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DMSO for Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis in Cat

| Modified on Jun 01, 2024
Learn how an Earth Clinic reader used DMSO to treat a spinal cord injury paralysis in her cat!

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Posted by Kathy (Morrice, Mi) on 02/26/2008

My cat broke her back 10 weeks ago and hasn't walked since. Her spinal cord was not severed but only had limited use of one back leg. I rubbed DMSO mixed with aloe vera 3 times daily and within 3 days, the leg with no nerve responses started twitching and she started moving it. On the 4th day, she stood up twice. Still not walking but getting more use of both legs and making progress. I don't believe it was coincidence. I started rubbing on peroxide over back today to oxygenate her system and help with regeneration. DMSO is miraculous and FDA should not stop it's use.

Replied by Diane
(Pahoa, Hi)

Yes, my Great Dane had wobbles caused by closure of bone on lower neck to close in on nerves. She lost use of her back legs. Surgery cost 8,000 and maybe a short term cure. I put 99% pure DMSO on the lower part of her neck 3 times a day. She was cured walking then running. Truly a miracle. I don't mix it. Use it full strength on myself too. I just use my clean hands or fingers. No fear of it. It is a miracle!!!!!