50 Health Conditions Treated With Blackstrap Molasses


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Posted by Angeldivine (Bedford Hts, Oh) on 05/22/2011
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I read about the benefits of blackstrap molasses years ago and have been taking it off and on ever since. More recently, I have been using the organic blackstrap molasses consistently. I have a "molasses coffee, " which is BSM mixed w/ vanilla almond milk and and them warmed; a "molasses milkshake, " which is BSM mixed w/ cold vanilla almond milk and ice cubes or in a blender w/ ice cubes; and any kind of fruit smoothie w/ about a tbls of BSM. Every now and then, I'll make gingerbread using the BSM, ginger, and a little agave nectar for a little extra sweetness. You can look up recipes and tweak them if you're vegan. Overall, the greatest benefit so far is curing the dizziness or lightheadedness I would get as a result of taking an herbal diuretic. Diuretics can deplete the body of potassium and BSM rectifies these symptoms.

Weight Loss

Posted by Sheryl (Portage, WI in USA) on 02/04/2009

BSM, oil pulling and honey and cinnamon for weight loss all say to do 1st thing in the morning. Since you don't eat the oil, I have been oil pulling 1st, so I am more interested to know how important 1st thing in the morning is to BSM or the honey and cinnamon. Please let me know if I am in error in doing oil pulling 1st thing.

Replied by Bruno
(Houston, Texas, USA)

I have always done oil pulling 1st thing in the AM and everything that I have read, suggests that the best and strongest oil pull will be first thing, before you drink anything and/or even brush your teeth. If you can't do it at that time, at least do it when convenient (it's better than not at all).

Replied by Regina

Hi Kelvin, I bought some yesterday at Link Pharmacy at Kafubu Mall in Ndola. I will post my experiences with it!