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Posted by Ralph P (Daytona Beach, Florida) on 05/01/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have had an infestation of mites in my home for 6 months and was nearly at my wits end.

I tried at first to attack them with pyrethrum and then permethrin. I used these in conjunction with pre-core( a supposed life cycle interrupter). I used foggers and on and on it was all very costly and in the long run mostly not effective.

The natural things I've discovered lately seem to work much better.

Getting them off of your skin:

They don't like Salt, Borax, Peroxide, Heat - these are your weapons

I was showering in high heat and using very sudsy soaps with a loofah which helps. The most effective method I've found is making a mixture of epsom salt with lavender and peroxicare toothpaste and a little hot water (the mixture should be a thin paste consistency). Apply to the affected area after showering. Leave to dry for 15 minutes and then use a hair dryer on high heat as hot as you can stand it and you will watch the symptoms vanish before your very eyes within minutes. The lesions will turn from bright red to white and then vanish.

To keep them off is a challenge because they like to reinfest the same areas so they can reuse the feeding tubes which they insert into your skin. If you have a saltwater body of water near you I've found repeated soaking in salt sea water kills them.


Clothing is a real problem this is probably the greatest threat for re-exposure. I found that High heat is the best solution. I wash clothing in borax and detergent in hot water. I dry on high heat twice. I use a steam iron and steam press ALL my clothing. They seem to lay eggs in cloth they also seem to like cotton knits. With a life cycle of 4 to 8 days it's tough to keep all your clothing clean. You have to be relentless.


Build your immune system with apple cider vinegar and vitamin C, B 12, magnesium, zinc, and Garlic seems to be effective.

Clean the house daily with Borax and bleach mop all flooring with HOT water. They like to lay in the corners where the walls meet. Try to remove all or as much carpeting from the house as you can. They can hide in carpeting hard surfaces like ti9le are much easier to clean and keep clean. Carpets and cloth sofas can be cleaned with HOT steam.

To kill mites with heat must be at least 165f or preferably up to 212F.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by e-mail [email protected]

I am 63 years of age male.

Replied by Trudy

Would you use steam instead of bleach and hot water?

Replied by Ralph P
(Daytona Beach, Florida)

Hi Trudy,

Thanks for your correspondence.

If you have a steamer ...yes, ., .the most effective is high heat. Bleach can be considered as an alternative to heat if one does not have a steamer. I have all hard surface flooring no carpet. I am still using bleach when floor mopping. If you have a steamer you can use it to clean your soft surface furniture as well.

Replied by Ralph P
(Daytona Beach, Florida)

This is an update to my previous post of more than 1 year ago see above.

Linda P. emailed me personally and asked for an update. Here is my response. Her email is below that.

Dear Linda,

Thank you for your e-mail,

You've knocked on the right door because I've learned quite a bit in the last year and a half/ 2 years that I've been dealing with these Nano insects.

I can offer you some critical information that has cost me several thousand dollars in pesticides, Dermatologists, remedies and on and on to learn.

I have had desperate times when I was covered over 25% of my body in bites to the point where I was embarrassed to go out in public.

Don't waste your time and money on Doctor's or pesticides as they offer only short term remedies that don't take into account that you will be re-exposed just by living in your home that is infested.

Originally I was given –permethrin 5% crème by my primary care doctor and it worked but after being re-exposed they returned because there is a very short reproductive life cycle 3-4 days. but the other issue that this crème is a poison and can be toxic if applied to often. The next step was the dermatologist that gave me 4 pills to take all at once called Ivermectin which also worked for as long as it was in my system but again short lived. Keep in mind the life cycle is very quick so one mite left alive on your skin can produce 400 mites in just 4 days. They are relentless and so must you be.

I've found that natural safe non-poisonous remedies work the best …I still have a mild infestation in my home and my skin remains clear. I do get bit whenever I'm home but I know how to get them out of my skin now.

There are many types of mites and they vary depending on which region of the country you live in. I found however that the truth is they are all microscopic about the size of germs or bacteria. Rather than trying to identify the specific mite your dealing with I just call them Nano Insects as they all respond to the same treatment. They are sensitive to their environment and when we change their environment to alkaline they die. Like bacteria they also cannot live in the presence of salt.

To get them out of your skin (they borrow into your skin like moles):

I use 1 cup of Borax detergent booster that you use for your laundry and 1 cup of Epson salt added to a hot bath. The bath should be as hot as you can stand it because it is important to expand the opening of your pores so that the salt and Borax can reach them. The Borax will turn the bathwater alkaline which will weaken them and the salt will kill them. I bath in this solution nightly for thirty minutes. I try to submerge as much of my body as possible.

After bathing if I notice any runs left by mites trying to escape the area …I apply DMSO 90%. This is a deep cleansing agent that helps whatever you use on your skin penetrate deeply through several layers of skin to where mites are living very effective. Can be found cheap on most websites that deal with livestock remedies/feed stores.

If you are dealing with eyelash mites and or ear mites they burrow into eyebrows, eyelashes, nostrils, ears and lips and attack you in your sleep. I use a multi-salt remedy. You can use sea salt or I like Dr. Teals Lavender Epson salt applied directly to the skin after steaming my face over a boiling pot of water to open the pores. This method can also work on different parts of the body but is dangerous because you run the risk of spilling the boiling water on yourself.

There is a preparation that I stumbled upon. It is a combination of different sea salts from around the globe in coconut oil that I've found most effective. It's not cheap but compared to other remedies it is cheap as I've been using the same bottle I purchased for $25.00 for several months now. It's called “Isle of Luxe” can be found at- It leaves your skin smooth and clear. Also works better if steam is used to open the pores so that it can reach the critters.

I hope some of these suggestions help you and if you need some suggestions of how to rid the critters from your domicile or vehicle let me know…I have some ideas or call me at [email protected] I was also born in 1951 (: Good luck Linda (:

From: Missylinda51 Sent: Monday, June 27,2016 11:32 PM To: [email protected] Subject: Mite Infestation

A year ago you wrote a blog on about curing yourself and your home of a mite infestation.

I am writing to find out how things are going a year later. Are you still mite free?

I've been fighting what I believe are mites for 10 months. The worst problem I have is the feeling that something microscopic is crawling all over my legs, scalp, ears, eyes, mouth and legs. They are worse at night but bother me both day and night.

Your suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Linda P.


Update so I decided to share this with you all.

Replied by Ralph
(Port Orange Florida)

Hi Rita,

I know what you're going through and its not easy.

Firstly, DON'T use foggers in your car... (or anywhwere else) they are highly destructive to the plastic lens over your gauges and other plastic parts and components like electrical contacts to make your windows go up and down ext. They are mostly in-effective anyway. I have eliminated them from my vehicle but it isn't easy.
Step 1) Get an ozone machine and run it in your car. The Ozone machine breaks the oxygen into 2 -3 parts changing it into ozone which the mites can't breath. This will suffocate them. You must repeat this several times a day because they run for 2 hours on a timer. You must repeat this for several weeks to defeat the life cycle as they have laid many eggs in the fabric of the seats under the seats in the dashboard ext. I bought my ozone machine air cleaner on amazon for 75.00 it was on sale. I would have paid more it was well worth it. But this alone is not sufficient. I also took the bathwater with the Epson salt and borax mixture after I was done with it and after I soaked my used sheets and bedding in it. I put it in a spray bottle after adding sea salt to the mixture. I spray the flooring of the car and if you have fabric seats you can spray them as well. The salt will dry and be noticeable but you can then vacuum it up with a vacuum cleaner.

Step 2)I replaced all carpet in my home with tile. Remove any fabric furniture from your home and clean it. It can be cleaned with the ozone cleaner along with any other infested items such as computers or tv sets. I use my shed out behind the house and I clean 1 item at a time because I find that most effective. You can clean items like shoes and other apparel in much the same way. If you don't have a shed you can rent a small storage unit that they drop off at your house but it must be airtight. I've placed small items in my car like a laptop computer and keypad while the ozone cleaner was cleaning my car it cleans these items as well. Don't expose yourself or breath the ozone is harmful to your lungs and can suffocate you as well. Be careful to leave the area once the ozone machine is running.

Step 3) Don't use poison internally or externally on your skin. It may cause damage that may be irreversible. For the the most part poisons are ineffective anyway. I have found that SEA SALT is highly effective in killing mites and mixed with Borax will create and alkaline environment that mites cannot live in. Salt by itself is hard to apply to the skin. So is borax so I make a highly concentrated mixture of salt, Borax, Peroxide and enough water to dissolve it. Mites burrow deep into the layers of skin and just surface application may not reach all the mites and if any survive the application they will return. I use steam to open my pores before applying the mixture. I boil water in a large pot over the stove and steam my hands, arms, ext...CAUTION: This method is very dangerous because you risk spilling scalding hot water on yourself. is highly effective in opening the pores and allowing the salt mixture to penetrate deeply to where the mites are hiding. In place of steam you can apply DMSO 99% prior to applying the salt mixture. DMSO is a deep skin cleanser and will help drive the mixture deep into the skin where mites are living and laying eggs.
I also make a mixture of sea salt, tea tree oil and coconut oil and keep it in a mason jar for spot cleaning or I can carry the mason jar with me on outings. If I get a breakout (eggs hatching) while away from home I can get relief by applying the oily salt and rubbing it into my skin.

I hope you find these methods are effective and that you find relief from this scourge.

Please keep in touch and share your experience.
I hope wish you peace,

---- Rita wrote:
> Hi! I was following up with you on my email below. Thank you in advance for your response.
> Rita
> Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
> On Wed, Oct 5,2016 at 8:38 PM, Rita wrote: Hello,
> I ran across your posting on a blog regarding what helped you with mite control. Thank you for the posting. The suggestions regarding salt enlightened me. I knew it had to be SOMETHING out there that these mites aren't immuned to. I will definitely start taking those baths.
> I've been infected for 7 months now. They are in my apartment, vehicle, and job. It was rough the first 3 months, I didn't have a clue what to do. The Pest control guy was fresh out of answers after several attempts. I finally ran up on a site in which someone tried Cedarcide fogging and it worked for her. Thats what I have been doing since July and it does work BUT my job and car keeps the reinfestation going. I sit at my cubicle at work and within 30 minutes they are all over me. I finally opened up my month and put in a workorder to spray around my area - but we both know this was not going to work. Ive tried DE for the floors and kept gleen green on hand. Now I'm sitting elsewhere temporary but I know my boss is going to ask me to come back to my desk. Please understand that I refrained from telling her or people at my job that I was the one that brought the bugs (this is shameful enough). No one to my knowledge have been infected at work, but when they came to spray, a couple of ladies felt biting; it lasted for a's me the bugs really want!
> Would you please provide suggestions on what to do to kill the mites from my vehicle and job? For my vehicle I have fogged, pesticides sprays, and sifting DE on the carpets. I've sprayed 90% Alcohol but this seems to really agitate them and start biting. I am currently looking for another job. I cant remain there. So any assistance regarding my vehicle would be very helpful :)
> Thank you! Rita
> Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Replied by Ralph P
(Daytona Beach)

June 30/2017

Below is a blog response to an Inquiry by John F who sent me an e-mail asking for mite remedies.

Many of my responses are repeated information and can be found in previous posts above.

--Hello John- I am well into my third year of mite infestation of my home. I consider myself a veteran at this point. I have posted in a previous blog that I was mite free. My assessment was premature.

I am however in control and living with the reality that although the situation continues to improve this is an old house and I continue to battle with this issue and I am relentless and my skin continues to be completely clear of any infestation. some minor bites from time to time.

John asked about white vinegar as a solution.

I have had some success cleaning floors with white vinegar and water. However, Apple cider vinegar (with the mother) is more effective. I've used it Also to gargle with and direct use drinking it. I have found though for cleaning Floors borax with a small amount of concentrated bleach mixed with hot water is Far superior than white vinegar.

John also asked in his email to elaborate on the statement. "Salt, Borax, Peroxide, Heat these are your weapons"

June 30/2017 I would continue to stand by that statement from 2015 with the following Clarifications:

In that context I was speaking specific to bird mites.

The reality is: it Pertains to all mites though more effective on some than others. For example Rodent mites respond to these same tools but may require several treatments. I now group and consider all mites as nano-insects and I don't worry about Identifying specific types of mites as there are hundreds of known varieties and On a molecular level hundreds more yet to be discovered. So don't waste time, money and rattling your brain on what type mite am I Dealing with, when we need to concentrate our effort on killing them.

Lets examine the toolbox 1 item at a time: Heat Heat in the form of steam can open the pores of the skin allowing us to Penetrate into boreholes where mites have taken up residence. The application of 99% DMSO directly onto infected areas can also be helpful in penetrating layers Of skin. You must assume they (mites) have left eggs behind so whatever Treatment you use must be repeated. Skin must be re-treated several times in Order to defeat the life-cycle. I have found that bathing in hot water with a Mixture of 2 cups borax and 2 cups epson salts (a notable increase double in the amount of borax and epson salt from my previous blog) in a full tub of hot water is Very effective for full body cleansing treatment.

I recommend lying on your side Submersing as much of your body and head as you can. I cover one nostril with a Finger and allow one nostril to breath through. I stay in this position for a Minimum of 5 minutes. I then roll to do the same lying on my other side. When I get out of the tub I dry my body with a hair dryer on high heat knowing that At this point whatever mites remain are weakened and cannot withstand heat Above 160 degrees.

Note: It is important to dry your skin thoroughly to avoid Secondary infections by fungus and molds trying to take up residence in Boreholes left behind by mites. Areas such as crotch and under breasts are Especially vulnerable areas for this problem of secondary infection.

Don't be afraid to blast affected ares with the hairdryer for several minutes on high heat. Apply a salt rub to the affected area if needed to kill stubborn mites.

SALT and BORAX: On a molecular level tiny critters such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds And nano-insects can't live in the presence of salt. Borax is a mineral and a Concentrated cleanser. Borax will instantly transform any environment to Alkaline which is a toxic environment for nano-insects. Borax can be used in Conjunction with dandruff shampoo to cleanse the scalp. Be sure to rub it into The scalp or any other affected area to penetrate layers of skin. Although I've Found mites are not fond of taking up residence on the scalp itself. they prefer To be just below the hairline. or in areas where they can find moisture in the form of sweat.

Under arm pit, under breasts, crotch ext. For spot cleaning the skin I make a salt rub in a small mason jar. I use a Combination of fine sea salt, Himalayan sea salt, coconut oil and tea tree oil.

If available wash the area with hot water first then rub the salt mixture and work

it deeply into the skin. Environmental re infestation: I get them off my skin but my home or apartment and vehicle is infected what Can be done? Nano-insects breath oxygen just like we do so they can be suffocated. With the Use of Ozone generators most environments can be cleaned. ozone generators Convert oxygen from 2 molecule to three molecules which turns oxygen into ozone. A 3.5 MG Ozone generator can be purchased on Amazon or Ebay for under 100.00 Dollars. This size generator is suitable for cleaning a small car. I use 2 this Size and place one in the trunk. I hate to use or recommend that you use Insecticides. I have found that by spraying the rubber seal around the door frames of The car with Permethrin concentrate I can block this escape route. They will run for the doors trying to find breathable air and run staight into the pesticide. They will also try to hide in the air conditioning vents and seat-belt holders and so these Areas must be sprayed as well. CAUTION: do not use foggers as they will cause Damage to plastic surfaces such as gauge lens and radio lens cover and are Mostly in-effective on mites. For larger areas such as a large room in a home Or apartment. You'll need a larger Ozone generator or run even several at the Same time depending on the square footage. They make commercial grade Ozone Generators of 7000mg and 10,000mg. never leave pets or humans in an area being Treated with ozone. Small animals can be killed by exposure to ozone and can Cause lung damage or even death in human exposure. Never run your Ozone Generator more than MAX. 4 hours as transformers can overheat and you will face A costly replacement which requires a soldering job. I hope you find this information useful and I hope you resolve your problem Quickly, If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. Regards Ralph

Hi Ralph, > You wrote back in 2015 on > > > Bird mites "don't like Salt, Borax, Peroxide, Heat - these are your weapons" > == > Have you ever tried white vinegar and how did that work? > Also any other updated info you have would be great. > > Thanks, >

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mariam (Brooklyn, NY) on 02/01/2015

Hi folks, sharing what works for me in killing the mites that I apparently picked up in early August after sleeping on a pullout couch in a hotel in Canada. It's the only thing I can trace it back to. The mites came flooding unto my face in an over 20 minute torrent while standing in the subway 3 weeks later. Since then it has been sleepless agony, 24/7 battle to remove them, stop the runners from running, biting, stop the insane feeling of the wriggling movements everywhere. SO WHAT I AM RECOMMENDING:
Overall systemic death: combo of clove, oregano, peppermint, cinnamon bark oils; equal drops in about 4 ounces of water and every 2-3 hours round the clock. It's been about a week and I feel almost free. For the "runners" in my eyes, I mixed the same formula in a more dilute form(about 6 ounces water) and use cotton balls to wipe eyelids, eyebrows and rub on every where else on your body these buggers are hiding out!

Also, wipe down floors with ammonia solution. Wear clothes, including head gear only once, towels, sheets only once. Wash in hot water, dry on high heat. Keep dirty clothes in separate disposable plastic bag. Discard bag after transport of dirty clothes. Wipe down hard surfaces with alcohol. I originally had written my whole horrible narrative about my ordeal but it disappeared before I could submit. I have been unsuccessful with many things I tried, including 4 times with Permethrin. Some remedies were good for only a few minutes, some for an hour. The dermatologists said after Permethrin there was nothing they could do to help me. So I helped myself. THIS WORKS! Thank you angel posters who shared your remedies. This has been the hardest thing I have ever dealt with in my life and I am almost 60 years young. :-)

I can finally see the light is at the end of a dark, dark tunnel. Thank you to the most high! Fellow sufferers be strong, try until you find what works for you. The answers are out there. Peace & blessings, Mariam

Replied by Mariam

Good morning again, I'm posting what I hope is my final chapter on this crazy mites episode of my life. I am sitting here in absolute bliss. My final "cure" for mite madness is simply garlic. Yep. Mother Nature is best. Thank you, mama! I used the garlic by repeatedly cutting a thin "skin" to expose a moist surface area on the garlic "face" and rubbing the liquid on my scalp, skin, soles, palms anywhere itching, wriggling, running, moving and voila! All movements STOP immediately! The skin feels soothed, non-inflamed, or no longer "hot".

For "interior" areas-the nose, genitals, etc. I cut thin shears of garlic, gently leave in place for several minutes, also squeeze juice onto q-tip and apply. You will have to "revisit" the same areas with the garlic but I use a "scrubbing" action with the garlic in my skin where I'm feeling anything. But skin is a large surface. This definitely has fixed my problem and fast! Praise be to the ancestors!

Caveats: Garlic is very strong, be gentle around eyes. Also, stay indoors when using unless you really don't care to offend. I went out and didn't care because at this point I'm saving my life... I have tried many of the shared options with limited success. Since my earlier post, I added some other regimens besides the combo essential oils, including drinking ACV 2x daily, topically applying Hydrogen peroxide 3% food grade to "runners and biters" and wriggling under skin, and aloe vera (around eyes; gentle, kept them out of eyes due to its sticky ability). These were great and kept me functioning. However garlic has been the cure for me and works on all and immediately.

NOTE: I am appalled, as many others, that there is no definitive research available to the general public on this problem. I'm dismayed by the dismissive, cavalier way I was treated by the medical community. This has been an emotional rollercoaster with severe impacts to my psyche, family, relationship, business. It can be very debilitating and have you contemplating suicide! This has been the only public forum that I have found (I'm forever grateful EC) that is giving the sufferers a chance to be heard, to share potential cures. It's disgusting that something as communicable as mite infestation in HUMANS, other than scabies, is not addressed by Public Health practitioners, and medical doctors are so unaware, and yet arrogant and non-plussed. There is a one size fits all attitude that keeps insisting that you must be having a psychotic break, yet there is no interest

In looking to assist, even by referral. There is very little will to do more than collect, catalog the patient/sufferer details by M.D.S. The epidemiologists, parasitologists are considered researchers and appear to be isolated from the medical practitioner system. BIG MISTAKE! One day, someone with more money, pedigree, time, than me will hold this system accountable! Thanks to all posters; keep sharing the tries, and the cures... I am sharing because there are answers for all questions including mite infestation. One's attitude and positive energy must be part of your healing. After being truly saddened, horrified at folks who have been suffering for YEARS! With what seems to be different types of mites (which doesn't matter when you're suffering) I said to myself NO WAY will I live like this! DO NOT GIVE UP!


Hello, I was just wondering if rubbing garlic actually made them leave for good?

Replied by Mariam

One more thing about Garlic: I used fresh garlic, the processed no-smell garlic liquid did not kill mites. Fresh garlic does. After cutting on face of garlic, I used the knife to deliver small cuts, multidirectionally on "face" to achieve a brush-like effect, and release more oil to the surface face. After rubbing skin, this face gets worn. Slice that worn face off (thinly), then small chop, chop, chop to create a new "brush" then repeat until galic bud is too small to hold. Tedious? Yes. Effective? Yes! Worth your time? YES!!!

Replied by Timh
2083 posts

M: Glad to hear of your success against "the critters" as O.R.H. puts it.

As for conventional medicine, it's like any other business or financial social structure, profit comes first, second, and third, and the public treatment protocols accordingly. So, parasite diagnosis or treatment, either internal or external, are classified as "profit threatening". It's much more profitable to treat the chronic effects and disease states that parasites produce, in other words do not treat the disease, treat the symptoms. So, clinically, parasite infestation isn't a disease in their book. The disease states produced by parasites is extensive; like Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Disorder, Mood Swings or Bipolor Disorder, Mental Decline or Alziemers, Fibromyalgia, etc.

From this understanding, it is a mistake to take their attitude as personal, although from the patient end, as you have confessed, it is very personal and affects the entire organization of one's life.

Now back to the Garlic, it would prove even more effective if you consume it orally as well as apply topically. Garlic is similar to DMSO the organic solvent, it finds it's way over the entire body as is evidenced by a strong G body odor when taken in excess. So, during your topical application also do large oral dosing for maximum benefit.

Replied by Steven
(Nevada, US)
5 out of 5 stars

Last night I slathered myself with some old Olive Oil that I had infused with Garlic. Overnight the difference in the wounds left by these critters were significantly better. I believe that the Olive Oil may serve to smother them, as it has a tendency to clog pores. But the garlic serves to kill and heal. I let it sit for 5 minutes and then I washed it off with Lavender Castile Soap.

Also have been showering once a day. Once with a sulfur soap bar. Rinsing with a mixture of 50/50 vinegar and water. Soaking once a day in a Borax and Epsom salt tub of water.

After washing I've been covering myself with a lavender lotion that I added more Lavender to. Yesterday I added Lavender to my Neem Hair Conditioner. Whenever I get a biting sensation, I dab on some Oregano Oil. It is a feel good burn.

I will also add garlic to infuse the Raw Coconut Oil that I added Tea Tree Oil, Lavender and Oregano Oil to already. As I am never ceased to be amazed by Garlic. Garlic is again my favorite food of all time.

I still have some progress to make, since I haven't quit the coffee habit. However, I have been eating two cloves of raw garlic everyday. Along with my Raw Apple Cider Vinegar routine of 3 tablespoons with 8 ounces of water. Also started doing 5 drops of Oregano Oil regularly, as I was doing this infrequently. I've also started drinking Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, 1 teaspoon on 8 ounces water once a day.

I was already doing Turmeric every day and have continued.

I washed all of my clothing in Kleen-Free enzyme concentrate. I will continue by adding either vinegar or Borax to my laundry.

No alcohol, no fast food or sugar.

Garlic Rules!!! I had already planned on growing it on my property in Colorado one day when I get the house built. However, it will be accompanied by even more herbs!!!

Replied by Brenda
(East Texas)

This website has been very helpful to me and I think it is important to keep a positive attitude as you work through the remedies that work for you. Mariam, I agree with the way the medical community treats you. A doctor in a well-known Dallas dermatology office charged my insurance company $6000 for three treatments of permethrin cream which did not solve the problem. What works for me are the following: borax & peroxide mix, apple cider vinegar 2x daily, 1 heaping t of raw minced 2x daily mixed in green salads, and Kelp capsules 1x a day (for the iodine). I do not eat anything sweet because that makes it worse. From what I have read, I should continue taking the above remedies for 2 - 3 months although I feel fine now except that I will feel a crawl on my scalp occasionally but not on the rest of my body. I spray chairs, beds, cars, and rooms with Windex, 91% alcohol, or Lysol and I mop with Dawn and Borax. One good side effect of the ACV and garlic is that the mosquitos do not try to bite me anymore. I rinse my mouth and throat with milk after eating the garlic. Also, wash all clothes and linen daily while adding borax to the wash.

Replied by Old Gal
(Northern Canada)

Mariam, I agree so much that the mainstream medical system is failing us badly on this one.

About 2 months ago I started itching all over, especially scalp, eyelids, inside & outside ears, crawlings up my nose, & inside genitals. A nightmare, especially since I don't see any critter on me. Then I realized there are birds nesting inside the roof of the apartment building where I live, (these are migratory birds that winter in southern USA) and various bugs dropping into my apartment from gaps in the ceiling that probably include the nearly invisible bird mites.

But I seem to be the only tenant who's affected. My apartment is covered with carpet, moving out would the better option?

Meanwhile, I try to change whatever in me attracts these buggers to me. I stopped drinking any alcohol. Avoid sugar of any kind. I eat tons of raw garlic. Spray essential oils (cedarwood, eucalyptus lemon, mint) liberally on myself and bed sheets before going to bed. Smear my scalp, around eyes, around nostril openings, ears and neck with tea tree oil. (Do NOT put tea tree oil inside nose or into eyes.)

As for topical applications of alcohol, I must avoid isopropyl alcohol as my joints get inflamed when I use that. Too toxic, gets absorbed through the skin, etc.

I figured that the kind of alcohol for drinking (ethyl) would be non-toxic. I found that vodka applied topically provided immediate relief. I don't drink it.

The crawling in my ears, nose and at the root of my eyelashes was driving me nuts, so I bathed my closed eyelids in vodka. With Q-tips soaked in vodka, clean inside nostrils and ear canal. Poured vodka on genitals, it burns like hell for about 20 seconds, but provided hours of relief. Inserted & twisted a Q-tip soaked in vodka up my anus.

Have been doing this for over two weeks now, and skin is fine so far, and much less itching and crawling.

As for the stubborn crawling on the scalp at the top of the head, tea tree oil or mint would only work for a brief time. I seem to have bugs embedded into the hair follicules. So I gave up and poured 95% ethanol anhydrous alcohol on my head (cheaper & stronger than vodka). This provided instant and long-lasting relief. I don't seem to get sore joints with ethanol.

I wash my clothes in borax. Threw my mattress & pillow away, and got rid of half my clothes and clutter. All of this helped. I'll try the topical garlic, borax and salt baths. Thank you to all who posted here, you are life-savers.

Replied by Mariam

Dear Earthlings, this will be my final words on this subject. It's just about one year since my horrible run in with what I believe to be mites. I have made my way back to because of my desire to stop the suffering due to the lack of communication or assistance from the medical field.(see previous posts) The infestation on my body of these mites shook me to the core, as I was in deep despair. The out of control nature of the mite behavior, my secrecy and concerns that it was contagious, my thoughts that it was incurable;the limitations it places on your ability to move about doing normal things was making life unbearable. I got ok results with some remedies, believed that I was cured when mite activity quieted down. I eventually learned that these suckers have a life cycle and you can be tricked into thinking that it's over. Reading the posts of others I can relate to their anguish. Ultimately, I had to realize that this was simply an infection. A stubborn one, but an infection. After many tries with assorted different remedies I began to meditate daily. I used golden seal diluted in water as an eyewash. I used aloe Vera ( both live and pharmacy purchased) as a lotion, the stickiness seemed to trap the mites. However, after a few hours I could feel the buildup and would have to wash and reapply. I used tea tree oil in small amounts to spot treat. I settled on oregano oil on qtips for inside ears, nostrils. The mites in my scalp were driving me crazy. I used a blow dryer and must have got rid of 95% on my scalp. I used the blow dryer on my feet and palms of hands with less effect. Also, my feet would hurt from slight swelling. Blow drying at 3 am is noisy and annoying to keep doing it. So I searched for an alternate solution. I used Golden Seal liquid (about 4 drops) in a pint of water. It's effectiveness was astonishingly swift! My eyebrows felt soft instead of stiff and rough, no wriggling under skin, no sudden biting; I feel whole and human. So that's it. I figured it out, so can you. Don't despair, it can be cured. I hope this helps someone. Make it a great tomorrow! Thanks Without you I may have checked out.

Replied by Cary

Marium, Did you drink the goldenseal and water or put it in your hair?

Replied by Sharon
(Duncan Az.)

Mite remedy, just wondering how you're doing? Looks like it's been a few months. We're you able to rid yourself of these mites? Also were you able to determine what kind of mite it was?? I hope your ok and wish you well. Hope you will respond. Take care Sharon

Replied by Sheila

Would you mind sharing how you cleaned your your home to get rid of them? Thanks.

Replied by Sheila

What would be good to use on wood floors that would not damage them? Thanks

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Elly (Colorado, US) on 12/29/2014

I finally found a combination that works. Get a large spray bottle and fill it 3/4 full of high ph water (soft water well), then fill the rest with Jack Daniels whiskey. Spray your body, your hair and the inside of your clothes. After you shower, get a bar of sulphur and re wet it putting that all over your body and wear it all day. Drop small drops of peppermint oil or wintergreen oil on your scalp but be careful because too much burns. You can use some gelled Skin so Soft in your hair along with that. Then spray Jovan Musk on your body. I tried everything and this is the only thing that worked for me. The whiskey/water, peppermint, muskcombo really kills them.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Elly (Denver, Co) on 12/14/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Here's some things that worked for me to get rid of mites. I got Gene's Soothing Cream and put 2 Yellow Dock Root capsules (open them up and pour out) and put a heaping teaspoon of table salt in it. Put this all over twice a day. Also, a spray bottle with dissolved salt water, yellow dock root, cedar spray and Grower's trust concentrate (an oz of cedar and Grower's trust) really helped. I sprayed it on my clothes as soon as I took them off, then let them sit for 48 hours before washing. I also sprayed my hair with it. I also put table salt in all of my shampoos. You can spray sheets, sleeping bags, pillows and just about anything else. I tried all of the other stuff and found that this combination really kicked butt!

Replied by Maria
(Spencer, WV)

Where can I purchase yellow root and growers concentrate? Thses things are driving me and the dog crazy, not so much my husband. I'm on a lot if medications for my health and think that's why I have such an issue. So plz help help. I've tried a lot of things so far. Coconut Oil mixed with Tea Tree Oil has helped my itching. Just started it yesterday but need something for laundry and house.

Replied by Mariam
(Brooklyn, New York)

Maria, I have been battling mites infestation since August 2014. I am committed to sharing to help anyone who is suffering. I have previously posted. I am currently seeing a cure from ingesting fresh garlic, rubbing fresh garlic on itchy areas, drinking ACV, alternatively with a few drops of food grade Hydrogen peroxide. I have read many posts on this...try diatomaceous earth for the dogs and floors, also check out Kleen Wash or dawn detergent. I have only used the diatomaceous earth on myself, it gave some immediate relief when I drank it with wormwood tea. Best wishes, peace and healing, Mariam

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Elly (Denver, Co) on 12/11/2014

I tried a lot of the oils and none of them seemed to knock down these mites. After a couple of weeks of experimenting, this is what worked for me. I took a large spray bottle and put 1/2 water, 1/3 Ben's cedar oil indoor formula, about two teaspoons mint Listerene, two capsules yellow dock root (open them up and dissolve). Shake that up and spray on everything. Treat your clothes as soon as you take them off and leave them sit for two days before washing. Wisk detergent was the best I found. Then I added 20 Mule team borax. If you can hang your clothes outside, do it. Then bring them back in and put them in the dryer on high heat. Then, spray them again with the bottle.

Lint roll your rugs and pets. Spray your mattress, turn your ceiling fan on to dry. Then encase it with a cover. After that, get yourself a nylon sleeping bag and spray that. A sleeping bag in easier to clean every night and you'll stay warm without much cover. The African Pride Olive oil leave in conditioner was awesome. I also sprayed my hair with the spray bottle concoction. Bed head products are awesome to wash your hair with but be careful as they will make your tub really slick. Until you can get some of this stuff, get some mineral oil and garlic oil capsules. Mix about 10 of those in the mineral oil and rub on. If you have kids, get the baby oil gel and mix with the garlic. You can also mix a spray bottle of water and yellow dock extract to spray on their hair and body. Make sure they wear slippers so their socks don't pick them up from the floor. If you have cats, yellow dock root capsules are the only thing that they can tolerate that will kill these beasts. I put on gloves and rubbed it into their fur and ears. It worked quick! Yellow dock extract can be found at most vitamin stores.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Janet (Ft. Wayne, Indiana) on 11/01/2014
5 out of 5 stars

mite infestation: 1/16 to 1/8 teaspoon tannic acid (see below)

in water, internally 3 to 4 times a day. Reduced itch from mite infestation.Make sure to add 3-4 drops mag oil to prevent constipation. I have not slept or been able to function since this started over a year ago. While reading an old post of Ted's 3 nights ago, he said you can spray this to dry up eggs and mites, its not good for spraying due to staining. I started taking internally. The itch has stopped, I am on my third day and am able to sleep longer, think straighter. I am the only person in my household of 5 people that is having problem, along with 2 of our 3 dogs. (I believe due to, I am the only person with metal fillings in teeth.Ted mentioned somewhere metal can create an attraction for mites.)

Other things that work:Ted's borax edta peroxide formula. Diatomaceous earth on grass in yard. ( Dogs kept reinfesting from yard, I just figured this out.)

Most important step in my opinion, keeping ceilings sprayed with borax, edta, peroxide formula. Use garden 1 gallon sprayer. I had gotten rid of this twice in house and on dogs, using his method, just couldn't get yard done well enough. Thats when I realized missing component of DE. MY favorite way to reduce tannic acid for use in dropper rather than as a powder, my recipe(Tony Panteleresco's actually.)3 teaspoons tannic acid powder in about 8 oz. to 12 oz. of white wine or brandy blend 10 minutes in (osterizer blender) on med to high for 10 minutes . Strain into jar thru clean hankerchief, use 10 to 20 drops in 1/2 glass of water with 2-3 drops mag oil. Drink 3-4 times a day.


Replied by Janet
(Ft Wayne, In)

I would like to add info to my post on tannic acid. I just received a new batch of tannic acid, it seems weaker than my previous order so I am going with blending to color rather than amounts. I mixed my tannic in 1/2 white wine, 1/2 distilled water, then mixed in enough tannic powder till mixture became a brown very simular to an amber glass bottle. Also tried some on skin in a very irratated area, between breasts, it did not stain after 4-5 applications in one day, I am very pale naturally. Also tried this on eyelashes and eyelids to test for those with them in eyes. It dries really fast, so a thin layer a few times, allow to dry on closed eyes, should give enough relief to go about the business of eradicating in house etc.

Replied by Ann
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to add on to your tannic acid post confirmation. I have demodex mites, so I don't know which kind you have. Mine came from a used bed that I did not put a mattress encasement over as well as the fact that I stopped being able to use a dryer unless I can find one that's dedicated and free from chemicals. At any rate, I bought the tannic acid and sprinkled it all over the mattress and waited. I like that you said that sometimes it can be a weak solution because I think that it's possible that it's not as effective this time as it was before for that reason. I will say that I also was able to change out all furniture, bedding, etc by the grace of God although... I had a very severe infestation at one point and found that when I used candidase, an enzymatic remedy to get rid of candida in the body, it went away within two days. I had felt them crawling on me for 5 years, and had at best kept them at Bay by adding a small amount of mustard powder to my soap. Mustard after 5 minutes will totally kill them. Blissed relief. I had used apple cider vinegar water before but it takes 15 minutes to get rid of them and I would notice they wouldn't all go away. Although, the mustard in the shampoo didn't seem to help much with my hair. so, if I were to recommend anything to anybody it would be mustard powder very small amount in the shampoo because it is very abrasive on the skin otherwise, sprinkling tannic acid on the bed because I could not use de, and Candidase coupled with a Candida diet. Interesting lie enough, I had a mold situation in my home twice after this and noticed that they increased. Someone of my group recommended that they actually eat the mold spores or toxins off of the body. I wonder if this is why the candidase helped. I don't know. All I know, is that I got a used sofa and it's crawling with them but I'm going to powder it with de or tannic acid and then vacuum. Likely the DEA as a tannic acid will stain. Then, I'll have to vacuum it up. actually my other plan is to use an iron as well. When I ironed my sheets oh, I also found relief since I did not have a dryer. The iron is hot enough to kill the mites from what I've read. Hair dryers are not at all hot enough. I hope this helps someone. I would add this under multiple remedies but I can't figure out how to add things anymore only reply.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Smilepayal19 (California) on 05/15/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering for a year now, but am finally getting better. I am the only one with this problem in my entire house, and some think I'm crazy because I'm explaining problems cause by "invisible" bugs--and being a teenager doesn't help with that situation either, since adults don't really believe us. I got the problem when we moved into a new house that had dogs, and the problem was only in my room's carpet and I unknowingly spread it to my bed after doing situps. After 11 months of suffering, I finally realized I needed to go online to get rid of these white mites. And I found the cures!!! Here's what I have been doing:

Buy Kleen Green. This is 75 dollars from amazon but is concentrated and lasts a very long time because you have to mix it with water in a spray bottle. It comes with instructions as well. Spray everything with this, even your body! It is chemical free and has not hurt my teenage skin at all! Take a hot 30 min bath with 4 ounces of it and soak your entire scalp too. Stay in for 30 min. You can also spray this on body and scalp at any time of the day and not have to wash your hair after. It is just made of enzymes and smells like kid bubble soap. Spray everything, even carpet, and wipe or vacuum. Do this for your car too if needed. I have read that a substitute for this is the BLUE dawn soap, and am gonna try that too for my scalp, since that is the last site of problem for me. Also, wear clothes once and use towels only once or twice. IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO SLEEP AGAIN: Put all bedding in dryer for 30 min, even PILLOWS. Do this ENTIRE cleaning process for at least three weeks in order to break their life cycle.

Drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda all mixed in water every other or every day to cleanse your insides.

I had felt very alone and scared through this fight, I even had slight thoughts of suicide sometimes. But I always tried to stay positive in order to maintain my happiness and higher than a 4.0 GPA. And now I can see an even greater future for myself! Now I don't have to worry about spreading this to my possible future college dorm either. Just have persistence and perseverance, even if people think you're crazy. If you stay positive, and do this process CORRECTLY AND THOROUGHLY, then you will get your life back. I promise. <3

Please talk to me! I will comment back and we can help each other! You are not alone!

Stay happy and positive,
A friend :)

Replied by Laura
(Las Vegas, NV)

Hi smilepayal19, I was so glad to see your post maybe you can help me. I have had mites for seven months and can't get rid of them. I think I got them from a stray cat that I rescued who happened to pick up bird mites somewhere. These things are on me all the time and biting me. I had to quit my job and leave my home. I have to go from one hotel to another because the bugs on me swarm so badly, I can't stay in one place. I have considered suicide myself, but I am hoping and praying somehow I will beat this terrible thing.

The bugs I have are invisible, they seem to live on me all the time. In my bed I see small black specs and black tiny hairs and sometimes even webs. Were your bugs like that? How long after starting using the Kleen Green and other treatments did the mites go away? Are they still gone? I hope you are doing well. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated, I am very depressed and I am running out of money and can't go from hotel to hotel forever, I want my life back. I am now living in a low humidity area, I swim in a chlorinated pool every day and I have changed my diet and cut out sugar, but I still have the bugs. I have tried many creams and oils on my skin. It kills the bugs, but more come, it never ends. I even have taken several doses of ivermectin, but that no longer works either. I am hoping you will answer this post, I really need to talk to someone who has been through the same experience. Thank you for reaching out to others, God bless you.

Replied by Coy
(Toledo, Ohio)

Need help, don't have any monry to buy. Anything but vinegar. On fixed income it's taking every penny I have.

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere Usa)

Go under ailments on here and just start searching and reading. You may find a friend that has some supplies. I have often bought things little bit by little bit and never seem to use it all and leaves me with extra stuff in a time of need.

If it is truly a mite, you may be able to cover the area with some finger nail polish and smother the mite.

Replied by Terri
(Ny, US)

My friend has been dealing with this for over a year now. Literally, everyone thinks she's crazy!

Replied by Rick
(Birmingham, Alabama)

I was beginng to think I was alone in my suffering. It's been a year and no relief.

Replied by Suzy
(Guadalupe Ca)

I know how that feels. I had relief for a little over a year but I had a family member's son stay at my house and unknowingly was infested with scabies. Now im miserable and no one understands

Replied by Martha

To Smilepayal19. I'm a grandma and I'm very proud of you. I've been dealing with these things for about a month now and its driving me crazy. your advice sounds like the most logical. My biggest problem is I only have a shower, not a tub. Also, don't take this the wrong way, but I'm glad you're the only one with them. Hopefully, that means they are not scabies, but the ones that start with d, which I think mine are, as well. Thanks.

Replied by Kristie

Hi can I please tell me where u found that blue dawn was a substitute for the kleen green, and any idea how much you would use in tub bath , thank you.

Replied by Janette
(San Diego, Ca)

I've been suffering for a few years now and am slipping into a deep depression over this. I've tried meds, creams, etc. Can u give me some ideas on how to at least control/minimize what I feel (and some people even see) come out of my nose, eyes, hair, ears...Heeellllpppp!! I just want to be normal!!

Replied by Jessica

You are not crazy. I am going threw the same thing and I'm 43 everyone thinks I am crazy I can't stand the creepy feeling in my scalp or my feet

Replied by Cary

It's Dawn dishwashing liquid.

Replied by Rob
(Taylorsville Ut)

Thank you for your positive feedback it helps so much.

Replied by Michelle

I don't know if you are still suffering, but if you are please try this: in a spray bottle mix 1/2 apple cider vinegar, water and a lot of salt - 3-4 tablespoons. Spray it everywhere - on your cat (who won't thank you) on your scalp, yourself, your bedding, carpets - EVERYWHERE. Immediate relief. I cannot believe I struggled so long and the solution was so simple. Thank you God!

Replied by Same
(Cambridge, Ma)

Buy food grade Diatomaceous Earth, super cheap at feed stores and powder every crack and crevice of your floors, under cabinets, etc, Throw most of your clothes away and dip remaining ones in the same solution you bathe in, borax and hydrogen peroxide. Do not rinse. Hang dry. Use a car chamois instead of a towel. Do not go from hotel to hotel, you are infesting countless people. Easier to manage in one place. Add dissolved salt to all hair products and lotions. Dawn dishwashing soap and windex and spray alcohol for cleaning. None of the expensive stuff works anyway. Get rid of rugs and curtains, old wallets, things you handle constantly. Clean and Ziplock your phone and wallet Bugs get in phones tvs and washer and dryers, they like warm and wet, stay cool and dry. If you are super materialistic you will never rid yourself of this. Vitamin B is a good deterant. Chewey digestive enzymes to make sure theer are no swimmers. Get checked regularly for uteran polyps, yes they get up there. Get a childs ear flush ball and flush ears with light borax solution. Get nose rinse saline, reg water burns. Good luck

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mertle (Indianapolis, In) on 04/22/2014

For skin mites, skin parasites

Three things: buy MMS online, use 20 activated drops per 32 oz spray bottle plus water, add more, with caution, if ineffective... Spray house/contents, carpet and bed/bedding daily... Spray washed/dried clothing and dry again; test fabric to make sure it isn't leaving spots! Spray chairs before/after sitting on them, toilet too... At home and esp in publuc; nvr sit on public toilet... Hover over it.

Second, fumigate your body with one cup sulfur powder mixed into bath with a cup of sea salt; buy sulfur on ebay; powder body with it, too, and mix into most natural lotion u can buy and put on trouble spots... Might need bandaids for some; can use tea tree oil, rosemary, citrinella and camphor drops in bath and on body; above all, do NOT give up!!! We are in a battle and we will win by God's power. Your life is not over, it's just a hard trial... A temp handicap... Get inspired by people in wheelchairs etc. Eat natural healthy foods! What Would Jesus Eat by Don Colbert is affordable and healthy. God bless us and heal us by His great holt grace and love and power!!! In Jesus' Name amen!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Buggedout (Texas) on 03/19/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Horrible Biting Mites

About 2 years of my life was wasted and spent on getting rid of these horrible bugs. Doctors didn't believe me. I literally became a hermit and hardly went out as I was afraid I'd infect someone. At night I could feel bugs crawling inside my ears, nose, in my eyes, genitals, butt, and on all over my skin. During the day I could feel pinprick bites. Sometimes I'd see a white fly going through the air (other people have described the same thing), whilst inside my home or inside my car and yes they do communicate with each other these bugs. What worked for me and finally cured me, I found here on your website. This site is a true god send, and all of you I sincerely appreciate your help. What worked for me, was bathing in peppermint soap everyday, putting almond oil in my hair and scalp and leaving on a long time. I would also put an equal mixture of clove oil and almond oil on my hair and skin and left it on awhile. I also started drinking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in an 8 oz glass of water at night. Also, eating garlic regularly.. lightly sauteed and sometimes a raw piece. My mattress was replaced, I discarded most of my clothes, my car, and living like a hermit for almost 2 years. DO NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT! I don't have a husband and kids so I fought this battle alone for a long time and was afraid. If you don't get rid of the bugs from your clothing and environment you will battle the bugs indefinitely. Treat your environment and yourself then you can be on your way to a cure. Goodluck!

Replied by Dibs
(Lancaster, PA)

I am so confused as to the treatments...seemed this began with fleas, lice, then mites. I live with my dog and mom. It has been a year since we have had had our clothes in bags, once a week of vacuuming went to every day or every other. We just reinfect ourselves. I think it is mostly from the car. Do you have any suggestions on that? I've seen a lot written on clove oil but I think I tried it once it it was extremely burning. Any suggestions about the car and cleaning of the house would be greatly appreciated***

Replied by Carah
(Fresno, CA)

Hi, I would use turpentine. You can google for more information "Walter Last." He has an excellent website with excellent information on that topic. As for the car, I would sell it. To eradicate them out of every nook and cranny in your car...Especially if they are deep within the fabric of the seats and the carpet on the floor would be near impossible. Turpentine is instant death for the mites and you can even take internally in small doses. It has a long history of uses. Good luck!


I hope you won't sell your car. One of my renters in called this summer to say the house was infested with mites. For her it started right after the neighbor cut down 2 oak trees each about 200 years old. She not sure if they just starets crawling in or the cats and dogs brought them in. I can't even tell you how many squirrels and birds owls mice possum were in those trees, lived in those trees. They were home to many for YEARS.

Her car was broken so I let her drive mine. I'm in Washington state and didn't need it. So now the car AND the house are infested. Probably the apt above the garage too. I was planning on selling the house and the car, but I can't do it. I just can't subject other innocent people to this crazy mite or what wver it is.

She like you has been to several doctors. No help there.

She is one of my best friends too I need the money desperately from the sale of my house and car. But REFUSE to infest anyone else. I've read so many stories of people buying cars or moving into a house or apt and getting infested with a bug they didn't have have. It's not fair to sell that infested car to someone.

I'm on disability about 800a month. I was visiting my mom in Washington after my hubby of 20yrs died Jan 2015, when my renter called and told me about the mites. I'd never heard of such a thing and thought ill just stay up her in wa. Till she gets rid of them its been 8 months. She is still dealing with them. She thinks she gets rid of them, the it rains and they start up again!! The neighbors that cut the trees left them lying on the ground for months, they too got infested.

Anyway my message is please don't sell your car, this is how it is spread. Not fair. really not fair. I am doing the right thing by NOT SELLING MY HOUSE OR CAR, until they are gone!!! I NEED the money I'm disabled and unable to work. I'm willing to do the right thing and take a loss maybe permanent I don't money off her rent, it just pays the mortgage.

Please think about this carefully.

I feel so bad for all of you, it affects even people that don't have this bug, not nearly as bad, but it is crippling me financially.

The doctors have got to pull their heads out of the butts.

This is real. This frightening!!

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Dibs,

You are right...that the infestation is likely coming from the car.

I use a product from the oil of the cedar tree. There are numerous companies. This one has a product that has worked for me again and again.... ...the main product being what they call "best yet" and I even spray on myself when I work in the yard during the summer. It helps as a temporary mosquito repellant.

Replied by Brenda
(East Texas)

To rid them from my car, I try to vacuum it thoroughly once a week. I spray with either Windex, 91% alcohol, or Lysol every time I get out of my car when I return home and I try to spray it about 15 minutes before I get in it. I spray under the seat, on the floors, under and on top of the dash, doors steering wheels, ceilings. Borax will probably work, but it clogs my sprayers so that they become unusable. Using a towel soaked in Borax should work. Be sure to try to spray in all crevices of the car like where the back of the seat meets the seat bottom. Your car can reinfect you if you do not treat it daily.

Replied by Cary

Spray your car daily with 91% isopropyl alcohol. It helped me.

Replied by Barb

One thing that I found that appears to kill them faster in the house (and car) is to use diluted ammonia. Use a mask and googles. They will tend to hide under things - under chairs and under dressers, etc. so you can spray the ceilings but when you move a chair, they will come out from under the bottom. Spray under the seats and in the trunk of the car as well as the ceilings. This worked quickly for us but we also improved our immune system - green veggies, vitamins, no sugar, garlic, and exercise. You can also take probiotic pills and follow a candida (yeast free) diet because they like yeast (fungus/sugar). You will notice a big difference when your immune system gets in order. I also added original Dawn dish liquid and sea salt to bath water so whichever ones fell in the tub, they were killed also. Safeguard soap has triclosan in it and it works also, but we used it when our journey with this was almost over so if you still have it badly, you might want to stick to the peppermint soap.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Guyb (Reading, Uk) on 11/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Try the following, nothing else worked in my experience, but this worked:

1) 100% tea tree oil
2) 100% alcohol Buy large quantities. Mix the two; apply to every itch. Apply to eyebrows and eyelashes, but be especially careful using alcohol near your eyes!
3) Neem oil. Add some to bath ; it will bring them out of the hair follicles. Don't bathe before bed, because all the young ones will come out and start to itch, so you need a couple of hours to treat them. Adding nice smelling essential oils will help neutralise the bad odour of the neem oil . Submerge head fully.
4) Bleach Add a few capfuls to bath for immediate relief, but not to be used more than once every few days. Wash your clothes and bedding every day.

If you're reading this, you're probably going through hell. I feel for you. Doctors probably won't help, so don't waste your time. It took me months to work this out, but trust me, this should help you get your life back. Good luck :)

Replied by Meeya
(Sunnyvale, Ca)

Thanks for sharing Guyb. In wanting to help others, I've found that Demodex mites manifests differently in everyone, and that - most likely - there are many different species. Can you please share what your symptoms / manifestations were before you treated? How did you discover that it was indeed a mite infestation (demodex)? Many Thanks.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Meeya!

Some info on demodex since you are info gathering!

Demodex mites are species adapted, which means while there are many species of demodex mites, the ones found on dogs only live on dogs and the ones found on cats only live on cats, etc. There are two species found on humans - D. folliculorum and D. brevis. The species is not zoonotic - you can't catch demodex from your dog, however there is one documented instance where a boy and his dog both had the same species of demodex - folliculorum; in that case it appeared the child gave the demodex to his dog.

Replied by Meeya
(Sunnyvale. Ca)

Thank you, Theresa! Wondering also how one knows for sure that it's the mites that are causing their symptoms - other than looking under a microscope?

What are the typical symptoms of an infestation? Would love to hear others experiences.


My sores actually burst open and you can see the translucent mites. My bugs were sent off to a university and came back as unknown and unidentified. My doctor want to help but she is clueless. Struggling for a year. Losing hope.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Meeya!

My experience with demodicosis is with dogs - not people. I have tried unsucessfully to verify the stories I read on the internet where people say they 'caught' demodex from their dogs. There are many stories but only 1 verified incident of a zoonotic transmission, and in that case it would appear the dog caught it from a child. [Note: in the plentiful stories on the internet the cases are not verified, the species not identified, so you cannot say for certain that the species that infected a particular dog infected the person who handled the dog who also broke with demodex.]

The only 'sure fire' way to diagnose demodicosis is by using a microscope - it doesn't need to be super powerful as demodex mites are fairly large. Keep in mind that *most* of the time the demodex mites leave peacefully on their hosts; its when the hosts body is .. out of tune in some way... that the mite populations are permitted to over grow which then trigger symptoms in humans.

The mites are typically active at night; afflicted people report feeling them crawl on their skin [the mites come out of the follicles to mate] - and the by products of the mites - their wastes and when they die their decomposing bodies - appear to be what creates the intense itching some individuals experience.

You can google "demodex in humans" and then select the IMAGES tab to see pix of folks with demodex related rosacea and acne.

Replied by Meeya
(Sunnyvale, Ca)

Thank you Theresa! Very helpful.

Replied by Ann

I have been very unhappy. I have gone to the doctor been give way to much money. To the pharmaceutical. Side of this. A guess what now apparently. I need "some one to talk to. Ugh.. Its been 4monrhs now I ache All the time my vision has gone way out there they said there's no reason for it. I have list my job after being home for about 2 months without pay and I am so miserable. At night I would sell a kidney o and by the way I am truely offended by the medical community. As a whole just because you can't figure it out does not say I'm crazy... Ok I vented and feel much better

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Buggedinoregon (Portland, Oregon, Usa) on 06/02/2013

I suffered with birdmites for about 1.5 years. Here is what worked: 3-4 drops of concentrated oregano oil under the tongue (sublingual) before bed. Do not swallow this. It is absorbed into the bloodstream via blood vessels under the tongue. More is not more effective. This will stop the biting at night. Two products made by a company called NuSkin. One is simply called Immune Formula, the other is AE10. Take them together as directed on the labels. I had to take these for about 6 months. You have to take a drug holiday for 2 weeks in between taking them daily. It is good to take some yogurt each day to keep intestinal flora alive while taking these formulas. Put any mites you pick off yourself or clothing on masking tape. Keep wide masking tape everywhere--next to bed, in car, bathroom, etc. The stickier, the better.

Daily vacuuming of home and car. They colonized my keyboard at work, so I wore surgical gloves while using my computer. Also, daily bathing. Some instant (but temporary) relief can be obtained by applying Listerine externally head-to-toe before showering. Baths with Borax, 1/2 cup of bleach, or OxiClean can help. Do not combine bleach with OxiClean. Scrub body with Scotchbrite sponge under the water. Put sponge in microwave oven for 1.5 to 2 minutes after bathing. This will kill mites that got captured in the business side of the sponge. Keep skin moistened by applying coconut oil after bathing. The mites don't like it, and you can catch any that escaped the bath by applying it everywhere on your body.

Daily laundering of sheets & towels. Wearing clothing only once before washing. Keep all clothing items in their own plastic ziplock bags. Express air from the bag when sealing them. If possible, wash items with chlorine bleach, Pine Sol or similar pine oil product, Borax, and hot water (140 F minimum). Most modern laundry equipment has temperature limitations on the hot water, so you have to find a way to override this or do what I did, and buy an old laundry set (toploader) via classifieds. Dry thoroughly. If clothing or linens come out a little damp, it is not dry enough. I can now get away with laundering sheets about every four days, and towels, every 2 days.

Get rid of carpeting. Keep humidity in your home low. An insect growth regulator called Nylar was moderately effective. None of these measures will work by themselves. You must be diligent in hygiene routines. I did not find dietary modifications to be all that effective, but I do not consume a lot of sweets. The mites do seem to go crazy if you eat fruit, so I cut back on it some, but it did not make them go away, just kept them from having a biting frenzy after I ate. Sulfa antibiotics can also be effective, but if you are allergic to them, as I am, you cannot use any sulfur product. Externally applied sulfur applications, such as used on dogs or sheep may help those who are not allergic.

Have your thyroid checked. Lab tests do not always show hypothyroidism. You can be hypothyroid and have a normal result, but if your result is abnormal, you can get help from an MD. Otherwise, see a naturopath or doctor of Chinese medicine to get thyroid. Mites are attracted to those with hypothyroidism.

NOT helpful with mites were: medical doctors, enzyme preparations, steaming things, insecticides based in neurotoxins, and ozone generators.

Hope this helps someone.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile Tn.)

BUGGED, did everything you suggested to little avail. MD's are useless with these things. Mites die in 120 degree heat. I heated my FIR SAUNA to 160 degrees and was cured in a week. Some folks have used hair dryers.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Saved But Still Battling (Baltimore) on 04/06/2013

Hello. Reporting back. Been using the essential oil therapy for about 70 days. It has been helpful in reducing the crawling sensation on the scalp but I fear I am back to being as contagious as ever. Also starting feeling extreme cramping and diahhrea. I was able to resolve this by eating something like a banana or boiled egg about 15 mins before taking the treatment. Unfortunately it seems they are getting used to this and I can feel increased digging and am experiencing twitches all over my body. I am going to give the oils a break for a while and use the transdermal magnesium therapy along with taking tumeric. I also have some iodine and grapefruit seed citricidal on the way to me along with some powdered vitamin c as I saw a post that said that most vitamins contain magnesium stearate which is used to keep the ingredients solid or something but causes poor absorption of the supplement you're trying to get into your system. I would love to find a holist doctor but am afraid of infecting someone who's trying to help me. Thanks to earth clinic and everyone here, I would feel all alone without you. Best wishes.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Have you tried imersing your hair in olive oil, and leaving it on for five to ten minutes? then repeating in five days, apparently this suffocates the mites.

Replied by Saved But Still Battling

Hi Gavin, Thanks for your response. I've tried the olive oil and since I have had this so long I had many numbers to get rid of. It helped but didn't get rid of it. I'm sitting here with coconut oil in my hair now which I left on overnight (they say oil/vaseline or whatever you choose to use should be left on at least 8 hrs as the mites are able to shut down there systems for a time - I'm not sure how long). I am much better than I was when I started this battle in September 2012, but still get the feeling that my brain is being devoured and I experience soreness in my neck and shoulders. To help with this I use the sea salt and baking soda remedy Ted recommends to reduce swollen lymph nodes which I also had during one of the battles, and it helps alot.

PS This was a follow on post to my response to the essential oil therapy reported by Sherry below from a radio show called Horokane.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Sorry to hear that the olive oil didnt work for you... Over in this neck of the woods if you have a really bad infestation the common cure is kerosene, but you have to be carefull and make sure theres no open flame. If this is combed through the hair it will kill the eggs as well.

Replied by Saved But Still Battling

Hi Gavin, Thanks so much for your feedback. I happen to have a container of lamp oil I bought as a last resort. Thanks for the tip about combing it through the hair. I have long thick hair but am preparing to cut it short for the summer. I think I will try the kerosene ( I think lamp oil is the same thing) once I cut my hair as it will be easier to comb through. Should I wrap my head in cellophane and leave it on overnight? Thanks so much for your gracious assistance!

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

I really dont think that you should leave it on that long, Kerosene is petroleum based like petrol. I think over here they comb it in and leave it for about half an hour, then wash the hair well. Its basicly a light oil. It will take all the natural oil out of the hair as well, so it might be wise after its dry to comb some coconut oil back in.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jb (Carson City, Nv) on 02/24/2013
1 out of 5 stars

Pests on scalp, face and eyes: I have battled these things since July '11. I've had 4 perscriptions of permithin, they are gone about 2 days and back again. I've tried oh so many remedies to no avail until now and have started Hydrogen Peroxide and Apple Cider Vinegar, and water;so far no relief. I am also using this solution on my head as well.

I am not bitten on other parts of my body other than these things getting into my very fine, thin hair. They had burrowed in my scalp and have caused crusty type scabs. I also had cataract surgery on my left eye in Apr '11 and have problems with it ever since, not healing as it should but around July after the surgery is when I started having the "pest" problem and they absolutely flock to that bad eye. I feel them all around and in the eye. I think they have burrowed on top of my nose and under the eye sockets too. Since reading how they reproduce about every 3-10 days I realized that my nose would look "bumpy" and have a couple of small round pouches under the eye socket and then would feel these things zooming all over my face and head, then the areas would be normal again for a couple of days but start all over again.

I have lots of digestive problems and am afraid to try the Borax remedy of drinking a very mild solution of it every day.

I also have used a mild house hold bleach/water mixture on my body and am wondering if I can use it also on my scalp? Since I don't have bites on my body, that may be the reason why because I put the bleach/wtr on my body but not my head?

I'm a senior and never had a bug in my life! Not even my 3 children ever had head lice or anything like this stuff and am about to lose it!!! How does one get in touch with Ted? I sure would like to hear what he would suggest... I try to say "have faith" but at this point, "have a shot" of something real strong!!!

Replied by Sandy
(Monroe, Washinton)

Dear Jb, please dont use any bleach solution in your hair. It could fall out or change color... Find out from the opthamalogist if you can use a dry eye ointment, it will say nightime on it. I shut down my house completely my bed is all ready and I have one light on, closet to my bed. I go to the mirror and put a fine line of the ointment in my lower eye lid. It keeps them out of my eyes at night. When I feel them in my nose or eyes I use a netty pot. The salt solution brings me almost instant relief. If I feel them on my eye lashed I use my spit like a salve and it works to keep them off my lashes. To so my hair, I will use about 4-5 tsp. Of shampoo in my hand and use 5 drops of each of these essential oils-tea tree, clove oil, and lavendar. I dont add hardly any water, I just wet my fingers and run them through my hair and shampoo. Then I wrap my hair into a towel. I leave it in up to an hr.... Now at bedtime with my hair I use olive oil, yes its a mess or mayo w/olive oil. The mayo will be cold but it does stop them from moving. Vaseline in the eyebrows helps alot. God bless you, keep fighting. :)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sherrie (Tampa, Fl) on 01/06/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Dear fellow sufferers,

l still can't believe it, but l am sitting here with no itches. I lucked onto this radio broadcast online of a woman who cured herself of Morgellons, caught after her daughter rescued a wild bird. She suffered thru over $10,000 of medications and stated her docs were at their wit's ends with her. Thru her medical contacts, she was given a remedy for infectious disease from an aromatherapy practitioner. She took it for a long time because she didn't know to kill the mites in her environment. It worked, because she kept taking it until she no longer had any itches or sores show up. One marvelous thing is that after only the first day of treatment, wonderful healing occurs. This is the remedy to take: essential oils from the health food store.

clove oil, cinnamon cassia (bark) oil, oregano oil, lemon oil, red thyme oil, and rosemary oil.

Use 5 drops of each oil in just a little water, take it 3 times a day.

Even the first night after l did the treatment, l had only taken 2 doses, but l sat there and suddenly realized all my itching had ceased. It was a warm night, l had been exposed to a large bunch of them, but -total calm.

If you want to hear the interview, look up horokane interview on Morgellons. By the way, l took this after a meal, as clove oil is strong, but l did not get an upset stomach, in fact, the opposite occurred. Best wishes.

Replied by Sherrie
(Tampa, Fl)

l forgot something important in the essential oils remedy.

You use 5 drops of the essential oils in a little water, take 3 times a day for 3 days, then take 2 days off, then take 3 times a day for 3 days again. That's 3 days on, 2 days off, for as long as necessary.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

That's interesting you should say that. Whenever I would get sick, I would make some Constant Comment tea, and add wedges of lemon and orange. Top it off with some honey. Great for a cold or sore throat. Maybe it keeps the critters at bay too.

Replied by Saved
(Baltimore, Maryland)

Dear Sherrie, I want to thank you with all of my heart for your post. For those who are not suffering from this, just be thankful that you don't understand the nightmarish symptoms of this affliction. Just to summarize, it can make you suicidal. I had contemplated it many times, but just couldn't do it to my family, although to see my family afflicted even though they don't know it, sometimes I wish I'd had the courage to do it long ago. But anyway, to those willing to try this, it is practically miraculous the result. I've had this condition which had gradually increased in severity for about 11 years. The extreme scalp itch since about 2008. I tried the borax and peroxide, paragone, oregano oil, clove oil (topically), lemons, beets, etc. After feeling like I had fleas all over me they were eventually under some control, I thought, until I saw a women five feet ahead of me begin to scratch her head. It was at that moment that I realized I had become even more contagious. When I took this oil remedy not only did it practically erase the itching, the number of people that began to itch around me also went down significantly. I highly recommend this to those suffering. Be sure to take theraputic grade and try to elimate sugar. I've been doing this for about a month and at first I was afraid that the days off would bring back the intensity I had suffered before, but it was so much more endurable. I take it on a tablespoon like a cough syrup and follow it with a few swallows of distilled water. At first I only had oregano, cinnamon, and clove oils and this was effective too. What I have found is essential is the cinnamon oil. I tried it without the cinnamon (I had run out) and it burned my throat; that lasted a couple of days. So please ensure you take the oils with cinnamon oil (even just cinnamon spice is helpful if you're desparate). I take it like I'm licking the spoon, it seems the tongue is less senstive than the lips. And boy is it potent... I tried it in a paper and plastic cup and it melted the bottom off. Then I took it in glass but it seemed like most of it would stay on the cup. The spoon works pretty good.

Sherrie, I would like to thank the universe for bringing you to this site and moving you to write your post. I love you and may God bless you.

Replied by Marilyn
(Pembine, Wi)

Using 5-6 drops essential oil "in a little bit of water" burns like crazy!!! Do not do that. If you want, mix all six oils, put 5-6 drops in 1-2 oz of olive oil, then use!

Replied by Heather

Did you have bird mites or morgellons?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Monte (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/07/2012

About 3 yrs ago we experienced mite infestation, tried many things to no avail. I read on EarthClinic that diatomaceus earth and Arid Extra Dry Deodorant Spray was recommended. I purchased DE from the internet and meticulously dowsed with DE every part of the house, bed, sofas and every place I knew there were mites, ( I don't know if they were bird, or other kind of mites) and used the deodorant in both our cars as it was also infested. Closed the cars and the house for about 21 days. Took a long trip. Came back and the house was without mites, however, to this day I occasionally feel mites crawling in my face at night. I still think they are living inside my nostrils and ears. My husband does not feel them anymore. What helps me is a mixture that I put on my face every night that I know it prevents them from moving about my face.

In the palm of my hand I mix 1/16 of a teasp. of Mustard Flour ****(important, read below)
1/16 of Borax....... (I grind it finely in a coffee grinder about a 1/2 cup will go a long way).
2 drops of Clover Oil
2 drops of Eucalyptus Oil
2 drops of Pine needle Oil
2 drops of Cedar wood Oil
2 drops of Orange Oil
Mix it with a good hand lotion about a peanut size dab
then spray with a couple of squirts of 3% Hydrogen peroxide
Mix it and spread on you face, inside nose, inside the ear cavity. Not in the eye area. (*****)Be very careful with the strength of the Mustard seed flour... it can burn your skin badly..... So start with very small amounts first to test your endurance. It should just feel tingly. Using this nightly has freed me from these mites...... Sometimes I don't feel them for weeks, but I know they are not gone but in control. Please be careful with the children's skin.... Make sure it will not burn. You can find all these ingredients at Whole Foods or a Health food store. Wish you much success, Monte

Replied by Sherry
(Bangor, Maine)

It is impossible to still feel scabie mites in your face after 3 years without any other symptoms and reinfestation. And others around you would have symptoms too. Geez! I know because I have recently been battling the horrible creatures myself. I caught them caring for a woman at the nursing home. Practically everyone did. She had the crusted kind which is most contagious. So I know how they spread, etc. Just one female can cause quite a bit of infestation, and they do not stay in one place either. Especially the head and face! So to anyone with an "actual case of scabies"..... "bug spray" yup, I know it sounds unlikely. As anyone with this mess would know though, you get pretty desperate when you have spent money on creams and oils that don't work. Or harmed their skin with bleach, peroxide, borax, etc.

The relief that I am getting I can mainly thank the bug repellents with at least 25% deet in them, such as deep woods off, and other strong ones. I make sure I wash them off at least once a day, but reapply a little while later. I also find that lysol spray antibacterial cleaner stops them on contact, and doesn't hurt your skin. When I get in my car or get near anything with them on it, I can feel them. They DO bite! But if you spray immediately and scratch the area lightly, you don't get infested. The spots are almost all gone... I'm just a normal woman who has pretty bad luck sometimes, so what I am telling you is genuine. Don't waste another dime on stuff that doesn't work....