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Hot Water

Posted by Ewsteban (Houston, Texas) on 10/16/2014

3 dermatologists thousands waisted. not one mentioned mites as a culprit. demodicosis, as I was infested. I submit my entire face to hot water in a bowl one area at a time. hotter than I would like for 110 seconds.then heat water in a large pot as the water heater is not hot enough to penetrate the necessary the tub I pour the hot water the add hot faucet water then submerge the back of my scalp long as I can. hours later the dead mite sites appear as red bumps, only way to know where they are. I was surprised they were in my nose hair, ears upper back stomach down to my ankles. permrthrin, metronidazole, 10percent sulphur on my scalp and lower body, teatree oil and shampoo.launder drying in high heat, every nite for bedding.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by frank (sc) on 05/12/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Meth mites, real or not? VERY REAL!!!!

Hello all, My name is Frank V. I recently started seeing bugs under my skin with parasitic worms swimming up my face going up behind my eyes. I was frantic and started picking at it. I told my wife to call an ambulance because I was terrified that I might lose my eye sight. Ambulance arrived and I went to the emergency room. Doctor said I was crazy, gave me some shots to knock me out and said nothing was there and that I was hallucinating. I walked out of the emergency room, called my wife and she picked me up at a gas station.

Next day! I woke up at home and I got up to use the bathroom and my whole head and chest were full of bites. I took a tweezer and picked at one of the bites and pulled out one of the bites and saw a red like tick. I got a magnifying glass look at it and indeed it was what I was seeing. I called my wife and father in law to verify what I was seeing and asked them to validate with their own eyes what they saw. both said a red tick like insect. I then drove myself to a different hospital and went to the emergency room. They diagnosed it as a staff infection and gave me antibiotics and gave me some cream to put on the bites. I took the antibiotics and the cream. went back the following week and my chest was cleared up but my legs were filling up with red sores. and my head was better or so I thought. the bites turned into scabs and it turned out that these bugs were clever! They hid themselves under a layer of skin! I went back to the emergency room and they diagnosed it as Impetigo and gave me more cream. That didn't work! Mind you that I took 2 ct scans and blood work! These doctors have PHD's.

I decided to do my own research using my symptoms, mind you I have a bachelors degree in management with minors in psychology. not a PHD! I bought cremes such as bacitracin, neosporin and anti itch to name a few. liquids, witch hazel, lice shampoos, vinegar and vitamin pro biotics to name a few.

In doing my research I found an article that had all my symptoms. It's called "CHAGAS" disease also known as the kissing bug. I was sitting outside on my porch pulling out these insects from my skin and noticing that there was a flying bug that would reinsert another bug in me. I was so frustrated. According to the article (#webmd) the bug enters either through the mouth, nose or eyes. it poops and the poop turns into infection which in turn causes a parasite and the parasite eats into your skin and becomes a host. They produces eggs and has stages, the eggs hatch and the red bugs are full blown adults that feed on your blood. the parasite can be dormant for years. It has a web like protection barrier around it(like fish bone, spiny) for protection of fully pulling it out) There is no vaccine for it.

Time to find the host! This can be difficult and I don't advise anyone to try this at home. I found mine in my mouth. I have this hole in my cheek that's been ongoing for many years inside my mouth. I thought it was a diabetic thing caused by high blood sugar (damn was I wrong). As anyone that uses meth knows, meth causes infection in the mouth, rots teeth, dehydrates the body which in turn weakens the immune system. I also have a sore on the corner of my lip that I popped. Out of this sore is where I saw the little fly come out of which led me to figure out the source of the parasite that entered into my blood stream and caused this chaos that I have been going through. I gargled hydrogen peroxide to try and heal the hole and to my surprise the host didn't like it and showed itself through the hole in the corner of my mouth. It took me an hour and a half to manually pulled it out and hurt like hell. I had to have the peroxide in my mouth and let it out little by little so the host would stay visible to continue to get it out. if peroxide not present it goes right back in. I wish I was able to record it but I only have two hands and I wanted it out. It was pretty extreme but I was ready for battle!!!!

Lastly, apple vinegar is awesome. I did put bleach on remaining sores and used clear nail polish to suffocate them. worked really well if you can take the sting. My meth days are over. I got what I wanted out of it and it was to lose weight but it is Russian roulette. Take care everyone and don't forget to brush your teeth..

Hydrogen Peroxide, Borax

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Posted by Niki (Dallas, Tx) on 08/29/2010
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I tried the hydrogen peroxide and borax solution on my hair for dust mites. I kept the solution on for a little while. When I washed my hair normally very dark brown) turned blondish orange. Now my hair is falling in clumps. It is literally melting in my fingers. I use to have a head full of extremely healthy thick and long hair. I can't recognize myself in the mirror. Any suggestions? Please help this is very frightening.

Replied by Lynn
(Seattle, Washington, Us)

Won't reverse the orange because peroxide acts as a bleach, but I use extra virgin coconut oil about once a week on my hair to help prevent nits and mites. I emulsify it in some hot water (don't mircrowave, it changes the integrity, cover my hair with it and sleep in it overnight... Simply shampoo in the morning. Works great on skin too... And my cats love it... I rub it on their fur and they like to lick it off. Not only kills fleas and mites, but helps with hairballs and a natural antimicrobial agent.

Replied by Mindy

Both hydrogen peroxide and borax are serious bleachers. They're not meant for the hair. It can be used on the scalp for short. Of time. Your hair has been over bleached and that is why it is melting. Cut it off and let it grow out. It will come back. I believe the the peroxide and borax is meant for the body.

Replied by MissM

You can use on body and hair. And you don't use for a long time. It's better than being infested. You don't use straight hydrogen peroxide it should be diluted. Borax works.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Coconut Oil

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Posted by Michelle (Baltimore, Maryland) on 07/25/2007
5 out of 5 stars

re: Mite Infestation -- I, too, like others have suffered similar ailments--intense itching and red, swollen bites on upper part of body for three years, and until recently, my face. I am of African descent and my skin does not heal well, after any kind of bruising. When the redness and itching finally go away, I'm left with lots of black spots. Needless to say, it leaves me quite depressed and I'm not able to wear short sleeves, shorts or go to the beach (due to eczema on the lower part of my body). Well, I though it was bedmites or dustmites and replaced my mattress and linens and even wash these in hot water, ammonia and borax every couple of days. But almost every morning when I wake up, I find more red bumps.

Well, much thanks for Earthclinic!!! After reading many testimonials on different skin issues, I purchased ACV to neutralize my body's acidity and Organic Coconut Oil for eczema, etc. I was still getting my usual number of bites and tried 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for the itching; it helped for a couple of hours. Just by chance, I read about the lady who had tried Pond's face cream with the intent to "suffocate" the mites and I reasoned that coconut oil has such tremendous healing properties--bacterial/viral/fungual; this just might work. So, I put some on all over my face, chest and arms where I had bites and voila! The itching subsided within several minutes and by the end of the next day, the swelling and redness was 97% gone and I still have NO more itching!!! (I've also been taking the coconut oil internally but not diligently as I should be.)

I'm so ecstatic to share this with others and hope that you would have as much success as I did.

P.S. Ted, can you share any light on this. Also, since using ACV and baking soda, my eczema has flared up. I'm now trying baking soda only. (I also suffer from chronic BV).

Replied by Jeanette Smith
(Houston, Texas)

Have you tried aloe Vera. The plant, not some diluted store brand. It works

Iodine, Oregano, Hibiclens

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Posted by Kerrigan (Detroit, MI) on 08/12/2014

Hi, I want to start by thanking everyone on this site for your great advice and suggestions. I am still not sure what I had (bird mites, morgellons, parasites, scabies from hell) or how I got it but I am sooooo glad that its finally gone. It started around February of this year. Every night when I got into bed, I would be attacked. Bites, sharp painful stinging sensations all over my body. Like others, I thought it was bed bugs, but as much as I looked I could never find one. Whatever this is, it is so small that you cannot see it, but you can definitely feel it and it is torture!

In the beginning of this nightmare, I would spray my sheets and body with OFF every night and that would help me sleep. And, I just assumed that whatever this was, it would eventually go away. However, after about a month the OFF stopped working and the biting got worse and I started to itch….constantly. And, I had bite marks all over my stomach, thighs and back. Then I searched online and found that I was not alone. This is a huge problem that's affecting a lot of people.

So, I started trying different things that I read about. Some things didn't work at all (Vaseline, lemon juice, etc) and other things would help but they would never cure (tea-tree oil, coconut oil, sulfur, borax, hydrogen peroxide, Windex, bleach, epsom salts, etc). And, the biting wasn't just at night anymore, it had progressed to the feeling of biting and crawling all day long and all over my body, even my scalp and genital area. I was afraid to visit family and friends or invite them to my home because I didn't want them to be infected. I stopped hugging and touching people altogether and became a recluse.

I was vacuuming daily, keeping my dirty clothes and clean clothes in sealed garbage bags, changing my sheets daily, putting all kinds of sprays and oils on my skin. I even threw out my mattress and bought a new one and put a zippered plastic cover from Target on it. I also noticed that it would get worse around the full moon every month. During the full moon, I would literally have to take Benadryl and cry myself to sleep.

After months of endless torture, sleepless nights, crying, wondering “why me?”, I finally got some relief from Lugol's Iodine Solution, Oil of Oregano, Hibiclens Soap and positive thinking. I have been consistently using these “cures” daily for about two months and I am finally free. I take a few drops of the Lugol's Iodine twice a day (in the morning and before bed), I take one Oil of Oregano softgel in the morning and I take my shower at night with the Hibiclens soap. I use an off brand of the soap that I got from Meijer and I put it in an old soap bottle with a foam dispenser to save money. I absolutely love this soap! It gets me cleaner than any soap I have ever used and you only need to use a small amount.

Also, I use positive affirmations throughout the day to help me get through the day. I now only vacuum once a week and I put my bedding in the freezer in the morning and take it out before bed. I vacuum my car once a week and spray it daily with rubbing alcohol. It is now August and as I sit here at my computer, I feel NOTHING. No itching, No crawling, No biting. I think what worked for me was really fighting it internally because prior to starting the iodine and oregano, I was mainly focusing on my environment. Once I started the iodine and oregano (and Hibiclens), within 2 months I was cured. I hope my story helps.

Replied by Jim
(Georgia, US)
4 out of 5 stars

I wanted to thank you personally. Your advice for taking the iodine, Oregano, and Hibiclens has worked well for me. I added MSM tabs to your advice and although I've not beat the little monsters yet, I've slowed them down considerably. I also keep a spray bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol with tea tree oil by the bed for those active nights. additionally, I put vicks vapor rub around my nose to keep them out. I'm not out of the woods yet.......but I can now see a dramatic difference in my mite-mare. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Jim --- isopropyl alcohol is very poisonous. In Europe it has been prohibited for many years but it still is touted here.

You can also try Diatomaceous Earth (DE) internally and externally, following up with hemp oil to moisturize. Use your own saliver (sp). Whenever you can; it works very well. Your own body produces antibodies for everything. That is why I also use Urine Therapy with good results in addition to DE. I have also used neem oil with success and like to rotate these items.

Dr. Bronner's liquid kastile soap with essential oils, all natural, on a washcloth with dissolved Borax from top to bottom works well. Afterwards you need to moisturize with any good oil or hemp oil. It s very good for skin and hair.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Jack

Hey Kerrigan,

I am trying this also to see if it works. How did you get the idea to try this? I'm still taking Ivermectin, Permithrin, just put Mayonnaise on myself all over last night for an hour then had Permithrin on. I am also trying Apple Cider Vinegar Braggs with the mother spraying that on myself also holding it on for 5 minutes on spots. Just started the Mayo and ACV. Anyway I know Oil of Oregano kills parasites. Please let me know how this works. Thank you.

Replied by Laura
(San Antonio)

Did you change your diet at all? Is this still working for you?

Replied by Carolyn

I now take a bath every night with 1 gallon of white vinegar. I have also used 1 cup of citric acid in my bath. Both help, but the vinegar works best. Does not work as well on scalp, but it does help.

Replied by Laura

How long did you stay on this protocol? Did you heal completely?

Replied by Carolyn

I have been doing it for about 2 1/2 weeks and my life is so much better. I still have problems with my scalp, but it is nothing like it used to be. I do not do my hair in the tub, I learned the hard way not to do that as it spreads to the rest of the body. If I could get the scalp under control I think I could beat it as my body is almost normal. It seems to move from my scalp while I sleep. You may be leery of using one whole gallon, but my skin is so soft now. It hasn't been like this for years.

Also, I get my vinegar from Sam's Club as it is only 4 dollars for 2 gallons.

I hope this helps you also. Carolyn from Kansas

Replied by Carolyn

I have been doing it for about 2 1/2 weeks and my life is so much better. I still have problems with my scalp, but it is nothing like it used to be. I do not do my hair in the tub, I learned the hard way not to do that as it spreads to the rest of the body. If I could get the scalp under control I think I could beat it as my body is almost normal. It seems to move from my scalp while I sleep. You may be leery of using one whole gallon, but my skin is so soft now. It hasn't been like this for years.

Also, I get my vinegar from Sam's Club as it is only 4 dollars for 2 gallons. I keep a spray bottle with 50/50 vinegar and water whenever I feel something. Just spray the affected area.

I hope this helps you also. Carolyn from Kansas

Ionic Silver and Vaseline

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Posted by Tracy (Modesto, CA) on 11/20/2007
5 out of 5 stars

re: American Biotec Labs ionic silver and water machine -- I have largely healed, very clear skin now after years of various illnesses and almost two years of hell w/ rashes, itches, lesions. Healed with about a half bottle a day of ABL silver taken as a gulpful several times a day. I also used vaseline, even on my head, and slept in it. Joy dishwashing detergent will get it out after a couple hair washings. Vaseline seemed to choke them off, make them come out, and was very soothing.

Jan's Recipe

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Posted by Fightingthegoodfight (Houston, Texas, USA) on 12/23/2012

This recipe sounds like it should work very well. I plan to try it soon.

We have had great success in reducing the numbers of mites & symptoms using MSM Sulfur, clove oil & eucalyptus oil in a lotion base after showering with sulfur soap but a few are still getting through & making a home under our skin.

We have a colloidal silver machine & make our own to take orally. I will make extra for this and purchase teh Coconut oil & W salve. We used to use the W salve back in the early 90's and it healed burns like nothing else. I hope these two extra items are the missing link we need to completely heal. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Replied by Billy
(Fort Laurderdale, Fl)

I actually have rubbed sulfur soap from head to toe like it was a lotion. I have relief.... They are coming out by the numbers. Everyone actually thought I was nuts I am finally going to be able to sleep....

Replied by Rose
(Amelia, Oh)

Does anyone know if I could use sulphur or sulphur soap if I'm allergic to sulpha?

Replied by Trudyg

Sulfur/sulphur is not the same as sulfa. Being allergic to sulfa doesn't mean you'll be allergic to sulfur. Sulfur is a natural element that we get through food and shouldn't bother you (although gluten is natural, too, and some folks have celiac disease). But, you should be alright using sulfur-based soaps.

Jan's Recipe
Posted by Jan (Louisville, Co Usa) on 08/02/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have cured Cheyletiella and also skin yeast infection with this recipe. It took me 11 months, a lot of research and was hit and miss until I finally came up with the following. Please pass this along because I know what it is to suffer with this, and I have never had anything worse.

Here is my remedy-
2 oz. Virgin coconut oil heated to where it is just melted
2 oz of colloidal silver (This is important - it must be at least 50ppm. I make my own. )
1 oz of red liquid liniment from old company established in 1868 starts with "W", which contains camphor, capsicum and spruce oil
1/2 oz. Liquid vitamin E which helps the skin to heal faster and reduce scarring
1/2 tsp. MSM
15-20 drops clove oil

Shake to mix and apply on skin once daily until the mites are gone. It is actually very soothing. It also worked on the dog. I sprayed straight colloidal silver on the cat as needed. Any area that itched I sprayed and it seems to kill them within seconds, but again, it has to be at least 50ppm. You will stop itching within days, and should be mite free in less than two weeks.

Replied by Mike
(Southern Cal., US)

I saw a post from a lady who said she used some kind of vitamin or supplament cocktail to change her "scent". I believe that's what my problem is but I can"t find her post now. I"m not sure but I thimnk she mentioned hormone therapy. Does anybody remember it?

EC: This might be what you were looking for.  It was posted by Janet, Salem, OR.

Kerosene and Paraffin

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Posted by Michelle (East Sussex) on 05/15/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I saw kerosene recommended on this site - it was something I hadn't tried and after almost 3 years of this mite plague and severe scarring to my face, I was ready to do anything. I used a spray bottle and sprayed my scalp at the roots (sectioned hair into 4 sections and did one at a time) sprayed my whole body, including face and neck and went to bed.

I used rubbing alcohol to spray my bed headboard and any fabric furniture and rugs in the house. Put all laundry including coats I haven't worn for ages in the washing machine using Dr Bronners Castile Soap and filled the machine drawer with table salt. I bought tobacco and put some in all of my shoes. Dusted cats with diatomaceous earth, colloidal silver in their ears and every 3 days I will spray them down with tobacco juice.

I was so apprehensive about using highly flammable substance on myself that I first patch-tested the paraffin (kerosene) on my leg - no burning or itching after a couple of hours so I diluted with hemp oil (about half and half) and covered myself. I had a great night's sleep and there was no crawling at all the following day. I am one of those people they LOVE. I saw a post from someone called Shirley on here saying that this was how she was cured.

Kerosene was used back in the day for many remedies, but the pharma industry has put out a lot of misinformation out saying how dangerous it is. Even the bottle I bought states that it should not come into contact with skin. They legally have to state that due to lobbying from the pharma industry. My skin was so dry and scaly from all the remedies and yet it did not burn or sting. This has by far been the most effective. I can also vouch for juice plus capsules - expensive but they do keep the numbers down. I was drinking neem powder mixed into water and this helped a lot but over time I became chronically dehydrated as it is so astringent.

I will continue to do this every 4 days (as the original poster did) but I can say with confidence that this is hands down the most effective thing I have done so far.

Replied by Michelle
5 out of 5 stars

Kerosene / Paraffin

I found a post by someone who had covered herself in kerosene (paraffin / lamp oil) from scalp to toe and after much suffering for a long time; she was free of the dreaded bird mites. I was desperate enough to try and with much hesitation I bought the kerosene, diluted half and half with hemp oil and sprayed myself from scalp to toe. To my utter amazement there was no crawling the next day. I did it for 4 days in a row - there have been no ill side effects and I have no more mites crawling on me. I had this infestation (on my person only, not from my environment) for over 2 years. Thank God - and I mean it as I spent 5 hours in desperate prayer and then came across the post that healed me immediately after. I will keep doing this every 3 days or so as I worry about eggs that may hatch. I am free!!! I hope that this post helps others who are suffering as this is truly one of the worst experiences I have had in my life and would not wish it on anyone.

Kerosene was used a generation or 2 ago to kill parasites. I tried a patch test first as the smell is pretty disarming, but no ill side effects at all.

Lamp Oil, Borax

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Posted by Fightingthegoodfight (Houston, Texas, Usa) on 12/23/2012
1 out of 5 stars


I know that we are all desperate in this situation. But please do not harm yourselves. The MSDS sheet for kerosene says:

Potential Acute Health Effects:
Hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant), of eye contact (irritant), of ingestion, of inhalation. Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (permeator). Severe over-exposure can result in death.

Potential Chronic Health Effects:
Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (sensitizer).

"The substance is toxic to the nervous system. The substance may be toxic to blood, kidneys, liver, central nervous system (CNS). Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organs damage. Repeated exposure to a highly toxic material may produce general deterioration of health by an accumulation in one or many human organs."

I personally would never ingest Borax or put on my skin. MSM Sulfur is totally safe to digest, pour liquid in your ears & nose, apply to skin even in high doses. It is healty & beneficial for you. Please check into this healthy alternative. Studies have shown that MSM sulfur kills mites within 4 minutes.

Replied by Destinfl

I'm wondering who suggested lamp oil? Ive read almost every post and I didn't notice that.

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

health - science - spirit -- By Walter Last online. Om

Lamp Oil, Borax
Posted by Sharon (Wesley Chapel, Fl) on 06/09/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Well, I finally fixed it. Killed all the mites. Thanks and much thanks to Ted's borax remedy. However, what killed them fast is plain old lamp oil, coal oil, purified kerosene. Put in a sprayer bottle and went to town with the purified lamp oil sold in crafts store for the hurricane style lamps. Not much smell. Used the oil on my hands to treat my face. Really sprayed my long hair and scalp.didnt burn or have but one side effect-- brought all those critters up from underneath the skin and they chewed their way up. Looked like a sunburn where they were, and welts formed. But I kept dosing it the next day and the next and it dried them up. Itches were gone in 4 hours. First night I have slept thru the night in four years. At first I thought the lamp oil had burned me, but then I realized that it was only red where i was itching. Even my face and eyelids were not "sunburned" the tenderest part of the body. Now that I killed them on me, I treated the rest of the house, using Ted's borax mix, bleach where I could,took a week to treat everything properly to where I was not getting bit. Its been 4 weeks. Once you kill them on yourself and have a quick spray-on for the re-infections, it goes fast. The cars were the worst problem. Hooray

Replied by Theo
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for the post! How did you know you had mites? What symptoms did you have and, moreover, how do you know they are dead now?

Replied by Sharon
(Wesley Chapel, Fl)

I knew we had mites cause they got on our parrot. the cage had some cobwebby looking things form and I sent these off to the university of texas for id. They said it was a rat mite, D Gallinae/ One Swedish study reported D. Gallinae can live nine months without a host.

Possible Bird Mite Infestation symptoms:

* Pinprick bites with or without lesions
* Frequently intense itching of the skin
* Vague sensation of crawling on the skin
* Bite marks and lesions that heal very slowly
* Increase of symptoms in certain areas of the home
* Increase of symptoms at night and in humid weather
* Physician suspects scabies but the treatment does not help.

I know they are dead, because I'm not getting bit anymore. After I went thru the house, I'm now going back thru and washing contents of drawers, linens stored for awhile, hanging clothes I havent worn in awhile, and trying to treat any and everything that may not have been treated in awhile. Thank goodness for the hints and tips from readers, like running the wash cycle longer to allow the borax to have time to kill them. It is worth it to read every single letter in this mite infestation page and scabies page. There are some smart ideas coming in. I just loved how fast the lamp oil worked. You could wash it off after an hour if you wanted. I just had so many of the dadburned things on me.

Replied by Rose
(Fort Worth, Tx)

Sharon, what are the exact measurements used in the mixing of the lamp oil, coal oil, and purified kerosene? Also, where can I find coal oil and the purified kerosene? thank you!

Replied by Sharon
(Wesley Chapel, Fl)

l used undiluted lamp oil. lt is purified kerosene. L have since found out odorless charcoal lighter fuel is kerosene but it smells some. l got re-infected by a relative's visit, but took steps immediately. l am currently taking hyaluronic acid from Teds back pain remedy and the scars are going away very fast. Again, thank you Ted.

Replied by Susan
(Dallas, Tx)

Are you still free of mites? I am going out right now to get some kerosene. Our cat brought in a dead bird and some rats and now we have mites too. I really, really don't want our 6 year old to be affected. My husband and I are already being attacked mostly at night from unseen bugs.

Replied by Bug Bitten
(Lake Roosevelt, Az)

Take Rx Ivermetctin-single dose, may repeat in 7 days. If you don't get rid of the source it will never go away! Here are my tips for dealing with mites. To clean yourself: Mites hate menthol, sulphur or salts. Shampoo your hair with Head & Shoulders with menthol-main ingredient is pyrithione zinc. Lather your hair first, put in ear plugs, baby oil your face & eyelids- then get in a bath of 1 cup epsom salts & 1 cup borax. Add baby oil-the oil slick keeps mites from escaping the tub. The mites will try to creep up into your hair, but you've already lathered it. Soak 20 min-1 hour. THEN get into the shower, re-wash with sulphur based soap-like Walgreen's Purifying Bodywash. Rinse hair with vinegar. Oil skin with baby oil or skin so soft-do private areas first, because the mites will run like crazy away from the oil. Sprinkle Gold Bond Powder (menthol) between the sheets.

To clean house: Wash everything in hot water daily-clothes-linens. Everything else goes in a plastic bag x 3 days. Vaccuum your bed, get mite proofed casings for mattress, boxsprings & pillows. Throw out all feather pillows/ comforters. An air purifier reduces food source for mites. Wipe walls/baseboards with vinegar. Spray baseboards with an insecticide. Throw out magazines/newspapers. De-clutter, clean daily. Whenever you feeling crawling-get into the shower & scrub! Don't be lazy and you'll be free of mites in no time!

Replied by Eileen
(Franklin, Tn)

Thanks for the help. What a mess and I am still in it. But, I did want to add as far as I know putting things like comforters in the freezer might kill them. It seems to have. So you won't have to throw away your nice things.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

I had a case of hives and thought it was mites. I took some 1% peroxide (2 parts water, 1 part H202) and 2 T. Borax and rinsed off with it (got this off of E.C.). Then, I used citrus dead sea salts and citrus exfoliating scrub. Seems to have worked a bit. Went to the doctor and she thought it was hives. Changed meds to dye-free. Will just have to wait now!

Replied by Sharon
(Wesley Chapel, Florida)

l am still mite free, however, my relatives who are in denial are spreading them, and visiting anyone is pure hell. I am looking into buying a dermoscope, which is a lighted magnifier that dermatologists are starting to use to detect scabies, in the hopes that if these idiots can see the bugs on them, they will believe that its not psoriasis, dry skin, just itches, or something l inherited from dad, etc. 10x magnifier. l hope l made it clear that it stops the itches within seconds, as it kills, and smothers whatever is under the skin.

Replied by Looneygirl
(Houston, Texas, Usa)

Found a mini microscope for $12, most stock this in the store but I had to visit 2 before I could find it in stock. Magnifies with a little light 60-100 times. I have used it for my dogs mange mites. after a home visit from my vet and she brought her big professional one in suit case and still came up negative. It takes a while to learn how to use it but now I can use it to look to see if demodex mites are dead/alive on my dog. I have found its best to use some black type of paper or black hard board to put the specimen on to use this microscope. Most docs think are tiny microscopic parasites but you can see them with a strong magnification. Warning you will find yourself looking at all kinds of creepy crawlies using this little mini microscope. It works great for 12 bucks investment.

Replied by Almostcrazy
(Lampkin, Al)

Sharon from Wesley Chapel, FL After we apply the Lamp Oil, how long do we leave it on our hair and body before washing it off? Also I do not have a dries so I have been waiting 7 days before washing our clothes, then washing it twice with hot water. Do you know if this is good enough? It has been 7 days so all the scabies should be died in the garbages bags. We bag all our clothes each day and set them out side so we do not have them in the house, hoping this will also help relieve the scabie infestation on the house. Any advice will help! My family has had these too long!

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Please which of the many cures did you try ? We just talked the Dr into giving us Permethiam or what ever the stuff is, they called it Elimite but they gave me per stuff. My wife are at each others throat cause she thinks there not on her. Getting her to use anything is pure Hell. So What about clothing in drawers and closets also Dog.! Help please we need some prayer too. Thank you Phil.

What is the dosage and how often how long after they are gone to you keep doing iy does it kill the larvae ??

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I just wanted to say Thank You So much for the post I was about to go crazy.... I ordered the Lamp oil because I tried everything you could name good and bad. I put the Lamp oil on from head to toe with the spray bottle 3 applications and did not shower that night got up in the morning and like you said the bumps and lines were very red and irratated they healed and I have no crawling, alittle biting on my head which I will spray over it was a remarkable discovery Thank YOU Soooo much.

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Hi Sharon, Thank you so much for your post and feedback. I just did one treatment of the lamp oil and I left it on my head for about an hour. I was just wandering if you or anyone else who has tried this could clarify how long it is left on the scalp? It sounds like some have left it on the body overnight. I massaged the oil into my scalp and then in about an hour my head started to redden and I could feel a burning sensation, so I went on and washed it out. Due to the thickness and density of my hair I can only do it once a week at least until I cut my hair, which I'm planning to do soon (for the summer). Really appreciate any additional feedback that is offered. Best wishes to everyone.

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So, how long did l leave the lamp oil on? 24 hours, as l was infested head to toe. By the way, as you feel the redness and burning, that is the mites getting smothered, reacting the way they always do to different treatments that were effective. It will subside, and then you can wash it off if you want. l have very long, thick hair, and after l showered, l washed my hair as usual, and used a deep conditioner to counteract the drying effect of lamp oil. I used it twice a week on my scalp until l killed all the eggs hatching out. used lamp oil solidly for most of a year before l recovered my strength enough to clean and treat the whole house at once, and never noticed anything bad other than having to put shea butter on my heels and elbows daily. What have l tried? Probably every treatment listed on Earthclinic up to my last post in 2012, except a zapper or sauna. From experience, the mites l had were long lived, one week in a plastic bag would only have let them spread more. D. Gallinae can live 9 months off humans.

Spraying the house and cars with denatured alcohol with a little pennyroyal or cloves, 12-15 drops in a gal sprayer worked well. All l need help with is how to convince those relatives in denial that they have mites since they are not allergic to the mites like l am. Also, they are smokers, so do not experience much intense itching, as the tobacco acts like a repellant. They still wake up at 3 or 4 am regularly, confused as to why they are waking up. Now, my dogs were bathed with Ted's borax/peroxide baths and if my relatives re-infect them seriously l have given liquid ivermectin... 1 milliliter per pound on the insides of their ears, or on their stomachs (l have small 7 lb dogs). It's ok if they lick it, but take note that mites, like all living things will become immune to ivermectin if overused, or used regularly. It is in my arsenal of last resort. For human ears, Ivomec Eprinix mixed with a little dmso, it will kill mites. Put a few drops in one side, let it stay until the tingling subsides, then the other ear. L lay my head on the kitchen table. Do not stop the ear with cotton, you want them to come out of your ear. L rinsed my ears with a baby ear syringe and 10% vinegar water in my bath later that night. Best wishes to you all.

Replied by Sharon

Just wanted to clarify, that D Gallinae is a bird mite NOT tropical rat mite.

I learned so much from a book called

THE YEAR OF THE MITE. I found it on kindle when I was researching one day.

About a small family that got infested with bird mites.

The author was "lucky". In that she worked for a university as a cell biologist, so she had friends working there, that were willing to do test and try and identify what kind of BUG she actually had. Un like the doctors and all their lack of help this bug was identified as D Gallinae.

Most people don't get thaT kind of help.

Her daughter and friend got it also.

She doesn't have a miracle cure and it took her about a year or so to get rid of the buggers.

But there is so much good info and it is SO VALIDATING.

Also google this:

timeline of scientific understanding of the mite.

This actually shows a chart study and e, planTion of when bird mites were PROVEN to infest people, not just birds.

This is something you can show to your non believing family And doctors.

Before 1958 it was believed that bird mites did not bite humans and could not reproduce on human blood.

Also in 1958 human blood WS found In a bird mites gut. These mites were collected from an infested bedroom.

U til 2009 it was still believed they could not reproduce on human blood.

In 2009-2010 it was proven that bird mites DO CONSUME human blood, do reproduce consuming human blood and DO easily infest humans, if given the opputunity, like a bird nesting in eaves of your house or attic, or even from your cat bringing in a dead bird, OR your cat maybe infested too.

Dr Olivier Sparangano specializes in the study of bird mites. All of this info and more I found in the year of the mite book.

It was easy to read and relatable, and filled with facts, that could help you, get your doctor to

Finally realize you ARE NOT CRAZY.


Dr sparangano has these facts in YEAR OF THE MITE

You can get the full study from the book.

Take care all


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How long did it take them to die with the kerosene? Obviously not on the first day or you would not have needed to do it for 3 days?

Replied by Shannon

The quick spray you refer to is the oil to take care additional bites later??

Replied by Dee
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I've been a suffer of mites for the past 4.5 years. I used borax in my laundry but please tell me the mixture for the borax remedy.

Replied by Mary

Thank you for the great advice. Trying to find what works.

Replied by Michelle
(Sussex, Uk)

Hi there - can you confirm that you are still mite free, several years later? I am trying the kerosene tonight. My only concern is that you stated that you did this for the best part of a year - I was really hoping to get rid of them quicker. They have severely scarred my face. I don't here any other reports of people with scarring so wondering if it's just me?

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What did you do about your cars. That is where it starts every time I go anywhere.

Lemon Juice in Shampoo

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Posted by Elle (Baltimore, Maryland) on 11/21/2007
5 out of 5 stars

re: Help for mites in hair-- I belive that I have Morgellons, and this is what I do that has the greatest effect on getting it out of my hair. Suave coconut shampoo and conditioner (the conditioner is optional) every other day, and on the other days, spray hair until very damp and comb through with a solution of half reconstituted lemon juice and water. This is what I have been doing for over a month now, and my head hardly ever itches or gets sores.

Replied by Ruth
(Hobart, Tasmania)

Morgellans is not what you have as Morgellons is what medics choose to call people imagining they have a mite infestation. You have a mite infestation! Morgellons is what the doctors have-they are imagining things!

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

You probably have a demodex mite infestation. I found this on a dog cure site - Boil lemon slices. Let them steep overnight. Rinse hair with the liquid after shampooing. Sea buckthorn oil capsules work well too.

Replied by Andrew
(Cambridge, England)

hi, Neem has all round uses, a cure all , give neem sticks to your dog, and they will have no worms left. neem shampoo will destroy mites etc .

Neem leaf capsules is amust for all humans, as long as your not taking asprin, cause neem contains many of the same properties, sover many years of testing there has been no sign of resistance developed by any organism or disease, coupled with the fact that it boosts your immune system,

Neem can help with:
acne, bad breath, blood clots, blood disorders, candida, tooth cavities, chagas disease, chlamydia, cholesterol, ecoli, encephalitis, food poisoning, skin fungi, gonorrhea, hepatitis, high heartrate, intes worms, kidney problems, malaria, parasites, bad circulation, pyorrhea, salmonella, stomach, bowels, syphilis, thursh, toothache, tuberculosis, urinary tract infections, yeast infections.

research it guys itsa must.

Lemon Oil

Posted by Bonnie (Northeast, Usa) on 07/07/2014

I started feeling like was being stung by something about 2+yrs ago. I started being so exhausted I could sleep for days at a time. Then I couldn't get out of bed & my partner would try to get me to eat or drink and it got to the point I couldn't drink even. Was having terrible headaches lasting 4-6 days and finally went to ER by then I was in sever Ketoacidosis, congestive heart failure & had diabetes only during my hospital stay. While there I realized I had gotten fleas. They got so bad I started feeling things crawling in my hair. The Dr. blamed it on medications-which I've been on for 10+yrs. I was given a shower and they changed my bed 1 nite after feeling them and being unable to sleep. When I got home I did a flea bomb in my little apt did wash and changed all bedding but kept having the crawling in hair. Just 3 days ago they started going into my eyebrows & biting after I put 100% Lemon Oil in hair & skin etc. This made them crazy & they started trying to get into my eyes in the corners. Last night I was bitten in the eye. I could see them on my glasses then they'd jump to my eye. My skin on legs arms&lower back is coming off in big flakes even after applying coconut oil 1st nite. 2nd nite olive oil, 3rd nite a dry spray moisturizer & am still peeling. Do I have scabies or mites? Ted will you help me? What can I do? Thanks Bonnie

P.S. have lost a ton of weight from nausea. I swallowed one this a.m. they're trying to get in my ears and up my nose too. Does Vaseline smoother them?

Lime Sulphur Dip

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Posted by The Paratrooper (Salem, Oregon) on 10/10/2015
5 out of 5 stars

What has worked for me, and I have spent a fortune on every drug out there is Lime Sulfur Dip. from Vet Basics. through Amazon.

They delivered it quick, and it is a Antimicrobial & Antiparasitic concentrated solution.

Add to 2 ounces of Sulfur Dip, to one Gallon of water, and shake well. You can double that dose to 4 ounce if 2 isn't enough.

Mix in well ventilated area.

You stand in the bath tub and after shampooing then apply liberally to your hair and body, and let that drip dry, and you will get immediate relief.

I am taking lots of parasite drugs for a disease that is carried by the same mosquito that causes Malaria, but if Doctors give you a corticosteroid it will lower your resistance and kill you within three days. Luckily I could see the Doctors were brain dead and became a expert in Tropical Disease, and Parasites, and I have thus far saved my life.

I found a much better way of taking the Lime Sulfur Dip, which really kicks rear.

Which is, you make a quart or use the small Ocean Spray plastic container and mix with 2.5 ounces of Lime Dip, and I pour 3/4 of the solution into a hot bath tub of water and mix well, and then soak and take a wash cloth and rub harder on the bad spots but don't worry because they will all start melting and you can rub them away, and take the skin and stuff that's coming up and put it on the edge of the tub and collect later.

Now you are way ahead of the game, because there soft and easily wiped off.

Next stand up and pour the rest of the solution into your hair, and all over your body and let try while you are busy getting rid of all the dead ones coming up, and they fill like sand paper under your hand, and that is how fast they start heading out.

You can do this once every four days, and you can hit a bad spot anytime, by leaving a little in the container.

It is super cheap, 16 ounces which will make 8 gallons, and only cost twelve dollars, and a few bucks for mail. So you can also cure your animals quickly and cheaply.

This could change allot of lives fast. Don't worry about the dog and cat thing on the label, because it works, and I heard other Doctors admit the same.

Did you ever wonder why we worm our animals and not ourselves. The reason is that Parasites which we all have, and usually it is us, giving the worms to the Pet. A parasite crapping 24/7 in your body causes cancer in time, so as you can well imagine, that little secret is buried deep.

Good luck folks, and this could save most of you.

Concerned about all of you, the Paratrooper.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Robert Henry)

HI U TROOPER, , , , , , , , , , , ,

Good to see others who use stuff made for animals. We buy our MSM and DMSO from our Farm Co-op at much better prices.

The sulfur procedure you used for your mites is the same as what folks have done for many, many years to cure their dogs of mange, which is demodex mites.

Heat above 120 degrees will also kill mites and all that requires is a sauna. I would be interested in how long you did this procedure because you have mite eggs hatching for a period of time and would be surprised if this was a one shot deal.


Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Paratrooper (Salem, Oregon) Thank you for your post. I will order this from Amazon. Just curious if it can be used internally as I am looking for parasite cleanser for myself and pets. Namaste, Om

Replied by Sara

Hey There Paratrooper,

How long did it take you to get rid of the mites using this method every 4 days?

Replied by Isis

Use homeopathic sulfur internally. It will help.

Listerine, Eliminate Sugar

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Posted by Chrizzy_f (Wellington) on 10/01/2012
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Re Mite infestation cures;

For around 3.5 years I had mites. At first they would get me in bed or when I sat on the couch. I thought fleas, baby ones, so I de flea the cats, the bed, the couch the house but still I feel them crawling in my ears, eyes and up my nose eventually everywhere. I was going mad. They attacked me at work too. I searched for them, used a magnifying glass of high strength, went to the DR, went to the health shops. Rosasia appeared and got in my eyes as well as my whole face. I looked so bad and felt miserable. My family did not get them. But why not?

I showered every day and night, washed everything every day, vacuumed the entire house and bed every day for years and during that time I put everything on me that I read might work. I became the chemical woman, then the natural cure woman and eventually just to sleep I stuffed my ears with wet cotton wool so I could sleep, I believed they came up through the pillow just to get in my ears. Yes they were mites and they nearly drove me around the bend and back again. I have probably poisoned myself so have had to detox my self.

I started to keep a note of exactly when they attacked, one common denominator surfaced. It was when I was still that they got me and they attacked in force when it was dark and I was still. Conclusion was it was me, the mites live on me. Of all the things I tried one helped initially and may have killed most of them and the other stopped them in their tracks. But the thing that made them go away was piece of advice from my boss who had heard of it before in Columbia.

Firstly I sprayed the bed and myself and everywhere I layed or sat with plain Original Listerine, yes this well and truely got rid of a lot of them but I couldnt put it near my eyes or nose and eventually the undiluted listering burnt me. I read on this site that saliva works and yes it does oh joy it works and all I had to do was pur it anywhere I could feel them. But what really really worked was the advice from my boss..... Stop having sugar!! I immediatly stopped putting sugar in drinks or in anything I ate, I bought non sugar youhurt and reduced it else where. NO MORE MITES at all. They come back when I have a couple of days where I have indulged in coffee with sugar and I generally have too much sugar than is good for me anyway. If they appear the saliva stops them. Saliva has a potent acid when on skin so I guess it kills them. Safe for my nose and eyelids and ears too.

I am so relieved to be free of this torture. The Rosasia started to go when I gave up smoking.

I hope this helps someone somewhere. So please at least give this a go for a couple of weeks at least... stop your sugar intake and use your saliva on your skin and Listerine on where you sit or lay.