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Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Tooth Abscess . The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.

Colloidal Silver

Posted by Art (California) on 09/12/2022 2158 posts


These are the serious type of complications I was referring to in my original reply to you and I have heard of worse.

The fact that the swelling has gone down suggests that the silver is working locally as intended. The problem is that in order for the silver to work, it has to come in direct contact or extremely close proximity to the pathogen and with a local topical application, such as you did with the cotton ball, it can not travel very far and the pathogens are clearly out of reach of the topical CS.

If you do not want to take CS orally based on the postings on Amazon, you will have to use another type of highly potent type of antimicrobial that has antibiofilm qualities. An infection that has been active for two or more years is likely to have developed biofilms to protect the pathogen('s) and this could be why the antibiotics are not working. In studies CS has shown synergy with certain antibiotics and has also shown the ability to make certain antibiotics effective again if the pathogen has developed resistance, but CS is no longer a consideration so you will have to use something else.

A potent antimicrobial that has some biofilm busting activity is Olive Leaf Extract (OLE). N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), while not generally considered to be an antimicrobial, actually is an antimicrobial and it does have potent biofilm busting activities. Another potent antimicrobial to consider is iodine which again has antibiofilm activity.

I don't know what dilution of CS you are putting in your eyes and why you are putting it there, but I hope it is not the straight 500 ppm that you said you have. It's way too concentrated for even one drop.


Silica 30c Homeopathic

Posted by Jo Black (Australia) on 04/04/2021

I have had nerve pain in my tooth radiating upwards into my cheek for a few years. Oil pulling has helped a little with the pain but didn't take it away completely. Ive already had 2 root canals on other teeth and don't want any more.

I was recently in a lot of pain from the tooth and taking aspirin twice a day to get through the day when I googled 'homeopathy for tooth nerve pain' and found Silica recommended.

I already had Silica 30c in my collection of remedies so thought I would try it. I took one dose of 3 pills and immediately could feel something going on. My stomach rumbled and I could feel changes in the tooth. Within 5 minutes, all the tooth nerve pain was gone. It was hard to believe. It's been 3 days now and I haven't needed to repeat the dose. I'm hoping the Silica 30c will cure the infection and prevent the need for another root canal and will report back in a few months. Very impressed.


Posted by Dan W (Woodstock, NY) on 04/23/2020

I'm surprised this remedy isn't up already on the tooth abscess section: Red onion. Actually, any onion will do, but red onion seems to work the fastest. Slice up a raw red onion, bit by bit. Hold a slice in your mouth and chew slowly for about 15-30 minutes. Repeat as necessary. The pus and phlegm should drain right out, and the inflammation should go way down. It worked like magic for me. I was experiencing severe pain to the point of shooting pains into my skull and through my jaw, even starting to go down my neck. (eek!) This stopped the infection and the symptoms dead in its tracks.

Lemon Water, Turmeric

Posted by KT (USA) on 09/22/2019

Hi EC,

I started out with an abscess under a tooth that had a crown removed. It was one that had a root canal so it was dead and I felt no pain. I think I didn't use garlic or tea bags enough to completely remove all infection and the inflammation went into my neck and across both shoulders, my right side up the back of my head, the occipital bones and outside my scalp. My Pickle juice eased the right shoulder pain then I guess the inflammation affected my spleen since that organ is supposed to filter bacteria. I've never had pain like bad I couldn't move without loud grunts. I got up at midnight but was afraid to take anything until I looked up on EC. I would have probably thought about the ER if it wasn't for you guys!! I remember reading how lemon can detox the liver but I couldn't find anything for the spleen at that time...I know it was my spleen from what my husband had gone through a year ago in Feb. so I made warm lemon water (a whole small one)...relief was almost immediate. Then I figured I'd take about 1/2 tsp. turmeric in some warm tap water and went back to bed. I woke up about 3 in less pain so I just took more lemon water and went to bed again. Up again at 7...pain almost completely gone. This is just a report of what I did for neck is still pretty stiff but the other pain is gone.

High Dose Vitamin C

Posted by Sharon (Lou Ky) on 06/17/2017

Dental Abscess - High Dose Vitamin C in daily divided doses

Using 500 mg (what I had in the cabinet - ordinary low cost)

I took 2.5 grams first day by 1 500mg pill for 5 x day @ 8am noon 4pm 8pm midnite - next morning remarkable improvement with start of fistuala draining (already tried to lance abcess with pin the month before w nominal drainage) pimple-like process, pain and swelling down remarkably.

I doubled the dose for day 2. I took 5 grams on second day in divided doses, 2-500 mg pills per dose for 5 times (8am 12 4pm 8pm midnte) I woke up the next morning nearly 95% resolved. You could see the draining and I used my fingernail to direct it out. You need to remove this pus and this brought it to a head. Pain gone, doesn't hurt to eat on that tooth now, slightly noticeable. Swelling down immediately around tooth area but still swollen at the jaw/bone part.

3rd day - same as second. Extra insurance and I don't know if I will continue for 5 or 10 days yet, so I will reduce later dose and maintain a basic level for the future. At the end of the day, swelling done farther. The vitamin C is acting like an antibiotic. I know it needs to be taken on schedule and maintained at high levels for up to 10 days. So far so good. Very happy because it's basically gone in two days, but I want to make sure to get it all.

I am 5-5 at 112 lbs. This dosage did not hurt my stomach. I was compelled to jug water to get the pills down. I think it is important to drink water until you feel the pill go down your esophogas. This helps to keep it from dissolving in your throat which can cause acid reflux. With any pill that causes this I also eat about half of a bananna. It's a great buffer and helps push the pill down. Also, with vitamin c there is something call bowel tolerance. If the daily dosage you are taking causes nausea or diarreah, then lower the dose.

Note - I had already tried placing garlic on the tooth and abscess area. It worked. I did it once and after 5 days the infection was reduced after 1 15 min garlic treatment. It wasn't enough and it came back. (I never did the second round, learned this later that I should have done it again 5 days later) Yes, garlic did work as well, not as fast as Vitamin C dosing.

At this point, I am going to take advise on some of the other things I've read here. I will be applying vit E or Aloah topically in the mouth to help healing on the sore area. I will also add minerals to my supplements to help maintain or rebuild my teeth.

The reason I wrote this is because I want others to know that there are other options when your dentist tell you you need a root canal and crown and you don't have $3000.


Posted by Grndzro (Reno, Nv) on 05/20/2017

Garlic for mouthwash. I have to use this periodically because I have very bad teeth from being a soda junkie.

What I do is put a whole bulb of garlic and about 16oz water in a blender cup and let it run for a while. Strain, and then use throughout the day as mouthwash.

If I didn't do this I would need antibiotics on a regular basis..and quite frankly I prefer a day of garlic breath to a week of antibiotics.

It clears everything right up pretty quickly. My whole mouth could be inflamed and within a couple hours there is no more pain, no more swelling, and no more infection.

Allicin has DMSO like properties that go right through skin/flesh and kill infections.

Echinacea, Goldenseal

Posted by Benjamin "tv Tech" Harris (Jonesboro Ga.) on 04/16/2017

My GO-TO For Any Toothache / Infection pain gone within hours

I was suffering really bad from a double toothache both back teeth, one up top, one on bottom, on same side, now when I say pain I mean excruciating like someone was drilling into my teeth with a super sharp drill or ice pick kind of pain. The first thing I tried was clove oil, on a scale of 1-10 it helped maybe a 4-5. Then I tried tea tree oil with maybe a 2-4 result. This was the first night needless to say I got very little sleep.

Then day 2 was worse until I noticed that keeping cool/cold water on the area stopped the pain as long as I left it on there and water was cool/cold. This was good until it was time to go to sleep which I was unable to sleep because of the severe pain that returned in seconds after the water warmed up or was swallowed. Well I ended up doing an all nighter sipping on cool/cold water back and forth to the fridge every hour or so to get another bottle water. went through a 24 pack of 16oz waters in 1 day then I was about to go to dentist to extract them and luckily they were fully booked with no openings for a few days which made me call my local herb shop to talk to Gene and he suggested echinacea and goldenseal. Which they had in my favorite form (loose herb), which I made into a tea. and within a few hours

BINGO!!! the pain went down by 2 thirds and by end of day all my pain was gone except for a little soreness in the area which finally cleared up in the following days. and needless to say I never got the teeth extracted I continue taking echinacea tea but goldenseal can only be taken for 7-10 days at a time because it is so powerful (please seek professional advise on dosage).

But I mix in a little goldenseal into my echinacea tea from time to time as a maintenance dose along with a good amount of red clover. All in all I have found my go to for any toothache/infection and I can keep my teeth for the chewing that I need them for.

Garlic, Vitamin C and Bamboo Salt

Posted by Yvonne (Singapore) on 11/28/2016

Hi guys, woke up with dull pain in lower molar, went to a random dentist nearby at 10am (and though a regular cleaning will do the job), the 'cold test' they performed made the pain worse (unbearably excruciating and non-stop), that I have to keep holding water in my mouth or the pain keeps coming back. At 2pm, I can't take it anymore, went back, they told me it was really bad gum infection with pus and my molar was shaking. So they suggested periodontist specialist and root canal. I can't wait and make a trip to periodontist specialist and didn't want to do root canal after reading all the bad things about it, so in desperation, I opted for extraction. 1 day after the anesthesia of the extraction dies off, the neighboring teeth and gum start to ache (bacteria spread), so I started on the ponstan and antibiotics given by the dentist, which helped reduce the infection/inflammation by around 40%.

Then after reading reviews of this site, I started chewing garlic and taking lots of Vitamin C (6,000mg) for a couple days. Both helped by around 70%. Then there is the side effect of skin burn/sore on the cheek and inner lips with use of garlic, so garlic can't be used constantly.

But what I would like to share with whoever is reading this review is that Bamboo Salt (9x baked) is the game-changer. It managed to fix the remaining 30% sensitivity, sore and ache in nearby gum, teeth and extraction site, that garlic and Vit C can't fix). I really didn't have to extract my molar if I knew about bamboo salt before I go to the dentist.

All my gums and teeth and in perfect shape now. Google "Bamboo Salt" and there are medical reports it can even cure oral cancer:

EC: Interesting, thank you!

For those who don't know much about this Korean remedy...

Jukyeom is a Korean folk remedy consisting of salt roasted in bamboo. ... The trace elements in the clay and bamboo are thought to make this form of salt more healthy. Historically, jukyeom has been used as a digestive aid, styptic, disinfectant, or dentifrice.


Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Billybones (Florida) on 10/18/2016

Hi everybody. I'm 65. Ten years ago all of my upper teeth were hurting. Dentist told me to yank them all and get dentures. $3 to $4 thousand smackers! The big hunt for a natural cure began. Found Hydrogen Peroxide. Brushed my teeth with a cap full of 3% HP two times a day for 2 days. Let it foam for about 5 minutes. Pain free after that. Here I am 10 years later with all of those teeth that the dentist told me to yank except one. I still brush with HP once a week. My teeth are doing GREAT! Thanx for the opportunity to help someone else. - Bill

Oil Pulling, Iodine, Oil of Oregano

Posted by Lavaca (Austin, Tx ) on 10/02/2016

I have to get a new dental policy and get a crown on a molar. As an FYI, if your dental insurance doesn't cover a root canal or crown due to length of time. You still are given the contracted rate where the dentist cannot charge over a certain amount for the service and crown. Most people don't know this and many people in admin don't know this but this is a fact. This can save you hundreds of dollars typically- still going to be expensive but MUCH better than full price.

Okay, so while I am arranging a new dental policy, my tooth that I planned on crowning this month starts REALLY hurting. I did not have an abscess but it must have been inside because that was definitely a sign of infection and it was only going to get worse. I have had a root canal and crown on another tooth 5 years ago and the pain from the infection was beyond agony. Fortunately, I never had problems after the procedure and I have pretty good dental health, but I never want to experience that again so I got busy!

I had recently started taking iodine supplements by capsule and by drops in my water. So I immediately gave myself a super dose for a couple of days to get it going in my system. Still the pain lingered (I think the iodine was keeping the infection in check but not completely killing it), and I could tell it was starting to become more intense and more frequent. So I got online and started researching what I could do to at least keep the infection under control until I get some Penicillin from my doc so hopefully I won't need a root canal.

The following things I discovered and tried to a good measure of success:

1. Oil pulling with unrefined organic coconut oil. I got IMMEDIATE RESULTS!! My swelling in the roof of my mouth and all of my pain were gone! I was not congested at all, but the second I spit the oil out I got crazy pains all through my head as I felt the sinuses clearing and adjusting pressure! I did not even know I was inflamed! My body was having an intense immune response and it was going completely unnoticed until that moment! That is scary and I am actually so thankful I had this toothache or I might never have tried this! My lymph nodes are back to normal and they have a tendency to always stay a little swollen but I always come out "healthy" I am shocked and again thankful to all the good people that post on these websites! I began oil pulling 2 or 3 times a day but still after a couple of days I was not getting complete resolution. But I believe it is a part of the resolution.

2. I bought Turmeric in capsule form. I took 1 pill of 450 mg of Tumeric and curc. I did not notice anything with my tooth but other things were happening including my nose would run and other purging types of scenarios where I believe my body was detoxing! I felt that even though I could not feel a difference in my tooth, that obviously it was detoxing my system which overall is helping my body heal.

3. I tried OIL OF OREGANO! This stuff is crazy intense and STRONG. when they say drops I mean heed that warning!!! Trust me I didn't take it that seriously and I thought screw the tooth I think I just killed myself with oregano oil!

I put a couple of drops in my sparkling mineral water with fresh lemon and my iodine and it was completely good. So try this if you want to get it internally as well as topically.


Keep in mind I continued oil pulling 2 to 3 times a day, took my 1 pill of Turmeric in the morning with my iodine pills and also drops in my water (2 diff kinds of iodine are both needed by the body), but I then got a cotton ball and put 2 droppers of iodine on it with 3 to 4 drops of Oil of Oregano and put it directly on the gum above the tooth. GROSS and you will drool like a St. Bernard so seriously get a towel. I am not exaggerating. I kept it on my gum and did not move it for about 25 minutes. When I took it off WOW! No pain, all swelling completely and totally gone! I did not have pain for several hours and then I oil pulled again and took a Tylenol. Completely pain free into the middle of the next day! I still oil pulled and took my Turmeric and iodine and did the procedure again, but for only 10 minutes.

My situation is completely under control as I prepare to get my crown and prevent a root canal. As an extra measure I am going to make sure I take Penicillin for 5 days or so to prevent any potential lingering bugs that might get trapped in the crown. Penicillin is super cheap thank god and dentists don't have a problem prescribing it even just a call in. This is an FYI for others that might have a dentist at least get them some penicillin to help save a tooth. I never take antibiotics and never get sick, so I respond well to things and if you are the same way this could be an extra idea for you.

I really hope this helps someone because I think it is something that is pretty easy to follow and reasonable to maintain that also will help your general health.

French Green Clay

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 04/02/2016

My four year old had a tooth abscess a few weeks ago. It was in the gum above one of his top front teeth. I only knew what it was because my firstborn had had the same thing almost 20 years ago. At the time we knew nothing else to do so we went to the dentist. I think the dentist pulled the tooth and gave him an antibiotic.

Well, knowing what to do at home didn't mean a four year old was going to be too keen on my treatment plan. The best course of action seemed to be putting clay on the abscess overnight. I have done this myself and knew the clay would stay put, or at least would only slowly wear away from the area overnight. Anyway, it seemed the best option!

I had French Green Clay powder handy (thanks to Mmsg's mention of it a number of times over the years! ) and mixed equal parts in a little cup. I waited a few minutes until it was like mud. I smeared a pea sized amount over the abscess area after he was in bed and very sleepy. I made a point of making sure he was tired at bedtime so he wouldn't mind so much. I was afraid if he was awake for a while he would fool with it and it would end up not being where I wanted it. In the morning, I removed what was left with a paper towel.

I did this 3 nights in a row. I didn't do anything else. (Maybe I gave him vitamin C during the day, can't remember now. It would have been a good idea anyway! ) After 3 days it was gone. As if it had never been there.

Bentonite clay would have worked as well I think, the French Green was just the most handy at the moment. And I love French Green Clay. It is so silky!

~Mama to Many~


Posted by Charlotte (London, Uk) on 08/22/2015

I've been quite fortunate with my teeth, insofar as I have only ever had to visit a dentist once. I had an abscess on an impacted wisdom tooth and a cracked molar which was begining to show signs of decay. After he had prescribed antibotics for my abscessed tooth, he informed me that given its position (I have a lot of overcrowding in the rear of my mouth) it would have to be extracted under general anaesthetic. When I came back to him a week later, abscess having cleared up, he extracted my cracked, partially decayed molar, as he'd told me that it was gone beyond the stage where a filling would have sufficed. Then, as soon as he had taken it out, he told me that the roots were healthier than he'd previously thought, and that it could have been saved with a filling. I was really upset over that, as I take good care of my teeth and didn't fancy the prospect of losing one, I brush and floss twice daily and use a good mouthwash. Not only that, but my extraction was a complete nightmare, I bled out for so long that the dental nurse had to pack and repack my gum for over an hour. I continued to bleed, though not as heavily, till seven o' clock the next morning, and by that stage I was weak and feeling ill, somewhat traumatised, and very upset. As the dentist was abrupt and not at all sympathetic, and given my first impression of dentists in general, I swore that I would never go back. Just a little background, so everyone understands my dentist phobia, sorry if it was a little long winded.

Anyway, last Christmas, I cracked my left premolar whilst eating a hard centred sweet. There were no signs of decay, but the nerve had been a slightly exposed. I took care not to allow any food into it, but refused to go anywhere near a dentist for a filling. Then, last week, I was eating crisps (potato chips to Americans :-)) and a sharp end of crisp went right down into my exposed nerve. I actually cried out when it happened, as it had sent shockwaves of pain all throughout the left side of my face. It subsided, but the next morning it was niggling, which got grandually worse as the day wore on. Two days later, the pain was persistant - very much like the symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia. I went to the pharmacy and bought a temporary filling which I put in myself, hoping that it would be enough to kill the pain. No such luck. It got progressively worse and the whole gum swelled. My mother told me to make an appointment with the dentist, as she believed that an abscess was forming, but remembering my last experience, I refused to go.

Instead I turned to home remedies and painkillers. Clove oil offered temporary relief in the beginning, but as the swelling grew, it had little effect. I tried oil pulling, which calmed it initially, but then seemed to make it worse. I rinsed with salt and water, but it made no great difference. The only thing that offered an, oh so brief, respite, was cold water. I was in total agony, and so desperate that I took to swishing alcohol around the efffected area, which only burnt my gum and inflamed it more.

Desperate and driven mad with pain, I searched online and found this site. Just last night I tried the garlic remedy.

I cut a clove in half and placed each on either side of the effected tooth. It stung like hell and I almost collapsed from the pain, but I persisted. I then chewed the clove on the effected side - still burning like crazy - then swallowed the juice and spat out the chewed clove. Last night was the worst of all. I actually cried with pain as I felt something pulsating within my gum. Today, when I went to lie down, as I hadn't slept all night due to the pain, I felt one excruiating blast of agony, then my mouth began to fill with a sticky substance, which brought immediate relief. The abscess had burst. I took care to spit out the pus - there was a lot of it - and rinse my mouth with salt and water.

Thankfully, apart from a little tenderness in the gum and the nerves in my lower jaw, the pain has gone and the swelling has disappeared, and this I attribute to the garlic. I have now been pain free all evening and all night, so yes, garlic really does work. It did what clove oil, oil pulling, alcohol (not recommeded, as it burns the gum, but I was desperate), salt and water by itself, a near overdose of ibuprofen and paracetmol (not recommended either) failed to do; it got rid of the abscess and relieved my pain. The pain I experienced on applying it was well worth it, so, yeah, I would strongly, going by personal experience, urge you try this if all else has failed, as it really does work.

Posted by Bellarose (Los Angeles, CA) on 08/20/2015

IMPORTANT NOTE: all products I used were 100% ORGANIC.

First time using this site & successfully overcame tooth abscess. Cured within 1 week. Dentist obviously gave me antibiotics which I did not take. Instead, above and beyond all therapies I implemented, RAW GARLIC worked immediate magic.

So heed to this message: if you can stand the temporary yet intense pain/burning sensation upon chewing on a fresh clove of garlic and placing the pulp with your clean fingers or tongue on the abscessed site for as long as you can stand it, it will immediately start working it's miracle. When done with this burning ordeal, swallow all the garlic you have in your mouth.

On the other hand, if you're unable to do so, then consume raw garlic (either sliced up or minced or whole) with fresh food (like a salad) or just chew it and swallow downing some water or liquid right after if you like. The goal is to get RAW GARLIC in your system as soon as you notice an inflammatory situation come up in your mouth/body. I consumed between 4-6 cloves daily and continue to do so to strengthen my immune system.

As a side note, the first 3 days after doing some research and going by what 3 of my FB peeps had simultaneously advised me, clove oil was my 1st form of attack and it literally burned the inside of my cheek, my gum and the corner of my mouth which caused me to stop using it. My inside cheek and gums looked raw with a whitish layer of skin peeling off. Not good. Anyway, surely it aided in the whole process however, in the future I'd only apply it no more than a couple times a day versus about 4-5 times.

Stick to the garlic and frequent peppermint oil and water (about 4 drops oil per cup of water) gargles multiple times a day, especially after eating. Also, I brushed my teeth after each meal with my homemade OraMD (2T sweet almond oil with 40 drops each of Spearmint and Peppermint oils) which I've been using as my toothpaste for about 4 months and LOVE.

One last resource I believe I'm drawing benefit from is using Colloidal Silver. I apply one dropper full in my mouth and tilt head so it covers my healed abscess tooth area for 30sec before squishing around and swallowing. I do this about 3-4 times a day and will continue to do so perhaps until the bottle empties.

May this help you as it's helped me regain my healthy oral balance.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Meagan (Brooklyn, Ny) on 02/18/2015

I had a huge abscess on my tooth and was in terrible pain. I decided to gargle with ACV and literally as I was gargling I was feeling the abscess with my tongue and I could feel it softening! After I spat out the vinegar I started noticing the abscess was draining, which alarmed me because I didn't want the bacteria getting in to my body. I decided to just keep spitting as much as I could without purposely swallowing the bacteria. Within an hour of using the Apple Cider Vinegar gargle, my once huge abscess was now flat!!! I'm still going to make a dental appointment but What a Relief!

Oil of Oregano

Posted by Toourlady989 (Hayward, Ca) on 09/25/2013

Oregano oil, also called oil of oregano, is a natural antimicrobial and antispasmodic remedy. Many people have successfully used oregano oil for treating a tooth abscess, which is an infection that can spread to the jaw. The pain associated with a jaw infection can be so severe that dentists typically prescribe pain medications. Oregano oil's numbing properties reduce pain, and its antimicrobial properties will help clear up the infection. Before using oregano oil for this type of infection, talk to your doctor or dentist first.

Step 1

Saturate one end of a cotton swab with oil of oregano and apply to your gums.

Step 2

Saturate the other end of the cotton swab and apply it to any abbesses in the mouth. According to Medicine Plus, mouth abscesses may require surgery in order to drain the pus, which would ultimately reduce some pain as well. Oregano oil assists abscess drainage and kills the bacteria leaking from the pus-like packet in the mouth.

Step 3

Apply oil of oregano to the teeth affected by the jaw infection with another clean cotton swab. A jaw infection typically affects the gums and teeth. Applying oregano oil on the tooth can prevent further tooth decay. Apply the oil to the gums between the teeth that are affected.

Step 4

Do not eat for 30 minutes after application. This gives the oil time to work.

Step 5

Saturate a cotton ball with oil of oregano and apply to your jaw. You need a topical application for the external jaw area. You may feel pain around the ears, cheeks and throat. Apply the oregano oil to these areas. Apply the oil anywhere you feel pain.

Step 6

Use oregano oil every 2 to 3 hours until your infection clears up and add oregano to your foods for maximum benefits. Phyllis Balch, author of "Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Fifth Edition: A Practical A-to-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Food Supplements, " recommends adding oregano to foods or oregano oil to salads for maximum antimicrobial effects.


Posted by Tooaverage (Delta, BC, Canada) on 12/09/2012

I got an infection from my wisdom tooth extraction and my face was swollen like a chipmunk. I went to the Surgeon and was told to go on antibiotics or it wouldn't go away.

I refused to take the antibiotics so I used my own remedies and it was fully healed within a week! When I went back for a follow up the surgeon assumed the antibiotics had cured it when I hadn't even taken them.

I cut up a clove of garlic and chewed on it lightly and left it in the area then swallowed it to also get the immune system boost. The garlic was strong and it hurt like crazy but I could feel the healing. I have done this every day before bed and it started to heal as soon as I started doing this.

-- Make sure to clean the infection site (if your specialist says it is OK) with a syringe with warm water and salt after every single meal to avoid infection.

In addition to Garlic I took the following:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (swish and swallow)
  • Drinking lots of Green Tea
  • Vitamin D
  • Olive Leaf Complex
  • Clove Oil applied to the area
  • Yogurt
  • Vitamin B
  • Ibuprofen for pain/swelling

I am still trying to find a natural anti-inflammatory that actually works.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Tonya (Miami, Fl) on 08/25/2012

I have been in pain for the last 4 to 5 days and last night was the worst I was in tears from the pain and after trying my usual pain relievevers(mouthwash, sensodyne, and aspirin, motrin or advil) it didn't work like always when ur body gets used to something it stops being as effective, so I gargled with apple cider vinegar and it worked a miracle on my sore gums. It was so bad I could barely open my mouth to speak. So to anyone who had tried other methods and they don't work, try the vinegar gargle, it should help.

Colloidal Silver

Posted by Lisa (Coto De Caza, Ca, Usa) on 01/02/2011

Had a tooth infection in the back tooth that needed a root canal. The infection was at the root of the tooth and in the jaw bone. Tried garlic, cloves, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotics, and everything else of EC. Nothing worked. Went ahead and got the root canal and it was still infected. Tried a 3 more rounds of antibiotics and it didn't work. After a year of this tooth being infected, the dentist wanted to pull the tooth.

I heard about colliodial silver so decided to try it. Used about 4 drops in just enough water ( a few drops) to be able to swish in mouth for about 5 minutes, then spit out. Did this 3 times a day for 3 weeks, then 1 time per day for 2 weeks. Within a few days the aching in my jaw stopped. When the dentist took an X-ray about 2-3 months after the treatment, he noticed the infection was gone and the bone growing back.


Posted by Joe (Dundee, Scotland) on 01/14/2009

Whenever I get a gum abscess (not that frequent, but still enough to agitate me.), I have always drained it myself (painful, but has the desired result.) However, very recently, I had an abscess which lasted for over one week and was too painful to drain. I am the opposite of a hypochondriac and I believe in my bodies' ability to heal itself within reason, but this was getting too much. After some research, I found this website which recommended Garlic. I must be honest and say that I am shocked at how effective it actually was. I sliced part of a clove and wedged it between my inner cheek and the abscess (gum). At first, it burns (may burn alot depending on pain threshold) and feels quite uncomfortable, but try and bear it. After an hour, there was no pain and a noticeable reduction in swelling. The abscess then drained and appears to be healing fine. I have always had an interest in the healing powers of plants, herbs and natural methods (within reason) and I am very much anti pharmaceutical drugs, especially when nature can provide an equally good remedy. In this society, economic gain seems to over rule health.

Further research on Garlic has led me onto an interesting history on Garlic and what it can offer in a medicinal sense. Had it not been for this website (and the people who have left honest opinions), I would not have discovered this remedy. Thank you very much.

Baking Soda, Peroxide, Oil Pulling

Posted by Jean (Franklin, WI) on 05/19/2008

Tooth Abcess Cure:

I have no insurance and can't afford a dentist, so had to find a way to deal with tooth problems naturally. I've lost several fillings that occassionally cause infections. First thing I do is oil pulling with grapeseed, coconut or olive oil. Within a very short time the pain is down a fair amount, but of course the abscess is still there, filled with pus. Until that is emptied, the infection will remain. I use a dental instrument with an extremely sharp end and pierce the infected spot, then squeeze out as much of the pus as I can. This immediately cuts the pain down a whole lot more... now its just leftover soreness. I then do oil pulling again, followed by a good rinse of hydrogen peroxide. This cure works for an abscess every time.

PREVENTION: I haven't been to a dentist in over 12 years, despite the fact that I have huge holes in a few back molars due to missing fillings, and the cavities have NOT gotten worse. In fact I have fewer dental problems now. I no longer use commercial toothpastes. Obviously it would be best to have the regular mercury fillings removed and replaced... since I can't afford that procedure ... This is what I do instead...

I brush my teeth with BAKING SODA, followed by a HYDROGEN PEROXIDE rinse. Sometimes I start this with an OIL PULLING first. I often work on my teeth with just a toothbrush kind of absent-mindedly as I'm studying something on the internet. This pretty well removes most food particle and plaque. I recently bought one of those electric rechargeable toothbrushes, which works really well with the baking soda.

As long as I do these things regularly, I don't get any abscesses, cavities have not gotten any worse and may have actually gotten better, my teeth are whiter and feel cleaner, my gums are much healthier and all "pockets" have disappeared. It also prevents bad breath, and my tongue and gums are pink and healthy.

This has worked better for me than any dentist recommended procedure. I just wish I had known about it years ago. I'm absolutely sure I would have never gotten a cavity in the first place. Get rid of your commercial toothpaste and try this... you'll be glad you did!!!