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Mite Infestation Cures

| Modified on Nov 18, 2021

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Debbie (Oregon) on 04/05/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I got what I think is demodex mites. It took me 9 months to get rid of them but would have been much shorter if I had done what got rid of them for me earlier. I tried tea tree oil, neem oil, ivermectrin the list goes on and on. Here is what did it.

I used dry mustard (bought in large container from amazon) in my shampoo and body wash every day. You have to figure out how much you can do without burning. I started with a 1/2 teaspoon and worked up to 1 teaspoon, mix with 1 tsp of cold water and the shampoo. Mix it up and apply and leave on for 5 minutes. Keep away from eyes. Then I would do the same and add Dove's body soap, mix it and turn off the shower and apply all over my body and let it sit for 5 minutes. (my face couldn't handle mustard, burned) If it burns anywhere, rinse it off immediatly and use less in that area next time. Then rinse it off. I also used diatomaceous earth on my legs every night, just rubbed it in. Sometimes I had to get up when it was real bad and rub it in 2 or 3 times but always got them to quiet down so I could sleep.

When the infestation was at its worst, I took a bath with a cup of borax, cup of epsom salts and 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide. It gave me instant relief. I would lay on my side and put 1/2 my face in the water (to my nose so I could breathe, keep eyes closed) for a few minutes turn over and do the other side.

I kept a bottle of 1 cup hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup apple cider vinegar and mix 1-2 tbls of borax in it until the borax wouldn't dissolve anymore. I kept it in a colored glass spray bottle by my side and when I felt them moving on me, I sprayed and it stopped. Don't know how many it killed but it gave me relief from them crawling around on me and biting.

What I learned is get your immune system up, that is the number one best defense against these mites. I let my health go down and was depressed and that opened the door for them to breed unchecked.

I did the laundry thing, washed sheets every night in hot water and borax, wore clothes once and washed in same. Not sure if this made a difference. I still only use sheets for 3 days and wash, I guess afraid they will come back. My 17 year old son never got them, I didn't let him use my towels and washed his clothes separately. kept blankets on couch and washed them often.

It is hell but you can overcome it. I was there thinking my life was ruined, not wanting to be around people. Oh and did the doctor thing too, they don't have a clue. It was awful but you can get thru this.

God Bless and be with you, Debbie

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Naturalgal (Bronx, Ny) on 08/12/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have cured myself of mites! I could NOT believe the sudden increase in the creepy crawling like sensation I felt just a few evenings ago. I have been feeling these mild sensations for a while now and never thought it was something abnormal. Who knew? That was until one night I was going to sleep and felt a surge of tingling all over my legs! It did not hurt nor keep me from sleeping because I was exhausted, but I knew that it wasn't normal. It felt like bugs where "peak-a-booing" in and out of my pores. I read everything I could about the sensation and determined it was mites!!

-I have had a rash on neck that just would not go away (in part because I wasn't following through when things were working). ACV burned because I was scratching, Sulfur mask - I slacked using it, tea tree with Vitamin E smell was annoying me All three got me result though. But Like I said I should've kept up with one regimen.

So this is what I did........

1. I woke up went to the store for new hepa filter and alcohol (90%), and apple cider vinegar, borax wasn't available nearby. I showered, sprayed myself everywhere with ACV and put on clean clothes fresh out the dryer.

2. I called a cleaning company to do the cleaning with me and cleaned everything in home from top to bottom (even the ceilings with a vacuum cleaner), while the workers wore janitor like suits. While they cleaned I put everything already clean in the dryer for 20 min. My dryer is incredibly hot. Drawer by drawer to make it easier to put back. Only my hands touched the clothes out of the dryer. The inside of the drawers were cleaned and sprayed with alcohol.

3. EVERYTHING was sprayed with 90% alcohol with a few drops of eucalyptus to cut the smell. Rugs, walls, mattresses, gym equipment, you got sprayed. What couldn't be sprayed was wiped down and cleaned with HOT water, dried and then sprayed. Every removable fabric was washed in hot water then dried by high heat.

4. Feeling confident I killed them all I showered, sprayed myself with ACV and went to bed. To my horror I still felt the suckers on my legs but definitely not as much. I recall thinking why can't salt kill these buggers? So I got up and dissolved fine sea salt in water (more salt than water) & added ACV and poured it all over my body, air dried and went to bed with loose cloths on to keep the salt on my skin. I woke up feeling great. I still felt some peak-a-booing though.

I did another ACV salt solution, air dried and put on my clothes and went about my day. Still I felt them. I also felt like I stirred them up. Good cause I was was relentless.

I eliminated them from my environment. Really minimized them because we co-exist with them. :| I spray alcohol every where especially my bed, leaving bed unmade to air out.

5. Know to eradicate the nuisances off my skin. With skin lathered with sulfur soap I apricot scrubbed every square inch of me and pumiced my hand, feet and elbows. My goal is to starve them by not giving them any food, that is getting rid of dead skin as much as possible.

6. Twice a day: I pat-dried my skin and poured this mixture over my skin: 1 cup ACV, 1 cup dissolved (mostly) sea salt and 1/4 ground cloves. It is working. I used this mixture twice a day and clearly it is working. I do not feel that tingly peek-a-boo sensation. I just wear loose clothes to minimize sweat. (summer in NYC).

Now what seemed to happen is I forgot about my feet because I never felt them here. So I am guessing I drove them from one part of my body to another. SOLUTION... Ground cloves in my socks. Viola!!!!!!! As for the rash?? I use ground cloves in vaseline. I know that I killed these buggers burrowing in that rash because I felt it give me a spasm in a nerve on my neck! Yep, weird but the rash is dried up and does not itch at all. Leave the ground cloves and sea salt on your sheets while your gone for the day. Even sleep with as much as you can stand on and below your sheets. Sprinkle carpets with clovers and salt periodically and vacuum later.

This is my recipe and I am keeping up with it until long after its all gone. I have no idea how long their eggs take to hatch but I figured it is worth maintaining the regimen for a few weeks to get the entire life cycle. I also take ACV 3 times a day and am sprinkling clove in my lotion. Hahaha the buggers are going insane.

Good luck and thanks to all who shared their experiences. I learned a lot and came up with my recipe for killing mites.

Update January 25, 2016:

Original problem STILL GONE!!! No pee-a-booing. NOTHING present.

The heavy sea salt (above and below the sheets) and ground clove (above the sheets only) and sleeping with this for a few days really did the trick. It makes sense to me to sprinkle sea salt on the mattress and surrounding flooring/carpet. It "kills" bugs period. Sulfur shampoo as a lathery soap actually leave your skill feeling superiorly cleaned. I continue to use it, just not daily as of December 1, 2015. Ground clove as a body scrub is also nice a using sugar or sand for spa-ing types. I hope this helps someone else.

I also drink ACV as a daily tonic A shot in warm water taste like warm apple juice. Twice daily.

ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ruby (Sydney, Australia) on 10/28/2014

I believe I have demodex brevis mites. Everything that I have read about them describes what I am experiencing although all the doctors & specialists I have seen keep saying no, no, demodex only occurs on those with severely affected immune systems such as HIV etc but I tell this this is old school textbook and these mites are extremely adaptable and just because I don't present as "text book" to you, doesn't mean I don't have them. We are the experts on our own bodies and they simply can't treat what they know relatively nothing about. And yes, I've been continuously prescribes anti-depressants & anti-pyschotics but not been told what they are. Of course, now I always read the pharmacology on anything before I take it. These are not imaginary. Crawling sensation, followed by the pin-prick sting and a small bump a few minutes later which turns into a lesion (of varying degrees) that takes longer than normal to heal. For the last week I have been bathing in a mix of 1 part hydrogen peroxide (3%) with 3 parts distilled water, Borax (added until it stops breaking down in the water and you can see it on the bottom - use a plastic container to mix & store), with a few drops of lavender and a splash of tea tree. I cover head to toes... scalp, face, genitals.. everything (just watch your eyes!! ). This seems to keep them a bit quieter and I believe you need to apply this AT LEAST twice a day for 4 weeks. In my opinion it needs to be tackled from a few angles. Environmentally, topically, internally & psychologically (to stop us from completely losing the plot) as stress will make your "living environment" for these mites worse. Internally I am taking golden seal, a parasite cleanser (Parex), aloe vera juice, MSM, garlic supplements, magnesium & Vit C. I have drastically reduced ALL sugar (incl carbs), try to adhere to a yeast free (Candida free) diet. Environmentally I use borax and natural oils to spray on & around the house, vacuum daily, rotate clothing, hot washing everything REGULARLY. I am also about the embark on the psych aspect as it has become evident that support from medical practitioners will not come & I am fighting on my own. I need my mind to be strong. Good luck to you all. x

Posted by Jesse (Dowling, Mi) on 04/03/2017
5 out of 5 stars

After years of suffering from bird mites and major secondary skin infections to the point of abscesses that had to be opened surgically, I have found that zinc tablets 100mg in the morning and 50mg at night has cleared my skin completely in a matter of 2 weeks. Finally free.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Smilepayal19 (California) on 05/15/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering for a year now, but am finally getting better. I am the only one with this problem in my entire house, and some think I'm crazy because I'm explaining problems cause by "invisible" bugs--and being a teenager doesn't help with that situation either, since adults don't really believe us. I got the problem when we moved into a new house that had dogs, and the problem was only in my room's carpet and I unknowingly spread it to my bed after doing situps. After 11 months of suffering, I finally realized I needed to go online to get rid of these white mites. And I found the cures!!! Here's what I have been doing:

Buy Kleen Green. This is 75 dollars from amazon but is concentrated and lasts a very long time because you have to mix it with water in a spray bottle. It comes with instructions as well. Spray everything with this, even your body! It is chemical free and has not hurt my teenage skin at all! Take a hot 30 min bath with 4 ounces of it and soak your entire scalp too. Stay in for 30 min. You can also spray this on body and scalp at any time of the day and not have to wash your hair after. It is just made of enzymes and smells like kid bubble soap. Spray everything, even carpet, and wipe or vacuum. Do this for your car too if needed. I have read that a substitute for this is the BLUE dawn soap, and am gonna try that too for my scalp, since that is the last site of problem for me. Also, wear clothes once and use towels only once or twice. IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO SLEEP AGAIN: Put all bedding in dryer for 30 min, even PILLOWS. Do this ENTIRE cleaning process for at least three weeks in order to break their life cycle.

Drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda all mixed in water every other or every day to cleanse your insides.

I had felt very alone and scared through this fight, I even had slight thoughts of suicide sometimes. But I always tried to stay positive in order to maintain my happiness and higher than a 4.0 GPA. And now I can see an even greater future for myself! Now I don't have to worry about spreading this to my possible future college dorm either. Just have persistence and perseverance, even if people think you're crazy. If you stay positive, and do this process CORRECTLY AND THOROUGHLY, then you will get your life back. I promise. <3

Please talk to me! I will comment back and we can help each other! You are not alone!

Stay happy and positive,
A friend :)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tracymae (Missouri) on 12/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

After many years of misery, and misdiagnosis, I finally discovered my home of 11 years had severe infestation of mites... Bird and rat mites. Tiny black, crawling, biting 8 legged creatures. (saw them under microscope, and one pest control company identified them too.... Though many others didn't believe me.) Nothing got rid of them, nothing.... Long story, but many years of trying everything... Anyone who came over, was diagnosed with scabies, but the bugs did not act like typical scabies, and the medication didn't work. Pest Control services didn't help much, if at all. I was not able to remove nests, because they were in my walls, attic, chimney, and being a disabled single parent, I had no way of doing it and couldn't afford to pay anyone. My pets suffered too, the neighbors dogs suffered. (Itching, raw skin, hair/fur falling out, etc). We moved, and left everything at our house, or we put it in storage. But many months later, the mites have yet to die off. Things were better, till my children started sneaking things in from storage. Then it started here too...... Itching, crawling, biting, rashes, my hair was falling out in huge amounts, I had bug bites, sores on my scalp and body... I had waist length hair, etc...i just couldn't bring myself to keep going to the Dr.I already bought new furniture, new clothes, etc.... I was checked for lice, bed bugs, etc...many times, and given meds for itch., The permethrin didn't work, only helped deter while I had the meds on me. I found Ted's mange cure and decided to try it. Little by little, I saw many improvements. Internal borax per Ted's recipe, external borax with hydrogen peroxide per Ted's mange treatment. My little dogs feet and legs and ears cleared right up after several soaks over two weeks or so.... (Vet kept saying it was allergies, and nerves) . Years of me dealing with all this, I became very depressed, from lack of sleep, and being so miserable, year after year. I know many people thought I had a mental imbalance. (At first, the bugs bothered everyone, but then it was mostly just me. I am middle aged, female, with immune system abnormalities. Occasionally, if someone new came along, they would get rashes they insisted were from poison ivy or chiggers.) . After about four or five baths in borax and hydrogen peroxide, my dog rarely has had any more problems since....but it has taken me two months of daily treatments on myself, .... At first, it was every day of borax and hydrogen peroxide, with Apple cider vinegar with water rinses. Then I started adding a few drops of iodine to my selsun blue shampoos, and added coconut oil to the borax hair scalp treatment too, to help with dryness, ... and washing my bed linens and blanket daily in hot water and borax and vinegar.... And vacuuming daily, (new filtered vacuum) spraying everything with borax water.(new mattress in a hypoallergenic bed bug and dust proof zipper mattress cover) Mopping with borax, then Murphy's oil soap, and wiping down everything with Windex every day or two at least. My car was also infested, and so it was hard trying to convince everyone they must be very careful with what they bring in from the car, and to shower, shampoo with selsun blue, and vinegar, and wash their jackets and clothes in hot water, and high heat.(soaked pillows in hot water, borax, weekly... Bought new pillows every 2 mo) Raid max foggers every 5-7 days in the car, and in my home helped too. Two cans per room.... (1.5 % cypermethrin, I believe). I was trying to break the life cycle. I plan to use a miticide next time, to be sure they don't build immunity and return.... Had I not had to deal with this nightmare myself, I would think everyone talking about bird and rat mites infesting humans and dogs had mental imbalances. But little by little, things are improving, ..... and I thank this website, and Ted's treatments, and reading about other people's experiences. I am hopeful for the first time in many many years. Things seem to be improving, although I still have a few issues here and there.

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Porsha (Usa) on 11/29/2015

Nu-stock kills the mites very fast... the die off is intense and your eyes also will burn for a few days as it soaks into the body and moves around forcing them under the skin to leave their oil nests they place around them when in the pores or derma. Boudreaux's Butt Paste 40% Zinc (also contains Peruvian Balsam that is known in veterinary medicine to kill stubborn skin mites since the 1950s)can be mixed with the nu-stock so that it spreads around on the skin easier. Find what ratio of mixture works best for you cause each person will have their own tolerance to strength. I've placed Nu-stock full strength on skin without any side effects outside of the initial die off. It might also be an extra kick to throw in a drop of Tea Tree Oil into your mixture. Use a washed glass jar of any size to mix and store your solution so you always have some. Also have a spray bottle of 91% alcohol on hand to spot spray any itchy spot so you can catch the buggers as they emerge and escape. Either way they are dying so its not essential to have it but it cuts down on the tickly feeling duration as they die. Take fresh garlic cloves internally with lots of water daily. One or two a day should work as a systematic flush of internal mites that will sap your immune system. Always drink plenty of water anyways. Garlic will also take care of any fungal issues that would hinder topical solutions from fully absorbing into the derma/pores. Getting sunlight when you can kills mites on the surface because they are highly reactive to solar radiation that it destroys their body. Tea tree oil caster oil cleanser/shampooing of your skin, scalp, and eye lids and then spraying 50/50 water and apple cider vinegar (add a drop of tea tree oil for extra killing power) solution over whole body.. let it sit for 2-3 mins and rinse off. This balances your pH level on the skin. Cut out gluten entirely from your diet. Once you have mites you have to change your lifestyle because you've damage to your immune system and have a higher chance of becoming reinfected over and over again. Cut down on dairy or eliminate. Cut back on sugar for the rest of your life too. Sugar and refined carbs aggravate the things that we do not want sticking around like fungus, yeast, parasites, mites, and cancer.

I could go on and on. Do not count on everything a Doctor will tell you. You know yourself best and can educate yourself endlessly because you have the power of information at your fingertips. I've been in doctor offices conversing with staff when I was on vacation in Florida and one Dr in particular had no idea what the function of progesterone was in the body or that both males and females contain it. To him it was just estrogen for the female, testosterone for the male, end of story I do not have to learn anything beyond those two things. He had been practicing for over 20 years. Doctors do not have all the answers. ^-^ You do not need your hand held in your life and I have faith that everyone will some day break free from this mindset of waiting for someone else to come along and fix them. Most people on this forum already are in the process of making this transition. This is the first forum on this subject I have ever responded to.

Thank you Kim for your brave story. Nu-stock WILL kill the mites from you and your friend. The endless reviews on amazon confirm this. Ivermectin internally can be effective. Get it from a livestock store and the kind for horses. Much cheaper than RX. If it seems like its hard to find garlic clove and ginger work exactly the same. Slice garlic and ginger, place in a cup, pour hot but not boiling water over it and drink like a tea twice a day. Also eat what floats into your mouth and chew it. Eat some raw garlic and fresh ginger daily as well. Mmm it's yummy in a very aggro way. You can feel it working instantly as it travels through your body from your mouth. =)

I could go on and on and on. These things work and I was suffering since I was a teenager before knowing late last year that I had mites externally and internally. Spent months and months researching and building up experience of what works and what doesn't through trial and error. I'm 30 now. Demodex also was in my eyes causing blurred vision that would fluctuate. That has improved now. =)

Alright I will stop typing.

Colloidal Silver and Coconut Oil
Posted by Mckenna (Aubrey, Texas) on 07/11/2014
5 out of 5 stars

For 3 months and 11 days I had treated the tiny back yard with 100 pounds of sulfer powder, sulfered the floors and dusted the dogs. Then tried 50 pounds of Diatomaceous earth. Countless Pyrethrine baths, sulfer baths (not sulfer lime dip) Washed my sheets every day in Borax, cans of Frontline, Revolution drops, boraxed the dog beds finally throwing them all out, used EVERY single bug spray that Lowes and Tractor Supply had inside and outside. Neem oil sprayed outside, countless pesticides inside and out. I put neem oil on myself and orange oil, lemon oil, tea tree oil, menthol name it. I also bombed my cars on 7 separate occasions each. (I considered selling my car with cloth seats as even the bombs and Nylar powder I was using was not killing them at all.) I tried absolutely everything!!!!!!!!

I lost my fiance for a week because he thought I was losing my mind because he wasn't bitten by these things. Only my daughter and I were affected. I bought a high powered microscope but could never find a mite. I ordered a gallon of concentrated lime dip (I have great danes). While waiting for this last hope, I bought $100 worth of the finest colloidal silver Sprouts had to offer and the finest liquid coconut oil. I did 10 parts silver to 1 part oil and slathered my dogs up. They loved it. It was also safe for them to lick it. They got it all over and inside their nostrils as well which was great cause the mites I have learned will live in there. I shampooed them 4 hours later...bugs were decreasing by the next day. I then saturated the danes with straight silver and brushed it all in their coats and never washed it. I did another yard treatment and full house and bedroom treatment.

After a break up, many sleepless itchy nights, terrible dry scaly painful red skin, depleted bank account, and tears upon tears I was free of these bastards. Colloidal Silver was the ONLY thing that killed them on my dogs. My poor 3 year old Dane developed a huge lipoma from all of the toxins I had exposed him to. I am now using much Tumeric powder to try and get the toxins out of their system. It was SO MUCH WORK!! But I am now free. Please ask me any questions. I now consider myself an expert in these things. Please please be careful what you expose your family and dogs to. One more thing...we also bathed the parrot and three guinea pigs we had, but had immediately isolated them from the dogs upon learning we had mites.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Naturalhomeremedies (Ny, Ny, Usa) on 11/19/2011
5 out of 5 stars

First and foremost, I want to give thanks to Jehovah God for all things are possible through him.

I recently came down with an infestation of mites. I only discovered this after starting to feel like I was getting pelted by sand like specs on on my feet and legs in my home. Thought it was spring tails or bird mites or Morgellons. Regardless, I was itchy all over and felt crawling sensations from head to toe.

I scared myself half to death reading all the horror stories on the internet. The advice was trash your stuff and move! That is not the solution. Then I sprinkled Diatomaceous Earth over everything. Another bad move... It just made cleaning up everything twice as hard.

I started praying and found this site. Then it dawned on me that mites are everywhere, including on me. I can bomb everything, steam and clean 24 hours a day, trash everything and move 25 times and I still have the mites in my skin and hair. Once I realized that it more than an environmental issue (that bombing my house would not solve), or a pet issue (I have 3 dogs and read how people got rid of their pets or put them to sleep) I said a prayer and got a grip. I can encounter these mites anywhere. Pathogens like, germs, bacteria and viruses are in and on EVERYTHING. Our bodies constantly fight these invaders, the HEALTHIER our immune systems the more transparent the fight is. I had been neglecting myself and my health, so my immune system is compromised. So this was just the latest symptom in a long line of symptoms that I didn't address holistically. Just another sign that my body is out of balance. I encourage anyone going through this, to calm down and take charge of your internal and external health.

As I prayed for a cure and answers, I kept thinking - mankind has dealt with these things for a bazillion years. If they didn't get a handle on it - they would have all killed themselves a long time ago (from the agony) - but we are still here! So the answer is to go OLD SCHOOL on these parasites.

I took bentonite clay, mixed in borax and added a couple of tablespoons of bleach (I didn't worry about exact measurements). I added water to get less clumpy and got in the shower and started to scrub myself with it. I sat on the edge of the tub and took time to massage it into every part of my body. As I began massaging, hard black specks came up to the surface ALL OVER MY BODY. It was disgusting! Massaged more. By the time I was finished and rinsed off my skin was as soft as a baby's behind. I then took a herbal oil, I got in the discount store, that I had added Tree Tea Oil, Oregano Oil and Clove Oil and oiled myself down; really massaged the oil in and took my time. A few more specs came up; some white, some black. For the 1st time in many nights I sleep more than 3 hours.

The next day after I washed my hair, I put bentonite clay, borax and bleach in my hair as a mask and left it for 24 hours (used a plastic cap). My scalp stopped the crazy itchiness. Once in a while a spot would itch and I would just massage that spot on my scalp. The next day I rinsed my hair with Apple cider vinegar (ACV) that I left in. Then I oiled my hair with Sulfur 8 with clove, tree and oregano oils added in. My scalp stopped itching but my hairline, face and neck itched like crazy. So I soaked my face and neck with ACV and covered it with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and Tree Tea Oil. Eventually the itching stopped. I also put VCO on my scalp.

The next night I scrubbed down with the clay mixture again and saw less mites come up to the surface then the night before. I have started drinking ACV and Betonite Clay and Grapefruit Seed oil. Drinking a lot of distilled or filter water. Brought cheap sheets and blankets (light or white colored) and change daily. Vacuum everyday. Change clothes daily. Steam floors every couple of days. On a personal note, I was washing everything daily and decided this was MADNESS. Just because I washed it, didn't mean it was going to stay free of these mites. As soon as I touched it, there is a chance I contaminated the clean laundry again, open the bag to remove clothes - contaminated. I can't keep mites or other pathogens off my stuff just like I can't keep germs, viruses or bacteria off me or my environment. I can cleanse my system and make it healthier so these things would no longer bother me. Trying to make my environment mite free was a fruitless pursuit. I was stressing myself out and making myself crazy and compromising my immune system further. Now I am focusing on cleaning and making my environment healthy and getting rid of clutter. This has been a wake up call - I got careless with my health. The allergies, rashes, etc. Were all symptoms that I masked with medications while not dealing with the real issue, my body was sick.

I have a large rash on my forearms, going to put the clay mixture on them and wrap with plastic wrap. Maybe sleep with a clay mask on my face. Have realized that anyplace I have a zit or dark pores needs to be treated with clay. Itchiness picked up this afternoon, wiped down with Apple Cider Vinegar and oiled down with VCO.

Have the dogs on ACV, DE and black walnut to cleanse their systems. Everyone is on probiotics and Wheat Grass to rebuild. Spray them down with ACV daily. So glad I did not come to the point of giving away my pets or putting them to sleep - unnecessary like throwing the baby out with the bath water. Just gave a doggie a clay bath tonight and saw the mites come off her too - will do the other two tomorrow.

Plan on buying a zapper, colloidal silver maker and uv air purifier. Will zapp to kill them in me and my pets and drink and spray colloidal silver around to kill mites. Including Greek yogurt mixed with extra probiotics daily. Eating macrobiotic and whole foods, no more soda, mickey D's or fried chicken for me.

Through all of this, I am grateful. I have been provided an opportunity to intensely work on my health, pets and environment. It will not be done in one day or 30 days. It is a process and I thank God for sites like this and all his great blessings that are carrying me through this. God is Great. The key for me is to live more conscientiously and holistically. Trust in Jehovah God and all him to guide your through this process. Peace, optimal health and blessings to all.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Iodine, Oregano, Hibiclens
Posted by Kerrigan (Detroit, MI) on 08/12/2014

Hi, I want to start by thanking everyone on this site for your great advice and suggestions. I am still not sure what I had (bird mites, morgellons, parasites, scabies from hell) or how I got it but I am sooooo glad that its finally gone. It started around February of this year. Every night when I got into bed, I would be attacked. Bites, sharp painful stinging sensations all over my body. Like others, I thought it was bed bugs, but as much as I looked I could never find one. Whatever this is, it is so small that you cannot see it, but you can definitely feel it and it is torture!

In the beginning of this nightmare, I would spray my sheets and body with OFF every night and that would help me sleep. And, I just assumed that whatever this was, it would eventually go away. However, after about a month the OFF stopped working and the biting got worse and I started to itch….constantly. And, I had bite marks all over my stomach, thighs and back. Then I searched online and found that I was not alone. This is a huge problem that's affecting a lot of people.

So, I started trying different things that I read about. Some things didn't work at all (Vaseline, lemon juice, etc) and other things would help but they would never cure (tea-tree oil, coconut oil, sulfur, borax, hydrogen peroxide, Windex, bleach, epsom salts, etc). And, the biting wasn't just at night anymore, it had progressed to the feeling of biting and crawling all day long and all over my body, even my scalp and genital area. I was afraid to visit family and friends or invite them to my home because I didn't want them to be infected. I stopped hugging and touching people altogether and became a recluse.

I was vacuuming daily, keeping my dirty clothes and clean clothes in sealed garbage bags, changing my sheets daily, putting all kinds of sprays and oils on my skin. I even threw out my mattress and bought a new one and put a zippered plastic cover from Target on it. I also noticed that it would get worse around the full moon every month. During the full moon, I would literally have to take Benadryl and cry myself to sleep.

After months of endless torture, sleepless nights, crying, wondering “why me?”, I finally got some relief from Lugol's Iodine Solution, Oil of Oregano, Hibiclens Soap and positive thinking. I have been consistently using these “cures” daily for about two months and I am finally free. I take a few drops of the Lugol's Iodine twice a day (in the morning and before bed), I take one Oil of Oregano softgel in the morning and I take my shower at night with the Hibiclens soap. I use an off brand of the soap that I got from Meijer and I put it in an old soap bottle with a foam dispenser to save money. I absolutely love this soap! It gets me cleaner than any soap I have ever used and you only need to use a small amount.

Also, I use positive affirmations throughout the day to help me get through the day. I now only vacuum once a week and I put my bedding in the freezer in the morning and take it out before bed. I vacuum my car once a week and spray it daily with rubbing alcohol. It is now August and as I sit here at my computer, I feel NOTHING. No itching, No crawling, No biting. I think what worked for me was really fighting it internally because prior to starting the iodine and oregano, I was mainly focusing on my environment. Once I started the iodine and oregano (and Hibiclens), within 2 months I was cured. I hope my story helps.

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Piper (Toronto, On) on 09/13/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I made Ted's recipe for demodex treatment. 1/3 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 2/3 cup of water, 2tbsp borax. I apply with a cotton ball and rinse. It is the best face wash I have ever tried. My face feels soft and smooth after using.

Lime Sulphur Dip
Posted by The Paratrooper (Salem, Oregon) on 10/10/2015
5 out of 5 stars

What has worked for me, and I have spent a fortune on every drug out there is Lime Sulfur Dip. from Vet Basics. through Amazon.

They delivered it quick, and it is a Antimicrobial & Antiparasitic concentrated solution.

Add to 2 ounces of Sulfur Dip, to one Gallon of water, and shake well. You can double that dose to 4 ounce if 2 isn't enough.

Mix in well ventilated area.

You stand in the bath tub and after shampooing then apply liberally to your hair and body, and let that drip dry, and you will get immediate relief.

I am taking lots of parasite drugs for a disease that is carried by the same mosquito that causes Malaria, but if Doctors give you a corticosteroid it will lower your resistance and kill you within three days. Luckily I could see the Doctors were brain dead and became a expert in Tropical Disease, and Parasites, and I have thus far saved my life.

I found a much better way of taking the Lime Sulfur Dip, which really kicks rear.

Which is, you make a quart or use the small Ocean Spray plastic container and mix with 2.5 ounces of Lime Dip, and I pour 3/4 of the solution into a hot bath tub of water and mix well, and then soak and take a wash cloth and rub harder on the bad spots but don't worry because they will all start melting and you can rub them away, and take the skin and stuff that's coming up and put it on the edge of the tub and collect later.

Now you are way ahead of the game, because there soft and easily wiped off.

Next stand up and pour the rest of the solution into your hair, and all over your body and let try while you are busy getting rid of all the dead ones coming up, and they fill like sand paper under your hand, and that is how fast they start heading out.

You can do this once every four days, and you can hit a bad spot anytime, by leaving a little in the container.

It is super cheap, 16 ounces which will make 8 gallons, and only cost twelve dollars, and a few bucks for mail. So you can also cure your animals quickly and cheaply.

This could change allot of lives fast. Don't worry about the dog and cat thing on the label, because it works, and I heard other Doctors admit the same.

Did you ever wonder why we worm our animals and not ourselves. The reason is that Parasites which we all have, and usually it is us, giving the worms to the Pet. A parasite crapping 24/7 in your body causes cancer in time, so as you can well imagine, that little secret is buried deep.

Good luck folks, and this could save most of you.

Concerned about all of you, the Paratrooper.

Posted by Lacyj (Austin, Texas) on 08/08/2013

To Fran in Atlanta GA: Your symptoms sound much like patients who have a condition referred to as "Morgellons. " You can google it but basically most people with this are experiencing some type of mite or insect infestation of the skin. (Whether Springtails, mange or Dermodex mites, etc.). Most people come into contact with these insects and naturally repel them but many others who have immune issues cannot.

If you get on Face Book, you can look up a site called "Morgellons Is No Laughing Matter, " and read postings of others with your symptoms.

Also, Borax, Bleach, Windex, etc. Are toxic - especially in regular doses. Remember, if you put it ON your skin - it goes IN your body. While it may be a temp fix - it is not something people should do longterm as that just adds further burden to the immune system which causes the body to have even less ability to fight the infestation off.

Here are some healthier and I believe, more effective options:

> Sulfur powder (you can get this by ordering "MSM Powder" on a wholesale site like vitacost dot com) & take internally with glucosamine & chondroitin).

Sulfur mixed in pure lotion (no additives, perfumes, or chemicals) and rub onto all affected areas.

You can buy a product by "Trimedic" that is 15% sulfur/MSM and rub it into areas.

> Pure Organic Cold Pressed NEEM Oil - this can be mixed with sulfur product and rubbed into affected areas - it is also great for scalp and you can use it in shampoos, liquid soaps and conditioners.

> Pure organic tea tree, cedar, Lavendar, mixed with a small amount of Virgin/organic Coconut Oil is very healing to bites and lesions. DO spend the extra money for the organic though...

> Gold Bond Menthol Powder (great for mixing into hair/scalp) and Gold Bond Menthol Lotion

> 3% peroxide can be rubbed into areas after showers or baths but be sure to wash your finger tips as it can burn them a little - but will flush out the bites/organisms

3% Peroxide is a great substitute for Windex - not toxic to your system so you can use it on surfaces (plastic, glass, metal). Alcohol with few drops of essential oils is also great for cleaning and clearing areas.

Use the Neem oil on Wood Surfaces.

Use the Borax to wash your clothes in hot water with about 10-12 drops of one of above essential oils. Rinse with Hot water & Dry on Hot.

If your microwave is large enough and a newer model with large rotating glass table; you can put smaller pieces of clothing loosely onto table and zap for 30 to 90 seconds - making sure that the table and item is turning and doesn't stick to the right side where all the heat accumulates. Don't put anything aluminum or metal in though!

Small blankets & sheets can be sanitized this way as well just watch the time and the process - keep things moving and away from the hotter side of the metal wall.

Plastic zippered mattress protectors are essential and should be wiped down each morning or before bed time with alcohol spray or peroxide spray with half dozen drops of essential oils (in spray).

Sheets & blankets can be spritzed and placed in HOT dryer for at least 60 to 70 minutes.

It's okay to clean skin with peroxide or enzymes but ultimately you don't want it to dry out because it becomes more vulnerable to organisms & irritants. So use the NEEM oil mixed with a little of the Coconut Oil & few drops of essential oils (and, you can add the sulfur to this too) on your skin and if necessary, your scalp.

> Colloidal Silver & Organic Aloe Juice (50 to 50 ratio) can be applied to scalp with dropper and rubbed in gently with fingers for soothing irritated skin & bites. Same for skin after or before shower.

This mixture can be taken internally - just make sure the silver has low PPMs (10 to 30 PPMs max). One TBSP every few hours can be effective.

Three other products to help skin:

> Florasone Itches & Rash Cream

> PRID salve (mix this with sulfur and coconut/Neem oils & will help to draw out matter)

> SeaBuckthorn Oil and/or soap

It's so important to address the internal health as that is a direct manifestation of the external conditions.

1) Sleep - get as much as you can whenever you can.

2) Moderate (non traumatic or impacting) exercise - the circulation of blood & oxygen boosts your immune system and helps fight off the infestation.

3) Reduce Stress - exercise, quiet room w/low lights and relaxing music. 4) Deep breathing (good for relaxing & helps promote better oxygen flow), ETC.,

5) De-tox your diet. Don't eat any 'white' (bleached) or processed foods. Avoid white sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Eat more green vegetables in salads and, slightly steamed. Lean, free-range (antibiotic & hormone free) meat & dairy in small portions.

6) HYDRATE - 80 to 100 oz of purified or Spring water daily. (Non-caffeinated teas & organic juices count).

7) Avoid all GMOs, hydrogenated oils (trans fats such as margarine), artificial ANYTHING and fast food - horrible for these conditions.

8) Watch your pH levels; most of us with chronic conditions or compromised immune systems have higher acidic levels. Eat higher alkaline foods such as organic watermelon, lemons, fresh spinach, blueberries, etc... You can search sites that have pH food charts & put on your fridge.

Hope this helps.

12 year 'Survivor.'

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Roger (Shady Point, Ok) on 08/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I tried most everything on this web site and it all helped but I was still overwhelmed by these mites. Not knowing what to do I prayed and that same day I stumbled across an ion air purifier. It zaps mold, bacteria and mites and it worked immediately. I don't know about other brands but this one is good for 3500 sq ft and problem solve. I wanted to share this only to help. Good luck and GOD bless.

Citric Acid
Posted by Jones (London, Uk) on 06/03/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Here's a tip for my fellow mite suffers:

I've tried almost everything recommended on the "Mite Infestation Cures" thread but I recently found that CITRIC ACID on my skin is the best treatment for me so far for what is most likely bird mites ("invisible" skin mites - see below for a description): as efficient as vinegar and salt but without the bad smell and much, much cheaper.

BACKGROUND. I've noticed that citric acid is the key ingredient in various natural mite products, for example:

1. from, where it says

"Both GC-Mite (cottonseed, clove, and garlic oil) and Bugzyme (citric acid) were most effective against the twospotted spider mite (≥90% mortality)."


2. An anti-mite product I bought for laundry treatment whose active Ingredients are simply Citric Acid 2.25%, Sodium Chloride (i.e. regular table salt) and 0.6%, Potassium Sorbate 0.06%. It also contains the inert (inactive) ingredients water, vinegar and salt. I tried this on my skin and it stopped the itching immediately (but temporarily - needs to be replied after a while). The product is called "Eradicator Laundry Treatment", but since I'm poor I had to resort to buying the ingredients separately (7 dollar's worth of Citric Acid makes more than 10 litres at 4% concentration).

I use a concentration of 3-4% citric acid in water, about 1% salt, and I also add a few drops of vinegar plus a few drops of a few essential oils. WARNING: Citric Acid is a skin irritant. I feel a burn from around 4% BUT my skin is not very sensitive (for example, I get no burns from mustard powder, which some people on this site had huge problems with). Yesterday, I used coconut oil instead of water (which is apparently one of the best oils for skin penetration), and found this to burn less. I will there for try higher concentrations too, and also try combining it with other oils, such as neem oil and tea tree oil.

To complete the list of what I've tried

- Almost every essential oil mentioned in the "Mite Infestation Cures" thread, including neem oil (limited success, but I will try higher concentrations)

- Kleen Green (almost zero impact on the itching)

- Mustard powder (some small success)

- MSM externally (reasonable success)

- diatomaceous earth externally (no success)

- MDM and diatomaceous earth internally (no improvement noticed after two weeks, but I think this may still be good long-term)

- vinegar and salt (as mentioned above): works as well as citric acid and salt, but impossible to use in public

NB: I measure success only in terms of immediate end to itching - I have no idea of impact on eggs.

Thanks everyone who has given mite advice earlier! Since different kind of mites may require different treatment, perhaps it would be helpful if all of you can explain your symptoms briefly. In my case, the mite symptoms are:

- they get into my ears and nose, are worst (most active) on eyebrows, eyelashes, lower legs and back.

- they are most active early morning and in the afternoon

- they become more active as soon as I lie still in the dark

- they sometimes bite but leave no marks

Finally, it's easy to lose all hope. But I get some comfort from the following thoughts:

Many posters seem to have found a solution. If this doesn't work for you, perhaps it's just a matter of trying for longer, and with higher concentrations. Also, this topic is still "new", with most posts just a few years old. As the problem becomes more known, more people will experiment with new solutions and eventually we'll hopefully hear about something revolutionary.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ralph P (Daytona Beach, Florida) on 05/01/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have had an infestation of mites in my home for 6 months and was nearly at my wits end.

I tried at first to attack them with pyrethrum and then permethrin. I used these in conjunction with pre-core( a supposed life cycle interrupter). I used foggers and on and on it was all very costly and in the long run mostly not effective.

The natural things I've discovered lately seem to work much better.

Getting them off of your skin:

They don't like Salt, Borax, Peroxide, Heat - these are your weapons

I was showering in high heat and using very sudsy soaps with a loofah which helps. The most effective method I've found is making a mixture of epsom salt with lavender and peroxicare toothpaste and a little hot water (the mixture should be a thin paste consistency). Apply to the affected area after showering. Leave to dry for 15 minutes and then use a hair dryer on high heat as hot as you can stand it and you will watch the symptoms vanish before your very eyes within minutes. The lesions will turn from bright red to white and then vanish.

To keep them off is a challenge because they like to reinfest the same areas so they can reuse the feeding tubes which they insert into your skin. If you have a saltwater body of water near you I've found repeated soaking in salt sea water kills them.


Clothing is a real problem this is probably the greatest threat for re-exposure. I found that High heat is the best solution. I wash clothing in borax and detergent in hot water. I dry on high heat twice. I use a steam iron and steam press ALL my clothing. They seem to lay eggs in cloth they also seem to like cotton knits. With a life cycle of 4 to 8 days it's tough to keep all your clothing clean. You have to be relentless.


Build your immune system with apple cider vinegar and vitamin C, B 12, magnesium, zinc, and Garlic seems to be effective.

Clean the house daily with Borax and bleach mop all flooring with HOT water. They like to lay in the corners where the walls meet. Try to remove all or as much carpeting from the house as you can. They can hide in carpeting hard surfaces like ti9le are much easier to clean and keep clean. Carpets and cloth sofas can be cleaned with HOT steam.

To kill mites with heat must be at least 165f or preferably up to 212F.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by e-mail [email protected]

I am 63 years of age male.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 07/16/2010

Hi Fran. . . I live in the tropics and I had the same problem as you, bites and sores all over mainly my back and lower body. I had a favourite couch that I used to sleep and doze on regularly which had mites in it. This is what I had to do.

* I used a simple combination of 1%-3% hydrogen peroxide and a tablespoon of borax (20 Mule Team is fine) in an ordinary 8 oz flower garden sprayer. Also add one tablespoon of Milk of Magnesia. All I did was to spray my body (particularly the bitten areas) after my shower and before bed with this mix and then wash it off the next morning. I found that, next day, I hadn't been bitten anymore and my bites had actually gone down and didn't itch so much. I still use this mix if some critter bites me, it's very effective. Only use this mix topically and avoid use near the eyes.

* Take your couch/bed mattress and put it outside in the sun and heat for the day. The mites and bugs will hate the sun, they will run away and leave the couch/bed mattress.

* Also make sure you clothes are not infested by washing your clothes with generous amounts of borax.

The borax will kill the mites directly as will the hydrogen peroxide which will also kill any other associative bacteria and viruses as well.

The Milk of Magnesia (MoM) will kill the bugs and anything else in 2 other ways. First the MoM is so alkaline -- pH 10 -- that it will kill any bacteria, virus, fungus or bug easily. As well, MoM contains mainly Magnesium Hydroxide, which is highly hydrohobic (drives water out). So using MoM will also dehydrate the bugs or mites and kill them that way too.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nancy New Jersey (New Jersey) on 09/07/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have been Fighting this for a year, selenium shampoo sulfide2.25% get a prescription from your doctor very expensive try to double your prescription don't drink any alcohol while using this shampoo, I use it everyday leave it on your whole body hair and body 10 minutes.if the mites are in your car you need to spray Rid lice spray all over rugs under seats morning and nite, after dark set off a fogger I used raid your choice until they are gone, Its been about two weeks, still feel a little but driveable I vac. Everyday like a (MF) I wipe the car down with gleen green, and still wash clothes in tide with bleach change my sheets on the bed everyday been fogging my house every two weeks with Bifen insec.order it on Amazon doesnt have a strong odor.clean my floors steam cleaner it took a year to finally figure it out I have been going I finally start feeling normal. Good luck. I hope this helps anyone so they don't have to suffer a whole year

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Chandra (Victoria, Bc) on 09/05/2015 1 posts
1 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone, first of all I am so grateful of this website!

Thank you so much Ted for your advice and support! I have gathered so much valuable knowledge and insight. My rosacea is really bad right now, my face is extremely inflamed and my eyes are blood shot :( I can't sleep at night, my hair is dry and bleached from all the hydrogen peroxide and borax treatments. Please help!! (It's been 5 days since I started all the below treatments)

-I have been drinking borax and water daily. 1/8 borax to litre water. -Orally taking Vitamin C&D3& B12, Zinc, lysine, magnesium, flax oil and acia berry. -also went to Dr yesterday and he prescribed me antibiotic which I started yesterday monocyline - shower twice a day washing body with anti-dandruff shampoo twice, leaving on for 5 mins and rinsing then repeat. I'm using head and shoulders which contains pyrothese zinc (not sure if the spelling is right pyro..something) -washing face with borax and peroxide every morning and I have a spray bottle that I'm frequently spraying my body and hair with. - morning and night washing face with syslic acid (clean and clear) followed with zinc oxide cream 15% - twice a day drinking ACV and baking soda mixture (morning and night) - eating only fruit and veggies - 30 mins min of walking daily. - bagged all infested clothing and is in my storage for a month, then I will take out and wash everything with borax and tide. -I'm sleeping on an air mattress, changing sheets and pillow cases daily.

-Also only drinking 1 coffee per day. (No suger) I don't know what else to do, is this normal for this to be happening, blood shot eyes (I may have got a bit of lavender in them a few days ago) My face literally looks like I have been beat with a baseball bat.. Please help me, it's so embarrassing to even go to 'mart', everyone is gawking at me. any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jacks (Bradenton) on 08/14/2015

Peroxide and borax mix WORKS!!!!! Follow up with Selsun blue and Apple Cider Vinegar plus baking soda... Black hole crusts will fall off... This is heaven after three years of hell.