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Mite Infestation Cures

| Modified on Nov 18, 2021

Neem Leaf, N-Acetyl Cysteine
Posted by MamaDez (FL) on 10/21/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Demodex mite cure:

NAC and neem oil capsules taken twice a day will cure you of this awful affliction. I have spent four long years dealing with these creatures that you cannot find any literature anywhere on medical issues sites. I saw someone post it in here, Earth Clinic, and I will forever be grateful. She did not put what brand or exact dosage so I just winged it myself and it worked. I am not sure why doctors are misinformed or not educated on these demodex because they are very much a problem.

It all started when my children came home with head lice and I over treated our hair, I think the overnight canola oil must of caused them to explode in numbers and not being educated on demodex, had no idea what I was dealing with for two years. I thought worms, flies, fungus, Bacteria nanowires, morgellons, you name it I treated myself for it. I am a OCD crazy clean freak. Like I clean my entire vacuum cleaner out after I vacuum my floors, I am very clean and this disease made me, my home, and family look and feel dirty all the time. Lint was everywhere and almost like a slimy wax build up would like come out of my mouth and pores and leave a trail behind, I was cleaning everyday and never felt or looked clean.

I know if you are dealing with this you understand, so I want to return the favor and hopefully help someone else.

NEEM OIL CAPSULES AND NAC ( N-Acetyl L-Cysteine). I promise you won't be disappointed.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ashlea (Texas) on 10/08/2021

My sores actually burst open and you can see the translucent mites. My bugs were sent off to a university and came back as unknown and unidentified. My doctor want to help but she is clueless. Struggling for a year. Losing hope.

Yogurt With Cinnamon
Posted by George (NV) on 09/26/2021

Demodex mites could be the cause. Lots of info online. Ignore the ads.. tree oil and permethrin are some of the treatments.

Coconut Oil, Sulphur
Posted by Granny 5 (King, NC) on 09/13/2021

I hope you have already found HCOL. I ordered it from Amazon. I have suffered since January 1993. Went to dozens of Dermatologist, Doctors and Esnaticians. None were helpful. I was searching for something recently and found this item. I think it is an "L" on the end, if not, try and "I". It is super safe and you can spray it everywhere and it gets rid of Mites. You do need to follow up according to the reproduction cycles to keep them gone. These cleaners are sold by the gallon and Personal use containers to spray on CLOSED eyes at night. I spray them every night and sometimes spread it over my face. I guess I cannot recommend this: But, I spent the last 3 weeks digging with my fingernails to get all the debre out of my pores and I am beginning to see a clearing of my complexion, thankfully I used 91% alcohol to clean lesions as I recently read the 71% does not work on Dust Mite Lesions. Apparently, according to what I have read--Doctors have for years been trained to consider these mites harmless. Well now for some reason the Mites are on the uprise and Doctors are still not helping their patients with this problem. I have read that they can enter any organ in our bodies and cause real problems. I also had them in my eyebrows. If you have pets, I have read they have Mites, but different and their mites cannot live on humans.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Robin (San Francisco California ) on 09/07/2021

It's September 2021 and I am dealing with these mite parasites which came to me because we let a neighbors outdoor cat stay in our place overnight for a matter of four or five hours and from that point on I felt intense crawling sensations on my scalp while laying on the couch. We put a blanket on the couch on that particular night and let the cat stay there in our living room because it was afraid of some skunk that was outside and it felt trapped near our back door. This cat brought us a lot of love during the whole global pandemic situation and it was heartbreaking because after we discovered that the neighbors cat was rolling around in areas where raccoons were scratching themselves, I soon realized that these were from a wild animal that was passed to the cat then passed on to us.

Since then, we've had to avoid touching or petting the cat in anyway whatsoever and it makes me cry at the thought of it. The cat is pure love and really enjoys our company even though it's not our pet.

Consequently, I am the one suffering but my husband does not feel the itching crawling and irritation. I recently have discovered however that after five months of this they are starting to go to my husband's lower hairline and neck because it's red and they're in his follicles. There are all kinds of different mites but these look like a bic pen dot and depending on their stage of growth are different sizes. they turn black when they're on light colors and they're white like dandruff or lint when they're on dark colors. these parasites have gotten under my skin and have made tracks marks on my skin at the beginning and I have experienced the stinging and the biting and the crawling irritation at night in the sheets and or seams of my clothing. I've had to throw away half of my closet. It is horrific! Yes, they nest under the skin and a lot of the remedies that are have already been mentioned here are the recommended ones -borax hydrogen peroxide distilled water spray -and I personally use Kleen Green (a natural enzyme spray product that is made in the US which has saved me and mostly prevented them from bothering me at night. I spray that natural enzyme on my clothes daily after lint rolling everything I wear before putting it on my body. This spray apparently cuts into their exoskeleton which will help to kill off a number of them. Bag balm which is a type of ointment that comes in a green square can is very helpful because it helps to prevent infection and also suffocates them. I put the bag balm on my feet and hands at night before going to bed and it prevents as much irritation as I had in the beginning. This product can be found at most pharmacies and are usually get it at Walgreens. You can also buy it online. It's much like petroleum jelly but different.

Personally, I have been so exhausted from this process since the middle of March that I can only handle washing every three days. I know it's probably better to wash daily but I'm just tired out from the situation. So, upon waking I lint roll all the sheets and pillows on the bed and then spray it down with Kleen Green - the product I mentioned above - let it dry and then put your comforter blanket on top afterwards. Lint rollers Kleen Green enzyme spray are my best friends right now as well as bag balm. Oh, and borax too. I launder with borax and the natural enzyme spray can be used to launder clothes as well.

Additionally, I sought out help from a Facebook group that was all about wellness and a woman who is a medical intuitive referred me to a man in Connecticut Dr Matt Cucolo who has had clients with this situation for the past handful of months. He prescribed to me a series of herbs to help candida and digestive issues along with any internal parasites. I have been taking those herbs since May I believe. One of the herbs is a wormwood complex which is ultra important and helps to kill the stuff from the inside. It's important that you don't just work from the outside with cleansers etc. You've got to kill them from the inside, especially the hair follicles on your head. They go into the intestines they go into the lower body areas or any orifice they can get into. It is absolutely disgusting! I did originally go to a dermatologist and a few nurse practitioners or physician assistance at urgent care and they did give me permethrin and ivermectin. It does not cure the problem. It's a temporary fix. If you have parasites of any kind inside your body it will attract the mites which are a parasite.

At this point in time, I'm having my husband put oregano drops (it's a natural anti-parasitic) in water to drink and he's using a sulfur soap to wash his hair and body with daily. The sulfur soap is very important and I've also purchased a pine tar oil soap (grandpas is the brand) that can be used for hair and body and of course I use Dr. Bronner‘s mint soap. My husband fought me along the way telling me that he didn't believe they were mites at all even after he saw black dots on our bed sheet after waking up in the morning. Do you believe that!? Now, I told him the problem will never go away unless he starts to treat himself in someway or another. He's finally realizing that he can't ignore it anymore and pretend that we don't have this issue.

Additionally, I have been adhering strictly to a diet of protein (mostly fish and eggs and once in a while some beef or bacon) vegetables and seed crackers plus pumpkin seeds macadamia nuts almonds sunflower seeds, non-dairy yogurt. Absolutely no carbs no potatoes no yeast no sugar or sugary fruits. this is absolutely essential if you want them to reduce in population.

Also check out a woman online on YouTube who has a channel called “I might have mites”. She has amazing recipes for bath solutions and hair solutions as well as other things like coconut oil which is something that I use daily to put on my body after I shower. it felt great to find someone who has a series of videos and has experienced this awful stuff. I think her hers lasted for two years.

I hope this helps some of you and please share anything you know about how to deal with the clothing and furniture part because I've had to wear all polyester clothes as a result and stay away from cotton clothes because they embed themselves in the cotton. I've also had to purchase polyester sheets which I absolutely don't like but they tend to not embed themselves as deeply in polyester as they do cotton.

Be well and reply if you want to know more or can help me too! This is revolting to experience and has affected my energy, motivation and daily life as well as sleep. I am on clonazipam to sleep at night. That is the only thing that a regular doctor did for me - otherwise they did not solve the problem at all!!!!!!

ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Vicki (TN) on 09/05/2021

Tea tree oil and some essential oils are toxic to cats. ACV is apple cider vinegar. Unpasteurized in the best to use. Also Epsom Salt baths seem to help. Research ways to detoxify on the internet. There is a lot of helpful info on this.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nancy New Jersey (Turnersville) on 09/02/2021

I found out that these microscopic mites thrive on your anxiety emotions if you take something like depression medicine they start jumping on you I myself took Valium and Lexapro

Coconut Oil, Sulphur
Posted by Terry (OK) on 08/27/2021

I have the exact same thing happening with the eyebrows, eyelashes and face mites. Everything I researched says to use Oust Demodex cleaner because it is the least likely product to sting and burn. Look it up for further details and YouTube has several videos on it too.

Diatomaceous Earth, Essential Oil Borax
Posted by TAndrews (Mississippi ) on 08/12/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Well well well….I've been going through similar issues as everyone here, and I struggled with not being believed or heard. So many appts and same story retold endless amounts but I'm pretty sure I've found a way to overcome your skin from being a host of these invaders…This is how I'm taking my life back…3 ingredients mixed together and rubbed on your body anytime you feel even the smallest movement on your skin, no matter where u May feel…wipe your face at least 3x a day and your skin will would look so bright and clear.This was after trying so many things..

Food grade diatomaceous earth, soap and essential oil smell (peppermint tea tree oil eucalyptus, etc and a mixture of borax dissolved in water. Take a face wipe, suds it up with your soap, evenly sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the wipe, and as you rub your skin in a circular motion til you form what feels like a light paste as you go..If you use a lot of diatomaceous earth, the thicker the paste.I use thin coating..This will kill mites, clear your skin and protect it from being invaded..I have more recipes..I've gone from severely invested with scabies or bird mites for 3yrs to now 90% cleared up .I prayed and this solution was the answer.. This was the worst fight of my life..thank God for his mercy on me

Posted by Nancy (Tyrnersville, NJ) on 08/05/2021

How did you get them out of your car?

Colloidal Silver and Coconut Oil
Posted by Nicole (Wisconsin) on 07/30/2021

Did you ever use castile soap, neem oil aid water in a spray bottle on your body? I just read about that today and am about to try it.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nanc (Houston, Tx) on 07/25/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Naturalgal: you are a genius. Salting sheets with cloves added sounded crazy but it worked! First sleep I've had in weeks. Thank you!!!!!!

ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by James Moran (CA) on 07/20/2021

I have noticed other threads have mentioned sulfur powder.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Deborah D. (Flower Mound, TX) on 07/10/2021

I suggest clean green .. check out their website. I hav been fighting these creatures for 5 months. I use 2 c bleach in a tub full of hot water. Call clean green and ask for help. They had great ideas. Praying for you.

Posted by Jule Valentine (St Charles, IL) on 07/07/2021
5 out of 5 stars


I have run into mites from pets on 3 occasions so far... for me and my family we put 2-3 heaping tablespoons of borax into warm/hot water in a squirt bottle (like the ones used to dye your hair), shake it hard to dissolve, and leave it in the shower... we squirt it on all skin and head after our shower, and we don't remove it. I'd do it again at night to be protected overnight too... I'd add essential oil also to make it a pleasant body tonic/experience. It's been great for stopping the mite attacks on our bodies. Good luck!

Lamp Oil, Borax
Posted by Bryan (Indiana) on 07/07/2021

What did you do about your cars. That is where it starts every time I go anywhere.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Cara (Lakeside, AZ) on 07/05/2021

I just tried the Borax 20 Mule Team and am grateful that I found this Borax/Hydrogen peroxide mix for baths, only I added 2 cups of table salt to the 3 cups of Borax and 2 cups of Hydrogen peroxide. I feel so relieved for the first time since this started 3 years ago. I know it will take more baths, but it works well enough the first time to tell you it's going to work.

Tomorrow I'm going to get the Kerosene as my Grandma's generation and before used it to kill body parasites like chiggers and lice. So despite what warning is on the bottle, I know that it's safe to use from head to toe every 3 days until well.

If anyone needs Antifungals like Itraconazole, etc you can get them without a prescription from It's human medicine and it's good medicine, I know because I've been ordering it for 3 months. They will arrive in 7-14 days. They have Ivermectin too, but a doctor told me that the Ivermectin paste for horses was as good and it's cheaper. God bless you all with healing.

Essential Oils, Turmeric
Posted by MissM (New York ) on 06/26/2021

I had something on eyes and scalp, tried everything.

Did a course of ivermectin, and took neem capsules and di limolene both which are anti bug. You cannot take neem oil internally, nor did I want to use it externally as it stinks worse than garlic.

I asked my doctor for ivermectin because we couldn't eradicate by any other means. And because of pandemic could not scalp biopsy.

Eyes. Buy micellar water for removing cosmetics add two drops of lavender or tea tree oil. If eyes start to itch, clean them with cotton pad and solution. This is way cheaper than some of products sold on Amzn.

My doctor didn't even know about this affliction and chalked it up to generic dry eye syndrome which it was not.

Enzyme Cleaner
Posted by Rabel (Tulsa) on 06/21/2021

@ Bev. Kleen Green twice a day on clothes and bed sheets? or do you spray it straight into your skin? Thanks for the tip about the petroleum jelly on your eyebrows!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 06/16/2021

(N/B. This posting was from Eve (Nv?) .. again from a while ago now - might be more relevant to your situation than the other one I gave you. Tea Tree Oil can be quite strong so be careful and don't underestimate it please-especially with the eyes-get a second opinion).

Sad Story and to think there are millions suffering from the same things! Mine started when I had the final cataract surgery done in NV, first one was done in another State and no problems. The surgeon didn't know what they were so to to make a long story story short, he thought Tea Tree Oil was a new oil, I laughed him almost out of the room, I had used it for 40 years for colds, back pain, and on and on.

Get a good grade of Tea Tree Oil and a Good carrier oil, such as cold pressed Coconut oil, These 2 will be need to be diluted 50/50, shake each time you use it. VERY CAREFULLY, take a Q tip and put the oil on it and pull your eye lids up and down so you can reach each one . Gently touch your lids with oil, and it will sting a bit, that's why you need to pull your lid up or down. After you have put the oil on the lids and you will feel these fools things trying to die, they will make your eye twitch. Then, close your eyes and use the q tip and massage across your upper lids with the oil. It is recommended that you do this every 5 minutes each time your doctor your eyes and do this 3 times each session. I also use saline solution to rinse my eyes out and if you have a fairly strong magnifying glass you will see little specks in eye bowl, switch that round in your eyes several times a day.

These instructions are from a Dr in a medical school in Fl and it was the only thing that killed them and gave me any relief. Since there are so many types of mites, you probably need to work on your home and your car because you carry them everywhere. My relief was straight 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, I sprayed my entire home, walls, floors, bed, clothes and when I get out of a shower I spray my body and if the mites are any place on your body you will feel a sting which will last about 3-5 minutes from the HP killing them. Don't spray your head with the HP as it will break your hair off. Use several drops of Tea Tree Oil in your shampoo every time you shower or bathe. Vac and sweep your floors and carpet frequently and change your bed linens weekly. No easy quick solution to the problem. I just recently found a Pesticide that will kill mites and it is called Onslaught. It's bit expensive, about 39.00 a qt and you need a sprayer for it, not a bottle sprayer, you don' want to get the stuff on your skin or eyes or children nor pets nor plants, it's safe after it dries. BE SURE YOU READ THE INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY BUT IT WoRKS and will take about 2-3 applications and what a relief!

Just remember you got'em, keep calm but be diligent in doing your work about killing them, GOOD LUCK!

Cheers from Down Under

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 06/16/2021

(The following item was posted by Susan of France some years ago and should prove of interest to you I think).

The steam cleaners are sold through companies that help with bed bugs. I'm not sure this is the best solution for bird mites but couldn't hurt. As long as the pigeons are still nesting in your building you will have big problems with bird mites. The nest have to be cleared, the openings sealed and a mite killer powder placed where they roosted. Australian sites are good for this. The building may have to be tented and bird mite killer used (BetaCyfluthrin). If you kill them in just your apartment they will leave and then return.

If they are driving you mad then you can obtain relief though some of the remedies here.
Borax soaks with teatree are good for itching (the teatree oil repels them). I have used an essential oil spray that I had for my leg circulation. They hate the smell of essential oils, camphor, teatree, orange oil, and pine. Using these makes them leave temporarily.

Some people say that Skin-so-soft kills them on your body and repels then at night. I recommend sleeping in synthetic nightmare and using synthetic sheets as they prefer cotton.

Dry cleaning your clothes kills them as does high heat drying. Some recommend borax in the wash. When the clothes are clean you should keep them in a plastic bag or the mites will jump back on. Keep dirty clothes sealed in a bag as well. Some people say that modern moth repellants keep them off clothes temporarily. Some people say that Arrid Extra Dry repels them on clothing and in the car.

Bird mites like the face, nose, and ears and can make your face break out in bumps that scab over. I first noticed them in my nose and thought they were an allergy until I used the essential oils on the outside and they my nose stopped itching and congestion and breathing returned to normal- if momentarily. Some people recommend cleaning with alcohol, or bleach, or borax. I used diluted bleach, then alcohol on my face, then face cream and they stopped itching and the bumps cleared.

Mineral oil and particularly Vasoline kills them as they cannot breathe. This is a common remedy used on pet birds as they get mites on their beaks and feet. Some people use Campho-Phenique or Vick's vaporub in their nose on outer ear to keep them out and kill mites that have entered.


CLEANING: Vacuuming daily with a hepa filter that is sealed and kept outside. Vacuum walls, furnishings and clothes. Cleaning floors and surfaces with Dettol, Pinoclean, or Pinesol. (People with carpet use borax powder.) Spraying (BetaCyfluthrin found in roach spray) bedroom, mattress, closet, and pillows and sealing room for 4 hours. Keeping worn clothes sealed in bag and outside of bedroom.

BODY: Denorex, Gold Bond Foot Powder (It has menthol, eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil and keeps them off feet and out of shoes), bleach baths, Arbonne bodywash and spf 30 sunscreen, Borax, sea salt scrub, Gold Bond Foot Spray.

Anything that has menthol in it or sulfur in it. Sulfer based hair products (Sulfur 8 hair and scalp medicated conditioner). Pestene by the company Inca Powder, sulfur, lime sulfur oil, sulfur dust, all work great. Lime Sulfur Oil from the Bonide Company (order lime sulfur pet dip from Amazon).

ENVIRONMENT:Keeping the rooms dry and cool. Mites love wet and humid. Using mite pillow protectors (also helps with dust and dust mite allergies.) Sleeping in synthetic nightgown and sheets. Sleeping on a laytex/memoryfoam mattress (helped with bird and dust mite)

Hope this is helpful! Good luck to you.

Neem Leaf, N-Acetyl Cysteine
Posted by Jesse (Chicopee) on 06/15/2021

Can you tell me exactly what kind (brands) you take please. There are no sprouts stores by me.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by KT (Usa) on 06/15/2021

You could try putting alcohol in a spray bottle and saturating your sheet and mattress, turning back your top sheet and spray that too along with your pillows about 1/2 hr. or so before going to bed. It should be dry enough to not smell of alcohol. I have done that and it seems to work well.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mindy (NH) on 06/14/2021

Hi Heather, I'm struggling too and in NH. I'm not well to start with and so my body has not responded well to many of the treatments and attempts to heal myself of these blasted things. They get used to everythingI do. Ted's remedies do seem to help a lot of people...borax baths, taking baking soda 1/4 tsp 2x daily w 8, oz water on empty stomach etc. If you ever want to talk, pls feel free to contact me. I hate that I can't be around people or discuss it. Good luck and God bless everyone!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 06/15/2021

Hi Heather, You maybe have enough cures suggested to you by now by the sounds of it but may I suggest an idea of mine?

I use an Australian "Body and Soul Health Products shampoo" that I discovered recently and it is the only one that relieves my itchy scalp- oh the relief!

It does not claim to deal with micro insects but is mainly for eczema, psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, cradle cap and dandruff.

However, here's the thing, as I say it soothes my scalp such that nowadays I don't need to wash my hair nearly as often as before (yes, I know, I am a male! ) AND it works especially well after I have trimmed my huge hedge when I feel sure I get attacked by scores of very, very, small insects. If I don't do a thorough hair shampooing afterwards, I will itch and scratch all night! It might be pollen I suppose?

Goes by the name of Hope's Relief Shampoo and the good effect is enhanced if you use a conditioner afterwards. Follow the instructions on the container for best results. Use every day to start with.

I hope it works for you.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 06/14/2021

Are you familiar with morgellons?Ted's Remedies, Morgellons Remedies (

I know some people battling this.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Heather M. (NH) on 06/14/2021
1 out of 5 stars

Wow so many mite "cures" my head is spinning. I'm here out of pure frustration, been going on 5 years being the only one in the house under attack every night. I've tried everything, just tired of spending thousands on useless so called cures.

Posted by David (Australia ) on 06/05/2021

Unfortunately you are quoting 70 year old research. The latest research shows that bird mites can live exclusively on human hosts, and that they can live in your couch for 9 months without a blood meal. It means they are very, very hard to eliminate.

Vapor Rub
Posted by Shoo (Cleveland, Ohio) on 05/23/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Cover mites with vaporub, the mites don't like eucalyptus, & will back out. Worked in 2 days for me. Keep the area moist with Vaporub

Hydrogen Peroxide, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by frank (sc) on 05/12/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Meth mites, real or not? VERY REAL!!!!

Hello all, My name is Frank V. I recently started seeing bugs under my skin with parasitic worms swimming up my face going up behind my eyes. I was frantic and started picking at it. I told my wife to call an ambulance because I was terrified that I might lose my eye sight. Ambulance arrived and I went to the emergency room. Doctor said I was crazy, gave me some shots to knock me out and said nothing was there and that I was hallucinating. I walked out of the emergency room, called my wife and she picked me up at a gas station.

Next day! I woke up at home and I got up to use the bathroom and my whole head and chest were full of bites. I took a tweezer and picked at one of the bites and pulled out one of the bites and saw a red like tick. I got a magnifying glass look at it and indeed it was what I was seeing. I called my wife and father in law to verify what I was seeing and asked them to validate with their own eyes what they saw. both said a red tick like insect. I then drove myself to a different hospital and went to the emergency room. They diagnosed it as a staff infection and gave me antibiotics and gave me some cream to put on the bites. I took the antibiotics and the cream. went back the following week and my chest was cleared up but my legs were filling up with red sores. and my head was better or so I thought. the bites turned into scabs and it turned out that these bugs were clever! They hid themselves under a layer of skin! I went back to the emergency room and they diagnosed it as Impetigo and gave me more cream. That didn't work! Mind you that I took 2 ct scans and blood work! These doctors have PHD's.

I decided to do my own research using my symptoms, mind you I have a bachelors degree in management with minors in psychology. not a PHD! I bought cremes such as bacitracin, neosporin and anti itch to name a few. liquids, witch hazel, lice shampoos, vinegar and vitamin pro biotics to name a few.

In doing my research I found an article that had all my symptoms. It's called "CHAGAS" disease also known as the kissing bug. I was sitting outside on my porch pulling out these insects from my skin and noticing that there was a flying bug that would reinsert another bug in me. I was so frustrated. According to the article (#webmd) the bug enters either through the mouth, nose or eyes. it poops and the poop turns into infection which in turn causes a parasite and the parasite eats into your skin and becomes a host. They produces eggs and has stages, the eggs hatch and the red bugs are full blown adults that feed on your blood. the parasite can be dormant for years. It has a web like protection barrier around it(like fish bone, spiny) for protection of fully pulling it out) There is no vaccine for it.

Time to find the host! This can be difficult and I don't advise anyone to try this at home. I found mine in my mouth. I have this hole in my cheek that's been ongoing for many years inside my mouth. I thought it was a diabetic thing caused by high blood sugar (damn was I wrong). As anyone that uses meth knows, meth causes infection in the mouth, rots teeth, dehydrates the body which in turn weakens the immune system. I also have a sore on the corner of my lip that I popped. Out of this sore is where I saw the little fly come out of which led me to figure out the source of the parasite that entered into my blood stream and caused this chaos that I have been going through. I gargled hydrogen peroxide to try and heal the hole and to my surprise the host didn't like it and showed itself through the hole in the corner of my mouth. It took me an hour and a half to manually pulled it out and hurt like hell. I had to have the peroxide in my mouth and let it out little by little so the host would stay visible to continue to get it out. if peroxide not present it goes right back in. I wish I was able to record it but I only have two hands and I wanted it out. It was pretty extreme but I was ready for battle!!!!

Lastly, apple vinegar is awesome. I did put bleach on remaining sores and used clear nail polish to suffocate them. worked really well if you can take the sting. My meth days are over. I got what I wanted out of it and it was to lose weight but it is Russian roulette. Take care everyone and don't forget to brush your teeth..

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 04/10/2021

Ted's Remedies, Morgellons Remedies (

I read a lot .....and love conspiracy ......if it's all good of course. Word is those covid nose swabs have morgellons on them and they are spreading it to the unsuspecting masses. Copper helps and possibly borax. Love a good rumor if it solves a mystery. The man who digs a pit will fall in it . Lies always come out in the end . Blessings, Charity

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kelly (Kansas ) on 04/10/2021

Please someone help! I have been on every Dr ordered med for bites, rash or mites and now being told it's a nerve disease. I'm going cray but more than that, my kids and friends think I'm losing it! I'm covered in bites. can see them under my skin even.

Cedar Oil
Posted by Ann (Asheville, NC) on 03/28/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Dear sister and fellow sufferers: After trying EVERYTHING, I finally mixed full-strength Cedar Oil Vet's Choice (enough to spread on body)with a little glycerine, maybe a tablespoon or two. After soaking in the borax/peroxide bath and drying with towel, spread this mixture over your skin. I use one of those puffy long-handled back brushes. It will be sticky. Get into your long pajamas so it doesn't make a mess everywhere. Remember that glycerine attracts moisture from the air. I have to change my nightshirt twice within a couple of hours. I am retired and at home so I can leave the mixture on all night and the next day too. Now the good part, after your next borax/peroxide soak look at what's floating on the water...clumps and clumps of tiny white larva! I'm 81, and haven't noticed or felt any adverse effects from the full-strength Vet's Choice.

Now, for the itching: Noxzema does a marvelous job of cooling the skin and stopping the itches and it's el cheapo. So does Absorbine Veterinary Liniment. I get both the gel and the liquid. I put the liquid in a spray bottle to spray around my ankles and bottoms of jeans. There's plenty of alcohol in both, so be careful around open cuts and sores. There's also good stuff in it like wormwood, etc.

Best wishes to you all.

Posted by Vicki (Texas) on 02/25/2021

Omg! im going thru the same thing, my daughters thinks im on meth, nd seeing this. Ive cried so many night, suicidal thought, im at the end of my ropes here, its controlling my whole life. Im scared to go anywhere thinking I might infect someone else, i cant even hug or hold my new granddaughter. This is killing me. Tea tree oil has not works, ive spent thousands on lice products purchased online, mite creams now dermadex ointments. Nothing has worked. Ive had some minor changes bathing with a bar of sulfur soap purchased at walmart. The best results, sea salt and goats milk off of Very pleasant. Im a 51 yr old woman, and even went as far as buzzing my hair off.. Please help. I have heart and high blood pressure issues, and possible breast cancer, but that dont even touch what im going thru with these mites, .

ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Valerie (MI) on 02/15/2021

I've suffered the same bites and stings for three months, and have seen four doctors who've prescribed permithrin 5% cream and Ivermectin 5% cream and Ivermectin pills. I quit using borax in my laundry, since it's toxic to pets and can cause irritation to us. I also don't wear polyester tops or sit on couches, since those don't breath. What's working today is simply hydrogen peroxide on cotton pads rubbed onto areas of itching.

Enzyme Cleaner
Posted by Bev (VA) on 01/17/2021

Kleen Green, at least twice daily, helped me inordinately. The product offers an insert with instructions for use. Also, petroleum jelly suffocated them for me on my eyelashes and eyebrows.

For clothes, place them in a bag, and store them in the freezer for at least six hours. This was a game-changer for me.

I freeze every garment I wear: jackets, hats, scarves, socks, shoes, everything. Make sure damp clothing, including shoes, dry prior to placing them in.

I'm so grateful for our online community here. Thank you, everyone who has taken the time and care to share your struggles and triumphs.

Essential Oils
Posted by Bev (VA) on 01/17/2021

Place your clothes in a bag, and store them in the freezer for at least six hours. This was a game-changer for me.

I freeze every garment I wear: jackets, hats, scarves, socks, shoes, everything. Make sure damp clothing, including shoes, dry prior to placing them in.

Kleen Green, at least twice daily, helped me inordinately. Petroleum jelly suffocated them for me on my eyelashes and eyebrows.

I'm so grateful for our online community here. Thank you, everyone who has taken the time and care to share your struggles and triumphs.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Borax
Posted by MissM (NY) on 12/19/2020

You can use on body and hair. And you don't use for a long time. It's better than being infested. You don't use straight hydrogen peroxide it should be diluted. Borax works.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Borax
Posted by Mindy (Ky) on 12/18/2020

Both hydrogen peroxide and borax are serious bleachers. They're not meant for the hair. It can be used on the scalp for short. Of time. Your hair has been over bleached and that is why it is melting. Cut it off and let it grow out. It will come back. I believe the the peroxide and borax is meant for the body.

Salt and Oil
Posted by Faith Over Fear (South Florida) on 11/02/2020
5 out of 5 stars

1 part organic oil; olive or avocado or coconut

to 3 parts semi coarse Kosher salt.

mix well using a wood spoon with a teaspoon of water into a plastic container with lid.

Grab small handful with dampened hand or face cloth to apply over face and body while standing in shower space.
No need to scrub hard. Just normal pressure with a circular motion. Pay attention to inside and backside of Shoulders, arms, wrists and hands.

Allow a short couple minutes before rinsing off.

Be cautious of oil on shower or tub floor.

Avoid eyes.

Remember to keep up on vacuuming and clothes washing.

Do this before bedtime. Relax, rest and sleep.

Posted by Bailey (IN) on 10/20/2020

In rare form from bug bite in scalp a almost 4 weeks ago thinking it was a flea. House sprayed bc I thought I was getting bitten, all over well another bite popped up on my head: in between All of this I I had a Demodex on my scalp and I kept seeing all of these like particles are like small dust fragments of white not micro things coming out of my thick thick hair for a little while. Then my eyelids and eyebrows with the little like salt grains and things like that. My husband and my daughter's eyes are both infected a couple times I'm hoping that that has since passed but in the meantime I cannot get this to go away on my hair and body at times. My hair will no longer lather it is straight straw I don't believe I over treated it but I have tried different products it just went out ladder I've tried home remedies I've tried natural things I don't like Teatree it doesn't sit well with me I've still been spraying it around I've done a lot of things I've seen on this website I do not have a clue what shampoo to even use or want to try anymore but I have to keep washing my hair or it will get more oily. I How to control this but I know every time I move my head there's like some dandruff or particles falling from my head and I cannot understand what is going on. I've read so many blogs so many articles not a lot of people talk about this exact issue with Demodex but it's happening and I'm freight and my hair is everything but I'm about to shave it and just buy a wig it's so bad. I've tried lots of different things like I mentioned we have a new water head I'm not up to par on my nutrients my way is very under because I'm upset I know this is not the worst I've been so I again don't think this is triggered by wondering.Wondering if that bike set some thing off and then I have another one even though we've had the house treated and it was not infested with any type of creature that they could see I've read articles from top to bottom from all kinds of things and I'm confused Walking aimlessly through stores and looking online to try to find a product for myself and I can't seem to pull the trigger on much because nothings working and everyone has tried and you so many different things again nothing will lather on my damn head I have to use a lot of product so I'm thinking I'm using too much and it's getting really difficult to manageObviously it's not something they really treat here in the US but I believe our body does need them if we have them but I don't know if I want to eradicate or exterminate them completely I just want them to go back to normal whatever that is doctors. I do know it sounds crazy I'm thankful that my family does believe me since their eyes were affected but a lot of people just think it's crazy so I won't even bring it up I haven't even been able to get to the doctor because she's not taking me seriously and the dermatologist is out of pocket and booked out which in my little town and I don't think they really treat it and maybe they were treat my eyes possibly write me a prescription again I would have to pay out-of-pocket for her for some itch cream so I'm really freaking lost I've gotten so many things that I've seen y'all try and I don't know where to go from here anymore but I don't want to try anything on my hair so far on that I've just done a few natural remedies and shampoos that I have as well as tea tree. Help my hair won't even absorb water… I believe our whatever I do not know I even have a background in here and I'm pretty knowledgeable but I feel like this is just so broad! I'm even more afraid to get opinions because I don't know what to do I've also treated my eyes and if I stay on it every single night it works but one night if I don't they're on there if I get a little extra oil either little grains of salt or on there there was so many of them all over my head too I just don't understand. I'm not knock on wood watching like crazy at the moment I've had spots and then a really weird like foot each moment but I can't get a grasp of any of it and it's very fucking taxing. I can't even touch my head without something falling on my face and it's not big chunks of scalp skin or anything like that it's particles or a little salt grains!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Anne (CA) on 10/20/2020

Hi Terry,

How long did you follow this hair washing protocol before seeing results? I assume it did clear it all up for you or has it returned? Is there a maintenance routine you now follow that works?


Posted by RB (CA) on 10/15/2020

Were you dealing with demodex mites? or some other type of mite?

Hair Dryer
Posted by Carolyn (Kansas) on 10/11/2020

Which kind of uriage cream? There are many.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Heather (Az) on 10/11/2020

go to there's a section in the pest control tab called what's biting me. You order swabs to collect dna around your environment and you can choose what to test for.

General Feedback
Posted by Heather (Az) on 10/09/2020

I had my house tented and fumigated with the vikane gas. It didn't totally get rid of them. I'm pretty sure it didn't kill the eggs. It's really hit or miss with the fumigation so don't think it'll definitely work. I had a positive result of dermanyssus genus mites on the test. They used 10 times the concentration level for bird mites. If you could get a company to fumigate it and leave it tented for at least a week it would probably work because all the eggs would hatch and it would then hopefully kill all the new bugs. Just my thought.

Posted by Heather (Az) on 10/08/2020

There are thousands of different mites and they can definitely live longer than two days without a host....some can live 10 months or probably longer d. gallinae.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Robert (Oregon) on 10/07/2020

How do you take the cesium? Is it dissolved in water? From your post, is one gram per day an effective dose? I read somewhere that it can be dangerous, I imagine that this is referring to taking it in large amounts.

Manuka Honey +
Posted by Jo (Los Angeles) on 10/03/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I had an earlier version of mites that persisted and thrived in my skin.. like scabies but harder to eliminate. I could BOIL my clothes and it wouldn't phase them. I found the best thing for my body was a manuka honey treatment but I could duplicate it with locally accessed ingredients for less and no wait on the shipping from new zealand. you need to blend ingredients to have it work. the most effective treatment was the mildest surprisingly. their lotion was a dilution of the oil, and it actually stopped the infestation. I would get a bottle of east cape manuka oil and one of lemon myrtle oil and mix in the base of sweet almond carrier oil. 6oz of almond oil to 1oz manuka to 1/2 oz lemon myrtle. These three ingredients make a lot of the product you need. and a small amount of this into an unscented body lotion well mixed, applied several times a day and the rash would be gone. for my clothes and bedding I used Kleen Free (formerly Kleen Green) and several ounces in a warm or hot laundry cycle would get everything if I soaked things first. I understand borax works and it's cheaper, but I haven't tried that. The great thing about Kleen Free is a gallon makes over 10 gallons so you can put it in a spray bottle and spray your hair, your skin, it gets the ones that might be crawling. if you have scabies this will work for you; be persistent, at any notice spray the kleen free solution (i get the unscented) and put the lotion on any active "underskin" area and around that area to keep them from traveling to a new part of the skin. I would sleep with a spray of the kleenfree on my hair in a plastic bag. But you have to treat everything at the same time.. use something on all surfaces, and yourself, make sure your bed is in a zipped mite free casing, the bedding is clean, and then continue this process. you can beat them !! I did it successfully for years, but occasionally I'd have a piece of clothing that I hadn't worn and it would start the infection process and I'd treat everything asap to keep from further invasion.

Posted by Heather (Arizona) on 10/02/2020

Do you mean it cured the infection or the bird mites too?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Heather (Az) on 09/28/2020

Did you have bird mites or morgellons?

Dust Mite Remedies
Posted by Sam (Hawaii) on 09/10/2020

I have had that thought too. Dust mites on steroids. However it could also be springtails, a soil creature that has enormous plasticity reproductive rates and actual size. Throw away all unneccessary paper or fabric items. Seal what you can (leather/canvas) with wax. Sulfur fog vehicles but its toxic so air out well. Washing is impossible because like the guinea worm they explode in population.

Posted by Taffy Valley (Santa Cruz ) on 07/12/2020

Sorry to introduce...ta da - collembola. Haven't read through all posts in case they are mentioned elsewhere but I'm dealing with these tiny crawling itch causing critters and searching for extermination methods (without having to throw out all my furniture and clothes, rugs, curtains, etc. Info on the internet is conflicting or purely discounting. “They don't bother humans.” to which one commenter on Houzz suggested the “expert” should be invited over for a home visit.

I have captured a number of the bugs (I read they're not actually bugs) on clear tape, I took a few video clips of individuals crawling in my bathtub -tiny, ~1mm long. The way I'm speculating on ID is that the first time I moved in with tape, the little guy jumped about 10 inches! That's the only place I can see them...when I shake out yesterday's bathmat into the tub.
I'm changing sheets, towels, clothes and flip flops every day, doing lots of laundry with borax, squirting diatomaceous earth lightly all over the house, using essential oil diffuser and trying various potions on myself, laundry and surfaces. Just peeked into EC today to see if I could use borax in a body scrub

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Crystal M. (West Virginia ) on 06/30/2020
4 out of 5 stars

Dr Bronners: 18 in 1 hemp peppermint pure castle soap shampoo body wash just be careful not to get in eyes and you can use in laundry fir clothes & bedding and before bed I use a small amount of mentholatum around my eyes, nostrils, ears and mouth and I sprinkle borax detergent in my carpet and spray hot shot bed bug everywhere in my home and car where I feel the bugs are at. It's been 5 Yrs, 3 different exterminators and I've paid for $100 jugs of evictor insect control spray and fumigated myself, it's a lot better now after 5 yrs but we're still dealing with a light infestation.

ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Donna (Tx) on 06/26/2020

Use Neen oil diluted on skin go to health food store but neem capsules...also use tea tree oil diluted on skin n in shampoo.. Sounds like to je u have scabie mites..

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ann (Fl) on 06/14/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to add on to your tannic acid post confirmation. I have demodex mites, so I don't know which kind you have. Mine came from a used bed that I did not put a mattress encasement over as well as the fact that I stopped being able to use a dryer unless I can find one that's dedicated and free from chemicals. At any rate, I bought the tannic acid and sprinkled it all over the mattress and waited. I like that you said that sometimes it can be a weak solution because I think that it's possible that it's not as effective this time as it was before for that reason. I will say that I also was able to change out all furniture, bedding, etc by the grace of God although... I had a very severe infestation at one point and found that when I used candidase, an enzymatic remedy to get rid of candida in the body, it went away within two days. I had felt them crawling on me for 5 years, and had at best kept them at Bay by adding a small amount of mustard powder to my soap. Mustard after 5 minutes will totally kill them. Blissed relief. I had used apple cider vinegar water before but it takes 15 minutes to get rid of them and I would notice they wouldn't all go away. Although, the mustard in the shampoo didn't seem to help much with my hair. so, if I were to recommend anything to anybody it would be mustard powder very small amount in the shampoo because it is very abrasive on the skin otherwise, sprinkling tannic acid on the bed because I could not use de, and Candidase coupled with a Candida diet. Interesting lie enough, I had a mold situation in my home twice after this and noticed that they increased. Someone of my group recommended that they actually eat the mold spores or toxins off of the body. I wonder if this is why the candidase helped. I don't know. All I know, is that I got a used sofa and it's crawling with them but I'm going to powder it with de or tannic acid and then vacuum. Likely the DEA as a tannic acid will stain. Then, I'll have to vacuum it up. actually my other plan is to use an iron as well. When I ironed my sheets oh, I also found relief since I did not have a dryer. The iron is hot enough to kill the mites from what I've read. Hair dryers are not at all hot enough. I hope this helps someone. I would add this under multiple remedies but I can't figure out how to add things anymore only reply.

ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Vicky (Nsw) on 06/11/2020

DON'T use neem oil on cats. You'll KILL them!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Billy (Brunswick, Ga) on 06/09/2020

For over 3 years I've been going through the same thing. Doctors vets every type mite pesticide there is and nothing has worked for me. Now tonight me and my two small dogs are covered in happy jack mange medicine and seems to be slowly working. Depressed yes can't do nothing out side hardly can't work can't do nothing I use to do. Covered in scars and hair lose. Just when you think you down to the last one here they cone again . moved from place to place even lived in tents to switch up . I'm not taking a bath for 7 days and I'm applying happy jack everyday for 7 days my dogs to. I would love to have a solid working recipe my self .. I even take sulfur baths with pure powder sulfur and I start with very hot water then go to nothing but pure cold water seems to help then I change up the rutein and that seems to help. Yes vinegar works sulfur soap helps ..ive even eaten ivermectin horse wormer yes I have. I got these things called scabies when I took a job at a hardware slash feed store and misery is all I can say. Any help would be great and the happy Jack mange medicine seems to be working but in not getting my hopes up yet. Any help would be a blessing. Just want my normal life back and be able to work again and be sociable again would be like winning the lottery to me. Help if you can .. thanks Billy in brunswick under severe depression with no clue what to try next

ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Robert (Oregon) on 06/05/2020

Can you tell me which model RIFE machine you have?

Posted by May (Qld Australia) on 10/05/2018
5 out of 5 stars

After suffering mites for about 6 months, trying most remedies advised on EC, as well as medical, just didn't seem to me able to completely get rid of them. I recently read Ted's remedy for mites Borax spray and to take Borax. I then read up on Borax and noted some people added it to a bath. I decided to try that - added 1/2 cup to bath & soaked in it for 1 hr.( including my hair, which I left in overnight & washed the next day). I had the best nights sleep in 6 months. I have added borax nightly to bath for the past week - and thus far my skin is clearer - no sign of mite return!!! YEAH .... during this 6 months battle I realized my hair needed to be treated as well. I applied lanolin in my ears to stop the little buggars going into my ears. I never wore the same clothing or pj's twice, changed bed linen every few days, vacuumed the mattress 2 x weekly, threw away my slippers & material scuffs & wore only thongs as they were hanging out in the material fabric! So thank you Ted, EC contributors... and Earth Clinic... blessings & good health to all.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Crystal (Michigan) on 08/19/2018

You haven't said the products you've used to be cured.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Charlotte (Auburn Hills, Michigan) on 08/16/2018

I have the same thing and it is a DEMODEX HUMAN MITE. I HAVE BEEN TO 8 Doctors and all but the last one told me I was seeing things because I have 2 drinks a day. Told me I was crazy to go see a physic because the meds and alcohol are making me see things! I have curly lines and straight lines ALL OVER MY BODY. ITS THE SAME MITE EVERYWHERE INSIDE AND OUT! I can't see just 1 they a its bity but they cling together and then you can see them. I have a 10 times magnified mirror so I can see 1. I use a microfiber wash cloth I buy the cleaning cloth and cut them up and use that and use the hottest water after I wash, put on body for a minute then get it wet and wipe with it and they just wash out in clumps last for a few hours. I use Clindamycin ( not on eyes) Dr gave me Alclometasone Dipropionate Cream USP, 0.05 for eyes, Desonide Cream 0.05 for itching everywhere. Only kills a few just long enough to sleep at night that is when they are REAL ACTIVE! I'm looking for something to get rid of them for good! I got these because I was very sick I had Osteomyelitis and was on a a Antibiotics drip for 7 weeks till today, of the strongest antibiotics, does not kill mites. Good Luck.

ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Dorothy (San Diego) on 07/28/2018

You can't see the type of mites that crawl on and in your skin; you can't see mange mites.

Essential Oils, Turmeric
Posted by May (Australia) on 06/14/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered with a mite infestation for 3 months, which was seemingly was contracted from bales of sugar cane mulch I had used.

The Dr. gave me a cream to apply all over my body - to which I had an allergic reaction. I ended up on Steroid tablets to reduce the itch & inflammation as well as anti-histamine tablets.

None of these eradicated the mites.

I decided to take a bath to which I added Himalayan Salt & about 9 drops of tea tree essential oil - & stayed in the bath for 1 hr. It made sense the mites would not like salt. If you live near the ocean - go and bathe in natures salt water.

I mixed an oil application which gave me immediate relief as well as reduced the skin irritation & redness.

50 ml of Neem Oil; 50 ml of Coconut oil, 1/2 teaspoon of Turmeric powder; 50 drops of Tea tree essential oil

I applied this all over my body twice yesterday - and after only 2 applications huge improvement. Neem oil has an unusual smell, however, who cares if it eradicates the mites.

Hope this helps someone out there.

Posted by Gert (Hgal) on 06/13/2018

You can get ivermectin at Tractor Supply co, too, and it's not too pricey. It's the same stuff they use for dogs between the shoulder blades. I use it for my chickens when they get mites. You can also get syringes without the needle to draw it up into so you get the correct dose if you get the liquid. You'd be amazed at what you can get at farm supply places that you pay an awful lot for at the pharmacy or can't even get anymore.

Posted by Eve (Nv) on 06/12/2018 22 posts

If you have purchased Ivermectin from Amazon, what brand did you choose and how much and how often did you take it. Is it according to age, weight? Thanks so much and good luck to you

Posted by Malena (New York) on 06/12/2018

Get Ivermectin paste from Amazon. Sold for horses and cattle but it's the exact same thing as the human version! Take it internally and externally.

Also use tea tree oil, zinc, and sulfur cream. Diatomaceous earth, borax, HP and enzyme cleaners for the house! I also used my dog's flea/tick shampoo! Grab them with a pointy tweezer after dark when they come up from the follicle to mate! Use a magnifying mirror.

Also, scrape your skin from debris/biofilm using a credit card or similar.

Good luck

ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Judy Staples (Fl) on 06/09/2018

Eradicator works well and there is also a dust mite powder with Borax you mix with water- works the best- The Ecology Works puts it out. My cats were much happier as nothing else worked

Jan's Recipe
Posted by Trudyg (Hgal) on 06/03/2018

Sulfur/sulphur is not the same as sulfa. Being allergic to sulfa doesn't mean you'll be allergic to sulfur. Sulfur is a natural element that we get through food and shouldn't bother you (although gluten is natural, too, and some folks have celiac disease). But, you should be alright using sulfur-based soaps.

Posted by Denise (Indiana ) on 06/01/2018

Spray it with a mixture of tea tree oil and peppermint oil and rubbing alcohol. These 3 mixtures they hate and kills them. Your house might smell like a peppermint factory for a few days.

20 drops of each oil to 1 oz of rubbing alcohol.. it worked for me . GOOD LUCK!

Jan's Recipe
Posted by Rose (Amelia, Oh) on 05/31/2018

Does anyone know if I could use sulphur or sulphur soap if I'm allergic to sulpha?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jaime (Ontario, California) on 05/29/2018

I'm sure you tried this already but sulfer soap seems to be the trick. I'm trying to help my parents with a similar mite issue, today my mother couldn't take it anymore and came over, dropped her things and immediately went to my shower. I made a bath for her and whipped up a mixture/scrub of everything that I found online that helps with mites which included: a popular bath salt scrub (3.99 at Target for a big bag), organic coconut oil (2.99 I think at trader Joe's), tea tree oil- also at t.j.'s for cheap, apple cider vinegar

I heated up the coconut oil in the microwave and mixed all the ingredients to a thick soup consistency and it seemed to help her a lot. The itching reduced and she was able to relax finally.

Then I kicked them out and sanitized everything... just joking, but fingers crossed they continue to improve. I also made a coconut tea tree oil so they can heat it and leave it on their skin.

Hope this helps you and it won't break the bank..Good luck!

Denatured Alcohol
Posted by Jeff (Colorado Springs ) on 05/26/2018

it worked but just like mineral spirits, these are toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Heidi (California) on 05/27/2018
5 out of 5 stars

i have been going through this and prayed I would die instead of feel this way. I also was only one in house feeling this. Apparently nicotine keeps them off my husband.

Here's how I have reduced the numbers and am making head way. I'm not sure which mites I have so I treated for several kinds. Borax, hydrogen peroxide & water on the body after a shower and used hair dryer to dry it. Tea tree oil in bath water. I bought ovante demodex control products off internet and use them every day- lotion, face cream, eye products, shampoo, body wash. I had tons of eye irritation too. My feet were full of dead skin and it's all gone too...think it may have been dandruf

Wash bedding, clothes and towels every day and add borax to the detergent. I dry hot & long. I throw pillows in a hot dryer every day for 20 minutes

I threw out all pillows. I bought a new mattress.

My body has had much less crawly, itchy, stinging episodes and I think it's getting under control after three weeks. Thank GOD.

Kerosene and Paraffin
Posted by Michelle (Uk) on 05/20/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Kerosene / Paraffin

I found a post by someone who had covered herself in kerosene (paraffin / lamp oil) from scalp to toe and after much suffering for a long time; she was free of the dreaded bird mites. I was desperate enough to try and with much hesitation I bought the kerosene, diluted half and half with hemp oil and sprayed myself from scalp to toe. To my utter amazement there was no crawling the next day. I did it for 4 days in a row - there have been no ill side effects and I have no more mites crawling on me. I had this infestation (on my person only, not from my environment) for over 2 years. Thank God - and I mean it as I spent 5 hours in desperate prayer and then came across the post that healed me immediately after. I will keep doing this every 3 days or so as I worry about eggs that may hatch. I am free!!! I hope that this post helps others who are suffering as this is truly one of the worst experiences I have had in my life and would not wish it on anyone.

Kerosene was used a generation or 2 ago to kill parasites. I tried a patch test first as the smell is pretty disarming, but no ill side effects at all.

Kerosene and Paraffin
Posted by Michelle (East Sussex) on 05/15/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I saw kerosene recommended on this site - it was something I hadn't tried and after almost 3 years of this mite plague and severe scarring to my face, I was ready to do anything. I used a spray bottle and sprayed my scalp at the roots (sectioned hair into 4 sections and did one at a time) sprayed my whole body, including face and neck and went to bed.

I used rubbing alcohol to spray my bed headboard and any fabric furniture and rugs in the house. Put all laundry including coats I haven't worn for ages in the washing machine using Dr Bronners Castile Soap and filled the machine drawer with table salt. I bought tobacco and put some in all of my shoes. Dusted cats with diatomaceous earth, colloidal silver in their ears and every 3 days I will spray them down with tobacco juice.

I was so apprehensive about using highly flammable substance on myself that I first patch-tested the paraffin (kerosene) on my leg - no burning or itching after a couple of hours so I diluted with hemp oil (about half and half) and covered myself. I had a great night's sleep and there was no crawling at all the following day. I am one of those people they LOVE. I saw a post from someone called Shirley on here saying that this was how she was cured.

Kerosene was used back in the day for many remedies, but the pharma industry has put out a lot of misinformation out saying how dangerous it is. Even the bottle I bought states that it should not come into contact with skin. They legally have to state that due to lobbying from the pharma industry. My skin was so dry and scaly from all the remedies and yet it did not burn or sting. This has by far been the most effective. I can also vouch for juice plus capsules - expensive but they do keep the numbers down. I was drinking neem powder mixed into water and this helped a lot but over time I became chronically dehydrated as it is so astringent.

I will continue to do this every 4 days (as the original poster did) but I can say with confidence that this is hands down the most effective thing I have done so far.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ladyd (Ontario Ca) on 05/14/2018
1 out of 5 stars

Help help I'm fighting a mite infestation for months now. And I'm at my wit's end I have read Orga testimonials from other people I am Junior eats of a teaspoon in water everyday as well as Borax and hydrogen peroxide mix and tannic acid and it says if I'm doing nothing so none of these are working and at this point I would rather be dead than deal with this anymore but I am using three different of your remedies and none of them are working and I have tried tea tree oil diaper rash ointment you name it I have tried it I've almost lost my job it's it's ridiculous please help give me something that will work

Lamp Oil, Borax
Posted by Michelle (Sussex, Uk) on 05/14/2018

Hi there - can you confirm that you are still mite free, several years later? I am trying the kerosene tonight. My only concern is that you stated that you did this for the best part of a year - I was really hoping to get rid of them quicker. They have severely scarred my face. I don't here any other reports of people with scarring so wondering if it's just me?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Michelle (Brighton) on 05/10/2018

I would spray the car interior with denatured alcohol.

I saw a post from someone who said that they sprayed themselves with kerosene (paraffin) from head to toe every 4 days (slept in it) and this got rid of them.

I have had very good results with drinking neem powder dissolved in water (3 teaspoons a day dissolved in 750 ml water which I sip throughout the day). This has kept them to a minimum however the neem is dehydrating and you need to drink a lot of water to compensate.

Cut out potatoes, any refined sugar and flour from your diet. I have also started taking Juice Plus supplements, chlorella and spirulina. For me the problem is on my person rather than my environment (I brought these bastards back with me from a trip to India) so my strategy is to make my blood / scent disgusting to them.

I also add a cup of cheap table salt to my laundry.

I only feel occasional crawling now however it is largely under control. I am going to try the paraffin (with much hesitation) as I need them gone for good.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Christine (Rhode Island) on 05/07/2018

Thank YOU for your post...i gave been suffering for almost 2 years I believe I have the same thing you had......i see yellowish, brown and black dots ...i also see hair looks like a little line......i am the only one getting bit so everyone thinks I'm nuts..... (I m not) I know what they look like becUse I have suffered so long after awhile you start to know what they look like .....i juat have one question does it matter what type of viniger??? Thank you and god bless

Bleach in Bath Water
Posted by Dana (Ontario, Ca) on 05/03/2018

I've been reading everyone's various post and all good ideas and do help for a bit, I've been infested for 3+ months with a new breed of bird mites and I'm at my wits end. So I've been studying these things and learned they get used to whatever you use very quickly, so you have to change it constantly.

I was completely covered head to toe at the start, now it's just my ankles and we all know vacuuming and washing are givens but what I found to help the most is borax and Windex as a spray, lint roll your sheets, buy some repellant it changes your smell and this I stumbled across but it helps oatmeal baths it suffocates them you will feel them popping out than tea tree lotion add some neem oil it helps against the breeding.

Hope this helps some of you to find a little relief.

Posted by Eve (Nv) on 05/01/2018 22 posts

Sad Story and to think there are millions suffering from the same things! Mine started when I had the final cataract surgery done in NV, first one was done in another State and no problems. The surgeon didn't know what they were so to to make a long story story short, he thought Tea Tree Oil was a new oil, I laughed him almost out of the room, I had used it for 40 years for colds, back pain, and on and on.

Get a good grade of Tea Tree Oil and a Good carrier oil, such as cold pressed Coconut oil, These 2 will be need to be diluted 50/50, shake each time you use it. VERY CAREFULLY, take a Q tip and put the oil on it and pull your eye lids up and down so you can reach each one . Gently touch your lids with oil, and it will sting a bit, that's why you need to pull your lid up or down. After you have put the oil on the lids and you will feel these fools things trying to die, they will make your eye twitch. Then, close your eyes and use the q tip and massage across your upper lids with the oil. It is recommended that you do this every 5 minutes each time your doctor your eyes and do this 3 times each session. I also use saline solution to rinse my eyes out and if you have a fairly strong magnifying glass you will see little specks in eye bowl, switch that round in your eyes several times a day.

These instructions are from a Dr in a medical school in Fl and it was the only thing that killed them and gave me any relief. Since there are so many types of mites, you probably need to work on your home and your car because you carry them everywhere. My relief was straight 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, I sprayed my entire home, walls, floors, bed, clothes and when I get out of a shower I spray my body and if the mites are any place on your body you will feel a sting which will last about 3-5 minutes from the HP killing them. Don't spray your head with the HP as it will break your hair off.Use several drops of Tea Tree Oil in your shampoo every time you shower or bathe. Vac and sweep your floors and carpet frequently and change your bed linens weekly. No easy quick solution to the problem. I just recently found a Pesticide that will kill mites and it is called Onslaught. It's bit expensive, about 39.00 a qt and you need a sprayer for it, not a ottlle sprayer, you don' want to get the stuff on your skin or eyes or children nor pets nor plants, it's safe after it dries. BE SURE YOU READ THE INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY BUT IT WoRKS and will take about 2-3 application and what a relief!

Just remember you got'em, keep calm but be diligent in doing your work about killing them, GOOD LUCK!

ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jodie (Australia) on 04/24/2018

Yes Feral cats are a big problem because their favorite play things are birds, especially sick ones. It doesn't help that their other favorite play thing is rodents. It is birds that are the main source of these mites, lice and many other bugs, that, all will happily feed off human skin and blood if we become and incidental host, including soft ticks from their nesting material and hard ticks that regularly attach to and feed on these birds, (often leading to Lyme/Morgellons) because of the multiple Vector-borne diseases these transmit at the same time after feeding on birds blood. A survey beginning 10 years ago found, that, every body surveyed who had this problem could link the onset to a bird experience. 95% of the time was following the construction of bird nests in their home or workplace, usually mynahs. The remaining 5% of the time was linked to either sleeping in beds that had mattresses infested with bird arthropods, or following rescuing a sick bird and/or cat and or a pet cat bringing a sick or dead bird into the family home, etc. But it was linked to birds 100% of the time. We are not being told this and instead being swayed to look for other culprits. Conveniently for some, making us look delusional.

Posted by Jenny (Waled) on 04/23/2018

Hello. Two years ago I was diagnosed with follicle demodex mites I had never heard of these things, worse part and most embarssing is doctor diagnosed them on my privates find it hard to talk about. I was given antibiotics which didn't work. Find this so hard to talk about I blanked it out hoping would go away. Iv had a few course of antibiotics in the two years for different problems but I think related to demodex still have them I'm so depressed these mites have taken over my life it all started with my hair scalp after seeing another doctor who referred me waited a year to see dermatologist that done nothing but give me cream?I'm now loosing my eyebrows eye lashes started falling out long time ago. Help me

Coconut Oil, Sulphur
Posted by Suzieq (Santa Cruz, Ca) on 04/10/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Demodex mites. I have been dealing with these, at least I think that is what it is... for the past 5 months. It's hard. My partner doesn't quite believe me. I've been to 5 different doctors, all do not believe that I feel crawling sensation in my lashes and brows, and on my face, and scalp and behind my hair. We have a cat and dog, and I know what a flea infestation is like, and this is NOT that. The bugs are much more active at night, when the light goes off, the shuffling around starts, in my lashes and brows, and now on the cheeks, scalp. The hardest part is going to a Dr. and telling that that I think this is demodex mite overpopulation. Most have never heard of demodex mites. Others just don't believe me and think I have some kind of allergy, another suggested that sometimes alcoholics can have crawing-sensations... I had to tell her, I do not drink. More than once I have left these Dr. visits, gone to my car, and cried. So, it is reassuring to me to read everyone's input here, I feel that I am not alone. I had not seen anything on my face, using a magnifying mirror, until recently. I had tried using a sea salt and hydrogen peroxide rinse on my body, scalp and face (avoiding the actual eye area), left this on for several minutes, and then looked in the mirror at my face. I was able to see some black things, very tiny, coming to the surface on my cheeks, just under my eyes. They looked kind of like black lint. So, I feel like I am on the right track with using the hydrogen peroxide treatment. I also just bought some borax powder, and neem oil. I am also trying to keep my house much cleaner, but it's hard to wash bedding so often, but I'm trying. We did not have this problem ever when we lived in MN, but moved to CA about a year ago. We also live up near the mountains where there are lots of critters, squirrels, birds, deer, mice, etc... and the dog probably drags things in on her paws. I think that the reason I am getting bitten, more than my partner, is that I had cancer a few years ago and my immune system still is not quite up to par. So... Onward! Keep the faith and please give updates of some remedies that work to get rid of these things. And Thank you all, and God bless you.

ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Angelica (San Jose) on 04/08/2018

Feral Cats. There's your source. You have to work on cleaning the entire area where they hang out, the perimeter of your home and then the interior, otherwise every time you or your cats walk by the area you'll have them tag along inside your home.

Coconut Oil, Sulphur
Posted by Malu (Houston, Tx) on 04/03/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I suffered a mite infestation in my scalp and they were spreading some in my neck area, an older doctor diagnosed them right (other dr thought I had an allergic reaction to a new shampoo) and he gave me a mix of coconul oil and sulphur to apply in the head and body. Left it in there for two hours, and then washed with soap. For the body he gave also a mix of zinc and copper sulfate in water, to apply with a cotton after I washed the coconut oil. I washed all my clothes in hot water since I just returned from a trip. This worked for me, they didn't come back, nor infested my home. Hope this helps someone.

Posted by Charmin (Ky) on 04/02/2018

My experience with mites has been so similar especially with family however do not give up. You're not crazy you are dealing with a parasite that can accompany other parasitic infestation get some pinworm medicine take it spray the 3%peroxide on yourself yor hose your car wash in hot water with tee tea oil use tea tree oil in youir shampoo lotion hand soap buy eye cleaning wipes add tee tree oil in a week you will feel better in a few months you will have it nder control also probiotic will help fight faster I'm in. The home stretch now face is cleared and scalp scars remain but mental scar was the real pain. Walmart sells $6 microscope for cell phones show youur family it shut mine up and now they all believe and support me . God bless you 😘

Posted by J (San Antonio, Tx) on 02/20/2018

I just wanted to say that I get how stressful having to blow family off is, when they just refuse to get what you're going through. That was so tough for me, to just realize that my daughter was never going to get anything about me, or want to hear about anything. Oddly, I don't totally think that she doesn't care, but that she works hard not to care.But to get well, sometimes we just have to avoid all that stress. I can't believe I essentially have to abandon much of a hope of a relationship with her, to take care of me, but I've worked hard to make things right there, and maybe at some point you just have to recognize it for being the very real health drain that it is. One comfort, though. My sister seemed to think that we must really be close, that she was actually less close to her children. It made me realize that I suppose it's all relative. My sister thinks it's perfectly normal to have almost no relationship with her children, the way our mother was with us.

Posted by Need Help (San Antonio, Tx) on 02/19/2018

I just tried Neem oil on my feet and it does seem ver soothing--taking away a hot redness. Do you think it's okay to put Neem oil directly on my wood floors? All my skin problems began with a deep itchiness on just a few spots on feet and fingers, which spreads by touch. The doctors are amazingly uninterested. I thought it was a fungus, or bacteria, but I'm beginning to think it's almost more like a Herpes thing, except the blisters never show up on the skin. Has anyone ever heard of this? Also, some of the swelling in my feet has subsided so that I now see little round swellings undery toes, and what feels like hot leather glued onto the large area under my big toe.Any advice?I don't think the doctors have their brains working too hard here in San Antonio.

Lamp Oil, Borax
Posted by Mary (Oh) on 02/18/2018

Thank you for the great advice. Trying to find what works.

Posted by Jen (California) on 01/11/2018

Your doctor is ill informed. It may not be traditional scabies but it's likely some odd skin mite. Docs don't ackowledge that random mites are infesting humans but they surely are! See urge cdc petition and you will realize there is in fact a silent epidemic of various skin mites.

Posted by Mike (Ontario) on 01/07/2018

I'm currently going through the same issues that you're experiencing too! My question to you is, how much hydrogen peroxide was used in your spray bottle?

This technique seems like it's worth a try!