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The Health Benefits of DMSO: What You Need to Know

Peripheral Neuropathy, Shingles and Arthritis

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Posted by Old Fart (Winamac, IN) on 09/21/2022

Regarding DMSO, I have used it both internally and externally for years with what I feel are very good results. I take 1 tsp of the 99.9% pure liquid every morning along with cider vinegar and H2O2 in a glass of water. Since I've been doing this, I can get out of bed in the morning, stand up straight and walk like a normal person. I also use DMSO / aloe vera gel for aches and pains from arthritis. I am 75 and have peripheral neuropathy due to agent orange in Vietnam, and DMSO gel is also a big pain reliever for my achy feet and hands.

You can buy both products on Amazon, but I found the pure liquid is cheaper at " Pet Meds". The gel is 70% DMSO and 30% aloe. From all I've read, and that's quite a lot, it is more effective at the 70 / 30 ratio when applied toppically.

If you want to learn more about DMSO, there is a good but short book available online from "HOOPLA". I don't remember the authors name, but the book is, "What Doctors Need to Know about DMSO."

At present time, I am also using it topically to treat my 'shingles', and it is working unbelievably well. I simply apply the gel several times a day. It has stopped the spread and kept the rash to limited space, as well as reducing pain.

Replied by Carolyn

I was just reading reviews for r lipoic acid on amazon and several reviewers mentioned it for neuropathy along with benfotiamine (a form of a b vitamin).


I use Lipoic Acid for Peripheral Neuropathy and it worked very well for a few weeks, but now it rarely works.

Replied by Deborah B.

I also have severe peripheral neuropathy. I have found if I apply magnesium lotion to my legs and feet and then I spray on DMSO before rubbing it in, it works well.

Replied by Looms

I just wanted to say how sorry I am for what happened to you. I know you believed in your heart that you were doing it to protect me and all of us in the states, and even though war is usually not the best way to create peace, my heart thanks you for being willing to do what you could, and you sacrificed so much. I'm keeping your healing in my prayers. Thank you. 💝

Replied by Jean

Do you know if there's a difference between the DMSO you buy on Amazon and the one at a tractor supply store? Anyway, thank you in advance.

Replied by Joe A.
(Stockton, Ca)
73 posts

You're really not an old fart, I am at 80, you're a young fart at 75. I thought hydrogen peroxide is dangerous to drink?

you use DMSO 1 Tsp dmso (99.9%) with Is it ACV apple cider vinegar or regular vinegar? You drink it on an empty stomach?

I drink 2Tbsp of ACV in a glass of water with 1/2 lemon juice and 1/2 Tsp of organic, raw honey every morning on an Empty stomach, I can eat 2-3 minutes later and lost 55 lbs. I will add DMSO 1tsp to fight my severe arthritis in back and neck. You also used DMSO gel that has Aloe Vera? I never heard of that, do you use it for neuropathy pain? I also have that in my feet and enlarged prostate and UTI urinary tract infection, maybe someone has a new recipe I can try. Thank you all. Germany 1961-1964 Army

Replied by Maria

Dear Old Fart, Eucalyptus Oil sent those shingles right back in where they came from. Not a cure, but in my case complete relief for several years and when they made another appearance this year, I sent them back in again.

(Mason City Ia)

How did you use the eucalyptus oil? For the actual blisters or pain from shingles? Oral or on the skin? I had shingles after Covid and only some blisters in the lower back, but the pain on my leg (neurological?) has persisted, sometimes gets better and sometimes is very intense. I will be grateful for any response. Thanks

Replied by Olga

Hi, Old Fart!

These are some of the supplement that could help with the neuropathy. Could help restoring the nerve (to a certain extend of course).
Hope you can get some relieve!!

  • Vit B1 (thiamin)
  • Vitamin B6 (as P-5-P)
  • Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalmine)
  • Alpha lipoic acid
  • Turmeric & Ginger

Plantar Fasciitis

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Posted by Katzie (Calgary) on 04/04/2021

DMSO for Plantar Fasciitis

I used DMSO on my friend's feet, with a thin layer of Castor Oil first, and then 3 drops of straight liquid DMSO, on each. He felt so much better after just 1 treatment! We are continuing this treatment. While doing a deep dive into how DMSO heals so efficiently, I found a study that said it heals by correcting the DNA back to what it's supposed to be doing, in whatever body part is sore. I order it from the DMSO store, online or it can be found at any good health food store in North America. Feel well, lovely Earthclinic community!

Replied by BdetteR
(United Kingdom)

Dear Katzie, thank you for your post. You don't say what concentration of DMSO was used to apply undiluted to your friend's plantar fasciitis. Was it 70%? From the Regency Organics company in the UK they suggest diluting the 70% concentration with distilled water and on more delicate areas like the face and neck diluting to 50%, so I'm wondering what you used. Thanks.

Plantar Fasciitis
Posted by Patsy613 (Waupaca, Wisconsin, Usa) on 03/31/2013

COMMENTS ON USING DMSO. I HAD PLANTAR fasciitis for several months in 2007 before using DMSO. I put it on topically on clean skin on my foot bottom twice a day. In 3-4 days it was gone. If I felt that tightness return I did another treatment. I have had no problems for several yrs now and I go barefoot too. It is a shame we waste money on special shoes and Doctors.

Replied by Janice
(Long Island, Ny.)

I was thinking about using DMSO for the same condition but am hesitant because it's your feet and you step on all kinds of dirt. Even if you put a sock on, I'm not sure if it's safe because of germs getting in there.

Pulled Muscles

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Posted by Boo (Barren Springs, Va) on 03/13/2012

At the end of January, my husband and I were working on a big digging project, doing most of it by hand. While lifting one shovelful of dirt, I felt a "pop" in my neck/shoulder area. It didn't hurt immediately, so I (foolishly) kept on working. A week later found me in the after-hours clinic at my local Dr. 's office. The doctor on call told me to take up to 3 ibuprofen 2x/day. I laughed at him. So he prescribed neurontin. Thus started a 6 week journey through nerve/muscle pain, severe cramps, and rolling muscle spasms. Over the course of time I've taken neurontin (nerve pain), NSAIDS (general muscle agony and inflammation), and finally my own Dr. prescribed Valium (to ease the rolling charley horses from my shoulder to the back of my hand). My Dr. knows that I hate drugs, and the only reason she gave me valium is because I was also visiting a chiropractor and a deep muscle massage therapist.

Finally, I realized that I had to take care of my own self. I've lightly used DMSO in the past, mainly for treating a toenail fungus. This time I got serious.

I made a special trip to the health food store for a bottle of DMSO, dried comfrey leaves and powdered root, some magnesium, kava kava, and a container of MSM lotion.

I poured some of the DMSO into a separate glass container and filled the original up with leaves and root and let it sit for a couple of hours. I didn't measure anything, just eyeballed the entire conglomeration. I wandered to my husband's office, and 'borrowed' a ceramic coffee cup.

Using an unbleached coffee strainer, I poured the mixture into the cup in an attempt to strain it. What a mucilaginous mess.

The next morning I used the resultant slime (for that's what it truly resembled) and rubbed it into my left arm from neck, through the armpit, across the back, and to my fingertips. I smelled STRONGLY of garlic, even more so than when using just plain DMSO. I either got used to it, or it faded away.

Anyway, I thinned the slime with a bit more DMSO, and placed it in a glass dropper bottle to carry with me. I use it several times daily, especially upon rising and before bed. Sometimes I use the MSM lotion first, let it soak in, and then follow with the DMSO/comfrey mixture. Yes, I realize the closeness of MSM and DMSO, but honestly, the lotion has made a big difference in the softness of my skin.

Kava kava is a muscle relaxant that replaced the valium. I used that in conjunction with the magnesium citrate to relax my muscles and get some much-needed sleep.

After 6 days, my chiropractor was fairly amazed at the looseness of my shoulder/neck/arm muscles. My spine was fairly well aligned, signifying that the muscles were no longer tensing and pulling my vertebrae out of alignment. I still have some nerve issues, especially around the elbow, but it has improved more within the last few days than I would have thought possible. No more valium, neurontin, and quite a bit less of the NSAIDs.

So...long story short:

  • Kava kava magnesium to relax muscles (taken before bed)
  • DMSO to use as a carrier for allatoin (comfrey leaves/roots) to heal muscle/tendon injuries applied several times/day
  • MSM lotion for when I don't want to smell like a garlic patch.

Hopefully, this will help someone. Thank you EarthClinic, for your storehouse of knowledge.

Pulled Muscles
Posted by Janice (Ocean, NJ) on 06/19/2007

I pulled a muscle in the upper middle back and could not turn my head full left or right. I rubbed in DMSO, & soon after, the pain was gone. It lasted the whole day, but I did have to reapply at night & then the next day. After about 4 days , the pain was completely gone! This is an amazing site--my new bible---thank you for everything!

Recommended DMSO Books

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Posted by Charles (Masterton, New Zealand) on 06/20/2022

A great book full of uses, reported cases & explanations: The DMSO Handbook For Doctors - Archie H Scott; easy to understand for non-doctors. I bought from "Book Depository" - free shipping to New Zealand. Example: 'Alzheimer's & Other Dementia'.

This writer had a friend who died at the age of 101. She showed no signs of mental decline. She used it (DMSO) regularly for over 30 years." We have been using DMSO for several years.In particular, we take 1 teaspoon of 40% every day, first thing in the morning.

As another precaution, we also put VCO (coconut oil) in our cereal. Buy this book -you will be so glad that you did. I am 81.

Replied by Sheila

To Charles from Masterson, New Zealand

What do you mean by 40%? Do you take it in juice? I have book but haven't read it yet. I have had a TIA 2 years ago. I am on apixaban to thin my blood. Do you know anyone on blood thinners who take DSMO? I took it just before I went to the ER. I suffer no ill effects from the TIA. I believe the DSMO made the difference.

Replied by Michael

Hi Charles

Thanks for the note.

where did you get your 40% DMSO?

Recommended DMSO Books
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 10/19/2011

A friend sent me the book, The Persecuted Drug, The Story of DMSO. It was published in 1973 but is chilling how ruthless the FDA was then and now. How they punish people for the pure pleasure of it and protect the mamoth drug industry. I worked for Crown Zellerbach in the 60's and was aware of DMSO, but not like this book describes. It was made in their mill in Boguloosa, La. and I knew the supervisor of the plant. He said no employee that worked in that area had ever had a cold or the flu. All employees stole the product to give to old relatives who had arthritis and such. They all knew of it's benifits first hand.

Anyway, I encourage you to buy and read this old book. DMSO is a product that could revolulationize medicine if given a chance. You can use it on a million dollar horse, but it is against the law for you to receive its benifits. Why? It is too cheap and is not patentable.

I promise you that if you read this book and don't shed a few tears, then you are a hard person. The FDA is exposed with this story. They ruined a number of good dedicated doctors to prove that they are omnipotent.

As Dr Jacob says, horses don't know about plecabo's or double blind tests. It it works , they run, if not , then they don't run. Sounds right to me.

Please read the book.

Replied by Mystic Sage
(Cutler Bay, Florida)

Hi Robert Henry, I read the same book as well. The one book that led me to this one mentioned on your post was titled The Heritic. I believe that is the title, by Mendelsohn(?). He mentioned DMSO aside from many interesting facts that involved the medical field during the fiasco with DMSO and the FDA. I had forgotten about DMSO until I read the first Trudeau book about a year ago and noticed that he mentioned The Heritic book in his. I have been slowly purchasing the books that Trudeau has mentioned in his book to help me along in understanding DMSO. Very fascinating. I still want to find out how I can orally take it if what I have is the 99.9% gel with 10% distilled water. I am psyched out with this stuff as well!


To Mystic Sage, you had asked a question about your DMSO gel that was 99.9 percent pure. The gel formulation of DMSO contains an agent in it called carpobol and I quote and just substitute the DMSO for the first word. [0162] (Ophthalmic) [editor note here: DMSO] gels suitable for treatment of the eye include a compound or compounds of the invention suspended in a hydrophilic base, such as Carpobol-940 or a combination of ethanol, water and propylene glycol (e.g., in a ratio of 40:40:20). A gelling agent, such as hydroxylethylcellulose, hydroxypropylcellulose, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose or ammoniated glycyrrhizinate, is used. A preservative and/or a tonicity agent may optionally be included. --[Source:] And this site of the company that makes it and appears owns it: What about just plain DMSO, Capeech? .

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn Usa)

HU U MYSTIC SAGE, , , , , , , , , ,

This is not the only natural medical thing that gives me concern that the Traditional Medical folks fight tooth and nail. We have cleaned out our blood vessels with EDTA Chelation and have used the CEDSA to learn of the parasites that have taken us over. That is now a thing of the past. We main line Glutithione to avoid Dementia. We have yet to receive the blood test results that was developed by Purdue U that tells you 5 to 7 years ahead of time that you have cancer on the way and has a protocol to combat the problem. That will be a biggie.

These are all things to keep you from having these problems. I am just a lowly Ch E. But I think DMSO works best as a carrier in an IV situtation. Dr. Jacob is the authority on DMSO, but the Gov. has cowed this great man.

My latest project is to use a lowly Egg Plant solution to treat the Actinic Kerartosis which covers my face before it becomes cancerous.

Love you all ======ROBERT HENRY=====

Replied by Leah
(Philadelphia, Pa)

Hi guys, It is a heart breaking story. It makes me outraged that something so healing has been suppressed by those who were originally meant to promote the public interest. Of course we see this with many cheap, unpatentable therapies such as oxygen, IV vitamin c for cancer, using your own blood that has been subjected to uv light for hidden viruses etc. The list of forbidden, cheap, life saving herbs and therapies is quite long. If we had better education about and access to these things all chronic illness would be much easier to cure. Pharmaceuticals and surgery would become virtually obsolete.

Replied by Man

I put a complete copy of the book DMSO: The Persecuted Drug by Pat McGrady as a mirror of the other copy so that there is a second copy on the web. Having several backups of information like this is helpful. What I see is that the Medical Industrial Complex has control issues and they don't like people learning too much and they use the police power of the state to enforce their arbitrary codes/laws. There is no money to be made in fees on DMSO. It is not patentable because it is a natural substance. This is a miracle substance and it is cheap and it does major good. Nobody is interested in cheap because there is no profit to be made. There is no money telling people to use a product they can go to the store and buy themselves.

Scroll down the page to see the article.


Replied by Ilona Parker

MMS and DMSo or both great for many things, but the fastest product on viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. is the zapper. Google Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper, or Don Crafts zapper. They are gone in minutes.


Posted by Ronnie (Chicago, IL, USA) on 02/07/2009

Can the DSMO heal old Cellulitis scars? It's a skin infection caused by bacteria. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Ronnie

Sinus Decongestant

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Posted by Diana (Arizona) on 02/18/2017

I got a sore throat and applied iodine to my neck glands on the outside of my neck then for good measure I applied some DMSO to drive it in. I noticed to within minutes the mucus got thin and runny and greatly relieved the congestion. This is a great find for me as decongestant are meant to be very useful in Lipedema. I experienced DMSO as a powerful decongestant.

Sinus Infections

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Posted by Shelley (California) on 11/24/2017

I have been using DMSO in a spray bottle 3 pumps every 30 minutes for sinus infection. Have been doing this for 1 days. It is finally breaking up.

Replied by Tray
(Lake Forest, CA)

Just the 99% DMSO? Or was it diluted in the spray bottle? If so with distilled water?

Replied by Nathan
(Decatur AL)

Did you mix distilled water together with DMSO? What type of spray bottle did you use?

Skin Cancer

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Posted by G. (Douglasville Ga.) on 10/11/2021

I used DMSO on a skin cancer spot, and I added a lot of vitamin C, and it cured the spot. Vitamin C kills viruses, and the DMSO helped it to absorb since it is an industrial solvent. It goes to the bottom, and a little more. Antiviral herbs and DMSO would work, too, maybe.

Skin Growths

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Posted by Gary (Obion, Tn) on 08/14/2015

I have successfully used DMSO for two severe skin growths--one was more than 7 years old--ugly right under my right eye. Gone is just 3 days--but about 50 consecutive treatments in that short time-that also included pricking the sore to initiate bleeding and then alternating hydrogen peroxide with DMSO and then alternating iodine with DMSO.

The sore was really ugly and growing daily. It was ugly on the exterior and went deep beyond the surface of the skin.

Sore Body After Flu

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Posted by Marsh (Colorado) on 01/11/2022

Caught a bad stomach bug (or food poisoning) while in Mexico. The locals said a flu bug was going around. I always carry ACV, Lugol's iodine, charcoal, oil of oregano, probiotics, and a host of other goodies just in case. Regurgitation (8 times was so violent), I thought I'd be carted off to the ER. The next day my entire body was terribly sore, even my eyes, teeth and fingernails hurt. I rubbed DMSO cream everywhere that hurt (no - didn't put in eyes! ) and it took away the soreness. Eyes still tender. Just remember to take OofO in the AM, and at night repopulate the good gut flora with probiotics.

Sore Shoulder Pain

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Posted by Linda (Ireland ) on 02/10/2022

Bought dmso for my sore shoulder, I dont know why it was sore but I couldn't lift my arm above my head and it was starting to hurt even without movement, so earth clinic suggested dmso and castor oil.

1 application and after a rash, itch and a little discomfort the pain went from 9 out of 10 to like a 2.....i love herbs and old remedies and would definitely recommend this

Sore Throat

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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 07/06/2016 480 posts

I just read that in a DMSO book. It's 1 teaspoon in a couple ounces of water or juice. Once or twice per day - once per day for regular use and twice for problems and then after it's done its thing you cut back to once again.

I just made a tiny batch of DMSO lotion (50% DMSO and 50% aloe) and put it on one side of my neck to see what a topical application would do to a sore throat.

I definitely taste it AND my ear popped open - which is where my sore throat originated. I can feel it in my throat too - like it's sort of "diffusing" the soreness. Still hurts when I swallow but it's only been about 10 minutes.

I was actually looking for info on using it topically, for my daughter's boyfriend who has shoulder stuff from old sports injuries. Apparently you can use it topically even for internal issues, which makes sense but surprised me.

I'm getting ready to make some ear drops (50% DMSO and 50% distilled water). I didn't even know my ear was plugged up until it popped open! COOL!

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, Usa)
480 posts

The DMSO fixed my sore throat before it spread to full blown, on both sides. It also, apparently, eliminated some swelling in my neck that I hadn't realized WAS swelling. Not sure what that's about.

Haven't used the ear drops yet but put some of the DMSO aloe on a q-tip and ran that around in both ears, which are now popping - both on their own and when I swallow. So that' at approximately 5 minutes. Interesting.

Replied by Chris

Hey Cindy, did you use the dmso aloe for your sore throat or just dmso. I was gonna use the aloe and dmso 70 thirty on my back right tonsil. How fast did it work and any suggestions? Thankyou if you're able to answer

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