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Posted by Annesco1 (Amsterdam, Ny, Usa) on 10/15/2011

I just got some hemp oil from the health food store and wondered what is the best way to use it to enhance my efforts to rid myself of the internal bird mite infestation and/or possible morgellons? Should I use it in an oil pulling routine?

Please somebody respond soon. I have posted three times in the past two days, and would love some feedback.

Replied by Clarity
(Los Angeles, California, Usa)

Annescol from Amsterdam, I too am looking for hemp oil for mites... Unable to find it in the US. I read that one can ingest it or use it topically. Can you tell me where I can order the hemp oil... Or paste? Very grateful. monte91010(AT)gmail(dot)com

EC: Lots of stores selling hemp oil products on Google Shopping here:

General Feedback
Posted by Annesco (Amsterdam, New York, Usa) on 10/13/2011

Hi, I am suffering from a mite infestation, and want to begin the borax treatment. My question is that in order to increase alkalinity in my system, I have been drinking multiple cups of green tea per day for a few weeks now. In view of the flouride issue, should I stop doing this while taking the borax? Will it be counterproductive? I am also taking 300 mg of MSM per day. Will this do anything either beneficial or counterproductive?

Replied by Karin
(Indianapolis, US)

Question to Annesco: Have you tried alkaline drops to balance your PH? My daughter has been adding them to her coffee and says it helps her stomach.

Replied by Julie

I experienced the same problem with drs. Nothing helped with the crawling sensation until I discovered tea tree oil. When you apply it you can see the nights appear. I believe they are backing out of the pours like a tick does when you apply alcohol. Within a couple weeks the sensation ceased on my face. Dawn dish soap and bleach baths help too.

General Feedback
Posted by Jean (Denver, Co) on 04/25/2011

Tried about everything. Going on 2 yrs. boyfriend, dog, daughter, her boyfriend and soon 2 b newborn (really scary). Damn docs think your crazy even though I have the sores. Now really bad sores everywhere. Will try borax again. Want 2 order terpinen online. So sick and tired. At times just resolve to have this forever, as I refer to "them" as my coffin bugs. My scalp all over, face/jaw line, arms, buttocks, upper legs. Moved 4 times. Lost everything.

Replied by Eh
(Spring Hill, Fl Usa)

I finally self diagnosed with the neglected tropical disease- subcutaneous filiariasis. Doctors dont seem to know about it here. Starts like pimples, but a white thing (or several) wont squeeze out. Then macules, sores that itch like mad. Eventually you get thread-like worms, living in your mid-layers of skin. One variety also infects the abdominal cavity. The vector is mosquito or midge bite. I have had it for 5 years, before I finally figured out. Been pulling worms out of my face for the last 6 months. Lesions all over body that never heal right. Wiki has a page on it that's informative- there's several kinds of filariasis including an eye worm that can blind.

Replied by L.S.
(Cape Cod, Usa)

OMG! I am not crazy... Everything y'all gave as symptoms/actions/remedies/isolation/expenses are dead on. Have had for 7 years. Can this cause brain/muscle/nervous system/blindness/loss of hearing? Death? Has anyone had trouble w/ food going down? Had to have minor surgery to open passage to stomache and have a repeated feeling of butterfly flutter (not thyroid) in esophagus? Do you know the life cycle? Thank you!

Replied by Mitzi
(Carlsbad, Nm)

These mites don't mess around. I still have them. Sometimes they "run" with Cheyletiella mites, and you can get rid of those on your pets with a "spot-on" flea treatment that's pretty expensive, but not these mites that I have. They survive pretty much everything. (Personally, I'm doing a lot of praying about it. ) Here are some things that really work for comfort. 1) air mattress, 2) synthetic underwear (nylon, etc), 3) Menthol dandruff shampoo (comes in a blue bottle) or generic equivalent, 4) Vaporizing rub (that comes in a blue bottle and smells like menthol) or generic equivalent, for feet, privates, nose if it itches, at night. I even rub it around my eyes lightly if they're bugging me at night, 5) Foot powder -- Blue bottle with menthol. (Good in baby diapers, too, when mixed with regular baby powder. Start with 80% baby powder, and 20% foot powder. ) But I put it everywhere on myself. It has menthol so its cooling, but the buggers HATE MENTHOL. It lasts the night. I've mixed it with Diatomacious earth before also. Buy DE at a vet supply place online, because its cheaper. Use a dry sponge to pat it on yourself or a powder puff. You can put it directly on dogs, but not on cats unless you mix it with A LOT OF diatomacious earth. Cat's livers cannot handle too much peppermint, menthol, essential oils, etc. I just don't use any of that on a cat. (The DE doesn't get the bugs out of the house though. ) 6)And finally, turpentine and lotion. That stuff works, but smells a bit. DO NOT use this on a cat! But, I've used it for 3 years now. Nothing harmful. I buy "pure turpentine from tree resin" in a green can at big home improvement store ($7). I mix it 30/70, turp/lotion. No itch. At first, you turn pretty red and it hurts, because of the trails under your skin, but give it an hour and it gets less red. If it keeps hurting, wash it off and try again later. Take a shower with the shampoo for soap, too. I tried Ted's vinegar/borax solution dip for a long, long time, but once they're in your house, forget it. I still wash with 1 cup Borax in each load though. It's cheap. Try to get synthetic blankets and clothes, too. (I mean you can't replace your whole wardrobe, but those bugs love cotton, so avoid it. If you use borax in wash and don't wear things more than twice, it gets less itchy. A lot less. Don't throw your clothes away. Just don't wear them for a while) DE-XXXX additive for laundry works.($50/bottle on Amazon, "laundry additive, de-"). It has some stuff is poisonous in it, so don't use it on people or animals. Not for hair, nothing but clothes and linens. This stuff is really poisonous, okay? But it works on clothes really well. Unfortunately, I still have these bugs, but I'm much less freaked and more comfortable. Now, at least I sleep at night, too. I think God is merciful to those who pray and wait. Those who hope in him, so I pray for answers. I've tried A LOT of things (pesticides to the tune of $6000), but nothing worked. It seemed to aggrevate them. I even tried cedar sprays with no success, so don't waste your money. This is what I've discovered anyway and I hope it helps until you can get rid of them.

Replied by Kent

Be strong... Keep researching done key it drive you crazy or make you kill yourself, that's what they want... Remember it's just another attack there are a lot of us experiencing it, I don't have all the answers yet try pulsed magnetism... Rotate inner and outer treat ments.. Be strong

Replied by John

Have you tried MMS??

General Feedback
Posted by Brandy (Denham Springs, Louisiana) on 03/04/2011

I went through a horrific experience with bird mites. At first, I was the only sufferer since females are usually attacked prior to anyone else in the home. I felt alone since no one believed me and started to think I was going insane. I lost sleep every-night and became delusional, enough to where I lost my job. My intense research brought me to where I finally had an answer. I went to the local pest store, bought residual indoor and outdoor products, fumigated the attic and also sprayed the yard and trees. A few months later did the same thing to kill the rest that hatched. It worked!!

Finally figured out that they came from a dead bird that was found in the attic after a hurricane. Also noticed it got worse when it rained or was humid outside (which is common in the south). If it would have gone on any longer, I probably would have taken my life -- that's how severe it became and I'm not a suicidal or depressed person. I am still angry that I was so alone and want to help anyone suffering from it. It can be defeated!!!

Replied by Misdiagnosed
(Dayton, Oh/usa)

Hi there, I was glad to read your post, because I too became suicidal and delusional. I ALMOST lost my job too. This condition is awful, isn't it? I am near the end; only have a few bites a day, but there was a time a few months ago, when I was getting bit 100x per hour. Couldn't focus, couldn't concentrate. My house was a mess and I'm typically a neat freak! I started spraying the furniture, clothes, car, and office with a mixture of about 12 drops of peppermint oil to a large spray bottle of water. This helped tremendously. I now know if I can just get this spray in contact with them, they die. The trick is they hide in crevices and tiny cracks. I took apart my office chair and sprayed it this morning - HUGE relief!

Replied by Brenda
(Fayetteville, North Carolina)

Hi Brandy, what was the name of the products you bought from the pet store that got rid of them? I have tryed it all to kill these things they said to do on and none worked for me. I have suffered for seven years with theses things.

Replied by Natalie

How to make a sane woman crazy? -- THE MITES. These creatures have ruined my life and doctors think I need a psychological work-up despite the bites and scratches on my legs and arms; despite the fact that my toes and tongue are numb from all the biting. I've moved into a hotel, sent my kid to friends, and this is costing me a fortune. I have a kid to put through college! I want my house and life back. But, this is so hard. I feel like a leper and can't do anything with friends. I love entertaining and can't invite anyone to my house. Pest control companies and their sprays have NOT worked. Trying to find a company that uses Vykane gas, but have not been to do that.

Kleen Green works for me. But, I only feel good when I'm in the tub. When the water goes down the drain what's left in the tub are tiny black mites. Tried Vicks vap-rub tonight. It seems to help a bit. Will try the garlic and know that I need to make my body more alkaline. Thanks for the information


I had my house tented and fumigated with the vikane gas. It didn't totally get rid of them. I'm pretty sure it didn't kill the eggs. It's really hit or miss with the fumigation so don't think it'll definitely work. I had a positive result of dermanyssus genus mites on the test. They used 10 times the concentration level for bird mites. If you could get a company to fumigate it and leave it tented for at least a week it would probably work because all the eggs would hatch and it would then hopefully kill all the new bugs. Just my thought.

General Feedback
Posted by Ruth (Hobart, Tasmania) on 01/14/2010

Hi I' ve only just found this site. I have an chronic unidentifiable mite infestation. My sister, my son and I still have them. (4 other people managed to get rid of them as I was able to get them to act fast-but with greaaat difficulty. And they dont live/ bed with a small child!)I' ve lived with the mitets 4 years now! No medical people can find anything or believe me. They live in my ears as well as head/face mostly-travel over my body,bite like a sand fly armpits groin too,arms, legs! I feel them hatching and the larvae stage is different in crawling sensation to the adult. They mostly lay eggs behind ears but elsewhere on top. I know this as I spent months shaving our heads and the popping sounds behind my ears and crawling around from there(!)-they like to run for cover when so exposed-or after treatment they move around to get away-hence migration into ears.A night I distinctly feel them crawl over my face into eyelashes and eyes brows cheeks. from within ears and nearby external ears. Yes I have gone completely insane, washing and poisoning us and avoiding others. Ive tried a huge range of natural products of course. Mega bucks. I will look into the baking soda and borax mix thank you. You dont say how to have it, please? And I' ll try the ACV. Ive begun using 5% Coal tar shampoo,some relief but just read it's banned in higher doses as coal tar is a well known carcenogenic. Sigh!

Replied by Kim
(St. Paul, Mn)

Check out Morgellons online and make sure it's mites and not Morgellons...

Replied by Carol
(Schaumburg, Il)

Hi Ruth, I have used food grade diatonaceous earth directly on my scalp at night to get relief and it works for the itchy spots as well. Carol of schaumb. Il.

Replied by Lynn
(Connecticut, Usa)

Last week I started taking Iodine, Colloidal Silver and drinking the borax water. I know it's a lot to do all at once. By the end of the day the central part of my face became extremely red and inflamed. I woke up in the morning to bleeding sores and a greater area of my face being inflamed. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. Over the days, whatever was happening travelled down to my chin. Eventually scabbing and flaking began to occur. I continued to take the Iodine, Colloidal Silver and borax water (1/8 tsp per liter a day or less). It's been a week and my face is almost completely clear. What a weird experience. I have no idea what it was that came out or which ingredient caused it to come out but it makes me wonder! I was trying to help my Thyroid not my face.

Replied by Aj
(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Finally got a term that confirms the "bugs" or the "hosts" are not delusional! DEMODICIDOSIS!

Dermatology Online Journal says this treatment will get rid of them in 3 weeks! I've tried the topical metronidzole, but not at the same time as the oral metronidzole and oral prednisolone.

"The diagnosis of demodicidosis was made by finding extrafollicular mites in the perifollicular inflammatory infiltrate. The papules resolved after 3 weeks of systemic and topical metronidazole, and low-dose oral prednisolone therapy. In summary, demodex granuloma may be mistaken for granulomatous rosacea-like papules. Correct diagnosis can be facilitated by finding extrafollicular demodex mites in skin biopsy specimens."

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

I found this post on another site (hope that's OK):

Sounds like we have all been there. Have use the various sulfur preps, home preps, hair preps and so on. And, got paranoid to stop using as well. At some point, though - it is time to 'pamper' your skin and let it strengthen and do what it was designed to do -- protect you and your innards. Use emu oil to 'heal' and then vitamins daily with C, A and B included (don't OD on the fat soluable ones, though - like E and A).
Working out and working up a very good salty sweat is quite good for cleansing the skin and killing mites - even those that normally live in your hair folicles, such as the demodex - which are dead skin scavengers and don't bother you.
If you are particularly prone to being a mite haven -- you can resort to your sulfur home remedies once a week or get down to every other week for one washing interval - 24 hour to 48 hours at most.
BUT, eventually, -- think about using essential oils or Citrus oils for skin soothing and repealling properties (they're not great in a curative mode -- we just can't take the weeks on end treatment regimens in America required for essential oil and enzyme treatments-- just isn't practical. I laughed when I read - apply 3 to 6 times daily for 3 weeks).
Shore up your skin defenses (and its immunity)with vitamins A, C, E (among all the rest you should have daily) AND add mega amounts of zinc 200 to 300 mg for a week and then at least 100 mg daily (never mind the RDA - blah). Used in my HIV patients in even higher doses to help them reconstitute their immune systems.
But, get healed and use Citrus oils - as they are a fabulous repelling agent and nice for the skin. Don't forget those sea salt hot bathes too -- dump lots of sea salt in the water and just soak.

General Feedback
Posted by Izzy (Vero Beach, Florida U.s.a) on 10/11/2009

Maybe a flea ?

I have discovered after a year of battleing these invisible biting creatures, that there also is a flea called the Sticktight Flea, which is just as small as the bird-rat mites, and it loves humans, likes to live in crotch area, scalp, face and ears, and i do mean it lives in the ears, and burrows into the flesh there, when you use remedies in your ears it goes under the flesh, very hard to kill, I got suspicious when I saw one I got from between my cats toes, and they cause dogs- cats to do the head shaking also, I have been pulling stuff off my body for a year now, and they have been things that are the same as all 3 stages of this creature, they come off wildlife, including wild birds !! I am going to start battleing with products for fleas and see what happens, along with my zapper which helps.

EC: Another name for a sticktight flea is Echidnophaga gallinacea: gallinacea.htm

Replied by Izzy
(Vero Beach, Florida)

Invisible biting mites?

I have posted here before,but just want to add a couple tips to help in this ongoing battle against these Mites? Using sprinkled talc with Menthol in it on your sheets keeps them off you so you can sleep,not allowed to say the name of product but it's in a green shaker bottle with holes in the cap, has Zinc Oxide and Menthol as ingredients,also get Pets on a topical, that covers mites & fleas, this stopped the misery my pets were going through.Dealing with the ones in my ears is a different story though, have thrown everything safe at them but can't kill them there, keep using borax in wash ,and I add 1 teaspoon of Euclyptus Oil to each load, if you have pets it's a good idea to wash the oil out of the clothes after soaking them in the borax & Euc. Be careful with essential oils of any kind around pets, I research any new remedies I try first due to my pets. An Immune booster supplement is a must ! And if your a long time remedy user it's a real good idea to buy a Liver Detoxifier from your health food store, trust me you will feel a lot better once your liver starts to rejuvinate itself.If you want to make your blood more Alkaline you can buy PH drops to make it more alkaline than acidic, this helps in the battle also, I am a senior citizen and am in pretty good shape due to following my tips, however until the CDC stops dragging their feet we'll never get to the bottom of this, my bugs are able to burrow under the flesh, hence I can't kill them in my ears but any feedback will be appreciated!

Replied by K
(Sacramento, Ca)

I had a bad case of mites this summer. I used neem oil - three or four large dropperfuls in about a cup of olive oil, added some oil of orange. Put all over head, face, ears, neck down to shoulders.

Then soak in a tub of water - add hydrogen peroxide, one large bottle, about 1/2 cup borax and a cup or so of salt, oil up down to the water level. Soak for an hour if you can.

Then wash your hair with Dawn dish soap.

This causes a rush to your eyes as they try to get away, but using drops and resting in a dark room will get you thru it.

Do it once a week until they are gone.

I saw an article that recommended using lysol, the kind you dilute. Pour it on your scalp, ears, etc and let it dry. Leaving it on do it again and let dry. Leave on for all day or night if you can before you wash it out. Have not tried it as mine are gone or reduced so as not to be bothersome.

Good luck.

Replied by Gaynor
(Manaton, Uk)


For 9 days I have been using my saliva to clear the last of the dermodex mites causing my rosacea- and it has worked! All clear no more spots or redness, calm pale smooth skin- I can hardly believe it. I stopped doing the borax and H202 remedy as I realised that the saliva was making such a difference. Quite remarkable for something so simple a remedy as applying your own saliva to your skin.

Thank you Antonio and Earth Clinic!

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

@ K - Lysol may contain phenols, which can be dangerous to the thyroid. I read that lemon juice is very effective to kill the mites.

Replied by Sandy
(Monroe, Washinton)

Yea to Lou from Tyler, Texas!! You are right about the saliva on your face! Ty so much! When I get all ready for bed, olive oil or mayonaisse my hair, shower cap. Then use my dry eye ointment and head for my bed. The last step I do is( After brushing my Teeth and rinsing my mouth well) is to apply my saliva to my face and over my eyes. It works very well, I have felt them run off my face! :)

Replied by Tony
(Brisbane Queensland Australia)

Have been suffering with skin problems for years it was especially worse on my face. Itchy eyebrows and ears.and a crawling sensation at night it looked so bad some days I would'nt even leave the house. had a skin biopsy done and it came back as demodex mite infestation. had no idea they had been causing my eye problems as well blepharitis, eye lashes falling out, dry & irritated eyes and blurred vision. my pores are enlarged & my skin is wrinkled with broken capillaries. have been taking doxycycline tablets for 2 months with no success tried the permethrin 5 times 4 days apart didn't make any difference. even tried 50/50 tea tree oil solution from head to toe for 2 weeks helped a bit with the itch but did kill them. am now trying benzyl peroxide has helped the itch on my face a lot. if this doesn't eradicate them completely I've ordered a product that is primarily used for animals for demodetic mange but I've been reading online lots of story's from people using it to cure their scabies and demodex infestations seems to be the only thing that really works when all else fails. has 73% sulfur 25% mineral oils and 2% pine oil from what I've read you should cut it down 50/50 solution with any essential oil or zinc oxide so its more tolerable with your skin at this stage I'm willing to try anything! You can order it from amazon or I got mine from e-bay.

Hair Dryer

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Posted by Stephanie (Chicago, IL) on 01/07/2008

Bed Bugs Cure- HAIRDRYER! A friend of mine traveled through Africa and brought back bed bugs! I tried to help her for months trying to get rid of these creatures with every kind of spray, buying new mattresses--it was a total nightmare. They were biting her son almost every night--it was disgusting and frustrating. She spent a lot of money and time with all kinds of products and professionals and they would the bedbugs would just return. She was becoming very discouraged and depressed over it. Finally, I read online(after searching for months for a solution) that blowing a HAIRDRYER on the infected areas on high heat would kill them--permanently. Just use an ordinary hairdryer on HIGH HEAT all along the edge of the mattress and carpet, and anywhere you think they could be hiding(usually no deeper than 1/4 inch into the mattress so you just need to heat this up good). Putting the dryer on high heat, blowing the hot air closely for several minutes will kill the bugs and any eggs before they hatch. Do this BEFORE buying a new mattress so your new one doesn't get infected! This is the ONLY thing that actually worked, it's been several months now and no bugs have returned. Don't spend your money on services or expensive solutions that promise results--complete waste of money! Congratulations, you've just found the cure--and it's free!

Replied by Maria
(Évora, Alentejo, Portugal)

My mother have that horrible desiase (Morgellons), since 2007. She have 3 kind of strange microscopic insects, coming out, and going inside her skin, during almost 3 years. It starts in her back, that soon becames in to a map of blooding wonds, and marks of tunels, as if something in the interior could stand all the wonds/injuries connected by tunels. Mantaing, though, the nests and the cocoons connected to the way out. Only now, i've discovered(at Discovery channel) what that desiase is for real. Until now, my mother only ear from doctors, that she's crazy and nothing else! English is not very good (has you allready have noticed)...3h...and i'm still here (asking all time, to my frind Google for help;)...but giving you my best!... .I only can ask you, to investigate all about Morgellons desiase, and also "Chamtrails". My mother have only used a simple cream soap (Uriage) for dry and damaged skins...She's better now...but she's still feeling some wonds in her scalp. All rest of the body (BACK,arms,belly,NOSE,SCALP) are now much more better.The marks of the wonds, will stay forever...but even she gets totaly cured, one wond (psycologic one) will resist in her mind, open...allways...Thank you all, and dont you haver give up!...Tomorrow morning, i'm going to try to kill that little monsters whith a simple HAIR DRYER ;)...and i'm believing on it!


Which kind of uriage cream? There are many.

Replied by Steve
(Valley Ford, California)

A few years ago my bed and blankets became infested with some kind tiny, very irritating and itchy bug which was extremely difficult to get rid of. What finally worked for me was to put all my laundry in plastic bags until laundry day(to keep the bugs trapped) and then, after washing, dry everything for 45 minutes to an hour at high heat including pillows. This will kill the bugs in the fabric. I then enclosed the pillows in two plasic bags each to prevent reinfestation and I then wrapped my entire mattress in lightweight plastic (five layers) to both prevent reinfestation and trap and starve to death any bugs remaining inside the mattress. This was after treating myself with over the counter lice killing solution. I left the plastic on the pillows and mattress for a year just to be sure and the bugs have not come back and it's been several years now. It is also important to vacuum the rugs once or twice in the area every day for a couple of weeks. That should keep them from hanging around. I was desperate and this worked for me.

Replied by Diane
(Studio City, Ca)

Glad your approach worked for you, Steve. I've seen lots of shows now (Dr. Oz for example) discussing bed bugs and it sounds like you had them for sure. Sounds like you caught the infestation early. People have their homes and houses heated inside to over 140 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour or more to rid them. It's an expensive process, but it works.

Perhaps you travel a lot and stayed in a hotel with bed bugs? Always check your hotel at and look for the 1-star reviews before you travel. Also, your luggage can also pick up bed bugs from the plane's luggage storage area. I'm so petrified of these critters that I only use hard case luggage and I spray/soak the zippers and fabric around the zippers with a bed bug deterrent spray you can find online and in stores made from all natural oils that apparently bed bugs hate the smell and will avoid your bag. I've also seen many people have their bags wrapped in a clear wrap before it's put on the plane.


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Posted by Rudeclouds (Washington) on 10/06/2013

I did the acv, but by itself it was only bringing some relief for me, I started using the teatree in olive oil for my showers, still only some relief, after reading over and over to dry my clothes in hot setting, I decided to dry my self the same, with my hair dryer.. It burnes some so I have to keep moving it around, but my skin is mostly healed, mostly only my legs are left, but my torso and back are almost clear, when I first started it burned and itched like the acv, but once it started to heal, the itched was not so bad! My skin gets pink from the heat, and very dry :( but I follow with coconut and olive oil with some tea tree in it. hope this helps someone.

Homeopathic Remedies

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Posted by Nan (Minnesota, USA) on 10/04/2008

I have been fighting this for 2 years now...quite frustrating to say the least, but have found some things that have helped greatly...I used a naturopath to test some cures...Venus Fly Trap extract tested positive as did Green Hull Black Walnut extract, Wormwood tincture extract, sulphur homeopathics and calcarea carb, Neem tested (likely for killing the flying things)... I have also used a homeopath and he has put me on what he feels is my constitutional and feels this will rid my body of them...Graphites is the remedy he said was my personal remedy...everyone has a different one and you need to find a good homeopath to discover yours...if will cure most of what ails you. I have to admit the things weakened considerably using the Graphites...unfortunately I need the coffee to work daily with lack of sleep and that does inhibit the effects of the homeopathic, as does mint and all strong smelling and tasting things (perfume) for example...which makes it difficult to effect the cure...but I'm pretty sure if you get your right remedy your body could heal itself...Homeopathics are miraculous...I've seen them do many amazing things overnight...stop OCD, make kidney stones disappear stop flu in its tracks, get rid of 104 temperature in 15 minutes, etc... So I believe homeopathics could do the job alone, but a combination of them and herbs could easily do it...I have found that calendula ointment and possibly wormwood on the skin really cleared up the mites on the face. Has anyone else experienced what I have with the worms? I never hear anyone talk about it...My white worms seem to harbor in my feet...and when I go to bed they seem to awaken and crawl up my legs to attack the rest of my body...I have had worms as long as 3-4" come out in the bath...I actually make large pots of wormwood/black walnut/quassia and other teas and strain them into my bath...helps some. I'm wondering if I have Morg and something else going on at the same time because I've heard no one else speak of these symptoms. I have found over time that these buggers become stronger the harder I fight them...especially the tea tree seems to drive them deeper into the body...when they feel under attack they lay larva like fiends. Anyway, I could write on for hours about my experiences, but this will do for now..Good luck!

Replied by K
(Sacramento, Ca)

How are you feeling these days. I have symptoms similar to yours. Morgellons, mites and white worms in nasal cavities. All came on at once.

I wonder if your homeopathic remedies have helped, I am killing some with herbs and Ted's borax and baking soda has taken the edge off the Morgs. Still have waves of mites and many worms have made themselves apparent in the rest of my body. I am hoping you can report some relief for your situation.

Replied by Catherine
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Hi Nan and K..Please read Dr Hulda Clarks book "A cure for all diseases" she specifically targets parasites and their causes. Cheers

Hot Water

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Posted by Ewsteban (Houston, Texas) on 10/16/2014

3 dermatologists thousands waisted. not one mentioned mites as a culprit. demodicosis, as I was infested. I submit my entire face to hot water in a bowl one area at a time. hotter than I would like for 110 seconds.then heat water in a large pot as the water heater is not hot enough to penetrate the necessary the tub I pour the hot water the add hot faucet water then submerge the back of my scalp long as I can. hours later the dead mite sites appear as red bumps, only way to know where they are. I was surprised they were in my nose hair, ears upper back stomach down to my ankles. permrthrin, metronidazole, 10percent sulphur on my scalp and lower body, teatree oil and shampoo.launder drying in high heat, every nite for bedding.

Replied by Barbara

I used sulfur soap and shampoo for months and months and it didn't work on the body or on the scalp.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by frank (sc) on 05/12/2021

Meth mites, real or not? VERY REAL!!!!

Hello all, My name is Frank V. I recently started seeing bugs under my skin with parasitic worms swimming up my face going up behind my eyes. I was frantic and started picking at it. I told my wife to call an ambulance because I was terrified that I might lose my eye sight. Ambulance arrived and I went to the emergency room. Doctor said I was crazy, gave me some shots to knock me out and said nothing was there and that I was hallucinating. I walked out of the emergency room, called my wife and she picked me up at a gas station.

Next day! I woke up at home and I got up to use the bathroom and my whole head and chest were full of bites. I took a tweezer and picked at one of the bites and pulled out one of the bites and saw a red like tick. I got a magnifying glass look at it and indeed it was what I was seeing. I called my wife and father in law to verify what I was seeing and asked them to validate with their own eyes what they saw. both said a red tick like insect. I then drove myself to a different hospital and went to the emergency room. They diagnosed it as a staff infection and gave me antibiotics and gave me some cream to put on the bites. I took the antibiotics and the cream. went back the following week and my chest was cleared up but my legs were filling up with red sores. and my head was better or so I thought. the bites turned into scabs and it turned out that these bugs were clever! They hid themselves under a layer of skin! I went back to the emergency room and they diagnosed it as Impetigo and gave me more cream. That didn't work! Mind you that I took 2 ct scans and blood work! These doctors have PHD's.

I decided to do my own research using my symptoms, mind you I have a bachelors degree in management with minors in psychology. not a PHD! I bought cremes such as bacitracin, neosporin and anti itch to name a few. liquids, witch hazel, lice shampoos, vinegar and vitamin pro biotics to name a few.

In doing my research I found an article that had all my symptoms. It's called "CHAGAS" disease also known as the kissing bug. I was sitting outside on my porch pulling out these insects from my skin and noticing that there was a flying bug that would reinsert another bug in me. I was so frustrated. According to the article (#webmd) the bug enters either through the mouth, nose or eyes. it poops and the poop turns into infection which in turn causes a parasite and the parasite eats into your skin and becomes a host. They produces eggs and has stages, the eggs hatch and the red bugs are full blown adults that feed on your blood. the parasite can be dormant for years. It has a web like protection barrier around it(like fish bone, spiny) for protection of fully pulling it out) There is no vaccine for it.

Time to find the host! This can be difficult and I don't advise anyone to try this at home. I found mine in my mouth. I have this hole in my cheek that's been ongoing for many years inside my mouth. I thought it was a diabetic thing caused by high blood sugar (damn was I wrong). As anyone that uses meth knows, meth causes infection in the mouth, rots teeth, dehydrates the body which in turn weakens the immune system. I also have a sore on the corner of my lip that I popped. Out of this sore is where I saw the little fly come out of which led me to figure out the source of the parasite that entered into my blood stream and caused this chaos that I have been going through. I gargled hydrogen peroxide to try and heal the hole and to my surprise the host didn't like it and showed itself through the hole in the corner of my mouth. It took me an hour and a half to manually pulled it out and hurt like hell. I had to have the peroxide in my mouth and let it out little by little so the host would stay visible to continue to get it out. if peroxide not present it goes right back in. I wish I was able to record it but I only have two hands and I wanted it out. It was pretty extreme but I was ready for battle!!!!

Lastly, apple vinegar is awesome. I did put bleach on remaining sores and used clear nail polish to suffocate them. worked really well if you can take the sting. My meth days are over. I got what I wanted out of it and it was to lose weight but it is Russian roulette. Take care everyone and don't forget to brush your teeth..

Hydrogen Peroxide, Borax

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Posted by Niki (Dallas, Tx) on 08/29/2010

I tried the hydrogen peroxide and borax solution on my hair for dust mites. I kept the solution on for a little while. When I washed my hair normally very dark brown) turned blondish orange. Now my hair is falling in clumps. It is literally melting in my fingers. I use to have a head full of extremely healthy thick and long hair. I can't recognize myself in the mirror. Any suggestions? Please help this is very frightening.

Replied by Lynn
(Seattle, Washington, Us)

Won't reverse the orange because peroxide acts as a bleach, but I use extra virgin coconut oil about once a week on my hair to help prevent nits and mites. I emulsify it in some hot water (don't mircrowave, it changes the integrity, cover my hair with it and sleep in it overnight... Simply shampoo in the morning. Works great on skin too... And my cats love it... I rub it on their fur and they like to lick it off. Not only kills fleas and mites, but helps with hairballs and a natural antimicrobial agent.

Replied by Mindy

Both hydrogen peroxide and borax are serious bleachers. They're not meant for the hair. It can be used on the scalp for short. Of time. Your hair has been over bleached and that is why it is melting. Cut it off and let it grow out. It will come back. I believe the the peroxide and borax is meant for the body.

Replied by MissM

You can use on body and hair. And you don't use for a long time. It's better than being infested. You don't use straight hydrogen peroxide it should be diluted. Borax works.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Coconut Oil

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Posted by Michelle (Baltimore, Maryland) on 07/25/2007

re: Mite Infestation -- I, too, like others have suffered similar ailments--intense itching and red, swollen bites on upper part of body for three years, and until recently, my face. I am of African descent and my skin does not heal well, after any kind of bruising. When the redness and itching finally go away, I'm left with lots of black spots. Needless to say, it leaves me quite depressed and I'm not able to wear short sleeves, shorts or go to the beach (due to eczema on the lower part of my body). Well, I though it was bedmites or dustmites and replaced my mattress and linens and even wash these in hot water, ammonia and borax every couple of days. But almost every morning when I wake up, I find more red bumps.

Well, much thanks for Earthclinic!!! After reading many testimonials on different skin issues, I purchased ACV to neutralize my body's acidity and Organic Coconut Oil for eczema, etc. I was still getting my usual number of bites and tried 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for the itching; it helped for a couple of hours. Just by chance, I read about the lady who had tried Pond's face cream with the intent to "suffocate" the mites and I reasoned that coconut oil has such tremendous healing properties--bacterial/viral/fungual; this just might work. So, I put some on all over my face, chest and arms where I had bites and voila! The itching subsided within several minutes and by the end of the next day, the swelling and redness was 97% gone and I still have NO more itching!!! (I've also been taking the coconut oil internally but not diligently as I should be.)

I'm so ecstatic to share this with others and hope that you would have as much success as I did.

P.S. Ted, can you share any light on this. Also, since using ACV and baking soda, my eczema has flared up. I'm now trying baking soda only. (I also suffer from chronic BV).

Replied by Jeanette Smith
(Houston, Texas)

Have you tried aloe Vera. The plant, not some diluted store brand. It works

Iodine, Oregano, Hibiclens

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Posted by Kerrigan (Detroit, MI) on 08/12/2014

Hi, I want to start by thanking everyone on this site for your great advice and suggestions. I am still not sure what I had (bird mites, morgellons, parasites, scabies from hell) or how I got it but I am sooooo glad that its finally gone. It started around February of this year. Every night when I got into bed, I would be attacked. Bites, sharp painful stinging sensations all over my body. Like others, I thought it was bed bugs, but as much as I looked I could never find one. Whatever this is, it is so small that you cannot see it, but you can definitely feel it and it is torture!

In the beginning of this nightmare, I would spray my sheets and body with OFF every night and that would help me sleep. And, I just assumed that whatever this was, it would eventually go away. However, after about a month the OFF stopped working and the biting got worse and I started to itch….constantly. And, I had bite marks all over my stomach, thighs and back. Then I searched online and found that I was not alone. This is a huge problem that's affecting a lot of people.

So, I started trying different things that I read about. Some things didn't work at all (Vaseline, lemon juice, etc) and other things would help but they would never cure (tea-tree oil, coconut oil, sulfur, borax, hydrogen peroxide, Windex, bleach, epsom salts, etc). And, the biting wasn't just at night anymore, it had progressed to the feeling of biting and crawling all day long and all over my body, even my scalp and genital area. I was afraid to visit family and friends or invite them to my home because I didn't want them to be infected. I stopped hugging and touching people altogether and became a recluse.

I was vacuuming daily, keeping my dirty clothes and clean clothes in sealed garbage bags, changing my sheets daily, putting all kinds of sprays and oils on my skin. I even threw out my mattress and bought a new one and put a zippered plastic cover from Target on it. I also noticed that it would get worse around the full moon every month. During the full moon, I would literally have to take Benadryl and cry myself to sleep.

After months of endless torture, sleepless nights, crying, wondering “why me?”, I finally got some relief from Lugol's Iodine Solution, Oil of Oregano, Hibiclens Soap and positive thinking. I have been consistently using these “cures” daily for about two months and I am finally free. I take a few drops of the Lugol's Iodine twice a day (in the morning and before bed), I take one Oil of Oregano softgel in the morning and I take my shower at night with the Hibiclens soap. I use an off brand of the soap that I got from Meijer and I put it in an old soap bottle with a foam dispenser to save money. I absolutely love this soap! It gets me cleaner than any soap I have ever used and you only need to use a small amount.

Also, I use positive affirmations throughout the day to help me get through the day. I now only vacuum once a week and I put my bedding in the freezer in the morning and take it out before bed. I vacuum my car once a week and spray it daily with rubbing alcohol. It is now August and as I sit here at my computer, I feel NOTHING. No itching, No crawling, No biting. I think what worked for me was really fighting it internally because prior to starting the iodine and oregano, I was mainly focusing on my environment. Once I started the iodine and oregano (and Hibiclens), within 2 months I was cured. I hope my story helps.

Replied by Jim
(Georgia, US)

I wanted to thank you personally. Your advice for taking the iodine, Oregano, and Hibiclens has worked well for me. I added MSM tabs to your advice and although I've not beat the little monsters yet, I've slowed them down considerably. I also keep a spray bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol with tea tree oil by the bed for those active nights. additionally, I put vicks vapor rub around my nose to keep them out. I'm not out of the woods yet.......but I can now see a dramatic difference in my mite-mare. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Jim --- isopropyl alcohol is very poisonous. In Europe it has been prohibited for many years but it still is touted here.

You can also try Diatomaceous Earth (DE) internally and externally, following up with hemp oil to moisturize. Use your own saliver (sp). Whenever you can; it works very well. Your own body produces antibodies for everything. That is why I also use Urine Therapy with good results in addition to DE. I have also used neem oil with success and like to rotate these items.

Dr. Bronner's liquid kastile soap with essential oils, all natural, on a washcloth with dissolved Borax from top to bottom works well. Afterwards you need to moisturize with any good oil or hemp oil. It s very good for skin and hair.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Jack

Hey Kerrigan,

I am trying this also to see if it works. How did you get the idea to try this? I'm still taking Ivermectin, Permithrin, just put Mayonnaise on myself all over last night for an hour then had Permithrin on. I am also trying Apple Cider Vinegar Braggs with the mother spraying that on myself also holding it on for 5 minutes on spots. Just started the Mayo and ACV. Anyway I know Oil of Oregano kills parasites. Please let me know how this works. Thank you.

Replied by Laura
(San Antonio)

Did you change your diet at all? Is this still working for you?

Replied by Carolyn

I now take a bath every night with 1 gallon of white vinegar. I have also used 1 cup of citric acid in my bath. Both help, but the vinegar works best. Does not work as well on scalp, but it does help.

Replied by Laura

How long did you stay on this protocol? Did you heal completely?

Replied by Carolyn

I have been doing it for about 2 1/2 weeks and my life is so much better. I still have problems with my scalp, but it is nothing like it used to be. I do not do my hair in the tub, I learned the hard way not to do that as it spreads to the rest of the body. If I could get the scalp under control I think I could beat it as my body is almost normal. It seems to move from my scalp while I sleep. You may be leery of using one whole gallon, but my skin is so soft now. It hasn't been like this for years.

Also, I get my vinegar from Sam's Club as it is only 4 dollars for 2 gallons.

I hope this helps you also. Carolyn from Kansas

Replied by Carolyn

I have been doing it for about 2 1/2 weeks and my life is so much better. I still have problems with my scalp, but it is nothing like it used to be. I do not do my hair in the tub, I learned the hard way not to do that as it spreads to the rest of the body. If I could get the scalp under control I think I could beat it as my body is almost normal. It seems to move from my scalp while I sleep. You may be leery of using one whole gallon, but my skin is so soft now. It hasn't been like this for years.

Also, I get my vinegar from Sam's Club as it is only 4 dollars for 2 gallons. I keep a spray bottle with 50/50 vinegar and water whenever I feel something. Just spray the affected area.

I hope this helps you also. Carolyn from Kansas

Ionic Silver and Vaseline

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Posted by Tracy (Modesto, CA) on 11/20/2007

re: American Biotec Labs ionic silver and water machine -- I have largely healed, very clear skin now after years of various illnesses and almost two years of hell w/ rashes, itches, lesions. Healed with about a half bottle a day of ABL silver taken as a gulpful several times a day. I also used vaseline, even on my head, and slept in it. Joy dishwashing detergent will get it out after a couple hair washings. Vaseline seemed to choke them off, make them come out, and was very soothing.