Blackstrap Molasses: A Nutrient-Dense Superfood & Its Health Benefits


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Posted by Jeanette (Ripley, Ms, USA) on 11/18/2009

For the past several months, my mother has had to have 1 to 2 units of blood every week. She started eating blackstrap molasses and has not had to have any blood in the last 18 days. She has her blood count checked every Monday and Thursday. Since she has started eating the molasses, her blood count has gone up each time she has been tested.

My question is "Does the molasses thicken her blood?" Because if it does, her chance of having a stroke is going up. By the way, there is nothing wrong with her blood. She is just losing blood through her bowels.

Replied by Peter Evans

No, blackstrap molasses thins the blood and dissolves blood clots.

Posted by Jess (Columbus, OH) on 05/06/2009

My 22 month old was diagnosed as being anemic because of low iron count last month his iron count was 10pts the average is 12pts or higher. We had already been giving him high iron food and a vitamin with iron in it and nothing would bring the count up. The pediatrician gave us an iron drop supplement to give him, i didnt feel comfortable giving it to him because of all the side effects. Someone told me to try black strap molasses because it was high in iron. So i gave it a try and in 3 weeks his iron count went from 10pts to 14pts!!! We just gave it to him in his soymilk bottle.

Replied by Rw
(Tazewell, Va)

I know it's possible that your child needs to be on soy milk, but you might want to look up phytic acid. It's in any food that's a nut or a seed (grains and beans are seeds) and if the food with phytic acid isn't fermented, sprouted or soaked to destroy the phytic acid, it can pull minerals out of the body. You might even want to Google "phytic acid in soy." At least you're adding minerals back with the Blackstrap Molasses. You can also get more info on this at the Weston Price website.

Replied by Vianne
(Port Orange, Florida)

Please be aware that "soy formula" should be avoided and particularly for boys as soy is "estrogen-ic".

Replied by Mspat
(Nw Fla)

Perhaps cooking with cast iron would be of natural benefit for us all.

And today, we now know that most all soy is GMO. So I believe, like our corn & wheat supply, the GMOs are playing havoc with our bodies.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U Mspat, what most don't know is that the farmers spray their soy corps with Round-up at the end of the growing season so all the plants will die at the same time. They do that here in our county. This way you get a double dose of garbage. Heard all my life " don't eat the raw vegetables from Mexico". Now it's ...... don't eat anything from the U.S. The feral hogs are the ones spreading ecoli in our lettuce, etc. That is the reason we try to raise as many of our vegetables and fruit as we can. =========ORH=======

Posted by Angela (Greenwich, CT) on 04/09/2009

I have suffered from anemia for almost 20 years and I have taken iron supplements and changed my diet so that I can overcome this anemia. I have also had many tests done to try to find out the source. I recently found out about the Gluten and have removed gluten from my diet. I also read about mollases and its many great benefits and take 1 tablespoon daily. My energy has more than doubled with these two changes in my diet and my periods are not as long and as painful! I have a feeling that the gluten has been robbing my body of its nutrition and adding the mollases has helping my body recover! I am so grateful to have found out about this product and this website!

Posted by Erin (Haiku, HI) on 03/16/2009

Blackstrap Molasses CURED my anemia. Pain is better with menstrual cycles/fibroids. Heart palpitations stopped altogether. Decreased excessive blood loss during cycle within 24 hours. I use 3 Tbs daily in a smoothie, without fail. 1 week before cycle I start taking 4 Tbs daily in smoothie and continue until cycle stops. I have more energy and focus.

My smoothie:
banana, frozen blueberries (anti-oxidant), 3-4 Tbs organic Blackstrap Molasses, spirulina, green edge powder, 1 Tbs Udo's efa oil, ground Tbs goji berries/ Tbs raw cacao, 3 Tbs Maca powder, sometimes an apricot or peach.

Tasty, BSM makes it deliciously sweet, can't taste the spirulina although the drink IS green!. It is very fulfilling and energizing.

If you have candida or parasites it may make you bloat. If this happens you can take 3 clove caps, 3 wormwood caps and 10 drops of black walnut- it will kill them and you can continue enjoying your morning drink.

BTW: I learned about BSM from this very website. I thank you with all of my heart.

Replied by Ralph

Very good suggestions.

Posted by Margeret Green (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 11/15/2008

l have been taking molasses for years over 10 years for my ulcer and anemia. Four year ago l start have problem with my kidneys. l have a cyst on kidney which is killing me with pain. The doctor told me there is no cure for that. l recently start taking ACV FOR IT . l recently bought molasses for a friend who was very sick and suffering from anemia she told me that the molasses is not for kidneys. ls it the cause of my kidney problems is it true? Does the molasses have side effect on the kidneys/ please advice ASAP THANKS.

Replied by CONNIE
(DE BERRY, Texas US)

flush the kidneys of all that calcium by drinking 2 oz of concentrated lemon juice and 2oz of olive oil. it disolved my kidney stones and gave me instant relief. molasses has alot of calcium in it.

Posted by Satina (Waldport, Oregon) on 10/31/2008

Regarding any warnings on Earth Clinic about molasses for anemia, I think it's important to remember that iron occuring in natural foods like molasses is balanced by all kinds of other minerals and trace minerals and so has a different effect on the body than a synthesized, inferior source of isolated iron in a pill. All of the minerals work synergistically in the body, buffering and enhancing one another.

In natural foods, you find them all together for a reason. We need them all, in order for any one of them to do their best for us. In addition, trace minerals in molasses such as, specifically, chromium, are essential to our body's metabolism of sugar, so consuming molasses is going to have nowhere near the negative effects on your body as consuming sugar *without* the trace minerals that are absolutely essential for its use by the body (as is the case in white, refined sugar).

Also, when one has a complaint about 'processed foods', it is because what is good for us, the nutrients, have been stripped away from the so-called 'refined' food left behind. In this case, molasses IS what has been stripped away (leaving the worthless refined white sugar behind), so molasses is of the highest nutrient-density. As a student in an M.S. program of study in Holistic Nutrition, I believe natural sources of minerals like molasses are *infinitely* superior to any synthesized supplements and should be encouraged, never discouraged.

Oh, and I like to put a tablespoon or two of blackstrap molasses in heated milk (or nut milk) as a mineral-rich, medicinal alternative to hot chocolate. :-)

Posted by Susan (Catskills, New York, USA) on 10/30/2008


PLEASE, PLEASE use caution when increasing iron intake from any source (particularly something like molasses that has been SO over processed -- it astounds me that people will turn their nose up at sugar as being a "processed" food, but ladle on tons of molasses, which is the sludge material left over from processing sugar, and is then further processed). Do I eschew molasses? No, it adds a nice touch of flavor to sweet treats and other foods.

Iron is good for the body, but can also lead to serious toxic problems. My mother had always taken iron supplements (she was once tested as low iron even with supplements -- I am the same). Then, she developed cancer and her iron levels became very, very low. The cancer was happily feeding on all the iron she was putting into her system. While one doctor just advised upping her iron more and more to keep iron levels up, a later doctor indicated that the excessive iron contributed to the rapid spread and return of her cancer. Before I knew the dangers of iron overload, I would eat the same iron-rich foods as I made for her, and even popped an iron supplement or two. Bad move. I damaged my heart.

So, please, before engaging in any iron supplement regimen, get another doctor's opinion about YOUR specific needs. And please, don't treat yourself for an iron deficiency without medical advice. Remember, iron is a heavy metal, and many people -- such as I -- have had to have chelation therapy to detox.

May I suggest maple syrup as a alternative choice for iron and nutrients?

I have excerpted the following from two cancer information website.
"Iron encourages the formation of cancer-causing free radicals. Of course, the body needs a certain amount of iron for healthy blood cells. But beyond this rather small amount, iron becomes a dangerous substance, acting as a catalyst for the formation of free radicals. Because of this, research studies have shown that higher amounts of iron in the blood mean higher cancer risk.,

Once iron is absorbed by the digestive tract, the body stores it. Most of us accumulate much more iron than we need. In spite of the advertising from iron supplement manufacturers, "iron overload" is much more common in America than iron deficiency. The reason is the daily diet of red meats, which contributes much more iron than most people can safely handle over the long run. A diet of grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans, and natural sugars such as maple, provides adequate iron, without the risk of overload."


"Iron acts as a cancer-promoting agent by two separate yet synergistic mechanisms: 1) by producing "free radicals," and 2) by feeding cancer cells. Iron increases the production of free radicals, and-in fact-the production of free radicals is largely proportionate to the level of iron.4 This means that the more iron there is in the body, the more free radicals will be produced and thus the greater the risk of disease, in this case, cancer. Free radicals are oxygen-containing molecules which damage (oxidize) the DNA of cells. Since DNA controls the activities of the cell, once the DNA is damaged, the cell becomes "out of control." Essentially, all cancer cells are out of control. These cancer cells then replicate and grow rapidly and eventually infiltrate and damage the body's organs.

Additionally, cancer cells consume many nutrients and thereby starve the host. One of the nutrients cancer cells need most is iron. In fact, researchers now think that iron may be a "rate-limiting" nutrient for cancer cell growth.5 This means that the more iron that is available, the more the cancer cells will divide and flourish, and the better chance they have of killing the host. Recent research has shown that people with high levels of iron have an increased risk for cancer."

Replied by Sean
(San Diego)

I completely understand the caution that should be in place when taking *iron pills*.

Yet, you do not need to be cautious about BSM. It is processed, but in the *opposite* way of other foods. In processed foods, the nutrients are removed and only the macros like the carbs and the calories are left. In short, empty calories.

With BSM, the processing actually removes excess sugar and condenses the nutrients.

BSM doesn't increase iron levels by supplying iron. It's actually not high in iron. 1 steak would have more iron than 20 BSM drinks.

BSM increases iron in the body because it contains fulvic and humic acids. These are present in the soil and the helps plants and animals *absorb and retain* minerals. Thus, BSM makes the iron you take from BSM and other sources stay in your body more effectively.

Replied by Shelley
(Trinity County, California)
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I am not sure if most people are aware that all forms of Sucrose, Fructose etc, are what feed all tumors and cysts. When the majority of people opt out of fast food, junk food etc when they are diagnosed with cancer, they tend to eat and drink fruits. Not a good choice. Sugar refined white is deadly. Are any of you aware that actual Sugar causes high blood pressure? It's a medical fact

Fruit juice are processed with high heat. All fruit juices are required in the US to be pasteurized. By drinking fruit juice premade, I believe do many Herbalists, Osteopaths, Homeopathic Medical Professionals that a nutrient has not yet been discovered by Science. This nutrient aids our body's ability to absorb the fruit sugars and keeps us from developing Type 2 Diabetes from over use of juices, velivibg they are the healthiest choices. Vitamin C is very important in our absorption of Iron.

I was diagnosed with a Hemoglobin of 2.06 in January of 2018. Every imaginable test was run to discover why I was suffering from such low iron. They immediately gave be blood transfusions. Which weren't working very well. They discovered I have a rare Antibody in Ky blood which is very unusual in a patient who has never had any blood products or transfusions prior. I started accepting the iron after having it specifically made to my bodies requirements. The Drs and Nurses were surprised I was still alive when I came into I the ER. In fact, the added my make to the lowest and highest of a disorders board at Sutter Hospital in Santa Rosa Ca.

I use Black Strap Molasses in my Coffee. Have loved it since I was anemic with my oldest daughter in 1983. It was recommended by my Swedish Educated OB/GYN. I used it in all 5 of my pregnancies.

I also prefer and discovered Oranges instead of orange juice helps overcome cold much quicker. Also, we have been using only Himalayan Pink Salt since 2015 and have not suffered a single cold or flu since then.

Posted by Louise (Louisville, KY) on 07/25/2008

I have been anemic all of my life, but it got worse when I my fibroids began to grow. After surgery my iron levels were still very low. My Hct hoovered around 21, the average is 41-53. I decided to try the BSM instead of taking iron pills. My Dr. checked my levels 2 weeks after taking BSM (1 TBSP/day in a cup of coffee or tea). I was still low, but it had increased to 34 instead of 21 which was a norm for me. The Doctor told me to keep doing what I am doing. I do have more energy while take BSM but I do notice that if I skip the weekend doses I begin to feel drained by Monday.

Posted by Shelly (Billings, Montana) on 04/13/2008

I have been anemic all of my life. I was born with it. After a recent blood test revealed my level being at 9 points, my physician insisted on having me eat an iron fortified cereal each day. When I suggested black strap molasses, he laughed and said it would only make me sick. I decided to go with BSM after reading up on it's nutrients. Nothing against cereal, but I'm not a big cereal eater. After taking in 2 tablespoons of BSM for a month, my level went from 9 points to 11. I stopped feeling tired, having rapid heart beats, and slept better. Oh and another benefit to this? Lighter period and less cramping. My doctor could not believe that BSM raised my level. To note: I used unsulphered BSM.

Posted by Kim (Philadelphia, PA) on 11/24/2007

About 6 months ago I found out I had very low iron levels (they were at a 7 and I think normal is a 12) The DR. put me on iron pills twice daily which did help. Than I read about the BSM and started taking it about a week or so ago instead of the iron pills. At first I thought it made me feel better and energized but now I am starting to notice some of my old symtoms coming back again like dizzy spells at night and just an overall strange feeling. I'm kind of concerned too because I read on another site that BSM really has no benefits at all and that was on I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is any truth to the article or not. I will be getting my iron levels checked soon and will find out if it is actually working or not.

Posted by Nicole (Los Angeles, CA) on 09/28/2007

I am a huge fan of BSM. I have used it to help alleviate symptoms from anemia and it really works. Recently, I had a weird thing happen where I was feeling slightly nauseated after consuming even small amounts of sugar. I switched from drinking my customary one cup of coffee to a cup of English tea sweetened with BSM and some half & half. The nausea disappeared and on top of that I feel like I am burning 'cleaner' energy- if you will. Maybe it's the minerals. Give it a try- it's great!

Posted by Katy (Astoria, Oregon) on 06/04/2007

Molasses (Remedy): Molasses is packed with iron and other nutrients. I have a large fibroid and have been losing lots of blood during period, this caused my iron deficiency! I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia and was not craving ice like many of the other writers, but was eating tons of MINTS. Ice craving, I have read many times, is associated with iron deficiency! It's actually called "Pica," or a craving for unusual substances without nutritional value. People often eat dirt as well. I noticed that when I ate molasses as well as started an iron supplement along with my usual multivitamin, my mint craving went away. I see that people say their ice craving went away after taking molasses and that made me want to mention the link with iron deficiency and this strange craving! Thanks, Katy.

Replied by Lily
(Brooklyn, New York)

To Katy from Astoria Oregon: You're the first person I've heard that mentioned a craving for MINTS. This was me for about a year. I was addicted to mints, the stronger the better. I loved trying different brands of mints, purchased several packages so that I'd always have a supply. Altoids, Fisherman's, Asian herbal mints. And so your excerpt explains it!

I've been living with anemia for about 3 yrs, and learned about fibroids a month ago. Learned about BSM a week ago! When I started taking the iron supplements, the craving for mints stopped also. thanks for your message.

Replied by Jlynn
(Broken Arrow, Ok)

I crave mints too!! I started about a year ago and could never figure it out. I also have been having very heavy periods...... I'm wondering if I'm low on iron. I have just started taking BSM. I hope it works. I would love NOT to crave mints!

Posted by Maria (Houston, Texas) on 05/05/2007

I was suffering for years with anemia and I had even been let go from my job due to the fact that I could not keep my strength up. I had been told by several doctors that my multiple fibroids required a hysterectomy. I had no tolerance for ANY type of iron supplement. I was steadily getting worse. One doctor even gave up treating me. When that happened I was greatly distressed. I began to recall an island friend telling me that I needed to take blackstrap molasses. So I began using it and lo and behold I improved immediately. My blood count went up from 6 to 7.8 in one month. I now am going through menopause and have found that it helps even with that. I love it and tell everyone about it. My husband takes it daily. I also have no more symptoms of anemia and fibroid issues. I take it now for the calcium and other minerals that are great for menopause troubles.

Posted by Misty (Harrisonville, Missouri) on 04/27/2007

Hello, I have written before about the blackstrap molasses offering an idea on how to drink it. I have been fighting a fibroid tumor for a long time now and began several months ago with the molasses. I just had a sono yesterday and there was no change with my tumor. I did however notice some great changes when I began the molasses. It did get rid of my anemic symptoms, it will keep you regular and I think if you include this in your daily diet it may help to prevent fibroid tumors from forming, or help shrink small tumors when caught early enough. I think over all my health has improved greatly since I began eating at home and avoid eating out as much as possible. Coconut oil is great for the skin I can't live without it. I like the A.C.V. it does work great external and can help you loose weight, but I don't think it is the miracle cure for weight loss. I still have to eat healthier and get active or the weight will remain the same or I will gain. Pretty much everything I have tried so far on this site I have had great results with. Be healthy and God Bless.

Posted by Wikid Willow (Naples, USA) on 03/28/2007

I had SEVERE anemia after the birth of my son 29 years ago... Was already on prenatal vitamins with lots of iron. The Dr. suggested Black Strap molasses, and after the intial tast encounter, learned to LOVE it. My anemia went away and I felt better than I had in years. Great news, yes? Well, where do I find Black Strap molasses now... there is dark, etc., but I never see Black Strap! I really need to locate a source of it because my father is having some serious troubles... I think that since modern medicine cannot find or do anything for him, and based on what is happening (he is slipping away) that Black Strap cannot hurt... PLEASE HELP! Thanks, Willow

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

If you can't find what you need locally, Amazon has most of the supplements mentioned on E.C.

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