White Vinegar for Folliculitis

White Vinegar
Posted by Gp (London, United Kingdom) on 05/23/2010

Hi just had to write to encourage others to try this cure for folliculitis, which I have had for 4 years! I stumbled across this website the other day, and wanted to try it for myself, at first I was sceptical as I like many others have been from one antibiotic, lotions, potions and creams without success, for this very embarrasing, and painful condition. I got myself a plant spray and poured pure some distilled white vinegar and sprayed my legs, which at present are covered with infected hairs and past dark red scars. Couldnt quite believe it the, the fresh spots, seemed to just disappear and my old scars dont seem so apparent. Its great! Ive only been doing it for one day! so I am definitely going to try this every day and hope to see a difference. I had visited my GP on Friday and came back very despondent with his vagueness of information on such, for me, such a debilitating condition, affecting my relationships and now my lifestyle, as the painful infected spots look just awful and my post-follicular spots look dark and horrible. There is hope, and I am hoping that vinegar can help me. Try it for yourself, with best wishes GP.