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DMSO for Warts, Skin Tags, Abnormal Growths

| Modified on May 19, 2024
Learn how an Earth Clinic reader used DMSO to treat a wart or skin tag in her dog.

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Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 03/30/2021

Just wanted to report PHENOMENAL results using DMSO and 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide on a skin tag/growth/mole on my 15 year old dog's head.

Thanks to whoever wrote in about DMSO and Peroxide combo in EC's pets section. Inspired me to try this remedy combo.

Note: I tested this out on myself first (and am still using it) to make sure there were no side effects like burning and am happy to report there aren't any side effects with this concentration other than white skin on fingertips if I hold a supersaturated H202 cotton ball to an area fon my body for over 8 minutes. This disappears an hour or two later.

The Remedy:

I simply added a few drops of DMSO to a small dish containing 12% FGH2O2 and applied with a qtip to the mole on the top of my dog's head the first night. The mole started to flake apart within a few hours after application.

The second night, I held a cotton ball doused in the same mixture on the spot for a minute.

To my utter amazement, the growth simply fell apart and off his head right then and there!

Now, the vet had frozen this same mole off his head last October and it caused him considerable pain at the time. It also took 3 weeks to disappear, during which time it bled from time to time. Then it grew back a few months after that.

So imagine my hoorah when this ugly looking thing just fell off after such a short time. No blood, no pain. So amazing. I should have taken pics, but I didn't think it would work that fast.

I continue to use this combo on another skin tag near his bottom lip and also on my other 15 year old dog who has a few benign cysts on her face and neck. Can't tell if it's going to work. They seem to have shrunk a bit but hard to say. However, definitely not the dramatic instant cure like the skin tag/mole. So the success of this remedy really depends on the type of growth it is.

P.S. Would 3% peroxide be strong enough to achieve an almost instantaneous cure OR just the peroxide on its own (without the DMSO)? Not sure about that. Try it and let us know. I'm happy with the 12% after testing it extensively on my own skin for 5-10 minutes at a time.

Replied by ellie

Amazing. Thanks for sharing. What is status of skin tag after one year?

What grade DMSO did you use?

Thank you.

Replied by Deirdre

Hi Ellie! Thanks for asking. Nope, it never grew back. I used 99.99% pharmaceutical grade DMSO from Amazon. Deirdre

Replied by JC 'Frog'

I tried 3percent hydrogen peroxide (H202) on my Dog Bricks skin tag didnt work, then tried 3% with bentonite clay mixed in a slurry did not work. Next I tried 3percent H202/DMS0 and clay, he does not like it but didnt stay on long enough no results seen I think the 3percent has too many additives in it. Im gonna try 12percent H202/DMSO and the clay slurry when it comes in. I have 35percent H202 but I'm afraid that'll burn. I use it on myself 35percent H202/DMSO/clay on two skin cancers works very well (does burn a bit).

(Kitchener On)

Hi JC Frog

Best thing for warts is to cover the wart with Duct Tape - 2-3 days it will be gone. Also best thing for skin - tags is putting applecider viniger on a bandage at bedtime..Should also be gone in 2 -3 days, re - apply every night.

Take care


Replied by Chica

Maybe try the string method instead, the dog won't chew that off like he might the bandaid.