50 Health Conditions Treated With Blackstrap Molasses


Posted by Peg (Omaha, NE) on 10/11/2006
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I was low on potassium, and having heart arrhythmia because of it. 1 tbs each morning, and occasionally another tsp in the early evening keeps it away!

Arthritic Pain

Posted by Joyce (Chippewa Lake, Ohio) on 05/22/2008
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I saw one comment from someone on blackstrap molasses for arthritis. I had been up every night in pain, particularly in one knee. The first day I ate 1 Tbs. of blackstrap molasses, and the pain was completely gone. I take it every day. If I go to bed and have a little pain in my knee, instead of pain medicine, I have another Tbs. of the molasses, and the pain subsides in 20 minutes. My uncle was a chiropractor who was into holistic medicine, and use to tell us that there are many benefits of Blackstrap molasses.

Replied by Kaelia
Emerald, Vic Aust
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Yes indeed. I have been taking BSM for approx a week, and have noticed considerably less pain in my lower back and hip joints. I will continue taking BSM, approx 2 desertspoons per day. In addition, I mix 2 desertspoons of ACV with a litre of water and sip on that through the day. Something is working for me.

Posted by Jan (USA)
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Two weeks of two tablespoons each morning have reduced the arthritic pain in my knees. Does anyone else have knowledge of black strap molasses working on arthritis?

Best Way to Take Blackstrap Molasses

Posted by Rita (Virginia) on 04/03/2019

I've read that mixing blackstrap molasses with dairy products can inhibit it's absorption due to the calcium in the dairy products. This is confusing since the molasses itself has calcium. I love mixing blackstrap molasses with plain yogurt, so I am concerned that I may not be getting the most nutrition from this mixture. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? I've also read that Vitamin C helps with the bioavailability of plant-derived iron, so a source of Vitamin C should be taken along with the blackstrap molasses.

Replied by Karen Grat
Atlanta Ga

Glad to hear you are doing better. Try adding Goldenseal Tea or Pills to your monthly regimen (for only 7 days straight) while using the BSM. I personally use it a week before my menstrual cycle. It helps to keep my fibroids from heavy clotting & causing pelvic pain.

Blood Sugar

Posted by Elly (Seattle) on 10/01/2006
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Black Strap Molasses has cured my Blood Sugar Levels. I also wanted to respond to another lady in Seattle, she asked where to buy it. The two best places would be Trader Joe's, or Madison Market, just off Capital Hill.

Replied by Kathy

If you don't mind me asking, how does black strap molasses cure your blood sugar problems? What is your secret

Posted by Tai (Lakewood, WA) on 09/14/2006
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My mother in law tells me it helps her everyday with her sugar level (she has Diabetes). She feels much better since she has taken molasses.


Posted by Geraldine (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) on 03/11/2009
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Yes, the exact measurments are MOST important, and I think this is why some people reporting to you of their problem with blackstrap molasses is that they use too much molasses and too little water. Blackstrap Molasses has CURED many cases of cancer, some of the "incurable" terminal cases.

In the book by Cyril Scott, "Crude Black Molasses" many cases of curing cancer are reported. All followed the exact manner of taking the molasses which is not recommended for anyone with diabetes. The method for curing cancer is one teaspoonful in a cup of hot water: then cold water should be added "so as to make two-thirds of a cupful." This to be taken at one's convenience at any time; persons with deicate stomachs should take a smaller dose of molasses more often throughout the day."

For severe cases such as for cancerous growth, molasses should be taken last thing at night and on rising as well as during the day."

Do not drink it too hot, and drink it lesisurely not in big gulps. It is more easily assimilated in hot water; (bladder troubles have occurred simply after drinking drafts of cold water when one is overheated.) As reported, even terminal cases after surgery for cancer have been cured by this method of
taking blackstrap molasses ( one teaspoon bsm, mixed with some hot water, then adding cold water making 2/3 a cup, drinking leisurely many times a day.)

Replied by Michael
New Zealand

I always understood that "Consumption" meant T.B. i.e.Tuberculous?

Replied by Joanne
Artesia, Nm

Hi there,

I have never tried blackstrap molasses but I might be willing to take. Just kind of skeptical as to what I read here as blackstrap molasses has been used for curing cancer. This is because I have read where cancer cells love sugar and/or carbs and multiply that way. I'm just wondering if that would be defeating the purpose for cancer patients, since molasses contain sugars and carbs. Can anyone set me straight on this?


Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Joanne, you would take it with baking soda. Read up on that. When you mix them in hot water it'll foam for a bit.

The theory is that the sugar in the molasses is a bait for the baking soda to get where it's needed.

Replied by Michael
New Zealand


Joanne has raised an important point about the sugar content of molasses. Sugar has been implicated in the current obesity and diabetes "epidemics" and many of us have been steering clear of as much sugar (especially white sugar-or white anything for that matter! ) as is possible to exclude from our diets. A bit is needed for the brain of course.To cure cancer with molasses? Stretching things a bit far I think. I am trying not to blow a gasket here! However, molasses has been touted as an exception to the "no/low sugar" rule on account of the fact that it is the un-refined component of the extraction process AND moreover, it contains so many beneficial minerals and vitamins and gosh, do we ever need those friendly guys! BUT sugar cane is often grown on nutrient-depleted soils and subject to quite a lot of herbicide treatment unfortunately. Think mass, mono horticulture for this crop. But, if you grab the organic version, you might be on firmer ground. I try the brew whenever I remember to take it which certainly isn't every day. Also, the thought occurs to me that there is more than one type of sugar in molasses and therefore is a more balanced product.

Sucrose would seem to be more suspect than fructose but the jury is now out on too much fructose also. I guess we could all worry ourselves to death when it comes to our nutrition and how to source the good things in life. But hey, knowledge is power when it comes to fueling our bodies and those of our children. I hope Joanne gets more responses. What does E.C have to say on this vexed question please?

Posted by Glen (St. Mary's Newfoundland)
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A friend of mine who's dog was riddled with cancerous tumors gave him black strap molasses each day for a month. she took him back to the Veterinarian and the cancer and tumor were gone! Her mother, who was a medicine woman in the hills of West Virginia suggested she do this as the ancient egyptians used the remedy for consumption (cancer).

Posted by Pam (UK)
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my daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor 13 years ago. i was told she had not long to live . i gave her black molasses after reading a book. last week she was told the tumor was still there but had not grown in 13 years.

Replied by Jenny
Sydney, Australia

Hi Francisca,
I was just looking at adrenal fatigue and saw that Bill had used BSM when getting rid of candida along with other supplements. I went off BSM for about 5 days but have gone back on to it as I feel it is nourishing. I am only taking one tspn once or twice daily. I have started on a number of things suggested on this website and am noticing a difference in energy but am very cautious and using low doses of everything. So far so good. Thanks for your comment. Having read that Bill used it I feel much more comfortable carrying on with BSM.

Canker Sores

Posted by Celia (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 09/09/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I'm a dental hygiene student, and one of my instructors told me to try putting black strap molasses directly on my canker sores (i get them all the time! grrr!). I tried it last night and today they're nearly gone! it's a miracle cure, and I can't believe how well it worked! You've gotta try it!

Replied by Tere

You can take l-lysine capsules for canker sores.

Carpal Tunnel

Posted by Claire (London, UK) on 02/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

This is g8 stuff .I had a big problem with carpal syndrome some nights i could not sleep cause of the pain. Searched on the internet for any ideas came across this site and read reviews. Next day brought some BSM (Black Strap Molasses). Took a tablespoon before i ate every morning and another before i slept. After a few days the pain in my arm was not so severe. Within a month the pain disappeared.Also my husband noticed that i had lost weight. Maybe this was due to taking bsm (black strap molasses) . i continued to take it and in 6 months i have lost 3 stone. I think the bsm stopped my craving for sugar and also i didn't feel hungry.So overall, a wonderful medicine with loads of vitamins and minerals. recommend it to anyone.feel g8, hair is shiny. nails strong and skin glowing. This would be g8 for someone who is pregnant as it has calcium and iron in it.

Posted by Kim (Blessing, TX) on 11/29/2005
5 out of 5 stars

My father-in-law's joint and hands were hurting so bad the doctor performed carpal tunnel surgery on one hand, but the pain and swelling was still there. For about 6-8 months he was unable to do anything, he couldn't sleep, and she helped him do everything. His joint pain was horrible. Then one night my mother-in-law was making him biscuits with molasses and when he woke up he felt completely full of energy it was amazing. He got outside and did he chores with no effort at all. She thinks it was the iron he needed in his body, but it sure did work. He is back to his normal self.


Posted by Simon (Cape Town/pretoria) on 06/15/2014

Been taking BSM for 5 days and my cold feet and hands disappeared.The following happens each time after taking it:
1.Chest pains.
2.Pains around waste, kidneys.
3.Sneezing a lot.
4.Metabolism seems to be accelerated.
5.Feels like sharp needles under my soles and feet.
6.Feels a little bit energetic (used to be difficult waking up).

7.It seems to have shaken my whole body.

I don't know what it does to my head, eyes and ears. But theres something good going on there.

NB: I want to try Green added molasses tablespoon. I Hope to post the results once I have tried it.

1. Green tea + Ginger=Good circulation.

Replied by John
Cincinnati, Ohio

Maureen - Just to let you know, I've had success with having my gray hair turn back using blackstrap molasses, but it's how you use it that matters. When I read your email it sounded to me as though you applied it topically to wash your hair. That's not going to do it for you if you want to bring back your color. You need to be taking a tablespoon or two (it can be mixed into food or drink) a day religiously over months to get the desired effect. The hair actually will grow out of your head darker and it takes a while to notice it working because hair grows so slowly and the ends of your hair will still be gray as the BSM doesn't affect hair that's already grown out. I've been taking a spoonful in a glass of warm water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and have just started upping my consumption to two times a day. I've been doing this for about two months and have noticed a definite darkening of hair growing out and others see the difference, too. It's a work in progress, as they say, but so far so good. I've heard you need to continue for 3-6 months for optimum effect and after that I'd presume you'd need to keep up the regimen to prevent the hair going back to gray. It may be that this is only a partly successful treatment, but it's real color, not something out of a bottle. I'm also guessing that results vary from person to person. I hope this helps you get a better sense of how this works and wish you good luck should you decide to give it a try.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi John and Maureen, I am trying molasses as well. I am 52, dark hair going grey which I have dyed for years. As I don't want all the chemicals in my hair and scalp I am giving this a try. I will keep you posted...... I hope it works because I look much younger and it is a bit weird to have grey hair.

Posted by Norman L. (Abbotsford, BC) on 03/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I had serious swelling of ankles ,feet & legs. And all doctors could suggest is poor ciculation and one way valves in leg not working properly and would have to wear pressure socks for the rest of my life but I was not willing for this and kept earching and tryinng all sorts of natural things but when finally I went back to black strap molasses which I used to take for nose bleeding & cured that and after some time of use I ran out of it & forgot to replace it and got swlling problems but never connected it to molasses but after 2 yrs for some reason tried molasses again and after some time I noticed something , less swelling to happen and gradually dissapearednd not even swelled during the day anymore and so must be the molasses that played a part in circulation for me in my legs and so will continue taking it for this is a much better cure than wearing pressure socks whch did not go to fix the problem anyways. Thank You, Norm from Abbotsford BC

Replied by Donna Hyde
Lincoln, NE
5 out of 5 stars

i had swollen ankles also, i had red going up both my legs. i am not a person who likes the Doc. i believe in what God has put on this earth for us to use. i started 1 tab.spoon black strap, with 2 tab.spoons _____s apple citer vinegar, with 8 oz. of warm water. my swelling went away, and so did the redness.

Replied by Debra
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I know this thread is old but got bought to my attention through an email. I wanted to share an experience I had with BSM.

My father in law had a hip operation a few years ago and during the op, the orderly grabbed his leg so hard, he caused a permanent blood clot which resulted in severe pain and lack of circulation to his foot. It took months but they managed to make a pathway through the clot for blood to get through but told him the clot was always going to be there. I researched it for him and learnt that BSM dissolves clots so I told him to take a tablespoon a day. Four bottles later, the clot was completely gone. he still has pain in the foot due to nerve damage, the he has complete blood flow and no clot whatsoever now.

Posted by Maureen (Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada)
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Norman L. from Abbotsford, BC for taking the time to write about the benefits blackstrap molasses has had for you. I have NEVER heard of anything that helps swollen ankles and your e-mail has given me hope. I have just started using it for other reasons and now hope I get the same results you got. I must say I try so many things that I would not know what worked if something did work! I will pass on something that I discovered last week. I used the remainder of blackstrap molasses I have had for years and bought new organic unsulfured blackstrap molassas last week. There was some that I could not get out of the bottle so rather than waste it I decided to add shampoo and water to the bottle and wash my hair with it to see if it would help my gray hair. Well it did not, no surprise there, but it did clean my scalp (from itch) about 90% for most of the day. It worked just as good as apple cider vinegar does for me without the smell.

'Thank you Earth Clinic for a fantastic site and also to Ted and Bill for your valuable input. Maureen