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The Health Benefits of DMSO: What You Need to Know

DMSO + Lugol's Iodine

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Posted by .A (Wind, Ont) on 09/22/2010

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Posted by Jane (Hoddles Creek, Vic Australia) on 01/20/2010: Lugol's Iodine and DMSO - a couple of sprays on the skin once only I almost fainted 3 times that day at work and did not repeat the trial, as a nurse in home visits I didn't feel it was appropriate to faint on the job!

Yes, DMSO and Lugol's will do this but when applying this add sea salt internally and selenium and this will offset this.

Remember, the Dmso is carrying the Potassium in the system so it will lower blood pressure so you will need salt to balance it out and the selenium to regulate the iodine--I use this with an SKI/lugols I make with a 5% DMSO solution and noticed the same thing. You sleep deeply and rest like a baby but it can have a drowsy effect when not having salt.

DMSO + Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Jane (Hoddles Creek, Vic Australia) on 01/20/2010

Lugol's Iodine and DMSO - a couple of sprays on the skin once only I almost fainted 3 times that day at work and did not repeat the trial, as a nurse in home visits I didn't feel it was appropriate to faint on the job!

DMSO Activates Old Antibiotics

Posted by Robert Henry (St George Island, Fla.) on 09/13/2015

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , yep , I'm back on the beach getting my dose of Vitamin D from the sun , Magnesium from the gulf , negative ions from the waves to neutralize my free radicals. All compliments of our Lord.

I am also rereading my book on DMSO and retention is only about 20% when you read. Well, I missed this point on the first go round, but it really hit home on my second reading.

All know that bacteria and virus, etc. mutate and become immune to antibiotics. Ain't that right? Listen up, because this is the good news. Studies show that when you use DMSO with old antibiotics they become effective again. Is that great or what? The problem is that the patents have also run out and the old antibiotics are now dirt cheap..... so there is no incentive to re-engerize them. We must have new suff that is patentable so we can all go to the pore house.

All is not lost because what I am 'ciphering from this is that anything you use to address an infection or such will be enhanced by toping it off with DMSO. I don't think that statement is a stretch, but you the doctor and you make the call.

Me, I do DMSO to take things into my body and fixing to use it with my nebulizer for things that I do through my lungs. Maybe I'll become as famous as our idol, Bill Munro. If I keep posting then it worked. If not, then it did not work.

Tired of fresh shrimp and seafood gumbo so I'm grilling steaks tonight. Eat your heart out.


DMSO and Aloe Vera

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Posted by Man (America) on 12/30/2013

I have recently bought Aloe Vera juice and put it with DMSO.

I really haven't noticed that it helps do much of anything but it hasn't hurt anything either. Even if it is just an inert substance, it still can play a role in my tinctures.

Aloe vera juice is a way to cut the DMSO to a lesser strength and for all I know, it may help something. So I am using Aloe Vera Juice in my blends now for topical application.

It may help soothe the skin but I don't see that it stops the irritation when used with DMSO cut with it.

My experiments with DMSO and Aloe Vera juice have been Straight DMSO with 30% Aloe; 40% and 50 % blends and I don't find any reduction in irritation.

When I add this to the Cayenne extract and make a blend of that. I find no irritation at all but I get the side effect of warmth where the blend is applied and it feels quite good. So a bottle filled with 50% Cayenne extract and 25 % DMSO and 25% Aloe Vera juice and a tiny spot of glycerin has a really good effect, mild.

I heated it up today by applying straight cayenne extract on top of the blend and it draws moisture and really heats up nicely on the skin. In summary, I can't tell what Aloe Vera does but I like what I read about it and it is a God-made plant it is a leaf. The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations from Revelation chapter twenty two.

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Right on Man from America: The joint formula I use says right on the tube that the aloe vera base carries the herbal extracts into the joint. Like you, I add cayenne for heat. Works great all the time.

Replied by Man

Thanks Mike, I don't know if there is a better "heat pad" than cayenne extract. I love the stuff.

Replied by Riversidian
(R.I., US)

aloe is dead in any form but from a live leaf

Replied by Melanie
(Mansfield, Pa)

Is this true, that aloe Vera gel is dead unless you take it from the plant right then and use it?

DMSO and Aloe Vera
Posted by Susan (New York) on 02/08/2013

Bill from San Fernando, can you explain how to do this (from Ted's posting)?

DMSO must be used together with aloe vera oil to prevent inflammation however.


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Susan... The preferred method of using aloe vera with any DMSO topical protocol is to apply the DMSO protocol first, let it be absorbed into the skin and the skin is dry, then apply the aloe oil on the skin afterwards. The aloe vera helps to rehydrate the skin and prevents skin irritation which can sometimes arise with DMSO use. I have bought a DMSO solution that also contains aloe vera - it's all I can get in the Philippines -- this is the other way of doing it. But I still think that the first method I described is better.

If you're using DMSO on its own, say, to help against an injury or arthritis then you will be using it on the same spot over and over again -- snd this is where sloe vera is quite useful -- it will help to prevent skin irritation. But if you are just using DMSO as an internal delivery mechanism for a nutrient like lugols iodine, then you should try and use the protocol in different areas of the body -- thus also reducing the possibility of skin irritations.

DMSO and B12

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Posted by Vicky (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/29/2010

I plan to do the recommendations of Dr. David Gregg dissolving Vitamin B12 in DMSO:

"The absorption of vitamin B12 requires a highly specialized process which tends to become less effective with age...I realized that if I dissolved vitamin B12 in DMSO, it might carry it directly to my blood stream through my skin. I tried it and the results were dramatic for me, far greater than any impact I had ever felt from oral or sublingual tablets. I put some of my vitamin B12 tablets obtained at a health food store into a two liquid ounce bottle with an eyedropper and filled it with DMSO. It took a couple of days for the tablets to fall apart. Once they did, I put an eyedropper load on one arm and rubbed it in. In approximately one hour I started to feel very good, which was a sense of general strength and well-being."

DMSO and Blood Thinners

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Posted by fred (stratford, ct) on 06/04/2022

I have used DMSO for a number of years for arthritis (knees) but now, 93, I have had a heart valve replacement and am on blood thinner...Elequis...and need to know if it is safe to use DMSO on my back for stenosis when I now take blood thinner?

Replied by Deb

Hi just wondering if anyone has used DMSO with blood thinners (warfin)

Replied by Bruce
(Perth Western Australia)

I suggest you contact Terry Chamberlain, of The Natural Health Library.
He has a wealth of knowledge & when quoting others, gives their qualifications & experience ( not just an unknown "expert").
I would think to stop the thinners before the DMSO, but I'm NOT an expert.

DMSO and Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Tj (Alberta) on 11/04/2015

Can anyone assist me in how to use DSMO and Hydrogen peroxide together for cancer treatment. I would appreciate any assistance on how to use these two products together. How much of each/ what kind of method/when etc. Thanks so much

Replied by Nevada
(Bethlehem, Pa)

Someone posted this in an Amazon review but I am having difficulty finding out much more about it and haven't tried it. Is it referring to 35% H2O2?

1 oz food-grade hydrogen peroxide, 7 oz organic, whole-leaf aloe vera gel, 1 oz DMSO mixed together in a spray bottle and applied topically after showering

Replied by Sheila

I use both in a nebulizer daily, one part each of DMSO, H2O2, and sterile saline. Others may want a milder mixture, but I have been using this for 3 months now with great results for my COPD.

William Barrett

What are the dosages of hydro & DMSO with sterile water for COPD? Is it still working and for how long do you take it?

DMSO and Sterilization

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Posted by Sara (Los Angeles, CA, USA) on 01/10/2009

Does anyone have any more info about DMSO causing sterilization??!! I just bought some to try on a hamstring pull that is taking a long time to heal- but am worried about this potential side effect and can't find any more info on it. ALso- is DMSO ever taken internally? if

Replied by Carolyn
(Northwest, OH)

DMSO causing infertility? I think that is quite the opposite of the truth: DMSO is used often to increase fertility in animals--most often cows/bulls, as far as I know. I'm sure using DMSO on your leg will be just fine. Also, DMSO is used very often in human in-vitro fertilization. After they fertilize eggs in the petri dish, and form zygotes, they are soaked in DMSO prior to cryo freezing. These frozen embryos make healthy babies at a really good rate after they are implanted.

Replied by A Sojournor

The problem with one misstatement of fact is that it travels around the world in a split second. I recommend reading DMSO the persecuted drug, before making statements like DMSO causes sterility in humans. Either you have not done any research or somebody told you something and instead of checking it out and confirming or disproving, you just posted it. In law a perjured person is a person who has spoken a lie, whether or not intentional does not matter. Now, are you speaking that you personally have been sterilized and the blood tests have come back that DMSO did that to you? Well, please grace us with the report because if that is true then we must be careful to avoid this deadly substance. What ever your issue is, please research before spewing it. Thank you.

(Melbourne florida)

Sorry, Judge Sojournor but ur pretentious self is evident in chastising someone who just asked an innocent question. Please provide us with more of ur extensive knowledge on DMSO or is ur research limited to intimidating others needing answers? we all know how to ‘research' but often the research is an opinion..and u would know..


The problem is she made it sound like a fait accompli and with ZERO evidence; this is an insidious "FUD" method of guerilla warfare with paid pharma trolls.

It was more than a little irritating to me as well; do take note no evidence has still been provided, which smells very fishy to me.

FUD=[Sowing] "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt"

DMSO Application Tips

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Posted by Joel Rosenblum (Senegal) on 10/26/2021 16 posts

Regarding diluting dmso for topical application, usually 50% dilution is good but everyone is different so just experiment.

To take dmso by mouth you can either put it in large cellulose capsules 1mL at a time and swallow them before they melt (in a minute), or you can just dilute it in enough water. 1mL in a liter of water is hard to taste. But you might want to use more, so in that case capsules and topical.

To avoid smelling bad, take extra magnesium and drink ( raw goat preferably) milk. Lots more info from the website or in the book DMSO:Nature's Healer.

Replied by Barbara
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I am new at this DMSO, so I would like to know if anyone cleaned their skin first with betadine since it is used in hospitals? I read about some reactions to different materials, can you use gloves to apply this to the skin?


My practice has always been to wash as normal/shower or clean the area to be applied with soap and water and rinse it well. Let it dry then apply the DMSO with an organic cotton ball. Then I made sure to let it dry before putting any clothing over the area. Betadine would simply be carried into your skin by the DMSO and betadine is not pure iodine, it has other ingredients you don't really want absorbed into your blood stream. You need to be careful with DMSO but not to the point of being fearful. If it eases your mind you could clean the area with food grade hydrogen peroxide since that would be fine getting carried in. No gloves as the heating action of DMSO is not kind to plastics and it would possibly dissolve them and carry those chemicals in.

3 posts


Thank you for the information.


I just starting using dmso. I had an ingrown toe nail and applied dmso straight from the bottle and in a day and a half, it's resolved itself.

I'm using it straight from the bottle for my inner thigh psoas muscles and don't seem to have any reaction from it. I'm looking forward to more issues to be solved with dmso.

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Joel (Senegal) on 10/26/2021 16 posts

Regarding diluting dmso for topical application, usually 50% dilution is good but everyone is different so just experiment.

To take dmso by mouth you can either put it in large cellulose capsules 1mL at a time and swallow them before they melt (in a minute), or you can just dilute it in enough water. 1mL in a liter of water is hard to taste. But you might want to use more, so in that case capsules and topical.

To avoid smelling bad, take extra magnesium and drink ( raw goat preferably) milk. Lots more info from the website or in the book DMSO:Nature's Healer.

Replied by Maria
(Louisville ky)

I am interested in learning more about how to use DMSO. I have been reading all I can on it it looks to be amazing stuff but you have to have a healthy respect for it. Wondering if you all would like to research that also. I am wanting to try it myself on a bakers cyst, which originated from a meniscal tear recently. Thank you, Maria.

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Selena (Ontario) on 07/18/2021

Hi! Please help me with DMSO. I need the help of audience :-)

I bought 99.99 % DMSO for arthritis in my hands.

1. Should I dilute it?

2. What should I use to apply DMSO on my hands? ( apply it with my bare hands or cotton puffs or something else)

All personal experiences are Welcome!

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, USA)
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I would simply pour some into my palm and rub it in. If and when it became uncomfortable, I'd lightly rinse, rub the water into my hands, shake and let dry.

Replied by Katzie

I do not subscribe to the dilute above the waist and not below stuff. I use DMSO on my knees regularly and always put on a thin layer of castor oil first. This helps with protecting my skin AND from half the DMSO being soaked up by the skin in my hand on the way to my knees! DMSO is a solvent and it wants IN! The one time I forgot the castor oil and used the stuff straight, and the skin on my kneecaps was red and scaly. I threw every healing oil I have at it, and the stuff that worked overnight was av-ee-no lotion. Please so not use DMSO straight unless you're diluting, and that just seems its more trouble than it's worth.

Tip: do take a moment and rinse the stuff off your hands after or they'll look pickled later for a little while. I don't like this sensation so I always wash it off.

Best of healing to you!


KATZIE, ORH here and think you are on the right track about DMSO. I know you should wash your hands before because the solvent will take everything into your body. But I do not wash my hands afterwards because the residue will help your hand joints. I have read several books on DMSO, but something happens to your mind with age. I read my posts these days and wonder who that idiot is? He is me. That is the reason I have no ill will toward D when she flushs me. I needed flushed. Guess, I come and go. What is spooking me now is the illuminati. My research tells me that what we are going through now was planned hundreds of years ago. It has gone too far and now we are at the dog eat dog stage. We are now at good vs evil. That is usually what gets my posts flushed. No one wants to hear that. We all want to stay in lala land. ====ORH====


Well, ORH, I can assure you that many of the posters (me included) know the score. However, perhaps this isn't the best forum for those types of discussions.

I admit - sometimes it feels like we're just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titantic. However, there are lots of people (doctors, lawyers, whistleblowers, real scientists) who are doing their bit to get the information out.

You may have heard of Del Bigtree. I get his newsletters with links to the videos. His website is being updated to have a community forum some time soon (he said July) so people can interact with each other.

I'm sure you will find it interesting.

Take care,

Tessa (definitely NOT from lala land!)

Replied by Marcy
(Jackson, Michigan)

I mixed a dropper full in with a tablespoon of coconut oil. I'm putting it on 3 or 4 times a day. It made my side feel great and I am putting it on my face and every where. They say not to use plastic containers, so, I'm using 1/2 pint mason jar with a food grade plastic lid. I didn't think the metal lids would be a good idea. I'm new at using this too. Months ago I bought a roll on, and that did nothing for me even though I put it on several times a day. I prefer to add more DMSO if I need too. I have pain in my hands too. I'm hoping it will cure my joints.


Hi Macy

I saw your post and felt you could give me the answers to my questions.

My husband has psoriasis on face head neck armpits and stomach.

I received a jar of DMSO 70% with Aloe Vera Gel 30% but It doesnt say how to use it?

Everything Ive looked up says its a solvent and not to get near skin????

Please help


Replied by Katzie
(Calgary, Alberta)

Hi Shaz. That jar you have sounds like the perfect jar for the job. Just put it straight onto the area, with clean hands, and rub in as much as you can. 2x/day oughta do it!

Replied by Highcountry
(Twisp, Washington)

Blackseed oil has been known to cure psoriasis, just mix it with a carrier oil and apply to affected area.

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Claudi0 (Spring Hill, Florida) on 10/15/2020

I have done tons of research and just completed reading three books on the DMSO subject.

99.9% is sold in feed stores for use on animals, and 99.995% is sold as pharmacy grade - difference is that the purer grade has been sent through an additional charcoal filtering to remove any tiny contaminates that may remain after processing. Amazon sells the purest 99.995 grade very reasonable.

One of the most recommended ways to apply is with a natural bristle paint brush, or organic cotton balls. Never use water to mix with unless it is distilled water, otherwise what ever may be in the water will be also pulled into your skin; anything you mix with DMSO will be pulled into the skin and below. It is a very safe product if you use properly and very beneficial to many aches and pains.

Don't cover the application if you use it anywhere above the waist and dilute it further than any mixture you use below the waist. You may cover it if used below the waste but use clean white cotton material or towels so that the dye from the material is not also sucked through you skin. An application can be wiped off after 30 minutes as that is the longest it takes to absorb the benefits.

Always make sure your skin in very clean and dry before using. Never rub it on with your hand - it can cause skin irritation in that spot and if left on the palms of your hands, will also look like they've been soaked in water for hours. The skin will most likely turn a reddish color for a short period of time as the circulation is stepped up but will go away very soon. Slight itching may happen but do not itch it. It will stop soon. Not all experience these side affects but a lot do.

Hope this was helpful to those with questions.

Replied by Olissima

Do you have any information on how to use it internally? My dog has a gum tumor that is growing rapidly. Had a surgery and they debulked and removed most of it but now it is coming back. It is also infected and has a strong odor. I am desperate and would try anything. I am giving him Essiac tea, supplements, and Coloidal silver. Do you have any suggestions on what could help? How to use DMSO internally?

Thank you!

(faithville, us)

I read about a lady that made soda crackers with added activated charcoal to feed to her chickens and her kids would sneak into them. I use charcoal for oral health.

Charcoal + Chickens = Healthy Backyard Flock - Pampered Chicken Mama: Raising Backyard Chickens (


Take a clove of fresh garlic, smash it and make the dog lie down, press the garlic on the tumor and keep holding on the growth for 5 or 10 minutes do this twice daily, and the tumor will be gone in a few days, tretaed one of my dogs, garlic kills cancer on contact.

Replied by Susie

Just curious if the 99% Pure bought in feed stores is appropriate for taking this internally?
I prefer to keep cost down. Also, it comes in a plastic bottle, does this leach into the DMSO at all?
Thanks for your help.

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Jam (Asheville, Nc) on 03/03/2018

I would NOT use a q-tip or cotton to apply DMSO as most cotton (if not organic) is loaded with pesticides!

DMSO Application Tips
Posted by Jam (Asheville, Nc) on 03/03/2018

Because DMSO carries substances into your skin you have to be careful about what you apply it with. I would never use a plastic roller as I do not want the chemicals from the plastic in my system. I also would not use my hands to apply it because if there is any DMSO left on your hands even after washing, then everything you handle with your hands all day long will be absorbed as well. I use a small glass bottle or jar to apply it! I just put a small amount on the outside of the jar and use the jar to rub it into my skin. Then I wash the outside of the jar with a pure soap and water and reuse it for next time. I am trying to think of something better that is made of glass such as a glass pestle or something.

Replied by Margeaux
(Los Angeles, Ca)


Thanks so much for the reply about what to use to apply the DMSO. I hadn't thought about the cotton having pesticides, interesting, and you're right!

Now using a small glass jar is quite a unique idea. I'm thinking that the glass jar would probably have to be kind of small, so one could have more control of it when applying the gel to the skin? The idea of a glass pestle is great. I'm going to look for one next time I'm in a store that has higher end kitchen acoutrements, I know I've seen these somewhere. I was thinking of a glass stir, like one of those to stir up a drink.

Thanks great ideas!


Replied by Juiceman

Great call Jam, who would have thunk it, you did.

Replied by Bob

Try a small glass spray bottle.

(Groningen Netherlands)

A spray bottle has plastic parts, I would not use that for DMSO.

Replied by Karen
(West Australia)

Mine came in a plastic bottle.

Replied by Renee
41 posts

Do you think my glass bottle with plastic sprayer is bad?

2091 posts


DMSO is a solvent and plastic is known to leach. Although quite convenient, possibly not the safest method for application because the nature of a spray bottle is that it holds the fluid in the plastic pump even when not in use. That means the solvent is in contact with the plastic 24/7 and there is no practical way to determine if the plastic has leached into the solvent. Is it worth the risk, since DMSO is well noted for carrying things through the skin barrier?


Replied by Judi
(Shelbyville, TN)

Perhaps one could use a clean jade or quartz facial roller to apply a diluted version of DSMO.

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