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Secrets of Apple Cider Vinegar for a Sinus Infection

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Posted by Jeanne (Los Angeles) on 05/13/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Apple cider vinegar for sinus infections works very well because it alkalizes pH in such a big way. I used to get sinus infections about 4 times a year thanks to the air quality in LA. Now I get one only if I've caught a virus, so about once a year. I attribute that to drinking ACV in water at least once a day. I keep a bottle hidden under my desk in the office for those Santa Ana windy days that really kick up my sinus inflammation!

Posted by Bessie (Westport, Connecticut, Usa) on 04/10/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using apple cider vinegar for allergies and sinus infections for 30 years now. I read about it in DC Jarvis' book Folk Medicine a long time ago and always have a bottle on hand. It is a very effective home remedy. I often steam with it for sinus congestion. I also drink 2 teaspoons of vinegar in warm water twice a day during flu season.

Replied by Niki
Florida, US

Thank you for sharing all the info, today I will try these remedies, home sick for days.

Posted by Lynn (Houston, Texas) on 01/23/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering with a sinus infection for the last four days, I just tried the Apple cider vinegar with honey and warm water and what a relief. I can actually breath out of my nose!!!! I also took the warm glass and rolled it against my face as I breathed in the steam, that really seemed to relax me and I feel so much better!!! Thanks Earth Clinic

Replied by Jon Mccarty
5 out of 5 stars

Improvement for me. I have tried apple cider vinegar before a long time ago and then forgot about it. Last night, after reading this site, tried again and was first time I could sleep on me back and breath through my nose in ages.

Helped with the current sinus infection after a couple of hours and after another dose in the morning, have been breathing not completely clear, but much better today.

Replied by Lakeisha
West Haven, Ct

Hi, I was wondering did you drink this? Because I read where someone actually put that mix on a cotton swab and put it in their nostril.

Posted by Elena (Madrid) on 03/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar really works for sinus! I've been treated with antibiothics several times but it keept coming back... Reading your posts I decided to give a try to the Apple Cider Vinegar remedy and congestion was gone in minutes, no signs of sinus two days after! I feel good and relieved. Thanks!

Replied by Vanille Chai

I've had this cold since October last year. I always carry tissues around with me, because of the runny nose I had. Runny nose is gone, but then I got even worse symptoms:

pain in the ears (pressure, popping), head, sometimes in throat, but worst of all... RINGING IN EARS 24/7 for three months now.

I went to the doctor, he said I had a chronic sinus infection, and that my eustachian was completely clogged because of it. He gave me a nasal spray first; did not work. Went back to the doc again, and I got antibiotics; quit those, because they made me feel worse. That was it...

i started using Apple Cider Vinegar yesterday evening; 1 tbsp ACV, 2 tsp honey, 8oz purified water. Took another two cups today. (I find ACV sooo sour! Yuck, but I am desperate).

I feel like it got worse. Worse ear pain, and louder ringing in the ears. Does it get worse first before it gets better? (I always seem to react like this, whether I take modern or natural cures)

I also decided to start using a neti pot to rinse the mucus out of my nose. I feel so desperate right now, it hurts and the sounds inside my head are driving me to the edge.

Am I doing something wrong/ how long does it take to work?

Replied by Anon

You might have a weakened immune and digestive system. If you get sick your body uses specific resources to get well; but if you are sick for a long time or get really sick the resources can get depleted. A few years ago I caught a cold I could not shake, it lasted months like yours. I tried many things, I'm still trying to manage it. What's benefited so far is the following:

Quit eating anything with gluten. In the section on Earth Clinic about boils and MRSA someone mentioned he had an infection that made it seem like he had a gluten sensitivity. Gluten can cause a chemical burn of sorts in the small intestine in some people. It can seem like you have a cold or flue.

Quit eating any cow milk products that are not soured - no pasteurized milk, ice cream, or foods with those things in them. Regular goat milk is easier to digest. Eat saturated fat products such as unsalted butter, plain full-fat yogurt, cream cheese, cheese, frozen yogurt - raw and unprocessed is better.

Quit cocoa, coffee or tea with caffiene. It is said that when the body is stimulated by these foods it does not repair itself as it normally would. Instead drink organic chamomile tea (with lemon balm if you can find it), take valerian root capsules, and drink liccorice root tea. As directed of course. These will calm your system down and help you sleep better in theory helping heal you. Additionally chamomile and lemon balm have anti-microbial properties.

Quit using any form of sweetner and avoid sweet foods and starchy foods, some on rare occasions may be tolerable. Your tolerance may increase after you begin feeling better. If you eat something that makes you sick, or might, take psyllium fiber with a large glass of water to dilute the sugar or whatever, or eat a raw cucumber.

Do Ted's aspirin remedy for the H1N1 flu.

Do the olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic liver cleanse. You can search the specifics of it online. I did this a few nights in a row and then awoke suddenly in the middle of the night feeling really good.

Eat several small light meals daily. Choose fresh avacados, celery, romain lettuce, cucumbers, apples, cantaloup, raw cabbage because they have less carbohydrate. It will make digestion easier.

Take a teaspoon of Swedish Bitters with meals once or twice a day. Not sure how long you'd have to use it.


1000 mg or more vitamin C per day.

Turmeric - 1 or 2 teaspoons a day, organic non-irradiated.

Fresh lemon juice with cayenne pepper daily, maybe 1 or 2 organic lemons with a half teaspoon non-irradiated cayenne pepper mixed in, put it in a liter bottle, fill the rest of the way with water, and sip it all day so it's gone by evening. Boil the lemon rinds briefly to make a tea, let it sit until it's cooled but still somewhat warm, eat the peeling too, if it's organic.

Replied by Anon

Zinc is said to help ringing in the ears. Zinc is helpful for immunity, too. They say no more than 100mg per day.

A half teaspoon each nutmeg, cloves, and turmeric stirred into a glass of water and drunk should dry up the sniffles and help you feel better. Drink plenty of water, not milk or coffee. This is helpful if you have to go to work, or out among people and such and you don't want to be sniffling.

Replied by Toourlady89
Ca, Usa

I use Oil of Oregano capsules for cough and colds twice a day till I'm better or to max of 3 weeks. Oil of Oregano is very effective to kill of upper respiratory viruses. It also comes as wild Oil of Oregano drops in a bottle but I prefer the capsules. Make sure it's 70 - 80 % Carvachol.

Replied by Bill
Opelika, Al

This is only the 2nd cold I've had in four years and the same time of year as my last one. There is only one formula I'm aware of that really works and that's nutrition. Every comment is a variation on this theme. I must admit it never occurred to me to replace my nasal spray with apple cider vinegar and some degree of dilution and snort it upon a clogged head.

I own an Omega Juicer; it rotates like a meat grinder and doesn't sound like a jet plane upon turning it on. I use lemons and ginger root and run both peel and all through the machine and add liquid splenda (cheaper to make it yourself) with boiling water. As by the comments, there are many recipes with the same intent.

My personal favorite is cutting up into small pieces tabasco pepper and adding it to my tea. It doesn't alter the flavor but one hit in the back of my throat by that heat while it's torture for a few minutes really does open things up.

Drinking plenty of fluids is the common denominator works!

You folks who are hyping Apple Cider's the major ingredient in any home smoker's arsenal and the making of BBQ sauce, especially a good Carolina Mustard base BBQ sauce; don't recommend you snort it as a nasal spray!

Posted by Barry (Canton, Ga) on 03/09/2013
5 out of 5 stars

WOW, just wow. Apple cider vinegar cleared my sinus infection OVERNIGHT. Unbelievable. Wish I'd known this years ago.

Here's what I did:

Two tablespoons ACV, followed by forced liquids till bedtime. And, I mean FORCED. I drank about two gallons of water in a four hour period. This morning, I can breathe through both sides of nose, fever gone, no more pressure.

This is a truly amazing and simple cure that actually WORKS OVERNIGHT. And it only cost me .98. ACV and forced liquids... you got to try this.

Replied by Salyk
Kelowna, B.c. Canada

Question: do I take the ACV on its own, and then drink loads of liquids. Or do I put the ACV in the liquids each and every time, for my sinus congestion?

Replied by James
Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Do not drink two gallons of water. That could kill you. A gallon of water in a sitting can cause severe pain and even death. Most people will die if they drink 1.5 gallons to 2.5 gallons in a short period of time say an afternoon. Listen to your body do not force anything on your body that makes you uncomfortable. Please!

I did drink a gallon of water in 1 hour when I was in highschool and it causes severe pain for about 4 hours. I later found out that drinking that much water can kill you.

Replied by Mary
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Water could harm you only if you don't add salt. Too much water could only damage when the electrolytes get too diluted. Dr. Batman (the water cure) says 1/2 of your weight in ounces per day. Also for every 10 of those glasses of water it is 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt. I have drunk 3 1 in a day salted and I feel great. His site has many great testamonials of this and I have also heard first hand of a student of mine who did this and she is incontinent. She can only go for 1 hour without needing the bathroom. After 3 weeks of the water cure she can now go 1 1/2 hours before needing to go. She is very excited!!!

Replied by Om
Hope, B.c., Canada

Batmanghelidj protocol says not to salt the water but keep 1/8 tsp sea salt on tongue for every 16 oz water we drink. (1l).

The reason people have to run to the bathroom after drinking water is that they do not ingest the natural salt which helps to hydrate the body so the water leaves the body soon after. Otherwise it would be detrimental and resulting in dehydration. It seems people in hot countries must have more salt to keep hydrated. Which makes one ponder how much damage has been wreaked on humanity by substituting denatured and depleted salt, even prohibiting salt as dangerous without regard to the fact that salt is necessary for bodily survival. Even animals must have their salt licks, so definitely our pets.

The water cure should be done very slowly without forcing the body which has been mentioned here by another post very much in detail.

The immediate effect can be very telling and there is definitely a feeling of wellbeing even after drinking two glasses of pure water.

I have begun with this protocol but so far have not exceeded four glasses a day. However, no hurry. Om

Replied by Te
Charlotte, NC

Can you add sea salt to your drinking water and if so how much. This post is enlightening.

Replied by Anonymous
Florida, Miami

Listen in high school I drank almost two gallons of water within a couple hours! It was my silly way to try get rid of a UTI my body began to tremble and shake it was like going into SHOCK. So it disrupts the electrolytes balance. So be reasonable drinking 9 to 10 glasses a day seems fine.

Replied by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado

I drink 1 pint an hour, 2 when I am walking during the summer.

Replied by Prioris
Fort Pierce, Fl, Usa

I use the color of my urine to tell me if I am getting enough water in me. Guidelines that say one must drink a certain amount of water are absurd. It is better to just let your body tell you. Use your urine as an indicator. If it is a dark color, you likely need more water.

Replied by Lisa
5 out of 5 stars

This is fantastic. The pressure is almost gone and I'm draining.

Replied by Heather
Charlotte, NC

You should never force yourself to drink 2 gallons of water in that short of time. You can make yourself very sick and possibly die.

Posted by Californiacait (Edmonton, Alberta) on 02/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had been suffering the last three days with a Sinus infection and spent over 30 dollars on over the counter Sinus meds and sprays only to get temperary relief. I finally gave in and went to the doctor, who only gave me yet again, another nose spray and a perscription for an antibiotic (basically 8 capsules of cultivated mold) for 50 dollars... I don't know about you guys but I don't have 50 dollars to drop on my nose. But thank god I found the Apple Cider Tonic on this site, and within less then 30 minutes I could breathe through my nose again. Thankyou earth clinic, I'm going to continue using this treatment with a little less ACV though to see how it fairs againt my allergies. <3

Replied by Mary
5 out of 5 stars

Amazing. I have been miserable for days. I'm leaving on a day trip to the Lake Michigan shore early in the morning and I thought for sure I'd have to cancel so I could go to Urgent Care for an antibiotic. I snorted some warm water/ACV up each nostril and I am completely pain free and both sides of nose are taking air! 15 minutes ago! I've been a fan of ACV for a few years but haven't used it for months. I'm going to start using it daily again! Great tip!

Posted by Anne (Auckland, New Zealand) on 01/29/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Whoever came up with this idea deserves a medal! Sceptical but desperate I tried this idea today. Within 10 minutes of sipping the solution I bent down to pick something up from the floor and whooosh the whole lot cleared from my sinus. I've drunk the rest over the balance of the evening and have not had pain or drips since. It makes your throat a bit raspy but hey... What a simple yet effective fix. Much appreciated folks!!!

Posted by Susie (Salem, Or) on 01/29/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My husband has had chronic sinus infections, with allergies. I found your article on the Internet and talked him into trying it, he suffered for years with ringing ears, dizziness, and no sense of smell, they all seem to go along with his sinus congestion and pain. As soon as he started the Apple Cider Vinegar, his ringing ears stopped, as did the dizziness, and he even smells certain odors. The pain also left. I thought he was just getting old with most of those symptoms, but they are gone and he feels great. We are both taking the vinegar everyday and will probably keep on, I have allergies and have problems breathing through my nose and get ear aches, those symptoms have gone away for me also.

Replied by Habib
Melbourne, Vic

Hi Susie, can u pls tell me how did u take apple cider vinegar for sinus, I appreciate.

Replied by Sticks
West Point, California Usa

I think you just click on the treatment tab next to the reviews and ratings tab, and it will show you the recipe.

- 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
- 16 0z water
- 1 drop to 1 tsp of honey (optional)

I have heard of using 2 tbsp of the ACV in the same amount of water.

Replied by Salma

Hi, could you tell me how to drink it? Like a few tablespoons with water or do I mix it?

Posted by Ken (Johnstown, Pa) on 01/07/2013
5 out of 5 stars

For about a decade, I'd have to get a prescription for sinus infection at least once or twice per year. The results were usually decent but took a while.

Since I found this site & home remedy 3 or 4 years ago I have not had to get a presciption even once! The results are phenomenal. It works quicker and more completely than antibiotics. The fact that it is natrual is a huge "plus".

I've found that the warm water with ACV and honey works best, for sure, but cold water and ACV will do a fair job in a pinch.

A big "Thanks" to all on this site for the amazing advice. What a huge help ACV has been for me.

Replied by Jimdarling
Los Angeles, California
5 out of 5 stars

Just drank my 3rd cup... Feeling way better with each. This is awesome! Thanks yall!

Posted by Katielady (Charlotte, Nc) on 01/05/2013

About 4 months ago I got a sinus infection. I used over the counter decongestants and pain relievers for a month or so and rested and drank plenty of water, my symptoms subsided slightly and all seemed well. But it kept coming back. 6 weeks ago, my sinuses were full, my face hurt, my ears were full or "popped" and my throat was sore from drainage. Finally I got an ear infection (so painful!!! ) so I went to a doctor hoping for relief. I was put on a hard core antibiotic for 10 days. 11 days later the only improvement was my ear. Desperate for this crap to go away, I tried some things that have worked for past sinus stuff or colds. I tried garlic, probiotisc and tulsi tea. Got no where.

I started researchin natiral cures and remedies and came upon this site. THANK MY LUCKY STARS!!!!!! I started ACV 2 tsp in 8 oz of warm water with honey. After the first dose, my I noticed drastic improvements. I was able to blow my nose and feel my sinus open, snot actually came out! After 2 days, my ears opened. Every time I took the ACV the condition improved!!!!!!!! After a week I could sleep through the night comfortably, breathe easily through out my day, and then I started oil pulling with sesame oil. Things got even better. Even though I felt fine, and the stuff still coming out of my nose was clear, the first time I did the oil pulling LARGE amounts of super icky green and yellow snot came out of my nose.

Also as a result of the OP I have noticed my skin improving, I no longer need moisturizer and it's cold outside! To top it off i've recently started with kelp and BSM. The kelp is for the iodine that can be lost while taking Apple Cider Vinegar and the molasses for iron. Now thanks to the great information i've found on this site ACV has become a staple in my home. ALSO I've lost 5 pounds. Super!!! Thanks for the help!

Replied by Lauren
La, Ca

This sounds amazing and I have been suffering so much. How often do you drink the ACV mix and what oil do you use for OP?

Thanks in advance

Posted by Simon (Brighton, Uk) on 01/03/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Had a sinus infection for the last week. Bought some APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and by the time I had finished the drink my nose had already started to clear. Recommended remedy.

Posted by Willow (New York) on 12/20/2012

This works. I was suffereing from a full blown sinus infection. It takes longer than antibiotics to kill all the bugs and feel the difference, but I did it with the fresh ginger tea mixed with unfiltered organic AVC and oregano leaf oil 3 times a day, Neti pot 3 times a day, frequent hot showers, and humidifier. Yes, the drinks are so intense even the bacterias can't survive.

Posted by Jeff (Long Beach, Ca) on 12/10/2012

Thankful for the Internet! Recently had the flu & I'm prone to sinusitis/sinus infections. Decided to use ACV for the first time ever, & did 2tbl in 8oz water. It wasn't too bad, & now most importantly, it has been breaking up the mucus so much so, that my nose has been running now. It works & will plan on using it for my next cold/allergy. Also endorsing GSE, Nasal saline, Neti Pot, & I'm looking to try that tea! Thank you all for our better health!

Posted by Vivi (Nottingham, United Kingdom) on 12/07/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Thankfully I found this website. I had a nasty cold and chesty cough, which turned into a vicious and lingering sinus infection, which would not budge even with numerous saline rinses and steaming, so by the 5th week I was driven to go the doctors, who prescribed antibiotics. I have also lost my sense of smell and taste for the last 2 weeks. I have ME/CFS and am very sensitive to medication especially antibiotics & steroids, so didn't really want to try them, but felt desperate. Needless to say I got terrrible side effects after only 2 tablets, so had to discontinue them.

I strated taking ACV last evening. I also did the special tea that Joel from Aliquippa, Pa posted on 12/20/2011. I was amazed that my sinuses began to clear straight away and I could smell fleetingly. This morning I suddenly could smell fully & went round sniffing everything. I had a lovely tasty, aromatic brunch of onion soup, then tuna, spring onion & lettuce salad with cider vinegar/olive oil dressing followed by poached pears in cinnamon with sultanas!! It tasted great!! I am so thankful. It was so getting me down.

I have had some more ACV today and my nose has cleared some more and I am beginning to feel better too. My chest is fine with only the odd cough. I am quite amazed by the effect of ACV. I only had the ordinary variety, but have ordered the special organic ACV & will always keep some in my kitchen from now on.

Replied by Roselenee
Miramar, Florida

I have been suffer with a sinus problem seing I was teenager, every year my doctor have to put me on antibiotic for two weeks. I always has sever headaches, I think if apple cides vinegar is good for sinus infection. thanks for your information!

Posted by Organicgirl (Jacksonville, Florida, Usa) on 10/20/2012

I'm 45 and have suffered from allergies and sinus troubles all my life. The fact that my parents smoked in our house while I was growing up didn't help my problem... At all. As an adult, I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. Drats! After dealing with antibiotics and steroid nasal sprays (I can't take OTC decongestants), I decided to research natural remedies. Fortunately, my search eventually led me to this site. I tried the ACV treatment - 2 TBSP of organic ACV, 1 TBSP organic local honey or maple syrup, and 8 oz of purified water. Had a drastic effect after the first cup. Major drainage and pressure relief. Consecutive elixirs proved to be not as effective or dramatic as the first, but I've definitely felt a difference - less congestion, pressure, easier nasal breathing, less dizziness, and eye gook, just to name a few. I found coupling the ACV drink with NeilMed's hypertonic extra strength Nasa Mist works very well. Compared to this past dose of antibiotics and steroid nasal spray with little if any results, I highly recommend the ACV elixir and NeilMed's products.

Good luck and cheers to hopefully curing our sinus problems!