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Can DMSO Lower High Blood Pressure?

| Modified on Nov 06, 2023
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Learn how an Earth Clinic reader used DMSO for High Blood Pressure. Let us know if you have ever used DMSO to lower high blood pressure!

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Posted by Baldev (Maharashtra, India) on 02/28/2014 190 posts

Hi, So many of you have been using DMSO internally and I have requested all of you to give your feed back as to how does it effect the blood pressure. I request all of you to kindly monitor your BP and let us know it's effect on systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Thanks


Replied by Bill
(San Fenando, Philippines)

Hi Baldev...It's very timely that you have asked about DMSO's effect on blood pressure. For the last 3 days I have been experimenting with supplementing just one teaspoon of 100% DMSO on its own(outside mealtimes) per day with a glass of water. Out of interest, I have been measuring my BP every day with a wrist monitor. My normal blood pressure is 110/70. After I started taking the DMSO I found that my BP didn't vary at all from my normal readings. I measured my BP about an hour after taking the DMSO. I am also going to try adding lugol's iodine and other nutrients individually to the oral DMSO to see its effects on my body.

It's well known that Dr Stanley Jacobs, who is the guru on the use of DMSO since the 70s, has been taking one teaspoon of DMSO everyday with a glass of water for decades. He maintains that DMSO is one of the best antioxidants on the planet. DMSO also contains sulfur which is anti-aging and acts as an efficient detoxer for the body. When it is oxidized, DMSO becomes MSM(also known as DMSO2 or methylsufonylmethane) another highly useful nutrient for the body. The FDA, the drugs companies and the medical profession all hate DMSO's unique and highly useful transdermal carrier properties. After all, if you could use something like DMSO to deliver drugs and nutrients directly through the skin and into the blood -- then people could easily doctor themselves at home very cheaply because this would make the necessity for injections redundant -- just think of the money stream lost from the medical profession because of this. And that's only one very good reason to use DMSO.

Replied by Baldev
(Maharashtra, India)
190 posts

Hi Bill, Thanks a lot for the prompt reply and congratulations for having 110/70 as your normal BP. Don't you think that the body's defense system may not allow DMSO to bring the BP further down, where as if the BP readings were say 180/100, it would bring it to 150/90, just my guess. Kindly comment on this when ever you get an opportunity to use it on some one who has high BP. My feeling is DMSO must help in bringing the BP down and it is a better bet then taking beta blockers or any other medication. Thanks


Replied by Bill
(San Fernado, Philippines)

Hi Baldev...Unfortunately, I have not read any actual research of DMSO being used to bring down blood pressure but I have found testimonials that seems to confirm that it can help to lower higher blood pressure. There is research here which seems to suggest that DMSO is particularly good at reducing spinal pressure and high blood pressure in the brain after injury -- this is mainly due to DMSO's ability to open up blood vessels. It is also a strong antioxidant. Its most key and unique feature is as a transdermal carrier of nutrients (which are not normally well absorbed by the skin) from the skin directly into the blood in high amounts. It appears to be the case that DMSO will carry most chemicals/nutrients that have a molecular weight of below 1000.

So if you want large amounts of nutrients like iodine, niacin, vitamin c, glutathione or even ALA delivered locally in much higher quantities into the blood than from the intestines via digestion, then using DMSO will do it without problems.

One thing that I've also learned from using DMSO transdermally is that you should not really use DMSO as a transdermal carrier to put acid forms of nutrients directly into the blood using DMSO -- examples of such acid nutrients being Ascorbic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid, citric acid, ACV(It's acid!! ) etc. Always use the chemical salt forms which are the product of Acid/Alkali reactions, which tend to be much more alkaline and safer.

Generally, I usually always add a couple of drops lugols iodine to the DMSO whenever I'm using it transdermally with other nutrients -- the iodine will kill the pathogens topically on the skin so that these live pathogens are not also dragged into the blood to perhaps cause more problems in the body. So Iodine is my added disinfectant whenever I use DMSO on the skin. Hydrogen peroxide is another one you can use to pre-disinfect the skin area before DMSO use. After using the DMSO on the skin, its also best to rub in aloe vera oil to help prevent any itching, dryness or irritation caused by the DMSO.

Replied by Man
(Sojouring America)

Directed to Baldev from Maharashtra, India and Mary from Saskatchewan, Canada

I have no idea what my blood pressure is in terms of numbers. Here is how I know if a something works for me or not, I know how I feel. When I lie to sleep and if I can't relax then I know there is something wrong. If I don't fall asleep or can't get comfortable then I know I have to look carefully at what I did that day.

A very good example of this and I have repeated this over the course of years because sometimes I forget how MSG affects me. If I eat a product containing MSG I can't sleep, I can't relax. It feels like high blood pressure but I can't prove it cause I have not tested it.

I have put some of my writings at

Replied by Joanne

Look into castor oil and combining it with DMSO.