wi
I hope you are not puting 5 drops of over the counter HP in a glass of water and drinking it. You can have some bad side affects from that. It is not recommended. However, I am glad that you feel better. If people are going to injest HP, they need to only use 35% Food Grade HP. Do lots of research before using and make sure you are sure of what you are doing... it can be fatal!
Replied by Beverly
Awesome!!!! Just did it... 4:01 in the morning. Awesome!!!!!

Posted by Larabelle (Dallas, Texas) on 01/15/2008

[YEA]  I have a neti pot and for sometime had been using distilled water, salt, and baking soda but tonight that did not work. My sinuses were aching and it is 11pm. I have to be up for work at 4:30am. I need my sleep because I am a registered nurse and my unit is always busy. Anyway I immediately came to your site to see what other remedies I could use. You may ask why did I not seek out one of my doctors to write an antibiotic prescription for me. Well, good question as a nurse I see repeatively people's kidneys damaged as well as yeast overgrowth due to antibiotics and I refuse to become one of the many with those conditions. Also I have found that alternative remedies found on this site work soo much better and faster. So anyway I decided to try 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and half water. IT WORKED!!! THANK YOU EARTH CLINIC FOR BEING HERE WHEN I NEED YOU!!

Posted by Cat (Portsmouth, VA) on 03/13/2007

[YEA]  Hydrogen Peroxide and Sinus Infection: I mixed equal parts of Hydrogen peroxide and water and used a dropper in my nose... it burned like crazy and bubbled all sorts of stuff out... after a few minutes I felt so good and could breath!

Posted by April (Guyton, GA) on 12/25/2006

[YEA]  I mixed about 6 parts water with 1 part hydrogen peroxide (the regularly available kind). I hung my head upside down off the side of the bed and had my husband squirt a little bit of the mixture into each nostril with a dropper. It DID burn, but I kept it in there as long as I could stand it, moving my face around to move the mixture through my sinuses. A few minutes after sitting back up, the mucous starting coming out of my nose and throat. I blew my nose for about 10-20 minutes and coughed up some mucous. It isn't pretty, but it worked. I did feel flush for several minutes afterward, too. That little bit of discomfort is worth the relief.

Posted by Sam (Boston) on 07/26/2006

[YEA]  I have been suffering with my sinuses for last 6 months and i just came to realize i had sinusitis few days ago when i came to this website and i had my acid reflux (GERD) from last 6 years. I am living healthy lifestyle and eating fruits and vegetables and everything is in right balance but i was so confused what was wrong with me. I went to eye doctor first and then he told me to see my primary care physician, and he gave me painkillers first and then i was visiting him regularly and we did CT Scan as well. He was not able to see my sinus issue. So then i realized i have not cleared my nose properly in last 3-4 months, then it hit me and i was like damn-- i had sinusitis and doc had no idea that i was suffering from this unbearable pain. To come to the point, i used just hydrogen peroxide yesterday and holy cow i feel much better it is not all cured yet but i am grateful that if i had not come here to this site, i would have never known. And i am also taking apple cider vinegar with honey and it is helping a lot as well. Earth Clinic i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Posted by Kim (Phoenix, AZ) on 06/21/2006

[YEA]  4:1 water and hydrogen peroxide in a cool mist vaporizer for 5 nights -- was recommended by my chiropractor.

Replied by Scianna
Sacramento, Ca
I will try that. I have a vaporizer. Just not have to put it inside my nose by drops or neilmed. Made my nose bleed bad.

Posted by Martha (Bakersfield, CA) on 05/11/2006

[YEA]  I mix 1/2 hydrogen peroxide with 1/2 water and squirt a little in each nostril a few times a day. It burns if you have an infection but it works great! Cures a sinus infection every time! If you have drainage, gargle with the same mixture and it will dry up the mucus in your throat.

Replied by Joe
Wichita, Ks
No, it burns because you're using too much peroxide. If it burns, you're using too much. Shouldn't use a 50/50 mix, you can some serious damage in your nose(mucus membrane, nerve damage etc.) If it burns into your teeth.... think about it...
Replied by Joy
Vancouver, Wa
Better safe than sorry! I used 50/50 water/hydrogen peroxide, and my nose was burned on the inside, the next day when I used plain distilled water in my Neti pot the mucous membranes inside my nose were still burning I even felt like my ears were super sensitive! So I think the best way to approach anything new is be cautious I would try 1/8 cup of hydrogen peroxide mixed in 3/4 cup of distilled water. I think Hydrogen peroxide is powerful and it will work just as well if you use less.

Posted by Moriah on 02/27/2006

[YEA]  i had a horrible sinus infection so i decided to use the 3% peroxide. i didn't have a spray bottle so i took a couple of cotton swabs and soaked them in peroxide, put them inside my nose and breathed in real slow. My nose started stinging but i did it again a couple more times then all of a sudden my nose started pouring out (you know what) for like 10 minutes. I can breathe easier and and my nose feels fantastic. MY head doesn't feel blocked up so i am definitely a believer.

Replied by Karen
San Jacinto, Ca Usa
[NAY]   Tried the HP with Q-tips ~ sneezed like crazy ~ and it cleared my passages for only about 5 min~ kind of disappointed as I had nothing "pour" out of anywhere~Plus my burning was only in spots made raw from tissue & blowing..... Will try again tomorrow
Replied by Julian
Huddersfield, England
If it burns you are using too much H2O2. Don't forget to mix with salt and baking soda. The soda will help a lot. I suffered for years and this has cured me. No more pressure in the head which was driving me crazy. and best of all a bottle hardly costs anything. Also don't forget to do the flip and turn sinus rinse. This is the best method to get to the sinusus over the eyes.


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