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The Health Benefits of DMSO: What You Need to Know

| Modified on Feb 16, 2024
Long-Covid, Strokes
Posted by dimethyl_sulfoxidator (Virginia) on 04/06/2023

Drinking DMSO for mental clarity following COVID and strokes

I have had two fascinating experiences with drinking 1 tsp of DMSO daily following a case of what some might think is or call "long COVID". My experience was such that I became very ill this past year for nearly two months. It was essentially pneumonia, but had a lot of other symptoms associated therewith that made it feel much worse than a lung problem. Thought I was going to die with this, but I managed to naturally cure myself.

I found myself mentally clouded and having terrible trouble with recall (I was normally exceptionally fast and higher end on the IQ range) which has been a death sentence for my work. After a lot of desperate trials of various things I stumbled upon oral DMSO consumption for brain damage patients.

I really didn't have much else to lose at this point due to my recall necessity, so I gave it a shot. I'm about a month in of taking 1 tsp of DMSO a day with about a glass of distilled water and I have been amazed at the results.

I believe I'm at about 90% of where I was before and perhaps, in some ways, better than prior to falling ill. I think my middle aged mind is closer to performance of about 15 years ago at this point. I'm not perfect in recall as I was, but I'm at about 90% as I said. The ways in which I'm better is that I'm feeling more alertness than I did before.

The next thing to report is that a loved one who has experienced brain damage from a series of strokes seems to be improving finally after being also desperate and trying many "medical" options. So far we've seen an improvement of about 10% of where they were and it seems as though this could go farther.

I am considering using 2 teaspoons per day as some have suggested - maybe spaced out prior to bed and in the morning - but I am still wanting to be on this protocol for a few months before taking it further.

Oral DMSO is nothing short of miraculous.

Sinus Infections
Posted by Nathan (Decatur AL) on 03/27/2023

Did you mix distilled water together with DMSO? What type of spray bottle did you use?

Cold Sores
Posted by Kristi LMT (Moore, OK) on 03/03/2023

2 drops of 99.9% DMSO with 2 drops of reverse osmosis water on a q-tip. Apply to cold sore area. With 1 application, mine was completely gone in 4-6 hours. It was applied within hours of the start of it.

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Judi (Shelbyville, TN) on 02/24/2023

Perhaps one could use a clean jade or quartz facial roller to apply a diluted version of DSMO.

DMSO With Food
Posted by sunshine31527 (Jekyll Island Ga) on 02/18/2023

Hi Josey..........

I have used DMSO drops on on my cat's food, about 5 or 6 drops each meal, because of a respiratory problem he had. And it worked so well that in a few days he was acting like a cat again and doing all the cat things they do. Also putting 1/4 teaspoon borax in a bowl of water for him. I also use dmso on my skin and as a mouth wash mixed with distilled water. It's great stuff.

Posted by Tina (Washington) on 02/13/2023

Can we use apple juice instead or any other type of juice with it instead of monster C. Also do we have to use peroxide with it? I'm looking for an oral solution for 1 tsp dmso to go into. Thank you for any help. I read the book however I only see orange juice (I can not have)used and now your cocktail. Thank you.

DMSO and Blood Thinners
Posted by Bruce (Perth Western Australia ) on 01/14/2023

I suggest you contact Terry Chamberlain, of The Natural Health Library.
He has a wealth of knowledge & when quoting others, gives their qualifications & experience ( not just an unknown "expert").
I would think to stop the thinners before the DMSO, but I'm NOT an expert.

Sore Throat
Posted by Chris (Ohio) on 01/14/2023

Hey Cindy, did you use the dmso aloe for your sore throat or just dmso. I was gonna use the aloe and dmso 70 thirty on my back right tonsil. How fast did it work and any suggestions? Thankyou if you're able to answer

Dental Health, Heart Health, Anti-Aging
Posted by Sam (Miami) on 01/11/2023

Do you want to raise or lower your blood pressure?

Dental Health, Heart Health, Anti-Aging
Posted by Neil (London) on 01/10/2023

I have DMSO and want to us it for blood pressure. How would you recommend I take it for best results?

DMSO and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by William Barrett (NV) on 12/26/2022

What are the dosages of hydro & DMSO with sterile water for COPD? Is it still working and for how long do you take it?

Dental Health, Heart Health, Anti-Aging
Posted by Danny (Florida) on 12/25/2022

How often with gargling dmso for a loose tooth?

Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by Jen (Cape Coral) on 12/17/2022

Look up joe tippens

Recommended DMSO Books
Posted by Michael (Auckland) on 11/22/2022

Hi Charles

Thanks for the note.

where did you get your 40% DMSO?

Tooth Abscess
Posted by Paul (Valencia) on 11/15/2022

Hello, is the DMSO you mention diluted or is it at full strength?

DMSO and Blood Thinners
Posted by Deb (Australia ) on 11/13/2022

Hi just wondering if anyone has used DMSO with blood thinners (warfin)

Peripheral Neuropathy, Shingles and Arthritis
Posted by Aurora (Mason City Ia) on 11/02/2022

How did you use the eucalyptus oil? For the actual blisters or pain from shingles? Oral or on the skin? I had shingles after Covid and only some blisters in the lower back, but the pain on my leg (neurological?) has persisted, sometimes gets better and sometimes is very intense. I will be grateful for any response. Thanks

Peripheral Neuropathy, Shingles and Arthritis
Posted by Maria (A.C.T) on 10/31/2022

Dear Old Fart, Eucalyptus Oil sent those shingles right back in where they came from. Not a cure, but in my case complete relief for several years and when they made another appearance this year, I sent them back in again.

DMSO and Sterilization
Posted by Rob (Melbourne florida ) on 10/23/2022

Sorry, Judge Sojournor but ur pretentious self is evident in chastising someone who just asked an innocent question. Please provide us with more of ur extensive knowledge on DMSO or is ur research limited to intimidating others needing answers? we all know how to ‘research' but often the research is an opinion..and u would know..

Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by martio (Ramapo NY) on 10/23/2022

Many people have asked Kenny to explain how to use dmso especially for cancer as he mentioned, Kenny has not been heard from Kenny is missing. I don't know if Kenny was honest with his information or not. Please people if you post any info, please explain the protocol that was used so you might help someone and avoid any anxieties. Thank you

EC: Hi Mario,

Kenny might not have signed up to be notified by email when someone replied to his post. Also, sometimes our auto-reply notifications end up in someone's junk mailbox and they never see it. That might explain his lack of response.

Peripheral Neuropathy, Shingles and Arthritis
Posted by Joe A. (Stockton, Ca) on 09/22/2022 73 posts

You're really not an old fart, I am at 80, you're a young fart at 75. I thought hydrogen peroxide is dangerous to drink?

you use DMSO 1 Tsp dmso (99.9%) with Is it ACV apple cider vinegar or regular vinegar? You drink it on an empty stomach?

I drink 2Tbsp of ACV in a glass of water with 1/2 lemon juice and 1/2 Tsp of organic, raw honey every morning on an Empty stomach, I can eat 2-3 minutes later and lost 55 lbs. I will add DMSO 1tsp to fight my severe arthritis in back and neck. You also used DMSO gel that has Aloe Vera? I never heard of that, do you use it for neuropathy pain? I also have that in my feet and enlarged prostate and UTI urinary tract infection, maybe someone has a new recipe I can try. Thank you all. Germany 1961-1964 Army

Peripheral Neuropathy, Shingles and Arthritis
Posted by Diane (BC) on 09/22/2022

I use Lipoic Acid for Peripheral Neuropathy and it worked very well for a few weeks, but now it rarely works.

Peripheral Neuropathy, Shingles and Arthritis
Posted by Jean (Texas) on 09/22/2022

Do you know if there's a difference between the DMSO you buy on Amazon and the one at a tractor supply store? Anyway, thank you in advance.

Peripheral Neuropathy, Shingles and Arthritis
Posted by Looms (Hawaii ) on 09/22/2022

I just wanted to say how sorry I am for what happened to you. I know you believed in your heart that you were doing it to protect me and all of us in the states, and even though war is usually not the best way to create peace, my heart thanks you for being willing to do what you could, and you sacrificed so much. I'm keeping your healing in my prayers. Thank you. 💝

Peripheral Neuropathy, Shingles and Arthritis
Posted by Deborah B. (WI) on 09/22/2022

I also have severe peripheral neuropathy. I have found if I apply magnesium lotion to my legs and feet and then I spray on DMSO before rubbing it in, it works well.

Peripheral Neuropathy, Shingles and Arthritis
Posted by Carolyn (Texas) on 09/22/2022

I was just reading reviews for r lipoic acid on amazon and several reviewers mentioned it for neuropathy along with benfotiamine (a form of a b vitamin).

Peripheral Neuropathy, Shingles and Arthritis
Posted by Old Fart (Winamac, IN) on 09/21/2022

Regarding DMSO, I have used it both internally and externally for years with what I feel are very good results. I take 1 tsp of the 99.9% pure liquid every morning along with cider vinegar and H2O2 in a glass of water. Since I've been doing this, I can get out of bed in the morning, stand up straight and walk like a normal person. I also use DMSO / aloe vera gel for aches and pains from arthritis. I am 75 and have peripheral neuropathy due to agent orange in Vietnam, and DMSO gel is also a big pain reliever for my achy feet and hands.

You can buy both products on Amazon, but I found the pure liquid is cheaper at " Pet Meds". The gel is 70% DMSO and 30% aloe. From all I've read, and that's quite a lot, it is more effective at the 70 / 30 ratio when applied toppically.

If you want to learn more about DMSO, there is a good but short book available online from "HOOPLA". I don't remember the authors name, but the book is, "What Doctors Need to Know about DMSO."

At present time, I am also using it topically to treat my 'shingles', and it is working unbelievably well. I simply apply the gel several times a day. It has stopped the spread and kept the rash to limited space, as well as reducing pain.

Posted by KHC (Atlanta, GA.) on 09/20/2022

I have arthritis in my hands and wrists and bad knees pretty bad, not immobile but really flares up on occasion. I have found that mixing 2 large heaping spoon fulls of Blu-Emu extra strength with 5 droppers of DMSO and 5 droppers of refined Emu oil together will make the pain practically go away for 10-12 hrs. The DMSO really helps the ointment absorb into the skin much faster and works along with the ointment really fast. Give it a try, can't hurt!

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Richard (California) on 08/19/2022

Take a clove of fresh garlic, smash it and make the dog lie down, press the garlic on the tumor and keep holding on the growth for 5 or 10 minutes do this twice daily, and the tumor will be gone in a few days, tretaed one of my dogs, garlic kills cancer on contact.

DMSO and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Sheila (Maryland) on 08/12/2022

I use both in a nebulizer daily, one part each of DMSO, H2O2, and sterile saline. Others may want a milder mixture, but I have been using this for 3 months now with great results for my COPD.

DMSO Side Effects
Posted by Neco (Austria) on 08/11/2022

Hallo Paul

du solltest über Chlordioxit dich schlau machen. Medizin für deine Krankheit. ... Danke

Hello Paul,

you should educate yourself about chlorine dioxide. medicine for your illness. ... Thank you

DMSO Side Effects
Posted by Paul (London UK) on 07/29/2022

The critical issue with chlorine dioxide (MMS) is the concentration. I have never used it, like apple cider vinegar. I'm afraid of its reaction with my Barrett's Esophagus. As for asking the doctor's advice, I am very wary of that due to most of them getting with the govt. narrative on Covid, Lockdowns, masks and jabs.

DMSO Smell Issues
Posted by Roxie (Grand Rapids, Michigan) on 07/26/2022

I tried it, by taking a teaspoon in o.j., but people are telling me I have an odor! I also used honey and water added in. Maybe I'll have to up the honey?!? Or not take it internally! If I get sick I will taking it though, whether I stink or not!

How to Store DMSO
Posted by Robin (MD) on 07/13/2022

Leaded glass? Need we inquire any further?

How to Store DMSO
Posted by Robin (MD) on 07/13/2022

I have experienced anxiety about that also. I transferred mine from the dense plastic in which it was shipped---over to cleaned, dark, glass wine bottles. At least I feel safer about the product now.

Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by Jerry (Miramar) on 07/08/2022 22 posts


How is it taken for cancer, ..


and what dosages

Thank you in advance.

Posted by Rob (South Africa) on 07/02/2022

My wife is on (10%-DMSO) and Colloidal-Silver through the Nebulizer.

We separately do 5ml (10%-DMSO) and then 5ml Colloidal.

Her terrible coughing has improved 90% within the first day.

She had Asthma as a child.

Recommended DMSO Books
Posted by Sheila (Nebraska ) on 07/01/2022

To Charles from Masterson, New Zealand

What do you mean by 40%? Do you take it in juice? I have book but haven't read it yet. I have had a TIA 2 years ago. I am on apixaban to thin my blood. Do you know anyone on blood thinners who take DSMO? I took it just before I went to the ER. I suffer no ill effects from the TIA. I believe the DSMO made the difference.

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by charity (faithville, us) on 07/01/2022

I read about a lady that made soda crackers with added activated charcoal to feed to her chickens and her kids would sneak into them. I use charcoal for oral health.

Charcoal + Chickens = Healthy Backyard Flock - Pampered Chicken Mama: Raising Backyard Chickens (

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Olissima (Md) on 07/01/2022

Do you have any information on how to use it internally? My dog has a gum tumor that is growing rapidly. Had a surgery and they debulked and removed most of it but now it is coming back. It is also infected and has a strong odor. I am desperate and would try anything. I am giving him Essiac tea, supplements, and Coloidal silver. Do you have any suggestions on what could help? How to use DMSO internally?

Thank you!

Internal Use
Posted by Roxie (Michigan) on 06/21/2022

I think Dr. Jacobs ingested some DMSO everyday.

DMSO Smell Issues
Posted by Roxie (Grand Rapids, Michigan) on 06/21/2022

Thank you, I've been searching for a way to get around that. Do you also take it internally with honey?

Recommended DMSO Books
Posted by Charles (Masterton, New Zealand) on 06/20/2022

A great book full of uses, reported cases & explanations: The DMSO Handbook For Doctors - Archie H Scott; easy to understand for non-doctors. I bought from "Book Depository" - free shipping to New Zealand. Example: 'Alzheimer's & Other Dementia'.

This writer had a friend who died at the age of 101. She showed no signs of mental decline. She used it (DMSO) regularly for over 30 years." We have been using DMSO for several years.In particular, we take 1 teaspoon of 40% every day, first thing in the morning.

As another precaution, we also put VCO (coconut oil) in our cereal. Buy this book -you will be so glad that you did. I am 81.

DMSO and Blood Thinners
Posted by fred (stratford, ct) on 06/04/2022

I have used DMSO for a number of years for arthritis (knees) but now, 93, I have had a heart valve replacement and am on blood thinner...Elequis...and need to know if it is safe to use DMSO on my back for stenosis when I now take blood thinner?

Nebulizing DMSO
Posted by Del (Paris, tn) on 05/23/2022

I hear they make different types of nebulizers. Search for ones that aren't made from plastics that will not tolerate dmso or mms, ect. I only know this from listening to certain doctors, namely the honorable "disinformation dozen." 🙄🙄🙄 So now we know that there are special nebulizers out there for different meds, ones that will hold up to the test.

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Roxanne (Michigan) on 05/17/2022

I just starting using dmso. I had an ingrown toe nail and applied dmso straight from the bottle and in a day and a half, it's resolved itself.

I'm using it straight from the bottle for my inner thigh psoas muscles and don't seem to have any reaction from it. I'm looking forward to more issues to be solved with dmso.

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Barbara (Ohio) on 05/15/2022 3 posts


Thank you for the information.

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Art (California) on 05/15/2022 2072 posts


DMSO is a solvent and plastic is known to leach. Although quite convenient, possibly not the safest method for application because the nature of a spray bottle is that it holds the fluid in the plastic pump even when not in use. That means the solvent is in contact with the plastic 24/7 and there is no practical way to determine if the plastic has leached into the solvent. Is it worth the risk, since DMSO is well noted for carrying things through the skin barrier?


DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Renee (Boston) on 05/14/2022 41 posts

Do you think my glass bottle with plastic sprayer is bad?

Posted by Renee (Boston) on 05/14/2022 41 posts

I put my 50/50 DMSO & distilled water into a 2 oz. glass bottle with sprayer and spray the areas I want to use it on. I then rub it in. I have been using it for 3 days this way with no irritation anywhere, including my hands that I don't wash after. I haven't noticed a ton of results yet but I think some minor benefits so far. I am also adding a pinch of Borax in my coffee in the morning. I had to take ibuprofen today because I couldn't walk on my swollen, inflamed feet. How long before I see more results? What is the average time for these protocols to work.

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 05/08/2022

My practice has always been to wash as normal/shower or clean the area to be applied with soap and water and rinse it well. Let it dry then apply the DMSO with an organic cotton ball. Then I made sure to let it dry before putting any clothing over the area. Betadine would simply be carried into your skin by the DMSO and betadine is not pure iodine, it has other ingredients you don't really want absorbed into your blood stream. You need to be careful with DMSO but not to the point of being fearful. If it eases your mind you could clean the area with food grade hydrogen peroxide since that would be fine getting carried in. No gloves as the heating action of DMSO is not kind to plastics and it would possibly dissolve them and carry those chemicals in.

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Barbara (Ohio) on 05/08/2022 3 posts

I am new at this DMSO, so I would like to know if anyone cleaned their skin first with betadine since it is used in hospitals? I read about some reactions to different materials, can you use gloves to apply this to the skin?

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Joel (Senegal) on 10/26/2021 16 posts

Regarding diluting dmso for topical application, usually 50% dilution is good but everyone is different so just experiment.

To take dmso by mouth you can either put it in large cellulose capsules 1mL at a time and swallow them before they melt (in a minute), or you can just dilute it in enough water. 1mL in a liter of water is hard to taste. But you might want to use more, so in that case capsules and topical.

To avoid smelling bad, take extra magnesium and drink ( raw goat preferably) milk. Lots more info from the website or in the book DMSO:Nature's Healer.

Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by Judy (NSW) on 04/23/2022

Hello Michelle.. I am hoping you are improving .. I read this post on 23rd April 2022.. Wanting to know where you bought your DMSO please?

Judy (nsw south coast)

Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by Magi (Satellite Beach Florida ) on 04/17/2022

Just wondering how did you take it

Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by Kathleen (ON) on 04/10/2022

Hi Kenny ... I loved your comment here.I have cancer and wondering how to use DMSO?

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by SHERRY (Montana) on 03/29/2022

DMSO with Calcium Chloride would cause sterility if injected into testes as a non-surgical neuter for pets. I have not heard of anything else.

Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by Lilu (Los Angeles) on 03/27/2022

They said the same thing about my dad, nearly 2 years ago & they were rushing us to make a decision about starting treatment. We decided to leave alone that 'Huge Tumor' (which would only give him no more than 4-7 months' time) that they were so concerned about & guess what? once the regular enlarged prostate issues subsided (with a little help from healthy diet & natural remedies such as Frankincense ('Boswellia') it turned out to be NOTHING after all. It's a long story, can't get into it now but suffice it to say 1- The details alone would prove how much safer we are to leave some 'cancers' alone. And 2- Big-pharma/Medical Establishment makes lots of intentional & unintentional mistakes. ***One of the doctors even said he was gonna bleed to death unless he was rushed to surgery right then & there during one of our routine visits. You should've seen the scene he raised & the drama queen he turned into just because I questioned him a few good questions. Again, that was TWO years ago. ;) ***

Please, listen to this doctor. You will understand everything. Also, you'll learn about DMSO & all other natural solutions. On his youtube channel he's got 10000 of videos of him speaking to other holistic chiropractors on every health related issue.

BTW He's in Southern California.

Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by Betty (CA) on 03/26/2022

Some more research for you

Cancer News | Cancer News & Cancer Studies

It is called Jingfukang. It's a TCM showing lots of good results.

Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by Art (California) on 03/26/2022 2072 posts


Here is a link to a multitude of natural and near natural cancer treatments which should be very useful for you.

To specifically search for DMSO and its dosing, use the search function in the upper right hand of the screen. Enter the search term, "DMSO" and it will take you to the appropriate pages. Good luck!


Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by Tove (Moorpark, California ) on 03/26/2022

I would like to learn more about DMSO. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer 5 weeks ago. Do you add it to water? What would the dosage be?
Thanks so much🙏🏻

Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by Milan (Singapore) on 03/26/2022

Hi Amy,

There have been some reports of Albendazole and Mebendazole, over the counter human and animal anti-worming medications with a long history of use and generally considered safe being involved in complete remissions of lung cancer. Two cases in point include a man called Joe Tippens, who writes a blog about his experience at and a case being treated by Care Oncology in the U.K. with Mebendazole.

Joe Tippens brought this medication to light when on the suggestion of his veterinarian started taking it to address his stage 4 terminal lung cancer with positive results. There are rumours online that he has passed but as far as I can tell he is still alive and active as he has recently added a new video on his blog at my cancer story rocks.

There is also information on Pubmed regarding these medications including discussions about safety and dosages including a clinical trial with Mebendazole with a range of glioma types that has been ongoing for almost 10 years, and now due to be completed in 2022 - 2023.

I hope this information reaches you in a timely way and assists you with what you are looking for,

Kind regards. :)

Posted by Rhonda (TX) on 03/04/2022 33 posts

You can buy it at Swanson's

Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 03/02/2022

Ted may have some clues to help you. Here are some of his insights:

Ted's Remedies, Wart Remedies (

Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki) on 03/02/2022

I've tried DMSO for two months on my warts and absolutely nothing happened. I did't put a soaked cotton on the wart for hours, but only applied DMSO without leaving it.

Jaw Pain
Posted by Nancy (Lake Stevens WA) on 02/28/2022

I have recently started to experience jaw pain, and nerve pain on the lower right side causing nerve pain in those teeth. At first I thought I had an ear infection went to the doctor about that and my doctor said it was a sinus infection. I went to see my dentist and he explained that the nerve pain was from clenching my teeth on one side. He put some temporary pain medicine on those molars but it only lasted a day.

I stumbled on DMSO read up on it and ordered some pharmaceutical grade DMSO. I dabbed full strength on my back teeth and on my gums. in about 5 minutes all the pain was gone. I also put some down my jaw line and next to my ear and immediately I had experience relief.

At first I had to apply DMSO about every hour but now I only apply about every 4 hours. What a huge miracle.

Sore Shoulder Pain
Posted by Linda (Ireland ) on 02/10/2022

Bought dmso for my sore shoulder, I dont know why it was sore but I couldn't lift my arm above my head and it was starting to hurt even without movement, so earth clinic suggested dmso and castor oil.

1 application and after a rash, itch and a little discomfort the pain went from 9 out of 10 to like a 2.....i love herbs and old remedies and would definitely recommend this

DMSO With Food
Posted by Josey (Ontario) on 02/10/2022

Can DMSO be used internally with food? I am wanting to put a few drops in my dog's food. Thank you.

Joint Pain
Posted by Pamela (North Carolina) on 02/10/2022

Do you find a certain garlicky smell about your person? I've heard it can get pretty pungent? That's what keeps me away from it!

Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by Joy (Plainview, Mn ) on 02/09/2022

Wondering if you know protocol or dosage for cancer? Lung abs liver, started out as gallbladder but has spread. Thank you

Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by Joy (Plainview, MN) on 02/08/2022

Hi, Can you tell me the protocol or recipe with DMSO for lung cancer? Thank you in advance.

Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by Stefanie (Jonesboro, Ar ) on 02/06/2022 1 posts

Hello Kenny. I'm very interested in knowing how often you take DMSO for arthritis and if you take it with distilled water or with something else and would the dosage be the same for treating cancer? Also, I would love to learn more about wild lettuce and how it is used. Thanks so much for sharing.

DMSO Used Internally
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 01/21/2022

HI U D, ORH here, and your post on DMSO resonated with me as I have used it topically for most of my adult life. Today, I started taking it internally to augment my CDS program. Got this from the German Dr's website. It is supposed to be a catalyst to increase the effectiveness of the Chlorine Dioxide I take 30 minutes following the DMSO. No test, so I assume your state of health will indicate if this protocol is working or not.

I bought a box of cheap lab glassware to get back into the chemistry life of my past. The DMSO solution is made with 30 drops of 100% DMSO into a liter of distilled water. The drops depend on the size of your dropper so next time I will measure with a small graduated cylinder. One ml = 20 drops so I will measure out 1 1/2 ml instead of drops. DMSO is not dangerous, but it can easily pick up garbage from dirty glassware. Finally got my molasses from North Louisiana that I was reared on in the swamps of South Arkansas. So tonight my Tractor Driver is fixing pancakes topped by this molasses for supper. Been a long time.


Joint Pain
Posted by KAren (West Australia) on 01/18/2022

Hi Richard,

And how's that going for you now that its a few years down the track, did you keep up with it, have you had bloods done regularly, how's your gut microbiome?

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Karen (West Australia) on 01/18/2022

My DMSO came in a plastic bottle, should I put it into a glass one?

Arthritis, Cancer
Posted by Hope (UT) on 01/16/2022

Look at Boron connection to arthritis. Australian doctor was treating many patients with 2-4 weeks with 30mg of boron in 80s.

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Angie (Ontario) on 01/15/2022

Where is your references for this info? It's far from true.

Herniated Disc Pain
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 01/15/2022

I herniated a disc or two last summer when I was carrying my 75 lb golden retriever outside to go to the bathroom 4-5 times a day towards the end of her life. It eventually got better with aspirin and chiropractic sessions. I managed to inflame the area again after shoveling snow last week. What has been working phenomenally well for the pain, especially in the morning when the pain is most acute, is 2-3 droppers of undiluted pharmaceutical grade DMSO (99.99%) and a drop or two of peppermint oil. I mix the 2 together in my palm after washing my hands thoroughly. Then I rub it into my low back, all the way to the tailbone, where it has been hurting the most. About 10 minutes later, the pain is all but gone. The effect lasts a number of hours. I repeat this 3 times a day.

Also tried DMSO and magnesium oil with the same effects.

People often remark that they have to dilute their 99.99% DMSO but I have found I don't need to. It stings for a few minutes but goes away. I am also applying the DMSO with Magnesium Oil on the upper part of my body (neck, chest and face) without dilution. NO ISSUES!

This is the first time I have been experimenting with DMSO for a number of days. Even trying it internally here and there. I definitely noticed a garlic smell the first day, but that stopped after I started to add peppermint oil after reading a post on Earth Clinic about how peppermint oil can stop the clam/garlic odor from DMSO.

There are a lot of scare tactics on the internet about DMSO, but I'm finding it to be incredibly helpful in alleviating severe pain fast.