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The Health Benefits of DMSO: What You Need to Know

Long-Covid, Strokes
Posted by Mary H (Florida ) on 04/21/2023

I have been using DMSO for about 5 years. I buy it from a feed store or Tractor Supply. It is a lot cheaper and perfectly fine. I had bought both the pharmaceutical grade and that from the feed store. I could taste or tell no difference in the results.

I put 2 ounces of the DMSO and a 16 ounce glass and fill it up with water. I drink it slowly over about 20 minutes. It taste absolutely horrible. My friend drinks it with juice instead of water. Personally, I don't see how that would make it taste any better.

it's like an industrial strength Roto router to clean the plaque from the valves in my heart. I repeat this about every five or six months.

I have to drink a lot of water because my body gives off a garlicky smell for a couple of days.

Long-Covid, Strokes
Posted by dimethyl_sulfoxidator (Virginia) on 04/06/2023

Drinking DMSO for mental clarity following COVID and strokes

I have had two fascinating experiences with drinking 1 tsp of DMSO daily following a case of what some might think is or call "long COVID". My experience was such that I became very ill this past year for nearly two months. It was essentially pneumonia, but had a lot of other symptoms associated therewith that made it feel much worse than a lung problem. Thought I was going to die with this, but I managed to naturally cure myself.

I found myself mentally clouded and having terrible trouble with recall (I was normally exceptionally fast and higher end on the IQ range) which has been a death sentence for my work. After a lot of desperate trials of various things I stumbled upon oral DMSO consumption for brain damage patients.

I really didn't have much else to lose at this point due to my recall necessity, so I gave it a shot. I'm about a month in of taking 1 tsp of DMSO a day with about a glass of distilled water and I have been amazed at the results.

I believe I'm at about 90% of where I was before and perhaps, in some ways, better than prior to falling ill. I think my middle aged mind is closer to performance of about 15 years ago at this point. I'm not perfect in recall as I was, but I'm at about 90% as I said. The ways in which I'm better is that I'm feeling more alertness than I did before.

The next thing to report is that a loved one who has experienced brain damage from a series of strokes seems to be improving finally after being also desperate and trying many "medical" options. So far we've seen an improvement of about 10% of where they were and it seems as though this could go farther.

I am considering using 2 teaspoons per day as some have suggested - maybe spaced out prior to bed and in the morning - but I am still wanting to be on this protocol for a few months before taking it further.

Oral DMSO is nothing short of miraculous.