Lemon Juice and Olive Oil for Kidney Stones Cure

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Posted by Dan (Flint, Mi) on 05/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars


Replied by Teddy
Charlotte, Nc, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, it worked! Thanks!

Replied by Ulujm

hi I have been in pain for 3 months now. Low back pain and in the right kindney area. No problem to urinate. The pain is not severe but sometime I could move with difficulty. I went to see an orthopaedic doc. He was not sure if it was stone or muscle problem. He sent me for physical therapy. I am convinced that it is stones problem. I am going to try this recipe. I'll let you know the outcome

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 04/10/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Last Sunday Debbie and Justin were not in the pew behind us in our little country church in East Tn. The Pastor said that Debbie has a kidney stone and her doctor had given her a drug and told her to drink lots of water and come see him on Tuesday.

I call them after church and told them to go to the Earth Clinic site and read what they say.

Got to church today and Debbie hugged my neck and gave me a thank you card. She got immediate relief by drinking lemon juice and olive oil.

The doctor could not find a stone in his tests on Tuesday and canceled the hospital procedure.

I needed this Atta Boy after being beat up by the wemmins on this site who are more concerned about the moon and their menstrual period than the problem in Japan.

Requesting a get out of jail pass for bringing this up. Yo buddy ===ROBERT HENRY

Replied by Donnie
Ft Smith, Arkansas
5 out of 5 stars

Having delt with Kidney Stones for most of my adult life with the most recent being the largest 3 years ago, a couple weeks ago I felt the familiar slight pressure and feeling of continuoisly having to go but not being able to finish and knew what I was in for.

I stumbled onto this site and ran down to the store when I got off work and bought a bottle of pure olive oil and a 100% bottle of lemon juice from extract(only lemon juice in the store), got home and took the recommended mixture and followed it by the suggested amount of water when I got home at 6:30 that morning.

After checking back on this site and reading further I noticed I should have gotten extra virgin olive oil, but since I already opened and used some I decided I would just use it after all olive oil is olive oil right? lol.

I kept a log and started 4/16 took the mix twice daily at 7am and again at 7pm.. Maybe because I wasnt completely blocked yet it didnt seem to do anything for me and on the morning of 4/22 I took the last of the olive oil mix since I was now out of olive oil and was going to chalk it up to "Murphys Law" that it didnt work for me after 6 days, 15 minutes later I went to the bathroom and passed a large piece of stone that looked as if it had been broken into 3 parts(darker color on the top and bottem but light on the sides where it broke off/apart maybe?)

Thats a "YEA" for me and ive sent my wife back to the store to get a bottle of "EVOO" and am continuing the routine using it now to try and break up/flush out the rest of the stone(s).. on a side note, extra virgin olive oil is much more oily than pure olive oil and harder for me to drink the mix down, but it is prob why its recommended since it should help the pieces to "slide" out easier.

Thank You to everyone in this comunity who have posted their experiences and shared their stories to help the rest of us.. Most people reported passing stones within 1-3 days, but may have been fully blocked at the time and I was partialy blocked and it took me 6 days to pass a piece of stone so dont get discouraged and quit if it doesnt work after a few days!

I just ordered some Chanca Piedra from amazon.com to try as prev maint also!

Posted by Thewhitedarius (Akron, Ohio, Usa) on 03/14/2011

Well... Here goes. I'm currently in my 2nd bout with kidney stones, the first being 5 years ago. Last time I just drank tons of water and it was summer. After about 2 weeks of pain, I basically went crazy and started doing mad work around the house and pretty much "sweated" it out... Very painful.

So... It started up again about 6 weeks ago with the typical sign: hematuria. I knew what it was but went and had a CT scan to be sure. Guess what? It was a 4mm stone in ureter. I tried the lemon juice olive oil mix... And didn't really have any issues for a few weeks. Then the pain started up again, much worse this time. I went back for an x-ray and they found 6 stones this time! There were 3 in one ureter and 2 in the other and 1 in the bladder. I wasn't sure if the mix worked originally and that I possibly passed the original stone weeks ago or if it was one of the many new ones. Originally I thought the mix was an "old wives tale" and I had wasted my time, but after visiting this site and seeing all the testimonials it would be foolish to just wait for something to happen or go in for what might be an unnecessary surgery.

I go back to the uruologist on Friday (4 days). I am going to try lemon juice and olive oil mix again (and again) to see if it works for me.

I did notice that when I did it the first time (also drinking a lot of 15% lemon juice lemonaid) my urine seemed to have some grittyness to it, but didn't think too much about it at the time. Was this the 1st stone? Did the mix cause the exodus of the other stones? Of course no one knows, but I am going to see if the lemon juice and olive oil mix works. None of the stones is larger than 2-3mm, so I am thinking that the first stone passed or shrank or broke up. I will update you guys with my progress. Wish me luck and wide ureters (more the latter).

Replied by Thewhitedarius
Akron, Ohio, Usa

Last night I drank it. So far today I have noticed little discomfort... Less than yesterday. After straining my pee I noticed a little grit, like a grain or two of sand, but almost microscopic. It's worth mentioning that I ran out of antibiotics yesterday and the antibiotics were almost like a pain killer... So that's good. I will update again tomorrow.

Replied by Thewhitedarius
Akron, Ohio Usa

Day three: with the urulogist appointment fast approaching I am amping up the oo/lj combo. Results from last night were similar to the first night: some grit in my pee but no major activity. Today, with no meds, I am relatively pain free... Some minor discomfort but not the level I'd expect from having 6 stones out of my kidneys in ureter. Having to be at work for 11 hours a day, I can't always strain my pee so I don't know if I've passed any or not. Usually I know when they pass though, but without knowing for sure, I'd say I haven't passed anything yet.

Replied by Thewhitedarius
Akron, Ohio Usa
5 out of 5 stars

Went to the urulogist and guess what: one stone left. I didn't even know I had passed the other ones. I guess that's a "yea". At the urulogist I asked him about lemon juice and olive oil and he answered begrudgingly, "... Lemon juice: yes. Olive oil: I can't say."

Can't say or won't say! It works. The only thing you have to lose are the stones.

Also, someone mentioned to keep it to 2oz of lj, and I will 2nd that notion. I tried two lemons of juice (about 4oz). That made me sick. Keep it at 2 & 2. Great site guys.

Replied by Sm
Oakley, Ca

ok, my husband has his first stone. He is in tremendous pain and I would do anything to help him. I found this site and had him, reluctantly, drink lemon and olive oil. I actually saw him fall asleep for the first time since the er visit. His pain pills are running low and I cant see him in pain anymore. How often is the treatment recommended or is it a single dose treatment? any duration between doses?days, weeks, months?

Replied by Jane
Portland, Or.

My daughter Just told me she is passing stones and she is still in pain so I say, use it till you lose it! I think the dissolving stones are clogging her urethra. I would do a tonic myself weekly if I showed signs of susceptability. Red meat, milk and cheese. Anything high in Uric acid and our bodies sometimes produce uric acids for some reason.

Posted by Linda (Dallas, Tx) on 03/06/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had a 5mm stone stuck at the entrance to my bladder for the past month. (The pain actually feels much lower) This last week was the worst. Finally used 2 oz lemon juice/2 oz olive oil followed by LOTS of water for two days. Also used a prescription of Rapiflo from my urologist. Stone passed on the third morning. What a relief!

Posted by Esena (Ottawa, Canada) on 02/10/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I just want to grab all of you in a biiig hug!!! Thank you for the remedy oo and lemon jus!!! Ater ER and 5 days of excruciating pain my husband is cured. It have taken less than 15 hours for the remedy to crush his 3-4 mm stone which stuck at the end of the tube almost at he entrance in the bladder. It is amazing... And we are so thankful to you all for posting your experiences ( I have read almost all of them in some hours). We are happy; he is better and we have the remedy and know how to prevent this stones for forming. For those who are looking for a remedy for kidney stones, please, believe in this one, it helps- give it a try!!!

All the best for all and keep helthy.

Posted by Robert (Everett, Wa) on 02/01/2011
5 out of 5 stars

After going to the doc and learning I had my first kidney stone, my wife, who is all about natural cures, happened upon this site to learn about the olive oil and lemon juice remedy. When I returned home about 8:30 pm, I set up 3 shot glasses and into each one put half lemon juice and half OO. I downed all 3 in succession, and followed with 2 large glasses of water. After 30 minutes, I downed 1 more shot of the mixture, followed by 1 glass of unsweetened cranberry juice. For every hour after that, I drank another glass of water. By this time my abdomen was huge with liquids, but nothing was coming out- just the usual trickle and then it would stop, despite the urgent feeling of constantly needing to go.

After about 5 hours, I actually had the urge to go No. 2. I got on the throne and pushed for the bowel movement and immediately the stone shot out at the same time and I finally flowed with urination again. I never thought I would take that for granted, but I have a new appreciation for being able to urinate normally.

So Yes, I'm a believer in the OO and lemon juice, so if this feeling ever returns, I'll know exactly what to do.

Thanks to the people on this site who provided the information to get better. I would still be in pain without you!

Posted by Cyndi (Durham, NC) on 12/09/2010

I have suffered intermittently from kidney stones for nearly 9 years. One was so bad I had to have surgery to remove it. Later, my grandmother was hospitalized with a kidney stone and told me about a home remedy given to her by a nurse and believe me, this really works! Mix 2 oz of olive oil and 2 oz of lemon juice, drink it straight down and follow with a large glass of water at the first sign of stone pain. The stone(s) will pass within 24 hours. I have eliminated at least 8 stones with this remedy and have not gone back to the urologist since I started taking this.

Replied by Bfroehling
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

I really appreciated this helpful information. I experienced a kidney stone on Christmas Eve and never had one before. (I have high tolerance for pain and this was high on the painOmeter!! ). By the next morning I searched and found the olive oil and lemon juice remedy. Within the hour I did experience some relief and was grateful. I started to thing about the Chemical implications and why the oil (to lubricate) and the lemon juice (to breakdown the stone) was a good combo. Then I saw the Apple cider vinegar which made perfect sense being a better acidic approach to breaking down the stone. I went and got a bottle and took a few swigs. By Christmas day I was much improved and in very little pain. Thanks again for the help!"

05/04/2011: Terra from Citrus Heights, CA replies: "My dad just had a spinal surgery done was released from the hospital after a few days feeling great. A day after being home he had severe left side pain, so we went back to ER and sure enough it is a kidney stone. I made him the lemon juice and olive oil remedy to drink and within the next 24 hours it came out. This was very helpful beings he just had the surgery and needed to recover from that as well. Definitely going to remember this one, Thank you so much!

Replied by Becca
Tucson, Az
5 out of 5 stars

I am so happy I found this site! I have had numerous kidney stones over the years and always ended up in the hospital to pass them. I felt that old familiar pain yesterday and decided to try to find relief at home and I found this site. I tried the olive oil and lemon juice remedy, except I decided to just use four ozs of lemon juice instead and leave out the olive oil since I didn't have any. I slugged down the lemon juice and then followed it up with 2 more doses of 2 ozs of lemon juice in a cup of hot water with a small amount of sugar (hot lemonade!!! ) and within an hour my pain was down by half. I continued drinking hot lemonade and this morning I can't even tell I passed a kidney stone. It's just amazing. You saved me a lot of time, money and agony of going to the hospital. I hate hospitals! Thanks so much!

Replied by Emir
Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Hi there from Malaysia. I am 33 male. I started experiencing lower left back pain one month ago. The pain occurs just above the buttocks and not higher up where the kidneys are. And the pain only occurs when I bend over to the front right. Earlier I brushed it off as muscle pain. But now after 1 month, the pain is still there and spreaded to both left and right kidney areas.

I went for a checkup, did blood test and urine, doc says both are fine. Done KUB X-ray and ultrasound found out my right kidney is a mild hydronephrosis (swelling due to backup or obstruction of urine in ureter). This worries me more since we cannot see a dilated right ureter in the X-ray. The left kidney seems ok and left ureter is dilated as normal. I'm due for a CT scan end of this month.

Meanwhile I found this website and tried both the ACV (2 oz 2 oz of wter), and the 2 oz lemon juice mixed with 2 oz of olive oil. Nothing seems to come out when peeing. But I do notice that 10 minutes after gulping the ACV, the pain on the left seems to be reduced by quite a lot. Does ACV has some kind of anaesthetic characteristics??

Anyway, to describe my problem further, the pain that I have, is not as "giving birth". It is just a mild and dull but needle pricking sharp kind of pain. It seems to be worse when I am lying down esp when I go to sleep at night. I for sure will wake up 3-4 times each night because of the sharp pain, and I will try to adjust my sleeping position to ease it. I also experience numbness at both left and right pinky and ring fingers if I put my arms under the pillow (Ulnar?).

I am beginning to think that my problem is nerve related but due to the hydronephrosis I have I am pretty confused and depressed with all this, that I shed 4kg in the 1 month. I used to be 82kg 1 month ago and now I am 78kg. Does anyone have this kind of problem, do share.... Thanks.

Replied by Jojmom
Southlake, Texas, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

I am so grateful for this advise. I took a shot of the mixture yesterday and already this morning peices of the stone are coming out. I'm not in near as much pain as I was before. I also read the article about the "Jump and Bump". Worth trying too. It's not this OR that, it's this AND that! To our health!

Replied by Alina
Dacula, Georgia

This question is for Emir from Malaysia; Emir, what did you find out about your mild hydronephrosis; my 15 yrs. old son was diagnosed with it last summer but the doctors didn't do anything for him; just sent him home from the hospital with tylenol for pain; he's not in pain now, but I wonder about the implications of this if left untreated???

Replied by Emir
Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Alina from Dacula, Hi, I haven't found out anything about my mild hydronephrosis to my kidney yet till today. Tomorrow will be going for a CT-scan (first CT-scan). Ever since I was diagnosed with hydronephrosis, doc gave me Ural (urine alkalinizer) 1 sachet 3 times a day after meal because he fears for Uric Acid stones that are invisible in both Ultrasound and KUB X-Rays. I would suggest you take your son to do a normal CT-scan in case of stones. Not sure how expensive it is over there, but here it is about usd200 for a normal ctscan of the abdomen. For my case it is weird because I feel no pain at all if I am sitting down or in vertical position. Just when I lie down to sleep, for a long time (>1 hour), then the pain starts, and it is more of a dull pain, with occassional needle pricking pain at the flank area randomly. To be honest I am scared of what the outcome of tomorrow's ct scan.... Really stressed now.. And boy do I regret for not drinking more plain water everyday instead of just coffee and sugary water and sodas.... :(

Replied by Emir
Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Just to update on my case. CT scan came back normal. No stone was seen.

Doc said not to worry, everything's fine and suggests that it probably is my muscle/nerves.

Bah. I am taking it 50%, because I still have a dull bilateral flank pain.

So, I just need to relax and monitor how things are in the future.

This sucks really.

Replied by Elaine
Dallas, Tx

Thank you for posting the lemon olive oil remedy. Just took it and hope it will work for me. Praying for healing for all who suffer from kidney stones.

Replied by Penguin
Akron, Ohio

I am going to try this too. Not sure what is going on with me but for about 5 months, I have been having discomfort and a fullness sensation on/off just below and under my left ribs that radiates to my back around where my kidneys are. Sometimes the discomfort is sharp. It seems most uncomfortable when I wake up and does get better after I wake up. I have not had a fever, no vomiting, no diarrhea and no blood in the urine. All labs including BUN/creatinine have come back negative except I did test positive for mono. I do not have an enlarged spleen though which is usually classic for mono.

I also tested positive from an ultrasound for what my doctor describes to me as what they thought was a small stone on each kidney. She told me to wait 6-8 weeks and see if I feel better. I am halfway done with the wait and do not feel any better at all. My stomach has been upset on/off too and I feel pressure on my bladder on occasion with the urgency to urinate a significant amount in the morning when I wake up.

Does anyone else with kidney stones have any of these symptoms? I am trying the lemon juice tonight. However will pick up some olive oil tomorrow. (oh, and I have not been constipated at all but also did give myself a bowel regimen just in case and it did not take away my symptoms). Will let you know how the lemon juice works.

Replied by Bruce
Ada, Oklahoma

I will be 65 in August and had my first kidney stone when I was 25. I have had regular surgery once (100 stones removed from left kidney) and lithotripsy six times (3 times on each side). I have a half dozen stones in each kidney right now with the largest being about the size of a nickle in my right kidney. It is not coming out, in fact, all of them are too large to pass. I have been drinking about a gallon of distilled water daily and my wife cooks with distilled water. Kidney stone formation is down by 60% since we began this about ten years ago. My stones are calcium oxalate formed around uric acid molecules. I was totally off all calcium for 20 years until my doctor said to forget that because there was a study out that said diet makes no difference in people like me who have a hereditary issue. My father had them terribly bad, too.

I think I will try the lemon juice and olive oil thing for a while to see if it makes a difference. I am really tired of passing stones. Once after double lithotriply (both kidneys at the same time) I passed 143 stones during one urination episode and over 800 before they were all out from that one lithotrisy procedure. I have passed thousands of them and the largest was larger than a wooden kitchen match head. It was the largest stone my urologist had ever seen passed. Hopefully the lemon juice will help dissolve them. I honestly think the distilled water helps both because of the high ph and because there are no minerals in it.

Replied by Wendy
Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
4 out of 5 stars

I'm so glad I decided to give this remedy a try! I was up last night with kidney stone pain. I knew that's what it was as I've had them in the past, and one time I even had to have surgery with basket removal to remove a large one. I am currently BFing my daughter, so the thought of Rx pain meds or surgery was not appealing to me. I ran across this site and the olive oil lemon juice remedy and thought I would give it a try. So... At 4AM I drank 1T OO and 2T cold lemon juice and approx 32 oz water. It was awful tasting, but by 530AM I was asleep with no pain. I'm not sure what it's doing to the stone, but I'm just so happy the pain is gone :). I'll try it again with 2T OO/2T LJ tonight. Thanks again for posting this remedy. I'm so happy I decided to try it!

Replied by Cynerjii
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
5 out of 5 stars

I always know that I have kidney stones back to several years ago and just a day after the Valentines day, my left testicles start to get pain and it goes around my back and then to my left legs, I know this kind of pain is different from the "normal" pain and this is the "Stone Pain" instead of taking medication. I took the Lemon & Olive Oil remedy. 2 teaspoon of Lemon juice, and 3 teaspoon of Olive oil, down with a large glass of distilled water approx 1Litre. 45 Mins later I gotta pee, and guess what the stone with a size of the seeds of a papaya came out, and immediately the pains are gone (actually up to 20 mins after that 1L of water the pain is starting to go away). This is really working! Whoever shared this info Thank you very very much! Muakkkkk!

Replied by Angela
Dallas, Tx

In response to Penguin from Akron, Ohio. Sounds to me like you have Gall Stones and not Kidney stones. I suffered from the same symptoms for three years before finally having to have emergency surgery. Get your doctor to have a sono done on your gallbladder the next time you have symptoms.

Replied by Dave
Davenport, Florida
5 out of 5 stars

My wife had a kidney stone and was willing to try anything to avoide surgery. She tried the olive oil and lemon juice for a couple of days. Her pain came and went during a two week period. She was scheduled for surgery to remove it. The morning of surgery they did an ultasound and discovered that the stone was no longer present, and was spared the surgery.

Replied by Ed
Santa Rosa, Ca / Usa

Hi everyone - just diagnosed this week with a centimenter and a half (13mm??) stone. The pain has diminished great and I feel pretty good. Surgery is scheduled for May 2nd and I'd love to try and dissolve this by then. Anyone have any suggestions? Could the Lemon Juice dissolve something that fast? If the pain has gone away would I still go into surgery? Thanks Ed

Replied by Harry
Alameda, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

After two trips to the Emergency room in 3 days for Kidney Stone pain and after a week on Vicodin to manage the pain, and then being scheduled for surgery to remove a stone, I found and tried the 3 oz. Lemon Juice and 3 oz Olive Oil treatment, followed by water in one of many online searches I did for relief.

WOW! It's been 2 days, now, with no pain, no Vicodan and I passed a 2mm stone. My urine flow has more than doubled, so, it is likely that the 7mm x 5mm stone that was blocking my ureter is dissolving, breaking up and passing.

Thank you to all for saving me from unnecessary surgery.

Replied by Dan
Baltimore, Md

Hi, about a week ago I started waking up with dull flank pain on the right side. It subsides after getting up and I have little to no pain throughout the day, but when I go to bed, I wake up 5-6 hours later with significant flank pain. I have no visible signs of blood in the urine, urine is pale yellow with no foul odor, I have no fever. I drink tons of H20 from my santevia filter. I am not debilitated from normal activity at all........ Hell I started the insanity workout this week. I am concerned though that I have this pain that is only present in the early morning hours after I lay down for 5 hours. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Replied by Dave
St Clairsville, Ohio

I have been having kidney stones since I was a teenager. About every 6 years I get a large one that gives me problems while all along I pass the small ones. I have had lithotripsy, stents, cystoscopies, laser to break up one that got stuck in scar tissue from passing so many stones.

I just had litho twice on the same stone a month apart that was a 1/2 inch that the first litho could not fully breakup. I have a stent in now that is there to widen the ureter with scar tissue so that I can pass some of the stones that are remaining. The stent is a minor irritation but I have been passing small stones and dust almost daily for the past few weeks. The stent is to come out today in the office and I will schedule litho for an 8mm stone in my right kidney.

I am going to try the OO and lemon juice combo and see if it can break up the stone before my next litho. I am 62 now and tired of all these stones. I hope it works.

Replied by Noel
Asheville, N.c.

For kidney stones I have used gravel root extract that you buy in whole foods or health food store. Meat protein and dairy products are very hard on the kidneys so you might want to watch consumption of these products. I have a kink in my kidney which causes me problems. If I eat walnuts or other kinds of nuts other than almonds I have problems. Good luck just wanted to mention what has worked for me.

Posted by Pencilscribbler (Texas, U. S.) on 11/30/2010

I have a question's regarding the Olive Oil and Lemon Juice to dissolve Kidney Stones; I have a 15 year old dog who is having problems with his kidneys and has an ulcer, he is approximately 16 lbs now (he has lost 7 lbs since becoming sick for the first time). 1) Can you use this same remedy on dogs?

2) What can you do to neutralize the acid in the lemon juice so that it would not aggravate an ulcer?

3)Would you use the same mixture: 2 oz of olive oil and 2 oz of lemon juice, drink it straight down and follow with a large glass of water? Can you break this mixture down into smaller portions?

4) Can you use the Real Lemon Juice or should they be Fresh Hand Squeezed Lemons?


Replied by Kanthi
Sharjah, Uae

Hi iam having 5mm thick kidney stone. I'm having severe backache. Can I use lemon juice and olive oil as a remedy? And how much I ahve to use per day. I'm feeding my 7 motnhs old baby. Can I use this remedy even if i'm feeding her. Pls reply to me I am very much worried about my pain and as i'm feeding my baby that is the main reason why i'm asking you.

Replied by Becky From Ohio
Ashtabula, Ohio, Usa

Kanti, I've never heard of not being able to ingest lemon juice or olive oil when breastfeeding. So, I can't think of a reason why you couldn't.

Posted by Aarcain (Kilgore, Texas) on 10/25/2010

My father has been using the Lemon Juice and Olive Oil to pass kidney stones for years now. It works within a week, depending on how large the stone is. This is well worth the risk in using as it cost less than a doctor visit and it is all organic.

Posted by Shanna (Fayetteville, Nc ) on 09/13/2010
1 out of 5 stars

Suffering with my first kidney stone and on day 19 decided to try this "remedy". Its been 24 hours and my stone is still there, painful as ever.

Posted by Sam (Bangalore, Karnataka, India) on 08/26/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hello Everyone, I am not that good in writing such blogs so I will keep it simple and sweet. One fine morning, I had a severe pain in my lower abdominal. I went to the doctor and he suspected that it could be the Kidney/Urinary Stone. I had my Ultrasound Scan done and found that I have got 3 Stones:

2 In the Kidney of around 4mm
1 In Urinary Bladder of 7mmX4mm

After 4-5 hours, my pain was gone and doctor gave me a medicine for 2 weeks and have told me to wait if I would pass it. If I would not, I would have to go for an operation. I tried those medicines for a week and nothing happened. NO pain though. So I started feeling worried about it. Because I knew if I would not pass it then I have to go through an operation which is ticking on my mind constantly. And by taking those medicines, nothing positive was happening so I was kind of loosing hope of passing my stones. So I started looking on Internet what would be the easiest way if I have to go through an operation. I did a bit of research and found that there is a Shock-wave Therapy and I thought of requesting that one for an operation. But then I thought, WAIT A MINUTE... Let me see what people has to say for the problem like this. Searched on net. And... FOUND THIS SITE!!! I read this blog and was surprised to know that Olive Oil and Lemon Juice was consistently effective on more than 200 people. I had decided to give it a try.... Went to a shop and bought a EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL and FRESH LEMONS. Went to home and before sleeping, I took about 60ml of Olive Oil and mixed 60ml of Lemon Juice with it as suggested by this blog. Drank it followed by lots of water at around 11pm. After few minutes, I felt my stone moving!!!!!! I thought it would start paining now so I went to bed immediately and slept before it starts hurting me. But got no pain that night. Woke up in the morning but didn't pass it. So before going to work, had another shot of the same at around 10am. I went to office, around like 5pm I went for a toilet and I felt it is moving and it is in the Urine Passage!!!!! But unfortunately the force of urine was not enough to push it outside as it was 7mmX4mm of stone!! But stone got stuck in my urinary passage and I was like.. Was not able to walk properly, was not able to even sit as it was stuck right there in the urinary passage!! SO drank lots of water.. Went to home.. Waited until I got good pressure in my urinary bladder... At around 8pm in the evening.. I thought I should give it a try again. Went to the toilet and pushed it hard and guess what???

IT WAS GONE!!!! I was so surprised!!!! Just 2 shots and my stone out!!! Amazing... Isn't It?

I was so happy, I called up all my friends and my family and told them about this. Went to the Doctor after two weeks from here for a scan and found that I have ZERO stones inside of me!!! Moral of the story is....
1) Olive Oil and Lemon Juice funda really works
2) I just had to take 2 shots so it is very effective and works straight away
3) It also cured my other 2 stones in my kidney
4) No pain and it was not at all bad in taste. It was just like drinking a lemon juice..
5) I felt I must share this so whenever I got chance, I share this around me

If you have a stone problem.. Please give it a try. You do not have to loose anything. It works!!! Give it a try!! Hope this would help!! Cheers,
SAM :)

Replied by Ggharter6
Milford, Mi, Usa

My story: I have suffered with kidney stones since I was 16 yrs old. I had my first surgery for a 9mm last yr I recently found out there was more in both kidneys. I came across your site and decided what did I have to lose but hopefully some stones. I couldn't bring myself to drink 2 oz of each so decided to try 1 oz of each once a day along with the water afterwards and throughout the day low and behold the second day I passed 7 stones of good size the biggest being around 3mm with no pain also passed all kinds of small sand like ones. I'm still facing surgery as they want to know why there was so much blood in my urine but I will continue doing this on a monthly basis to keep the stones at bay. I can't thank you enough for having a site like this.

Replied by Jay
Dayton , Ohio

I was told the blood in my urine is from the crystal that make up the stone. These crystal cut up the bladder causing bladder infections. Calcium citrate and a low to medium oxalate diet can also help prevent them from forming to often. Research low oxalate diet.

Replied by Laura
Toronto, Canada

Can I eat food before lemon and olive oil treatment? And is it imperative that I drink apple juice before this treatment, I am not able to have any juices due to the sugar content (allergy).

Also I have a problem where it takes awhile before I can fully empty bladder each time I go to the bathroom... wondering if that maybe a concern when stones are passing out.

Thank you for a great site!

Posted by Jp (Buffalo, Ny) on 08/17/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Olive oil & lemon juice seems to have cured my ureter stone. 5 days ago a CT scan revealed the stone. Today was my follow-up x-ray to see if the stone moved positions. This morning a friend emailed this link, so I made and drank the cocktail 2.25 times prior to my appointment scheduled 4.5 hours later in the day. I figured it couldn't hurt to try. My first dose was around 10am. My x-ray was at 3pm. When I consulted with the urologist immediately after my x-ray he said the stone was gone. Twice I used the full recipe of 2oz of each ingredient and one time I used 25% of the recipe because I ran out of lemon juice. I went on an empty stomach until the x-ray. I'm scheduled for a follow-up in 4 months.

Replied by Cindy
Rome, Ny
5 out of 5 stars

I had to use this remedy over the other day and I have to say I feel so much better. I was in the hospital 1 time and then to my Dr.when the pain got so bad she said to return to the er, reluctant as the first trip they diagnosed me with pheumonia when I clearly told them I might have a kidney stone, they didn't do a urine test to check for it. I did not want another run around so I tried this remedy as a last resort before a return to the er. I usually never go there, but the pain was very bad. I tried this and within a few hours the pain began to subside and by time dose 2 kicked in I could breath without pain and am sure everyting will be fine. I estimated it at 1/4 cup of each my oil wasn't extra virgin, so I'm not sure if it really matters what kind of olive oil as long as it's pure. The lemon I used was pure lemon out of the bottle.

Thank god for you and natural cures, otherwise I would have been through a long list of anitbiotics I do not believe in unless absolutely necessary.

Replied by Yak
Winston Salem, North Carolina, Usa

About ten days ago I started having severe pain in my right kidney; I immediately thought it could be a kidney stone, so I went to the clinic. From the general X-rays they couldn't see anything (being this a Prime Care, they couldn't do detailed x-rays), but they found traces of blood in my urine, so they confirmed my hypothesis it could be a kidney stone. So I came home and I dealt with the pain.

Two days ago I found out about this site, and the oil and lemon cure, so I started immediately. I took 2 oz of oil and 2 lemons the first morning; during the day I felt the pain was easing, but yesterday evening the pain was still severe. This morning I tried with 3 lemons and 3 oz oil, and I'm waiting to see how it goes. I don't have insurance, and I work outdoors, but I can't really work effectively in this condition, especially in the heat (dehydration is the first cause of kidney stones). I'll keep you posted...

Posted by Andy (Orlando, Florida) on 06/18/2010

I have tried every formula of everything I can find on the internet and my kidney stones are still in my kidneys. I hear of so many success stories and I still wonder why I cant seem to get rid of the stones. For this reason I say my stones must be a lot bigger than normal.

EC: Please let us know exactly which formulas you have tried!

Posted by Wendy Jo (Bellevue, Wa) on 04/15/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Alleluia for lemon juice & olive oil! I have endured the passage of kidney stones since I was in my 20's. I am now almost 50 and just recently suffered another kidney stone attack. After using the usual pain meds and massive amounts of water, I was still in tremendous pain, nauseated, weary, and still no stone after 6 days. I chatted with my naturopath and he recommended I start taking magnesium supplements. I did this and it definitely helped ease the pain level so that I could get by on over-the-counter pain meds. But still no stone. I then found this website and the many testimonials for the lemon juice & olive oil remedy. I thought I would give it a try - far better than going through another surgery. I used 3 oz of lemon juice & 1 oz of olive oil (just couldn't quite get myself to do 2 full ounces). Followed that with at least 32 oz of water in about 10 minutes. I did 2 oz of lemon juice and 1 oz of olive oil followed by 32 oz of water again the next day - twice. Went to bed without any pain, woke up in the morning and passed the largest, most jagged stone I've ever passed. What a relief. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to tell their story - you gave me the hope & gumption to try something new. I hope my story can do the same for someone else.

Replied by Mhillqt
New York, Ny

I'm a 49 yr old male who is very active. running/working out, etc... about 4 months ago i noticed VERY dark urine only after running... my doctor thought it was runners hematuria... but since it never went away after running... i got an ultrasound, cat scan and kub xray... all comfirm that i have 2 small stones and one large one - ie 1cm... can the lemon juice olive oil remedy help passing the large stone?....i'm afraid it will get everything moving and the stone will then get stuck..ie pain/surgery... i havent had any pain for yet with this stone since it's still in the kidney... so i'm afraid to do anything that will let it move... but i also feel that eventhually this stone will move on its own and i'm in for pain... so is it ok to do this remedy when you have large stones?

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa

MHILLQT, There are at least a jullion testimonies on this site concerning this procedure. Either accept what Earth Clinic folks say or go to your doctor. This procedure is not original with this site. It has been used for thousands of years per Hulda Clark.

Replied by Jay
Toronto, Ont, Canada

to Mhillqt from New York, Ny. I have no direct experience with a particularly large stone but I have had a couple of painfull kidney stone attacks over the years.

I found that drinking about 2 litres of pure unsweetened apple juice a day for 2 consecutive days alkylized my system enough to shrink the stone size so that they could pass painlessly through my system. I could then use whatever method I wanted to flush my kidneys and be back to normal.

This has proven effective on three different occasions when I let my diet drift to too much animal protein and fat for a prolonged period.

Replied by Mhillqt
New York, Ny

thanks Robert....i was just questioning if this works for LARGE stones?

If so.....should i do 2 oz lemon juice, 2 oz of olive oil and 8 oz of water....if so...how often? Also, how do you know your stone is moving...you can feel it? Is it painful when it moves? OR do i do 8oz lemon juice and 32 oz of water...if so how often? thanks

Replied by Mhillqt
New York, Ny

BUT if its a large 1.2 CM stone... isnt it possible that it will break down but not enough and get stuck... is this method ok for large stones or are you asking for more trouble by breaking the stone down but not small enough...ie so it gets stuck? I have URO appt tomorrow....so need to decide.....btw...i drank 8oz lemon juice/2oz of olive oil and 32 oz of water on sunday... now feel more pulsation in abdominal.....more pain... so i didnt continue due to fear that i would make it worse... advice please?

Replied by Jen
Fort Lauderdale, Fl

After reading the reviews I am excited to read about the lemon juice and olive oil remedy however I have the same concerns as Mhillqt. I am a petite lady, only 5'0" with a 12mm kidney stone! I am also afraid that if I start using the remedy that it may pass, reaking havoc to my ureter. Has anyone used this to pass large stones? Any answers would be helpful since I have already had lithotripsy and scheduled to do it again in 2 weeks since the stones did not pass the first time.

Posted by Agyarko (Iowa City, Iowa, Usa) on 04/06/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I was taken to the emergency room for pain in the groin. After a few tests including a CT scan, I was diagnosed with kidney stones. I had a 4mm stone (in my kidney) and I was given medication to help it pass and to help control the pain. All this happened on a Tuesday. By Friday morning, I had been drinking over 90 fluid ounces of water daily, pain had been on and off (in groin and lower back), there was no obvious improvement and I had given up on the prescribed medications (meds). During this time, I had been reading about kidney stones and low and behold, stumbled upon earthclinic.com on Saturday evening (had not taken any of the meds since Friday morning). I saw all the 'yeas' for the olive oil and lemon juice concoction and decided to give it a try. And I'm glad I did.

I measured exactly 2 fluid ounces of extra virgin olive oil and 2 fluid ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice, mixed it up, drank it (tasted great, the aftertaste is especially delicious - maybe it's just me) and drank 32 FL OZ of water over the next 3 minutes or so. In about 60 minutes the pain subsided. I later went to bed and slept all night with no pain. Sunday afternoon, I took the same mixture, and drank 40 FL OZ of water in about 3 minutes. Sunday evening whiles in bed it seemed like something was moving in the general region. I could feel it so I got out of bed, drank some more water and went back to bed (only second night of pain-free sleep since Tuesday). Monday morning, I took the same mixture followed by 32 FL OZ of water. By about 12:30pm, during one of the multiple urges to urinate, I could tell something was stuck somewhere. With almost no pain, the stone passed and I was absolutely overjoyed!! I am grateful for the mixture of olive oil and lemon juice, and the over 30 FL OZ strong backing of water!! And for Earth Clinic for relieving me of my agonizing pain. Thank you all!! I should also add that I drank about 100 FL OZ of water through out each day and I am in my 20's.

To summarize: a 4mm stone was in my kidney and it passed in less than 48 hours (Saturday evening to Monday afternoon) of drinking a teaspoon-stirred mixture of 2 FL OZ of olive oil and 2 FL OZ of lemon juice (3 times) and immediately following, about 30 FL OZ of water (3 times). I am in my 20's and very happy today. A big thank you to Earth Clinic and to everyone who shared their stories!!!