Tooth Abscess
Natural Remedies

Tooth Abscess Natural Remedies

Olive Oil, Clove Oil, Charcoal

Posted by Ray (Collierville, Tennessee) on 03/30/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Over this past weekend I had a abscessed tooth with severe pain! I searched the web and found this site. I sent my wife to the stores and gathered oil of cloves, olive oil, processed charcoal, and made a pouch of gauge put this mixture in my mouth backed with heating pad and within two hours the abscess under the tooth gave it self up and the pain left! thank you for this site and great information. I was in severe pain and felt like a new person! i will pass this information on to my family and friends


Posted by CeeCee (San Diego, CA) on 05/06/2009
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calcified tooth root abcess:

Having never heard of oil pulling, I tried a very expensive alternative method to try and save an upper molar which had a calcified root that was infected and could not successfully be root canaled. The gum was sore and spongy. I signed many release forms before taking injections of ozone in the gums around the tooth. This was preceeded by ozone gas in the mouth, ears and nose and followed by vitamin injections. Six treatments a week apart was recommended. It was painful and painful to pay for-$500 per treatment, but the gum was no longer spongy and painful by the end of the treatment. It was recommended to retreat in six months or so. Unfortunately the ozone dried my saliva glands horribly. And after three plus months there is no improvement in my saliva glands, leaving me with horrible dry mouth.

Now I feel twinges of mild pain in that tooth area as well. I am trying the oil pulling as we speak and we see what happens.

Has anyone else tried similar ozone treatments or does anyone have natural remedies for dry mouth. Thank you. CeeCee

EC: Our dry mouth remedies page is here:

Replied by Smartie
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Ozone works for some people. I would start slow. My first visit, I noticed I had a very odd sensation in my brain, my mind felt so weird. The holistic dentist told me some people just can't stand the ways it makes them feel.

1 out of 5 stars

I was very ill and my friend suggested ozone, I had 25 ozone shots in mouth over a span of 2 weeks, it did nothing for me, plus it made my brain feel really off... never again. I had to have dental cavitation surgery

Replied by Faith

I had two loose teeth in the front. I had weekly ozone treatment for $50.00 . The dentist was super nice and fair, he would inject massive amount of ozone between the two teeth since ozone moves seeking something to react with and it goes after the infections and destroys them. It took ten session to kill the infection.

Replied by Marie

Faith, where is this dentist, I am here in baltimore, MD never even heard of a dentist like that. Thanks for the info. Trying to keep my teeth that is what is left. way too expensive and usually doesn't last long. Thanks

Peppermint Oil

Posted by Crystal (Burlington, Nc, Usa) on 06/23/2012
5 out of 5 stars

After nearly 3-4 days of no relief from my tooth pain and swelling (I am sure I had an infection as my cheek was swollen and gums throbbing), I looked online for home remedies until my dentist appointment. I read on this site about many remedies such as apple cider vinegar in water, garlic, tea bags, etc for use with tooth pain. I tried them all and with very little relief. After reading one comment about the use of Pure Vanilla Extract (supposedly the alcohol content in it helped?) I went into my kitchen and then saw that I had Peppermint Oil. I remember reading how crushed peppermint worked for someone, so I decided to try the Peppermint Oil. The vanilla only had 35% alcohol, but the Peppermint Oil had 89%. I dabbed some on with my finger and I was amazed. I was finally able to sleep pain free. The throbbing stopped. And as a bonus I had fresh breath (minus the garlic from trying previously during the first day). I continued the use of Peppermint Oil whenever I felt pain, and it seemed to last for a good while. Just turn the bottle upside down with your fingertip on it, just to get a little on there, then dab your gum around your pain. It works wonders! I'm surprised I've seen no mention of it.

Replied by The Prophet
Midwest, US
5 out of 5 stars

Yes. Peppermint oil worked and fast! To substantially reduce pain. Had a bad toothache develop in an old wisdom tooth that I really need to have pulled. Tried numerous remedies to get the pain down. Started with coconut oil pull, iodine drops on the tooth area, tried sea salt water, clove oil/cloves. Didnt get the pain down much. Pulled out some peppermint extract, put some on the gum/tooth area, pain went down quite nicely, esp in the gum. Thankful.

Pyrogenium (Homeopathic Remedy)

Posted by Nmx (Mn) on 11/29/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Homeopathy to the rescue again...... I have suffered with weak dental roots for years and have paid dearly for it.... and often found that the antibiotics the doctors used to help one tooth would harm another tooth... But after years of forking over hundreds of dollars for a root canal.... I finally found a miracle cure which dentists won't want you to know about... I haven't needed a root canal since. A few years back, after having to have a surgical root canal - because the dentist had broken off a tool in my root when he performed the initial root canal... I developed an infection after the surgery... my Dr. gave me Doxycycline for the infection... it stripped my digestive tract and turned it into "acid city"... Doxy was horrible and made me very acidic for the first time in my life. After a few days it still wasn't getting rid of the infection... I looked thru a book on "Dental Homeopathy" and found a little known remedy for tooth infections... Pyrogenium (9-12x or c)... Within one day the infection was gone. Now if I ever feel any twinging in a tooth that might mean I have an infection in my tooth... I immediately take Pyrogenium and the pain goes away... I've avoided a few expensive root canals thanks to Pyrogen.... Pass it on...

To show you how bad it is... my regular dentist sent me to an endodontist because he saw an irregularity in my root (this was many years ago)... the "expert endodontist" said I needed a root canal... He charged me $800 for it... When I went back to my regular dentist...he said there was still a problem... so I went back to endodontist... he proclaimed that it actually was a cracked root, not an infected tooth and the moron actually was going to make me pay him again to do a root canal.... I've pretty much given up on dentists and find my own cures... For $7.00 you can heal your roots not destroy them with a root canal... Also Calc Fluor is another homeopathy that claims to rebuild teeth... so you may not even need fillings... I haven't had a chance to try this but you might want to.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada

Well, A BIG thank you for your post. It is just the answer to my research on treating teeth without dentist. I found the link paradise now and it changed things for me in a big way. It has loads of information.

When I visited a dentist this year I had informed myself enough not to fall for fluoride poison and mercury offers. I said thank you and left.

I had no plaque to speak of due to oil pulling for almost two years now. A loose tooth is much firmer now in its socket and a sudden bout of tooth ache was treated with celtic salt, gone in hours. My gums are way better. The homeopathic remedy you mentioned is certainly going to be incorporated in my self treatment. I had a cavity at the gum line on one of my front teeth. After a few months of swishing and using Dr. Bronner's liquid kastile soap to clean my teeth this cavity is disappearing. To begin with I had my doubts but I know one has to give the body the message of Yes, it will work. I am a senior and will not go the usual route and have them all yanked out. Not to speak of the enormous sums to be surrendered.

I find the present system of medicine barbaric including dental procedures. In my opinion it is all based on business without ethics.

Recently three seniors paid me a visit and stood there with big smiles - all dentures were pink and white and identical. I looked in amazement. This is not going to happen to me. So I got to work and it looks good. One thing to take into consideration is the fact that when a tooth is out the facial features will change detrimentally. I do swishing twice daily with sesame oil and one other substance. So my breath is sweet and my mouth looks better. Thank you for the valuable info. Namaste Om

Heart Of Jupiter
Fresno, California

Greetings, Om.

Two things:

  • I would love to know how your home treatments are doing for you, these years later!
  • You had stated, "I do swishing twice daily with sesame oil and one other substance." would you be able to disclose this "other substance"?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts; I LOVE your attitude regarding the dental industry, on dentures, as well as your holistic view.

Be well.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada

Heart of Jupiter (Fresno, California)

Greetings, well, my treatments are continuing and my attitude to dental "care" is ever the same.: stay clear of trouble which will surely ensue and I do not mix with people who get paid for poisoning others.

The "other" substance is manava mutra, in other terms human self urine. I use it every day. When I ingest my daily quota, about one half pint, I keep a mouthful for a few minutes until the quota is finished. I have at the present time lost three teeth and there are apparently two abscesses. No pain but causing concern. But self urine is absolutely the answer. Because I am vegetarian the taste is pleasant. But what it does! No pain, removes pockets and my remaining teeth are bright, no plaque. I do plan the use of DMSO in conjunction with coll. silver as soon as I have purchased a new silver generator to remove the entire infections.

I still swish with pure sesame oil most days. Other oils are not so effective according to Ayurvedic medicine. Luckily my mouth does not reveal all my teeth when I smile, so I am OK.

I have found that when an abscess becomes troublesome, I use hot chamomile tea to burst the swelling. Then all is well. I keep a constant watch but the thousands of $$$ and ensuing troubles with repeat visits and the thought that a dentist will not touch mercury with bare hands but find it safe enough in people's mouth tells me they are trained how to generate revenue not service to humanity.

Be well and avoid big pharma.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Nancy

I had first read about someone using pyrogenium on Earth Clinic for their tooth issues and would like to hear from someone who has had experience using this product. I have done some research and read that you can cause more health issues if you take too much. I have also seen on a homeopathic site where someone takes 200c. How do you know how much you're suppose to take for a tooth abscess? Can anyone advise? TIA

Replied by Kaia
Bc, Canada

Homeopathics work on both the physical level and the energetic level. The numbers 200C, 30C, 6X and so on do not represent the amount of material in the remedy. All homeopathic remedies are diluted. The lower the number, the less diluted it is. So a lower number, such as a 6X or a 30C will work on the physical issue, while a higher dilution such as 200C and above will work more on the emotional and energetic issues. Standard dosage is to take 1 dose (so one little pill is a dose) then wait 6 hrs, take another dose, wait 6 hours and take the final dose. So that's 3 doses. Then you wait to see if there is a change in the condition. If you feel that it's working, you actually stop taking it and ALLOW your body to do the rest. Homeopathics work to reset and start the healing reignites the body's wisdom.

If you take a homeopathic, do the standard 3 doses and nothing seems to work, it's generally a sign that it's just the wrong remedy. If you take it and it exacerbates the situation, that's known as a proving and you need to stop the remedy and drink a strong cup of caffeinated coffee to stop the homeopathic or a strong cup of peppermint tea.

The ideal situation is to see a Homeopath as it is such a personalized form of holistic medicine.

Raw Tomatoes and Cheese

Posted by Robert (Martinez, Calif.) on 06/24/2008
5 out of 5 stars

If accessible, use water pik to irrigate the area infected & you may include peroxide or salt in the irrigation water be sure to rinse the water pik after by sending clean water thru it after the tooth irrigation is ended. you can get creative & use baking soda ,or vinegar, or iodine, etc.

Now here is something that worked for me: eat up to 12 tomatoes raw only & if you can find raw cheese, unsalted for pain this works great. I got up to 7 tomatoes & the abscess burst! I had a tuff time to find unsalted cheese so I bought it at least raw anyway. The main thing is the tomatoe. My abscess has not returned in 2 years. have fun.. bob

Red Clover Tea

Posted by Noelle (Minneapolis, Minnesota, Usa) on 08/26/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Tooth Abcess

Try Red Clover tea. One teaspoon of Red Clover in a strainer or infuser, pour boiling water over it in a cup to cover, steep at least 7 minutes. One cup twice a day; after the pain dies down take one cup once a day. This one is very effective. I held off the pain of an abcessed tooth for 5 months with just Red Clover. When it was finally pulled the tooth turned out to be the biggest honkin' double abcess I'd ever seen and the surgeon was pretty impressed, too. I would have kept the tooth and mounted it, but it's illegal to give that to the patient in the state of Minnesota. When I had the tooth pulled, I used no antibiotics, just 12 garlic capsules and 3 dropperfuls of Olive Leaf per day. Look ma, no infection!

Salt Rinse, Clove Oil, Garlic, or Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Ken (Detroit, Michigan) on 01/04/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I right now have a wisdom tooth ( lower ) that is now infected. I don't have any dental insurance so I have to resort to my knowledge of self-treatment with what I know to work naturally and well. I was in TERRIBLE pain, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep. I attacked the pain and the infection that had by now moved into my lower jaw area and starting to swell with multiple herbs. Every 30 or 40 minutes or so I used either a salt rinse, clove oil applied directly to the infected area, garlic applied to the infected area or a mouth rinse with 3% hydrogen peroxide. I did this for about 4 or 5 hours starting at about 7:00p.m. After about an hour or 2, the infected area started to feel better. About an hour before going to bed, I had chicken soup with chopped garlic bits added. Right before bed , I made a hydrogen peroxide/distilled water solution to drink down. I used 35% food grade ( you shouldn't use 3% from drug store, that's for rinsing your mouth ). Normal preparation is 10 drops peroxide to distilled water ( you have to use distilled water!! ). I used 25 drops because I was fighting an infection.

Do not have anything in your stomach when using food grade peroxide/distilled water. Don't eat from 1 to 3 hours before or after using peroxide/water solution. After doing all of this, I felt much better. The swelling was down and the pain was virtually gone. I kept the routine up for another 5 or so days to make sure that the infection was gone. Hope this helps everybody!!

Salt Water

Posted by Brett (Al.) on 03/12/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Dental infection, I had a severe infection under a tooth that had a deep filling that killed the nerve in tooth, this tooth infection under it pushed the tooth up so high I couldnt shut my mouth, had my jaw bone throbbing with every heartbeat,

I used sea salt in water swished around in mouth for 10 to 20 minutes several times a day, took the infection down enough I had the tooth extracted w/o antibodies.

Worth trying.

Posted by Elias I. (Vancouver, Bc) on 06/13/2016
5 out of 5 stars

For a tooth abscess, swoosh salt water around first. The abscess will subside very quickly. Then mess around with your oils and your herbs. Salt should come first. It works, I can tell you from personal experience. And very quickly.

God bless.

Sea Salt and Ice Packs

Posted by Lisa (Ft Washington, MD) on 01/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

For my tooth abscess, I swished with sea salt and warm water which drew out the infection. Then I used an ice pack this helped with the swelling and kept the infection from spreading. Ice pack 5 min. on 5 min. off. This keeps the infection from spreading into your jaw and cheek further. My dentist said I did the right thing until I could see him. My tooth looked perfectly fine, nice and white and the x-ray showed nothing wrong, but obviously there was an infection. I am taking a prescription by Green Stone antibiotic for a bacterial infection due to tooth abscess and the swelling is down. I am still using the ice pack, also

Sesame Oil, Clove Oil, Charcoal

Posted by Tamara (Upland, CA) on 01/25/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I had an infection in my gums and it caused extreme pain and i couldn't sleep. I made a paste of sesame oil, clove oil, and activated charcoal. I placed the paste in a small piece of cheesecloth and placed it in my mouth next to the infected gum. I slept with it overnight. The next morning, the infection was gone!!! So Amazing. No more waiting to get into the dentist for an appointment or prescription meds. Activated Charcoal also works great if you are planning on drinking alcohol. I take one capsule for every drink consumed and have no hangover in the morning. Amazing stuff!!


Posted by Steeni (Fl) on 11/21/2020
5 out of 5 stars

To start, I have used multiple remedies, but I feel if I had used the silicea from the start, it would not have got so bad (in and out of consciousness, I had to go to ER & get an antibiotic injection). The next day, before attempting oral antibiotic orally, I began taking Silicea and within 3 hours, began filling like myself again.:

1. pain in root of tooth, garlic helped (chew clove every 20 mins, spit, drank water) for 3 days.

2. given full mouth debridement, the pain left root, now felt in the base of the tooth, new batch of garlic was old, plus tongue burned.

3. body pains, head pain, nausea, no choice but to go to ER though I had just ordered Silicea, antibiotic injection, side effects of red itchy eye and almost threw up,

4. Activated coconut carbon paste on a tissue on a bad tooth overnight. Still didn't feel too great. Did org sunflower seed oil pulling (figured out how to do it right), felt great in terms of clarity of thought & can visibly see and feel gum line improving in the whole mouth,

5. began sipping on colloidal silver (CS), felt better but not yet myself, am continuing to put it on a paper towel and over the tooth,

6. 5 pastilles silicea under the tongue, 15 mins after and before eating, within 3 hours returning to myself

Will continue CS on gum bc the tooth tries to get infected after I eat, even after brushing

Also, I will continue sunflower seed oil pulling to help the gum line get to where it needs to be, so maybe I can avoid getting a root canal, which I'm trying to avoid. The tooth that got infected has an exposed root, and I wonder if it also has an old filling.

* I firmly feel that if I had begun the Silicea in the beginning, as well as the CS and proper oil pulling, it would never have got bad enough to go to the ER. Grateful to be on the mend and will update if a root canal is avoided.

Swedish Bitters

Posted by John H (Pa) on 01/29/2016
5 out of 5 stars

In some cases, soaking Swedish Bitters on cotton or cloth and putting it on the abscess (on the gum or bump on the gum) will greatly help, and if done regularly (at least once or twice per day), it can make the abscess go away.

Some health food stores stock Swedish Bitters, but it is more economical to order it on the internet.

It is worth a try. Drinking the stuff can do a lot of good for the body as well.

Tea Bag With Clove Oil

Posted by Sabine B. (Fort Wayne, In) on 03/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Tea Bag + Clove Essential Oil for Tooth Infection

Double up: add a few drops of clove oil to a tea bag. Beats Oragel and has me off of the heavy duty painkiller I was prescribed after only having to take one pill.

I can concentrate again and the swelling has gone down! Amazing!

Tea Tree Oil

Posted by Kobus Zeelie (Pretoria, South Africa) on 08/14/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Usually when I got an abscess I went straight to antibiotics. It happened accidentally when I purchased a bottle of mouth wash with tea tree oil in it, while I already had the abscess but not to cure the abscess just for overall oral health. Any case I had this abscess and was planning to go to the chemist to get antibiotics. I was using the bottle with tea tree oil in it, and in 2 days my abscess was gone, not sure what it does but I use it daily.