How to Take Blackstrap Molasses

| Modified on Apr 27, 2024
While blackstrap molasses is an economical and nutrient dense superfood, its strong taste can make it a turn off for many people. However, there are many ways to take blackstrap molasses that make it much more palatable.

Blackstrap molasses can be added to smoothies, desserts, oatmeal, coffee, tea or milk to disguise the distinct taste. You may find that you even enjoy your daily dose of blackstrap molasses.

Our readers have found a number of ways  enjoy their blackstrap molasses. Please be sure to send us your favorite way to take blackstrap molasses!

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Posted by Rose (Toronto, Canada) on 05/09/2016

I take a good spoonful of BSM every morning. Often I will just take it straight, alternating with sips of coffee. But a trick to make it a little easier to take is to freeze it.

This won't work with all brands for some reason- some will freeze too solidly to get a spoon into the container. But some brands will just freeze hard enough to be able to scoop out a nice, chewy chunk which is easier to eat, and to my mind, tastes a little less strong. It reminds me of the molasses candy I used to get at Halloween.

Now, what I don't know is if freezing changes the nutritional value of the BSM or not. Does anyone know about that?

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Posted by Moyo098 (Seattle, Wa) on 01/22/2016

I just wanted to mention that mixing Blackstrap Molasses with milk or other dairy products will inhibit the absorption of iron. Additionally, foods that contain phytic acid (nuts and legumes, such as in almond and soy milk) inhibit iron absorption to some degree, as well, but not as much as dairy does. Adding vitamin C will help its absorption, though! Just some things to keep in mind.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Moyo098,

This would be why my midwife would have me take my Blackstrap with orange juice (the vitamin c! ) I was taking Blackstrap to help my iron levels.

It worked, by the way!

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Posted by Stormie (Australia ) on 01/03/2015

One tablespoon BSM in rose-hip tea. I think is one of the best ways of drinking BSM.

The first thing in the morning I drink 1 litter of body temp water quite quickly to flush the organs and hydrate the colon. Then BSM in rose-hip tea which I made and let cool a little. The tea is a nice way of having BSM and it is full of vitamin c which helps with the absorption and balancing out of BSM. Sometimes I will have have BSM and tea between breakfast and lunch. I was told that it takes all day for BSM to process this is why its best taken in the morning.

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Posted by Ctbrowneyes (Usa, Ct) on 11/18/2014

Thank you for posting the various ways to drink BSM. I just heated whole milk but not boiled just to when you see the bubbles on the sides of small pan and added 2 tsp of BSM to coffee mug that had about 1 cup of coffee and stirred all till dissolved. Wonderful and tasty. Thanks again.

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Posted by Charles (Philadelphia) on 08/16/2013

Here are some delicious ways to add Blackstrap Molasses to your diet:

1. Drizzle on Baked/boiled Sweet Potatoes

2. Stir into a bowl of oatmeal (you could add a tsp of sugar to give it more sweetness).

3. Molasses cookies (there is a recipe on the internet that includes BSM; the only other sweetner in the cookies is a banana)

4. Molasses Latte (Molasses added to hot milk - this was mentioned by others here- I think it tastes good)

Replied by Tastes Good

Add organic coconut oil to molasses.. tastes great.

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Posted by Arn (Kenmore, Wa) on 07/10/2013 20 posts

If molasses makes you think "Yuck", think gingerbread, molasses cookies, get creative. Molasses milk, +1 spoonful in a cup of warm milk is hard not to like. But if the bitterness really gets to you, try cutting it half/half with honey. This is the combo I put in my coffee, and it is good.

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Posted by Dm (Mesa, Az) on 07/05/2013

I had trouble with the taste but adding it to coffee seems to work. The bitterness of the coffee leaves just a light slightly sweetened flavor. Your mileage may vary but worth a try.

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Posted by Tamara (Fort Collins, Colorado, Usa) on 06/07/2013

I agree that Blackstrap Molasses can be rough to take by itself or with water, it is delicious with full milk or even half-n-half. For everyone (and I know there's a lot of you out there) that have tried putting BSM in your tea and thought that it was never gonna be something you would WANT to drink, try this. A guy I know calls this "Half-asses" as a play on the combination of half-n-half and molasses. The fat really helps to cut the bitterness and brings out the caramel sweetness, and I'm sure it helps with the absorption of the vitamins and minerals even further. It needs to be warmed up (I use the stovetop) to help dissolve the molasses and then you can drink it, cool it down, add it to smoothies or (my favorite) to make your oatmeal. I make my own version of chai tea using BSM as the sweetner and it really lends itself to spices. You need the creaminess of milk or coconut milk or half-n-half (or even heavy cream! Yum! ) to really appreciate it. It really does turn into a caramely, rich, and flavorful drink.

Replied by KT
(The Usa)

I have to add that I too love BSM in some warm milk and/or in my oatmeal. It's great to add to your spaghetti sauce or baked beans too! It's the only way I can get it into my husband... Sneaky, huh?

Replied by Rita

but does this negate its healthy properties...cookies and such.

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Posted by Margaret (Asheville, Nc) on 10/07/2012

Mix molasses with some butter or margarine with a fork and put on whole grain toast or on a biscuit. Marvelous! I have eaten this since I was a youngster.

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Posted by Jan (High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England) on 11/06/2011

I find one of the most effective ways to take crude BSM is to dissolve or melt 1 teaspoonful (7 gms) in half a cup of hot water and add enough cold water to make it no hotter than one can bear to put their finger in. If symptoms are severe take this on rising, before each meal and last thing at night. This will enable the body to easily absorb all the minerals available in the molasses and to help overcome many ailments. (You may find that the dilution is similar to the biochem tissue salts, eg. 6x potency. ) Do not add refined white sugar, this is acid forming which is undesirable, and do not put it in tea as the tannin inhibits the absorption of iron. If this strength is not tolerated, eg gas, or a sensitive stomach the dose should be made weaker and taken more frequently through the day.

I would suggest taking crude BSM for an absolute minimum of 8 weeks consecutive treatment. I have only been using it for two and feel more energetic. I am treating a problem with my nails and candida and rheumatism plus menopause...etc.etc.etc.

Will keep you posted on improvement. Good luck to all of you who are using crude BSM and don't give up too soon.


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Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/08/2011

I have been taking molassess mixed with organic coconut oil - delicious. My son even will eat it this way.

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Posted by Lori (Detroit, Michigan) on 02/07/2011

Try putting a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses in your pancakes. Another suggestion is to put some in coconut milk.

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Posted by Anne (Chicago, Il, Usa) on 02/07/2011

I make a hot drink at work using 1 Tbl blackstrap molasses and hot water... I love it. I wouldn't take it full strength...Anne

Replied by Crinklytoes
(Aspen, Colorado)

Blackstrap Molasses in cold milk tastes like chocolate milk to me. Just pour a bunch into a glass of cold milk and stir, I'll add some ice cubes too. Easy Peasy

How to Take
Posted by Tasha (East Coast, Usa) on 08/27/2010

I like my BSM as follows, 2 tablespoons in approx 8 oz of hot(microwaved 3 min)water with either 2 heaping tbsp of vanilla instant coffee or with a tea bag. Im not a lover of coffee but the coffee combo is delicious. You can barely taste it in the hot tea, however.

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Posted by Maria (Mt. Laurel, Nj) on 07/07/2010

I drink black strap molasses in hot water with the juice of half a lemon. From my research Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron. Before I started the bsm I would start my day with a glass of hot water and lemon... Now I just add the tablespoon of blm. I want to try it in warm almond milk next as suggested on this site. I'm drinking bsm for the myriad of heath benefits. Thanks for all the great tips here.

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