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DMSO Treatment for a Shoulder Injury or Shoulder Pain

| Modified on Jun 01, 2024
Below, Earth Clinic readers explain who they used DMSO to heal their shoulder injury and reduced considerable shoulder pain!

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Posted by Esgarrett (O Fallon, Illinois) on 01/09/2018 4 posts

DMSO for injured shoulder.

December 26, 2016 over a year ago, I slipped on the top step of my front porch. After sliding and bouncing down 6 concrete steps I recovered and went inside the house to check out my body.

Evidently I injured my right shoulder by landing mostly on the last two steps.

Right away I applied ice packs off and on every 15 minutes--finally in order to sleep I took a pain pill. The next day I began research on earthclinic and found DMSO---- purchased the DMSO from a rural supply and found much relief.

I had pain on the order of about 4 of 10 for about one week. Movement was hurtful but managed. After a month, motion and movement were doing good. Each day I applied the DMSO gel from the jar with my left hand to the right shoulder. After about 5 minutes the skin would heat up and you knew it was working. A few minutes later the heating subsides along with the pain (which by now was very little). In March I felt complete again unless I tried lifting over 60-70 lbs (so I didn't).

It is now January 9, 2018 and I can definitely remember the mishap but the right shoulder is doing good. Recently I awoke to what seemed to be a locked up big toe and it hurt to walk .....a little coat of DMSO ....5 minutes goes by and all is well again.

thanks earthclinic!

Shoulder Injury
Posted by Barbara (Davis, Ca USA) on 07/06/2008

DMSO: I know, I know, it's a solvent, used to clean aircraft and electrical parts. It has an odor, but what cure doesn't come with a drawback or 2?

This stuff literally can work in an instant, long term...I don't know the effects, but then, we all KNOW that Motrin affects the liver directly too.
So, I woke up this AM with shooting electrical pain in my left shoulder again, just wanted to go right back to sleep, couldn't hold it straight without weakness and shooting pains, feels like something is pinched or going wrong.

Swipe some of this DMSO clear liquid on my shoulder muscles, and poof! the sensations went away until right now and it is almost 18 hours later!