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How to Use DMSO for Back Pain

| Modified on Nov 06, 2023
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Below, Earth Clinic readers explain how to use DMSO to alleviate back pain fast!

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Posted by LYLE (Singapore) on 08/23/2022

Putting DMSO over castor oil on the lower back will heal the nerves & over time alleviate the pain. Better yet, use it along with a ceramic lamp for even quicker and more profound results.

Replied by Katzie

I can attest that this works!! After diagnosis of "crushed discs", I found that a layer to castor oil with dmso after it works a charm! I found over time that I had to use less and less of the dmso since it actually heals and not just treats. Studies have shown that dmso corrects the dna back to what its supposed to be in whatever area you're putting it on. Eg. I used the dmso for I think just over a year and now don't have to anymore since those discs were restored to their original function, ie. I don't even know they're there.

This will heal you up! Happy healing.


Hello Katzie,

I just saw your message. When you were diagnosed with "crushed discs" did you do a X ray/MRI and they said you had herniated discs/pinch nerves? Is that what you meant?

After doing the castor oil and DMSO for awhile did you do another xray/MRI and it showed the discs to be better? or did you just base it on how you feeling when you said they were ''healed''?

Did you use any type of wrap or heat on the neck when you applied it? You do it once a day or a couple time applications per day?

Thank you


I had not thought to use these two together. Thank you. Castor oil has so many good (unknown) properties. My husband has just had 2 discs replaced in his neck. I will try to use it, however his skin is so sensitive, the DMSO can be irritating to him.


Dilute the DMSO - 80/20 with Distilled Water.

(United Kingdom)

Dear Katzie, I am about to try using DMSO for disc herniations and adhesions in my neck. What potency DMSO did you use? It sounds like you used it undiluted on the castor oil layer. I emailed the Regency Organics company in the UK who produce high quality DMSO and they said 70% diluted with distilled water was what people generally used for topical applications. Is this what you used? I have the gel which is 90% so am getting distilled water to dilute. Thanks for your comment.

Replied by peter

do you apply castor oil first, then dmso second?

Replied by Katzie

You bet, Pete. A thin layer of castor oil first, then the dmso. The castor oil protects the skin! I once used dmso on my knees without it and had red dry skin there for a few days. I have never forgotten to use castor oil first. I did try other essential oils and they do work, for an application or two, but if you need to longterm treat an area, I found castor oil to be the most viscous and most protective.




I am also using DMSO and Castor Oil but am mixing them first. 2 parts oil to 1 part DMSO in a spray bottle. I find I can reach my lower mid back & by mixing bypass any burn. Also have a ceramic lamp. It might work better if I had someone to do the application in 2 separate doses but I don't, this seems to work. Just started this week so will post again in a month.


Hello Katzie,

I saw today that you wrote the site about a year and a half ago. How has the DMSO/Castor oil mixture worked for you? Thank you


Hello Katzie,

I saw you wrote a couple of days ago and I wrote you a message but haven't heard anything back. How has the DMSO/Castor oil mixture worked for you? Do you use heat at all?

Do you do a wrap around it? Or you just do thin layer of each?

Thank you

Back Pain
Posted by Katzie (Calgary) on 04/04/2021

After taking Xrays with my first chiropractor after a bad fall, he showed me how I had almost no cushioning between my discs and that he estimated I had 6 more months without pain before I felt it. Well, 5 1/2 months later I had what felt like a toothache on each side of my lower back. I was like, "hell to the no" and ran for my DMSO bottle.

I like to use it straight and not watered down. I use a thin layer of Castor Oil first as it is the only oil viscous enough to protect the skin. I started with 7 drops on each side, 2x per day. DMSO actually heals on a molecular level, so I needed less and less as time went on.

A few weeks ago I was telling a friend about what DMSO did for me, and suddenly realized I had not put any DMSO on my back in 2 months! So from now on, I will just apply a "maintenance dose" 1x a month to keep things good. So, know how much you started with and be prepared to cycle down by either using fewer drops per treatment or skipping days, etc. It's not like a big Harma med where you have to take it forever and usually need more to get the same result, DMSO is the opposite!!

Happy healing, everybody!

Replied by Linda
(Nashville, TN)

Does DSMO actually help discs repair themselves? Have you had an x-ray that shows changes in your back, or is DMSO just changing the nerves that are signaling pain?

Replied by Raya
(New York)


What brand and concentration of DMSO are you using? Only externally or internally as well?

Thank you.


I buy ANY kind of DMSO. They all work. If my problem is serious, like when I developed Deep Vein Thrombosis after cracking a shin bone, I do indeed drink it internally. It tastes terrible but it works faster this way. I also rubbed many drops on my whole leg for 2 days and I was 90% back to normal and all the way back on the 3rd. I hope this helps!

I order my DMSO online, for whoever has it on sale, so a different brand every time, and it has never ever let down. As long as you get it, you're better off.

Whenever I experience mild stinging on say, a knee or my back, then I back off on my drops-dose or the frequency of the treatments. It's my body's way of saying "I'm doing better now, I didn't need that much", so I listen.

I only buy the 99% Pharma or Food Grade stuff. I don't buy the stuff with aloe gel in it as aloe needs alot of preservatives to keep from turning brown, and I don't want them running thru the cells of me. When I order 99% pure, I am in control of diluting it as well as with what.

Best of luck!


Thank you so much for sharing all this information, folk like you are better than many so called Doctors.


great advice.


KATZIE, ORH here, and you are putting out some bad stuff and I'll tell you why. DMSO is one of the most powerful solvents there is. Like all manufactured products some have better quality and some even have contaminants as you know. Any contaminant in DMSO therefore is taken deep into your body. That is the reason you dang sure wash your hands before using DMSO because that will also enter your body. I cringe when folks get into turf that they have no clue. Your remarks can cause others grief. I speak plain, but you needed a talking to. 99 % pure is not 100% pure, so what is the 1%?


Replied by Katzie

UPDATE: Buy 99.9% pure, 99.995% pure - the very best you can find! This stuff is a miracle in a bottle!

Replied by Clara
(Toronto, Canada)


I'm looking for food grade DMSO. Where do you buy yours from?

(Toronto, Canada)


I am not Katzie, but I live in Toronto too. I could not find it here, so I ordered mine from


I order mine by the gallon from The DMSO Store in Florida. I prefer their large glass gallon jars. While on vacay in Mexico, I have ordered it from Amazon and MercadoLibre before too.


I am in UK, I buy it off Ebay. It comes from Poland, 99.95% food grade I am sure it is. Been using it for a year or so. It works, sorted sore, teeth, and other aches and pains. No side effects, but it can be a bit stingy or mild burning sensation, that last 10 mins or so. Using Castor Oil first helps this. I aslo take it internally as well.


here is a link to a canadian supplier. I have yet to order and will be soon

Replied by Katzie

THAT is a great question! But x-rays are unhealthy and I didn't want to go for a follow-up radiation dose since the DMSO healed it. I can only speculate that it did this as I have never felt any pain in over 1 yr and can go months without my dmso drops! The pain wouldn't stay away if I didn't have cushioning now. I read a scientific study that said that DMSO works by correcting the DNA in the body back to what it was originally supposed to be doing. That's it's job in the tree, after all! From start-to-finish in healing my back was about 1 yr, but remember, I started the DMSO within 5mins of the pain starting. Hope this answers your question!


Hi Katzie -

There is a Canadian website where I get mine (they also sell glass gallon jugs) and it's 99.995% pure. They are based in Ottawa, Ontario.

I don't use that much (yet) so I've been purchasing 16-ounce bottles. It's lasting me a long time.



Replied by LYLE

Basically the same treatment. I buy castor oil from an Indian shop and pour it into a spray bottle - saves me the mess of rubbing it in. Same with DMSO. To really move things along I bought a TDP ceramic lamp from aliexpress for the same cost as 1 visit to a chiropractor. I found if you read with your elbows propping your shoulders up the lower back is also flexed - not sure if helped but can't hurt. Hint, spray a bit on each shoulder you'll be surprised by the improved flexability.

Replied by Ian

Back Pain
Posted by Nancy (Tennessee) on 02/05/2015

I've used DMSO for years; I'm 73 now. The best is from Dr. Jacob's lab. He researched it for 50 years an F now is 93 and healthy. Make sure to put it on clean skin as it's absorbed and takes other things with it. I take it in my orange juice and externally. It is today modern miracle like aspirin was a century ago. I'm a retired chemistry I am aware of chemical uses. I've read every book I could find and watched videos on YouTube. My dog jerked her leash and me and caused me some terrible back and arm pain. I'm getting better using the DMSO directly on the pain areas. It gets rid of inflammation which causes lots of pain. It is absorbed by cells and repairs them if they are damaged including precancerous ones. It's faboulous! Every ambulance should have it.

Replied by Jill

Nancy, what product from Dr. Jacob's do you use? He has many listed on his website.

Replied by Raya Kofman
(New york)

Hi Nancy,

I checked Dr. Jacob site and DMSO is listed with various concentrations (see below) - can you please specify which one are you using? Is it gel or liquid and concentration? Thank you, Raya.

DMSO Products 99.98% DMSO 90% DMSO Gel 70% DMSO Solution 70% DMSO Gel 50% DMSO Solution 50% DMSO Gel 25% DMSO Gel DMSO DUSA 60 DMSO DUSA SAL Gel

Replied by Lyle

Started taking about half an ounce morning and night. I am 73 and my wife said I stunk so bad she had me move to the guest room. In orange juice does it kill the garlicky smell? Do u find it helps strengthen your back?

Back Pain
Posted by Man (Sojouring America) on 04/01/2014

I had very sore muscles in my back recently from labour and I applied the DMSO gel by hand to my lower and upper back, then I put on by a roller cayenne extract after about 5 minutes. The results: The best heat pad in on the earth. It felt wonderful all day long. It was like an electric heat pad that I could walk around with all day.

DMSO comes from trees.

Back Pain
Posted by Matt (Millbrook, Ny) on 12/26/2009

I had slept on a bad mattress for one night too many. I woke up one day with sharp pains in my back. It made work very difficult, but I figured it would eventually go away on it's own. No dice. One day, after a week of back pain, I took about 1/2 teaspoon of DMSO to help my immune system recover after Lyme. I didn't realize it at first, but the back pain was gone within hours (probably sooner), and it NEVER came back! I even slept on that bad mattress again! lol not smart...

I should also add that some people are very sensitive to the smell of DMSO, and I "offended" at least one person.

Replied by Sher
(Jackson, Ca)

I just purchased DMSO 99.99% Pharma solvent grade which says it is odor less from a company named 21st Century Chemical on Ebay. I have not tried it yet. I must admit I never have heard of odor less DMSO. The company has been registered on ebay since 2006.

Replied by Man
(Sojouring America)

From my experience it seems that the people who are unhealthy, and smokers especially, find the odor of DMSO offensive the most.

Replied by Andrew
(Toronto, Canada)

Can anyone recommend a source for medical grade DSMO?

Thanks, Andrew

Replied by Andrew
(Ma., US)
Replied by Ines

DMSO doesn't have an odor really....if you put it through your fingers it's slippery like an oil but not oily. I have taken up to 20 drops of DMSO per day and never experienced any negative reactions; but for someone else it might cause an intense detox reaction. DMSO doesn't have an odor though it has been reported that some people may smell like garlic from using it.

Back Pain
Posted by Lucinda (Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA) on 01/04/2009

Found some roll on DMSO in a closet I was cleaning out and found your website. I have lower back pain and I put some on it. Already, it feels good! Thank you, Lucinda

Replied by Ben
(Parker, CO)

First I would like to recommend the book DMSO: Nature's Healer. It is a must read for anyone wanting to learn more or use DMSO. Second the main side effect of DMSO is a oyster/fish like smell on the breath, within seconds of application. There is extreme importance in thoroughly cleaning the area where DMSO will be used, prior to use. DMSO is a solvent, therefore, whatever comes into contact with it will be absorbed into the skin very rapidly. So clean, clean, clean, then use. From my experience, DMSO can be mixed with many things, as it enhances absorption and transportation into the body. I personally use it with Arnica oil. Application is called "painting". Simply take the DMSO or mixture and apply in strokes, with a cotton tipped applicator. Good luck and feel free to email with any other questions.

Replied by Leo
(Camrose, Alberta)

To apply DMSO, I use various kinds of brushes I can buy very cheaply. Just dip the brush, and apply. Great to get at hard to reach places, and it doesn't get on your hands so much. Leo

Replied by Man

I have thought about using those cheap "chip brushes" from the paint store to apply DMSO but I am not certain what chemical are on those even if they are brand new. I have several here but am hesitant to use them for that purpose.

Replied by Noreen
(S Wales UK)

Can anyone confirm that MSM powder or crystals is the same as DMSO?

I have used MSM crystals orally in the past after reading about its benefits. I noticed the arthritis in my hands improved.

I have been in the hospital for the last 4 months and the last 2 months in a Care Home, so haven't been able to use it, but intend to get hold of some asap, as I am now suffering a lot of pain in my hips and back. Results of the latest MRI scan suggest wear and tear and one disc in particular looking suspect.


MSM is the reaction product of DMSO AND HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. Mix MSM and DMSO and apply topically is a good way to get to specific joints.

(Far North)

Hello Noreen of South Wales (or as Mr. Trump might say: "South Whales"! ).

With my treatments, I prefer to keep things simple if possible. If I only have a couple of supplements to take on a regular basis, I am much more likely to take them for the long haul! Can't realistically expect a miracle before a month has passed you by!

For Arthritis, I have been taking 3-4 gms of Vitamin C powder well mixed/dissolved into a glass of water. Also, a very small amount of MSM powder < (less than) a quarter of a teaspoon (but start off with MUCH LESS to begin with), again mixed extremely well in a glass of water, both of them a couple of times of day - early on and by early afternoon would be good. They go well with each other and act in synergy. Not expensive really.

If you have some extra funds, Number three might include a good quality joint capsule and some sort of fish oil capsule too. Make sure that the oil tabs are top quality as bad oil is not the "Good Oil"! It might even be rancid!

Both exercise and rest are important for you, as well as a healthy diet, as I am sure you are aware. Drink enough water to lubricate the muscles and joints. De-stress/ relax mind and body if possible.

This regime has shown improvements in many of my muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons etc but not all. Still, I am grateful for some significant relief.

Hope things improve in your new routine.

Keep us posted, esp. after a month on the treatment - that would be instructive for many of us oldies here on this Site to learn about.

Cheers from Down Under (where the penguins live).