50 Health Conditions Treated With Blackstrap Molasses

Multiple Cures

Posted by Claire (UK) on 07/07/2006
5 out of 5 stars

i had a problem with my left ankle giving way and also suffered badly from carpal syndrome. i was not sure if the molasses would work but i read the comments here and thought i would give it a go. I have been taking 3 tsp regularly since 3 weeks ago. I am amazed -- it has cured my ankle which i no longer have to strap up. Also my carpal syndrome was incredibly painful especially at night. Thankfully i don't have pain anymore. Finally i was astonished to notice that i had actually lost 10 lbs in weight. i think it has cured my sugar craving as i don't feel as hungry anymore. I have been telling my family and friends to take it as it's like a miracle cure for many things. Also my skin is fresh looking, nails are stronger and my hair is shinier.

Posted by Maggie (Bartlesville, Oklahoma) on 04/24/2006
5 out of 5 stars

1 Tblsp. blackstrap molasses, three times a day cured heart palpitations,and edema in my hands and ankles. Also my fingernails are much stronger. During my 4 day stay at the hospital for hip surgery, I was given 2 potassium pills as my potassium was very low. When i arrived home, i gave blackstrap molasses a try. Never dreaming that in less than a week my ankles and hands didn't swell anymore, and the heart flutters that i had for many years were gone. Oh , I almost forgot, I now have fingernails. I'm telling everyone i meet about my miracle cure.

Nose Bleeds

Posted by Norman (Abbotsford, BC) on 02/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: black strap molasses. It cured my daily nose bleed. just a tablespoon in cup of hot water daily for a while a few years back. And now I'm wondering for better circulation of blood in feet & up legs.


Posted by Terrie (Cleveland, Ohio) on 07/07/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Was in alot of pain, could hardly take a few steps in the morning - could only sleep about 4 hrs before pain would wake me up - started blackstrap molasses 1 tablespoon am and pm. Severe pain has gone away - thanks to this site

Posted by Helen (Long Island, United States) on 03/14/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking molasses in warm milk and agree it is like a latte. It really tastes good. Also, my leg pain has lessened and I can go up stairs and walk much better. I am also taking the vinegar and baking soda which I didn't think was doing much, but when I added the molasses drink I think it made a big difference. (My doctor says I have very bad arthritis. This is the first relief I have had. These remedies are highly recommended by me.


Posted by Rose (Harrisburg, PA) on 02/20/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I'm replying to the person who is 15 weeks pregnant and asking about taking blackstrap molasses. I started taking blackstrap molasses with raw apple cider vinegar (once a day in the morning) before I got pregnant and during my pregnancy everyday. And I also had large fibroids. I carried my baby full term. He is a healthy baby boy (8lbs 3oz). No complications and no pain from the fibroids. Molasses has a load of minerals and vitamins that the baby needs. This is excellent for the baby.

Posted by Nihsbell (Brooklyn, NY) on 02/15/2007

My friend and I just find out about the website today as well as about the Molasses and how it can help with Fibroids. My main concern is that I am about 15 weeks pregnant and I'm not sure if this will affect my baby in any way, on the other hand the fibroid is causing me lots of pain with very little for me to do about it because I'm pregnant. Can someone please tell me if the Molasses is safe for me to take while pregnant?

Restless Leg Syndrome

Posted by Kim (Westport, MA) on 11/16/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, there is a cure for restless leg syndrome, and it comes in the form of BLACK STRAP MOLASSES. While using BSM for I discovered that my restless leg syndrome stopped completely, as long as I use it daily. I have suffered for years with this condition, family members, my dad , brother and aunt have it so hereditary I am sure and from what I read there are plently of pills doctors will prescribe for you, but for me natural is the only way to go. I take 1 tablespoon a day of BSM, I use it to manage my female issues and PMS, and heavy bleeding, that now is cut in half, and the happy side affect to that regimine was the cure for my restless leg syndrome, which caused so much pain, and movement just to fall asleep. I have to say that this website has given me my life back in a way that is a miracle. No pills for me if I can ever help it. I look up a syndrome, or condition and more then likely I find it here and I try it and or apply it to my own life and see how it goes. So far so good. I believe that we know ourselves better then any doctor ever could. This website could be the very thing that saves your life. I mean more and more on tv to radio I see and hear more and more about restless leg syndrome and companies promoting more and more medicines for the syndrome so they can make money, if they did research like I did online they would see the cure right in front of them, it comes up in my search right away. Simple and inexspensive and it doesn't hurt the body in other ways. I get frustrated just seeing commercials trying to get people to take there drugs. Anyhow, BSM 1 tablespoon a day has cured my RLS and I am forever grateful. I do my best to promote this site to friends and family and I know they get tired of listening to me sometimes, but thats OK! The truth here for me is a miracle so passing it along is just what we're supposed to do. In the right kind of world. Thanks a million to all have written here.

Replied by James
Belize City, Central America
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Hi, All my brothers and sisters, I thanks your people who introduce me this Happened sites , just yesterday I have a Restless leg Syndrome over many months now, And I clouding having my Normal sleep as a Hume being . Brothers and Sisters what Happened yesterday I took the black strap Molasses and I sleep like a babies over 6 months now. And the legs and Hands both stop immediately, but I am having a Running Nose and a little Headache today. By his grace my problem of Diabetes and High blood pressures may soon stopped .my Diabetes and Blood pressures is almost 10 years now.

Posted by Su Su (Sacramento, CA) on 09/10/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Blackstrap Molasses which I was taking for something else, cured my RLS. I had been drinking warm soymilk with one tablespoon of molasses every morning and when I ran out my RLS came back. I then read about a new study that said iron might cure some RLS. The day I started back on molasses, my symptoms disappeared.

Posted by Jennifer (Greenfield, WI) on 02/28/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I went to the health food store to ask about what I could give my 15 month-old son for constipation. They suggested 1-2 tsp. of blackstrap molasses in his bottle. I bought the bottle, came home, came to this website and discovered all different things this stuff is good for. I am 8 months pregnant. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping and developing symptoms of restless leg syndrome (common in pregnancy). I decided to give it a shot. Long story short, my son is pooping like a champ and I started sleeping through the night without any jerking limbs ON THE FIRST DAY! I ran out for one day, and I had a horrible night sleep. I am amazed and delighted.

Side Effects

Posted by Cat (Athens) on 01/29/2020
0 out of 5 stars

I had started taking 2 tablespoons of mollases today. I wanted to raise my iron blood levels. I took it with warm water and apple cider vingegar in the morning with an empty stomach. Now it's night and I'm having a terrible headache and feeling sleepy and dizzy. After that and reading all the side effects in other comments too, I'm not sure if I will continue consuming it. Probably not.

Replied by mmsg
somewhere, europe

Cat, never start anything new at a high dosage!!! I started with ONE TEASPOON once a day, and slowly built up to ONE tablespoon. My iron levels are now normal, after being quite anemic.

Posted by Connie (Melbourne, FL) on 02/20/2019

WOW! After reading all these comments about side effects, who wants to try the Molasses? I have been eating Molasses since I was a small child, I didn't even know they had all these side effects. When I start new vitamins, minerals and herbs, I only take that one to see if I will have any type of reaction. But you do have to watch out if you are taking any kinds of medications, they are unreal in there own right.

Posted by Becky (Derbyshire, Uk) on 05/19/2018
0 out of 5 stars

I have just started taking BSM - only 2 days. I have had a pretty bad headache both days so wondering if this is linked. I have taken 1 tbsp in warm water each morning.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Becky, I never heard that BSM has anything to do with headaches. But I do know that one might get them from trying out a new remedy that one is not too sure of. I guess it's the stress of not knowing what to expect. I'm pretty sure the BSM itself is not causing headaches.

Posted by CBM (South Africa ) on 01/13/2018
0 out of 5 stars

After drinking a crude black molasses I'm feeling drowsy and I'm sleeping a lot. Any idea why?

Posted by Problemchild (Roseville) on 10/05/2017
0 out of 5 stars

I bought Plantation BSM. I was very excited to take it for the energy. I took 1 tablespoon and the next day had explosive diarrhea for hours. I do not have stomach issues or IBS. So I waited 3-4 days and only took a teaspoon. The next day explosive diarrhea. Then I got smart and ordered 2 more bottles of "Organic" BSM. Once again a week or two go by before I try the organic. I start with a teaspoon...the next day explosive diarrhea. What in the world am I doing wrong? I ate food when I took it and I tried on an empty stomach. Why is this happening? Please tell me what the problem could be.

Replied by KT

Dear Pc, Are you eating enough protein? KT