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Posted by Pat (Lancaster, Ny) on 04/19/2012

I am on my second cup of ACV and HOT WATER... And The results are good for me. You can feel it cleaning your throat and breaking it up. I had my first cup 4 hours ago..... So far so good...1/2 cup H2o and 1/4 cup ACV.

Posted by Norm (Menifee, Ca, Usa) on 04/19/2012
1 out of 5 stars

I tried the apple cider vinegar mixture and it helped some the first time, but after that no benefit. My doctor had me on Mucinex, 4 pills a day for ten days and Motrin for pain. I'm still not out of it, but it's better.

Posted by Holly (Buffalo, Ny) on 04/12/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have to say that like many others here, I was skeptical at best. I didn't think that the ACV in my fridge that I use for cooking could do anything for my sinus pressure. But, when I woke up this morning with severe head pain, jaw pain and no way to breathe, I was willing to try anything (except calling the doctor for antibiotics that would likely result in a yeast infection, another round of medication for that, and a following week of stomach upset and mood swings). At 4:30, I used my neti pot and got some serious results, but still felt the jaw pain and head pressure. So, at 6:30, I mixed 8oz of water, 2TBSP ACV, 2tsp purified honey (leftover in the cupboard from when the tike was an infant). I sipped it like a tea, and felt the effects about 20 minutes later. I started alternate nostril breathing, in on the good side, out on the clogged side, and it really got things going. Then I tried the ACV treatment again an hour later, and I can breathe clearly. My jaw pain is gone, with just a little stiffness left. My sinuses are clear and I feel amazing. I also did an oil pull in between the two ACV treatments, but don't think I swished long enough because the oil wasn't white when I spit. thank you to everyone who posted their amazing results.

Replied by Geoff
Bakersfield, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

After one month and countless over the counter and even my trusted herbal remedies, nothing broke my sinus as this did. Raw local honey is the key, but be sure not to mix when the tea mix is too hot, this can damage the healing properties of the honey. Better to take it at room temp before or after sipping the tea. Enjoy!

Replied by Anne
Asheboro, Nc, Usa

I had a hard time downing the mix in 8 oz of water and found it much easier to use a shot glass with 2T ACV with mother and just enough hot water to melt the honey. So much easier to get down, because it was faster. Just don't do it right after brusing your teeth, so you don't harm the enamel.

Posted by Sbkymberli (Santa Barbara, Ca, United States) on 04/10/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I must say I was fairly skeptical when I read about the Apple Cider Vinegar cure for an acute sinus infection. In all of my 48 years I had never once heard anyone mention this, but after feeling absolutely miserable for 3 straight days I was willing to try anything.

I see by the feedback it doesn't work for every individual, but it does work for the vast majority of people (185 out of 200) and I am very pleased to say that it worked wonderfully for me.

Within an hour of drinking a concoction of 8oz hot water; 2 tablespoons ACV; 1/2 packet of Instant Ginger Honey Crystals and 2 tablespoons of honey I noticed the pressure in my sinuses was greatly reduced. 30 minutes after that I could breathe clearly through my nose for the first time in 3 days and my headache was finally gone. Although I wasn't suffering any longer I opted to get up in the middle of the night and drink another glass. Afterward I slept soundly through the night and feel really good this morning. I have been blowing my nose all morning and as the cure stated the mix did thin out the mucus and is now coming out. Will bring enough to work with me today (yes, I feel good enough to work! ) and be sure to redose if I feel any sign of a relapse coming on.

Thank you so very much for this natural way to alleviate my pain. If I can avoid taking OTC or prescription medications I ALWAYS prefer the natural method.

Posted by Lopez1775 (Orlando, Fl) on 04/03/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks EC.. I read the post about 2 tbs of ACV 8 oz of water and some honey for my sinus infection. In minutes I felt the relieve of the sinus pressure in my head and ears. Thanks to all for the post. It saved me a trip to the doctor plus very expensive antibiotics.

Replied by Tiki Storm
Victoria, British Columbia
4 out of 5 stars

(Better But Not Yet Cured). HELP!! I think I fall under that category, but honestly it is hard to tell. I've been trying to fight this current sinus infection for months now. It's a real drag and it is effecting my professional and personal life very negatively. I tried the AVC cure yesterday and honestly, but the end of the day things were a bit better. I had hope. Until I woke this morning with a horrible sinus migrane.

I am supposed to start a new job this week and can't bear to think how things will go if I have this kind of a distraction (the pain is so bad that it keeps me up most nights leading to very poor energy and focus throughout the working day). I am beginning to think this may be a fungal thing and I really don't know if ACV or anything else will kill it. I'm going to try to muster up the strength to go into town today to get the grapefruit seed extract and hopefully that gives me some relief. Any suggestions from the awesome members of this board would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Erik (Denver, Colorado) on 03/28/2012
1 out of 5 stars

My sinus infection must have been different from that of the 183 people who have said on this site that drinking apple cider vinegar cured their infection or helped somewhat.

I had had a bad sinus infection for less than a week when I tried drinking the ACV. I didn't notice anything different after I tried it. So I would say that drinking apple cider vinegar definitely did not help.

The next day, miserable, very sick and exhausted, I did what I should have done a few days earlier, namely, I went to a clinic and got a prescription for antibiotics. I paid $20.45 for a generic, 3-day, 500mg Z-Pack and 2 hours after taking the first one I felt remarkably better. Today is day 2 and I'm almost back to normal.

In my case, modern medicine was the right solution.

Replied by Jamie
San Diego, California

Took ten days worth of anti biotics. They helped at first but maybe they were not strong enough to kick the infection completely because I am starting to get a severe headache again and still spitting out yellow stuff. On my way to get some ACV and see if that will help.

Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc

If the cider does not work for you try colloidal silver. Sniffed into the sinus cavity, the silver kills infections... Virus, bacteria and fungus. Silver has been used for thousands of years. I've used it for over ten years on a weekly basis. Never any skin tinting issue. I use the silver by simply sniffing into both sinus cavities and leaning head back as it drains down resisting the urge to cough. I do this twice within ten minutes. Use of an ear syringe is even better as you can gently squirt the silver further back into the sinus cavity that just sniffing. I squirt with head over sink and then slowly lean head back to let residue drain further into sinus cavity. I often will also squirt into ears so that between ear passages and sinus the eustacian tubes are also saturated. The whole head then is cleared of infection. Normally, just two applications will knock out a sinus or ear infection.

For really nasty infections, I have had to keep applying for a week or longer, twice or three times daily until finally the infection goes away. And the silver solution does keep the infection from getting into the lungs. If infection does get into lungs I use a steam producting machine and use the silver solution in the heated pan to give me silver in steam form and I breath deeply the mist three times daily. Ususally, the lung infection is gone in three days using this method.

Replied by Kellyd
Seattle, Wa

In response to Dave:

Colloidal silver kills both bad and the good bacteria, so would not be a good idea for sinus infections.

Posted by Gail (Ft. Myers, Florida) on 03/16/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have about had it with this sinus infection/allergy problem for the past 2 weeks. The pollen count is so high in Florida right now, and I have never felt so miserable. I love when it rained, for only then did my symptoms subside. Unfortunately, it only rained twice in 2 weeks. Eyes are watering, throat itching, face hurts and swollen, continual nose blowing and ears hurt. It reached its high point today. I am allergic to antihystamines so my options are limited. I could go to an ENT doctor, but I already know he would prescribe a strong antibiotic, which my body does not handle well.

So I went to the computer for natural remedies. I Mixed 2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 Tablespoon of honey in a cup of hot water along with one tea bag that contains ginger root and rooibos. (Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Red Tea). It is a soothing drink and not bad in taste. Amazingly, within 15 minutes my sinus' are clearing and I definitely can see an improvement. Thanks to all who posted this remedy. I think I will have another cup and then make a batch of it to have on hand for the next few days. I am looking forward to feeling normal again. Much appreciation to everyone. Have a wonderful day!!

Replied by Helen
Milwaukee, Wi

I'd like to try the ACV for my sinus infection and hoping it will work for me. However, I read a book about eating according to your blood type and it suggests that people like me with A pos blood type should not ingest vinegar. I'm hoping that all of you who have had success with ACV for sinus trouble would be willing to share your blood type. It would, at least, make for interesting research.

Replied by Katie
Daytona Beach, Fl
5 out of 5 stars

I am also in Florida, we've had the roughest allergy season ever this year - most likely because of our mild winter. My son and I are both taking zyrtec in the am and claritin in the pm (our allergist said we could take them together). You can now buy them both generic, you can get about 3 months worth/90 pills for $20 at Walmart.

Please be careful with the antibiotics, my allergist prescribed me 28 days worth of them for my allergies and I got oral THRUSH oh, my, gosh - worst experience of my life. Very expensive to fix with top brand probiotics and I'm sure it will take a few months to get over, had to change my diet ugh and everything.

Anyway in addition to this, I've been drinking the _____s organic ACV (1 tbs) in organic carrot juice 1/2 glass, 2x a day. And it kills the fungus on my toungue for a few hours and since your drinking the stuff hopefully it's helping in my body somewhat as well with the probiotics.

Regardless, I mention this because I used to have to neti pot 2x a day intake because of my sinuses... Prior to the ACV but now NO post nasal drip!!! And we're still in the very heavy pollen season here in FL. Good luck everyone, I'm going to post in the thrush section as well...

Posted by Deborah (Phoenix, Az) on 02/29/2012

ok, I'm giving this a whirl; I've had sinus infections seems every year for the past decade... always had to get an antiobiotic to cure it, determined now to find a better way!

Posted by Rkrall (Irwin, Pa) on 02/13/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have a had sinus infections off and for six years now. I had nasal surgery three years ago. It helped some of my problems but I still get the sinus infections at least three times a year. I have been on antibiotics for almost three weeks now. I felt somewhat better. Then the pain came back. I googled home remedies and found this site. I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar and honey. It has already helped. It's been twenty min. and a lot of the pressure in my face has stopped. I will try again in the morning. Thank you!

Posted by Atlantiswaites (Phoenix, Az, Usa) on 01/04/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I looked this up yesterday when my cold turned into a sinus infection. This is the third cold I've had in a month.

I purchased the ACV with the "mother" in it and also the grapefruit seed extract in pill form (it's combined with Oil of Oregano and also acidophilus) yesterday afternoon, took my first dosage then and a second right before going to bed... And the pain in my cheeks and teeth has already gone away!

Meanwhile, the mucus is continually running down the back of my throat now (which is both painful and disgusting) but you know what... It's well worth getting rid of that sinus pressure. I'm thinking I'll finish off the bottle of grapefruit seed extract (at a dosage of 2 pills 3x a day) along with the 2 tablespoons of ACV 3x a day and everything should be just great.

Afterwards, I fully intend to take my ACV at least once or twice a day to prevent any further issues!

Posted by Wiseman (Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa) on 01/03/2012

Good day I just wonder if this will help me. I battle with blocked nose, sometimes the 1 side of my nose will be running non stop, then when I blow my nose yellow stuff comes out of my nose.

Replied by Afton
Baltimore, Md, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for the ACV suggestions! It worked wonderfully! I battled sinus congestion for 2 weeks and was ready to go to the doc, but thought I would look for some home remedies first. I took 2 tbsp on ACV with 1 tbsp honey mixed into 8oz of warm water and chugged it down. It was fairly tart, but not so horrible and worked at relieving the pressure almost immediately! I took this again 6 hours later and one more time the following day. Super amazing and thanks again!

Replied by Laura
Denver, Co, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

Wow, this worked wonderfully! I suffer from multiple sinus infections every winter (has been going on for a few years now), and my symptoms are always sore throat, fatigue, fever, lots of sneezing, congestion and that weird smell in my nose (imagine trying to get classwork done while you feel so yucky! ). After being on antibiotics almost constantly last year and completely messing up the bacterial balance in my body, which ended up making me even more sick, I put my foot down and decided this year to find a natural cure.

I did what many others here did and put 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar into 1 cup of hot water with about 1 tbsp of honey. My sinuses cleared right up- even my sore throat was gone! I will be taking more until I've gotten my sinuses completely cleared out, but it looks like this is the way to go. Thank you!

Replied by Sarah
Orwell, Oh

How long did it take to clear up, I"m on hour 3 and no relief.

Posted by Joel (Aliquippa, Pa,) on 12/20/2011

I came across this site earlier in the week, and I found lots of good information, especially about apple cider vinegar! It is working! 20 out of the past 30 days I have been on antibiotics, and now I am fighting off my sinus infection (albeit slowly, but still... I am making progress without antibiotics).

Here are the following ways I have been taking apple cider vinegar (about a total of 3 TBS a day):

1. Add 1 TBS of vinegar to a water bottle and sip all day.

2. Add 1 TBS of vinegar to steamed, chopped spinach.

3. Add 1 TBS of vinegar to a cup or two of steamed peas (this was a family favorite of ours growing up - for some reason peas and vinegar taste great together).

4. Take 1 TBS of vinegar as a tonic. You have to like vinegar (which I do) to tolerate this, although even I find it hard on my stomach when I do this.

5. Add 1 TBS vinegar to a fresh salad with dark greens.

I also have been drinking this tea at night and it has helped immensely with releasing sinus pressure and chest congestion before I go to sleep. It also has been helping my cough:


I boil all of this together. The cinnamon won't dissolve in the drink (it will collect on the bottom), but it really helps with the taste. This tea isn't bad tasting - I also would say it isn't the best tasting. But it is POTENT and has immediately effect for me. I think the ginger especially has been helping me mixed with the honey and vinegar.

I also have taken all dairy out of my diet for the time being as well as caffeine. I think it's making a difference.

Replied by Alicia
Seattle, Wa

The tea at night... One whole clove of what?

Replied by Starlogva
Orange, Va

Alicia - Clove is a spice. It's a dried flower bud and can be found at the grocery store.

Replied by Ginger
Westbrook, Ct

This is my first time trying the ACV route to curing my sinue infections. Please tell me how to make ginger tea. Thanks.

Posted by Mashley (Jackson, Mississippi, Usa ) on 12/18/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar for sinus infections works like a charm. I was a complete non-believer but found myself a bit desprate as I am flying in 2 days and had a pretty good sinus infection going. Major symptoms included: running nose, clogged ears and tremendous pressure in my face. I filled a mug half way full of water and microwaved until hot. I then filled the rest of the cup with several tablespoons of Organic ACV. I added a bag of ginger/lemon tea, local honey and a strong pinch of ground ginger. After the first mug, the pressure in my face began to reduce. About an hour later, I had another mug and the pressure continued to subside. The tonic increased my runny nose and reduced some of the ear pressure. It was by no means a great but was improved. The next morning, I was shocked at how much better I felt. Again, I made the tonic 3 times that day seeing some improvement after each glass. The next day (today) I am feeling about 85% better. Only symptoms being tiredness and slight pressure in one ear. Overall, this is a wonderful way to get rid of a sinus infection quickly. I will add that I am taking a Z Pack but historically, they take 5 or 6 days to work (if it works at all... ). I feel very confident that the ACV is what pushed me back to health so quickly.

Replied by Mcdanielak
Rochester, Washington
5 out of 5 stars

I was an unbelieveable skeptic and I never believe things like this work, but I was desperate and I cannot believe it, but THIS WORKED. The taste is not the greatest, but if you are as desperate as I was, you won't care. After about 10-12 minutes my nose started running everywhere and then I blew my nose and loads of ICK came out, but I can breathe and the pressure and pain are gone. Who would have thought that 2 little tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a coffee mug of hot water would make such an immediate difference. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This cure is amazing and IT WORKS!!!!

Replied by Andrew K
Seattle, Wa

It's a Miracle. I've been having the worst headaches for the last two days, where two Motrin IB pills do almost nothing to help, due to a cold and sinus infections. Out of desperation, I went to this web site and read about the ACV cure. I did not have ACV, but only some balsamic vinegar, which I mixed with a glass of water. My nose stopped running almost instantly and the temple crunching headache was gone in 10 minutes. I can't believe this, amazing. Thank you.

Replied by Deborah
Coeur D Alene, Id
5 out of 5 stars

Whenever I get sick I make a hot ginger lemonade. This time I added the ACV and I couldn't even taste it! Too soo to report any relief, but here is my lemonade recipe: 3 to 4 slices of fresh ginger, 1/4 of a large lemon and honey to taste. Simmer the ginger in water to taste (the more golden the infusion, the stronger the taste). Pour into a mug and add the lemon and honey to taste. Of course, I also added the ACV this time.

Replied by Dawn
Phoenix, Az, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

I made a mug of Chai Spiced tea with 2Tbsp ACV and Honey to taste. I can breathe AND smell for the first time in 3days!! I will definitely be using this concoction until this sinus infection is GONE! If anybody is like me, I lose my sense of taste and smell when I get these infections, so the ACV doesn't bother me at all.

Posted by Amy (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) on 12/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I am suffering from my second sinus infection. the first one I had was last year around this time (December) and got so bad that my face turned red and swollen and I had terrible head aches. I went on antibiotics and a saline spray the doctor recommended, and within a few weeks, it was gone, but the antibiotics killed all beneficial bacteria in my body as well, and a yeast infection followed. I woke up today with the beginnings of what feels like a second sinus infection.

I read about ACV and just tried it. I put 1 tbsp in an 8 oz glass of water. Although the taste wasn't pleasant, it's only been about 10 min and my sinuses already feel clearer, definitely something I would recommend for some instant relief. Thanks for all the suggestions!

Replied by Kevin
Conyers, Georgia, Usa

Try adding in LOCAL HONEY. It has to be LOCAL or say LOCAL on it. Here is my recipe. 8 oz of hot water in a cup. 2 tbsp of ACV. 1 tbsp of local honey. - Usually completely cured in 2-3 days max. We have lots of trees out here with lots of pollen. It's not uncommon for us to get sinus infections and/or allergies.

Posted by Lori (Westport, Ct) on 12/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I am a firm believer in the healing properties of Apple Cider Vinegar. I came down w/ a horrible sinus infection/laryngitis yesterday and today have been sipping on 2 Tb ACV and 16 oz water.... A miracle... What a relief! ~!!!!

Replied by Marian
Littleton, Co
4 out of 5 stars

I have just spent a good portion of the evening reading posts from my fellow sinusitis suffers. I just came down with a cold, which is morphing into sinusitis. Not only did I just use ACV and local honey drink, I rinsed my mouth afterward with baking soda and water to neutralize the vinegar acid's negative effect in my tooth enamel. Also, I just mixed 2tbsp of _____s ACV in 12oz of water, warmed it slightly in the micro, and then used the solution in my Neti pot. It stung like the devil but afterward, my sinuses don't hurt quite so bad. Stay tuned!