Colloidal Silver Health Benefits

Joint Pain, Cyst, Liver Spots

Posted by Will (California) on 11/17/2019
5 out of 5 stars

In 2016 my wrist joints hurt, I had a quarter sized cyst on my left wrist, and noticeable liver spots on the top of my hands. Other joints were also getting stiff. I was 54. I learned about how to make colloidal silver and studied the benefits. I make my own in concentrations of about 20 ppm tp 100 ppm. I decided to cleanse my body, consuming a gallon a week for a month. The results were quite remarkable.

The pain in my joints went away, the cyst went away, and the liver spots are gone.

I use it in nasal spray form and humidifier during flu season, and do a 1 gallon cleanse once a year now (a gallon in one week). I havent been sick at all, walk over 30 miles a week, eat right, take nascent iodine, and my physical this year was excellent with normal bloodwork and BP. My wife also takes it when she feels something coming on and it helps tremendously. Have also used it on scrapes and cuts with no issues. I keep 6 gallons in stock in dark jugs. This is our go to medication. And it wont turn me blue.