Blackstrap Molasses: A Nutrient-Dense Superfood & Its Health Benefits


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Posted by Laura (Plainfield, IL) on 06/17/2008

Hi! This is a great website. I just tried the ACV yesterday and noticed an increase in my energy. I'm interested in trying the BSM for constipation. I bought some molasses, but it doesn't say "black strap" on it. Does it have to be black strap molasses, or is all molasses considered black strap molasses? Thanks, and God bless.

EC: Regular molasses is the first or second boiling of cane sugar syrup, while blackstrap is the third boiling of the syrup. Iron levels are said to increase 5% in the 3rd boiling.

Posted by Judy (Saint Cloud, MN) on 06/04/2008

I have been taking a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses every a.m. for the last two plus months. my energy level has increased by leaps and bounds. as far as the gray hair goes ??? I haven't really noticed a huge change but maybe with time it will show. I am a 55 year old female from MN. and have a positive feedback with blackstrap molasses.

Replied by Bret
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Black strap molasses. Read the label. Very high in potassium. Potassium is never stored in our bodies. We lose it when urinating, diarhea, perspiration, and cell death. Potassium enters the cell quite readily and raises the ph. Higher ph then increases the perfusion of oxygen accross the cell membrane. Also, potassium aids in nerve transmission and strengthens contractility in heart muscle if potassium is low raising it is helpful. Also, Organic molasses has iron, iron increase hemoglobin production. This also means improved oxygen utilization. So, Molasses may indeed aid with energy, cognition, concentration, and endurance. Hope this helps.

Posted by Martha (Phoenix, AZ) on 12/15/2006

I have diabetes and have been taking blackstrap molasses since Dec 7. It is too soon to say that it has affected by sugar levels., I think it has. What it has done is provided me with so much more energy, I am so grateful to again have energy to do things that I like and even don't like. I was so tired I didn't even wash my dishes on a daily basis, I wash them, I garden, I don't take long daytime naps. My sugar cravings have been reduced, I recommend everyone take some, even just a little a day

Posted by Karen (Lucedale, MS) on 11/17/2006

After reading the molasses cure, i realized that this is what has cured my sugar cravings and constipation after 25 yrs of i have lost weight in the past 2 or 3 weeks. my sugar cravings have stopped. i use the bathroom after taking the syrup. i have also been taking enzymes since i have no gallbladder so i wasn't sure how i lost 7 0r 8 lbs. but now i know.and my fatigue is gone. i've been fighting fatigue for the past 4 yrs. i feel better now than i have in 4 yrs. I have been battling a lot of things. but everything is getting better. and i'm also sharing this information with my brothers and sisters cause we all have digestive issues and degenerative's wonderful.

Posted by Becca (Granite Falls, NC) on 08/01/2006

Molasses has given me much more energy, helps sugar cravings. Tea tree oil is great for skin ailments of all kinds.


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Posted by Dfed (New York) on 03/09/2023

I tried blackstrap molasses when fibroids were symptomatic but had to stop due to upset stomach. What is a better alternative?

Posted by Elly (Lagos) on 06/18/2014

how can I get it BSM in Lagos?

Replied by Ann

Register with and you can buy the blackstrap mollasses from walmart or amazon and they will ship to your address. For Apple Cider Vinegar a lot of pharmacies and big super markets sell them.

Replied by Cassandra

You can get it from Ng its an online store their office is in surelere. They rock

Posted by Deb (New Jersey) on 05/14/2013

I have been in severe pain with a pedunculated fibroid for 2 months. I got this post menopause. I found out if you lose alot of weight quickly this can happen. I was exhausted and having restless leg problem also. I took the molasses for one day and actually slept restfully. Woke up and first time no pain. My stomach also softened up and went down quite a bit. The taste is a bit heavy for me but I decided its worth it. I'm going to use my mini ice cube tray and see if I can freeze it and drink it in my water. Thanks to all who posted their stories. God Bless!!

Replied by Just Someone
(Colorado, US)

I just wanted to let people know that adding one tbs of BSM to warm milk makes a surprisingly yummy drink, you may just acquire a craving for. I am not a person that usually drinks milk, but this recipe is rather pleasant and it helps get the BSM down. My experience has shown this drink to do wonders for cramps associated with PMS. At the moment I am using this for a terrible inertia that I have been in for months. Hopefully this will raise my energy . Good luck to you all.

Posted by Earth (Oshawa, Ontario, Canada) on 09/18/2009


I was diagnosed with a uterine polyp since I was spotting for about 4 months. My Gyn. did a D&C and said that might help. It didnt. The spotting continued. I recently started unsulphured blackstrap molasses. After taking 2 tablespoons for 2 days, the spotting completely stopped to my amazement and relief. But now I am feeling totally fatigued. I am not sure why. Has this something to do with my taking the BSM or is it something else. I have stopped the BSM for now. I am now so tired that I am desperate. Not sure what is happening. Please advise.

Replied by Beth
(West Virginia)

Did you ever find out the cause of why you got so fatigued after stopping the BSM? I came on here for the same thing, but I bought regular unsulfured molasses, and didn't notice this til just yesterday, I got the wrong kind. Today I have been so fatigued, and wondered what caused it so I came online looking. I just wonder if the regular molasses may cause the fatigue. I sure hope the BSM does not, as I heard it is suppose to help with energy. I just ordered the BSM organic this time I make sure, I hope it stops my constant bleeding. Every time I go in for blood work my Iron is always low, so I am assuming it's still low since I have been bleeding for 4 months. I don't want to iron overload by taking the BSM, but can a TSP or TBSP cause iron over load taking it daily?

Replied by Healed

Could be too much sugar for you.

Replied by Lynda

You should see another doctor, your bleeding for 4 months - that's why your tired.

Posted by Tina (Barcelona, Spain) on 06/14/2009

Thank you all for posting this news about unsulphured BSM. I've had fibroids growing inside me for over ten years, and now they are of multiple kinds too. My womb has grown to about 14 cm, which I was told by my gynecologist a week ago is the size of a 12-week pregnancy. My periods had turned into debilitating 2-day avalanches filled with large clots, followed by about 3 days of mostly whitish stuff. I wake up in the morning sometimes with a large bulge on my stomach, a result of a full bladder being pressed out by an enlarged womb. Seeing as I am 39 and still want to have a baby, a fertility doctor told me I should have a myomectomy right away. That is a very invasive surgery, and I will avoid it at all costs. A previous ob-gyn for years only told me we "would keep monitoring" the fibroids and never gave me any info on treating them with anything. Meanwhile the fibroids kept growing. "Let me know if/when you periods get heavy." They eventually did, I told her, and the answer was "we'll keep monitoring them." Not one doctor I've been to has made any connections between iron-deficiency and fibroids (or perhaps the potassium too has a role to play) or between fibers & carotenoids (found in beets and carrots) and fibroids (look this up online). What do these people go to med school for?

Anyway, I was at once very skeptical and very hopeful when I read the major positive claims made on this site about UBSM, but I opt for natural remedies & solutions whenever possible. This was about 3 months ago now. To my great surprise and even greater joy, the results were immediate and excellent. I bought a bottle of unsulphured BSM at a health store (20% DV of iron, 15% of calcium, 10% of magnesium, 500 mg of potassium) on February 20, ONE day before my period. I have been taking 2 table spoons a day since then (though I confess some days I've forgotten the second spoon). Instead of the 2-day giant-clot-ridden horror of the previous year or so, I had a largely regular, 5-day period, with only a couple of very small clots. I felt less pain and had more energy. I was in utter disbelief at this very immediate result. I kept taking it to see if the same thing would happen the following month, and the answer is yes! Wow--thank god for mother nature and the people who know how it can benefit us--you all who have shared this wonderful remedy with me and many other women suffering from this problem--a painful problem that affects our work productivity as well as our fertility. (I feel I'm doing a commercial for this thing... that's what I felt about the other people who posted here when I first found this site, skeptical and cynical that I am... :-) )

Another apparent result, which I am in the midst of experiencing, is the return of my regular 28-day cycle. Recently, before the UBSM, my periods had started shrinking to 26 days. I am two days late, though there are signs of imminent arrival :-) and no, I am not pregnant, unless the Holy Ghost has paid a visit.

My greatest hope of course is that the fibroids will also shrink, as some people here and in other sites have claimed has happened to them after they started taking UBSM. I will report back when I have my next ultrasound, or perhaps an MRI, which I read elsewhere are more accurate. I will also start loading up on those beets and carrots, both of which I love anyway.

Incidentally, for those who ask how to take the molasses and complained about the taste: honestly, if you have a problem like this, you will take it straight in a spoon and say you loved it a thousand times. In any event, this is a sweet liquid--not your usual sweet, but rather a powerfully bittersweet taste, the kind our grandmothers, who probably didn't have fibroids, were used to. You can use it in your coffee, tea, and spread on toast (my three usual ways). You can put it on fruit as a dessert. You can put it in a smoothie. Think of it as your sugar from now on--that is, if you want to regulate your periods (and possibly, hopefully, all fingers crossed, shrink your fibroids). I wouldn't recommend the one spoon in a glass of water thing, especially if you don't like the taste of it--why prolong it? Sometimes I drink some water *after* taking my spoonful--that way you wash off the taste quickly. I do like the taste, actually, but of course anything you have every single day can get old quickly.

As for the elimination of gray hair that some people claim also results from regular consumption of UBSM, I don't know if I am imagining things, but I have the impression it is helping with that too, though of course it is too soon to tell for sure. It is definitely not my main goal or concern, but I certainly won't mind it if it is indeed a side-effect!

I hope to report good news on the fibroids in due course. THANK YOU ALL again for posting this information--I wish I had looked up natural cures for fibroids sooner! Good luck to everyone.

Replied by Christina
(Ann Arbor, Mi)

Hello everyone,
I was diagnosed with fibroids several years ago. I had a robotic myomectomy, which took care of the large one (about 7cm). I had a very small one, but was told that it was slow-growing, so I didn't worry. Well, fast-foward to 2010. In March, I discovered that my fibroid was about 9cm. This month, I began having so much trouble w/ urination frequency, pain and bloating that I went for an MRI, and it was discovered that I had three fibroids, the largest of which was 10cm. Two weeks later, it had grown to 12.5cm. I signed up for a study of mri-guided ultrasound ablation because I just couldn't take the symptoms anymore. It was 30-40% successful, meaning that it killed that much of the fibroid. Unfortunately, I won't see if it's taken care of my symptoms for 3-6 months, and the fibroid will decrease in volume, but not much in size, so I'm stuck with a pot-belly, and that's pretty unsightly for me, as I weigh normally 125 lbs / 5'6". I was told that my only option was either embolization (which isn't guaranteed to take care of all the fibroids and which doesn't mean that more won't grow) or hysterectomy. I don't like those options. I'm trying to find anything that will keep me from going through these procedures.

Here's my question: Has anyone on this site found that Blackstrap molasses has contributed in any way to shrinkage of their fibroids? I'm going to try it b/c it can't hurt (in small dosages), but I'd like to know if there's been any experience out there where the fibroids have shrunk. Thank you for your help.

Replied by Lane
(New York, Ny, Usa)

Christina, I can't speak directly to blackstrap molasses. But I can say that I was helped tremendously by acupuncture and herbs through a Chinese herbologist, who made the combinations himself. I had an embolization previously, in order to avoid surgery. But the embolization only helped temporarily, and not that much. I am fine now, and the fibroids are greatly reduced, though they once were huge. I looked 4 months pregnant. I was also taken to the emergency room four times in the years before the embolization due to low blood count and pain.

Replied by Jean
(Goodrich, Mi)

If you are estrogen dominant you will have trouble with fibroids.

Posted by Sherry (Longview, Washington) on 10/18/2008

Black Strap Molasses has really helped my heavy bleeding and clotting due to fibroids. I do not know how it works but it is working.

Replied by Lola Omotayo
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Organic blackstrap molasses and organic apple cider is an unexplained magical remedy, it vanished my overian cyst within 4weeks and shrank the fibroid from nine to three, though I am still taking it to finish it up. I first saw kemi testimony from lagos and contacted same person who sold it to her and I must inform you that kemi had just delievered a bouncing baby after clearing her cyst with ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR AND MOLASSES. I want everyone to know it works, please ignore surgery.

(Stuart, Florida)

Hi, could you please I would greatly appreciate it if you would share how much Apple Cider Vinegar & Black Strap Molasses you took to shrink your fibroids, and your regimen. I have a fibroid in my left breast that I would like to try this with.
Thank you very much, in advance.

Replied by Monetta
(Georgetown, Guyana)

Just had a new diagnosis, 1st ones a few years ago, my obgyn say not to worry I am heading into meno in a couple of years & that it would not bother me, but I have just found out that there is 1 that is causing a discomfort in my rectum & pelvic area.. So someone recommend the BSM, so I have started to take 1 teaspoon per day, so I will see what happens when I am ready to have another ultrasound... Thank you & good luck to everyone..

Replied by Chiomy0
(Lagos Nigeria)

Hello @Lola Omotayo how exactly did you take it and where did you get it in Lagos? I am really suffering with this ailment. I can't cope with my job again cos am always very tired, weak and have headaches.

Posted by Yul (P, South Africa) on 02/09/2008

(Normal) Molasses has made a HUGE difference in my bleeding from fibroids! (BUT BLACK STRAP Molasses actually extended my bleeding due to the sulphur acting as an anti-coagulant! So I'm really wondering if most ladies here are calling Molasses, BSM or Black Strap Molasses, when they're actually using the sweeter one??)

I've had 11-17 day long periods within a 28 day cycle for the past 5 years now due to having a fibroid. I've also been craving ice due to iron deficiency thorough summers and winters!

6 months ago I decided to drizzle Molasses (the normal sweeter one) into my ice-cubes, and what a hit!!! I just did it for the iron, but when I had my first and 2nd periods after that, I noticed that my bleeding was not as heavy, but thought it was just my imagination. The 3rd and 4th months my periods went from 11-17 days to only 6-7 days!!! Almost NO pain, and quite a lot less bleeding, especially after the first initial heavy days.

Then I tried ADDING BLACK STRAP MOLASSES to the normal molasses (1:2). This time my bleeding (the 5th period since starting this Molasses journey) just would not stop!! It was SO heavy and SO painful, day 9 was as heavy and painful as day 2-3, and for the first time in years I had to take pain medication! The only thing I had changed was the Black Strap instead of just the normal Molasses.
Then I remembered that the lady at the health shop said that the difference between Black Strap and normal sweet Molasses, is that Black Strap contains SULPHUR. I then read up about sulphur on the internet, and saw that it acts like an ANTI-COAGULANT (which stops your body from stopping bleeding!!) and can cause strong bearing-down pains, which was exactly what I was experiencing! So I immediately stopped the Black Strap and my bleeding immediately slowed down and stopped within 2-3 days.

This past month I've just been on the normal Molasses, and my 6th period has just ended in 6 days again!! I'm SO glad I've discovered this, and can feel my fibroid getting smaller!

WARNING: Just make sure you don't overdose on Molasses!! It was very easy for me to do since I was already in the habit of eating ice all day, and found that by drizzling Molasses into my ice was so delicious that I would often prefer that over food! I was going through 1 BOTTLE (250ml) every 1-2 DAYS!!!
Molasses is very high in iron, copper, etc. These nutrients in high doses can be bad for your liver/pancreas, etc, and yesterday I was extremely weak, shaky, yelow/green/nauseas, with a temperature, after having had diarhoea for 2 days before (could be a sign of iron overdose). I immediately stopped eating my Molasses ice and feel a lot better today.

I think I'm first going to research and find out exactly how much of each nutrient is in Molasses, and how much is safe to take, so that I don't overdose and cause some serious dammage... (Scary!!)

But over-all I'm feeling amazing (before yesterday!) and everyone is saying how much better and healthier I'm looking!

I would like to know though, if most people here are calling 'normal' Molasses: Black Strap Molasses???

Replied by Sherry
(Longview, Washington)

To the author of My Story: Maybe the black strap molasses you were using wasn't unsulphered. Thank you for the tip about sulpher causing heavy bleeding. Unsulphered seems the way to go for women.

Replied by Maria
(South Africa)

Hi, where can I buy UBSM here in south Africa, coz Clicks and Dischem they don't have.

Replied by Zzz

It's difficult to overdose with simple uncombined food like blackstrap molasses.The flavor will change to be repugnant after a person consumes too much. Did you notice? The flavor returns to be yummy after the body needs more. This has been my experience. Entering detox mode doesn't have to mean one has eaten too much, but it's a good idea to slow down.

Replied by Yesenia

I've only used blackstrap molasses for my periods.

Posted by Leah (Emeryville, CA) on 12/05/2007

This stuff works! I have suffered badly from fibroids for about 3 years now. I have tried alot of remedies to no avail. I was scheduled to have a myomectomy. Then I came across this site and started taking the blackstrap molasses in September 2007. Three tablespoons a day every single day. It has a horrible taste, but it is SO worth it. Immediately, I noticed a tremendous change in my bleeding. I would almost hemorrorhage, but now it is almost a normal flow. I was absoutely amazed! I had been praying for a a natural remedy and I think I have found it. It has also helped tremendously with my anemia. Previously, I had been to the hospital 3 times because of fainting spells. I have also totally changed my diet and only eat natural foods now and I get foot reflexology treatments done once a month. Also, saying the Lord's Prayer 15 times daily is good too.(If you're religious or spiritual). I have made alot of progress, but I still get hard cramps, but my periods are about 70% better than before. Ladies, just try it and give it chance, because it truly works!!!!

Posted by Lauren (Raleigh, North Carolina) on 07/24/2007

Hello All...My cousin introduced me to this site and I read all the claims about BSM. I suffered from break through bleeding while on the PILL and in no time the bleeding was full blown. I was miserable and passed clots for two weeks straight. I had an ultra sound done and found out my fibroids came back. I went out and got the BSM and did the dosage recommended and in about a weeks time my cramps disappeared and I didn't feel like a whale. Thank you for these postings and insight on using something in our pantry.

Posted by Tracy (Los Angeles, USA) on 07/19/2007

This is amazing! I started using black strap molasses two months ago after reading the comments on this site. I have had fibroid tumors for two and a half years. I got a scan a few weeks ago and I found out they have doubled in size since my last scan, they are now 3" in size. The main problem for me has being the long periods and the heavy bleeding. My periods would last up to 2 weeks and I would pretty much go into hibernation since I was so paranoid about bleeding profusely while out in public..

I started taking black strap molasses 1 tbls. per day for a whole month, I did see some slowing down of my period for the first month but it was still quite heavy. I then found out I was anemic, what a surprise that explained the long hours I sleep and the lack of energy, I immediately increased my dosage to 3 tbls. per day and my last period I only had 2 heavy days and 3 really light ones.

Another area that seems to be affected by the tumors is my bladder, the tumors are pressing on my bladder so it seems that I have to run to the bathroom every five minutes to pee..

I will keep you up to speed on the tumors and my progress I am going to get a blood count again next month to see if there is any change there. My Doctor has recommended having the tumors removed and I told her to give me till the end of this year to see if the black strap molasses helps to shrink the tumors.

I am so glad I found this site and all the helpful testimonials..