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Can DMSO Interfere or Leach Metal From Surgical Implants?

| Modified on May 19, 2024
Learn from Earth Clinic readers below if DMSO can leach metal from or interfere with surgical implants, including mesh.

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Posted by John Keller (Central Virginia) on 06/25/2016

As to DMSO leaching metals from implants, I would say unlikely. I don't say this lightly!

I have a 4-link stent in my LAD heart artery.

It is a "25 year drug eluting" stent.

I use a half to a full tablespoon ORAL DMSO (50%-50% dmso/water) every few days or weeks "as needed" for health reasons. So does my fiancee for her many medical problems that had no success with anything else.

What you MUST DO is use alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg., at least twice a day, during AND AFTER using oral/topical high dose/injected DMSO for, I would suggest, a week minimum.

That is to help detox your blood from the use of DMSO and Lugol's iodine and all the bacteria/virises/fungus/pathogens that DMSO and Lugol's has destroyed. If you don't, you will feel like you got hit by a truck!

Alpha Lipoic acid "takes out the trash" of all these dead nasty creatures etc..

Do it like that and you will feel great.

All evidence based suggestions.

Oh, yes, the Lugol's iodine mix will kill all those pathogens that can cause you back pain and damage. I just told you how to fix it too late unless you had mechanical injuries.

No matter what the reason you had the work done, you have iodine deficiency and a compromised immune system unless you are dosing with Lugol's solution.


Look it up!

You've surgery and almost everybody has "low-grade infections" that are a HUGE, but unknown problem for the general population.

High dose vitamin D, at least a thousand iu of D3 PER 25 lbs. of body weight - MINIMUM and 10mg. (4 drops) Lugol's iodine 2% solution a day, works for most everyone I know to feel more mentally alert, focused, CALM, and inflammation SUPPRESSED/immune system modulated and ARMED.

The research is impressive.

Replied by Sabine
(Chesterfield, VA)

I just had a hip replacement on my left hip but would like to treat my right hip with DMSO. Since I have the metal in my left hip can I still use DMSO in my right hip or anywhere else? How will it affect the metal part of the other hip over years?

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Posted by Serenity (Jordan) on 11/05/2014

Hi, I have done several surgeries and have multilevel titanium rods and screws holding some of my vertebrates together. My question is can I use DMSO for back pain at the location that has the metal. Would this be toxic in anyway or dissolve the metal hardware?


Replied by Ann

Hello Serenity,

Did you ever get a response to your question re. DMSO.

I have come to this forum with the same question. My son has a metal "cage" in his neck after an accident in 2013 which has left him a quadraplegic. I am using DMSO again on his neck but had the same thought. Is it dangerous for him? Will the DMSO connect with the metal in his neck and leech into his system. Does anybody know? Please!


I had a similar question as my husband who has titanium implants.


It lists dimethyl sulfoxide on page 11.


Thank you, Pam. This is the first bit of practical evidence I have seen. I can't risk my pacemaker melting away. I'll explore further, find out exactly what elements it is composed of and go from there. Many thanks, Gar


Hi Pam, great link, thank you so much. According to the link, DMSO is acceptable for almost all metal implants.

Replied by Serenity

From what I read online (Very limited info on that btw) that it should not matter much and is ok to use.

Replied by Santa
(North Pole)

Metals are not a problem! You can use DMSO and you'll be glad you did!


Personally I would not put it directly over an implant. I would put it around it though.