Blackstrap Molasses for Mentrual Issues

| Modified on Apr 27, 2024
Blackstrap Molasses for Menstrual Issues

Blackstrap molasses is a natural remedy for a variety of menstrual issues. Blackstrap molasses is useful for heavy periods, cramping, PMS, fibroids and other issues related to the female cycle.

Which Menstrual Problems Benefit from Blackstrap Molasses?

Heavy Periods - Women who experience heavy periods with large clots often find relief with blackstrap molasses. Taking 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses daily for the entire month often brings surprising relief from the heavy bleeding. Blackstap molasses, because of its high iron content, will also help to restore the iron lost from the heavy bleeding.

PMS - Pre-menstrual syndrome is often caused by a hormone imbalance. These imbalances can be cause by nutritional deficiencies. Because blackstrap molasses is full of essential nutrients, it will often restore normal body function. Usually to help with PMS, blackstrap molasses is taken all month long.

Cramps - Menstrual cramps are often helped with a daily dose of blackstrap molasses. As with PMS, the blackstrap can restore the nutritional deficiencies that are causing the cramps. The magnesium in blackstrap molasses is especially helpful for cramping. Taking blackstrap molasses all month long will help prevent monthly cramping. An extra dose or two during days of cramping may also bring relief from acute symptoms.

Fibroids - Fibroids cause women a multitude of complications, including infertility, pain, and excess bleeding. A daily dose of blackstrap molasses will help to restore the iron that is lost through the heavy bleeding. It can also bring nutrients needed by the body to heal the problem of fibroids. Since the fibroids took time to form, expect that it will take some time to heal the fibroids. It may take many months of daily doses of blackstrap molasses before a significant improvement is noticed.

Ovarian Cysts - Blackstrap molasses, combined with aloe and beets has helped many women to heal of their ovarian cysts. You will find more information about this treatment here.

How Do I Take Blackstrap Molasses for Menstrual Issues?

A typical dose of blackstrap molasses is 1 tablespoon each day. However, when you begin with a new treatment or supplement, it is often best to begin slowly to make sure the remedy agrees with you. You can always start with 1 teaspoon each day and increase the amount gradually.

Blackstrap molasses can be added to coffee, tea or your morning smoothie. It can be taken straight off the spoon. It can mixed into a glass of hot or cold water.

Side Effects of Blackstrap Molasses for Menstrual Problems

Some women who have ceased menstruation begin bleeding or spotting when they take blackstrap molasses. If menstruation had ceased due to the fact that the body was low in nutrients, restoring those nutrients could cause menstruation to resume.

Because blackstrap molasses is a sugar, it has the potential to increase blood sugar. Diabetic women, especially, may need to monitor their blood sugar when they begin taking blackstrap molasses to make sure it suits their situation.

Have you tried blackstrap molasses for menstrual problems? We would love to hear your story!

43 User Reviews

Posted by Michelle (Palm Beach, FL) on 05/15/2019

This stuff is amazing! I originally started taking Blackstrap Molasses for my fibroids and at the time my period was super heavy and lasted anywhere from 6-8 days. My period also kept me on pain medication as I had horrible cramps. After taking Blackstrap Molasses, my period went down to 3-4 days, was noticeably lighter and I no longer needed to take pain medication. Previously my period would also spot on and off but after taking BSM my period would come on and off like a faucet. If you have issues with your period I highly suggest you try it!

Menstrual Issues
Posted by Marianne (Fairfield, Ct) on 10/22/2016

I have suffered from extreme heavy periods which seemed to be caused by my large fibroids I've developed in my 40's. I started to lose so much blood with clots that I could not sleep during the night because my pad and tampon would soak through and stain the bedsheets nor I would make it to work with my long commute. My periods were painful and lasted for 10 days. I was so desperate that I started to take birth control pills which helped indeed but came along with side effects such as weight gain and heart palpations. I stopped taking the pills after 18 months and looked for a natural cure. I came across organic unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses on Earth Clinic and started to take 1 Tablespoon dissolved in water topped with a bit of milk during my cycle only. I've experienced immediate results, the period was still heavy but lasted only for 5 days. Ever since, I have been taking 1 Tablespoon every morning and my periods are now normal lasting for 5 days with only one day of a heavier flow and manageable - no more accidents or stains! Moreover, I have more energy thanks to Earth clinic and Blackstrap Molasses. It changed my life.

Replied by Yolanda
(Calaveras County)

I am a believer! I literally started this yesterday as I added blackstrap molasses to the apple cider vinegar in my water only just the day prior. I was told 2 weeks ago I have 2 small fibroids and yet "it's nothing to worry about", ok. Well I'm worried and I began research because I haven't had a period in 3 months and I am wanting to have kids very soon -- well this drink worked! This morning I went to the restroom and I started my period! I actually noticed very late last night I was having cramps and a headache too -- all as I would with my menses. Wow....I hope my fibroids go away and all will be ok with me. I love this site, so much helpful information. BTW - my kitty had some severe skin rash too and I came here 2 years ago and used the ACV dilution on his skin topically and it went away.

Menstrual Issues
Posted by Bea (San Antonio, Tx) on 08/17/2012

Amazing for me and a friend of mine. Both of us had extremely heavy periods. I suffered two miscarriages and two DNC's. Horrible, my periods were never the same again for two years. I was anemic, losing a lot of blood, huge clots, flooding pads, staining clothes at work, wouldn't leave the house. Desperate I looked for a natural way to going under the knife.

This has been amazing. I bought organic, BSM at our health food store. Started taking it DAY OF and added a 1/4 tsp. Of baking soda just because I read how good it is for you, just so desperate I tried it. 2 tbs. In am. 1 at night in an 8oz. Glass of room temp. Water. First day, I could see a change not as many clots, flooding, cramping and I didn't have to go home from work! Continued this for the entire cycle and results kept getting better. For the first time in two years I had a regular 7 day period. I was so happy!

My friend suffered for 7 years. I gave her the recipe, she actually did it and she said she could really tell a difference, she did not go 20 days (I don't know how she lived that way, but women do??) bleeding straight and instead she had an 8 day cycle. She could not believe it either. I dont know how it works but it works and ever since I found this site I hope with all my heart more women find it. (p. S. I also read BSM is great against constipation ;)

Replied by Catrina
(Western Ireland, Ireland)

Hi, Does Black Strap Molasses balance hormones or is it just that the introduction of the extra minerals/nutrients causes a positive effect on the menstrual cycle/body. Cheers for contributing.

Replied by Brenda

I have fibroids/heavy periods and recently had a blood transfusion for being anemic. Can you clarify the formula and mixture? Thanks!

Replied by Kriti
(Chhattisgarh, India)

Hello.. I just wanted to ask that does this Blackstrap Molasses (BSM) helps to regulate the periods?.. as I have it once in two months and a heavy periods with clots passing, which lasts for even a month.

Menstrual Issues
Posted by Stephanie (Douglasville, Georgia) on 07/31/2012

I have a very large fibroid tumor and the flow was so bad that I was close to needing a transfusion. I would bleed for three out four weeks a month, sometimes spending 45 minutes stuck on the toilet gushing like a water faucet. I really thought I was going to bleed to death not to mention baseball size clots that were painful to pass. Organic Blackstrap Molasses stopped all of that. As long as I take 1 tbsp every morning I have normal periods. It saved my life. I have been doing it for two years now.

One thing to note is only the organic works for me. The health food store was out of the organic so I bought the regular blackstrap molasses, it said unsulphered so I tried it. It did not work, within 2 days I started bleeding. Also I have to take a dose every day... If I miss a day I will start to bleed in 24 hours. Unfortunately it has not stopped the growth of my fibroid, it has doubled in size even though I eat lots of turmeric and take curcumin capsules.

Replied by Linda

I've read that red clover will help shrink fibroids. Also that it balances estrogen levels, lowering them if too high and raising them if too low, hope this helps.

Menstrual Issues
Posted by V (Richmond, Virginia) on 06/10/2012

Started last month on the vinger and blackstrapp after 7 years 1st time no bloat, no gushing and no large clots thank you all for this wonderful info I so amazed thank you, thank you :)

Menstrual Issues
Posted by Hef (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 09/22/2011

Couple of days ago my wife was having very bad menstural cramps with bloating. I did some research and bought her Un-Sulfered BSM.... Today is 3rd day and there was a 80% reduction in her pain and cramp on the second day. Today she told me that there is no pain.

I thought of adding this feedback here as BSM really has worked.!!

I have also started taking BSM in the morning and also started oil pulling (today is my second day) to address my continues fatigue issues. Surprisingly enough, I woke up quite alert in the morning, otherwise I would feel lethargic even after 8-9 hours of sleep and feel like going to bed again. But the last two day were really different I must day. I'll continue on both for next few weeks and post my udpate here.

Menstrual Issues
Posted by Cherryl (Ashburn, Va) on 05/05/2011

My daughter has been having terrible cramps and heavy periods. After taken blackstrap molases, she's been doing great. I also started taking it. I'm not as tired and my grey hair is not as grey.

Replied by Sona
(Ghaziabad, India)

Please let me know will it be ok if a person with a weak digestion can have BSM as I have a tendency for loose stool if I take any mineral rich diet... But at the same time heavy flow with bad cramps..... Still I want to try BSM.... What precautions to be taken?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Sona, start small, start with 1/2 teaspoon a day.

Menstrual Issues
Posted by Camilla H (Ridgebury, Ct Usa) on 12/15/2010

I had heavy spotting and a heavy period at age 60. It seemed to be a cyst (ovarian) from my symptoms. I was really scared as I had a high health insurance deductible and the thought of expensive tests was out of the question. This site has helped me so much and I thought I would share with you my strategy gleaned from other readers's comments. I rarely ate red meat and with the alarming bleeding lately, and the cyst; I must have been anemic on top of the cyst or fibroids.

I started Saturday with 2 TBSP Plantation Blackstrap Molasses three times that first day. Mixed with chocolate low fat milk. Then 2 tsp Apple Cider Vineger diluted in water with a small addition of fruit juice to flavor three times day. The second day, reduced to 2 tsp of BSM twice a day and same dose of ACV twice a day. Third day, 1 robust TBSP BSM and 2 tsp ACV each twice a day morning and night. At first, the bleeding changed in content. A darker red and not lightening up. I was scared but kept on. Taking an Advil helped to lighten it for a few hours. I kept up and onward believing in the other ladies who had gotten results. On the fourth day, a slight reduction in bleeding. On this the fifth day, less yet again. I will keep you posted. I am so relieved so far. I was always buying Kotex pads and was exhausted each day with the stress of why was the bleeding happening?

Replied by Special01
(Indianapolis, In, Usa)

This is how things started for me. By the next month my cycle went from 15-16 days to 5. Now it lasts about 3 days and it is not heavy at all. I tried Blackstrap Molasses with Apple Cider Vinegar and it was heavier. I just use Blackstrap Molasses alone.

Menstrual Issues
Posted by Tasha (East Coast, Usa) on 08/27/2010

I too had very heavy periods. They were also irregular. I once went almost a year without one. I happened to be almost a month late when I started taking 1 tbsp of BSM daily. Within 3 days I started. Now that may be a coincidence, but this period was very different. Normally I have extremely painful, crippling cramps, heavy bleeding and periods that lasted 5-7 days. This time my cramps were 90% gone, flow 50% lighter and it only lasted 3 days! I havent had a period like that in a few years so I know its the BSM. Not only did it effectively solve my "female" problems but within 7 days it had slowed my hirsutism. Amazing. And while I havent been diagnosed with PCOS, Im pretty sure this is what I have. And my theory is that if it has corrected my symptoms, it must help with the condition too. HIGHLY recommended and I'm HIGHLY impressed.

Menstrual Issues
Posted by Tuesday (Indianapolis, In) on 06/01/2010

Blackstrap Molasses is my life saver. I had extremely heavy periods that would last 15-18 days. I take 1 tablespoon of bsm daily and 2 when my period comes. My periods have gone to 3-5 days. I have noticed a strong odor. anybody have any remedies for the odor??

Menstrual Issues
Posted by Jomarie (Kansas City, Mo) on 12/21/2009

On my last period I decided to try Blackstrap Molasses for my terrible cramps that put me down for atleast 1 day..I took 2 tbsp. in almond milk and was amazed how much it eased my cramps...enough that I was able to function that 1st day and not have to go to bed w/ the heating pad. Because of the BSM, I was able to cut way back on the Midol and Ibuprofen which are very hard on the stomach. Also the flow was not as heavy as well. I highly reccommend anyone to try BSM if you have the same menstrual related problems. I am so happy to have found this remedy.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hello JoMarie from Kansas City,

Have you considered that those menstrual cramps that lay you low might be telling you that you need some magnesium? If so, you might want to bring your level up quicker by using the MgCl (magnesium chloride) transdermally (absorbed through the skin). See site for obtaining it on the transdermal magnesium page of EC.

Menstrual Issues
Posted by Dianna (Austin, Tx) on 03/18/2009

i wanted to take blackstrap molasses and after trying a teaspoon of it in my morning coffee had very bad side effects that included high blood sugar, diaherrea, cramps and dizziness. so i stopped after 2 days. however that month when my period came i noticed that i had no cramping or clots at all. so i realized that the molasses (even taken that 2 times with the bad side effects) had a good effect on my period. so i tried taking it again with similar side effects and had to stop.

however, i realized that i could eat it in cookies. it doesn't have side effects when i make whole wheat gingerbread cookies sweetened with molasses. so i figured maybe just taking it directly in coffee was what was the problem. so i tried putting 1/2 a teaspoon in my daily smoothie! success! now i am taking a teaspoon a day in my daily smoothie!

i thought i would post this for other people who for whatever reason found they couldn't take blackstrap molasses straight. seems that when it is mixed with food that it doesn't have any of the side effects - which from what i've learned seem to be from the natural occuring sulfites.

EC: Dianna, great tip -- thank you! Cross-posted to the remedy side effects page.

Replied by PAMM

Hello wanted to tell you I believe the reason you were having trouble with dizziness & your other symptoms is because some people cannot tolerate Molasses on a empty stomach. Because It has Iron in it which if you will read your suppose to take with food. I get nausea and dizzy & alot of other symptoms when I eat Iron on empty stomach. Also another reason is there is alot of sugar in Molasses. So When you don't eat and you take the molasses it causes your blood sugar to spike very quickly. And this can cause dizziness too, and a feeling of not feeling very well. Just make sure you take it with food (protein) and you won't have all these symptoms. As I can see you have found what works for you.. I hope that your getting the benefits out of it. Going Natural for Health Is The Best Way To Go! I just started this new treatment! Good Luck!@ (Holistic Medical Researcher)

Replied by Anne

I feel better with Black Strap Molasses and I think it's great that putting it in a smoothie, worked well. I have RA and green smoothies (mostly veggies ..kale) are a lifesaver for me. Yes.

Menstrual Issues
Posted by Saundra (Cleveland, OH) on 12/07/2008

I purchased Organic Molasses manufactured by Wholesome Sweeteners from The Food Co-op in Cleveland(on sale $3.98/31 oz. bottle). This version is unsulphured. I have only been taking it for one week, but the first day I used it was 2 days before the start of my menses. I noticed that the flow decreased in duration from 6 days to 4 days. I am 47 years old, do not have fibroids or any other complaint other than some gray hair and ocassional stiff knees. I am in general good health. I swallow two tablespoons in the mornings straight down. I will take note of the duration of my cycle next month as well. I am not expecting to see any changes in my hair color for at least 4 months. Will keep you posted. Thanks to all who have shared their input. Peace, health, abundance & wealth to all!

Menstrual Issues
Posted by Nancy (Northern, IA) on 11/12/2008

At the end of August my menstrual cycle lasted 3 weeks and the flow was three times as heavyas normal. The Dr. said I had "huge" fibroids and an ovarian cyst on my right ovary. They said some of my options were a hysterectomy or trying birth control pills. I found earthclinic instead.

Thanks to the advice on earthclinic, I decided to try the molasses trick. Our grocery store didn't carry the blackstrap--so I thought I'd wait until I got somewhere that did. After only 1 week off--I got my cycle again. On the 2nd day it was abnormally heavy again--I thought --shoot, I'll try the regular stuff, and bought the regular molasses-mild and unsulphered. I took 1 TBSP.

Was it coincidence that it worked instantly? Was it conincidence that the cramping dissapeared? Was it conincidence that my next 2 cycles were right on schedule and back to normal? More importantly, was it coincidence that my follow up ultra-sound showed that the cyst had dissolved and the fibroids were now classified as large-rather than huge? I don't know--but for $2.50 per month (the cost of the bottle and how long it lasted) I will definately continue with taking 1 TBSP per day coincidence or not!!

Replied by Mia
(Seattle, WA)

wow, thanks Nancy!

Replied by Healthnut In Atlanta
(Atlanta, Ga)

Make sure that you take the the DAY OF your cycle. I thought I would be proactive and start drinking it about 10 days before my cycle came you it would be built up in my system...BAD IDEA!

It actually made me come on my cycle 9 days early!! EARLY!!! Seriously...please make sure you only take it the day of...unless you want to come on early...

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

That's strange, Healthnut. In my family, it is taken all month - especially during the week BEFORE the menses, to offset pain. And it does work for that. I guess everyone is different. Or could it be that in your case it was cleaning out undesireable stuff?

Replied by Carly
(Wa, Usa)

Dear Healthnut....this is nonsense. I take unsulphered blackstrap Molasses at one tablespoon a day, every day...for the past couple of years. There are irregularities for every woman in her cycle from time to time....but this is something that can happen with or without the BSM.

Menstrual Issues
Posted by Adaku (London, United Kingdom) on 08/26/2008

re: excessive and prolonged peroids. I have been trying the black strap molasses for almost 2 weeks it made my period worse. i have fibroids and exceesive bleeding every month and its difficult cause im trying for a baby pleas help i have prolonged periods.

Replied by Satina
(Waldport, Oregon)

Is your molasses the sulfured kind? That has been known to increase bleeding and cramps. Get the unsulfured, organic kind!

Replied by Susan
(Northern, IL)

Adaku, besides making sure you have the right molasses, try to make sure your PH is alkaline. I had horrible, heavy cycles until I used ACV+Baking soda. Cycles got much better/shorter. Some people need the baking soda, some don't. You have to expirment. Also, make sure you to stay away from articifical ingredients in food (ex. aspartame, MSG, etc), drink good water (not tap water, etc), take a good food based multi a few days a week, etc. May also want to look at kelp for the iodine. No pops - get used to drinking water. If you've been on birth control,y ou may have to address hormone imbalances. Look at other symtpoms you may be having for commonalities. Not medical advice - just what I would do.

Replied by Kimberly

By chance did the Blackstrap Molasses start cleaning out your system... Hence the extended period? Maybe if you continued another couple of months it might get better? Kinda guessing here

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