Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method by Bill Munro

Improved Sleep

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 02/10/2015
5 out of 5 stars

HI YOU GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , , stole this from another poster, so I take no credit, but just want to say that it is working for us and our daughter.

We bought these humidifiers at Christmas, and we add a half cup of H2O2 to a half gallon of faucet water and turn it on when we go to bed. It keeps our nasal passages open so we don't breathe through our mouth. It is working for our Atlanta daughter also.

My wife is not white headed, she is silver headed. I had a few grey hair but now I'm becoming a blonde as the original poster said was happening to him.

In the early 50's all us teeny bopper Rednecks bleached our pompadour to get the wemmins attention at the local swimming pool. Now at my age I could not follow up. Guess I best start sleeping in a shower cap of some sort.

Ya'll behave for a change.


Replied by Courtney
(Granite Bay, Ca)

RH, are you referring to cool mist humidifiers that can be purchased pretty much anywhere? (I already have one, which is why I'm asking.) As for the H2O2, which type, the standard drug store variety H2O2 or food grade? Thanks in advance!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U COURTNEY, , , , , , , , , , I spent 40 years in the paper industry breathing chlorine and chlorine dioxide every day so a little off grade H2O2 is not a deal with me. I use food grade H2O2 that I am going to inhale with our nebulizer. I use sto bought stuff in our humidifier.

Ole Bill Munro extended his life from 64 to 89 using the cheap stuff.

What I have observed is that the less learneded you are, then the higher your standards are . Some think that makes them more smarter than Ted, Bill, Timh, Dave, and others. If you read their messages, it is plain and simple. They do not try and snow you with "Stuff".

I appreciate your question and you got my answer.

I rest my case. ======ORH========

Replied by Courtney
(Granite Bay, Ca)

Thank you Robert Henry! I appreciate you taking the time to respond. What I enjoy about your posts, is that you have personally tried much of what you what you write about. I, too, am my own lab rat. If I don't think something will kill me, I give it a whirl! Thanks again!

Improved Sleep
Posted by Jack (Palm Bay, Florida) on 05/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Began Bil Munro's inhalation method around noon yesterday. Found a nasal inhaler at a local store, easily acquired for about five bucks. Followed Mr. Monro's instructions and after only two inhalations of 3% solution (in purified water)slept better than I have in years! Today, I have had three inhalations of 7 pumps each and feel great with no side effects as yet. I'm 65 years old and in good health, some old injury pain has seemed to ease a bit. I will continue treatments and provide updates as my wife and I go along.


Lung Issues

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Posted by Josie (San Antonio, Tx) on 07/07/2020 21 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I have done the 3% hp with my nebulizer for my lungs. I put 7 drops of 3% hp and 30 drops of distilled water. If I want to do it longer I put 15 drops of hp 3% and 60 drops of distilled water. This is good for a lot of things.

Lung Issues
Posted by Jvs1963 (Nederland) on 11/25/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I'd like to ad my 2 cents on the Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation methode from the late Bill Munro.

My father already had a history from asthma since he was 6 years old. Back in the old days young children would be sent to live by the sea for a few months in order to heal. He smoked, unfortunaltly, 'till the age of 57. Stopped, because he needed heart-surgery due to being diabetic since he was 16 years old. When he became older his lung problems reappeared again. With a bad case of double pneumonia in 2003 that nealry killed him.

I kind of stumbled across Earth clinic a few years later and learned about Bill Munro's Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation. (Among so many other life-saving tips and knowledge.) Since then I was able to stop every bout of bronchitis he had before it could develop into pneumonia. Which would have killed him at his age. By using Hydrogen Peroxide in a nebuliser. Of course Food Grade 3% with the same amount of distilled water.

He died last May, 88 years old. And was regarded a walking medical wonder by doctors because he got that old in spite of his many health scares. Just died in his favorite chair because his heart simply stopped beating. I saved him many times with the healp of Earth Clinic when doctors had given up upon him. Thank you all for your contributions here.

Replied by Jeannie

God Bless you. I am too all over the internet and found Bill Munroe's recipe as I am trying to save my father from post covid 5 weeks now. How many times a day and how often did your dad nebulize? My dad seems to want it every 2-4 hours and he takes 3 big inhales. Can he take all that is in the little container which is attached to his nebulizer? it only holds 2 tbsl. The box said that the container where the peroxide and water goes is 1 treatment but so worried we do not want to overdo it. Did you use water or saline? I am using 1 part HP and 3 parts purified water. He has to have his inhaler at night to open his breathing up or he will not sleep and panic. we are going on day 3 of nebulizing and he said he feels it is helping him but I'm wondering if we are not giving him enough. They gave him an xray and told him he has scar tissue from covid but hoping the nebulizer will heal him. Thank you for your post as I am hanging on to everything I read to help save my dad. God Bless you.

Lung Issues
Posted by Theresa (Tallahassee, Fl) on 08/25/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I tried Hydrogen Peroxide a couple of times 2 years ago when I was having severe issues that the doctors could not help. 8 months of coughing up blood and having to sit up in bed due to what sounded exactly like a death crackle if I lay down at even a 45 degree angle! I felt like my chest was made of glass. CT scan showed no cancer. O2 levels were not too bad at that time though they would drop to 80 at night. During waking hours rarely got below 92. Still struggled to breathe though.

In desperation, I used Hydrogen Peroxide in nebulizer diluted (regular 3 percent over the counter from CVS). I only did this a few times over 2-3 days and when I went to the pulmonary specialist for a checkup my o2 level that day read 100 percent. I HAD NEVER seen that and actually it scared me a little so I stopped the peroxide. Things improved for a time until I was put on Arava for Autoimmune issues. Immediately breathing issues. Rheumie seemed unconcerned and even angry that I had adjusted my dose to 1 every 2 days just to breathe for a few days and still be able to walk!!

Long story short, fast forward to Rheumie halving the dose and instructing me to take 1 every other day and persist until side effects cleared up. THEY NEVER did and my breathing got worse and worse. I realize now I probably was getting infections that they were ignoring due to the Arava lowering my immune system. I no longer run fever after a lifetime of severe medical problems so can be quite ill with no fever but doctors only take you serious if your blood work shows really high elevations of Neut/Lymph etc. and mine were only small elevations and my temperature actually would go in the opposite direction. The sicker I get the LOWER it goes. I have seen it at 95 many mornings. And yes Thyroid checked.

Long story short I progressed to being unable to breathe at night. Sleepless nights wondering if I should go to ER. Palpitations(both PVC and PAC) coming about every 3 to 10 beats. Nebulizer meds and even a dose of Racepinephrine at times offered little help. The past month I had gotten so bad I could not walk 10 feet for the weakness and palpitations and shortness of breath. I did not want to go to ER and be put on a Ventilator. I was literally waiting to die at home and struggling to breathe is no fun so I knew I would eventually give in and go to the hospital one of those nights. My o2 levels were now dropping to 80 while still awake which they had never ever done.

I had been afraid to use the Peroxide again due to the unknowns, but now things were critical I felt. I LITERALLY FELT IT WAS die or try it again. THREE days ago I nervously tried putting some peroxide in my nebulizer cup and leaving the mouthpiece off. I would put my mouth over it for a second and breathe it in deeply. I only did this 3 times with the full strength peroxide. Only did it about 3 times both days. WELL LAST NIGHT MY o2 levels did not drop below 91 and mostly hovered at 92 to 94 before falling asleep. THIS MORNING I WOKE UP AND HAD SLEPT THRU THE NIGHT without having to wake up to do a breathing treatment. I did not cough up anything much this a.m. I could take a deep breath and the PVC and PAC were down to maybe 1 or 2 a minute instead of 20-30 a minute!! BUT THE BEAUTY of the side effects was I COULD WALK when I got up today. My RA and PSA seemed greatly improved. I had energy for the first time in 6 months!!!

I am crying now because today is the first day in months that I believe I might be able to see my grandkids for Christmas!! I was not sure I would even still be here by Christmas! I cannot tell you what it feels like to be able to take a deep breath and walk more than a few feet without resting!!!! I am optimistic that I will continue to improve.

THANK ALL OF YOU FOR POSTING or I may have been too afraid of doing more harm. I think I may live now though.

I am now convinced that I have had mold and bacteria in my lungs causing most of these issues and doctors just don't treat these I have long found. The peroxide is killing it off I believe. I take 7 days a month of an antifungal (itraconazole) and my doc kept saying if it was fungs in my lungs the antifungal should take care of it. SHE IS WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Replied by Leroy
(Lake, Ohio)

Theresa (Tallahassee, Florida), I appreciated your article. I have had what is believed to be pneumococcal (systemic with many strong symptoms beside severe acute bronchitis) since late October 2015. I have had 2 regular doctors, 2 ER visits, an Infectious disease specialist (with a new one coming up at the end of this month), a cardiologist, and a pulmonologist! My situation was pretty bad initially but then worsened around Thanksgiving. The doctors haven't really done much (and nothing to cure the problem but just help with symptoms - which hasn't worked). Pneumococcal - Streptococcus Pneumoniae... Despite the name, the organism causes many types of pneumococcal infections other than pneumonia. These invasive pneumococcal diseases include bronchitis, rhinitis, acute sinusitis, otitis media, conjunctivitis, meningitis, bacteremia, sepsis, osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, endocarditis, peritonitis, pericarditis, cellulitis, and brain abscess. BTW, I was on that same antifungal medication (Itraconazole) in 2009 for a rare type of fungal pneumonia (Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis) from 1/19/2009 until early April of 2009 before it finally knocked out the fungal infection! In the current case, I have been on a 10-day cycle of 500mg Levofloxacin and a 10-day cycle of 750mg Levofloxacin in December to early January. Nothing. Which means that it could be fungal - or a pneumococcal strain (Streptococcus pneumoniae) that is resistant to Pneumococcal Bacteria (of the 90-some known strains, all are resistant to sulfa-based antibiotics, most are resistant to penicillin-based antibiotics, and up to 30% are resistant to Levofloxacin - and all other antibiotics except Vancomycin (no known strain of S. Pneumoniae is resistant to Vancomycin... so of course no one will consider that option). Anyway, until it gets to the point of getting in to see the new Infectious Disease specialist (who is supposed to be top notch - and who got things cleared up in 2009), I am going to use the Hydrogen Peroxide mist therapy (using saline mist sprayers as I don't have a nebulizer). I believe that in addition to killing off bacteria, fungi, mold, viruses, whatever, that it has a strong capability to loosen up clogged congestion, especially (as in my case where there is strong inflammation that causes chest congestion to "dry up" and clog internal bronchial / lung surfaces... in other words, a very good liquifier and expectorant. I hope that your condition has cured up.

(Tallahassee, Fl)

Thank you, Leroy, for your reply to my email last year. I just noticed the updates. Your issues sound similar to mine. Yes, I have also had the eye issues related to my fungus, histoplasmosis, that I take the maintenance of Itraconazole for. I am back because I got so much better last year I stopped using the Peroxide. I found myself again in serious situation much the same as last year. Could not even turn over in bed. Struggle to breathe, afraid to go to sleep due to low Oxygen. Same situation as before. Stupidly I had forgotten about the peroxide so had suffered now for 3 months! Started back so looking forward to breathing again. This time I will keep it up permanently. Good luck to everyone. Without this site I think I might have not been here this year!!

Replied by Garry
(Crawfordville, Fl)

Dear Theresa; are you still doing the hp treatment and do you feel it's helping? I have COPD and emphysema and have been put on albuterol at $50 a month with no noticeable change other than a shrinking of the bank account. Doctors seem to be of little help. My last one that I visited for chest congestion and difficulty swallowing ordered bloodwork and an xray. When the labs came back I was told that my cholesterol was a little high, but in range. Small comfort, considering I was CHOKING to death. MUST be the cholesterol. When I asked about the xray, I was referred to a pulmie in Tallahassee, a Dr. Ha....an, for an appointment in August. Any experience with this? Thanks for your sharing and lol. Garry


Garry, the hydrogen peroxide inhalation cure for COPD has been shared on the internet since the year 2000.

One man without insurance had to sleep with his head up on an ironing board thought to spray Peroxide into his lungs to help him breathe, he was stuck laying in his bed, could not do anything, in two weeks time he was back on his feet because he used/inhaled Peroxide. YouTube video here:


(Delaide, Australia)

Hi Garry,

I have COPD and was at the severe stage, in and out of hospital, chest infections, one after the other, on oxygen and unable to do much of anything. I discovered FGH2O2 one year ago and started on it, and twelve months down the track, I have a life back, I do not use oxygen, I have reduced my inhalers down to almost zero, I'm out and about now, I do experience some getting out of breath, so I have a short rest, and then resume whatever it was that I was doing I'm on a small dosage each day now, I am so happy with what FGH2O2 has done for me, I highly recommend it.

Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U GEOFF,,,,,,,,,,,, my two friends that used H2O2 coughed up black mucus for a while before their lungs cleared. Both smoked. Was that your experience?


(British Columbia)

Hi Geoff

Can you advise how you are taking the Food Hydrogen peroxide?

Geoffrey Terry
(Adelaide, Australia)

Hi Robert,

No I was not coughing up any black mucus when I started on the FGH2O2, I had given up smoking quite some time prior to finding out about the Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy, at that time though I was on a mucus clearing tablet, called "BISOLVON" in Australia, 2 times daily, it's an over the counter medicine and is excellent it just turns mucus to liquid, so with just a little cough, and just spit, no hacking cough that can leave you very breathless.

But now I do not need it as the H2O2 does the job and I'm always mucus free.

Thanks Robert for the question, all the best.


Hi Freda.

Thanks for the question, I take the FGH2O2, in 8 OZ of distilled water. These days though I still take 25 drops of H2O2 3 times daily, but if I'm going to be away from home for any length of time, I take my little inhalation spray that I mix myself...1 part 35% FGH2O2 to 11 parts water, you can mix this in a glass and then fill the spray container, then drink the rest! I hope I have answered your question Freda, if not, or you need more info do please contact me again.. All the best.


48 posts

Geoff (Delaide, Australia) on 06/05/2016, LUNG issues, and COPD.

Last december while mom was in a nursing home, she got a new roommate, who had COPD, she was constantly on the concentrated oxygen machine and nebulizer, so we chatted a bit about what she had, I could see she had little strength, and spent most time in bed and on the machines, so I asked her if she was willing to try something to improve her condition....she was willing, so I looked up COPD and the one thing that stood out was, ACV, apple cider vinegar....So I asked if she was willing to try that and she agreed, so I gifted he a baggy full of ACV capsules, and within 10 days, she not only left the room but walked to the nurses station down the hall, but also walked 3x that far to get to the main greeting area by the entrance, so, I seen it with my own eyes, what a huge improvement the ACV made on her quality of life, I was pleased for her and you could see she was pleased as well. Hope that helps.

Geoffrey Terry
(Adelaide Australia)

Hi Kennywally,

Any information at all with regards to COPD is very helpful! I have heard of the ACV as well but not tried it..(as yet) the H2O2 has done wonders for me, but anything that comes along I'm willing to give it a go.

In a Rehab unit I was in a few years ago now, there was a large sign on the wall....it read, "When you can't breath, nothing else matters" and that sentence is so true.

Thanks for letting me know about the ACV. all the best Kennywally.

Geoffrey Terry
(Adelaid, Australia)

Hi Alice.

I really cannot provide you with the information you requested about stopping oxygen at night, or about your ulcer. All I can say is that starting the program will be the best thing for you, perhaps you can do both methods, ie; drinking and inhalation method, I do both every day now with wonderful results, and amaze myself with what I am able to achieve, it just gets better and better with time. Alice I do wish you all the best on your journey to good health. Geoffrey


I am on oxygen at night. Do I need to stop it now as I plan to start the treatment today. I also have a stomach ulcer.. What is your insight on this? ANY help will be appreciated. Thanks, Alice

Replied by Eric T.
(New York, New York)

My dear friend, I am very happy that Hydrogen Peroxide helped you with your breathing issues. May I suggest using food grade H/P? Get the 35% and make your own.(buy the best and cleanest)

God knows what is in the Pharmacy H/P, what water they use and how their containers are washed. As you may know it is very easy to make your own 3% H/P at home with distilled water.

Eleven drops of distilled water for every drop of 35% H/P and you have your own very clean and very home made 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. Taking that internally is the best thing you can do for your breathing and everything else you may wish to use it.

All the best

Replied by Aung


My father have lung issue for 5 years and his condition not improved. He can hardly go out from home. Please let me know you are still fine after treating with H2O2?

Lung Issues
Posted by Melisa (Florida) on 07/04/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I started on the H202 protocol 12 days ago. Drinking 3x a day. Plus the spay pump and every once in a while the nebulizer. Since I have started, I am coughing constantly and wheezing. I recently had pneumonia and was told I have early stages of copd. I am still taking my prescription inhalers as needed.....Is this part of the healing crisis???? I hope Is that normal? I am getting nervous. Anyone else experienced coughing and wheezing while going through this? Help

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Melissa,

I would greatly reduce the amount/frequency of treatment and work up to more slowly if it suits you.

Also, you might look in to Mullein Tea, which is gentle and good for lung issues.

Let us know how it goes.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Ann
(Norfolk, Va)
0 out of 5 stars

I have also experienced severe wheezing, coughing and restricted breathing since I started the protocol. Mine started within 2 days, and has gotten worse over this first week. I had finally gotten my asthma under control through using homeopathic remedies and then it started again with the H2O2 protocol. Not being able to breathe is a side effect I can't deal with so I stopped the protocol. Your testimony is the only place I've seen where someone else experienced this, too. I wish I knew if this was “normal” to experience.

Replied by Mama To Many

I think either is fine.

Lung Issues
Posted by Meh (Ok) on 01/26/2015

I think one of the most frustrating things about Earth Clinic is the confusion it generates for many. It's hard to find a protocol that someone uses that is clear, concise and well-written. What would it take to simply outline your own routine--with the products used, the amount you take and how often. How hard is that?

So, I have asthma that is bordering on COPD. I came here to learn more about hydrogen peroxide inhalation, and of course, I had to wade through hundreds of confusing posts to get to the main idea and come up with a plan.

So, to help others, here is what I learned and what I am now doing:

I don't have a nebulizer handy and didn't want to wait to order one. So, I went out to the drugstore and bought a store brand nasal inhaler. I also bought plain over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide. The man who started this protocol used plain hydrogen peroxide for 20 years to no ill effect, and if it's good enough for him, then certainly it is good enough for me.

I came home and cleaned out the nasal spray bottle and put it in boiling water for a minute to cleanse and sterilize it. Then I filled it up with the hydrogen peroxide. Then I inhaled and sprayed a few squirts toward the back of my throat. I squirted two or three times.

I did not dilute the hydrogen peroxide with distilled water. I did exactly what the man who started this all did. Don't worry about food grade peroxide and nebulizers and all the other stuff if you don't choose to. In fact, to start this protocol to see if you want to continue, just start out with these basic supplies and try it that way. If you want to graduate to the food grade H202 and a fancy delivery system, you can always add these things after an initial trial period.

Spraying it into your throat and inhaling may take some practice, but after a few times you'll figure out the best system.

I was having a huge asthma exacerbation and this immediately lessened it. I was amazed.

I also bought a netti pot. I cleaned out my sinuses, got rid of the offending allergens and immediately felt better.

I plan to do the netti pot three times a day and the inhalation protocol three times a day as well. I am starting with short short blasts of the inhalation protocol three times a day.

I will report back again.

All of these products are easily bought at a local pharmacy at very little expense.

I hope this helps people who come here and are reading through pages of comments with very few directives, lists or protocols mentioned.

You can always put a disclaimed at the bottom of your post that says, "I claim no responsibility for the health of others, blah, blah, blah."

Good luck everyone. I am so excited that after one session with both of my new regimens that I am already feeling some relief. And completely drug free, too. Zyrtec is expensive and really hasn't helped me much for a while.

Replied by Gregor
(Arizona, US)
5 out of 5 stars

As far as using BigBox store variety of Hydrogen Peroxide...I don't recommend anyone using it to inhale or consume [.] why? ... because it has about 4 additional additives in it, that can cause problems, if you inhale it etc. It is made to be used externally only. It is recommended to use 'Food Grade' only. Whether you use a nebulizer, eyedropper, mist inhaler bottle, or in a room humidifier etc. Always read directions before use. It appears those who have the most problems and get into a bit of trouble with it, are those who 'don't read the info available' prior to use and just guess the dosage. I've used 35%, 6%, 3% & 1.5% over the years for different issues, and never had a problem to speak of, except for spilling a drop or two of 35% on my fingers, once in a blue moon. Do your homework first, then use your peroxide in a responsible manner. It does wonders. I can attest to it. I also use it in conjunction with micro-particle silver colloids with 'great effect' for over 15 yrs., when I needed it. It's a one-two punch combination, for many health issues. Semper Paratus.

Replied by Phillip
(Nm - New Mexico)

Thank you for your help... I agree I have been very confused... and have been scared to try because of the dangers of food grade hp listed.. dont really say what the dangers are... let you know how it goes... I'm glad you are feeling better.

Replied by Tom
(Southwest, Western Australia)

I am very keen to find out the combination of colloidal silver and peroxide for COPD.

Replied by Timh
2080 posts

T: Do Not use C.S. & H2O2 together nebulized for any lung condition as the effect is quite oxidative and can damage the lungs causing fibrosis. You could, however rotate these (maybe a wkly) with a best results compared to either alone.

Replied by Phillip C.

Now that's what I like to hear, just straight talk. Thanks, Phill

Lung Issues
Posted by Mark (Arizona, US) on 01/06/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have used food grade peroxide for five years. I have used the atomizing spray method at 3 % for colds and lung infections over that period. As a pneumonia survivor one is always wary of contracting it again. I was recently in the hospital for exposure to black mold. I began my peroxide therapy a week before I went in the hospital. The doctor's first question was if I had pneumonia prior. When I told him yes he cautioned me the mold exposure put me at high risk.

I continued my therapy throughout the stay in the hospital. In the end the doctors were amazed at my lung capacity and the clearing of the spots in my lungs in less than four days. I have used peroxide for many different ailments over the years, with nothing but success. At sixty four years old the doctors were amazed at my low blood pressure, lung capacity and condition of my heart. I attribute much of that good health to a peroxide regiment. I have no problem accepting the success stories I read on this site.

Replied by Teresa
(Covington Ga)

How to mix the peroxide? Exact directions, how many times a day? I am chronic COPD!

Replied by Adam
(Manorville, Ny)

Mark do you have COPD? Do you think inhaling H2O2 increases lung compacity? Do you get inflammation and coughing and wheezing after the treatment?

Lung Issues
Posted by Norma (Illinois, US) on 10/09/2014
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I am a smoker and have shortness of breath, I thought I would try bill munroe's hydrogen peroxide inhalation, I have been doing this for about a week or 10 days. I do believe my shortness of breath might be a "little" better but I am so tired I cannot hardly stay awake. I usually get 5-6 hrs sleep per night but now am getting 7-8 hr sleep @ night and have no energy at all. Is this from the hydrogen peroxide inhalation or do you think it would be something else? I am thinking of quitting the hydrogen peroxide, what does everyone think? Thanks.

Replied by Sundance

I've researched a lot about h2o2 and as it is healing you, people can experience different symptoms I'm led to believe, that one of them is fatigue due to the extra stress put on your system due to the peroxide doing healing and cleansing within your cells. It should pass through time. Thought I would share this with you.

Replied by Lisa
(Jacksonville, Fl)

I too am a smoker of many years and have had shortness of breath to the point where I k new I needed to stop smoking but easier said than done. I really Dont believe its the peroxide causing your fatigue...but again, I am no doctor. I first started out using the drinking method of 3 drops of 3% food grade peroxide into an 8 oz glass of water, 3 times a day. (You increase the drops 1 more each day until you reach 25), and even when I was doing this method, I was breathing easier. I have issues with bacteria in my stomach and that's why I chose this method. After reaching 14 drops , 3 times a day, I was getting very nauseated so I changed to this method. When I started, just 2 days ago, I was already starting to feel fatigued and weak from what the doctors call a challenged immune system. Long story short, I knew I was on the road back to a hospital stay as the swollen glands and lymphs were the start of what put me there before. Sorry, the fatigue was the next symptom that was totally depressing me...until...I started the inhalation method!! I was so shocked and amazed at the almost instant dismiss of fatigue and felt like a new person. Not only that but the 2nd day..I actually started coughing up stuff in my lungs...which didn't seem to be coming out with other medicines. I breathe easier...my mind is clearer..(no brain fog), etc. Tryst me...it took me a few times to get it right...but inhaling the mist only...is the ticket. Make sure you are using a "pump" nasal spray bottle...not the kind where u squeeze the center of the bottle as that's not giving you a fine mist. Didn't mean to rattle on but I hope this helped you some.

Replied by Theresa
(Tallahassee, Fl)

No one can be sure I guess, but I actually got more energy from the inhalation therapy. One thought came to mind tho as a long time smoker myself. It is not recommended to use the peroxide after any breathing treatment or cigarette. Causes chemical reaction. So try that. Make sure you have not smoked or done any breathing tx close to the time you do the Perox.

Good luck.

If you had a heavy fungal infection in your lungs (these are often very difficult to diagnose, especially histo and a few others. Not like other fungus at all! It took a very long time on high dose of antifungals to make improvement years back when I had it disseminate again. Despite not having Aids, but actually having an OVER active immune(autoimmune) I have gotten disseminated histo 2x in my life. I suspect I am not alone and many are never diagnosed properly. Blood test missed it on 3 out 4 tests. This is worse because most doctors do the wrong test for histo. I am nearly blind from the immune reactivity during and after histo subsides in some of us. That is very rare tho and I suspect many are walking around with low grade, undiagnosed fungal infections draining the life from us. I am lucky my test was positive and they now keep me on maintenance. DOES NOT STOP me from getting some fungal infections in my lungs tho and the peroxide DOES HELP!

Replied by Lonny

I think I would try giving up the smokes and keep going with the peroxide.

Replied by David

If you are still smoking, how do you expect to improve?

Replied by David

Don't stop the HP, stop the smoking. Just what do you think caused the problem in the first place? Are you really that obtuse.

Lung Issues
Posted by Saoirse (Texas, US) on 10/03/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Off and on w/the drug store brand of hydrogen peroxide 3% as needed like the man said BUT this go round am serious as I have what appears and sounds to be deep bronchitis for weeks. I will make it my business to do the inhalations at least 3Xs a day. The inhalation of the 3% definitely kicks butt and works when needed.

Lung Issues
Posted by Jonathan (San Diego, Ca.) on 09/09/2013


I have been researching holistic approaches to cancer as well as reversing the effects of damage to lung tissue from smog, chemicals and pollutants in the air we breath.

My father has had asthma since he was 6 years old and I am going to recommend he try the nasal pump with 3% hydrogen peroxide for his condition. I first heard about this method from a neighbor of mine who claims he cured his dad's lung cancer by providing him with hydrogen peroxide through a nebulizer. I was fascinated! I am fed up with the FDA mafia trying to make money and take advantage of the sick at such an exhorbitant price. Techniques like these cannot even legally be administered as a practice here in the states. Only surgery and chemo are currently legal. Its sad, not to mention downright wrong and immoral that we cannot share these alternate methods freely with the public without having to look over our shoulder or risk getting shut down if we use the wrong verbatim for advertising or information.

Thank You,


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Jonathan, remember to dilute the h2o2.

Replied by Rebel

If spraying in the nose... Be sure to dilute down to a safe solution AND BE SURE to use ONLY distilled or BOILED water. This is important! But if, he is going to spray into the lungs 3% should be fine.

Lung Issues
Posted by Raquel (New Orleans, Louisiana) on 09/11/2012

Question: I'm entertaining hydrogen peroxide inhalation for recurring lung infections complicated by Sarcoidosis in my lungs. Does anyone have any information on hydrogen peroxide inhalation and sarcoidosis? Thank you.

Replied by Bob
(New Orleans, La. Usa)

To Raquel in New Orleans... I use h2o2 for bronchitis.

Replied by Elly C
(Edmonton, Alberta)

Jj in California, it takes a heck of a lot longer than 1 week before you have grey skin. It would take years and years in fact and you would have to drink a lot more than a few drops. I have been drinking it for many years and I'm still pink. Research a wee bit more is my suggestion.

Lung Issues
Posted by Mike88 (Brisbane, Au) on 11/13/2011
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I have suffered with lung infections on a grand scale since 1999. Tests have ruled out genetic immune or enzyme disorders of any kind. I have never been a smoker but my parents were and my mother died of emphysema. I am now 56. I have been on antibiotics almost continuously for many years mainly for Haemophilus influenzae or Pseudomonas. The latter being responsible for hospitalization for IV administration of antibiotics. A tough time indeed. As soon as the antibiotics are finished an infection returns. The organisms of the past few years were not antibiotic resistant. Of course this has no doubt lead to lung damage and a diagnosis of probable COPD etc. No recent CT to prove but symptoms and a FEV of 3.2 suggestive if continued decline of lung function and disability by way of physical impairment. My Dr noting a lung transplant as my only hope if needed in the future. Gene therapy another maybe one day. Anyway the last time I completed my 8 week antibiotic treatment the infection and lung inflammation started to return once again!

This time after reading the experiences and advice regarding peroxide at 3% inhalation I decided to try it before more antibiotics. The effect was rapid. The usual bad tasting light green phlegm disappearing within days. I have only been using it around a week so far. And with the exception of a slight sore throat no adverse reactions to report. If this works I expect an increase of life expectancy of many years. I shall report again in due course. As for lung function improvement I do not have any data to advise as yet. Also I still struggle with discomfort in the chest/lung area. But again time will tell.

Replied by Linda
(Nyc, Ny)

I was drinking a few drops of 3% peroxide for a month: started with 2 drops into soup spoon with water on empty stomach. And every day I would add 1 more drop: 3 drops -day 2, 4 drops - day 3 till 7 days - but maximum I was taking 6-7 drops of peroxide on big spoon with water. After one week - one week rest (without peroxide). And again repeat. I did that for a month. Now I stopped. I can walk now (maniscus on my knees were ripped and I couldn't walk even 1 block). I read that peroxide helps on everything, including cancer.

But now I heard that a woman was taking 15 drops a day (I don't know how long and how many times a day) and she got blood cancer... It helped me tremendosly: I can walk, it stopped my arthritis - my pains disapeared, my back didn't hurt. Anyone tried that like me? I got kind of scared when they said about blood cancer... I read it does cure the cancer...

Replied by Jj
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Hi , I see you have had lung problems, one thing I could suggest is taking the amino acid, NAC, my girlfriend cured her asthma with this, it is a great lung cleaner. Jarrow makes a great brand, it should be taken immediately when you wake up on empty stomach. You will see how your lungs will clear out.

Also another lung healer is colloidal silver, also taken on empty stomach. That's three hours after food or an hour before food.. You can't take colloidal silver more than a week though or your skin will turn gray.. Ok
Luck and light , xoxoJ

Replied by Troubled Heart
(Kansas City, Missouri, Usa)

Hi JJ from Los angeles,

I read just now that N-Acetyl cysteine causes kidney stones. The person whose account I read said, he/she even used vitamin C supplement, yet, kidney stone developed. When my wife starts taking it, what should she do to avoid kidney stones? What is the right dose to take to avoid kidney stones?

I am awaiting your reply. Thank you and GOD bless.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
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NAC will boost Glutathione which is like a second immune system. Be sure to take recommended at least 200 mcg Selenium and extra B-6 for the NAC to work properly; 500 mg 2 times daily during infection and reduce as health improves. Also drink plenty of clean water and kidney stones shouldn't be a problem, but with many yrs infection, kidney disease is common so one may want to drink some Cranberry juice on occasion. Watermelon, Parsley, and Juniper Berries are all good for kidneys and will help clear infection.

Mike, are you filtering the air in your house??? If not, improving air quality could help. In times of any possible lung infection, I put a few drops eucalyptus on my shirt just below my chin so to breath the germ-killing oils into the lungs. Even better is to have a steam-room with eucalyptus for inhalation therapy. Also I use Colloidal Silver one day then H2O2 next day Nebulized for my lung conditions. Astragalus Root is a very good immune & lung tonic.

Lung Issues
Posted by Dee (Asheville, Nc) on 03/13/2011

Very interested in what Shar from BC writes about lungs heating up (I also have this) and nebulizing. Am experimenting with H2O2 right now using mist spray in mouth but it's not doing the job - feel I need nebulizer to reverse it. Have lots of itching on chest and sometimes in head - ears feel a pressure from time to time- times fatigued - feel stuff is surfacing out of lung. Guess I would call this a chronic sinus/Lung infection. Andrea from Wales, can you also suggest how to proceed carefully - should I use 1 1/2% food grade. I am 73 and very sensitive to things, but want to take care of this without going to MD. Any tips or help will be immensely appreciated. My immense gratitude for this site and all the good people willing to share their expertise. Dee

Lung Issues
Posted by Maggie (North Attleborough, Massachusetts) on 12/28/2010 5 posts
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Hydrogen Peroxide inhalation for COPD

Hello, My name is Maggie and I live in Massachusetts. I am writing because I finally decided to take a chance on inhaling hydrogen peroxide for my COPD. I have been sick every Winter since I was 26 (16 years). I have tried diet change, steroids, antibiotics, supplements (with some success) and every other alternative offered to me. I have used your website for other ailments, but thought this was a little crazy. However, I have been using this method for 3 weeks and have NEVER felt this good in the Winter. I have also stopped using my rescue inhaler (down from 6-7 times a day) and am not taking any medications. I will be personally sending an email to Bill Munro, who is now my hero. Just when I finally began to accept that I was going to be another statistic (surviving as many Winters as I could handle until my disease did me in, as it did my father), a miracle falls into my lap! I will do this treatment for the rest of my life and I will recommend it to EVERYONE who ever complains to me of bronchitis, asthma, or any other form of COPD. I would be happy to talk to anyone who has questions or needs to speak to a real person. They can email me any time at [email protected] Thank you Earth Clinic and thank you Bill Munroe for giving me a chance to live my life, instead of biding my time!!!

Replied by Nannyb
(London, England)

Hi - I've just read your post and realise it was written some years ago but would be interested to know if you found long lasting relief from COPD with inhaling H2O2. Please could you give me more details (I know about dilution) but would appreciate more info on how you inhale, how much, how often. Thanking you in anticipation. Nanny B.

Replied by Robert
(Florida, US)

Maggie or Nanny, I'm interested in trying the h2o2 inhalation for copd, I have but need to know how to mix it and how often to use. I want to make sure I do it right. Thanks, hope you can get back to me, the humid days are hard to deal with. Thanks, Bob

Replied by Sandy
(Rincon, Georgia)

Does it matter when the inhale method is used? Before or after meals?

Replied by J.j.
(Phx. Az.)

I have recently been diagnosed with lung cancer small cell. Has anyone tried this peroxide inhalation with lung cancer? Did it help? I have a nebulizer machine or would the sinus pump be better?

Replied by Carly
(Wa, Usa)

hi J.J.

Please research IP-6 for your cancer. It is not expensive, it has no side effects, and many people claim it has cured their cancer. It is Available on Amazon For less than twenty dollars for 240 caps. Books on it to read as well as youtube videos. Good luck, and God Bless.

Replied by Mama To Many

We have used the inhalation method with the little nasal sprayer and the nebulizer with peroxide. (We dilute it a lot when putting it in the nebulizer.

While it seems like the nebulizer would do a more thorough job of dispersing the particles to the lungs, I am not totally sure it would be a superior method.

First of all, it the pump is much more convenient than the nebulizer, so it would be easier to do it more often. Second of all, we have seen both ways help with lung issues. And this website has a lot more stories of people using the pump method with success. (Not that they tried a nebulizer first, it is just more accessible to most people.)

Maybe you could try both and see if you notice anything different with each method. By the way, when I use hydrogen peroxide in the nebulizer, I use 5 drops of peroxide to 35 drops of distilled water 2-4 times a day or as needed.

We have not used peroxide for cancer, just for other lung issues.

From my very limited research on cancer, it seems some types have been treated with baking soda. I have also read of using a baking soda solution in the nebulizer (not necessarily for cancer.)

Here are some links about baking soda. I am truly amazed at how well baking soda works to help many conditions. My favorite way is the baking soda bath for my children, but I digress. :)

Dr. Sircus on nebulizing sodium bicarbonate

page of links to other articles on Baking Soda

Please let us know how it goes.

~Mama to Many~


Hi all, This site is great but also drives me crazy as many posts are not specific information for the newer user.

To Mama to Many - you said "By the way, when I use hydrogen peroxide in the nebulizer, I use 5 drops of peroxide to 35 drops of distilled water 2-4 times a day or as needed".

Can you explain what percentage H202 (for the 5 drops) did you use? Was it 3%? Then to that you added 35 drops of distilled water - what is the end H202 solution percentage? If I am reading some of the other entries it seems a 1.5 solution is good for nebulizing? Did your breathing improve and how long did it take?

How many inhalations of the nebulizer do you use each time (I assume it is a nebulizer with a nose/mouth piece). I don't have a nebulizer yet but aim to get a mini one.

Was interested in knowing 1) if the size of particle of the mist matters - should one get the finest particle size nebulizer - if so do you know what particle size would be optimum? and 2) are some nebulizers better than others, eg stronger power?

If I do the PUMP SPRAY method - which I feel would be difficult to get into the lower lung - I would use a 3% H202 directly and not add more distilled water? Is that correct?

I am looking to "cure" COPD!

If using H202 in a neti pot to clear sinuses anyone know if straight 3% H202 is OK (so not diluting in water)

Thanks in advance to any responders with specific answers to my questions. Much appreciated. Ann UK

Mama To Many

Dear Anna,

You ask many good clarifying questions.

When I am using 5 drops of peroxide to 35 drops of distilled water, that is 5 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide to 25 drops of water. I have read of others using 1/2 water and 1/2 3% hydrogen peroxide. You could start with the 5 drops and work up the the stronger solution. I prefer to err on the side of "Use less and increase as desired." So, we end up using 40 drops in the medicine cup and nebulize the entire amount.

We were using it for a cough that came with a cold virus and it did work; but for COPD I think it would take longer than just a few times a day for a few days.

The nebulizer we use is one that is used for asthmatics. I don't know the particle size. And I don't know how nebulizers compare. The one we bought from a pharmacy has worked wonderfully. My dad has had a couple of different ones that work very well.

We have used the nasal sprayer and used 3%. I have also used 1 1/2% in the nasal sprayer. This we have used for Bill Munroe's inhalation method.

In a neti pot, we use a very diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide. "Mix six ounces of warm filtered water with 1/2 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Even that feels plenty strong in the nasal passages." See more here.

Have you seen a new post about castor oil for COPD? It is a very encouraging story! Here is it.

I hope that helped!

~Mama to Many~

(Southern California)
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Only the plug-in / desk-top nebulizers are strong enough to be effective.

Replied by Ben
(Bremerton, Wa)

H2o2 mist is great for a bug like pneumonia but for copd although helpful it won't be enough to stop disease progression. I would use h202 in a very fine mist plus I would try nanosilver spray mist as well. Doctors tell their patients copd has neither definite cause nor cure. Alts have proven them wrong on both counts and found the only effective means of clearing the tissue fibrosis from the lungs.

The lungs of a person with copd are filled with biofilm a resevoir for germs and the airspace is slowly filled with fibrin deposits like scar tissue until a person can barely breathe. Mycoplasma infection damages the lungs and the scar tissue reduces air volume slowly suffocating the patient. A doctor would give steroidal antiinflammatories aimed at shutting down the immune system. This only increases the speed the disease progresses as the drugs only help the microorganisms grow faster.

To control the disease you must kill off the infection. Pay careful attention to being on an antiviral diet. No sugar! Do lots of liposomal vitamin c, zinc, eboo extra corporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation would be awesome for recovery. H2o2 mist, colloidal silver mist, uvbi, blood electrification and a really powerful one called gallium nitrate are all good choices for copd. Gallium nitrate attacks mycoplasma and helps shut the disease process down in a hurry but it needs serrapeptase a systemic enzyme to clear the lungs airspace. Serrapeptase will both attack the mycoplasma and it will dissolve the scar tissue that fills the lungs. Without serrapeptase the airspace will remain filled with mucus and fibrin deposits reducing your ability to breathe. Chronic inflammation in the lungs swells the lungs causing a further reduction in air volume as well. Serrapeptase is a very powerful antiinflammatory reducing an over reactive immune response. Its just the ticket for copd.

Now one last thing, another poster recently mentioned castor oil packs for COPD . I know nothing about that one, you might research it out.

Replied by Jax
(London, Uk)

Hi Ben,

The info you provided seems worth investigating.

I've been recently diagnosed with emphysema (although a non-smoker) and at present I only suffer from cough and little sputum so I'm desperately trying to get rid of my infection in the hope to stabilise my condition at least.

At the moment I'm in a strict sugar-free diet, plant-based (live food like sprouts, etc) with a few known supplements like NAC, proteolytic enzymes (containing Serrapeptase), beta glucan, Omega-3's.

At the same time I'm nebulising Magnesium Chloride, Nascent Iodine and just started H2O2.

Although some of the therapies you mention like extra corporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation and uvbi sound worth pursuing, I'm not well-off enough to consider them.

>>"Alts have prove them wrong.."

Could you please tell us who is Alts?

I have searched the connection of Gallium nitrate and its application for COPD on line but could not find anything, are there any links you could provide?

Do you know of any COPD patients who had any success with this treatment?

Thanks for posting this,

Replied by Rosina L.
(East End Of London, United Kingdom)

Hi Ann, I have spent hours on here reading pages upon pages about H202 which I was already aware of and have been for many years, but never tried it. Can I please say to you Ann and anyone at all that lives in the United Kingdom! 35% food grade IS BY LAW IN THE UNITED KINGDOM NOT ALLOWED TO BE SOLD! ANYONE CAUGHT SELLING IT TO PEOPLE LIKE US CAN BE SUED! It was stated no companies was allowed to sell any more than 12 per cent hydrogen peroxide??? Now and I am writing this on the 9th March, 2018, Boots and most of the chemists have been told they cannot no longer sell it! Even 3 per cent ordinary H.P. which can be used as a mouth wash and using on the teeth? Priced at a mere £1.05 has been withdrawn!

So whilst many people are continuously stating on here "USE 35% FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE? These people are all residing in the USA or other countries? We simply cannot get it in United Kingdom! I think it's a disgrace! Something that is saving so many people's lives, have been stopped purchasing it by the Medical profession, the same as Lobelia, Apricot Kernels, you name it anything that can cure is being taken off the market! In the United Kingdom. You can, Ann of course buy 3 per cent and 6 per cent ordinary Hydrogen peroxide the same sort you could get from Boots Chemist it is in a brown glass bottle with a blue and white label, it will of course cost you now about £3 a little bottle instead of £1.05 well these sellers have to make a profit from our illnesses don't they!! I do believe you can use this ordinary peroxide, hence my reason for reading literally hundreds of messages on here today. I cannot be certain, but it seems many are using the ordinary 3 per cent, and many thanks to Mama to Many! Whom I believe uses the ordinary one. I tried every single company in the United Kingdom including Bobs Store, and each have a notice up on their website, THEY CANNOT SELL ANYTHING OVER 12 PER CENT BY LAW! So whilst I appreciate guys and gals from the United States and other countries, don't you think we would prefer to buy the best thing? 35 per cent Food Grade? We simply cannot get it which is such a shame. So I hope this is of help to anyone from the United Kingdom! I have tried every chemist going and they all said no, they have been ordered not to sell it anymore, having said that I did find a chemist called Nash, and I was over the moon when they sold me 6 bottles 3 per cent only and not Food grade but I grabbed it! Because even when I used to buy 2 or 3 bottles from Boots, I was then told only 1 bottle allowed? And now zilch you cannot buy it, but you can on Amazon or Ebay, I suggest anyone in the United Kingdom stocks up on it, before they stop the sellers selling it!

And yes my son, Paul and I have breathing difficulties, so of course I am searching for something to help us both. Good luck everyone in your search for good health and most of all a cure!

Rosina x