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Posted by June (KC, KS) on 09/06/2008
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Hi EarthClinic! I have been fighting BV off and on for the past 10 months. I believe I first developed it after drinking acv & baking soda. I believe it changed my ph levels. Ever since then I have been combatting this problem.

Today, however, in a natural rememdy book at the healthfood store where I went to buy folic acid I read that many women suffer from BV due to lack of progesterone. It seems that during a woman's normal cycle when progesterone is produced the uterus also produces h2o2 which cleans the uterus naturally. Therefore, no progesterone = no natural h2o2. This might explain why BV develops and why h2o2 inserted into the vagina helps so much with keeping the itching and burning at bay. The book said BV is a common occurrance at menopause. And anyone battling pcos or estrogen dominance knows they are not properly ovulating.

I've been using h2o2 quite regularly and while it helps it is not a cure, at least not for me. So, I'm trying folic acid again but this time at the 1600 mg dose recommended here by others. I sure hope it helps.

BTW, I DO NOT recommend h2o2 at the full 3% dosage suggested by others. It is too strong for the delicate skin of your nether regions! The best mix seems to be half h2o2 and half water (I use distilled). I use the bottle caps to measure portions. Two-four caps each in a container with a lid will last me several nights and mornings in a row. I use a longish eye dropper to disperse the liquid along with a washcloth to catch leakage. I clean the dropper after usage. It helps symptoms a great deal without damaging delicate skin.

I am also considering taking vitex (chaste berry) again as it is a form of progesterone.
Good luck ladies.