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DMSO for Swelling From Deep Wound and Stitches

| Modified on Jun 01, 2024
Learn how an Earth Clinic reader used DMSO for swelling from a deep wound and stitches that were pulling apart after surgery.

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Posted by Andy (San Antonio, Texas) on 05/31/2007

DMSO reduced swelling around a deep chain saw injury to the ankle and a cut artery which was repaired by surgeon swelling became uncontrollable stitches and sutures were stretching and pulling through skin.

DMSO and aloe gel placed around the wound but not in it. The swelling reduced completely and the wound healed fast. The vascular surgeon was amazed at the speed of recovery.

For many years in my youth, DMSO was used with ultrasound on ankles, knees, shin splints, etc. Until tonight I was under impression that this was a toxic chemical. needed is lots of deodorant and mouth wash.