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The Health Benefits of DMSO: What You Need to Know

Jaw Pain
Posted by Nancy (Lake Stevens WA) on 02/28/2022

I have recently started to experience jaw pain, and nerve pain on the lower right side causing nerve pain in those teeth. At first I thought I had an ear infection went to the doctor about that and my doctor said it was a sinus infection. I went to see my dentist and he explained that the nerve pain was from clenching my teeth on one side. He put some temporary pain medicine on those molars but it only lasted a day.

I stumbled on DMSO read up on it and ordered some pharmaceutical grade DMSO. I dabbed full strength on my back teeth and on my gums. in about 5 minutes all the pain was gone. I also put some down my jaw line and next to my ear and immediately I had experience relief.

At first I had to apply DMSO about every hour but now I only apply about every 4 hours. What a huge miracle.