Colloidal Silver Health Benefits

Posted by Whisperingsage (Northern California) on 07/14/2019 45 posts

I suffered a perforated bowel last September, I think now, due to Round Up in the food supply ( it's widespread in conventional raised crops) , and have a temporary colostomy ( it's been 10 months now), I have an abdominal fistula draining right next to it, near the navel. The drainage has been down to 30 ml or so since the 5th month but has remained so sometimes putting out Frank blood. Getting the colostomy reversed depends on getting the fistula healed. I tried ionic silver and squeezed two droppersful into the fistula hole, and the drainage is much less. I'm very pleased. I'll do this twice a day and report back. Fistulas are famous for being hard to heal. (They are a tunnel through the bowel area.)