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Natural Remedies for Rosacea

| Modified on Jun 06, 2024
Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin disorder that affects the face. Symptoms of rosacea can be irritating, though the negative effect on personal confidence is usually the greater issue. Rosacea can be a sign of an underlying condition. Natural remedies like apple cider vinegar, herbs, dietary changes and manuka honey work well for rosacea.

Home Remedies for Rosacea

Apple Cider Vinegar

Whether mites or inflammation, diluted apple cider vinegar is a great natural remedy for rosacea! Mix together equal parts of distilled water and raw apple cider vinegar. Apply to affected areas of the skin. For very sensitive skin, either rinse the solution off in 30 minutes or dilute it further. (1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar to ½ cup distilled water.)

Apple cider vinegar can also be used internally for rosacea. Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 16 ounces of water and sip throughout the day. This improves the pH of the body and can reduce inflammation as well.

Zinc Oxide

A cream made with zinc oxide and applied to the skin relieves rosacea for many people. Look for natural products and avoid ones that contain petroleum jelly or mineral oil.


Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory. Taken daily is relives inflammatory conditions and is quite useful to many skin disorders, perhaps due in part to its positive effect on the liver.

Burdock Root

Burdock root is a blood purifier. It is taken in capsules to bring slow but steady and gentle relief to health problems.

Nettle Tea

Nettle, taken as a tea, provides nutrition to the body and purifies the blood. If rosacea appears to be triggered by allergens, nettle may be particularly useful as it is an excellent remedy for allergies.

 Essiac Tea

If rosacea is accompanied by one or more chronic health conditions, Essiac tea may provide relief. This tea is taken daily for several months to heal the body from inside out.


Borax, taken internally, helps to balance critical minerals in the body like calcium and magnesium due to its boron content. It is also an anti-parasitic compound.

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is wonderfully healing to the skin. Honey can be used as a cleaner. Apply 1/2 teaspoon to the face and gently massage it into the skin. Rinse with plain warm water and pat dry.

Sea Buckhorn Oil

Sea buckhorn oil has vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. It can be used as a moisturizer for rosacea.

Dietary Changes

It is important to consume foods that nourish the body. Whole foods will do this. Processed foods and sugars are generally void of quality nutrition and fill the body up so that nutritious foods are taken in less frequently.

Plenty of pure water or herbal tea will help to flush out toxins from the body. Sodas and coffee are likely to contribute to inflammatory conditions like rosacea.

Lifestyle Changes

Sun, wind, hot showers and getting overheated through exercise can trigger rosacea flare ups. When outside in the sun, wear a natural sunscreen or hat to protect the skin of the face. Finding a way to exercise that does not cause the body to overheat (like swimming) is a good way to ensure this important health practice without triggering flare ups.

Changing pillowcases frequently is recommended.

Use only natural products on the face and head. Avoid shampoo with Sodium Laureth Sulfate and toothpaste with fluoride. If you wear make up use organic make up and change make up and brushes frequently. Giving the face some au natureal days is a good idea, too.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is an inflammation of the skin of the face characterized by redness. It may be accompanied by broken blood vessels in the face. It is common on the cheeks and may also occur around the eyes. It is more common in women and people with fair skin.

What Causes Rosacea?

Rosacea is sometimes linked to problems in the digestive system. If nutrients are not being properly absorbed, health problems can arise. When the liver is overloaded and not working well, skin problems often result.

Rosacea has been linked to some auto-immune diseases.

Rosacea may be an overpopulation of demodex mites on the skin.

Rosacea may flare up or become during times of stress, when the body is overheated, or as a result of an allergy.


Do you have a natural remedy for rosacea? Please send us some feedback! Continue reading to see how our readers have coped with and cured this condition.

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Anti- Dandruff Shampoo, Baking Soda

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Dita (London, Uk) on 09/19/2011

I want to say very big thank you to people here who recomended using Sebiprox shampoo for rosacea. I have rosacea and stopped taking all antibiotics almost a year ago. Instead I wash my face with BICARB SODA and Sebiprox shampoo and my rosacea is almost gone! My skin looks so much better and healthier! I wash my face with sebiprox 2-3 times a week just before I go to bed. The rest of the week I wash it with bicarb soda (mix with a drop of water) also before I go to sleep. I don't use any other products. If you need to moisturise your skin I would recommend mixing a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of milk and apply it on your face as a mask. My skin looks better than ever! Thank you!

Replied by Mark
(London, Uk)

Hi, You say you bought sebiprox shampoo from the uk? I am from London and have looked for sebiprox shampoo both in shops and online with no luck. Is it called a different name in the uk? If not please could you tell me where you purchased it from?

Thank you, mark

Replied by Hilda
(South Wales Uk, Uk)

Hi, I am looking to buy Sebiprox shampoo. Does anyone have any idea where I might purchase it from?

Many thanks.

Replied by Cats

Hi Mark, Just to let you know I have just purchased Stieprox(Sebiprox) off eBay. Comes from Canada. £25.00

Replied by Claire
(London, Uk)

Hi I just bought Sebiprox on uk ebay for £4.50.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

2 User Reviews
5 star (2) 

Posted by Phil (St. Augustine, Fl) on 10/25/2015

I've been dealing with mild rosacea for over 20 years and have tried many products with minimal success. It's been getting worse, so I've been praying for and searching for a cure. I recently read posts on this site about anti-dandruff shampoo as a treatment. In just a few days of use, it's working! I've been using Selsun Blue w 1 % selenium sulfide. I do a couple treatments a day of applying the shampoo to my face and leaving on for about 30 min. It stings a little, and at first seems to make it worse. But now, the bumps are getting smaller and the redness is fading. I'm assuming the shampoo is killing off the bacteria caused by the skin mites. Btw, I also use it on my hair and make sure I have a clean pillowcase to sleep on. In between treatments I apply aloe, which soothes the skin and tightens the pores. I must say, I'm looking pretty good!

I tried topical ACV treatments but it burned my skin and caused scabs. I wasn't too thrilled about that. I say go with the Selsun Blue and aloe! I appreciate those who have volunteered their testimonies in an effort to help others...and felt like I needed to do the same. I'm thanking God that I was led to this site!

P.s. I'm also taking a tbsp. of ACV with water every day. I don't know if it's doing anything, but it sure tastes good! LOL

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Posted by Jess (Usa) on 11/26/2013

Can't wait to try the anti-dandruff shampoo. Looking back I think my rosacea first showed up after I had a rescue dog with demodex mange. I didn't realize it was rosacea for a couple of years after that. just a note, if this is caused by mites, you will have to wash all bedding in hot water and toss your old pillows and get new or will keep re-infecting yourself. I can't afford to replace my mattress but will spray it and my cloth furniture with the cedar oil based spray I use to kill fleas, ticks, ants, etc.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Posted by Nancy (Cabot, Ar) on 05/23/2013

For some reason, I was looking at my rampant rosacea and thought, "this is all red, itchy, flaky, why don't I try dandruff shampoo since these are the symptoms of dandruff. " Immediately, I noticed a difference in my skin. The redness diminished tremendously as well as the pustules, flakiness and all. My skin almost looks normal, and it's soft again. I thought I'd invented the wheel or something! Good to know I was on the right track. I don't know what is in the shampoo, probably some sort of sulfide.

Replied by Mtv

How many times a day until the pustules go away. I am also using ACV straight on them. Does the skin get worse before it gets better? It has been about 2 weeks and I get rid of 2 spots and 1-2 brand new ones pop-up the next day. My skin is definitely the worst it's ever been.

FYI--I grabbed the original Selsun Blue as far as the shampoo.

Replied by Andrea C

Hello xx Acne has been found to be caused by mites, Dermodex Mites is the common one, there is lot's of information on EC about this. Look under 'Acne' and also 'Mites'. Love Andrea C xxxx

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Apple Cider Vinegar

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Mags (Cheshire, Uk) on 04/08/2010

I think i have finally managed to rid myself of this horror condition rosacea. Two weeks ago my face was red raw, full of red bumps and the itch drove me mad. I now take 2 apple cider vinegar tablets a day and 1 B complex. I wash my face with natural sulphur soap, i then wash a second time by using an anti dandruff shampoo / shampoo for flaky and dry scalp. This shampoo contains a chemical called ciclopirox olamine. Leave this shampoo neat on a wet face for no more than a minute then rinse. Do not use around the eyes. Wash your face morning and night following the above or more if you need to. Once your face has been washed then use a diluted tablespoon of ACV to swab on the red and bumpy areas of face with cotton wool, allow to dry and then moisturise with a natural chemical free and fragrance free cream. To wash and cleanse your face this way yes is a pain but to see the difference within 4 days, i couldnt believe it. My spots had cleared, the redness calmed and the very very dry skin i had was now soft and healthy. Worked for me. I had also read on the net that Lysine could help, i tried this by tablet form and this made my face swell so that was no good for me. It is finding something that suits you. I was diagnosed last year with this and given antiobiotics to clear it. It worked but after time the biotics gave me thrush and constant tummy ache. So the natural way i now use is much better and does not make me feel ill. The shampoo is use on face i cannot name but begins with an o. (uk)

Replied by Trisha
(Sioux Falls , Sd)

Has anyone tried colloidal silver for rosacea??? I can't wait to try the anti dandruff shampoo. Mine keeps moving to new locations which made me think more along the lines of questioning parasite. Especially since I have pets.. All great ideas. Keep you posted on what works for me.. Namaste

Replied by Om
(Hope, B.c., Canada)

Colloidal silver is the remedy I have used it with excellent results. Once in a while I have had to repeat a mild recurrence just by soaking a cotton ball with CS and dabbing the skin. The present medical system claims it is not curable. How come then I cured myself at hardly any cost. It is good for itch, sore eyes and internally. You don't have go out and look like the head of a match stick. All the best. Om

Replied by Sue
(Fairfax, Va Usa)

Can you suggest the strength or type of colloidal silver that you used? I know we aren't allowed to mention brand names, but there are many kinds on the market, so a little guidance would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Replied by Jamie
(Central California)

It is so easy to make your own colloidal silver for pennies a quart. I paid $250 initially for a little generator/comes with silver wire. I've made gallons of the stuff. A gallon would cost over $100 at any health food store. Cost me 25 cents!

Apple Cider Vinegar

28 User Reviews
5 star (21) 
4 star (3) 
1 star (4) 

Posted by Adriaan (Grabouw, Western Cape, South Africa) on 08/17/2017

I have been battling with Rosacea for 10 years flaking skin and itching, pimples on my head that sting like a needle when I popped them. My ears were always full of loose skin and when I took it out it was red and sore. Then my face turned red like you cannot believe. I spent hours in the sun cleaning the pool and garden work. It came to the stage when it looked like my face was going to start bleeding. I started looking for help on the internet because the gels and antibiotics the doctors gave me did not help much and was so expensive. Well I found Earth Clinic by accident I read a lot there and decided to try the organic apple cider vinegar. And it was like a miracle. I wash my face with pure glycerine soap and used the vinegar 50/50 with water at first and the redness and itching was gone. Then after it dried I used a mild moisturiser. And If I have to go outside for a long time I use zinc/oxide powder mixed with aquous cream as a sunblock. It works wonders but try and stay away from UV rays of the sun as much as possible. ACV is the best and I tried many medicines and creams.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cheryl (Illinois) on 04/09/2017

Rosacea: I had major flushing on my face recently. The only thing stopping it has been ACV. A tablespoon in a glass of water will stop the flushing in ten to thirty minutes. I also noticed if I drank it before a shower, I eliminated flushing from the warm water. In retrospect, my diet was questionable. I loved yogurt, dark chocolate and a lemon ginger tea. It was a highly acidic diet. Many dietary changes have been made including no sugar, but I still have mild rosacea and continue with the ACV three times a day. You might also consider using 1/4 tsp. of baking soda in a glass of water to decrease acidity. What do you have to lose? Try these two remedies.

Replied by Cheryl

This is more information on what I have tried. I continued on with the ACV saturating cotton balls full strength and spreading it across my face. Initially, it burned like crazy, but subsequent applications were calmer. Any missed spot itched intensely so I learned to do my eyebrows, eyelids and under my eyes as well. In the past, each time I washed my face I would have to remove lots of dry, flaking skin with a gentle microfiber cloth twice a day. Now, there is no more flaking. It is a huge, major step forward for me. Does this kill mites? Why does it work so well? The major flushing stopped when I began drinking ACV with the Mother twice a day. At first, I had to drink it every time I ate anything at all. When the flushing was really bad, I walked outside in the intense cold to calm it down. My dermatologist was no help at all. Antibiotics did not help, nor did Metrogel.

Replied by Ricardo
(Ibiúna, Brazil)

Hi, I have the pustular type of Rosacea, seven years ago I had my first outburst and endured an eight-month crusade, five dermatologists, took all sorts of pills you can imagine, gained 16kgs with cortisol, spent heaps of money, and only after I abandoned all treatments, it was gone overnight. I kept keeping some care, sometimes had light flares and used Mirvaso (still, the most effective) but a few days ago it came back - more agressive, debilitating and this time, it got my eyes. After seven years, a lot of discoveries about it, like the demodex thing (which sounds about right, places affected, crawling skin sensation...) so, I feel hope on using ACV and Tea Tree Oil (here, I have to buy through the internet) because... it's a nightmare, I spent a lot of money this week already, my stomach is already distressed because of the meds prescribed by my doctor to no avail, my skin is red, with pustules and flaky, very infected (skin keeps breaking with plasma leaking from the wounds) and only when I apply Mirvaso and Tea, it gives time to dry and close it a bit. I'm currently taking Metronidazol orally and using topically, but it just burns and itches and I see no improvement at all, alongside with Flagyl. This thread gave me much info that I had no idea existed and for the first time I have hope that I can beat this punishment, once and for all. In a few days I'll receive both ACV and TTO and will let you guys know how's going. I've tried tetracycline, allergenic, cortisol, creams, you name it and I've done. If the answer was simply vinegar... OMG, It will be a blast to get cured and to help others that don't know about it.

Replied by Ricardo

Just updating, I applied wine Vinegar, full strenght (since my ACV is still coming by mail) in a moment of despair and, at first, burned like hell, my face got raw red and swollen, but after the second time, I woke up to discover that most rosacea were gone, and my constant leaking pustules were all dry, now I been using vinegar for four days and, obviously my skin became dry and flaky, but, mainly because the pustules left a lot of open wounds - only today I could bare applying a bit of moisturizer so hope are high that I can regain a "normal appearance" in a few days, I'll keep treating with ACV as soon as I get the stuff and hopefully, tame this dragon for good.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

To Ricardo of Spain,

Try genuine Manuka Honey for Rosacea. You could apply a slight smear on the affected parts at night and see what happens.



Replied by Eric
(Ct Usa)

Hi Ricardo.

Curious to see how things are going now that you are 2 months into treatment with ACV?


Replied by Ricardo

Man, is a miracle in a bottle - I ceased the daily applications and only when I feel a flare I apply before bed. It doesn't burn anymore, my skin feels soft and no pustules whatsoever!! Michael, I lived in NZ for three years, but here in Brazil, it will be hard to get Manuka Honey...

Replied by Jillery
(Rawlly, Nc)
88 posts

I could never tolerate ACV until I added a 1/4 t of baking soda to it. (3 T of ACV) This was a remedy for a type of fibro. I also take 500 mg of magnesium. It was for the pain of arthritis but wow... my rosacea has improved so much too!! And I have more energy. The arthritis is much much better too. The BS makes the ACV turn to malic acid. I'm so happy!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Natnmargie (Washington, United States) on 03/10/2016

Having Rosacea is a difficult disease to deal with and having tried just about everything for it, I finally found something that works for me.

I diluted ACV 50/50 with water and applied it to my face with a cotton pad, left it on for a couple of minutes, then wiped it off with a clean, wet with water cotton pad. It burned a little, and then within 30 minutes my face looked better than ever before. I then wash my face with a gentle cleanser and put on some moisturizer. I now put this on morning and night, and my skin looks better than in my entire life. The burning on my face stopped within a couple of days, and now it just feels good.

I am also using this on my eyelids for blepharitis and am having great results.

As a side affect. I have blackheads on my nose, and they are diminishing greatly since using the ACV on my face.

Replied by Sb

Hi, did you use ACV with mother? I don't want to use the wrong one, in case it flares it up even more.

Replied by Margie

Yes, organic ACV with the mother.

Replied by Valentina
(Stroudsburg, Pa)

Congratulations on finding something that works! How is the ACV working with your blepharitis? How bad was it when you began? Do you just wipe your lids with the diluted ACV, or do you let it sit like a compress? I've noticed for the past couple of months that not only is my rosacea intensified, but my eyes are extremely gritty, dry, red, and the eyelids are swollen. Would love to know how you're doing now that you have been doing the treatment for a while.

Replied by Margie

I've continued using the ACV on my blepharitis with very good results, however, I do a rotation. I typically wash my eyes with a tea tree oil cleanser 2 times per week. The other days I either use ACV as cleanser (soak eyes with warm water, then take the ACV and gently rub on the eyelids. I also do use Colloidal Silver at night using a q-tip to apply it. My eye doctor couldn't even tell I had Blepharitis when I was in a few weeks ago.

My Rosacea is very hormone 3 weeks of the month, it is very good, then I have a week of redness, pustules and bumps. I occasionally use dandruff shampoo on my face in addition to what I listed above for my blepharitis...and they all help.

Replied by Gavin
(Brisbane, Australia)

For the Blepharitis try straight Johnson's Baby Shampoo as a lid scrub.

You have to do it every day, even when the eyes aren't playing up.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ken (Durango, Colorado) on 07/11/2015

I have some rosacea on my nose and at first wen to the dermatologist. They gave me some ointment which did nothing. so I lived with it and eventually tride Emu oil which Is moderately affective.

Then I read the posts here and decided to try apple cider vinegar. I apply it morning and night and now after a few weeks the rosacea is totally gone! Definitely works for me.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 07/17/2013

Spent nearly a month drinking this horrid stuff 2tbsp in 8oz water twice a day in effort to rid myself of this horrid disease. Was so disgusting I wanted to puke, but I kept going because I thought it could help me, even just a little. Saw zero improvement. Same with using it externally. Burned TERRIBLY and made things MUCH worse. After this experience I truly don't understand the hype for this stuff.

Replied by Cat
(Tauranga, New Zealand)

ACV really is a miracle in a bottle. It may not have worked for your rosacea - and it didn't work for mine - but it works for almost everything else. Bear in mind, different remedies have different results for people so dissing ACV is silly. Try something else. I used Blackstrap Molasses for a few months and that was when I really noticed a huge decline in my rosacea. It's never returned even though I haven't had the BM for over a year. Don't give up, I was determined to deal with mine after putting up with for years and years, and I have finally. I no longer worry about getting photos taken and looking like Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer!!!

Replied by Cat
(Tauranga, New Zealand)

How did you use the blackstrap molasses? internally or apply it to your face? Thanks!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Patricia (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) on 02/05/2013

For years several Dermatologists have precribed any number of chemicals. I believe my Rosacea (per doctor's opinion) is caused by nanomites. Whenever I start feeling the familiar itchy crawlies - I wipe with ACV. No need for chemicals. This completely resolves the issue with the added value that ACV is being absorbed through the skin for other benefits! NOTE: At first I get an immediate reaction that makes my skin red but this passes and my skin feels smooth with NO itching or blotching. I also bathe with Selsun Blue Shampoo - hair, body and face - eyebrows, lashes - leave it on for a few minutes and rinse; followed by a rinse of ACV. I found all this information here on Earthclinic and am eternally grateful!

Replied by Jma
(New York)

Patricia, I have mild rosacea and feel these creepy crawling around my left brow and eye lashes. Is the selsun blue safe to run over eye area? I see you use it for eyebrows and lashes. Thanks.

Replied by Sophia

Hi Patricia! I am happy to read that some people are getting rid of this horrible disease.. This means there is hope for me, too!

I have some questions for you, if you have the time.. I am wondering what kind of ACV you used. Did you use the one kind with "the mother" apple or plain ACV? Did you dilute it or not? If you dilute it, what did you use water and can you tell me the ratio?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dodofi (Melbourne, Victoria) on 02/03/2012

Hi, I have suffered from pustular rosacea for about 4 years now. I tried doxycyline, rozex and prosacea to no avail. I have been on the rosacea ltd discs for 5 months and they have improved the condition about 20%.

After reading about Apple Cider Vinegar I have been drinking it in water regularly every day for 7 days and wash my face with a acv/tea tree oil mix and the results are hideous! My pustules are the worst they have ever been! Some are infected (first time!! ) I just don't know where to go from here. I'l love some advice or suggestions. Thank you!!

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

Dodofi, I feel your pain! I don't have any experience with your problems but I have just read a little book called Skin Fitness, safe and healthy skin care! The authors have some good tips also for rosacea and the main thing is not to use anything abrasive on the skin. They talk about tea tree oil...... They also talk about the importance of not overheating during the night (or the day for that matter.... ). Maybe worth reading!

Replied by Eilidh
(Glasgow, Lanarkshire)

I have been using this for a few weeks now and find it amazingly useful for my rosacea. I take a spoon in water, through a straw for the sake of my teeth, every morning on an empty stomach. I also wash my face with oatmeal, very gently, every night, a little hemp seed oil to remove mascara and then dab my whole face with ACV and water ( 50/50). I sometimes use a little straight on particular spots or this strange fungus PD I had around my mouth and after a week of using it cleared up.

My digestion is better and my skin is so much better. All of the bumps have cleared up and it feels cool and smooth. I don't wash my face again in the morning usually, sometimes a splash of water and a very little bit of moisturiser. Mario Badescu Control Cream is good for me or Hemp Seed oil.

The most important thing to mention is that it got much worse before it got better. I was afraid with the ACV as my face turned bright red and stung for the first few days. It had strange blotches on it and my eyes streamed! But, now two weeks later my skin is calmer than it's ever been since I've had this condition. It seems to be getting its own oils back again. So perhaps you have to persevere for a few weeks before you really know if it will help or not.

Replied by Bill
(Vancouver Bc, Canada)

I am 85 & have had many drugs for terminal illnesses. As a result I have toe fungus, a rash on the glans of my penis & acne/rosacea. I have consulted a dermatologist for 3 years and recently asked why his ointments show no progress. He replied that I would have to take liver destroying drugs for the fungus, circumcision for the rash & laser treatment for the rosacea.

I have the Dr. JervisMD book "Vermont Folk Remedies" so I started taking 2 tablespoonfuls of Apple Cider Vinegar in a small amount of water twice a day & applied ACV to the problem areas by finger & a capful. After a couple of weeks the rash was completely gone & the other areas showed marked improvement. I fully expect total elimination of the symptoms and deeply regret the hundreds of dollars wasted by the dermatologist.

Replied by K.R.

Many people are allergic to Tea Tree oil. I am one of them. I used it regularly for years. Eventually, one day I had a cut and I put tea tree oil on got inflamed and infected, pustules, blisters. I just kept putting more on thinking it would help as it always had before. Eventually, I went to my dermatologist for help.

When I told her what I was using, she informed me of allergies to tea tree oil. I stopped using it and within days my cut healed.

My skin develops a rash and blisters if I use anything with any amount of tea tree oil.

Replied by Cheryl

Stop the tea tree oil and only use the ACV. I cannot use any oil on my face or any product containing oil as an ingredient.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Angieanco (Woodford Green , Essex Uk) on 08/13/2011

Found the Earth Clinic site and hope someone can shed any light or give an opinion on my problem..

I have been diagnosed with Rosacea Acne for a couple of years - I am 46 never had great skin but never as bad as this! I have been using Metrogel for a year or two but recently tried Elderberry tablets and fish oils which seem to be helping although having constant but minor breakouts.

However, I have just been learning to Scuba dive in Tenerife (4 days) and have erupted in lumps and bumps and white head spots all over my neck shoulders and face!

Could this be down to the sun, sun creams, saltwater and or pressure (diving max 18 metres) or a combination of all? I have never had this so bad. Used the metrogel everyday as usual.

As I suffer from occasional coldsores (am under a lot of stress at present) and have been advised to try ACV to lower my acid levels I am interested in the posts that suggest use for this kind of acne too and will try it asap!

Many thanks for any advise or info..

Replied by Ti
(Houston, Usa)


Try adopting a gluten free diet for a few weeks, and you will notice a big change in your Rosacea. Hope it gets better soon!

Replied by Teru
(Paris, France)

The only thing that really help me so far it's apple vinegar. I put it on all my head.

Replied by Marissa
(Portland, Or)

Also check the sunscreen you are using. If you want to do a little test, buy sunscreen with helioplex and see if that helps. My brother and I are extremely sensitive to the sun, but when we used conventional sunscreens, we broke out horribly. This is the only sunscreen that works for us!

Replied by Virginia

I have had problems for years with redness and spots that stay raw and painful. I changed my life style in January to gluten free, because I had also become allergic to nightshade plants which all peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, pears etc. anything that ripens in the dark.

I am 81 years old. I use all fresh and cook from scratch. I am using the vinegar on my face, also coconut oil. I also am using the vinegar and oil on my legs that are also red from poor circulation. There is a big improvement and hope to clear it completely. I find variety is important.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jerome (Brooklyn, New York, Usa) on 12/12/2010 8 posts

After trying a myriad of other remedies, both internally and topically, which included oil of oregano, borax and Ted's alkalizing remedies, I discovered that the most effective treatment for my rosacea was undiluted apple cider vinegar applied topically. That is not to say that Ted's remedies were ineffective--I absolutely noticed a difference, including a first "die-off" when I tried borax internally, including a strange white 'crust' shedding off of my face for days afterward that was not dead skin. The topical oil of oregano (which I alternated with, undiluted) worked to a degree too. However, the pace of improvement was very slow, and I began to grow impatient. I wanted something that would zap the hell out of whatever was causing my rosacea instead of just beating it back slowly.

So I took a leap and applied ACV generously to my face, undiluted with a cotton ball. The moment the first drop touched my face it felt like I had splashed battery acid on myself. It stung terribly, like jellyfish stings all over my face. And what's more, the minute I applied it to my face, bright red blotches began to appear exactly where my rosacea stung the worst. It was like I had found the ultimate "trigger" and gave myself rosacea on steroids. Something told me, however, that this was no ordinary rosacea flareup. My intuition told me that this was the mother of all die-offs, and I had just committed mass murder to whatever disgusting organism/bacteria/yeast was causing my rosacea. When I woke up the next day and looked in the mirror, my face looked like I had just gone 12 rounds with Manny Pacquiao. It really was that bad; red and even a bit swollen. Only the skin around my eyes was white, so I looked like some sort of weird raccoon. In fact, it was so bad that I had to make up an excuse to my boss at work about having gotten treatment from the dermatologist that caused my face to become red.

Over the next few days, the skin on my face began to peel like crazy. It was like I was coming back from the mother of all sunburns. However, despite the terrible appearance of my face, I noticed something that encouraged me a whole lot: my rosacea stinging was all but gone! I felt a little tinge of sting here and there throughout the day, but it was NOWHERE NEAR the intense stinging I used to feel regularly every day for the past year when my rosacea was feasting on my face. Finally, after about a week, almost all of the redness and peeling subsided. My face looked 100x better than it had in over a year, since I came down with this disgusting condition. And the really interesting thing is, when I apply ACV to my face now, IT HARDLY STINGS AT ALL! This tells me that the initial intense stinging was not the ACV irritating my facial skin, but rather the rosacea bacteria/organisms/etc. going bananas as they were being killed by the ACV. Amazing. So while I do still have a small amount of redness on my nose and under my eyes, that too is slowly (very slowly) disappearing with each night's ACV treatment. I'm not so concerned though, since I have read that rosacea around the nose area is the slowest to disappear, and could take many months.

In sum, after this whole ordeal, it is clear to me that my rosacea was the result of one cause: POOR DIET. Specifically, for over a decade I ate and drank a ton of refined sugar and almost no fruits or vegetables. I now understand that my poor diet and numerous courses of antibiotics (to treat afflictions I naturally came down with as a result of my terrible diet) left me with severe candida and, finally, rosacea. I now hope that correcting my diet will allow me to retain at least some of the vitality I once had before my idiotic lifestyle led me down a path of so many avoidable health problems. Good luck to you all, and my message to you is don't buy the doctors'/dermatologists' claim that "There is no cure. " If you're reading this website, you have taken one major step toward understanding that the modern-day commercial medical establishment is full of hot air!

Replied by Roger
(Craig, Co)

I suffered for several years with rosacea and found my deliverance by using ACV as suggested in the above, plus changing my diet by completely abstaining from all forms of sugar as much as possible. (just check how much is in a milk serving) That, plus a higher protein diet has made my rosacea nothing more than an a bad memory! Please try this!

Replied by Jerome
(Brooklyn, New York)

I would like to give an update on my use of Apple Cider Vinegar to treat rosacea. It has now been over two months since I first applied ACV to my face. Being though I felt like all signs of my rosacea had pretty much disappeared, I decided to resume what used to be one of my worst triggers--taking cold showers in the morning. It's now been over a week of taking a cold shower every morning and still no sign of my former rosacea whatsoever! I should add that I am also drinking lemon and baking soda twice a day, every day. With that said I have to give ACV a big YEA!

Replied by Joann
(Chicago, Illinois)

A couple of months ago I broke out in red bumps, and papules/postules. The first dermatologist diagonosed it as Contact Dermatitis and prescribed Doxycycline Mono and Fluocinonide 0. 05% Ointment. This medication made my condition worse and I developed an allergic reaction. I later found out that the 1st derm I saw was just a Resident doctor who had not seen the type of Rosacea I had that often.

I went to see a 2nd dermatologist who said the 1st derm (the Resident Dr.) misdiagnosed my condition and that I had Acne Rosacea. The 2nd derm perscribed Prednisone and Metronidazole 0. 75% topical cream and Sulfamethoxazole. Well, guess what, these medications improved my conditon just a little but I developed side effects. The 2nd derm also took a culture and biopsy, which indicated my condition was consistent with Rosacea and ruled out Dermodex Mites. I was also told to use Domeboro, which is an astringent solution for relief of itching. The Domeboro did help with the itching. However the 2nd derm acted as though I was over reacting and seemed less the empathetic to my condition. Needless to say I won't be seeing this derm again.

Yes, I went to see a 3rd derm who perscribed Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Suspension USP 1% (I've seen little results with the CPTS USP 1% after 1 month) the derm also gave me some Clinique redness solutions daily relief cream and Clinique redness solutions daily protective base SPF 15. The C... Redness solutions daily relief cream made my conditon worse. However the C.. base SPF 15 did help to reduce some of the redness.

After searching the Internet, I came across Earth Clinic's site and saw that apple cider vinegar looked like a potential cure. Well I used it for 3 days now (50/50 water & ACV) and it made my conditon worse. I now have more bumps and redness, along with peeling, as well a few more pap/pus. I'm now at my wits end and feel that it's time to see an herbalist. I beginning to think that my Rosacea stems from a digestive/bowel problem since I've had some problems with my d/b. Does anyone recommend a good herbalist/alternative health care practioner in Chicago. ;-(

Replied by Nana
(Calera, Alabama)

My dermatologist told me the same thing acne roseasa. He perscribed some cream for me also and I got it filled but never used it. I'm too afraid of these pharma meds and their side effects. What I have found is that there is something going on inside of me because I keep getting other skin problems. Plus got myself a vaginal yeast infection for the first time in years and years. Dr. prescribe Difulcan, one pill. Then I was just diagnosed with Grovers Disease.... (red bumps on my back) not contagious or anything and they don't know what causes it.

Well I think I do, I think it's an overload of yeast in my system, so now I'm trying to detox my body. I'm juicing carrots, drinking filtered pure water all day and staying away from sugar and breads. Also picked up some Olive Leaf Extract and I'm using Virgin Coconut oil several times a day. I have cut my coffee intake to 2 cups and hopefully soon it will be none. Green Tea instead. Exercising by walking 30-40 minutes a day. We shall see but also I'm drinking 1 Tbls. Of ACV with 8 oz. Of water every morning on an empty stomach... I do this first thing when I wake up. My skin on my face is clearing up nicely since starting the ACV. I also put Tea Tree oil on my face. I cleanse my face and then while it's still wet I apply the Tea Tree Oil. Everything looks as if it is working fine.

Good Luck! Nana

Replied by Marie
(Wigan, Greater Manchester - England)

Hello Jerome from Brooklyn

Can you tell me, how often do you apply the ACV? Do you still apply it every evening? Did you still apply is every evening even after that initial application when your face was very inflamed & red? I have tried Permethrin cream from my dermotologist but it doesnt seem to be working. Like you I just want them gone! I do not have pustules or papules. I flush quite a bit, but mainly my face is inflamed all across my forehead & sides of face, bumps on my neck & chest. I want my old skin back. It's been 7 months, & some people have had it years! I agree that my diet wasn't great & I was going through quite a bit of emotional upheaval when it first started, classic case of low immune system I think. I have since ploughed everything I can into getting healthy, but still these little beggars survive! If you can tell me your routine I would be very greatful. I have some time off work coming up & I am willing to hide away until the redness subsides if need be! The tickling sensation is driving me crazy!

I just hope you are site checking this thread!


Replied by Linda
(Zuid-holland, Netherlands)

I am suffering from a major flare-up of rosacea on nose and chin for a week now (i ate cheese and bread, which I dont tolerate). Today I was thinking I dont want to go outside, I look horrible. At this very moment I have a cottonball with undiluted Apple Cider Vinegar on my nose as a compress. It hurts terrible, but I can literally see the rosacea just dissapear! I even woke up the kids to show them, its like a mirracle. The skin on my nose turned from purple to normal/white, just cant remember my skin looking normal so I keep looking in the mirror if this is reallly true lol

so thanks thanks thanks for your post!!

Replied by Princess Fiona
(Sydney, Australia)

Thanks for your comments Jerome. You are a really funny guy!!! What an amazing story you tell. I do wish you well in your good health quest and with your skin issues. Best wishes.

Replied by Kirsten
(Rapid City, Sd)

Before I found this thread, I had read somewhere that Sea Buckthorn was the only known remedy for Rosacea. I doubt that is true, but I suddenly realized why my Aubrey's Organics Sea Buckthorn lotion seemed to be helping my hubby's rosacea. He continued to use it every day because his face also seemed very dry. I found Sea Buckthorn oil at the health food store and he used that too. It appears to be completely gone and was not at all a painful remedy. My understanding is that the mites burrow in and destroy the hair follicles and cause inflammation. So adding straight ACV would definitely be painful because the skin is already raw. Once while we were camping the only moisturizer I had brought had Ester C in it and it stung his skin terribly, probably for the same reason.

The article I read said that the mites may be responsible for thinning hair too. I have been trying to figure out how to use the oil for that, but this borax remedy seems like it would be easier.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

For scalp rosacea, mix a few drops of seabuckthorn oil in jojoba oil and massage into scalp. Put on a plastic shower cap and sleep with it on. Wash hair in the morning.

Replied by Anna

To Jerome from Brooklyn, I am very grateful for your post. I tried the same procedure last year with ACV for rosacea on my right cheek and it worked for me, although I had to repeat a few times. The key is full strength and not to give up. I almost did because the appearance of my face really scared me the first time I applied the ACV - I thought I might have ruined my skin - but I hadn't. Here's what I did:

I applied full strength ACV on a cotton pad directly to my cheek. I must have left it on for 20 minutes and when I got up and looked in the mirror, my check was swollen, extremely red, and there was some blood. I was horrified! It looked like I'd been punched in the face. I left it alone for a couple of days but I re-read Jerome's post for support and I just continued to wipe the area twice a day until the scabs that formed had healed and peeled off (about a week or two). The rosacea got much worse than it had been, which was a good thing. It made me break out in areas on that cheek that I don't usually break out in. But I knew that was okay because if I applied the ACV to my left cheek (that doesn't have rosacea), there was no reaction. The ACV only affected rosacea prone areas. After the worst affected area had healed, I just continued wiping the other now pimply areas, but it didn't really work well. I found that I needed to give the area a good soaking - leaving the full strength ACV pad on for 15 minutes or so. Anyway, I ended up repeating this process about 3 times because it was drawing out my rosacea pimples from my skin, wiping in between while waiting for the scabs to heal. It pretty much got rid of all of the rosacea and I didn't have any rosacea or pimples on my cheeks for 9 months. Recently, the redness/rosacea pimples starting coming back a little and so I started the process again. This time my reaction was more mild because the rosacea isn't nearly as bad (no swelling, no bleeding, but some scabbing on my face right now). The rosacea will be all gone within a week or two. I hadn't applied ACV to my skin for 8 months, so now I know that I should continue just using ACV as a toner, to keep it in check. If you have bad rosacea, I would recommend this process if you have at least 4-5 days off work if your skin reacts as mine did. But it's worth it because nothing else worked for me.

Btw, I didn't take ACV internally because I tried it a long time ago and it gave me a yeast infection. I've decided since that like with my skin, it was probably just trying to flush out the bad stuff (fungus, yeast, ??).

Replied by Anna

I would like to add to my first comment that I think it's best not to moisturize the area that you are applying ACV until the rosacea is gone.

Replied by Sophia

Hi Ana,

Your story is very inspiring! I am glad you shared it with all of us. Just clarify something for me, what kind of ACV did you use? Did you use the unfiltered one with the "mother" or just plain clear ACV from the supermarket?

Also, your routine worked and cleared your rosacea in how much time after you first started using it?

I am hopeful that you may see my message and reply to me. Thanks, Sophia.

Replied by Cheryl

The ACV is wiping out the overgrowth of yeast in your system. I used to buy Monistat twice a month for it. Now, none at all.

Replied by Ricardo

I followed this post and am proud to say that I'm nearly rosacea-free thanks to ACV, I apply whenever I have small pustules or just redness, my skin looks better, still have some localized redness on the worst spots of my last big flair (under my eyes) but ACV is a miracle - but pay attention because it will raise hell on your face at first, just be strong and endure the pain.

Replied by Pinnymom72
(Grimsby, Ontario)

You have to persevere through the initial redness. Give it a good month. You will see results. You need to change your diet too. Eliminate sugar as much as possible.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mike (Yakima, Wa) on 04/29/2010

apple cider vinegar-rosacea

came across your site while looking for cure.they say there is none. have been mixing 1 tablespoon of acv with a glass of water 2 times a day. results have been incredible in the two plus weeks. skin on nose has smoothed out- no break outs. redness is gone. skin feels moist and smooth all over. always tried topical treatments, that would cause dryness. works for me, hope it helps others. mental outlook as well as overall physical has improved. thanks.

Replied by Swquantum
(Shelton, Ct)

Began using raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar on my face - two applications - one in the morning and one at bedtime. Within a few days, my rosacea was gone. I had tried using several expensive ointments recommended by my dermatologist but nothing provided more than only a temporary relief. I am delighted to say that raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar and I are now best friends. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Replied by Marla
(Atlanta, Ga, Usa)

I've suffered from rosacea for over 18 years, since it first appeared when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. After reading about ACV for rosacea relief on this site, I mixed ACV 1:1 with water and used a cotton ball to smooth it over my face, then rinsed, then repeated. WOW! In less than 2 minutes my face feels about 90% less inflamed and is much less red, except a couple of small pimples which actually got redder. All the drugstore "redness relief" formula cleansers and lotions only ever made my face more inflamed, but this actually worked! Thanks, everyone.