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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Janice (Utrecht, The Netherlands) on 08/09/2009

ACV externally inproved my rosacea 90%

lavender oil around the eyes inmproved my condition 90 %

EC: Thanks for the feedback! Are you using lavender oil for dark circles or another condition?

Replied by Gunjan
(Delhi, India)

I have been suffering from Acne rosacea since last four years. Fortunately I landed on this site & read about apple cider vinegar treatment. I have tried it for almost 10 days.. I am taking it internally one cap twice a day & as well as applying 50-50 ACV with water on my face for whole night.

But the reaction is just opposite of what was expected.

Now it has affected my complete face ( full cheeks) and is getting worst with each day.

Please sugest, should I discontinue it?

I really want to get rid of rosacea :-(

Replied by Mage
(Los Angeles, Us)

Use apple cider vinegar ONLY when you have the papules and postules. It is too drying and it can cause the condition to worsen. Diluting it is a good idea. I mix two teaspoons of apple cider, one teaspoon of purified water and I add no more than two drops of tea tree oil and dab it on the affected area with a Q-tip or organic cotton ball. I leave it on for about ten minutes or so and then rinse with purified water (make sure there is no bleach on the water). Follow with a good mosturizer for sensitive skin and one that contains ingredients known to help rosacea sufferers such as licorice, feverfew, green tea, colloidal oatmeal, lavender, chamomile, calendula, licochalcone, arnica montana,white willow bark, jojoba oil, and many others.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn Usa)

I have posted many times on this subject , but after 10 years of Dermatologists , with no improvement and following this sites recommendations of Hydrogen Peroxide, Borax and Tea Tree oil with slow and mixed results. I have tweaked the formula. I now mix the Borax in a separate jar and make sure there is crystals in the bottom so that the solution is saturated. Before, I only used a few drops of Tea Tree Oil....... now, I make sure the coke cap is very oily. I mix all three in a coke cap. I coat my nose outside and inside twice a day. This is my best results. At 73 and a very ugly nose after all these years of our Demodex buddies, I consulted a noted plastic surgeon on what would make my nose pretty again. He said I got to burn it bad with a CO2 Laser. I got to think about that. M J burned his nose off and had to use a fake one. I'm an Arkansas Razorback fan, but I don't want to look like a pig. We need to take care of our health problems, but we don't need to lose our sense of humor.

Replied by Morena
(Homestead, Florida Usa)

To Gunjan in Delhi: it sounds to me you are very acidic. Drink one big spoon full of acv in a glass of water before you eat in the morning at noon. Drink 1/4 of a teaspoon of baking soda in also a glass of water, squeeze a lime in it before you drink it. Before you go to sleep, do the same as you did in the morning and also drink the baking soda with water again.Do not eat meat of any kind for a month and no junk food "no sugar". When you wash your face, use aloe vera fresh from your garden. You can leave it on all day. Also take zinc. Do this for a month and you will be fine!!...:)

Replied by Jimmy
(Buxton, Derbyshire, England)

Hi I have rosacea and my cheeks are red all the time. I went to the doctor and he said it's a mild case but it's not mild to me. Please will someone tell me how to get rid of my red cheeks-they're red all the time and it's starting to effect my life. I don't get spots or anything like that just redness.

Replied by Carrie
(Bailey, Nc)

Put milk of magnesia on your face with a cottonballl before bedtime and it will take out most of the redness of Rosacea.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tara (Clarkston, Washington) on 07/20/2009

Okay, I've been reading about how mites or bugs cause rosaces. Do they also cause the redness? I do not have the acne associated with it but have extreme redness. Will these bugs cause that? If so, how do these mites make the capillaries burst and cause this extreme redness? Has anyone cured the redness? ACV has not worked. Pls help if you can. Many thanks.

Replied by Guest

Hyperpyrexia means extremely high fever.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ann (Columbia, Maryland) on 06/09/2009

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) does seem to work! My method: I use a Q-tip to apply liquid that is 50% ACV and 50% water. The water is just tap. The ACV is just regular brand. I use the Q-tip sparingly-- one tip is used just for the nose, then a fresh tip for the left cheek and a fresh tip (or 2) for the right cheek. I use the ACV application in the morning and in the evening before bed. I sometimes rinse and sometimes just leave it on. I am not clear whether rinsing makes a difference or not. At the same time, I am changing my pillow case every 2 nights. I use one side the first night, flip the case the next night, then on the third night, replace it with a fresh case. Results: The first 3 days, immediate improvement. The next few days, I was back to usual. It is now day 8; I have experimented for a week. I awoke this morning and for the first time in years, my face looked almost perfectly normal in shade and had just one acne bump (break out). Yay!!!

Background: For those who want more detail-- my rosacea has been fairly mild. My nose was always red and often broke out, my left cheek was ruddy with red dots under the surface, the right cheek had it bad with higher red color, many red dots under the surface, bumps and semi-frequent break outs. Before trying ACV, I helped my rosacea by reducing the hormone level of my birth control pills, limiting soap on my face to scent-free either soy soap with goats milk or a yogurt soap, and reducing stress. Still, I had lots of unmitigated redness and outbreaks. Future: I plan to continue with ACV and clean pillow case method. I also plan to replace pillow entirely. I intend to report back with an update on the results of this procedure.

Replied by Ann
(Columbia, USA)

Week two-- update. I would say that the ACV and changing pillow cases has cleared up the rosacea by 80-90%. The weekends are the worst, with midday sometimes showing lots of redness. This may be due to sun exposure or just simply being hot (its summer and I am not inside 8 solid hours like weekdays). HOWEVER, there has not been one pustile or even a serious zit this entire 2 weeks. The ACV brings all little bumps down flat within a day. .... I am adding calcarea sulphurica homeopathic remedy-- 30c, 5 of them, 3 times a day. I would like to have this completely gone, not just much better. I will give this a week, then see about adding or replacing with another remedy.

Replied by Ann
(Columbia, Md)

After about 4-6 weeks, all improvement levelled off and it felt like the ACV might be too harsh. I consulted an herbalist, and switched to making a cream of whole fat organic yogurt with lavender oil. I use it 1-2x a day for 20-30 mins then wash off. This seems to keep the rosacea to a low level, without making my skin feel overly dried out. It even prevents zits from going nuclear, reducing them without going hyper red or white head.

I continue to switch out my pillow cases, using once, flipping it over, then changing to a new clean pillow case.

I have found that the best results I get come from meditation. If I meditate regularly, my rosacea becomes almost non-existent. Stress really is a factor.

Others may be happy to hear that I have chatted with 2 other rosacea sufferers and all 3 of us concur that dairy does NOT aggravate rosacea. Eat cheese, drink milkshakes and be merry!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Elizabeth (Nashville, TN) on 05/09/2009

I have had the red and blotchy skin associated with rosacea for the past 10 years ( I am 29 now)....I've tried all the creams and lotions you can buy but they either A) Just mask the problem or B) Not very effective. So I decided to replace my expensive dermabrasion crystals with just plain ol' baking soda (it does have a similiar consistency). It left my skin uber smooth...but still red and blotchy. So I pulled out the organic ACV and filled the cap 50/50 with water and ACV. I then get a Q-tip and smooth the ACV mixture over my face (concentrating on the blemishes). I let it sit for a couple of minutes and rinse off. In just a week my skin has improved about 70% (a lot less red and the blemishes disappear quicker). My skin feels GREAT... Thanks earthclinic for having such an open-minded site!!!!

Replied by Thinkn1
(Minneapolis, Mn)

I was dealing with rosacea that had pustules, itched, unsightly redness, scabs and swelling. I no longer get flareups. I attribute resolution to "dumb luck. " I purchased Costco's NeoCell collagen to help knee pain. After about a month a friend noted how great my face looked-and it did! (And I only take 2-3 tabs, not the recommended 6. ) Initially, I had seen some improvement in my skin after starting to use Costco's complexion clothes with aloe and chamomile but the dramatic improvement has been a regime of taking the collagen tabs with appx 1 TBSP of _____s Organic ACV daily on an empty stomach and not eating anything for half an hour (plus I no longer get acid reflux). It took about a month initially but it has been more than a year and no flareups. I also use moisturizer called DermaMagic (aloe & emu oil) and organic coconut oil. (I tried oil of oregano with less than remarkable results. ) My rosacea developed after a severe allergic reaction to Clinique's face wash and Turnaround cream.

Replied by Robin
(Atlanta, Ga)

Do you need to store the ACV + H2O mixture in the fridge? The concentrated ACV I use is stored in the fridge. Thanks! Robin

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Amy (Tekonsha, Michigan) on 02/10/2009

I suffer from Seborrheic Dermatitis and it drives me nuts! I've always had a flaky scalp, but it got worse in college. To manage it, I use Neutragena T-Gel everyday, which kind of works. It usually causes the itching to subside for a day ... until I wash my hair the next morning.

I also suffer from rosacea on my cheeks. It recently started getting worse in the evenings. I'm getting married in August and definitely don't want to be dealing with it on the big day. Like I said, it really only flares up in the evening before I go to bed.

I came across EarthClinic for a cure for rosacea and decided to start drinking ACV everyday to see what happened. As of today (10 February 2009) I have been drinking 1 tablespoon ACV mixed with a cup of orange juice every morning for 17 days. I've only missed one day. Here's what I've noticed:

* The itching in my scalp has subsided, only a tiny itch every once in a while
* My scalp is flaking significantly less than before
* The rosacea on my face has gotten better ... but isn't completely cured
* My skin has an overall healthier look

I haven't noticed any adverse side effects from the ACV. I still use the T-Gel about two times a week for the seborrheic dermatitis just because.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Teresa (London, London) on 09/13/2008

I had to write and leave feedback as another testimonial that ACV is a miracle cure. I have suffered with Dermatitis/ Rosacea (the doctors couldn't decide what it was) on my forehead for 6 years. I used steroid creams for years that controlled it but never cured it but even they stopped having an effect in the last year or so. I saw ACV testemonials on this website so I tried it. Within a day or 2 the ACV I applied had stopped the spots appearing, the the redness and swelling went down. I use it every night and i'm now free of all symptoms - it only took about a week to cure it all together! It's so so frustrating that doctors don't/ can't tell you about these things. Thank you so much to this website - It's changing a lot of people's lives.

Replied by Sherry
(Woods Cross, UT)

Hi, I was just wondering how do you use the apple cider vinegar. Do you put it directly on your face or injest it? I've suffer from this redness for awhile and would like to try this. Thanks Sherry

EC: ..."Within a day or 2 the ACV I applied had stopped the spots appearing"

Replied by Khaleada
(London, Uk)

Hi there I have read ur message and see it as a hope of cure for my Rosacea. Please would you tell me the exact technique used to apply the ACV. Dosage, whether it was diluted? Please would you reply to my message as I am desperate for a remedy to this depressing condition. Many thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Linda (Orlando, FL) on 05/08/2007

I was recently diagnosed with Rosacea and prescribed an antibacterial gel to apply to my face 2x a day. According to the dermatologist I would probably have to do that the rest of my life. After having indigestion one evening, i got online and found this site. I decided to try using Apple Cider Vinegar (1 tbsp 3 x a day mixed with water or grape juice) for the indigestion. Amazingly after only 1 day my indigestion was totally gone, but the best part was that almost all signs of my rosacea were gone. My sinuses were clear and I felt better than i had in years. I just wanted to say thanks to all that have posted here. This website and these testimonials have changed my life for the better. Thanks to all who have posted before me.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil

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Posted by Karen (Rothschild, Wi) on 02/09/2012

I have been diagnosed with rosacea for over 10 years. Dermatologists have given me Metrogel (no help) and sulfa based creams (very drying and made my skin peel). After trying many things, I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar; both drinking it three times per day (2 Tbsp ACV, 1 tsp raw honey, 6oz water-150 degrees) and topically. For the topical mixture, I use 2 parts distilled water to one part raw, organic ACV. I put this in a small spray bottle and spritz it all over my face after washing with an aloe based cleanser twice daily. I leave the mixture on to dry, and then moisturize with a small amount of organic coconut oil.

I've used this regimen for 3-4 months and have no traces of rosaeca. I have combination skin, which is hyper sensitive and I'm allergic to many substances. This regime has worked better than anything else I've tried. My skin looks fantastic; poreless, soft, smooth and no redness or bumps.

Coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer and has many antinflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It is so soothing to the skin and helps with the redness. I'm 53 years old and do not have a wrinkle on my face. I firmly believe the ACV must be used topically and taken internally to help with the rosacea. If the ACV burns your skin, try diluting it with more water. I first tried a 50/50 mixture and it stung my face a bit, so I went to a 2:1 ratio which is so mild I don't even rinse it off.

I also sufferred from dermatitis on my scalp. Flaky, itchy scalp that actually hurt. After washing my hair with an organic shampoo, I use the same ACV solution on my scalp that I use on my face. Just spritz it on my scalp at the roots and leave it in. the vinegar smell fades in a few minutes and it relieved the itching immediately!!

This site is a Godsend! Thanks so much for all the wonderful advice!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Glycerin

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Posted by Marion (Toronto, Canada) on 04/09/2010

I've had rosacea for years and have tried the gambit of treatments.I don't buy into the demodex mite theory.Think about it. If a demodex mite lived in on or in my skin or even on my pillow, my husband whom I share a close connection with in the same bed would have the same skin problem. But his skin is not affected, nor are my children's. No, I don't buy that argument. I think, what we have is a sensitivity to all the chemicals we put on and shower off the body e.g. bodywash, shampoo,conditioners,bodygel, leave in conditioner,hairsprays,hair color,sunscreen,tints, make-up,powders,blush,body and under arm deodorants,nail polishes,nail polish removers,cuticle removers,hand creme,eye creme,night creme,foot creme,pore fillers,foundations,concealers,mascaras,eye shadows,eye-liners,lip gloss,lipstick,lip fillers, make-up removers,toners, moisturizers, perfumes body sprays,etc., you get the idea. It all has to touch our skin in order to be removed either in the shower or at the sink. Think about, read the ingredients. You can't even pronounce most of them! All the stuff we put on our faces every morning, touch ups throughout the day. Then we take it of at night and put on some more before bed only to repeat the cycle first thing again the next morning. I started to think if I can't pronounce it I'm not going to put it on my skin or my hair because just having a shower aggravated my skin. I stopped doing all that stuff. Now I have great skin and great hair.

After my shower I wipe my face with a cotton pad with apple cider vinegar (acv) on it avoiding the eye area. I don't rinse it of cause my skin was already wet. Then I apply glycerin to my moist face. I now only shampoo my wet hair by massaging 1TBS of baking soda on my wet scalp and rinsing with just enough acv to remove the tangles in my shoulder length hair.No more blow drying. I let it dry naturally. Now my hair and my skin looks great. My skin is no longer red rosacea. BTW I don't drink any alcohol, I wear a hat when out in the sun, and I stay out of the wind and I take deep breaths throughout the day. This works for me.

Replied by Amanda

You have rosacea and your husband and daughter do not, so you deduce that it cannot be caused by the Demodex mite. Actually, the research shows that demodex inhabit virtually everyone's skin and those with rosacea have higher populations. It seems to be about individual immune responses, much like our individual responses to allergens--some people mount an inflammatory response to what another person's body views as ordinary food etc. Or in this case, ordinary skin inhabitants.

Both of my parents had rosacea, and in her later years, my mother also developed blepharitis, which is also associated with excess populations of Demodex mites in follicles and eyelash sebaceous glands.

i was 19 before I developed the characteristic red cheeks and nose of rosacea. Over the years it has come and gone, in association with my general health! Eg, after the birth of my children it reappeared. The key seems to be changes in my immune system which trigger inflammation and increased numbers of mites and/or their associated symbiotic bacteria.

I believe both that my parents transmitted the mites to me as a child, and also that my genetic inheritance from them, esp re immune response, somehow predisposes me to react either to the mites with inflammation and swellings Etc. I also have other skin allergies.

Replied by Sam

I have read that people with low stomach acids develop rosacea.

Replied by Trista
(Sydney, NSW)

I too have felt the same about demodex.. ie how come my partner and myself haven't got issues but my dd does.. I agree about the products and what they contain may cause an imbalance or disrupt the skin barrier.. which would lead mites and bacteria to invade and multiply much easier.
With that they also tend to use natural oils in products now, which if the mites like it.. I guess they will thrive.. things like jojoba oil which is apparently close in nature to our natural sebum.. which would explain why mine and my dds hair fall out when we've used anything jojoba..

We all have demodex though. It's when they overgrow that causes issues. Question is why are they over growing.
I'm thinking that what ever was in the old shampoos and soaps kept them in check... or even things like mineral oil which has been tainted as toxic now, maybe the demodex don't like it.. studies show that very little gets absorbed passed the top layers of skin and helps the skin maintain barrier. Which could have helped demodex from getting out of control.

Vaseline is basically like mineral oil just thicker.. I had read a case study that petroleum jelly helped get rid of these mites..
My dd had blepharitis/chalazions... so I tried vaseline over the lashes with cue tip and the little buggers popped right out of the hair follicles.. I was then convinced it was these mites.
It was a pain doing that every day for a 4 year old... eventually came across green tea.. being that we tried all other teas... black tea.. chamomile..
Green tea had gotten rid of my dds perioral dermatitis which I'm positive was from these mites after using toothpaste with sodium lureth sulfate or SLS..
Which I believe is disrupting the skin barrier.. SLS is in most shampoos too.. I believe it's the lauric acid. Lureth/lauryl anything that looks like the word lauric, I stay clear from now.

Strong green tea got rid of the chalazions and blepharitis too..
Sometimes I'd just put a little boiling water on the bag and make the solution really strong and apply to affected areas morning and night. It worked very quickly and thoroughly unlike the Apple Cider Vinegar or manuka honey or coconut oil.. we tried everything.

The mites carry some bad bacteria and compounds that release when they die and disintegrate on the skin.. which is why the skin gets red and reacts..

Not sure why green tea helps.. not sure if it kills them or they don't like it and drop off.. I've seen a few under microscope and they don't move. (I had bought a microscope because I wanted to know what these things were that popped out of my dds lashes).

I've later seen on YouTube where the footage was very fast tracked so you could see it move..
I wanted to capture some and see what the green tea does.. when I get the time and space on my phone to record it as I imagine I'd have to get an hours worth of recording...

I feel like it's the SLS in products disrupting the skin causing them to go nuts... and lack of protection from skin barrier products like mineral oils..
Maybe the green tea strengthens the skin barrier..
Some studies have shown it useful for rosacea and also ingesting it protects against uv damage to skin.. so it definitely seems it protects the skin..

Replied by Patricia

My skin flared terrible while I was using mineral oil & gets upset when I use petroleum jelly; I can't use any oils at all on my face. I was diagnosed last year with Rosacea at age 70 yrs. I first felt the rough skin on my nose & cheek area, then the terrible flushing started, then the rash. My doctor had me tested for Lupus but it came back negative. Then my dermatologist told me I had Rosacea. I have had food allergies for a long time and have had to eliminate high histamine foods. I also have more veins showing on my chest and lower legs/lower arms than I used to. I've read a lot about the theories about Rosacea, some are: the overabundance of mites that inflame our skin, blood vessel deregulation, and damaged skin barrier. My Derm told me that my next treatment would be laser/IPL. And my health insurance said they might pay for it.

In the meantime, I have tried so many different remedies. I tried the Epsom Salts and it seemed to help a little. I tried the sea salt method which helped a little, but I have dry skin now and both methods dry my skin more. I am now trying Milk of Magnesia, which I put on, let dry, then rinse off. The bumps are under control but still have the redness. If I eat the wrong thing, I get red blotches. I also take Allegra to control allergy issues. It helped get rid of the rash. In the past I was not able to take ACV due to allergic type reactions; but I have never tried it on my skin. I'm going to buy some to try and do a patch test. If it makes it worse to begin with, I guess I will just wear a mask over it.


Hi Patricia,

Ted's borax and hydrogen peroxide topical mixture might help if it's a mite issue. You can see the posts on Earth Clinic's rosacea page about that.

I didn't have rosacea, but seborrheic dermatitis around my nose for many years... similar to rosacea in some ways when it was really triggered. What cured it after 30 years (and many remedies and supplement experiments later) was simply taking 10,000 IUs of a vitamin d3 serum daily for about 3 days. Has not returned and it's been 5 years. Worth trying.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Carol (Shasta Lake, Ca. Usa) on 08/30/2013

Hello to everyone. I have had roseaca for over 30 years and not one doctor I have been to ever told me that I had it, until last year. He asked me how I was treating my roseaca. I told him I did not know it could be treated. He put me on an antibotic cream and sent me to a dermetoligst who gave me oral antibotics. I used this for 2 months and did not see any improvement. I also had two laser treatments to reduce the redness. The redness went away, but the bumps and pustules remained. I decided to try natural methods and my bumps and pustules are almost completely gone. I wash my face with gentle soap then wipe it with hydrogen peroxide. When that dries, I wipe it with apple cider vinegar. When that dries, I use moistureizer. I have the advance stage of roseaca--rhinophyma. The nodules on my nose are still there and will require some other kind of treatment, but my face is 100% better than it was. I don't know if this will work for anyone else, but it has sure worked wonders for me.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Leaf

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Posted by Lizzie (Nj) on 06/24/2015

Yes to ACV and olive leaf extract for rosacea. I tacked from inside out and my face went from feeling like an orange peel to the best it's looked in my adult life in about three days. I've even received compliments on how beautiful my complexion is from a complete stranger.

Every other night before bed I take a cotton ball and soak it in ACV then add some water to dilute it, and I rub it all over my face avoiding the sensitive skin around my eyes. In addition, I drink 1-2 tablespoons of olive leaf extract daily and have been doing so for about two months. Sometimes I skip a few days, but it doesn't seem to matter.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Barbara (New York, New York) on 01/15/2010

I have struggled with Rosacea for more than a decade, and have tried countless prescriptive lotions and medication -- which have worked. However, I am very concerned about the side effects and do not wish to further strengthen the power of the pharmaceutical industry.

I drank 1 Tablespoon of organic ACV (with water) twice a day for the past 10 days.

The first few days I rinsed my face with a ACV rinse (1/2 water, 1/2 ACV), but the stinging sensation and redness increased, so I discontinued.

I apply Tea Tree Oil facial cream in the evenings, daily.

As of yet, I see very little change in the redness on my face, nor in the flushing and burning. Perhaps because of differing body chemistries it takes some longer to see a response than others. Certainly I feel it was worth a try, as ACV has many positive benefits to the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Bookworm (Lancaster, Pa) on 10/22/2009

I was diagnosed with rosacea about 2 years ago and used the antibiotics and MetroGel with little results until a few months ago they just completely stopped working. I have slight redness, but my biggest problem is the tiny bumps that cover my entire forehead and the round patches on both of my cheeks. I decided to try a more natural approach.

I drink 4 ounces of water with 1 tablespoon of ACV twice per day (with breakfast and dinner), plus I use a cotton ball and gently swabbed the ACV all over my face, including around my hairline and down onto my neck. After about 10 days my rosacea improved by about 70%. I continued to do this for about two more weeks and my skin continued to improve, but the bumps did not completely disappear (about 90% of them did).

I began to add one drop of tea tree oil to my moisturizer at night and after 1 week my rosacea symptoms were gone... no more redness, no more bumps. At this point I am doing the following:

- drinking the ACV twice daily
- adding tea tree oil to my moisturizer about 5-6 nights per week
- using ACV topically on my face once per week
- changing my pillowcase twice per week and flipping it over after about 2 nights

I also wanted to mention that I was using a cleanser that exfoliated and I switched to a more natural, gentle cleanser and I think it also helped a lot. I am also avoiding moisturizer that has alpha-hydroxy and use a sunscreen with zinc.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Mark (Denver, Colorado) on 02/27/2009

ACV/Tea Tree for Rosacea: I have had rosacea for close to 15 years. It comes and goes as far as severity but tends to flare up in winter and this winter has been especially bad--extreme redness on cheeks and forehead, bumps and pustules etc. I can also attribute a lot of my problems to a poor diet the past few months.

Decided to take a 3 pronged approach starting in early february--clean up my diet, eliminate most processed foods, esp carbs and sweets, reduce alcohol consumption, use the ACV 2-3 times per day in water, and apply tea tree oil and a fragrance free moisturizer after showering in AM and before bedtime. The results have been dramatic. The redness and swelling in my face have gone down 80-90% in less then 2 weeks. My skin has become smooth and has a healthy shine to it and there are no more oozing red bumps, esp after washing with a washcloth. I still have some redness, but nothing that really stands out.

I have also been using turmeric for an unrelated foot issue, but I don't think that has had much of an effect on the rosacea.

Fortunately, I have not had to give up all the usual trigger foods, I can still drink daily coffee, enjoy some spicy foods, and the occasional beer as well.

Thanks Earth Clinic for your wonderful information. I am hooked on the ACV, it has also reduced the occasional humming in my ears, which I suspect was possibly due to slightly elevated blood pressure.

Replied by Gema
(Los Angeles, Ca)

What type of mosturizing cream do you use on your face? I would love to try your 3-prong approach. I have been diagnosed with rosacea for four months and nothing seems to help! Thanks!

Avoid Citric Acid

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Posted by Linda (Dublin) on 06/14/2012

Hi' I've never been quite sure if I actualy have rosacea, but it seemed to be the only thing I could come up with. Anyway I spent a lot of time reading and thinking and tried lots of supplements and creams but honestly I think I have cracked it within my diet. I dont know how but I somehow joined the dots and came up with an intoralance to CITRIC ACID. It seems simple but if you check its in everything. As well as naturally occuring in fruits its a preservative in tons of foods. A small amount is ok but if I over do it then I glow like a light bulb. Because I can take a small amount it took ages to make the connection. Its also used in the food production end of things so its not always listed as an ingredient for example-I read its used in low fat milk production but because its not actually added to the milk its not listed on the carton. Anyway avoiding this simple thing has helped me hugely and I simply ask that anyone with rosacea at least consider it, thanks.

Replied by Sandra

Hello! I am getting worse with Rosacea and desperate. If citric acid is in everything, how did you cut it out of your diet?

Replied by Cheryl

I suggest you review the dietary restrictions listed on the Mayo Clinic website for rosacea and also the those listed on the National Rosacea Society website. Avoid citrus fruits entirely.

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