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Posted by Fran (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 07/15/2010

I recently stumbled across this site, and I know it was a blessing from above. A few months back I started an internal parasite cleanse with wormwood, black walnut hull tincture and cloves also using cascara sagrada and probiotics because of anemia and fatigue. Think something went wrong. Seems at the end of the cleanse, I ended up with these bites from the "inside" of my skin. May have stirred up something. They were really itchy at first. They started on my left arm and center of my chest and seemed to come two marks at a time. My left upper arm was/is covered with bite marks (now slowly disappearing). The bites slowly made it to other parts of my body, but they are random, not everywhere. The bites have gotten to my legs pretty well, though. The itching, for the most part, had stopped. The bites have turned to sores with a black ring around them. When I pick the "strange looking" scab, it leaves a "crater" in my skin. I do see what appears to be "tracks". I thought at first it was scabies, but the doctor assured me it wasn't. I did notice however, two "raised" bumps on my back. Being naturally prone to pick, I picked one of them and it was dry and squeaky. No blood or fluid. I was able to pick out some little black dots. Seems as though something may have been "nesting" in my skin! I am beginning day three of the borax in water. I do feel better, and it appears as though the scarring and sores are improving. Does anyone have any idea what this might be? Any other advice?

Replied by Diane
Berkeley, Ca

Fran: Those sound very much like bed bug bites. They typically come in groups of 2's to 4's, and when irritated can have a "ring" around them like you mention. You may have an infestation. I don't have advice as to a cure, but it's worth looking into this as a possible cause, because if so you will need to treat the home to remove them, and any internal treatments, while soothing may not be sufficient.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
1249 posts

Hi Fran. . . I live in the tropics and I had the same problem as you, bites and sores all over mainly my back and lower body. I had a favourite couch that I used to sleep and doze on regularly which had mites in it. This is what I had to do.

* I used a simple combination of 1%-3% hydrogen peroxide and a tablespoon of borax (20 Mule Team is fine) in an ordinary 8 oz flower garden sprayer. Also add one tablespoon of Milk of Magnesia. All I did was to spray my body (particularly the bitten areas) after my shower and before bed with this mix and then wash it off the next morning. I found that, next day, I hadn't been bitten anymore and my bites had actually gone down and didn't itch so much. I still use this mix if some critter bites me, it's very effective. Only use this mix topically and avoid use near the eyes.

* Take your couch/bed mattress and put it outside in the sun and heat for the day. The mites and bugs will hate the sun, they will run away and leave the couch/bed mattress.

* Also make sure you clothes are not infested by washing your clothes with generous amounts of borax.

The borax will kill the mites directly as will the hydrogen peroxide which will also kill any other associative bacteria and viruses as well.

The Milk of Magnesia (MoM) will kill the bugs and anything else in 2 other ways. First the MoM is so alkaline -- pH 10 -- that it will kill any bacteria, virus, fungus or bug easily. As well, MoM contains mainly Magnesium Hydroxide, which is highly hydrohobic (drives water out). So using MoM will also dehydrate the bugs or mites and kill them that way too.

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Hi Bill: One of the millions who suffers from mites and worms. My question on your solution that killed your mites, how much HP 3% did you add to your 8 oz container? I have been using undiluted HP3% for 3 yrs and it seems to help some but I have a little 13lb dog so have to be careful what I use on her. Your solution sounds so simple because I seem to have come very close to getting rid of them and yet, they are very much alive. I'm 89 female and back is a mess so I can't vacuum as often as needed and I know that is very important. I also used Kleen Green and it helped some but caused my dog fur to fall out from their direction. Thank you so much for your time. Eve

Replied by Jana
Alexandria, Va

Baking soda might also work for the PH.

Replied by Chelle
Hartbeespoort, Nw South Africa


..."Diane from Berkeley, Ca replies: "Fran: Those sound very much like bed bug bites. They typically come in groups of 2's to 4's, and when irritated can have a "ring" around them like you mention. You may have an infestation. I don't have advice as to a cure..."

I just wanted to add that the cure to bed bugs is diatomaceous earth sprinkled everywhere...

For Demodex mites the cure for me is Tea Tree Oil rubbed into skin ... Patiently day after day for 60-90 days... And Mustard added to conditioner for my scalp. Mustard is 1 tsp mixed with 1 tsp water and added to 18 teaspoons [or 6 tablespoons] of conditioner or lotion or whatever you want to use depending on where you want to apply. Can also add to shampoo. I leave the conditioner on 20 minutes simply because that is how I like to condition my hair.

Also Diatomaceous Earth on mattress, pillow etc... It works when dry not wet. I think this can be used on pets too. It is edible. Only use Food Grade quality.

Sorry that this doesn't fit under Borax properly but I really want to give the answer to bed bug infestation.. And add my own experience with Demodex mites. Please feel free to replicate anywhere you prefer.

Replied by Tired Of Being Itchy!
Silver Spring, Md, Usa

Really appreciative of the advice here. I had the same issue... Picked up mites from infected furniture. Have sealed the couch-can't put it outside.

Been using all the suggestions here and wanted to share something that has helped me turn the corner to stop the crawly/itchy sensation: sulfur8. It's for dandruff; readily available at the drugstore. I read on a medical website that sulfur kills mites, and it seems to be true. A word of caution, the menthol in this stuff is a bit powerful for a while after you put it on. Once the menthol wears off, you'll smell like the tip of a match and feel pretty greasy. And, be prepared to be disgusted. I had not actually seen the mites until they came off the surface of my skin, suffocated by the petrolatum and sulfur in this ointment. Quite gross. And effective! I will continue to do this each night until the itching is totally gone. Night #2, and so far, so good. Almost no itchies today during the day.

Now, how to deal with the couch... It's leather, still tightly sealed in plastic... Any ideas short of tossing it out?

Replied by Lacyj
Austin, Texas

To Fran in Atlanta GA: Your symptoms sound much like patients who have a condition referred to as "Morgellons. " You can google it but basically most people with this are experiencing some type of mite or insect infestation of the skin. (Whether Springtails, mange or Dermodex mites, etc.). Most people come into contact with these insects and naturally repel them but many others who have immune issues cannot.

If you get on Face Book, you can look up a site called "Morgellons Is No Laughing Matter, " and read postings of others with your symptoms.

Also, Borax, Bleach, Windex, etc. Are toxic - especially in regular doses. Remember, if you put it ON your skin - it goes IN your body. While it may be a temp fix - it is not something people should do longterm as that just adds further burden to the immune system which causes the body to have even less ability to fight the infestation off.

Here are some healthier and I believe, more effective options:

> Sulfur powder (you can get this by ordering "MSM Powder" on a wholesale site like vitacost dot com) & take internally with glucosamine & chondroitin).

Sulfur mixed in pure lotion (no additives, perfumes, or chemicals) and rub onto all affected areas.

You can buy a product by "Trimedic" that is 15% sulfur/MSM and rub it into areas.

> Pure Organic Cold Pressed NEEM Oil - this can be mixed with sulfur product and rubbed into affected areas - it is also great for scalp and you can use it in shampoos, liquid soaps and conditioners.

> Pure organic tea tree, cedar, Lavendar, mixed with a small amount of Virgin/organic Coconut Oil is very healing to bites and lesions. DO spend the extra money for the organic though...

> Gold Bond Menthol Powder (great for mixing into hair/scalp) and Gold Bond Menthol Lotion

> 3% peroxide can be rubbed into areas after showers or baths but be sure to wash your finger tips as it can burn them a little - but will flush out the bites/organisms

3% Peroxide is a great substitute for Windex - not toxic to your system so you can use it on surfaces (plastic, glass, metal). Alcohol with few drops of essential oils is also great for cleaning and clearing areas.

Use the Neem oil on Wood Surfaces.

Use the Borax to wash your clothes in hot water with about 10-12 drops of one of above essential oils. Rinse with Hot water & Dry on Hot.

If your microwave is large enough and a newer model with large rotating glass table; you can put smaller pieces of clothing loosely onto table and zap for 30 to 90 seconds - making sure that the table and item is turning and doesn't stick to the right side where all the heat accumulates. Don't put anything aluminum or metal in though!

Small blankets & sheets can be sanitized this way as well just watch the time and the process - keep things moving and away from the hotter side of the metal wall.

Plastic zippered mattress protectors are essential and should be wiped down each morning or before bed time with alcohol spray or peroxide spray with half dozen drops of essential oils (in spray).

Sheets & blankets can be spritzed and placed in HOT dryer for at least 60 to 70 minutes.

It's okay to clean skin with peroxide or enzymes but ultimately you don't want it to dry out because it becomes more vulnerable to organisms & irritants. So use the NEEM oil mixed with a little of the Coconut Oil & few drops of essential oils (and, you can add the sulfur to this too) on your skin and if necessary, your scalp.

> Colloidal Silver & Organic Aloe Juice (50 to 50 ratio) can be applied to scalp with dropper and rubbed in gently with fingers for soothing irritated skin & bites. Same for skin after or before shower.

This mixture can be taken internally - just make sure the silver has low PPMs (10 to 30 PPMs max). One TBSP every few hours can be effective.

Three other products to help skin:

> Florasone Itches & Rash Cream

> PRID salve (mix this with sulfur and coconut/Neem oils & will help to draw out matter)

> SeaBuckthorn Oil and/or soap

It's so important to address the internal health as that is a direct manifestation of the external conditions.

1) Sleep - get as much as you can whenever you can.

2) Moderate (non traumatic or impacting) exercise - the circulation of blood & oxygen boosts your immune system and helps fight off the infestation.

3) Reduce Stress - exercise, quiet room w/low lights and relaxing music. 4) Deep breathing (good for relaxing & helps promote better oxygen flow), ETC.,

5) De-tox your diet. Don't eat any 'white' (bleached) or processed foods. Avoid white sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Eat more green vegetables in salads and, slightly steamed. Lean, free-range (antibiotic & hormone free) meat & dairy in small portions.

6) HYDRATE - 80 to 100 oz of purified or Spring water daily. (Non-caffeinated teas & organic juices count).

7) Avoid all GMOs, hydrogenated oils (trans fats such as margarine), artificial ANYTHING and fast food - horrible for these conditions.

8) Watch your pH levels; most of us with chronic conditions or compromised immune systems have higher acidic levels. Eat higher alkaline foods such as organic watermelon, lemons, fresh spinach, blueberries, etc... You can search sites that have pH food charts & put on your fridge.

Hope this helps.

12 year 'Survivor.'

Replied by Joe

To Itchy in Silver Spring, do yourself a huge favor and chuck the couch before it spreads, which it will do rapidly if you don"t.

Replied by Linda

Don't get rid of your couch. Mites cannot live more than two days outside of a human or animal host, so cover it temporarily and let the mites die and then your couch will be fine.

Posted by Lakota (Paha Sapa, South Dakota, Usa) on 05/16/2010
4 out of 5 stars

borax/dermodex mites

Hello, im new to all this but im so glad i found this site. I found it through searchs at i knew i was dealin with nanoinsects and iv been using the exact measurements of borax and alittle Hydrogen Peroxide with a liter of water that Ted says to do. Iv been on it for about 5 days now and many many of the dermodex mites came to the surface of my skin. Its really gross, its all over my arms, shoulders and back. All over my stomach and legs. I dont know how i got it but i know i had it for many years since iv suffered from eczema all my life, im 27 yrs old now.

I really hope this stuff works quickly because as of right now i dont even want to go to the store. I got long sleeves but its really bad. I took a few baths with borax and i know its working. I always wanted to get to the source of the problem and attack it but i never found out how till now. No matter how long it takes i hope to be cleansed of all these nasty bugs. I also wanted to write and thank you for leading people to the truth and what most doctors wont tell us. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.


EC: More info on borax can be found here:

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Samantha (Vernon, Connecticut) on 03/08/2014

Hi, I am desperate and need your help! I found your website, by the grace of GOD!! I am infested with mites and have been bed ridden with them for 4 long YEARS!!! They move under my skin and across my back. They are in all my organs. I have read about the borax and hydrogen peroxide and have sprayed it on my body with great success, but I need to take a BATH in it!! I need help with a formula for the amount of each to put in a bath, for a human to do a soak in it!!!! If you could please, please, please, help me with some sort of amounts to put in a bath for a woman who weighs 100 lbs, this would be a true GIFT from GOD!

Hugs & Blessings for all you do for us that are suffering! Samantha

Replied by Cali Girl
5 out of 5 stars

I had mites for almost two years. At first I had no idea why I was itchy tickley. I found this website and it was clear what was wrong.

I tried the borax under water with a snorkel etc., the mustard scrub in my soaps and swabbing with alcohol and tea tree oil, all gave some relief but did not get rid of the mites.

In June of last year at the coersion of my family I stopped taking HRT (mainly for hourly hot flashes) and started a couple of other things. I started taking Boron pills once in the morning and once before bed. I also took a sauna at the gym for 20 minutes 4 times a week. After about a month the tickles were gone, not in my nose, eyes, eyebrows or scalp.

I occasionally get itches on my head but nowhere else. I am not sure which one of these things got rid of them because it happened all at once.

I hope this helps, don't give up hope.

Replied by Mary
Saskatchewan, Canada

Cali Girl from Sacramento Hi: may I know how much boron your pills contained? I am so happy for you that you got rid of this horrible problem!! I am going through it now myself and am killing them with the MMS protocol 1000 and 3000. I added turpentine in the am for another issue I think I have. Thank you

Replied by Cali Girl

I don't remember, it's been awhile. I got them at Sprouts and there was only one kind. I recycled the empties. I'll check the next time I'm there.

Replied by Mertle

I read 2 cups of borax and 1 cup HP. Also powdered sulfur from ebay and a natural lotion base (about $13. 95 /gallon).., mix and add tea tree etc. Apply all over 2-3x's per day; spray bedding with 20 drops activated MMS with 16 oz each vinegar/water in a 32oz spray bottle... Cover floors with DE.. Diatomaceous earth.. Tractor Supply has 20lbs for $13. How do make your spray? Plz email or txt. 715-548-1124 k? Thnx.. Ran out of sulfur lol. Relieves itching and kills mites

Replied by Mertle

I read that vaseline and sulfur is better than lotion and sulfur.. But amyway add camphor. Escabicin lotion is for scabies and Joint Sulfur Liposome Lotion also is good for mites.

Replied by Mertle
In Usa

Also an herbalist told me that WW by Pure Herbs Ltd. Plus putting lobelia by Natures Sunshine, on the bites will end the problem... About $65 every 2 wks for those.

Replied by Bruce

Did you get rid of the mites Samantha?

Replied by Stacie
Deweyville, Tx

I have read other testaments that to put 1 cup borax 2 cups peroxide to a tub of bath. My husband is doing this now. Hope this helps! God bless!

Replied by Lana
Blackpool, England

Please help me. I'm suffering along with my five year old daughter of these mites and have been for a year now. I've tried all sorts and can't be rid of them. It's causing my daughter to cough so bad at night listening to her suffering is tormenting. As they're falling off our hair, face, eyebrows everywhere and she's actually breathing them in. I need help in telling me exactly where to buy this product and how much to put on our body and how you basically use and do it all. Asap thank you.

Yorkshire Uk

Hi there - I am going through this too - in the last week I have read about baby oil and I am putting it in my hair to sleep in and before washing it out in the morning taking a fine toothed nit comb and combing out loads of little black specks and tiny clear bugs/eggs (not head lice) I have noticed a serious reduction in crawling/itching/biting and am washing all bedding/vacuuming mattress each day still - I think they've been using my head as a nursery/dating area!! Hope this helps :0)

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada

Lana (Blackpool, England) ---

Sorry to hear of your and little one's predicament. I have some experience with this and all I know comes from EC. There is a large section on mite infestation here on EC. Look under ailments.

I rotate certain remedies but urine therapy for me is working well, too. Look also under 'alkalizing' . You may have to spend some time in reading but that is how you get ideas and hope for successful treatment methods.

If there is more you need to know, please get back to this section. Best wishes, Namaste, Om

Replied by Cyndy

To lana in blackpool, england I"ll tell you something I did when I was in a very desperate situation that sounds strikingly similar to yours. I was at a motel that had them. All I had with me was windex&shampoo, niether of which was strong enough to kill them. I desparately searched my car & found some ammonia that I had been using for laundry purposes, have a towel ready to keep it out of your eyes, I covered my scalp w/it for as long as I could stand the smell(about 10 minutes)then rinsed w/warm, not hot, water.I know it"s sounds crazy but it worked! My scalp felt kind of dry, but how clean it feels is indiscribable! I have been steadily recovering since then after 3.5 years of suffering. I think I disinfected my scalp.

Replied by A.

I have heard sulphur and lard mixed. You can order sulphur in powder form from any pharmacy, lard is just from the grocer. It is worth a try.

Replied by Dave
Mullinville, Ks

What is better at killing these demised mites borax or baking soda both with peroxide?

Replied by Karen
North Dakota

I'm ready to try the borax solution for cleaning my apartment. Right now I have found relief for my body with witch hazel astringent to stop itch n stinging. I believe the wormwood combination I have started is doing wonders, my body is now bug free my breathing is helped, my body is healthier, and whatever mites that were attacking sure don't seem to like me much anymore. As for my long hair, well I found out a good remedy with hair dye applied will do wonders when you actually feel them dying and the itching is gone! The scabs in my scalp are also healing. I plan to continue to poison everything from the inside out to get control back into my life as naturally as I can, except I used some hair dye. A good strong lather sitting up there drove them right out of their folical hideouts. And boy the joy I felt while they twisted and died! Salt pills my butt, get nature to go after what mother earth sent, and hope it helps.

Replied by Nancy
New Jersey

I had mite infestation 6 months and finally got rid of them , what you need to do is good to your family doctor, get Malathion 0.5lotion and Permethrin 5%cream do both at the same time , you need to turn your heat off, it has to be at least 32 % degree get a room some were, put the cream and lotion on sleep over nite , the cold weather will kill them in your house the cream s will kill them on your body, you will get your life back, 1/20/2016 I have mine back, thank you God!!!!

Replied by Nancy
New Jersey

It's been 7 months, I finally found something that helps, lemon juice rub it all over your body let it dry, if it burns cut it with water I used a blow dry, leaving it on over nite, by morning they are gone! Do this until you get the mites under control, I am using southwest cedar oil already measured for the fogging my house and car! Steam clean rugs and furniture, bought a Swiffer steam $29 mop Steam for hardwood floors!! Getting my life back!!!

Replied by Lyn.
New Jersey

Hi. I feel for you and your daughter. The mites are indeed very tormenting. We have been experiencing the mites for about 4 years. I have not discovered how to get rid of them yet. However, l have discovered how to keep them at bay so that I can get a good night rest. First wash everything, clothes, sheets, pillow and pillow cases. Vacuum and mop the floor with hot water. Just plain hot water. If needed for cleaning purpose throw some ammonia in the water before mopping. We believe the type of mites we have are bird mites. I noticed they love anything that has coco butter or Shea Butter in it and sweat smelling cleaning detergents. This is why you mop the floor with just pure hot water. Bath with lethery soap. Take a shower every night before going to bed. Have a clean area that you cleaned with water and toss that clothe that was used to clean the area in hot water or just put in the washing machine to be washed. Any clothing that falls from that clean area don't put on. It's no longer clean but now contaminated with the mites and should be put in a plastic bag to be washed with any other contaminated clothing. Every night put on a clean night clothes on you and your daughter. Don't put on the same one that you slept with the night before. The mites are similar to dust. So when you get out of bed, shake off the sheets and pillow cases. Change your bedding weekly or when you or your daughter begin to feel that crawly, itching sensation on your body. I hope this help. God bless you and your daughter.

Replied by Rebel
Some Where, Usa

They also hate 91% alcohol and hand sanitizer. This seems to slow them down on the skin. Eucalyptus oil in a body wash helps too.

Replied by Desertnomad75
Lansing, Mi.

I'm sorry to hear about your suffering. I myself have been dealing with it for at least 4 months. The most popular amounts that people are using include: 2 cups of borax, and 1 cup of the peroxide. And make sure that the water is quite warm, and deep. I would also recommend using a cup to pour warm borax water over the head and face (if you have facial mites) at least 50 times. Make sure to keep your eyes and mouth closed. And wipe them off with a towel, or bath tissue after your done pouring. Then, you should lay back in the liquid solution for at least 20 minutes. Try to keep as much of the body underwater as you possibly can (keeping the face exposed). I keep track of the time by using a kitchen timer. After that, you should dry your eyes and body, but don't rinse it off until morning. Then, you are free to use lotions during the daytime hours if you feel so inclined? when the night falls, repeat.

Replied by Kelly
Newtown, Ct

I know you posted in Jan 2016 you got rid of them. Are they still gone. Are u still taking meds/creams. Also can I ask how you first noticed what you had.and do you have any children who affected. What shampoos you used. Sorry it's just I had heart surgery and a year later I'm dealing with this stuff. It's scary cause it's real. I've actually picked tiny lil things off me which it's hard to see or find but I need anyone to help me.

Replied by Elizabeth
New York

Hi, try Colloidal Silver orally or with organic coco for da skin & hair. You can find it in

Also you can try doing a homemade remedy (olive oil, powder oregano, powder clove, powder cinnamon) mixed all in blender then drain in a jar then add a small amount of Australian tea tree can find it in use in skin.

Hope it helps!

Replied by Judy H

Your head occassionally itching is proof they're still on you, as they primarily nest on the head & additionally on eyebrows and eye lashes. Use 10% tetrasodium EDTA and 10% ammonium chloride mixed with (perferably) distilled water to spray yourselves with AND spray your bathroom and kitchen ceilings with it too. Search this site for Ted's cure (for people & pets) and on HOW TO SEE THEM AND KILL THEM in your home, once and for all. You can find it listed within A"Ted's Q&A. Page 3". Everybody should read it. It is Ted's most important discovery. God speed your recovery, Ted. I thank my Father Above for your caring insight and compassion.

Replied by Vikki

After two years and trying everything I have found or read about I think I have found a combo that is working. I too am spraying lemon juice all over my body!
I cut up two lemons and add to a pot of boiling water..let it boil about 5 mins and then let it sit overnight must be kept in the working wonders.

I also am taking baths with 2 cups of Epsom salt, half cup of bleach and about 15-20 drops of eucalyptus oil..this combo I just came up with and is totally working.

Also doing the Gold Bond Menthol Powder in hair and on body before bed after lemon juice has dried.

The only thing I am having a problem with is nose and eyebrows...any ideas?

Replied by Teresa

You took turpentine in the am? Internally or externally?

Replied by Olivia

I've had luck (using advice I found somewhere on the internet) using petroleum jelly on my eyelashes. I just took a very tiny amount an put it on, carefully. That worked.

For the nose: I keep a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol nearby when things are bad, and when I feel my nose being invaded I put a bit of alcohol on my pinky and put it into my nostril where I felt the movement - making sure I get the alcohol all around the circumference.

Hope this helps!

Replied by Paula

Could you please explain what kind of pills your taking for mites etc. Also how much and how often? I'm also curious as to a lead on getting the internal medicine or anything at this point that will help me with my problem which coincides with pretty much every one of the past few story's before this one! If any one can give me any advice it would be so appreciated! My problem is mainly on my scalp now for quite sometime!! I know there's something's living under my skin! I itch every single night, especially in the dark and now have to sleep with lights on just to get any sleep at all! I've been to ER, 3 of them and to my primary doctor and have gotten NO WHERE! They don't know about this subject, they weren't educated about it, so it basically doesn't exist! Therefore you must be delusional..At any rate I'm going to have to fight for my own life and I'm sorry but happy to know that I have found all of you to turn to.. it's comforting not to feel so completely alone in this, I think you should know what I mean by that.. Please know if I can find out anything in my journey I will pass it on as well.

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Jacks (Bradenton) on 08/14/2015

Peroxide and borax mix WORKS!!!!! Follow up with Selsun blue and Apple Cider Vinegar plus baking soda... Black hole crusts will fall off... This is heaven after three years of hell.

Replied by Kris
Madison, Wi

Works.........for what?

Anyone have experience using borax after removing bat infestation from attic, and all the insulation?

Replied by Ed
Chico, CA

Can you me what mites looks or feels like? Thanks

Posted by Piper (Toronto, On) on 09/13/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I made Ted's recipe for demodex treatment. 1/3 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 2/3 cup of water, 2tbsp borax. I apply with a cotton ball and rinse. It is the best face wash I have ever tried. My face feels soft and smooth after using.

Posted by Teresa (Sumner, WA) on 12/30/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Re: dermodetic mites on face. BORAX and PEROXIDE. Thank you Ted for your wonderful postings. You are truly the answer to peoples' prayers. I have been to many doctors and was told that what I had was acne and folliculitus. I read your cures and decided to try it since nothing the doctors gave me (antibiotics, steroid creams and even Accutane) have helped. I thought it couldn't be that simple but it was. So to all the skeptics give it a try (borax and peroxide) You are truly an honest man and compassionate. Thank you

EC: Rosacea Remedies (with Ted's Formula)

Replied by Johm
Mi., US

I took home a used mattress that was infested with mites. I did not know and kept it for a few months. Well, almost 5 months later, I am using the sauna every day for 20 mins to kill the ones on my body. I use the solution in the thread to keep them out of my eyes and ears. But it seems like an uphill battle. Wish I never took that mattress. Also cut out all sweets from my diet as I noticed they do not bother some people.

Replied by Mariam
Brooklyn, New York
5 out of 5 stars

To Johm, so sorry to hear about your infestation. I have been plagued since August 2014 with microscopic mites. See my previous post. I am almost totally cured, yes cured by simple fresh garlic and ACV. I am posting because if what I'm sharing can spare even one person of the incredible anguish I will keep coming back to EC. I tried most of the things others have but garlic ingestion was immediate and clearing. I had good results with essential oils (though costly), aloe vera smeared to stop the biting, running, tea tree oil, (caused reactive biting), diatomaceous earth, wormwood tea, all "eased" or "helped" symptoms.

Swallow garlic in pill size pieces, rub garlic on affected soles of feet or "itchy" spots. Cut the garlic face on a clove, keep slicing to expose the oil. Sweet, instant relief! Do repeat every few hours or as needed. Fresh garlic is antimicrobial and I sincerely hope you get healed by it. Peace :-)

Replied by Kim
Tx Panhandle

I bought a very expensive German female Rottweiler puppy and noticeD she was scratching. I checked her thoroughly and no fleas or ticks and was told it was allergies. I bought a $130 gallon of miconizole shampoo and bathed her wkly. It seemed to help and her coat was shiny and beautiful.Then about 5 mths ago she began shedding in handfuls.I thought with her thick coat, this would b normal and she never had bald spots.T

hen I developed two very painful ulcersted sores on my back and I reached back there to c what was causing pain and they were crusted over and a lot of blood and puss came running out. I went to dr and said yes there were two holes there and he did nothing. I had no idea what I was dealing with and my rottie I checked constanlty and never found anything!!

Then I developed 4 more sores on my legs that all became extremely painful, ulcetated and infected. When I realized it was a big problem is when I felt crawling in my hair and was able to get one, worm looking thing, researched it and found it was blood sucking mites and the four stages of them. I was absolutely horrified.

I am very clean person and my Sadie girl who is now over a yr old and is my best friend. l have been treating her with ivermectin every 10 days since I found what the problem was. I have had to go thru hell with drs, telling the samples Im' bringing are skin and these were at bottom of tub after a 30 min hot saltvwater bath. I use boroxo and salt now and always in the water at end of soaking.There are black ones of different sizes, white wormy of different sizes and a gritty like sand all over my skin.I

t burns or stings when they burrow and I rub them out with alcohol and almost always the wormy ones and once in awhile a black one. Almost always there is more then one and the sand granuall. things. I am now severely infested and the ivermectin I don't think is working as I found worms on her back by her tail. I saw a dermatologilst other day and told me I had skin condition and put me on inflamtion meds.I pleaded with him and told him I rub the worms out of my skin everyday and when I wake up there are several on outside of skin and o get right in shower to get them off. I went to er when I called my infectious specialist and told me to get to er and again was told they were testing my blood and it was skin.

My infectious specialist was very concerned about septic with a severe out break and the infected sores and them dying and leaving feces inside my skin. I have disinfected my entire house with bleach water, borox and Lysol. I've sprayed entire house with ortho and even used permethrin 10% for lawn on all my floors. I keep sadie downstairs in a crate or outside confined to one area. I have missed her terrible 4 mths later.

I wash my sheets daily and spray my entires mattress, box springs and every inch of bed and floor. I wash my hand many times a day with disinfectant. I bathe in as water as I cen stand morning and nite and use borox and 2 cups of salt.Many Come it and I feel relief for a day and it starts back up again. I change clothing 3 times a day and wash with my sheets, hot water and run it twice and dryer and run it hot two cycles.My blanket and comforter were washed same way and are in air tight bags and use only the sheets and two sheets to cover with, that are all washed daily in two cycles of wash and dry. I use 91% alcohol and drench my entire body including hair because life shampoo does not work.The first time I drenched my hands that were in horrible pain, it was horrifying to see my hands covers in these worms. I at that moment became very emotional. I am exhausted from cleaning, vacuuming disinfecting every I have been near or touched. My life is consumed with this and I'm soo angry drs don't believe I have mites.

I called my dr back yest and he said his nurse practioner saw me twice and that I refused treatment at er. I became unglued I told the, the rude obnoxious nurse said they weren't going to do bloodwork and they werent worms and if I wanted to b seen all priorities would come first and would 4 ht are more and there was one person in waiting room. I told hey I would tell my infectious specialist they were refusing to do bloodwork and told me I would b seen last and was treated so rudely and as if I was wasting there time and left their angry, frustrated to the max and in tears!! I've read same horror stories.These ulcers r extremely painful sores are scarring my body up for life. I have lupus and am extremely weak and just want to sleep. it's a very severe case that continues to multiply, while idiot drs think Im a Psycho path making this up and the emotional aspect is as traumatizing as the physical Trauma.Y do Drs not take this serious?????Do they not realize the suffering a person goes thru with this and then im told get rid of my beloved dog and best friend. Please any advice or suggestions would b greatly appreciated. I'm 56 with lupus and a very clean person and my oldest son calls me anal because of my cleanliness. I cry all the time now. I havent been able to c friends or family4 mths now and am wearing rubber gloves with anything concerning my sadie girl. I don't want to infect anyone and make a million excuses because it's soo extremely embarrassing. Also when I wake up there are lines all over me like drawing lines with a thick black pencil?!!! I seriously would rather die then to know I will never get the help I need irradiating this!!! Please help me, I'm seriously at my wits end 4 mths later and to b refused help, has made me feel like Im invisible to the medical community and I will sue everyone of them from all the immense suffering ivr endured, permanent scars all over me, the emotional and pychological daily trauma. Telling me to get rid of my beloved pet, instead of suggesting how I can continue to treat us both. I live on disability. Thank u so much for ur time?TM?I have learned that many people endure this and y is medical world so uneducated with this very disabling disease/ infection/ severe infestation? Ive been treated like a pychopath and am at the edge of the clift because of this.Do they really think people want this kind of attention, having to soo embarrasingly reveal U have a severe very cotagious blood sucking parasites that cause very painful large permanent scars, illness and csn cause death to some . I'm really enjoying this and just love the thought of going to another dr to b ridiculed and pretty much called a liar and hyperchondtiac.Any info would b greatly appreciated and will send pics when I clean my fone out today as it has no space and won't even let me take or send pics. I never knew what the icloud was telling me, when it would say, ur iCloud has not been backed up on 16 wks and continue to tell me.I called at&t and told me nothing to b concerned with and obviously there was and u have to do it by internet and don't have internet. PLEASE PLEASE JUST SUPPORT WOULD HELP, IF NO ONE HAS SUGGESTIONS.THANK U AGAIN SOO MUCH.!! Sincerely, Kim

Replied by 222
Chehalis, Wa

My heart is broken for Kim. She has been much on my mind the last several days after reading her post. I am dealing with chicken mites that have morphed into what I am not sure. I don't have precise answers for her because I haven't solved my own problems, but perhaps I could offer emotional support, and maybe a few pointers. I would want to submit all that I would say to her to you for your review as to helpfulness. I hope that someone with knowledge and compassion has already responded to her. The description of her issues sound like morgellons. Hasn't "Ted" written regarding a protocol for morgellons?

Thanks for your response, 222

Replied by Shanarose
North Miami Beach

for Kim .... my heart goes out to you and your beautiful Sadie .... I am also dealing with mites ... this time from a baby bird I rescued last month .... some things are working, as I have started using vicks vapor rub (generic drugstore types also work) on my itch ... thyme oil, which this has, is said to kill mites and lice .... so far, it seems better .... I also stumbled across this site regarding wood ash ... : it might sound like a stretch that something that works for hens could work for a dog or even for us ... but it looks promising .... I searched online for anyone selling wood ash but came up with nothing ... seems that people who have their own fireplaces and burn their own wood are the only ones that have this .... if you find somewhere it sells, please let me know at [email protected] ..... sounds like real potential .... hoping to get some for my baby bird and cats .... even for myself if I can .... in the meantime, I still use DE and feed my cats Brewer's yeast in their food daily .... works for them .... brewer's yeast and the b complex vitamins are said to repel insects on the skin .... my cats are doing well on the brewers yeast so far ..... much healing to you ..... for a quick and easy recovery .... shanarose .....

Replied by Shirley Simson
Kelowna Bc

You had mentioned your baby birds had mites. I just found mites or lice not sure which on my babies in the nest also watching the parent birds sratch .help I was reading to spray them down with Apple cider vinegar is there anything else I can do? I immediately took them out of their nest and put clean material in. I just have to treat them now.

Replied by Vicky Miller
Dallas, North Carolina Usa

I too, have been dealing with "mites". Tried all kinds of remedies including "steroi shots" from doctor. Best thing I've tried and works great is Apple Cider Vinegar, Dawn dish washing liquid & water.....1cup vinegar, 1/4 cup water & 1/8 cup Dawn.. put in spray bottl....spray skin liberaly... do not dry then apply vitamin E cream or coco butter mixed with Tea Tree Oil.

Replied by Porsha

Nu-stock kills the mites very fast... the die off is intense and your eyes also will burn for a few days as it soaks into the body and moves around forcing them under the skin to leave their oil nests they place around them when in the pores or derma. Boudreaux's Butt Paste 40% Zinc (also contains Peruvian Balsam that is known in veterinary medicine to kill stubborn skin mites since the 1950s)can be mixed with the nu-stock so that it spreads around on the skin easier. Find what ratio of mixture works best for you cause each person will have their own tolerance to strength. I've placed Nu-stock full strength on skin without any side effects outside of the initial die off. It might also be an extra kick to throw in a drop of Tea Tree Oil into your mixture. Use a washed glass jar of any size to mix and store your solution so you always have some. Also have a spray bottle of 91% alcohol on hand to spot spray any itchy spot so you can catch the buggers as they emerge and escape. Either way they are dying so its not essential to have it but it cuts down on the tickly feeling duration as they die. Take fresh garlic cloves internally with lots of water daily. One or two a day should work as a systematic flush of internal mites that will sap your immune system. Always drink plenty of water anyways. Garlic will also take care of any fungal issues that would hinder topical solutions from fully absorbing into the derma/pores. Getting sunlight when you can kills mites on the surface because they are highly reactive to solar radiation that it destroys their body. Tea tree oil caster oil cleanser/shampooing of your skin, scalp, and eye lids and then spraying 50/50 water and apple cider vinegar (add a drop of tea tree oil for extra killing power) solution over whole body.. let it sit for 2-3 mins and rinse off. This balances your pH level on the skin. Cut out gluten entirely from your diet. Once you have mites you have to change your lifestyle because you've damage to your immune system and have a higher chance of becoming reinfected over and over again. Cut down on dairy or eliminate. Cut back on sugar for the rest of your life too. Sugar and refined carbs aggravate the things that we do not want sticking around like fungus, yeast, parasites, mites, and cancer.

I could go on and on. Do not count on everything a Doctor will tell you. You know yourself best and can educate yourself endlessly because you have the power of information at your fingertips. I've been in doctor offices conversing with staff when I was on vacation in Florida and one Dr in particular had no idea what the function of progesterone was in the body or that both males and females contain it. To him it was just estrogen for the female, testosterone for the male, end of story I do not have to learn anything beyond those two things. He had been practicing for over 20 years. Doctors do not have all the answers. ^-^ You do not need your hand held in your life and I have faith that everyone will some day break free from this mindset of waiting for someone else to come along and fix them. Most people on this forum already are in the process of making this transition. This is the first forum on this subject I have ever responded to.

Thank you Kim for your brave story. Nu-stock WILL kill the mites from you and your friend. The endless reviews on amazon confirm this. Ivermectin internally can be effective. Get it from a livestock store and the kind for horses. Much cheaper than RX. If it seems like its hard to find garlic clove and ginger work exactly the same. Slice garlic and ginger, place in a cup, pour hot but not boiling water over it and drink like a tea twice a day. Also eat what floats into your mouth and chew it. Eat some raw garlic and fresh ginger daily as well. Mmm it's yummy in a very aggro way. You can feel it working instantly as it travels through your body from your mouth. =)

I could go on and on and on. These things work and I was suffering since I was a teenager before knowing late last year that I had mites externally and internally. Spent months and months researching and building up experience of what works and what doesn't through trial and error. I'm 30 now. Demodex also was in my eyes causing blurred vision that would fluctuate. That has improved now. =)

Alright I will stop typing.

Replied by Chris

Hi Kim

Sounds like you have Morgellons. There is a protocol that Johnny Blue Skies Posted several years ago. See below. Hope this helps


From: Sage Consulting and Apothecary: [Phone: 888-350-391

Japanese Knotweed tincture 150 lbs=2/3rd tsp 3x a day;100 lbs=1/2 tsp 3x day

Cat�TMs Claw tincture 150 lbs=2/3rd tsp 3x a day; 100 lbs=1/2 tsp 3x a day

Teasel tincture 10 drops 3x a day

Sarsaparilla tincture. 15 drops 3x a day

Houttuynia tincture 15 drops 3x a day

From: Institute of Traditional Medicine: [Phone: 503-233-4907]

You may need to get a Nutritionist to refer you but first just try using our name with Dr. Dharmanandra and see if he's willing to send you either of the following:

Anti-spirochete tablets


Anti-Spirochete Granules 3 tsp. in 8oz boiled water 2x a day

(we use the tea in the AM, and the tablets in the PM - we probably should have used them 3x a day to begin with but we didn't)

From: Swansons Vitamins: []

Olive Leaf Extract [Seagate brand] 450 mg. 1x a day

Kyolic Garlic #103 2 caps. 2 x a day

Cordyseps 2 caps 2x a day

Triphala Gold 1,000 mg. 2 caps 1x a day

Grapeseed 1 cap. 2x a day

Cloves 2 caps 3x a day

Soloray Cool Cayenne 40,000 mg (after a meal – if any - burning eat bread)

NAC - 600 mg. 1 cap. 1x a day

Pau D�TMArco 500 mg. 2 caps 1x a day


Natto-Kinase, 2,000 FU, 1 capsule a day

From: Mountain Rose Herbal []

Menthol Crystals – sprinkle into packets made out of Swiffer squares and stapled –then placed in chairs, couches, car, drawers. I use cut out squares of Swiffer cloth.

From: Natural Ginesis: [phone: 1-800-807-9350]

8 oz Bottle of Kleen Green – diluted 1 oz to 7 oz water. For bathing dog(s) once a week. [don�TMt rinse off! ], and spraying on self if any itching, or pimples appear.

Artemesia tea – 1 rounded tsp of artemesia dropped into 1 qt. of boiling water; steep, and cool, and drink in two or three cupsful a day.

Replied by White Willow

Oregano oil....internally and externally. Be sure and get instructions for dilution because it will burn like hell. I take 2 drops in 5 drops of olive oil and put it at the back of my tongue and wait for awhile. Then swallow. For cleaning up the household, the dog, clothing; bedding; etc etc...use kleen green enzymes by natural ginesis.

Replied by White Willow

Oregano oil....internally and externally. Be sure and get instructions for dilution because it will burn like hell. I take 2 drops in 5 drops of olive oil and put it at the back of my tongue and wait for awhile. Then swallow. For cleaning up the household, the dog, clothing; bedding; etc etc...use kleen green enzymes by natural ginesis.

Replied by Lp

Ozone generator.....but carefully follow the instructions. Buy a new one...not used. Research the size unit you need.

Replied by Catherine

I have read many of these posts and tried some but I feel confident if I follow your treatment it will work. Thank you so much for sharing you won't know how many people you have helped. I will let you know how it works.

Replied by Debra
Fayetteville Nc

What is the amount of peroxide and borax?

Replied by Deb

Salt. I went through alot of this for a year & finally used plain Epsom salt on me and my pets. It took a little while, but it got rid of it after a few weeks.

Replied by Jacqueline

I love your advice. Can you tell me what I can expect as they die off. It seems like it is getting worse. I feel them popping out of my face only at night and when I am at my computer. But they have never itched.

Borax, Tea Tree Oil, H2O2, Vitamin E  

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 09/05/2010
4 out of 5 stars


ON A ROLL, this is my third input today. This is not my procedure as I got it off this site, but I have refined it. I now only put the borax, tee tree oil and hydrogen peroxide solution in my nose where the hair follicles are. Also I have added Vitamin E for the oil. This is more effective and I have been doing this for several years. I have concluded that you never get rid of these buggers, you just control them.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa
5 out of 5 stars

HI U GOD FEARING PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , , , ,

Well, I'm free of my mites. It was an interesting chore. At first I had no clue. The bumps were just erupting all over my body. I am SJS so it took me a few weeks to figure out what was going on. I first went to my regular doctor and he gave me Premethrin, which is useless as tits on a bore shoat. The mites eat this as dessert.

I learned that mites die at 120 degrees so I began a FIR sauna that was between 150 and 170 degrees. Following that I took a bath using 16 oz of H202 , a cup of Borax and a cup of Epson Salt. Half-way through the bath, I coated my body down with the strongest Cayenne Pepper sauce I could find. What lots of folks don't know is that Cayenne pepper is a natural insecticide. Then I coated my body down with what is equivalent to grain alcohol. None of this is original with me. I got all this off the internet. Listen up good folks, people on the internet will tell you their woes and you need to listen. Some are out in left field but you can figure that out pretty quick. One thing that I did as a Ch E is to buy the 10% Permethrin from the Co-op which is used for animals. I put that on the spots that I knew there were mites and coated that with DMSO gel. DMSO is the strongest solvent there is and will take whatever stuff you got to the problem. I also coated my body with H2O2 and Borax as Ted suggests.

My wife washed my sheets, clothes, and towes, etc. Every day with hot, hot water and borax. I think the thing that killed my critters is heat. I have spent the money to take care of all our old age problems like a Fir sauna and a Ozone generator.

I finally got to see a dermotologist and he put me on a total body jel , Triamcinolone Acetonide. However, the game was over. I had killed the crtitters with natural products. I do think that the sauna heat is what got the little devils.

I took specimans to the Dermotologist but initially he had no clue , so I may not have had scabies. I will let you know in a week or so.

Is life interesting or what ? ======RH=======

Thank you Earth Clinic for spreading the word.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn Usa

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , ,

What a saga. I am telling you that your M.D. has no clue as far as parasites are concerned. I had a mite of some description but my dermatologist had idea what it was and did not send it off to be identified. Using 5 % Permethrin is useless as tits on a bore shote. The bugs have been immune to this strength for many years, but the M.D.'s have no idea.

I have defeated the little bastards and here is what I did. First, I have a FIR Sauna and I heated it up to 160 to 170 degrees and stayed in this heat for 20 minutes. They cannot stand this heat. That got most , but on the others I put 10 % Permethrin from the Co-op that they use on animals. On top of that I used DMSO to take it to the source. I also got into a tub of hot water that I had added 16 oz of Hydrogen Peroxide, a cup of Borax , and a cup of epsom salt. Half way through the bath I covered my body with the hottest cayenne pepper sause that our Mexican illegals can imagine. Cayenne is a natural insecticide. On completion of this procedure I then did what Ted says and that is to cover my body with a solution of Hydrogen peroxide and borax.

I then went to a dermotologist and learned the he had no clue. I did what he said but the game was already over. He did not try to learn anything about this parasite. He called it a rash. Kiss my grits. That is the reason that I rely on you folks for my good health.

What I think killed the critters is heat. My wife and I have not slept together since all this came about. If you cannot do this and protect your loved one, then you deserve whatever you get.

That is what an old farse thinks. =====RH=====

Replied by Van
Houston, Texas


Got mites and really need help? just got bit! Jst wondering if you know how I can get permethrin cream 10 %. Went to doctor got one 5% cream but refuse to give more. Also want to get info on Fir Sauna. I am a substitute teacher and really need help. Went to 2 dermatologist spent over $800. and no relief. Sincerely, Van

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.

HI U VAN, , , , , , spent lots of time in Houston in '77 -'79 working on a Paper Mill design project.

Now listen up good buddy because you are going to have to get very, very serious to successfully address your problem. Everyone does . I suggest that you read every post on mites, scabies, etc on this site.

First, you are pissin in the wind by going to an MD except to give you prescriptions that you get off this site. They have never experienced what you are going through. You will have to address the mites in your skin and those that are in your clothes, bed sheets , floors , everywhere. Turn your hot water heater to 180 degrees and use only hot water and borax to wash your clothes, bedding , etc. Everything goes into a large plastic garbage bag. Clothing and bedding are changed daily. You have to sleep alone and don't touch anyone. Cover your mattress with a plastic zippered bag. Take a clothes lint roller and go over your sheets daily to keep track of your progress. The mites will be caught on the adhesive. Estimate them daily. Use only one set of sheets and only two sets of clothes. KISS, keep it simple stupid.

You will be killing critters every day but their eggs are hatching on a cycle and in another week you got a new team to mess with. This goes on for a couple of months if you stay with a good program.

Now Van, let's kill some dang mites. The 10% you are looking for is found at a farm Co-op as it's used on animals.... has to work. The drug folks don't want it to work for you, they just don't want you to die. It's the cancer and heart thing.

1. Go buy that and use it once a week for 3 weeks.

2. Now here's where you have to see a doctor. Get a prescription for Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment USP, 0.025% and coat your body 2X a day for two weeks and then one a day for a week. Cover you entire body from neck to toe. This will smother mites that were not killed by the insecticide.

3. Go to Walmart's Mexican section and buy the hottest liquid pepper they have. Buy Several boxes of 20 Mule team Borax. Buy 10 big bottles of Hydrogen peroxide.

4. Every morning and night, fill a tub of the hottest water you can stand. Add a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and 2 cups of borax and 1 cup of baking soda. Soak for 30 minutes and stand up and coat your body with the liquid pepper sauce. Sit down and wash this off. Stand up again and spray down your body with a saturated borax solution. Let sit for 5 minutes. Rinse that off with a shower.

5.Treat your body with the 10% Permerthin weekly followed by the daily ointment.

Van , I did all of the above and learned that mites are killed at a high temperature. I also did that 2X a day in our FIR sauna set at 160 degrees.

I also corresponded with a lad in Ireland who suffered for 2 years until he used a Rife Machine and killed his in two weeks. I now have a Rife Machine. I also have a Zapper, which you may want to buy and try. No U.S. doctor has a Rife Machine as they are outlawed for doctors ... too effective and too cheap. Mexico has them.

I think I got my mites from an upscale hotel in Atlanta. I have learned that folks that travel and have mites change hotels rooms daily. Mites know no educational nor economic barrier. They just get everybody, including substitute teachers.

Van, all on this site will vouch I tell stories, but they are all 96.4% true. I reserve 3.6% for embellishment.

I wish you the best but you got to out smart these little buggers and you do that with knowledge and persistence.

==YO NEW BUDDY ......ORH======

Replied by Van
Houston, TX

I appreciate all the information. These thing are worst thing morning after trying several remedies. If fact I think I may be poisoning my self by drinking borax water, I have found several blister on several of my fingers? At its end almost cannot function. I have scars like someone has scratched me up. I have a mite in my face driving me crazy because it is around my eye. Do you know if a rife machine can be ordered from Mexico? Where can I find a zapper? How can I find a farm coop? Need to purchase items suggested?

I'm sorry I have so many questions, but what is a farm coop and what is H202. I know what H20 is.


For the mites on my face I use a thick gob of Vaseline with some camphur and tea tree oil. Slather this on thick I think it suffocates them. I put a thick gob of plain Vaseline in the corner of my eye and within 20 minutes the nasty things backed out. Kleen green everything and lysol spray. Don't forget to treat ur pets I am using a lime sulfur dip for the cat. I keep a jar of Vaseline and a spray bottle of alcohol, Apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and camphur oil with me all the time to slather or spray any spots if I feel them crawling. I am also trying to build up my immune system as a weak immune system can let mites get out of control. In the morning I eat two raw cloves of garlic. Afternoon I take probiotics and evening I drink emergen-c and add apple cider vinegar to it. I think I am winning but won't feel safe for a few more weeks.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.

HI U VAN, , , , , , , , , , , first thing is not to hit the panic button. Keep a cool tool. Me and this site will get you through yo troubles. Forget the Rife Machine unless someone in Houston that has one will take you on. They cost almost $ 5000 and it takes awhile to learn how to use it.

It took me a minute to learn that there are three Tractor Supply Stores near Houston that have the 10% Permethin or go on line and order it.

With this, I have concluded that you are lazy and I'm not doing your work for you. I have told you what to do, so do it. Won't tell you what I really think because the bosses on this site have me on probation. Get off your dead ass and help your self. You have been told what to do, now do it. Once you gather your supplies and get started on what this site tells you, then we will help you. I have had enough of your pity party , especially as a substitute school teacher.


Replied by Elizabeth Tan

For eyes infected with mites, try Cliradex. Tea tree oil works for me - it stops the itch only and one has to reapply - better than drugs.

Replied by Carolyn
Penzance Cornwall Uk

Honestly I had a 3 year fight with this & strong bicarb baths & a good dusting of Flowers of Sulfur all over repeatedly dayly worked. Then Kleen Green mixed with Dr Bronners Sal Suds into a liquid soap allso has worked on me as soap & in water on my animals & house has stopped them dead!! You need to do this every day. All of it include dusting your bed & furniture with the sulfur & wash or spray the Kleen Green on everything. No chemicals so well pleased with this result & the sulfur has a antdepressant uplifting affect. Persistance is definately the key cos it takes a while for the crawlings to stop completly!!

Replied by Jimbo

I did it! After 4 yr.s I"m finally free of mites! OH how good it feels to be normal again. I used just about all the things suggested on this site, but what I did different was to stay on antibiotics for the last year. I could"nt tell the doctors what I needed them for because they"ll think ur parapsychotic. I followed the protocol (vanderbilt university) as closely as possible.Find a way to get antibiotics. At the end of it I wore a zapper& magnetic bracelets too. Also very low carb diet, lost 20 lb.s almost killed me, but relocated again and they"re gone. Clove, peppermint, lavender, camphor, tea tree, neem oils neem tablets. Teds Borax and hp blend for spot treatment. Used borax and lysol laundry treatment for clothes. Just don"t tell ur doc what you want the anti biotics for. If you do they"ll withhold them from you. I had a derm plus another doc, I figured it out by accident. The antibiotics are a also a colon cleanse.I paid attention to my immune system too. I did"nt find neem tabs until the final few months, I think that may have been the final blow for them. My trick was to treat it internally as well as externally. I don't care what anybody tells you it is a blood and internal malady as well as external/skin. Cleanse inside and it will die off. Don"t give up! You can beat this, I did, it destroyed my life as I knew it but I"m still alive. You are not crazy! Do yourself a favor, don"t tell doctors what ur doing, and if you want to keep your friends don"t tell them either if you do you"ll soon find yourself abandoned. I hate to say that but it"s true. Just keep it to yourself! Your better off, when you do get better, you"ll hopefully still have a normal life to go back to.

Replied by Nancy
New Jersey

There is no way you can live with them, I Hope you live in a state that gets cold, just turn off the heat 32 degrees for 24 hours that will kill them!! Go to your doctor, get Permethrin cream, and Malathion for your hair . You need to do this at the same time put cream on then do your hair, sleep on it, if you do this, you should be good

Replied by Cassandra
New York

Thank you for the overview on your situation. I am currently taking Doxycycline. I've been suffering with the issue for almost five years. Often feel close to ending my life. You hit the nail on the head when you said you feel normal, again. I honestly can't remember how it felt to be well. I swear, I will never take my health for granted, again.

I need to be well. I am young, smart, educated, etc. Except, I think I am going crazy. I am so emotionally isolated with this condition. I can't really let anyone close to me physically or otherwise. I don't have furniture. Wash the same clothes over and over. It like the parasites have sucked all of the joy from my life.

I will check out the website you suggested. In the meantime, please check out the petition targeted at the C.D.C. to recognize that this is a real issue. We can't all be nuts.

P.S. I have to literally beg and not go to the same doctor when I need antibiotics. Do you mind if I ask you how you were able to get your medication? Thank you.

Replied by Ben
Bremerton Wa

What you seem to be describing is not a mite infestation but another disease called morgellons.

Mites dont crawl under your skin quite like you describe, they dont take 5 years to kill off and doxycycline would not be given for mites anyway.

Now on the other hand the classic signature of morgellons is a feeling like mites are burrowing through your skin living in your body constantly itching you unrelenting misery.

These things that protrude from your skin in morgellons are not living creatures, they are nano materials that self assemble in your body.

Our atmosphere is full of contaminants like this. Hmmm what is that white stuff up in the sky?

If it is possible have a skin sample done checking for agrobacteria.

The process of transforming natural crops into genetically modified crops uses a specific type of bacteria farmers call agro bacteria. This bacteria has an ability to snip dna fragments from plant and animal species and link them together in ways nature never intended

This is a common occurance in those who develop morgellons to have wierd freakish things come out of their skin.

The "mites" that are moving around coming through the skin of morgellons patients are not living things.

The fibers we will call them are often different colors. Blue is a common color.

The fbi forensic laboratory has a database of over 100,000 fiber types and extremely sophisticated analytical equipment. When they were asked to identify the fibers from a morgellons patient they could not find a match for some of them

Others with morgellons have found some but not all of the fibers could be identified as cellulose a plant fiber growing from a human body. Scientists think this could only occur after agro bacteria splices plant genetic material into the human body

Kinda makes a statement about the "safety" of gmo foods huh?. Those who develop morgellons often try countless external medications trying to control an internal problem.

Those who use electro medical devices usually find the most relief in the quickest time.

You are not crazy, the world is crazy and doctors can not help you with this one. Turn to others who have been battling morgellons for advice. The most competent doctor would be a highly educated lyme literate alt.

Many of the protocols for dealing with lyme should be used for morgellons as well since most people who are suffering are multi infected with a wide variety of organisms requiring a wide range of treatments to deal with the peculiarities of each one.

Google morgellons/ pulsed magnetic energy.tHis seems to be what most people are getting best results with.

Another thing that helps immensely is eboo extra corporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation.. This technique is illegal in the usa. Look for it off shore or mexico

Your chances of recovery depend on study study and more study.

Wish I could be of more help, look up my posts on lyme disease.

See ya.

Replied by Kt

I had two fiber-like protrusions coming out of the top of one thigh and at a later time, one on the back of my arm between my elbow and shoulder. I scratched/pinched them off and they bled profusely for such tiny "nicks". I don't know if they were morgellons or not but thought I would mention this. Because our food has changed, I have had to change the way I eat so I cannot give an accurate report of how I was eating or what I was eating at the time of those discoveries. I also found two small areas on my mid-section that appeared to resemble clogged pores but did not heal after squeezing several times, like a blemish would.

I started to eat more yellow onions and garlic. I take ACV everyday. I put ginger, turmeric, garlic and cayenne on just about everything I eat and/or make teas. I also take tincture of Black Walnut. I don't know if it is the combination of all or any one that must have killed those "things" or prevented anymore from erupting. I previously had four "raised" areas, two on my neck, one on my shoulder and one on my shin removed in my PCP's office. They were removed years ago before the protrusions appeared. When those "raised" areas erupted, we were drinking whole milk that was not homogenized from free range dairy cows. I experienced neck and facial clogged pores that appeared to be tiny cysts. I called the dairy to see if they were feeding the cows corn. I was told they did. We then tried the homogenized whole but there was no change in my complexion. That's when my trial of switching to 2% milk proved beneficial because the "cysts" went away.

I no longer eat raw fruits/vegetables. My personal opinion is, since everything has been genetically modified in one way or another, assimilation is difficult. On a video done in the early 90's it was reported that our food has been engineered to last longer. This film started out by reporting that our food had been changing for over fifty years. I am alleging GMO's cannot be avoided just due to wind and bird droppings.

My husband and I found the free range, grass-fed animals we eat or get milk and eggs from was causing us more indigestion, constipation, kidney/bladder pain and incontinence. My husband was in so much pain, he told me not to buy anymore of that meat. Organics caused problems with yeast. We only tried eating free range and organic for several months. It was fortunate we discovered what was happening to us because that food was so expensive I was borrowing money from our CU to pay for it.

I think it's been over three years since we tried eating free range and organic but returned to what is more affordable. This is what happened to us.

Replied by Ben
Bremerton, Wa

KT, What you have is probably not morgellons but skin tags. Non bleeding dark colored fibers come out by the hundreds if not thousands in morgellons patients. Often the bathtub becomes filled with tiny particles resembling sand in the bottom of bathtub plus many more work out after toweling off .

Skin tags which are due to virus such as HPV are slow growing but well vascularised they bleed like crazy when disturbed or cut off

Acv seems to work ok for them.

Replied by L.
1 posts

Hi there, what is the ration to your borax, tea tree oil, h20 and vitamin E? Thanks so much!, L.

Brewer's Yeast  

4 star (1) 
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Posted by Izzy3 (Sebastian, Florida) on 10/15/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I am a sufferer for 1 year now of some invisible biting mite, or so I thought, now I feel it might be the Sticktight Flea which also can't be seen without magnification, I noticed the things coming off my body are things exactly like the 3 stages of this biting Burrowing blood sucking creature, it also loves to live in peoples ears ! Which has been my distress for 9 months now in the left ear, however by chance I stumbled upon a site staing that fleas do not like Brewers Yeast, it's used for fleas and other bugs on dogs cats and livstock, so I'm giving it a try, you can find the tablets in grocery stores usually in vitamin section, don't take more than reccomended doseage, especially if on other meds. If you walk in a room and suddenly feel them on your calves or upper body, think about it, fleas are able to jump, mites can't ! we might have some of them too but I am getting reaction from the yeast with the ones in my ears, they are not happy . I'm also on ph drops to build my alkaline and immune booster caps.Good Luck to all fellow sufferers.

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

I picked up a can of brewer's yeast and it said on the can that if you have an allergic reaction to penicillin, you should NOT use it. Be careful!

Replied by Eve
15 posts

Unfortunately your jumping flea is a mite called Cheylietella. I've fought these pests since 2010 and finally found a white speck in pc that moved so ran to the States Chief entomologist and he diagnosed it as the Cheylietella mite. To make things worse for you, you inject these things day and night, they get in your blood stream, THEN THEY CAN BECOME WORMS. so you need to start cleaning your gut as well as house, you, pets, hubby if you have one. The latest parasite discovered in 2013 is called Rope Worm, it is still so new that even the doctors who will treat you probably don't know about them but they are there. 2nd stage you will see clear bubbles in your stools, they expel the bubble to move about in your intestines. My best remedy so far is spraying day and nite with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, using it full strength. in my town, Walmarts can't keep HP instock and then we go for almost a week before they can restock plus the same thing with 70% rubbing alcohol. That is the other thing I spray with a lot. A medical school has proven that in killing mites it takes 4 minutes for rubbing alcohol to kill them and 15 minutes for Tea Tree Oil to kill'em. I spray my body with HP before I get in the shower, let it set 5 or so minutes, shower, spray again and if these fool things are embedded in your skin the HP will sting a few minutes and when it drys up yu will feel these tiny things that have popped out of your skin and hanging on your skin. They also don't like Oregano Oil so I mix it with Peppermint oil and water and spray with that but my best results is still HP. I have even had a heart attack plus stent which the doctors told me that I should not have had a heart attack, they didn't come out and say mites are in your blood stream but said "something showed up we don't see very often" I use to be an RN so they knew what they were saying I would pick up on. I've contacted the Senators, Congress people and they all have told me to go to the Health Dept. The Health Dept hung up on me when I mentioned "mites". We have one certified Horticulturist in our town and he says this place is working alive with all kinds of mites and bed bugs. The pest people won't even come out if you mention mites. Hope my saga helps a few and wish you the very best. I'm 89 and I'll be damn if I let these things kill me, they're trying real hard but it ain't going to happen. Also, put your faith in God and let's all do a lot of praying. lol

Replied by Nancymastella

You need to call your doctor tell him you need selenium sulfide shampoo 2.25 percent prescription use it for 7 days all over your body hair two let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse it off. After the 7th Day, shampoo twice a week until they're gone. Do not drink any alcohol has something to do with dehydration of your body you can have a beer if if you drink it but no alcohol liquor. Meanwhile clean your house steam your floors spray with Permethirn.


5 star (2) 
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Posted by Philip (Toronto, Ontario) on 05/15/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Guys, I suffered from an internal mite infestation for a long time and have it under control now using Cayenne Pepper... It is the only thing that has worked for me. I make a tea with it, add honey and ACV. I have gotten my life back after a nightmare 9 months.

Please share this with others. Thank you!!

Replied by Suzi

Philip: How much cayenne do you use and how do you make the tea? How long have you been drinking this? What were your symptoms and have they been totally eliminated? I am on my 9th month now with them everywhere.

Replied by Sally
5 out of 5 stars

Cayenne really helps, I drink it every day in a soy/black tea mixture. I also add EmergenC and some tumeric. I drink it on ice, it tastes good. Also, I use a liquid band aid over the mite burrows which stops the hatched mites from escaping. It takes a few days of keeping the spots sealed but they will eventually die and heal up.

Replied by Darbs

Hi, I am seeing your great recipe for the tea. If you please could answer a few questions... I am going on 14 months now. Did you need to do the vacuuming everyday? Seems when it's internal it sloughs off the skin. Also do you have a dog and and suggestions for the pup. Very desperate here. But the big question, did you finally rid yourself??

Replied by Kathy
Cameron, Texas

What are the measurement of each ingredients for the tea?

Replied by Mary
Regina, Saskatchewan

I think I may have them. So upset. So itchy!!! It started itching worse when I took the borax internally. Am scratching my chin and back raw. Bath in borax does not help. How did u know u had them? What did the cayenne do and how long did it take?

Choriopete Mite  

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn. ) on 09/03/2014

HI U NEIGHBORS, , , , , , , , ,

I need some consultation. I just got my DNA test back from my MD turned Homeopathic doctor and my problems are too long to list, so I just want to address one. That is the Choriopete Mite. They are microscopic and feed on the skin of animals like horses, sheep, etc. They are supposed to itch. I read all I can on the internet and pulled out my Hulda Clark book. This is my second test for this critter to appear. The only place on my body that shows a rash is my ankles and this showed up when I crushed my t 12 vertrabre. My ankles swoll and I assumed that they were all related. Now I'm not so sure.

I'd especially like Bill and Timh to review what treatment I'm about to do. I can get 10 % Premetrin at the Farmer's Co-op , spread that on my ankles and cover that with 50% DMSO. That should kill the buggers and I will detox the insecticide later. As a Ch. E. I need the advice of folks smarter me.

When I really get a good case of the ass it is usually at my self. It has taken me 6 months to get to this spot. I should have seen this earlier.

On a lighter note, me and Ms Conn and daughter are headed to St George's Isl. for a week. They will sunbath and I'll study how to get my gimlet ass to age 92. That will take the help of my Earth Clinic friends.

One last comment, If you have cancer, get in touch with THE INDEPENDENT CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION. They will give you low cost natural treatment alternatives and all for free. What treatment is your decision.

Ya'll behave for a change. ==Ole RH==

Replied by Timh

O.R.H. I often muse on what exactly is missing in your treatment as you are doing advanced or extended protocols w/ limited effect. One of the greatest discoveries in Alternative Cancer treatment is the presence of protective fibrin coating of cancer cells. Conventional & Alternative treatments are often ineffective because the intelligent c cells are protected. In this case, take Serrapeptase or Nattokinase to remove the fibrin coating and "bam" your treatments work as they should.

Same kinda thing going on w/ the Mites except they proly have the "Chitin" coating same as fungal cells. In this case take the chitin inhibitor Lufenuron and then treatments can be effective.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.

HI U Timh, , , , , , , , , , at first I thought you were pulling my leg, but the internet says otherwise. It appears, for parasites we would do better going to a veterinarian than to an MD.

Thanks for your counsel. ===OLE RH==

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Timh, would Serrapeptase or Nattokinase or Lufenuron work externally on a skin C, for example?

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.

HI U MMSG AND TIMH, I struck while the poker was hot and coated my ankles with the 10 % Premethrin this morning and topped that with 70% DMSO gel. Yesterday I started with the Holistic protocol that my doctor recommended which is absorbed under the tongue. That is followed up with 3 oz of water that has the mite frequency embedded in it. This is the same principle at the Rife Machine except the frequency comes internally instead of externally.

I won't do the insecticide for another week but during that time I will use a sulfur gel compound daily. I have cured too many mange dogs in my life with sulfur and burnt motor oil and it worked every time. I have no clue where the mites are located but my ankles are the only place that my skin is not normal.

I also will use my parasite zapper while on vacation. If the mites go away, we will not know why. I used the same approach in strightening out stinking pulp mills . I shotgunned and the company made money but never knew exactly how the problem was solved. I just want to rid myself of mites and could care less how I did it. I'll leave that to the wormy college professors to study.

========OLE ROBERT HENRY======

Replied by Angie
Rockfalls, Illinois

i would like to know what the pill that dissolves under tongue with frequency is called. I need help desperately bad.

Coconut Oil, Tomato Juice  

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Posted by Fran (Rocky Face, Ga) on 01/29/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Half coconut oil and half tomatoe juice helped a friend of mine that was suffering from what we believe to be mites

good luck

Replied by Barbara

i give up ...what did you DO with this? Apply to skin? Drink it.

Collagen, Diatomaceous Earth  

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Posted by Mite Sufferer (London) on 12/30/2016
4 out of 5 stars

Hi I have been suffering from some sort of mite infestation for a couple of years-unfortunately I seem to pick it up from my dad every time I see him, but he doesn't feel affected so won't do anything about it.

May be a coincidence, around the time I started taking collagen supplements (the one I take comes in a liquid form) the mites just went away.

I'd also been re applying Diatomaceous earth to carpets hoovering/and reapplying once a week for a couple of months. Washing hair and body in tea-tree oil type shampoos and conditioners and washing all bedding a couple of times a week- so it could have also been that the DE was working, it can maybe take a long time. I got a duster and went around all the scurting boards, as well as sprinkling light over the carpets.

Unfortunately after a month of peace the mites came back- I think because my flatmate, who is never in, was off work for a week and hanging out in the living room with all his stuff/coats/blankets all day, and I hadn't been putting DE in his room. I came into the living room after he'd been hanging there a couple of days and almost straight away started to feel a crawling biting sensation again. Around the same time I had forgotten to buy anymore collagan supplements and had not taken the them for about a week. Anyway I have since gone into flatmate room with DE and have started taking the supplements again. I do feel a crawling sensation but not as bad as bad as before- and no pinprick biting (touch wood! )! I did some research after taking the collagen and thinking it might be helping, and (and as well as helping with wrinkles) it does also have some sort of anti bacterial affect on the skin. Hope this helps!

Colloidal Silver and Coconut Oil  

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Posted by Mckenna (Aubrey, Texas) on 07/11/2014
5 out of 5 stars

For 3 months and 11 days I had treated the tiny back yard with 100 pounds of sulfer powder, sulfered the floors and dusted the dogs. Then tried 50 pounds of Diatomaceous earth. Countless Pyrethrine baths, sulfer baths (not sulfer lime dip) Washed my sheets every day in Borax, cans of Frontline, Revolution drops, boraxed the dog beds finally throwing them all out, used EVERY single bug spray that Lowes and Tractor Supply had inside and outside. Neem oil sprayed outside, countless pesticides inside and out. I put neem oil on myself and orange oil, lemon oil, tea tree oil, menthol name it. I also bombed my cars on 7 separate occasions each. (I considered selling my car with cloth seats as even the bombs and Nylar powder I was using was not killing them at all.) I tried absolutely everything!!!!!!!!

I lost my fiance for a week because he thought I was losing my mind because he wasn't bitten by these things. Only my daughter and I were affected. I bought a high powered microscope but could never find a mite. I ordered a gallon of concentrated lime dip (I have great danes). While waiting for this last hope, I bought $100 worth of the finest colloidal silver Sprouts had to offer and the finest liquid coconut oil. I did 10 parts silver to 1 part oil and slathered my dogs up. They loved it. It was also safe for them to lick it. They got it all over and inside their nostrils as well which was great cause the mites I have learned will live in there. I shampooed them 4 hours later...bugs were decreasing by the next day. I then saturated the danes with straight silver and brushed it all in their coats and never washed it. I did another yard treatment and full house and bedroom treatment.

After a break up, many sleepless itchy nights, terrible dry scaly painful red skin, depleted bank account, and tears upon tears I was free of these bastards. Colloidal Silver was the ONLY thing that killed them on my dogs. My poor 3 year old Dane developed a huge lipoma from all of the toxins I had exposed him to. I am now using much Tumeric powder to try and get the toxins out of their system. It was SO MUCH WORK!! But I am now free. Please ask me any questions. I now consider myself an expert in these things. Please please be careful what you expose your family and dogs to. One more thing...we also bathed the parrot and three guinea pigs we had, but had immediately isolated them from the dogs upon learning we had mites.

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey McKenna!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Replied by Timh

McKenna: I'll second the thanks on your success.

I am no expert, but did you ever try Ivermectin? What kinda wormer meds do you use on the pets? Remember, internal parasites cause immune dysfunction which then can trigger hyper infestation of stuff like Mites, Tics, and Fleas. It may be that the Colloidal Silver has been so effective in killing the pathogens associated w/ the parasites that the immune system is able to defend the "bastards", although it is possible the C.S. had a direct effect also.

Also, if-I-might-add, you can also add C.S. to pets food or water on a regular basis. My pets show marked improvements fallowing a needed C.S. treatment. Hydrogen Peroxide aka 35% FG H2O2 added to the pets water on occasion or when necessary is also about equally effective as C.S. Rotation is best.

Maybe a little off topic, but still important is keeping the Colon clean w/ a pinch of Milled Flaxseed. I like to give Flax at least once every two months.

Replied by Heather

Thank you for your post and your offer to answer questions! So how did you apply these items to yourselves? External or internal? How much, how often? Or did the problem just go away once the dogs were treated?

Replied by Spelth

Heather, were you able to find out how to apply the silver and oil to your house eg, bedroom?

Replied by Nicole
Wi, US

Please email me I going through same thing. They want to dip my dogs now in Lyme sulfur. I used lidaine twice. And its back. Were do I buy powder for toxins out and were do I buy finest coconut oil and colloidal silver. And how do u use these things to treat care. House yard. Please someone help. I been going through this almost 3 years. MY YORKIES. HE IN BAD SHAPE BACTERIAL WISE. THANKS FOR UR TIME. I HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP ME. I FEEL LIKE THIS IS CRAZY. I OUT OPTIONS......

Replied by Timh

Nicole. You can get Coconut Oil at grocer but Colloidal Silver at health food store. You can also buy Colloidal Silver Generator and make your own at home. For now, put about 10 drops Hydrogen Peroxide in your doggie's water bowl. I rotate C.S. and H2O2 in my kittie's water bowl.

Replied by Julie
St Paul, Minnesota

I'm to try colloidal silver with son's guinea pig Snickers His brother Skittles died a few weeks ago of a skin condition of some type (lice, mites - not sure) and I don't want son to be heart broken again!

Thanks for the info! Julie

Replied by Donna

What did you do for the house treatment? And can I use colloidal liquid?

Replied by Cathi
Madison, Al

I want to know if you sprayed colloidal silver in your house and car?

Replied by Sunnie
Santa Clara, Ca

Hi, I too have tried multiple products, to rid myself of mites! I have at least 2 species of mites (bird mites and possible scabies)! My question for you is about your reference to "bombing your cars 7 times". First, question is when you say "bombing" are you referring to a fogger? Also, if you fogged, what brand of fogger did you use? And finally you mentioned finding a cure for yourself and your dogs, but "how" did you finally rid your vehicle? (I live in my van, and it is highly infested, and even if I clear my body per oils, creams, etc, I still must eradicate the van) Thanks! -sunnie

Denatured Alcohol  

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Posted by Court (Vista, Ca, Usa) on 06/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have found after suffering -and trying assorted remedies this has WORKED

for mite infestation - denatured alcohol in a spray bottle all areas - couches, beds, floors , mats outside of doors and carpets wont hurt or stain fabric or leathers evaporates quickly

15.00 a gallon at most home centers -get enough to do it twice depending on the size of your house and how many beds , ect (i used aprox a gallon per application 1200 sqft house )make sure all your windows are open when you spray -hope I dont need to say... Don't smoke while applying or near open flame. It kills the buggers instantly and the second time gets the offspring that were eggs.

do it twice 4-6 days apart

almost instant relief- breakes the mite lifecycle

Bathe in Dr. Bonners peppermint casile soap 3 capfuls to a bathtub 1 time a dayand within 1-2 days you will start to heal with no new bites

As I said this WORKS is relatively inexpensive and saves you from having to hear it's all in your head - you are crazy, you cannot see these lil buggers with the naked eye but they bite and burrow lay eggs move and do it again so I hope my experience helps some of you desperate to be free from this.


Replied by Koni
Ottumwa, Ia

I do also believe I have a mite infestation. Been going on over a year. Even moved and got rid of lots of furniture. Unfortunately, it came with us. I have lost 40 pounds and other heath issues since this whole nightmare started. Have spent thousands of dollars on exterminators, Dr. Bills. All the drs. stated all in my head. My question is Denatured Alcohol different than the regular rubbing alcohol you buy at the store? For we tried that and that only helped temporarily. Back feeling bites within less than hr.?

Replied by Dana
Qld., Australia

In Australia, denatured alcohol is called Metho. metholated spirits.

Diagnosing Mites  

Posted by Eve K (Houston, Tx, Usa) on 11/19/2009

Hi all, I am wondering if I may have some type of mite infestation? How does one determine what type of mite it is? I notice the remedies are quite varied but seem to be directed at specific type of mites...

This summer, in the evenings, we usually sit on the patio for a little happy hour after work. This is between 6-7 pm. Summers (well, ALL seasons, actually) are very HUMID.

I noticed on several evenings that my right occipital orbit bone would become quite itchy and irritated but there was no obvious bite. I thought it was some kind of tiny mosquito, biting gnat or something like that, but it made no sense that it would always be in the exact same place. Occasionally there is a similar itchy spot along my right temple at the hairline.

Tonight, it is too cold to be outdoors, but the itching started in the same old place. The orbit bone is quite puffy and red, my whole right cheek is flushed red (no alcohol tonight so that is not the reason!) and there are two little bloody spots like pin pricks.

The left cheek was a little flushed but not itchy and no obvious bites. I really don't want this thing to spread, it would be a nightmare.

Any thoughts?

Two other things--I have an inside dog but have had him for 11 years. He doesn't seem any itchier than normal...
Also, this year, we started using a clothesline to dry our clothes and towels, especially during the drought when it was pretty hot and sunny all day, really saved on our electric bill. The line runs from the house to a big pecan tree that is heavily inhabited by squirrels and we also have a lot of birds in our yard (all kinds from sparrows to cardinals to hummers to owls). On at least one occasion, I had to rewash towels that had been hanging on the line due to being soiled with some kind of animal droppings...

I just washed all my towels and pillow cases in super hot water and washed my face with ACV followed with a layer of coconut oil.

This is a long post but I would appreciate any input.

Thanks and thanks, Earth Clinic, for this amazing site!!

Replied by Gaynor
Manaton, Devon Uk


You should try Ted's remedy below for dermodex mites borax and hydrogen peroxide- this works well for killing these nano- insects. I am in the process of treating myself presently. Best of luck.


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "Consider taking borax. Some people believed the demodex mites are responsible for rosacea. They may be right. But, there are others too that are not yet identified. I prefer to lump all these insect issues to just one category: nanoinsects. These insects have several weakness that you can kill them, or at least weaken them. One obvious ones is borax. The treatment can be broken down to two things;

1. Taken internally: Try 1/8 teaspoon to 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of water/day. You just drink this water throughout the day. If it runs out then drink just normal water, with some magnesium added if possible. Magnesium is found in certain seeds such as sunflower. They seem to be synergistic with the vitamin D as vitamin D promotes calcium and the body needs to balance both magnesium and calcium to an ideal amount.

2. Used externally: Dog mange is confirmed demodex mites and the only treatment that effectively cured of dog mange is 1% hydrogen peroxide and borax saturated solution applied topically. Many people believe the demodex mites is the cause of rosacea. What I am sure about is it is an insect issue. The method of killing them is external application of 1% hydrogen peroxide with borax saturated solution to the face, unrinsed. It tends to cause drying. So you can apply appropriate lotions to prevent drying, such as jojoba oil, aloe vera or lavender oil.

Replied by Ruth
Hobart, Tasmania

Oh this is the remedy including borax, didnt see it earlier, thank you!

Replied by Ruth
Hobart, Tasmania

How long do you keep the saturated solution with 1% peroxide on face for please Ted? I have had worsening roseacea since mite insect population exploded. Maybe I have the Demodex mites but how come none of the 12 medical people I saw suggested that? I understand that chinese medics say sugar is red on skin (dairy is white patches) I love sweet foods as much as I try not to I feel it' s a sugar issue, myself -the rosecea I mean but this is all interesting-well not that interesting-I could be doing alot of other things! Thank you, Ruth

Replied by Tricia
87 posts

Ted's recomendation is to leave it on the skin but because it made my skin look dry I put it on at night and washed it off in the morning. I kept up the regime nightly for 1 month the went to every second night for 2 weeks, every third night for 2 weeks and tapered off.

I don't believe mine was a sugar issue and mites will attach to easy healthy option before they'll go for hard to grip damaged or oily skin that they find difficult to latch onto.

Also, use and change your pillowcases, i.e use 1 side tonight other tomorrow then change to prevent reinfection. Your pillowcases may lighten from the concoction so use old ones.

Replied by Ruth
Hobart, Tasmania

Thanks Tricia, I'm concerned at ingesting Borax after pharmacist warning that it accumulates as poison in body?

Replied by Tricia
87 posts

I honestly can't say whether the borax was dangerous or not. I'd love to have the chemical background that some of the other posters have to be able to know for certain but I can tell you that it didn't adversely affect me. I still continue to use it 2 days a week in a litre of water. Somewhere on this site a poster mentions the LD50(the amount it will take to kill you) of borax but I can't remember where it is.

My worry at the start was "did the borax or peroxide have stabilisers added that would be harmful". So I rang the company and said I was doing an educational project to find out what was added. The answer was nothing so I guessed that with the amount of posters that had successfully ingested and knowing what to watch out for thanks to the warnings pages I would jump in with both feet.

I imagine that most people start a borax regime with trepidation.

Replied by Eden
Mesa, Az

What about the hair?

Replied by Anne
Amsterdam, Ny Usa

Again, has anyone had success treating bird mites that have gone internal? I have altered my diet, gone more alkaline, no red meat, very little animal protein, MSM, vitamin c, cal/mag/zinc supplement, vitamin D, good yogurt, flaxseed oil and a multi-vitamin supplement. I am still infested, and want to begin the borax treatment, but am not sure what to expect...

Replied by David
Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

In keeping with EC guidelines I've not been posting my progress here daily. However, I'm now on Day 7 of Ted's remedy and I feel I should report my experience so far:

The remedy: I dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of pharmaceutical-grade borax in one litre of water and sip it throughout the day. Additionally, I drink 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in 1/2 glass of water twice daily.

I also drink unpasteurised ACV "with mother" in a glass of warm water three times daily with meals, two tablespoons of food-grade diatomaceous earth in water daily, one high quality multi-nutrient capsule daily (contains all the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements), two cups of green tea daily, two chewable calcium tablets for my osteoporosis (I think it's inorganic but I can't find the organic variety in Ireland), and a clove of raw garlic every second day. Lunch is a heap of cucumber, an apple, a clementine, and a banana. I also eat dark chocolate every now and again. Daily, I drink yoghurt with plant sterols (for my high cholesterol).

I've cut out coffee (which I really, really miss), sugar, bread, and cheese (which I also miss badly) and the only milk I consume is on my breakfast bran flakes. I don't eat butter.

Day 1: I had a dramatic drop in the number of tickles - down to less than 100 from well over 1, 000.

Day 2: Was not as good as Day 1 but I believe more insects are being driven out onto the surface of my skin and of course a new clutch of eggs "comes online" every day. I also noticed that urinating created lots of bubbly suds in the toilet bowl.

Day 3: Was the same as Day 2 except that the timings of my tickle onslaughts changed. Mornings were now much busier while afternoons were relatively peaceful until dusk. At full nightfall they quietened again until 8. 30, then got busy again till midnight when they started to taper off.

Day 4: Was the same as Day 3 except the suds disappeared from the toilet bowl and my urine was now pale green, the exact same colour as my sebaceous plugs.

Day 5: The suds returned with urine still green. But something happened that's never happened before: normally, I've always been able to halt a tickle onslaught on my scalp and face during the day by going outdoors into the light. At night, going outside into the cold air also stopped them (they love heat and relative dark - a demodex mite trait). The day was sunny but freezing cold with a high wind chill when I went out for my afternoon walk. The tickles continued unabated.

Day 6: I didn't go outdoors (rain) but the timings remained the same. Less suds and urine not so green. Tickles seem less intense and plugs that were hard and solidly embedded in my skin were now softer and could be fairly easily removed with a fingernail. The objects they contain are blackened and seem malformed. Fewer trips to the bathroom to brush wandering mites off my abdomen, groin, scrotum, perineum, and buttocks, and remove them from my anus. Almost all the astonishing amounts of scurf that used to coat the wash-basin when I washed my face and scalp (I shave my head nightly) has disappeared. My skin feels much softer and the orange-peel texture is fading.

Day 7 (today): Same timings but tickle numbers slightly reduced so far. Less suds and urine less green.

I seem to have plateau'd at a better but still unacceptable level and it's unclear how long I should continue with Ted's remedy. But since demodex females can live for up to 60 days, three months would seem a good idea.

Some people here reported adding a capful of hydrogen peroxide to the borax mix so I googled it and found nothing but warnings. Until I found this astonishing website:

Don't bother reading the site or viewing the video but download the PDF file from the Free eBook link - it contains more information. Apparently, since 1888, doctors (and even some hospitals) all over the world have been using H2O2 (reagent or food-grade) orally, topically - and now via intravenous or intra-arterial infusions - to successfully cure (yes, cure) all sorts of serious conditions including cancers and heart disease that don't respond to radiation or drugs. Illnesses cured also include parasitic infestations.

The PDF contains a long list of American doctors (with telephone numbers) who regularly use H2O2 therapy with astonishing success rates. It even includes instructions on how doctors should proceed with this infusion treatment.

The PDF is free, the website sells nothing, and carries no ads.

I've ordered 35% food-grade H2O2 from the UK ( as well as a countertop water distiller. I also emailed the site owner (James Roguski, who seems to be a scientist) to find out how best I should proceed. I'm still awaiting a reply.

Things are definitely better than they were before I started Ted's remedy but I propose to try the oral H2O2 as an adjunctive therapy to speed things up. If Mr. Roguski tells me that the oral route won't work optimally, I'm prepared to travel to the ends of the earth to find a doctor who will do this infusion technique. I've now been trying to deal with this 24/7 torture for two and half years, and thanks to the wonderful Ted, I've made significant progress. But I want these pests gone NOW so I can start trying to get my life back.

I've read Ted's warnings about drinking distilled water and they directly contradict the advice given by Vivian Goldschmidt MA (in Nutritional Sciences and Biochemistry) who runs a marvellous site for osteoporosis sufferers ( who advises us to drink only distilled water.

I'm taking my health back out of the hands of the quacks (doctors) who did so much damage to my health permanently and, to that end, I intend to drink food-grade hydrogen peroxide as well as baking soda for the rest of my life.

Now I just need to find a remedy for the chronic insomnia and tardive akathisia (inability to be still and constantly racing thoughts) due to brain chemistry damage inflicted by a year of Risperidone injections by the dermatologist who diagnosed delusional parasitosis. H2O2 is supposed to help rebalance brain chemistry. We'll see.

So that's where I am at the moment, still awaiting the delivery from the UK of my FG-H2O2 and my water distiller. I can't wait to get started...

Will keep you posted on progress.

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The Woods Of, Wv, Usa

David from Dublin,

[this is a re-post, the 1st post got into the wrong thread]

You're doin good.

I downloaded the peroxide book, thanks for the tip.

Here is another easy protocol to add to your regimen, that may help your skin itches immensely:

Use the borax powder in a hot tub of water to soak in for 30 to 60 minutes. Soak in it every day, or every othe day. Use the time to relax. Most people get the bathtub water comfortably hot. The hot water alone helps the fibromyalgia symptoms [soreness]. The borax in the water will kill the mites externally, and under the skin. It is a fungicide & a bacteria-cide. Some people report seeing black specs, etc. , floating in the bath tub, coming out of their skin. Also add epsom salts [magnesium sulphate] to the soak water, to get it's benefits also. It has a drawing power to it. It is used by sports teams for sore mucles and bruises. Bangkok Ted recommends using the borax externally for mites in this manner. You should feel much better for a couple of hours after soaking in this. You mite kill off the biotics crawling on your skin.

possible amounts: borax: 4 tablesoons epsom salts: 1 quart

cost: about 50 cents U. S. For the borax, about $2 U. S. Dollars for the epsom salts. [in the USA]

Also; You may want to change the way you are using the vinegar internally. Do some Research on on how to use it. Maybe switch to taking it 1 hour away from meals, instead of with meals. In general; taking it with meals is usually not recommended, because of it interfering with your food digestion. Mix it with about 6 ounces of water, adding 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to it, to reduce the acidity of the vinegar, and to improve it's ability to alkalize the blood. Take this mixture about 1 hour away from meals.

However, if taking it with meals seems to help you, then go ahead and continue taking it that way.

Read more about the why & how of it by searching the earhclinic website for older messages. Bangkok Ted has explained this alkalizing method in great detail in past messages.

good luck."

Replied by David
Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Many thanks for the tips, Dud. Unfortunately, I don't have a tub in my bathroom, just a shower stall. This has been a major hassle throughout this experience.

Now a tip for you and everyone else here ingesting hydrogen peroxide and baking soda at the same time.

Don't. Sodium bicarbonate acts as a powerful antacid. This means there will still be undigested food in your stomach for longer than is normal and when the H2O2 hits it, if there's iron, manganese, copper, zinc, fats, or Vitamin C present in it, it will create very dangerous free radicals which can severely damage the lining of your stomach.

You also need to carefully examine the list of ingredients of any supplement you may be taking for the things mentioned above and if it's the "slow-release" type, stop taking it as well while on H2O2.

I can say this with certainty because it happened to me yesterday.

Full story is here: Hydrogen Peroxide Cures

I find this website very confusing. Information on a subject seems to be spread out all over the place. For instance, on the above-linked thread, Bill from the Phillipines says you should only take borax water for five consecutive days, then take a two-day break. That information is nowhere to be found in this thread on Ted's Remedies. Nor does Ted say how long you should take it for.

And I've been unable to find the proportions I should use of 1% H202 to saturated solution of borax for topical use. Nor how to make a saturated solution (we're not all science grads! ). Ted doesn't give that information here. Nor does he mention how many times it should be done, how frequently, or for how long.

Very confusing.

Stay well and take care.

Replied by David
Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

OK, I found out the exact mix for dog mange using borax and hydrogen peroxide on a blog-site whose owner used it on her own animals. I've been unable to find it again today to provide a link here but the gist of it is this:

1. Make up a 1% dilution of hydrogen peroxide either by adding two parts distilled water to one part 3% hydrogen peroxide (five parts water if using 6% HP, and 33 parts water if using 35% food-grade HP).

2. Measure out 48 fluid ounces of this and slowly add to it 8 ounces of borax powder. This should be enough to give you a saturated solution (there will be undissolved borax left in the bottom of the container - this means that the mixture is saturated). If you halve both of the above quantities, you can get enough to fill a 32-ounce spray bottle to about three-quarters. However, my spray bottle refused to work because of clogging caused by the undissolved borax powder, so you may have to remove the spray cap and pour it carefully into your cupped hand when applying.

Note: you do not need to use the entire bottle, just enough so you can thoroughly wet the skin and massage it in. I'm over six feet tall and fairly slim and I still have half a bottle left over after doing myself from head to foot.

3. Shower with tea tree shampoo all over and rinse off thoroughly but do not dry yourself.

4. Apply the mixture to your body starting with the neck, rubbing it in well, and work your way down to the soles of your feet. DO NOT RINSE. Be aware that if you apply this to your anus IT WILL STING - but this will pass in a minute or so. I did this as well as my scrotum because both these areas are considerably infested.

5. If you need to treat your scalp and face then YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST wear a good tightly-fitting and waterproof pair of swim goggles to prevent any of the mixture entering your eyes. The rubber-bodied ones are best because you can wet the insides before putting them on - then press on them when they're comfortable to create a suction effect around the eyes. Only do fairly small patches of your scalp and forehead at a time using small amounts to help prevent liquid runoff. BUT BE VERY CAREFUL - if you do get some in your eyes, IMMEDIATELY rinse them out with running warm (not hot) water for 15 minutes.

6. Leave the goggles on and air-dry for 5-10 minutes. When you remove the goggles, you can then apply small amounts with your fingers to those areas on both sides and the back of your head that were covered by the goggle strap.

I did this last night because nausea has prevented me from ingesting borax water for the past four days and my mites were making a substantial resurgence which was preventing me from sleeping. I applied it into both ear canals and just inside each nostril entrance without any problems.

I'm not recommending the following to anyone but I also managed to do my eyebrows (which are very infested - I now only have half-eyebrows left due to their follicle destruction) and areas reasonably close to my eyes by bending over at 90 degrees from the waist, wetting my finger with the mix and thoroughly shaking off any excess drops so my finger was just damp, then massaging it very carefully into those areas as many times as necessary.

My results were that all mite activity stopped, enabling me to sleep.

Today has been very good. I have had only two groin tickles and about 50 on my scalp and face. I intend to treat only those areas again tonight before bedtime because I'm still too nauseous to resume the internal borax remedy (my Christmas "dinner" today was two slices of dry bread, a yoghurt drink, and a glass of milk). Plus, my sensitive skin has always rebelled against daily showering.

For dogs, the blogger recommends all-over application every second day. Ted recommends that for humans, application should be done "several" times a day. I think I'll pass on that because of my sensitive skin and the extreme drying effect that this remedy has.

For this drying, Ted recommends topical oils, particularly lavender oil because demodex mites apparently hate the smell of it. My own past experience with oil-based topicals has been that demodex mites just love it, including neem oil - besides your sebaceous glands, they also feed on your sebaceous oil. So I'm now looking for a non-oil based moisturising/soothing compound with which to mix the lavender oil. (Remember that lavender oil is an essential oil and so must be well diluted before application). I don't know what proportions to use because, again, Ted doesn't mention them, but I'm sure I'll find them on the internet.

I hope this information is useful to someone. If you decide to do this, please remember to BE VERY CAREFUL OF YOUR EYES because hydrogen peroxide - even a 1% dilution - can damage them irreparably. So stay in the shower stall until you're air-dried. That way, you'll have immediate access to fast-running warm water should you need it. I sincerely hope you don't.

Take care and stay well.

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The Woods Of, Wv, Usa

In reply to - David from Dublin, Co. Dublin, :


I have come across a free 28 page report on the internet, which mite [no pun intended] explain several of your symptoms, and how to fix them. This includes

1. sleeping problems

2. mind racing, & brain fog

3. nervous system problems, anxiety, being hyper-active, etc.

4. immune system destruction and all the symptoms that follow that

5. headaches , etc etc

The causation maybe radio-frequency emmissions from inside and outside your home. Microwaves from cell phone towers, etc etc etc. Read the full report at:

Replied by David
Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Thanks for the link to this, Dud. It's fascinating stuff. About two years ago, a telecom tried to build a new tower about 1, 000 yards from my home but the local residents mounted a campaign to have them stopped. They succeeded. The nearest tower to me now is about a 20-minute walk away.

Having said that, this tower was present before my insect invasions started and I had no problem in sleeping for nine hours each night and no problem in going back to sleep after getting up to visit the bathroom. My problem started with the nighttime activities of the bedbugs and fleas, then the scabies, then the demodex. And they segued into the sleep disturbance caused by the anti-psychotic Risperidone.

I've saved this article as a PDF though and will try some of the tips outlined.

You've reminded me though that I tried an experiment early on in the demodex infestation. I bought an emergency sleeping bag, rather than a flat emergency blanket, and slept naked in it to see if it would have any effect. Back then I was getting what I called "swarms" every third or fourth night. This was a deeply unpleasant and intense body-wide sensation of fizzing and popping which would wake me up immediately. (I subsequently discovered that this was a large number of insects either hatching or crawling out onto the surface of my skin at the same time).

When I started sleeping in the emergency bag, all mite activity on my body stopped immediately, but my head (which, naturally, was exposed) became the target for these "swarms" instead. I remember waking up one night in a fit of sneezing with this going on - some of the mites had crawled really far up inside my nostrils and caused it.

As well as this problem, these bags are not designed for sleeping but for a fully-clothed person to remain awake and warm in life-threatening weather conditions. As such, when you sleep naked in one, your perspiration and water vapour which is output via the skin is not wicked away as it would be with fabric, but pools instead and cools in the bag next to your skin. So you wake up cold and wet. Consequently, I stopped using it.

Thanks again, Dud, and Happy New Year!

Replied by Linda
San Francisco, Ca, Usa

To Dave from Dublin,

Sorry to hear of your trouble, I have an idea which may help with the skin drying and mite problem.

If you were to use Castor Oil as a moisturizer, I am thinking that the natural Ricin in it may help to kill off those mites, as well as to moisturize your skin and prevent them from having a field day crawling around on you.

I don't know how your grocery markets are in Ireland, but here there are varying thicknesses of Castor oil available in grocery and health food stores, some are very thin in consistency which would be easy to spread onto your skin, and some are very thick and sticky like runny tar. For this, if it were me, I'd try the thin stuff first. The people who sell Edgar Cayce products also have it for sale on the web. They call it Palma Cristi.

I am wondering if it might not be a good idea to mix in a small amount of Borax into the Castor oil, if you can get any there. Only a small amount I am thinking, not enough to be unsightly on your skin.

If it were me, I'd also study other *nontoxic and natural* miticides, like the folks would use who have birds or other mite-challenged pets, to see which of them, if any, are safe for human topical use.

And set out Borax all over the floors, under mattresses, etc to kill off any adventurers.

My belief is that for every problem lifeform on earth, there is a naturally-occurring herb or substance which is safe, and which they will want to get away from. IMO you now get to create an environment on yourself where they would rather be somewhere else.

Might even be good to trap some of the mites off your skin, if that is possible, to test which human-safe substance might be of use in wiping them out.

I hope this helps.


Replied by David
Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

@Linda from San Francisco: many thanks for the castor oil idea. I haven't heard of that dreaded stuff since I was a child a hundred years ago! But I've just done some preliminary research and it seems that castor oil is unusual in that it's able to readily penetrate the outer layer of skin due to its low molecular mass (whatever that means).

I'm not sure that adding borax would work since I don't know if there would be any molecular binding with the oil in order to carry it into the skin.

Hydrogen peroxide does this readily since the extra oxygen atom in it reacts with almost anything and brings it into your skin. The whitening of your skin when splashed with 3% hydrogen peroxide is due to those extra oxygen atoms that have just been delivered under the skin. It disappears in about 20 minutes or less as the oxygen is absorbed by the cells.

An unusual idea to use a powerful laxative on your skin, but I'll try anything within reason to be rid of these mites as quickly as possible. You can't buy stuff like this in Irish supermarkets but I'll ask my pharmacist about its availability and report back.

I've also found what seems to be a brand new way to kill these mites instantly apparently discovered by a member at the Lymebusters forum. It involves making a topical solution using dried mustard powder. I have more research to do before I try putting a known irritant like this into the skin all over my body.

Thank you again for the tip.

Replied by David
Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

OK, the proportions of borax to water for the topical mange remedy I wrote above is wrong. I originally took it from a dog owner's blog who found most of it here but couldn't find the correct proportions as recommended by Ted, so she made up her own.

After searching this site for almost a week, I finally found Ted's recipe buried somewhere obscure here.

According to this, you use between 2-4 tablespoons of borax powder in one litre of 1% hydrogen peroxide solution made using distilled water (1 litre is almost 34 US fluid ounces or slightly more than 35 UK fluid ounces). According to Ted, "the borax need not be precise, it is always a saturated amount of borax until it no longer dissolves itself."

Using 8oz of borax, as I originally wrote, won't do any harm - it's just wasteful and the large amount of undissolved powder clogs up the spray bottle.

Replied by Linda
San Francisco, Ca, Usa

To Dave from Dublin, I had another couple of ideas; If you get pure 100% Clove Bud Essential Oil, it will blend directly into your Castor Oil and I think it will help. I would not exceed 1-7 drops max of Clove EO per ounce of castor oil if you do this. If you can't get Clove Bud EO, I would throw a dozen cloves (same ones you might find in the spice aisle at your local grocery and use for cooking/baking) into a blender with the castor oil or, better yet, crush or grind them fine as you can with a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle, then mix them into the castor. If you leave the blended cloves and castor in a clear glass container in a warm place (or maybe 12 hours in the Sun), it will transfer the clove essence throughout the castor, then squeeze it through a stocking or something and strain the clove debris out. Or, you could extract the crushed cloves into Vodka, and add tiny amounts of the resulting extract into your Castor oil, that should blend in and hold.

True that the Borax itself would not *dissolve* into the Castor Oil, but I was thinking more of using the Castor Oil as a simple "spreading tool" for the Borax, in addition to Castor Oil's own valuable insect-relieving properties.

Finally, I am thinking that Black Walnut Hull (tincture or a vodka (or ACV?) extract of it ) may be of some value to you also, Black Walnut gets rid of a lot of parasite/insect issues, Google it and lots of stuff should come up.

One more thing, have you tried soaking in a weak Borax solution, using it like a bath, without 'scrubbing' on your shower-sensitive skin? Might be another good thing to do, if you can do it.

My thoughts about the vaseline:

As a child I got chiggers from wading through high reeds at the local riverbank several times. I used to have to put nailpolish on the welts and lay on the roof of my Mother's house in the Sun to kill them off.

It only worked because the nail polish cut the chiggers off from their air supply and they smothered as a result. So I think the purpose of the vaseline is to keep the mites from breathing. And I think it would take a thick coat of vaseline to do that. IOW I think that *wiping off* the vaseline (effectively leaving only a thin coat behind) would actually prevent it from being successful, and just cause an inconvenient mess for you while a large percentage of the mites go happily on.

I hope some of these ideas are useful for you. Please respond with your results if you use them. Be careful with the clove, use less rather than more until you see how your skin responds to it.

Note about Mustard: It can burn you (I understand that desperation breeds a willingness to try anything. Therefore I am urging you to exercise caution). I would be *very* careful about using it. JMHO. Patch test on tiny area of skin, etc- A good rule of thumb for everything in this email, BTW.


Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

@David from Dublin You might want to read the book Use Your Brain to Change Your Age (Amazon). I just got the book, but haven't read it yet. There was a couple hour long special on our public TV station and the author did a presentation showing how some people's brains have actual pockets or holes in them. He tells how to improve your brain and make it healthy again. I too am up all night long and can't sleep at times. My mind races terribly. I sleep with the TV on. I have been setting the timer for 90 minutes so it shuts off and I can get some quiet time. It's a bad habit, I know. Hope the books helps. You may want to try a small glass of tart cherry juice at dinner time. Then power down your electronics at 8 p.m. or so.

Replied by Braveheart
Vancouver, Bc

I have found a very easy way to tell if human have mites but since we all have them it is pretty much just a fast way to confirm. Shower/bath like normal or if you want add a couple of tea tree drops to your bathing products or 20 to your espson salt bath. :) afterwards even if you do none of that slather yourself with organic coconut oil (or any other oil you have like almond, olive, macadamian nut, castor - all good) then get the camera ready! Here they come, they all come squirming out of your pores. Hundreds came out of me. I've been doing this morning and night for 4 days and only this morning have they started to be countable like 60 etc. The tea tree oil kills the eggs too and massage yourself firmly and watch them come out it is disgustingly spectacular. Some get stuck in pores and cause breakouts. I did this to my whole family and we all had them come out. My son's arm was bumpy with the keratonisis and they squirmed out of there. I had lots come out of my feet most on uppper thighs and some out of my eye area that had been twitching and then finally the twitching stopped! Fantastic, please do it and tell everyone you know to do it. Thank you!! :)

Replied by Mimi
Maine, US

To Dave in Dublin, I think I might have found a trick that"ll help you. I'm gonna have to mention a brand name because I don't know if it's available in Ireland. I believe I was experiencing what you call the tickles (under the skin). I put these pain patches which are trans dermal on the two spots where I had the "tickles" for three or four days constantly & they"re gone! These things (salonpas) are $4 for a box of 40 (10 cents each! ) @ walmart. They recently started making them in larger sizes as well. I hope this helps you! Happy belated St. Patricks Day!

Replied by Mertle
Pembine, Wi

Food Grade DE can be ordered online from Home Depot for one.