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Effective Natural Remedies for Tooth Abscess Relief

Swedish Bitters

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Posted by John H (Pa) on 01/29/2016

In some cases, soaking Swedish Bitters on cotton or cloth and putting it on the abscess (on the gum or bump on the gum) will greatly help, and if done regularly (at least once or twice per day), it can make the abscess go away.

Some health food stores stock Swedish Bitters, but it is more economical to order it on the internet.

It is worth a try. Drinking the stuff can do a lot of good for the body as well.

Tea Bag With Clove Oil

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Posted by Sabine B. (Fort Wayne, In) on 03/18/2017

Tea Bag + Clove Essential Oil for Tooth Infection

Double up: add a few drops of clove oil to a tea bag. Beats Oragel and has me off of the heavy duty painkiller I was prescribed after only having to take one pill.

I can concentrate again and the swelling has gone down! Amazing!

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Kobus Zeelie (Pretoria, South Africa) on 08/14/2014

Usually when I got an abscess I went straight to antibiotics. It happened accidentally when I purchased a bottle of mouth wash with tea tree oil in it, while I already had the abscess but not to cure the abscess just for overall oral health. Any case I had this abscess and was planning to go to the chemist to get antibiotics. I was using the bottle with tea tree oil in it, and in 2 days my abscess was gone, not sure what it does but I use it daily.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Mitchell (London, UK) on 05/13/2009

tea tree oil: This is a remedy that works for me....Just soak a tiny bit of cotton wool( about a cotton bud sized piece,) and tuck it under the gum in the infected area, replace ever hour or so. The abcess will diminish after a day.You are not supposed to swallow TTO so avoid this by spitting out into a tissue- but its not fatal.- Definitely the lesser of 2 evils.

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Kat (Austin, TX) on 12/18/2006

I am using clove oil and peroxide... suppose to cure toothache. It does work but it doesn't when you lie down to sleep! I am still trying to fall asleep in pain please help.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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Dear Kat: In that case, before going to sleep take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with 1/2 glass of water. Also try to use baking soda as a mouthwash to neutralize the acid first before a clove oil peroxide. If a local store has a half a pound of powdered xylitol, a teaspoon of xylitol taken internally and used as a mouthwash can also help. For remineralization of tooth, some molybdenum supplements may help.

Tooth Abscess Remedies

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Posted by Wieas (London, Uk) on 09/23/2013

I have now had 2 abscesses on my lower jaw bone. I think this is what my doctor called it when I last saw him. It was either an abscess or an infection he referred to it as but I cannot really remember.

Anyway, what happens is my jaw starts to become really sore and I can feel a lump on my lower jaw bone. This lump cannot be felt inside my mouth but can be felt by pressing my face at the bottom of my jaw.

I was prescribed antibiotics by the doctor on both occasions. I can't take anything with penicillin in as I'm allergic to it and come out in a rash. The problem is although the pain eventually goes when I take the antibiotics I can still feel a very small lump in my jaw which makes me think that the infection has not totally cleared. This has happened on both occasions when I have had an infection. I am worried now that I am going to be more likely to get recurrent infections every few months because of it.

Can anyone recommend anything natural I could take to clear the infection, please? Thank you.

Replied by Baldev
(Maharashtra, India)
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Hi Wieas,

You can try swishing with Sodium bi Carbonate water, which you can make by disolving one tea spoon of Sodium bi Carbonate in half glass of water. You can do it at least twice a day and it should keep the bacteral infection at bay. Good Luck


Replied by Wieas
(London, Uk)

Hi Baldev, thanks for your response. Is Sodium Bicarbonate the same as Bicarbonate of Soda, that we in the UK buy in the supermarket?

Replied by Baldev
(Maharashtra, India)
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Yes, You can use that. Baldev

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Dear Wieas,

Concerning your desire to find a natural antidote to the infection on your jaw; This is what I'd do if this were me... I'd take a high parts per million solution of colloidal silver (over 100 ppm) and mix with an equal part of DMSO, a solvent and carrier. A cap full and a half of both... Or a tablespoon of each and use white paper towel to soak up the mix. When combined the mix will become warm. Immediately soak the paper towel with the mix and apply the soaked part of the paper towel to the jaw where the absess is located. Hold there for fifteen minutes. Repeat an hour later.

Repeat the same protocol the next day. And the next. By the third day you should be able to tell a big difference. If better, continue the treatment.

The silver solution kills the virual/fungal/bacterial infection and the DMSO carries the silver INTO the jaw.

Best to you,


Replied by John

DMSO and Nacent Iodine Rinse, plus 6 drops of Nacent Iodine and 6 cloves of garlic internally daily.

(Iodine and garlic to be taken separately) (Not for people on thyroid medication)

This will not only cure ANY abscess, but will also cure any underlying jaw bone infection that may be present, to prevent infection re-occurrences.

(Test mouth sensitivity first with a couple drops)

  • 7 parts dmso
  • 1 part distilled water
  • 2 parts nacent iodine

1. Make sure mouth is clean(salt water or hydrogen peroxide rinse first)

2. Swish iodine dmso solution for 10 min, better swallowed after rinse, again thyroid must be healthy. (this will also ease the pain)

3. Wait 10 more minutes without eating or introducing anything into the mouth, and better not to rinse immediately this will give it more time to reach deep into the gums and even bone.(the dmso, will take anything with it into the blood so keep this in mind) including smoking, drinking or food.

4. After waiting 10 mins, follow with a 5 min salt water or hydrogen peroxide rinse, to close the mouths super absorbent state.

5. Do not eat anything, or drink anything except water, for at least 1 hour following this.

This can be done several time a day, but watch your iodine consumption if swallowing the rinse everytime.

Always better to see the dentist first but for those of us that can't, THIS WORKS!

Tooth Abscess Remedies
Posted by Cindy (Cochrane, Wi.) on 01/10/2013

Dear Earth Clinic readers, I am asking for your help. Two days ago at a dental appointment, an xray showed an absess/cyst at bottom of a tooth. Root canal is recomended asap. I have no pain and didn't know I had it. I believe in dr. hal huggins in not having root canals (have had past ones pulled). I seriously do not want to have a root canal done and am wondering what Bill could suggest or anyone that has been able to clear up this condition. I am sure it is affecting my health. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Liz
(Westchester County, Ny)


Hi Linda, it is very dangerous to let a tooth abcess go untreated. My husband had a tooth abcess a couple of years ago. He'd had a toothache with minor pain for about a week and didn't pay much attention to it until a red line started to form down his neck one morning. He was about to leave the country on business but realized (Thank GOD) that it was now a medical emergency and rushed to get the tooth removed. The oral surgeon who extracted his tooth said he had reached him just in time and that it would have been a disaster if he had gotten on the plane to travel to Europe. As I have since learned from multiple dentists, infection from a tooth abcess can kill you so it is very important to treat an abcessed tooth as soon as possible. Best to you, Liz.

Replied by Anon

Hi, Have the tooth removed and take antibiotics for the infection, take vit c and zinc to heal. Do not take any sugar/ fruit to prevent candida. If necessary afterwards take an iodine supplement.


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Posted by Nadia (Leeds, England) on 11/14/2022

I have suffered 2 abscesses recently, within 3 months of each other, due to a chipped tooth.

On both occasions my go to was garlic, however it seems garlic causes a worse reaction for me.

I read all the reviews of using garlic for the pain and healing, I had hoped it would work for me, but it seemed to have an opposite effect.

On occasion 1, I had turmeric milk throughout the day, and before bed I used garlic. I woke up with my abscess so big my right cheek looked like I had a couple of golf balls in there.

On occasion 2, ( 3 months later) I woke up feeling a slight lump in my cheek. I realised an infection was coming on, so I used garlic again. Whereas most commentating say garlic helps the pain and reduces swelling, I had the opposite effect, within a few hours my face had swollen even worse then the first time!!

I tried a different approach this time. I took the garlic orally with a concoction I had seen online. 1/2 teaspoon ginger, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric, some garlic finely diced, and I had it with live yoghurt. Live yoghurt is full of probiotics. The original concoction suggested raw honey but I only had the processed honey at home.

This concoction worked amazingly. Bearing in mind how big the abscess was, I felt no pain.

I went into fasting mode. The only things I had, turmeric milk ( milk with teaspoon of turmeric and black pepper, yoghurt with turmeric or garlic, and the above mentioned concoction.

Occasionally I would try garlic on the tooth and inflamed area ( after biting on it to release the healing juices) but I do not feel it had any effect.

I find turmeric makes me warm, and in turn causes a reaction which makes the abcess come to a head.

Within 3 days the abcess came to a head. On the morning it came to a head, I had activia yoghurt (for flavour) with a lot of turmeric in ( about 2 teaspoons) I then went and used my waterpik flosser, and I could feel pain when my flosser went over a certain area, so I tolerated the pain, and the abcess started releasing blood.

So if garlic does not work, try turmeric milk, and turmeric in live yoghurt. Bearing in mind how swollen my face was and how widespread the infection was, I stayed pain free for the duration of the 3 days! On my first flare up I was popping painkillers and ibuprofen regularly. This time no painkillers!

Posted by Julie (Crystal River Fl) on 08/17/2019

I had a front tooth which had a cap put on 15 years ago. An abscess formed under it, which was seen on x rays on a Friday but the place that makes a "flipper", temporary tooth from a mold, wasn't open until Monday. It was already hurting, head headaches, stomach pains from infection but I started on 750 mg. with BCM-95, 3 times a day ( Equals 500 capsules curcumin ) the day before I saw Dentist. Dr. wanted me to take antibiotics over weekend but they kill the flora as long as four years in your stomach and always made me very ill. ( I have a-fib, heart murmur and bacteria would be really bad.) But I passed on antibiotics. Also used colloidal silver directly on area by tooth infected. Tonight I don't have a headache, stomach pains and tooth barely hurts. Working great.

Posted by K.Lynn (Mt Healthy, Ohio) on 03/04/2009

a great painkiller and infection fighter for tooth/gum/abcess pain is turmeric for $4.00 or less in your local grocerie store in the spices section. I was amazed when I used it how it took away the pain and inflammation. just a teaspoon in a bowl with just enough PURIFIED WATER to make it the consistency of wet mud. You can use a cotton ball or a small cut piece of cotton cloth with a blob of wet turmeric ( careful- it is what mustard stains are made of), and place it on the tooth so it can seep between the teeth and to the abcess, the taste isn't that bad, especially when you can't sleep or anything w/o pain. If you are lying down, don't forget to take out the cotton ball/cloth before you fall asleep. Also, rinsing prior with PURIFIED WATER, 1 teaspoon of h202 (drugstore kind ok), and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda ( organic-about $3.57 a lb. bag but goes very far when using small amounts. I don't care what Arm and Hammer says, they put something in their bs because organic is MUCH more body friendly). Have the turmeric ready to go in before you rinse because it can be painful if the abcess is bad but the turmeric is also a painkiller. When I think of all the times in my life I used oragel just to cry myself to sleep-ughhh! As usual, how long it takes will depend on the severity of the infection but it sure worked for me. MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU.

Replied by Alexanndrea
(Graham, Tx)

How often should I apply the turmeric paste? So far I'm applying once every 30 minutes and I have felt zero relief. Am I putting it on too often or what? Thank you

Posted by ROZ (HOUSTON, TEXAS) on 12/11/2008

Hey, I currently have a tooth abscess and it is killing me and has my cheek an mouth numb, I went to the Dr. afterwork to get antibiotics but they wouldn't give me an Rx because they said they didn't have any appointments available and needed to assess me prior to dispensing medications. When I got home I thought of the remedy for boils which according to this website is tumeric. Well, it seems to me the concept of a boil & a tooth abscess are basically the same. A boil is infection under the skin accompainied by poisonous blood and puss w/inflamation and the same with an abscess but surrounding a bad tooth. So last night when I got home in severe pain (could hardly open my mouth). I put a tsp of tumeric in some applesauce (still almost threw it up) but to my surprise the swelling went down and the pain subsided. It's late morning now and I am beginning to feel a slight discomfort, so I plan on taking more tumeric. Hope this helps someone else.

Posted by Chris (Atlanta, GA) on 02/18/2007

After a long history of cysts infections around dead teeth in my upper jaw and several surgeries I have finally found my cure THANKS to your great site. Thursday morning my cyst got infected awfully, read about turmeric here on friday and started taking two caps right away. next morning the pain was gone except for pain when i would pressure the area. Today, Sunday, even that pain is almost completely gone and i feel like a new person! still taking 2 turmerics a day, will go down to one for the next 4 days or so and see. special thanks to FRAN.

Turmeric, Cayenne

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Posted by David (Huntington Beach, CA) on 01/04/2009

I just want to report back on some of the treatments for tooth abcess.

I had a bad crown that would bother me occasionally, but I would manage it with a mixture of half baking soda, half seasalt which I put into my blender and ground to a fine powder. You use it as toothpaste. This is an old Edgar Cayce formula for teeth and gum health, and it works great.

Anyway, it flaired up and the salt/soda combination couldn't stop it from progressing. I unfortunately was just changing from one dental plan to another so I fell between the cracks and had to wait a week to get some treatment. The pain was becoming unbearable! Anyway, I was reminded of your website so I looked it up and decided to try the slippery elm, charcoal, clove oil, baking yeast paste.

By this time it was appearent that the abcess was at the root of the tooth and was begining to push the tooth up and it seemed that the paste was unable to really penetrate into the jawbone to effect it...and the pain was getting worse! I read further in that article and the gentleman also recommened taking Turmeric and I remembered that it was ideal for boils also. So I thought, what is an abcess, but a boil in the jaw?

So I made up capsules of half turmeric and half cayanne pepper. Sure enough, within a hour or so, it started to reduce. Encouraged, I decided to go to straight Turmeric and have been taking a heaping teaspoonful in a glass of warm milk sweetened with Stevia 2-3 times a day. It actually tastes pretty good!

Bottom line is that the pain is greatly reduced and I am convinced this could completely cure this problem, but I am going to the Dentist monday anyway to get this crown properly fixed.

Turmeric has kept these last few days from being an absolute nightmare! By the way, I started taking Levaquin (a powerful antibiotic) about 5 days ago, and it did NOTHING! Thank you and thank God for this site!

David in H.B.

Turmeric, Clove Oil

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Posted by Dansdoll (Rosevile, Ca) on 09/12/2012

I used multiple things to help draw the infection out. I used tea bags and hot salt water. However when bedtime came around I was ready for some pain relief. What really worked for me was Turmeric. I got the loose powder and put in some distilled water to make a paste and packed it into the cavity hole. It works but when I realized I wanted a little more relief I had the idea to make the Turmeric paste and add two drops of Eugenol (clove oil) into the paste. That really did the trick. The turmeric paste held the clove oil in place for a numbing effect while also reducing inflammation and I was able to sleep all night.

Turmeric, Salt, Clove, Garlic

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Posted by Fingz (Barcelona, Spain) on 06/10/2009

Turmeric, Salt, Clove and Garlic cured my abscess

2 years ago my former dentist did a half-assed job on my root canal. I have had problems ever since, with infections every few months. A few days ago I woke up in incredible pain, the worst I'd ever experienced. Immediately went to the dentist and he put me on antibiotics, but there seemed to be no solution to the immediate pain I was in. Took ibuprofen, nothing. Tried vicadin, zilch.

So I did a little research and finally got some relief by putting a chewed clove right next to the infection - instantly the pain began to ease up, but the swelling would not go down. I tried gargling with listerine, using warm compresses, but to little effect.

Finally I hit the jackpot.

1 cup of warm water
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon turmeric

I gargled/swished with this for literally 10 seconds, and the boil just opened up and all the garbage literally shot right out - didn't even need to apply any pressure. With the abscess drained I applied a slice of fresh garlic to the opening, which stung like hell, but it has also helped the infection and reduced swelling. I could actually chew food again!

I returned to the dentist today and he was astonished at how much this thing has cleared up. Granted there is no saving the tooth now, and I will definitely need to get it pulled. But I am thankful to have found relief in the interim and hope this remedy helps some other poor soul out there.

Nobody deserves this type of pain!

Replied by Sandy
(Bangalore, India)

Fingz, dont pull out the tooth. Try oil pulling for a few days with coconut oil. It will heal your tooth. Decide whether you want to pull out your tooth only after you have oil-pulled with coconut oil for a few days.