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Tooth Abscess Natural Remedies

| Modified on Jan 02, 2023
Posted by Nadia (Leeds, England) on 11/14/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered 2 abscesses recently, within 3 months of each other, due to a chipped tooth.

On both occasions my go to was garlic, however it seems garlic causes a worse reaction for me.

I read all the reviews of using garlic for the pain and healing, I had hoped it would work for me, but it seemed to have an opposite effect.

On occasion 1, I had turmeric milk throughout the day, and before bed I used garlic. I woke up with my abscess so big my right cheek looked like I had a couple of golf balls in there.

On occasion 2, ( 3 months later) I woke up feeling a slight lump in my cheek. I realised an infection was coming on, so I used garlic again. Whereas most commentating say garlic helps the pain and reduces swelling, I had the opposite effect, within a few hours my face had swollen even worse then the first time!!

I tried a different approach this time. I took the garlic orally with a concoction I had seen online. 1/2 teaspoon ginger, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric, some garlic finely diced, and I had it with live yoghurt. Live yoghurt is full of probiotics. The original concoction suggested raw honey but I only had the processed honey at home.

This concoction worked amazingly. Bearing in mind how big the abscess was, I felt no pain.

I went into fasting mode. The only things I had, turmeric milk ( milk with teaspoon of turmeric and black pepper, yoghurt with turmeric or garlic, and the above mentioned concoction.

Occasionally I would try garlic on the tooth and inflamed area ( after biting on it to release the healing juices) but I do not feel it had any effect.

I find turmeric makes me warm, and in turn causes a reaction which makes the abcess come to a head.

Within 3 days the abcess came to a head. On the morning it came to a head, I had activia yoghurt (for flavour) with a lot of turmeric in ( about 2 teaspoons) I then went and used my waterpik flosser, and I could feel pain when my flosser went over a certain area, so I tolerated the pain, and the abcess started releasing blood.

So if garlic does not work, try turmeric milk, and turmeric in live yoghurt. Bearing in mind how swollen my face was and how widespread the infection was, I stayed pain free for the duration of the 3 days! On my first flare up I was popping painkillers and ibuprofen regularly. This time no painkillers!

Pyrogenium (Homeopathic Remedy)
Posted by richard (detroit, mi) on 11/06/2022

What dose, how do I take Pyrogenium?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 09/16/2022

Mj, you can try frequent rinses with: diluted h2o2, baking soda in water, coconut oil.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by mj (tampa FL) on 09/15/2022

HI Arlene

I am going to see if anyone has advice on what to do for teeth cavitations/and bad root canal. I do plan to eventually pull out the root canal as I am learning its a dead tooth in mouth and will cause bacteria in that tooth /bone area and go to other parts of our body and into our blood. but in the meantime I was told by my dentist yesterday I have few cavitations on the wisdom teeth where it was extracted! Great now I have few cavitations and bad root canal where I trusted the dentist at that time to do good job. so the only thing to do now is try my best to KILL the bacteria in the cavitations area and root canal. do you think anything can reach below my gum line into these areas to kill bacteria/germs? thank you.

Lemon Water, Turmeric
Posted by mj (tampa Fl) on 09/15/2022

hi KT . I hope you get my msg…not sure how this work…new on EC about responding back to someone. Back in 2014 I had root canal done and tooth extraction done on the right lower back area. Not sure what #s is the 2 teeth. but all on the right side. within 6 months later I woke up with pain running down my neck /right side of my shoulder out of no where. I didnt do anything physically day/week before so it cant be that. so spend few yrs going fm one doctor to next. ENTs/CHiros/neurologist and all did tests blood work and could not answer to Why for this issue on my right side. got pain and I thought maybe fm my neck but went to chiro and did therapies for over year total and nothing. then it came to me that I had the root canal and another tooth on the right side done 6 months prior to this. so researched and found out root canal is BAD and I could have cavitations fm the other tooth extraction. so spent few months recently researching because last 2 yrs my right ear started to have constant buzzing/humming and does not stop. Night is worse because trying to sleep but its quiet without tv or other activities to help mask this some so night is bad as its so bad to not get good rest hearing it louder/more distinct in my ear. So now its all on my right side with these issues. I have gut feeling its from my root canal and one other tooth on bottom right side extraction. I researched more on this and found out root canals /tooth extraction can leave cavitations . so my reg dentist does not use 3d scan and that is said to use to get too image of cavitations/bacteria . I went yesterday to new dentist with 3d scan and he tells me I have 3 cavitations and also the root canal is bad. thus all these areas has some sort of bacteria going on. I am so upset because it meant that the work was not done right for bacteria to get in these spots. uggggh. so I dont have dental insurance and its $30,000 to do all kinds of work. pull out root canal/put in ceramic zirconia. clean out the 3 cavitations. and for whatever reason dentist say its be good for me to wear the invisalign for bottom teeth becaus it crowded inward….not sure what he meant and why this has anything to do with what I came in for which is to see why my right side feels achey around jaw bone/ringing in right ear. at least I did see the areas where he said cavitations are n root canal shows something bad going on. I am just wondering in the meantime can I do something to get to the bacteria and kill it? thank you

Garlic, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mary (San Antonio, Texas) on 05/31/2022

Sounds like you may have a sinus infection which can also cause tooth or ear pain.

Bentonite Clay, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Denise (Maryland) on 05/01/2022

Did this save your tooth permanently?

Activated Charcoal
Posted by PB (NC) on 04/23/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I had three abscessed teeth recently, thought I only had one. I still had to wait a week after getting a referral from the dentist before seeing an Endodontic specialist. I mixed up some bentonite clay and activated charcoal; then applied it to a strip of press n seal that I had cut to fit around the gums above my three abscessed teeth. I then applied the mixture of charcoal and clay paste it to my infected gum area and changed it with a fresh one every couple of hours. I also put a fresh one on before bed time and left it on my gums over night.

That mixture of clay and charcoal took out the pain and discomfort. I did not have any issues with the press n seal sliding around my gum area either. The trickiest part was getting the consistency right with the clay and charcoal paste. A little trial and error went a long ways. The right side of my face had swollen up so I put clay on it and then small strips of press in seal to keep it moist. The swelling in my face and gums continued to go down. I always keep a bottle of capsules of activated charcoal and bentonite clay handy especially when traveling.

Salt Water
Posted by Laura (California, Los Angeles, USA) on 04/21/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Tooth Abscess

SALT WASH + coconut oil helps! Very very salty warm water oral rinses, 3 times per day. (morning + noon + and night) - and count to 100 while swishing the SALTY warm water in your mouth. The best pain reliever I have found is regular aspirin.

Posted by Aywen C. (Olympia) on 03/27/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I created a poultice with baking soda, turmeric, and lavender oil and it was effective at soothing and numbing pain as well as protecting the area against air and water. A raw smooshed onion poultice also helped. Yarrow and other greens chewed up and held against the teeth can be antiseptic and soothing.

Bee Propolis
Posted by Angela (NC) on 03/02/2022

These are capsules?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Silica 30c Homeopathic
Posted by Melinda (Utah) on 01/18/2022

Silica and Silicea are the same thing. This is the regular silica not the silica marina.

Arsenicum Album - Homeopathy
Posted by Mindy (Utah) on 01/17/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Griselda for being so detailed in your description. This is super helpful. I was looking for something to put over my tooth at night and propolis is perfect! I actually got some gum out to try it but I thought it would hurt with the sugar content. I tried some polymer clay to protect it but it wouldn't stick. I figured if I could put something over it then the air won't hurt it so much or the water. Even room temperature water hurts now.

So far I've been trying to consume raw garlic. I have put a fresh piece over the area but it can burn. I've also found that I can wrap a piece of bread around the fresh garlic and chew it together so I can consume it without burning my tongue while chewing. I've also swished with garlic oil mixed with some olive oil. I try to force it between my teeth while swishing to get at any painful or infected areas.

I've had good luck getting a small piece of cotton from the end of a q-tip and saturating it with water. Then I put a drop of pure clove oil on it. I put this cotton carefully where the broken tooth is or between the two teeth that hurt. This cotton keeps the cold air from getting into the gap in the tooth. The clove oil then numbs the pain and keeps the area clean. Sometimes I am desperate enough to gently rub a tiny bit of the straight oil on my gums at the base of the tooth. If done too much it burns the gums.

For pain I rub some tea tree oil over the abscess area or at the base of the tooth where the nerve is. This gives relief for several hours sometimes.

At night I make up some clay mixed with colloidal silver and tinctures like echinacea, calendula, cleavers. I spread the clay on a long slender piece of gauze and stuff it between teeth and gums in the area of the infection. In the morning the pain is often gone for good.

Also had good luck swishing watered down tincture made of 'toothache plant' aka spilanthes. This relieves the pain for quite some time. It has antifungal properties and actually can numb.

Silica 30c Homeopathic
Posted by Eva (CA) on 12/16/2021

You can buy it on amazon or whole foods.

Silica 30c Homeopathic
Posted by Katzie (Canada) on 11/28/2021

Diatomaceous Earth has silica in it and took away a deep rooted tooth infection, very big, in just two days. My son didn't even bother making a paste; he just put a pile on the tooth every couple of hours. I read there is a small electrical charge in DE that kills bacteria and stuff. I was amazed! He said he felt better almost immediately. DE is mighty impressive!

Silica 30c Homeopathic
Posted by Andrea H (US- MN) on 11/25/2021

I cannot find a homeopathic product called Silica 30C. Is this a typo? I would like to try this remedy. I found Boiron brand Silicea 30C and Silica Marina 30 C. But nothing that says just ‘Silica 30C. What brand did you use, who makes this?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Arlene (LA Florida) on 11/20/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to report my experience and to thank everyone for their input because using several remedies has helped me so much.

Out of the blue one day last week I got a sharp pain in my lower molar. The pain stopped and I thought no more of it until eating lunch the next day I thought I was going through the roof-like someone stuck a stick in my ear. Right away got on EC for help. The first thing chewed garlic and pain let up quickly. I tried the salt water rinse but it brought the pain back but it subsided after a few minutes. Then I put some put of oregano on it. It helped. Later on the evening I had a slight fever so I ate a bowl of soup and put turmeric powder and cayenne powder to the soup. Fever went down instantly.

Started oil pulling the next morning with EVOO. I cannot pull longer than 5 minutes but my teeth look nice afterwards. As a side note here I was distressed that 5 minutes is about as much as I can handle but reading one of Ted's posts, clearly states that 5 minutes is all he recommends. He thinks that any longer than that can be counterproductive because the bacteria can escape and cause further problems.

Also someone posted how your teeth may hurt as you first start pulling- not really painful but more like how it feels when you get a cleaning. This did happen to me and that should subside. I also think it's time to toss the whitening toothpaste because maybe it's harsh on teeth. Also, I switched to a soft brush.

Another thing about the oil pulling is that EVOO will cause fewer side effects than coconut or sesame or sunflower according to Ted. I must mention that I read years ago in Dr Peter D Adamo blood type book that type O should not use coconut oil. As I have Italian heritage EVOO is probably best for me.

Ted mentioned that daily oil pulling is not good. He said you should take two days a week off to give your body a chance to rest. Do make sure to keep hydrated. A remedy that helped me was in the morning and before bed I put a few drops of oil of oregano on a Q tip and then dipped it in to turmeric powder and rubbed it on gums and teeth and as far down inside of my cheek that I could. 5 days later I have no pain or swelling. I plan to continue this regimen for at least a week and regular oil pulling for the future.

I'm sorry this is so lengthy but I had to report. Stay well and stay positive❤Arlene

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Jean (USA) on 11/04/2021

I had read about a procedure for an abscessed tooth in the Reader's Digest. I talked my dentist into doing it but he said there were no guarantees. $25 was the cost. It involved drilling through the tooth to the infection, flushing the infection out, then filling the tooth. I still have that tooth and it healed perfectly, nerves and all, according to the later X rays. - Jean

DMSO, Salt
Posted by Angie (Concord, Nc) on 10/18/2021

Does it help with throbbing pain?

Silica 30c Homeopathic
Posted by Jo Black (Australia) on 09/24/2021

It's been a few months now and the intense pain hasn't returned. About once a month the tooth starts to feel very sensitive and as soon as I take the Silica 30c the sensitivity goes away. However when I tap hard on the tooth I can still feel a bit of remnant sensitivity so it hasn't been totally resolved yet. Maybe it takes time but I might try a higher dilution of Silica like 200c or 1M and see if that helps.

Arsenicum Album - Homeopathy
Posted by Griselda (Valencia) on 08/31/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Yay! I have just been to the dentist and I don´t need it pulled out! (3 weeks ago an emergency extraction was necessary!!! )Thank you so much to everyone here who wrote in with your brilliant remedies. I spent 7 hours reading everything about teeth here starting with pain after extraction! Then I happened on posts saying they´d saved their tooth and I thought I´d try.

What I did:

First thing in morning: seawater rinse then oil pulling over the bad tooth for 10 to 20 min with eco coconut oil then rinse with seawater then 1 tsp colloidal silver ( argentyn 23) (ie 23 ppm which is apparently the best) held for 2 min over tooth. All this I repeated 3x a day.

I took throughout the 3 weeks:

1000 mg vit C 5x a day olive leaf extract 1 capsule every 2 or 3 or 4 hours
propoleo tincture about 5x a day in water
zinc citrate 50 mg 1 capsule a day
vit D3 2000iu 1x a day
Turmeric 600 mg 2 or 3x a day

then added to the stuff taken during all 3 weeks pycnogenol 2 tabs a day for the 1st 2 weeks
Neem 325 mg capsule 2 a day for the last week
Ashwagandha 2 caps a day for the last week
Wild oregano oil gels 3x a day for the last week
Bromelaine 2 tabs a day for the last week
Arsenicum Alb 7ch I dose 5x a day for the last week

All 3 weeks I also made a cataplasm of activated charcoal powder with slippery elm powder mixed with coconut oil (the first 2 weeks I added 2 drops of clove essential oil) and put it over the tooth keeping it there for half an hour to 3/4 hour (at least 2x a day) and all the rest of the time including at night while sleeping I placed propolis over the tooth(pure propolis no other ingredient - it's like a chewing gum)

I also ate a raw vegan diet (only 2x in the 3 weeks did I have a boiled potato ) I carried on drinking coffee - eco using a paper filter 2 mugs a day. Needless to say - no refined sugar but I did have honey Only mineral water never tap Btw I will continue all this but less frequently until the infection is 100% gone And probably very important- I took anti biotics for the first 5 days prescribed by the dentist (in preparation for the dreaded extraction)

Again thank you to all of you for saving my tooth, and saving me from an agonizing ordeal, and a huge gap, never mind all the other things teeth are so important for like memory and nerves to organs!

Best of luck.

Arsenicum Album - Homeopathy
Posted by Griselda (Valencia) on 08/27/2021
4 out of 5 stars

Hi thank you so much, everyone,

I'm following the advice posted here for an infected tooth that the dentist said either had to be extracted or root canaled. Added to much of the advice here, I am now taking the homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Alb 7ch.

The homeopath who gave it to me said ´"use it til the dentist says "you´re fine! "´ I am continuing with the natural remedies at the same time- hopefully they don't negate the homeopathy Will definitely tell you what happens.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Jo (USA) on 07/28/2021

Put a quarter to a half tsp of animal fat (lard, salmon oil etc.) in your mouth with the oregano oil. I like to use butter. Yogurt or sour cream may work too but I haven't tried it. The oregano won't burn your mouth when mixed with a bit of animal fat.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Chirka (Gurgaon, India) on 07/02/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (FG DE) for rotting or painful teeth and rotting wounds

The fastest acting use I have experienced for FG DE is for teeth. I have a lot of teeth problems from a narrow jaw and bad dentist interventions. When I get a tooth pain, I place a wad of DE (made into a dough like blob with a drop of water) on the offending tooth, clamp down my teeth and go to sleep. Right as rain in the morning. And this is the report with everyone I've prescribed it to. Unfailingly. But use it the first sign of pain you get.

What more, two teeth that the dentists said have to be pulled off six years ago are serving me fine after my having given them the DE wad treatment for a week continuously.

The DE just pulls out any kind of necrosis.

And that's the second great thing I've seen it work its magic on. It also saved the paw of my cat, which was just rotting and the digits were falling off. Dipped her paw into DE, and the whole thing became a hard lump. But finally, the paw stopped rotting and whatever was left of the paw was saved.

Same thing with another cat I recommended it for. Another cat had an anal sac, with a hole as deep as the first digit of my index finger, and a foul smell. I stuffed it with DE multiple times in a day. After two days reduced application to once a day. By the seventh day, even the scar was barely visible.

Salt Water
Posted by Bob (U.S.A.) on 06/10/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Try this for any tooth or gum pain. Just use 1-2 tbs. of salt, pink or sea salt, dissolve in a glass of water then gargle / swish around in the mouth as along as possible & as needed. It kills the bacteria so the pain and swelling starts going away the first day & 3-4- days healed.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Matthew (UK) on 05/13/2021

Under the tongue? What sort of oregano oil are you using for this? It seems far too strong to put under the tongue and would burn like all hell.

EC: Some companies sell diluted oregano oil that you can put under the tongue.

Bee Propolis
Posted by Barb (Red Deer AB) on 05/05/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Bee Propolis Anti-Inflammatory for Tooth Abscess and Infections

Bee propolis is the best natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic that I have found. Depending on what I'm dealing with I'll take up to 8 at a time, it will kill an infection. I've been using it for 21 yrs on me and my family, won't be without it.

DMSO, Salt
Posted by Dibro (North MS) on 04/25/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Tooth abscess /swollen gums:

  • Mix about a teaspoon of DMSO with a pinch or two of table salt.
  • Dissolve the solution/apply with finger on top of the abscess and all around the affected area. Spit.
  • Do not rinse or eat for at least an hour.

Bedtime application works best. bye bye root canal $$$$

Also ground sage and water make a great oral rinse for fast toothache relief.

But for infection & abscess, the DMSO and table salt mix applied topically can't be beat!

Silica 30c Homeopathic
Posted by Jo Black (Australia) on 04/04/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I have had nerve pain in my tooth radiating upwards into my cheek for a few years. Oil pulling has helped a little with the pain but didn't take it away completely. Ive already had 2 root canals on other teeth and don't want any more.

I was recently in a lot of pain from the tooth and taking aspirin twice a day to get through the day when I googled 'homeopathy for tooth nerve pain' and found Silica recommended.

I already had Silica 30c in my collection of remedies so thought I would try it. I took one dose of 3 pills and immediately could feel something going on. My stomach rumbled and I could feel changes in the tooth. Within 5 minutes, all the tooth nerve pain was gone. It was hard to believe. It's been 3 days now and I haven't needed to repeat the dose. I'm hoping the Silica 30c will cure the infection and prevent the need for another root canal and will report back in a few months. Very impressed.

Posted by Missmommamimi (Santa Barbara California ) on 04/03/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I can tell you for a fact Turpentine works for a tooth abscess. I had a huge blister on side of the gum where the abscess was and so much pain and soreness. I'd take the turpentine and hold it in the mouth directly where the infected tooth was for up until I couldn't stand it any longer snd spit it out. It needs to be undilute 100% pure pine gum spirits of turpentine (Diamond G Forests has the BEST in my opinion).

Also if you can start using chlorine dioxide solution as s mouth was and add w few drops of DMSO right before you're going to use it because DMSO deactivates the Chlorine Dioxide within hours of mixing the two. If you're only using the Turpentine I'd say continue to use it until the infection is gone but shouldn't take long.

You should see some improvement within a few days but I'd use it multiple times. But it's also crucial to ensure there's no food stuck between or in a crack of a tooth. A Waterpik on semi low or higher if it doesn't cause too much pain in your mouth really really helps.

Posted by Jo (Chicago, Illinois) on 02/11/2021

This sounds great but do you think the poster from 2008 really used baking yeast or was it actually baking soda?

Posted by Steeni (Fl) on 11/21/2020
5 out of 5 stars

To start, I have used multiple remedies, but I feel if I had used the silicea from the start, it would not have got so bad (in and out of consciousness, I had to go to ER & get an antibiotic injection). The next day, before attempting oral antibiotic orally, I began taking Silicea and within 3 hours, began filling like myself again.:

1. pain in root of tooth, garlic helped (chew clove every 20 mins, spit, drank water) for 3 days.

2. given full mouth debridement, the pain left root, now felt in the base of the tooth, new batch of garlic was old, plus tongue burned.

3. body pains, head pain, nausea, no choice but to go to ER though I had just ordered Silicea, antibiotic injection, side effects of red itchy eye and almost threw up,

4. Activated coconut carbon paste on a tissue on a bad tooth overnight. Still didn't feel too great. Did org sunflower seed oil pulling (figured out how to do it right), felt great in terms of clarity of thought & can visibly see and feel gum line improving in the whole mouth,

5. began sipping on colloidal silver (CS), felt better but not yet myself, am continuing to put it on a paper towel and over the tooth,

6. 5 pastilles silicea under the tongue, 15 mins after and before eating, within 3 hours returning to myself

Will continue CS on gum bc the tooth tries to get infected after I eat, even after brushing

Also, I will continue sunflower seed oil pulling to help the gum line get to where it needs to be, so maybe I can avoid getting a root canal, which I'm trying to avoid. The tooth that got infected has an exposed root, and I wonder if it also has an old filling.

* I firmly feel that if I had begun the Silicea in the beginning, as well as the CS and proper oil pulling, it would never have got bad enough to go to the ER. Grateful to be on the mend and will update if a root canal is avoided.

DMSO, Nascent Iodine, Garlic
Posted by Orh (Ten Mile , Tn) on 10/04/2020

ANON, ORH here, DMSO is one of the most powerful solvents there is. It also just happens to have sulfur in the compound. So it is sulfur..... means what? As a Ch E, I don't understand. Normally DMSO is used to carry another compound to the problem. We use it daily to carry liniment to an ailing muscle. If the topic you are addressing is an infected tooth, then Bill solved that problem with turpentine. It worked for me and many of my friends. Anon, you are right...... DMSO is a solvent that all should use. Just understand it's limitations. ====ORH====

Oil Pulling, Castor Oil
Posted by Anon (Not Canada) on 10/03/2020

Use food grade castor oil meant for laxative to be taken internally.

DMSO, Nascent Iodine, Garlic
Posted by Anon (Not Canada) on 10/03/2020

DMSO is sulfur. Which helps detoxify. I would think that if it can dissolve the zirconia it can also help the body eliminate it. I would not be anxious about it. You might eat garlic to facilitate the detox.

Mercury, too.

DMSO, Nascent Iodine, Garlic
Posted by De (Ojai, Ca) on 10/02/2020

DMSO & Mercury??

I had been trying colloidal silver (550ppm, small particle size) with DMSO. For a rear lower molar. No swelling but the pain can get intense overnight. A 3D CT scan didn't show an absolute cause, though it was a cracked tooth which had just been crowned with a zirconia crown a few months ago. The dentist said there did appear to be an amount of an abscess (or at least some kind of pocket of pressure pushing up on that tooth). I did take the round of antibiotics, but it didn't seem to help.

Sometimes it starts feeling well enough at night to where I think it is improving, but then it gets worse again. Have also been taking a mushroom compilation tincture (reishi, maitake, turkey tail, cordyceps, etc) and will drop that by the tooth along with the DMSO and silver too.

But like the last person who asked the question, I was also concerned about the last few mercury fillings in my upper teeth. So I don't swish around but only put drops with a dropper directly next to the tooth, and hold it there as long as I can.

Does anyone know if the DMSO will draw some of the amalgam filling metals into the blood stream as well? I am careful, but I don't think it's possible to completely keep the DMSO from contacting everything else. So might I essentially be creating another potential problem instead of healing the one that's there?

Oil Pulling, Castor Oil
Posted by Beverly (Toronto ) on 10/01/2020

What to do if castor oil gets in your mouth?

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Hunter (Newark Nj) on 09/29/2020

I used Solaray GSE and I never mixed it l applied it on the area that was hurting because it has a lot of glycerin in it unlike other brands that don't and can burn you but if I had to consume Solaray GSE l would mix it.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Ira (Zuid, Holland) on 09/23/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I had an infection under a tooth, where I already had two times a rootcanal treatment and I refuse to do a third one as more and more I start to think that this is just another business model for dentists. I applied a paste of activated charcoal and water on a cotton ball and left it overnight. The pain subsided. I also continue oil pulling, baking soda rinses and I apply lemongrass oil, but after nearly 12 hours the pain still has gone.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Orh (Ten Mile, Tn) on 09/07/2020

OHIO, ORH here, boy howdy, you right on the money. You teeth control far more than most know. Each goes all over your body. I have told the story of my high dollar dentist in Knoxville and his wife. She was a model and did not want to have the tooth pulled. She died instead of breast cancer. He told her she would. He cries when he tells that story. We don't need doctors, we need Native American Medicine Men, that know what plant will help you get through your problem. EC is the best we have in the here and now.


Activated Charcoal
Posted by Anonymous (Ohio) on 09/07/2020

Infections in bone are hard to heal and can spread to other parts of the body via LPS- Here is an explanation from Google search to clarify term.

Lipopolysaccharides (LPS), also known as endotoxins, are large molecules consisting of a lipid and a polysaccharide composed of O-antigen, outer core and inner core joined by a covalent bond; they are found in the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria. It will destroy the bone and your overall health left unattended.

Posted by Diane (AZ) on 06/04/2020

Saw that turpentine can be used on tooth abscess. Ted mentioned 1/2 tsp in mouth for two minutes. How often does one do this and for how many days? Been doing once a day and not sure if this is enough. Would like more details on the treatment protocol using the turpentine. Thank you.