Sinus Infection
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Cure a Sinus Infection with Natural Remedies

Last Modified on Jan 30, 2015

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Posted by Allorganic (Tampa Bay, Fl) on 05/08/2011

[YEA]  I thought I would share some very good information and my experience regarding sinus infections or sinusitis.

I had been diagnosed with severe sinusitis after I had an MRI for something else. I've tried many things over the years and had suffered constant congestion/swelling and loss of taste and smell.

The neti pot was helping with salt, but I discovered some huge results after much research. Using DISTILLED water, not spring water in the neti pot with a half teaspoon of all natural sea salt and a half tablespoon of Xylitol. Both disolved in warm distilled water. Spring water can irritate the sinus membranes. Xylitol has been proven to kill and fight bacteria and really helps flush out mucus!

After flushing my sinuses with this sea salt/Xylitol neti pot mix, I then drink a glass of my favorite juice with my Spirulina Powder that has CHLOROPHYLL. Chlorophyll also is great for killing bacteria in the sinuses. As soon as I drink a glass of this, my sense of taste and smell come back within a half hour at 100%!

The powder I have been using is expensive and I don't feel everyone has to buy this exact brand, only the ingredients are important. The brand I've tried is contains: Spirulina Powder, Beta-Carotene, B-1, B-2, B-12, Calcium, Iron, Gamma Linolenic Acid and Chlorophyll.

If I do those two things as much as possible, I never have infections. There is also a saline/Xylitol spray. Anyone with sinusitis or chronic issues should really try these two things!

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
I tried to find the Xylitol nose spray here in Europe without success. It is maybe something only sold in the US.
Replied by Mary
California, U.s.
Hi to Francisca, I just ordered this product from Amazon called Breathe EaseXL. I haven't used it yet but it has xylitol in a saline mix without preservatives. I will paste the link below:

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Thanks Mary but I don't have the nasal irrigator. We have just had friends over from the US and I could have asked them to try to find the Xylitol nasal spray for me. Funny they don't sell it here in Europe, at least I have never managed to find it but thanks for the tip anyway.
Replied by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
If you can find xylitol, there are a number of recipes available on the Internet to make your own spray (ingredients: water, sea salt and xylitol). Xylitol from birch trees originated in Finland (which might help you find a source in Europe) but there are other types out there - mostly from corn. Whether they use genetically modified corn is another story! The xylitol spray here in the health food store is quite expensive - $15 for a small bottle. It would be much more cost-effective to make your own and, besides, you know which type of xylitol is being used. I would imagine most sprays use the cheaper stuff made from corn. Good luck.

Halitosis from chronic sinusitis take me off balance, people are giving me that weird look, avoiding me if they can and is a very great source of embarrassment and a zero self esteem.... I'm so desperate.. I've tried antibiotics, nasal sparays but it keeps coming back like plague...


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