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Natural Remedies for Rosacea

| Modified on May 26, 2023
Changed Shampoo, Soap, Shaving Gel
Posted by Rob (Cape Hatteras, NC) on 04/21/2021

I would like to share how I got my rosacea under control. I noticed my redness increasing after my morning shower. I am a male so I switched from blue shaving gel to white shaving cream. While I was shaving I used to rinse my razor in hot water. I now rinse my razor in cold water. I stopped using shampoo and standard soap for about a week. Just rinsed my head and face. I am now using a non mass produced soap for my head and face. I think it is an organic type of soap without perfumes. My wife bought it for me and I don't have the label, unfortunately. My face has been clear for about 3 weeks.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Tom (Los Angeles) on 09/16/2019

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for sharing your wonderful cure for Rosacea. I do struggle with Rosacea problem and very much inspired by your solution. Can you please share the sulfur gel over the counter for rosacea you used and the salicylic acid face wash. Thank you again. Tom

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 09/15/2019

HI U AMANDA,,,,,,,,,,,,, most rosacea is due to a mite called demodex . I have had it and you must research and understand your problem before you can solve it.====ORH====

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Amanda (Wi) on 09/14/2019

I had severe rosacea. I think it was due to overheating. I was breastfeeding, and wanted to get a relief so fast. I had this severe for 3 months in summer season. My eyes were severely affected so was my skin. I used sulfur gel over the counter for rosacea, washed my face 3 times a day with salicylic acid face washes over the counter and finally tried a diluted tea tree oil and I think it killed off all the mites. I leave it for about 30 minutes, then wash my face, then apply the sulfur gel. I did this three times a day and once at night. It dried my skin a little bit, but I am almost done with this. Just wanted to let you know to try tea tree oil, but make sure it's really diluted. I used a few drops in 8oz of water topically and wiped the affected areas.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Tom (Los Angeles) on 03/03/2019

Hi Rita,

Milk of Magnesia has been really good for me. I applied for a month every night and kept overnight. On the first application itself, my rosaces was better by 50% overnight. My redness has gone completely now on my face.

After 1 month I use to apply every alternate days. Since I have Ocular Rosacea, I started taking Doxycylcine. I am planning to take doxyclycline for 3 months and then stop. I know doxycylcine helps with Rosacea as well, but if you only have facial Rosacea. Try Milk of Magnesia without taking any antibiotics. I would defintely suggest Milk of Magnesia for Rosacea.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Rita (Boston ) on 02/18/2019

Hi Tom, Are you still using the milk of magnesia for rosacea and how has it worked? Also do you have any prescription creams you are using too?

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Tom (Los Angeles, CA) on 01/17/2019

Hi, I wanted to check if anyone else has tried applying Milk of Magnesia on the face for rosacea? I have been applying since last 1 week and have seen significant improvement in my Rosacea. Thanks.

Epsom Salt Scrub
Posted by Amanda (WI) on 12/04/2020

I have had a very severe case of Rosacea. Mostly I think it occurs during stress and overheating. I think overheating really may cause this as perhaps the demodex mites increase in number when the body temperature changes or some chemistry in the body.

I treated and got all the pustules off in a matter of days and my face color is back. But remember this is more to do with internal heat than topical. So start changing your blankets to light weight where I also felt improvement. Don't overheat yourself at night with warm blankets or room temperature etc. Try to eat less hot foods, and go on eating more colder foods such as fruits and salads. etc, when you drink coffee/tea wait until it cools down.

So for treatment, I would like to share what I used.

A face wash with grapefruit over the counter any facewash will do that has the pink grapefruit, put it on the face then take a bit of Epsom Salt and gently scrub the affected area. Do it 2 times a day, now that may dry the skin, so I used moisturizer for very dry skin I bought plain moisturizer and added some drops of tea tree oil to it and applies that on my face. That was it.

When I got rosacea I was in a very bad place in my life and I was using a down comforter and I didn't have time to change to a lighter blanket, I overheated my body and got it. Just to let you know that my entire face was affected in a matter of weeks I had a terrible painful pustular Rosacea and I tried a lot of remedies and the combination of these ingredients helped me overcome this. Hope this helps someone.

Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Jillery (Durtham, Nc) on 07/19/2020 89 posts

Since it was COVID season I decided to give it my all and try and resolve my rosacea. I researched and decided mine was 'mite based'. I had tried all the stuff from the Dermo but it always came back and the antibiotics caused me other problems besides. My rosacea presented as redness and weird little zits that could last for weeks. I never had a blemish as a child so at 57-65 this was weird to me. I decided it was a mite based issue as the other reasonings seemed a bit off for my issue.

I cleansed my face with borax that I fine-ground and coconut oil. 50-50 ratio. I'd wash with cool water and rinse with cool water. Then I applied the coconut oil and borax powder afterward too. I was just sitting at home so I'd apply this as the day went on as well. I had more breakouts but I felt like I was aggravating the mites.

I also put my bed pillow in the dryer for about 20-40 minutes incase there were mites on my pillow.

After about 5-7 days of borax/coconut oil I then switched to putting just coconut oil on my skin and then applying tea tree essentiall oil on top of it. I was amazed at how soothing the TTO was to my skin as I felt TTO would feel quite harsh to me but did not!!

I'd rinse my face during the week with cool water.

I'd apply coconut oil (or tamanu oil. kinda stinky but good for redness) and then add tea tree essential oil to my skin over the oil. I guess you could mix your own but I am lazy. LOL.

Within a week my zits and bumps and redness were much less. I also tried using Manuka essential oil and Lavender essential oil here and there too.

At about the 6 week point I had no zits left. The mild redness I have is becoming less and less as well.

I hope this helps someone!!!!

Bitter Chinese Herbs
Posted by Mary (Boulder, Co) on 12/28/2018

I am a 36-year-old female and I had rosacea that lasted for a very long year. After much research and experimentation I was actually able to get rid of it completely. I would mainly accredit my "cure" to two main things: 1) a very healthy, clean diet is necessary and 2) I was able to find the right Chinese herbal formula (which I will happily share) that eliminated my skin inflammation within a few months.

I have noted through my research that there are many types and causes of rosacea. Some people can simply give up certain foods or topically apply something to their face and their rosacea disappears! I'd say those are the lucky ones who are able to do that. I was not one of those lucky people and I imagine there are many more like me. For many people they must get to the root of the problem, which can sometimes be complicated, but firstly does involve cleaning up the diet (no gluten, no sugar, no dairy; eat alkaline foods, vegetables, greens, green tea, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar; avoid spicy foods, too much red meat; take probiotics, work on healing the gut, etc, etc. You can read the details on other websites.)

Rosacea is caused by a certain inflammation in the body, meaning something is out of balance and this causes a type of heat to rise upwards and usually (according to Chinese medicine) this heat can involve or come from organs such as the liver, stomach or lungs. So get that diet cleaned up first, BUT sometimes cleaning up the diet is not always enough, at least it wasn't for me. (For some people it will be, however.) I had to take special herbs to finally get rid of it. (It also might be helpful to read up in Chinese medicine about a diet that supports "Yin" in the body.)

It's interesting to note also that the location of rosacea acne on your face can sometimes tell you which organ the inflammation is coming from. Typically if it's all over your cheeks then it might be coming from the lungs. If it's around the mouth or nose area then it could be stomach and/or liver. Good to know, because there are different herbs to take if it comes from one or the other! I'm no expert and I would really advise you to see a Chinese acupuncturist if you can (acupuncture can help bring that heat down as well as herbs) but here's what I have observed: If it's on the cheeks you can seek out an herbal formula containing gypsum, rehmannia, scutellaria, gardenia, forsythia, (and probably a few other ingredients), and see if that may help.

My rosacea however was more around my nose and mouth area so I tried an herbal formula containing very bitter herbs to drive the heat and toxins from the liver and I supposed it helped my stomach as well. This type of heat and toxins must exit the body via the bowel...and bitter herbs help to accomplish this.

So the ingredients were COPTIS (very important and very bitter), Bupleurum, Scutellaria/ Scute/ Skullcap (same thing), Gentiana, Lonicera, Forsythia, Gardenia etc. There were a few other ingredients but those are the main ones. I would say if you're interested just look for a formula containing those ingredients, more or less, and give it a try.

When I tried this formula (I took the tablets 3 x daily) my face started to clear up within a month, so I stopped, but then it returned, so I took the formula for another 2 months and it went away completely after that. I couldn't believe it! I had tried everything under the sun. NOTHING topical ever worked for me. The cure had to come from within the body. After I finished taking this formula for about 3 months I then took another Chinese formula called "Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan" as a maintenance protocol (for several months) to keep my "Yin" healthy and I think this formula has helped to keep the rosacea from returning. It is a cooling formula. But I needed to take those really bitter herbs first to clear out the toxins and heat and then continued with my good diet and maintenance protocol after that.

I should add that taking these bitters herbs containing Coptis are quite potent and should only be taken for the short term. They can be very drying and you will feel them working. You may need to adjust or cut back the dosage to fit your needs. Drink lots of water between meals while taking them. And if for some reason this herbal formula doesn't work for you, I would say look around for some other Chinese herbal formulas and you may find one that fits your needs. But I wanted to share what worked for me. I hope this may help someone.

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Rob (Cape Hatteras, Nc) on 12/23/2018

I have been struggling for many years with rosacea or candidia on my face. I have been diagnosed by a dermatologists with rosacea. I struggle to keep it under control. I use a lot of my wife's foundation makeup to hide the redness. Two days ago we were at a Christmas gathering with friends and I ate and drank a few items off my normal diet. I know I have triggers that cause flare ups so I try to be aware of what I eat. At this party, I had some homemade salsa, white wine and homemade Chirstmas cookies( cooked with white sugar) . Everything else I consumed was on my normal diet. When I woke up the next morning and saw my face in the mirror, what I saw was unbelievable. It was the worst breakout I have ever had in the 10 plus years of managing this condition. I was devestated and did not leave the house.

My first thought was to get on earth clinic and look for new information that might help. After reading for a while, I got the courage to go buy a few items that people said had worked for them. When I got back home, I put ACV, diluted 50% with water on one side of my face, Tea Tree oil on my forehead and Diaper rash ointment with 13% zinc oxide on the other side of my face. I saw no change or maybe even worse with ACV and TTO. But the Diaper rash ointment seemed to be calming down the redness.

After about 6 hours with absolutley no change from the ACV and TTO, I coated my entire face with the diaper rash ointment. By the evening I coated my face again. I was actually seeing results! Before I went to bed, I coated my face again. When I woke up, I had amazing results! My face was better than before my breakout. For the second day of treatment, I applied very thin coats to my face. I even got my wife to apply it to my back which is very dry and has redness. Its too early to tell how my back will respond but I have a new face!!!

Please try Diaper rash white ointment with 13% zinc oxide. I am also going to start taking a zinc supplement.

Borax, Vinegar and Peroxide
Posted by Bill (The Philippines) on 10/09/2018

Hi Devon...You can find Ted's remedy for Rosacea here on EC. His Rosacea remedy involves supplementing hydrogen peroxide, borax and also alkalizing with Ted's carbicarb remedy plus taking heavy metal chelators like chlorella to improve the immune system.

Borax, Vinegar and Peroxide
Posted by Devon (Johnson, Vt.) on 10/07/2018

Dear Ted,

I cannot find the original Rosacea H202 Borax recipe. Something seems disfunction with the new website. Anyway I am writing to ask for an opinion and share my new Recipe that I am really excited about.

Just about 50, my skin and its barrier are not always prime. Whereas my skin used to tolerate the borax h202 formula for rosacea on face. Now it seems to have the potential to really dry it out. So realizing how alkaline Borax is -- and that I had seen Vinegar used in place of H202 for mange -- it occurred to me why not combine the Vinegar and Borax in addition to the h202 with a goal of achieving the perfect PH balanced for face spray! The goal currently is around 5.5 I think.

My concern is that the more things to combine that reactions can alter the original composition such the the recipe no longer works like it should! In this case I also wonder if some of the action of the Borax killing the face mites 'is' because of the alkalinity? Anyhow my batch from last night left me the smoothest and silkiest of any Borax/H202 treatment I have achieved!

I would like to share the recipe. Thanks for your time... I am getting ready for round 2.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jillery (Rawlly, Nc) on 07/31/2018 89 posts

I could never tolerate ACV until I added a 1/4 t of baking soda to it. (3 T of ACV) This was a remedy for a type of fibro. I also take 500 mg of magnesium. It was for the pain of arthritis but wow... my rosacea has improved so much too!! And I have more energy. The arthritis is much much better too. The BS makes the ACV turn to malic acid. I'm so happy!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Pinnymom72 (Grimsby, Ontario) on 03/22/2018

You have to persevere through the initial redness. Give it a good month. You will see results. You need to change your diet too. Eliminate sugar as much as possible.

Sea Buckthorn
Posted by Natnmargie (Washington) on 02/21/2018

Rosacea: Sea Buckthorn Oil and Sulphur Excellent Results!

Rosacea has been my biggest issue for long time now. I still do some of the ACV on occasion, but for the past 6 months, I have been doing the following:

  • After cleansing my face, I just a facial lotion that has "sea buckthorn oil" in it as one of the ingredients, boy, does this work...pustules are way down, as is the redness in my face.
  • I also use a sulphur powder prior to putting on my mineral makeup. (it has a yellow-ish, green cast to it)

I believe between the sea buckthorn oil and the sulphur, that it has made all the difference to my rosacea.

I am at 10% of my worst with rosacea.

I am quite aware that what works for me may not work for you, but I thought I would share.

Posted by Karen (Ulladulla - Australia) on 02/12/2018

Is h2o2 hydrogen peroxide?

EC: Yes.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Guest (Georgia) on 12/09/2017

Hyperpyrexia means extremely high fever.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jamie (Central California) on 11/27/2017

It is so easy to make your own colloidal silver for pennies a quart. I paid $250 initially for a little generator/comes with silver wire. I've made gallons of the stuff. A gallon would cost over $100 at any health food store. Cost me 25 cents!

Posted by Carlos (Barcelona) on 09/16/2017

I've been battling rosacea for years. I thought my skin was burned because of sun exposure but the truth is there were many factors combined that developed into very harden dry oily red skin all around my nose and cheeks area and in between my eyebrows.I didn't recognize my skin.I did a lot of research and discovered demodex mites. I've been obsessed with killing those parasites. I used bentonite clay to clean my face for years but the next day there was still that little black stuff coming out of my pores. Demodex mites reproduce very quick and you need to be your face is not enough you have to kill them. and that's where sulphur soap comes. To make it short, Sulphur soap is renewing my skin. Buy it as soon as you can. I used it one or twice daily. I let it sit for 1 minute and rinse. I'm also taking a collagen supplement that is helping rebuilding my skin form the damage

I've noticed a tremendous improvement with sulphur soap in my skin texture and redness too. Add this to your routine.great for acne too

Test for Mineral Imbalances
Posted by Karen (North Little Rock, Arkansas) on 08/19/2017

Asking about post that mentioned black castor oil...wanted to know if to be taken internally or applied on face. Thank you.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Adriaan (Grabouw, Western Cape, South Africa) on 08/17/2017

I have been battling with Rosacea for 10 years flaking skin and itching, pimples on my head that sting like a needle when I popped them. My ears were always full of loose skin and when I took it out it was red and sore. Then my face turned red like you cannot believe. I spent hours in the sun cleaning the pool and garden work. It came to the stage when it looked like my face was going to start bleeding. I started looking for help on the internet because the gels and antibiotics the doctors gave me did not help much and was so expensive. Well I found Earth Clinic by accident I read a lot there and decided to try the organic apple cider vinegar. And it was like a miracle. I wash my face with pure glycerine soap and used the vinegar 50/50 with water at first and the redness and itching was gone. Then after it dried I used a mild moisturiser. And If I have to go outside for a long time I use zinc/oxide powder mixed with aquous cream as a sunblock. It works wonders but try and stay away from UV rays of the sun as much as possible. ACV is the best and I tried many medicines and creams.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nell (Usa) on 08/10/2017

My perhaps mild previously unnoticed undiagnosed Rosacea reared its ugly head when I got pregnant in 2014. I always had the occasional pimple(s). This is so different though. It's always bad imo but sometimes it's clearer than other times. I wonder if it was also hormonal for you since menopause. And my hormones in preg. What works for me: jojoba oil at night. Wash with Epsom salts. I'm always trying to hand slough off a gross amount of dead skin on my face in he shower which helps. I've tried a million natural things. Milk of magnesia also helps. But can be irritating. Also I do diatamaceous earth masks. And yogurt sugar masks. They all help to an extent but my Rosacea is stubborn and I want to conquer it completely. It's hard keeping up with such a regimen especially being a busy mom. I'm about to try oil of oregano hence finding your post in my search for the oregano Rosacea does it work connection. I want to get in touch with more ppl and share what works. It's a hard thing to go through.much love and support to you! Maybe I will try cohosh. I take a bunch of herbs and supplements as it is but always willing to try new. I haven't noticed any dietary triggers so have said EFF it I'm going to eat what I want which is generally all organic but I do eat chocolate and sweets and bread etc. I took a break for a bit with no change so... Who knows - also I never experienced the crawling sensation I don't think- weird... What's that like??

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ricardo (Brazil) on 07/21/2017

Man, is a miracle in a bottle - I ceased the daily applications and only when I feel a flare I apply before bed. It doesn't burn anymore, my skin feels soft and no pustules whatsoever!! Michael, I lived in NZ for three years, but here in Brazil, it will be hard to get Manuka Honey...

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Gavin (Brisbane, Australia) on 07/21/2017

For the Blepharitis try straight Johnson's Baby Shampoo as a lid scrub.

You have to do it every day, even when the eyes aren't playing up.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Eric (Ct Usa) on 07/14/2017

Hi Ricardo.

Curious to see how things are going now that you are 2 months into treatment with ACV?


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ricardo (Ibiuna) on 07/12/2017

I followed this post and am proud to say that I'm nearly rosacea-free thanks to ACV, I apply whenever I have small pustules or just redness, my skin looks better, still have some localized redness on the worst spots of my last big flair (under my eyes) but ACV is a miracle - but pay attention because it will raise hell on your face at first, just be strong and endure the pain.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Sara (The Beach) on 07/07/2017

it actually makes sense if you drool while sleeping.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Melanie (Az) on 07/06/2017

Denny, wow that is amazing story. You wouldnt think that ur mouth and bad breath had something to do with rosacea. I wonder if dentist know this or even doctors. So ur saying ur rosacea completely went away? Or do u still break out? So how long did u do this before u noticed any improvement? Thank u... Mel.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 05/30/2017

To Ricardo of Spain,

Try genuine Manuka Honey for Rosacea. You could apply a slight smear on the affected parts at night and see what happens.



Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ricardo (Sp) on 05/29/2017

Just updating, I applied wine Vinegar, full strenght (since my ACV is still coming by mail) in a moment of despair and, at first, burned like hell, my face got raw red and swollen, but after the second time, I woke up to discover that most rosacea were gone, and my constant leaking pustules were all dry, now I been using vinegar for four days and, obviously my skin became dry and flaky, but, mainly because the pustules left a lot of open wounds - only today I could bare applying a bit of moisturizer so hope are high that I can regain a "normal appearance" in a few days, I'll keep treating with ACV as soon as I get the stuff and hopefully, tame this dragon for good.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ricardo (Ibiúna, Brazil) on 05/25/2017

Hi, I have the pustular type of Rosacea, seven years ago I had my first outburst and endured an eight-month crusade, five dermatologists, took all sorts of pills you can imagine, gained 16kgs with cortisol, spent heaps of money, and only after I abandoned all treatments, it was gone overnight. I kept keeping some care, sometimes had light flares and used Mirvaso (still, the most effective) but a few days ago it came back - more agressive, debilitating and this time, it got my eyes. After seven years, a lot of discoveries about it, like the demodex thing (which sounds about right, places affected, crawling skin sensation...) so, I feel hope on using ACV and Tea Tree Oil (here, I have to buy through the internet) because... it's a nightmare, I spent a lot of money this week already, my stomach is already distressed because of the meds prescribed by my doctor to no avail, my skin is red, with pustules and flaky, very infected (skin keeps breaking with plasma leaking from the wounds) and only when I apply Mirvaso and Tea, it gives time to dry and close it a bit. I'm currently taking Metronidazol orally and using topically, but it just burns and itches and I see no improvement at all, alongside with Flagyl. This thread gave me much info that I had no idea existed and for the first time I have hope that I can beat this punishment, once and for all. In a few days I'll receive both ACV and TTO and will let you guys know how's going. I've tried tetracycline, allergenic, cortisol, creams, you name it and I've done. If the answer was simply vinegar... OMG, It will be a blast to get cured and to help others that don't know about it.

Stop All Supplements
Posted by Sunlightening (Glenview, Il) on 05/24/2017

I have had a mild case of rosacea for twenty years very easily controlled with metrogel. In January 2017 very intense burning flushing began. I read everything I could on the Internet to stop it. Drinking ACV stopped it temporarily until I ate anything. The rosacea completely cleared in 24 hours when I stopped taking the multiple vitamin that I had taken every single day for the past three years. My advice to you is to stop all supplements for a few days to see if it makes a difference. On a side note, the ACV has dramatically helped my allergies and those of my best friend as well. I came back to add this information in the sincere hope it will help someone.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cheryl (Glenview) on 05/07/2017

This is more information on what I have tried. I continued on with the ACV saturating cotton balls full strength and spreading it across my face. Initially, it burned like crazy, but subsequent applications were calmer. Any missed spot itched intensely so I learned to do my eyebrows, eyelids and under my eyes as well. In the past, each time I washed my face I would have to remove lots of dry, flaking skin with a gentle microfiber cloth twice a day. Now, there is no more flaking. It is a huge, major step forward for me. Does this kill mites? Why does it work so well? The major flushing stopped when I began drinking ACV with the Mother twice a day. At first, I had to drink it every time I ate anything at all. When the flushing was really bad, I walked outside in the intense cold to calm it down. My dermatologist was no help at all. Antibiotics did not help, nor did Metrogel.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cheryl (Illinois) on 05/07/2017

The ACV is wiping out the overgrowth of yeast in your system. I used to buy Monistat twice a month for it. Now, none at all.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cheryl (Illinois) on 05/07/2017

Stop the tea tree oil and only use the ACV. I cannot use any oil on my face or any product containing oil as an ingredient.

Avoid Citric Acid
Posted by Cheryl (Illinois) on 05/05/2017

I suggest you review the dietary restrictions listed on the Mayo Clinic website for rosacea and also the those listed on the National Rosacea Society website. Avoid citrus fruits entirely.

Evening Primrose Oil
Posted by Cheryl (Illinois) on 04/09/2017

It sounds as if you have milia. They are small white, hard bumps under the skin and once removed, look like a bird's seed. I was removing about a dozen of them a year with a needle, alcohol and peroxide. You actually get good at it after a while. Then, when my rosacea became worse, I stopped eat chocolate/sugar and the milia stopped forming completely. I think the milia culprit was 85% dark chocolate. Google milia photos on the Internet to see if it is what you have now, in addition to rosacea.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cheryl (Illinois) on 04/09/2017

Rosacea: I had major flushing on my face recently. The only thing stopping it has been ACV. A tablespoon in a glass of water will stop the flushing in ten to thirty minutes. I also noticed if I drank it before a shower, I eliminated flushing from the warm water. In retrospect, my diet was questionable. I loved yogurt, dark chocolate and a lemon ginger tea. It was a highly acidic diet. Many dietary changes have been made including no sugar, but I still have mild rosacea and continue with the ACV three times a day. You might also consider using 1/4 tsp. of baking soda in a glass of water to decrease acidity. What do you have to lose? Try these two remedies.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Margie (Us) on 03/14/2017

I've continued using the ACV on my blepharitis with very good results, however, I do a rotation. I typically wash my eyes with a tea tree oil cleanser 2 times per week. The other days I either use ACV as cleanser (soak eyes with warm water, then take the ACV and gently rub on the eyelids. I also do use Colloidal Silver at night using a q-tip to apply it. My eye doctor couldn't even tell I had Blepharitis when I was in a few weeks ago.

My Rosacea is very hormone 3 weeks of the month, it is very good, then I have a week of redness, pustules and bumps. I occasionally use dandruff shampoo on my face in addition to what I listed above for my blepharitis...and they all help.

Avoid Milk
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 03/10/2017

A thin application of Manuka Honey applied to red patches on face is said to kill the pesky mites that are a cause of Rosacea.

Worth a try.

Cheers, Michael

Avoid Milk
Posted by Maple (Australia) on 03/10/2017

I'm not sure if it was rosacea, but I found that cutting out milk improved my skin a lot! I've always found that my skin has looked red - particularly on my face - and felt very self conscious about it. but after cutting out milk, the skin on my face all turned to a normal colour within a few days!!!! After some research, it seems that it's helped other people with their skin and acne etc. too!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Valentina (Stroudsburg, Pa) on 02/18/2017

Congratulations on finding something that works! How is the ACV working with your blepharitis? How bad was it when you began? Do you just wipe your lids with the diluted ACV, or do you let it sit like a compress? I've noticed for the past couple of months that not only is my rosacea intensified, but my eyes are extremely gritty, dry, red, and the eyelids are swollen. Would love to know how you're doing now that you have been doing the treatment for a while.

Posted by Genie (Ne Ohio Usa) on 02/12/2017 4 posts

Janet--wonderful of you to take your time for me. My posts have been long already so I didn't explain all details about my mite fight. My question was about **internal** borax usage at the moment. The talk of mites was only a history of why I started it. I have used various cleaning techniques but I can use some more ideas about how to go about it. You sound very organized! I'm too disabled and my utility bills went sky high with washing so much bedding and clothes obsessively-- I couldn't get hold of diatomaceous earth in a hurry. So since my mites are dead or dying I stopped so much house cleaning after a few weeks of internal borax. I still change pillow cases daily and other precautions. Even though I'm killing mites internally I still do borax, peroxide baths, use sulpher, TTO, ACV internally and topically, and tried just about all the methods except mustard. Since I still have some hatching I do all the stuff to fight them topically too. Even though I've gotten the infestation way down--I'm still just having to live through the life cycles until the last big batch of eggs is hatched and killed. I don't think I'm getting reinfested, and if a live one does drop off somehow and gets back on he'll soon be a goner anyway. I hope that theory seems to have worked so far. I've gotten lots of hair back and have many wonderful results even though I'm not done yet. I was saving all that for another post when I'm more 'done'.

I really have studied for many hours and I've noticed all over the internet it often gets confusing when people are talking about mites but don't say specifically what exact kind. It seems they can all be killed by pretty much the same substances, but their habits can be different so that can be relevant. So I'll say again I'm working with the only 2 mites that live *and breed* on humans. Demodex folliculorum and demodex brevis. (scabies being a different breed). The demodex mite that causes one type of dog mange is demodex canis. I don't have any animals or exposed to any. To help others not be confused..I'm not sure which type you're talking about, but the 2 human demodex mites don't live or breed anywhere but in human pores. They don't jump or move fast and would not be able to get to the ceiling or live or breed there. If they fall off of humans they only live for a matter of hours unless they are dropped on something wet or oily--then they could survive longer with a food source-- Approx 3 days I think. Any of you serious mite experts please do correct me if I'm wrong.

My way of handling the environment and myself involves 2 facts that one known 'expert' told me directly. 1. Even *ingesting* borax does not kill the eggs (nothing can reach or penetrate the eggs) so that means it'll still take months to go through life cycles until they're cleaned out. 2. The mites that come out of my skin are dead when they appear. I'd be happy if anyone can say for sure that's correct. I've wondered that these mites normally liquidate in your pores when they die naturally, and yet they don't liquidate when killed by borax internally. The skin expels them. I sure wish they would liquidate as usual because it sure would save me some trouble and suffering. In my 'allergic reaction' spells..I look like a freaky monster and feel like my face is stuck in a hive of bees. lol Love and appreciation to all.

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Hi Robert Henry. Thank you for replying! I'll certainly keep an open mind about it not being demodex--but I think it might be more that I may have sounded misleading. I mentioned 'full body' but it's mostly from the neck up. Demodex of either type can go all over the body, from everything I've read. I'm sure there are in other areas of my body as I can see everywhere they are when they die (from borax) and I get the allergic reaction from skin trying to expel them. (oval puffy spots and more..and then the skin cracks and peels) I'm aware there is d. folliculorum and also d. brevis. To clarify..when the borax kills them..they come to the surface, dead, being expelled by the skin's natural process. That's how it's working for me anyway. I was diagnosed with rosacea years ago. I have all the blepharitis symptoms...inverted lashes and more. I started on my path of natural healing because I got a stye and was looking for home remedy. I've lost much of my brows, and yes in spite of all the acne problems my scalp was my most urgent complaint as I had severely escalated in itching and crawling. I see now I had a Chalazion. My face is such a mess I just thought it was something else. Up until this month I had no medical care and no money so I've just been living with undiagnosed stuff for years. I lost an alarming quantity of hair. I just thought all that was aging and 'whatever' due to my bad health. I only learned 10 weeks ago, when I got that stye, that rosacea and a whole host of skin/eye problems are due to the demodex.

I can see them fairly well with 10x magnification and a very bright light. If one has studied the pictures and you know what you're looking at--10x is enough to confirm quite a bit. I believe I've observed both types. I'm ordering a microscope as I'm an experimenter and an investigator and I want to learn more for myself, and help others with this issue which is quite devastating in serious cases. So I'll be able to confirm for positive eventually. Besides that my grandkids are home schooled so we can use it.

I've had a severe infestation of scabies when my children got exposed to them. I was also highly susceptible to those. My immune system is whacked, but I'm fixing that now thanks to good people offering free healing. yay! I'm sure it's not scabies. I have no reason to suspect bird mites. I have no pets. I'm pretty satisfied it's demodex.

Also..I'll say this for the benefit of others who might read. In the last year I was primary caregiver in the cancer deaths of my mother and a cousin. Since old and chronically ill people probably have a high population, I suspect I may have gotten some additional mites from them. I was in close physical contact extensively. My mother had a glass eye, which I cleaned, and I know now her eye area had to have been riddled with mites. It was very uncomfortable for her. I could just cry when I think I could have helped it if I'd known. Her doctors certainly didn't help and she went to eye specialists extensively. My cousin had open sores on his neck up. In my experience the mites have dug in the most on skin that is messed up somehow. Scars, deep wrinkles, sun spots, (all my many sun damage spots are their favorites). I didn't know about demodex mites then so I took no extra precautions to fight them off. But my own immune system has been weak enough to explain them ramping up and running amok so I don't know. It's just a thought to consider for anyone exposed to old and chronically ill.

In any case the internal borax IS killing them and and I've done extensive research, not just on EC, but everywhere, and using all the many methods to battle them now and in the future. My actual question was about the 2 borax protocol issues. I'm looking forward to sharing some points about using internal borax for demodex mites as there were a couple crucial things I didn't understand when I started and some things I didn't see people talking about much. But I'm scrambling for time to get it all down. Thanks to all again!

Avoid Citric Acid
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Hello! I am getting worse with Rosacea and desperate. If citric acid is in everything, how did you cut it out of your diet?

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Genie, it does not look like you use the spray for mites. Here is what we do.

In a 1 gallon bucket of water 2/3 cup of borax add water. Let sit for 1/2 hour to 1 hour. This lets the water take up the borax to make a saturated solution. You may have grains on bottom, just leave them.

For the household and larger pets you need a garden sprayer but a hand sprayer works too. Dip spray bottles in bucket to fill them. Avoiding remaining grains.

Add 1% drugstore hydrogen peroxide 99% water. Check bottle should say purified water as the only other ingredient.

Step in shower spray all of you including hair eyelashes eyebrows use a qtip or finger inside nose application. Air dry do not scrub. You do not need to. Spray ceiling as that is where they nest. This kills them and drys up the eggs. Spray the chair you sit in and your bed bedding.

Make a swiffer or 2 from paper towel or rag. Soak it in solution.

Spray your ceiling furniture carpets. The swiffer will assist in not having visable drips and swipe marks. I use it like my Mom washed walls in a circular wiping motion.

I spray under tables chairs hard wood and fabrics as they are a ceiling of sorts.

Spray saturate pets. If they are small or older I blow dry them. Or put them in the tub and let the solution work. Do not forget ear flaps and ear crevices. Spray that ceiling again. Spray their bedding completely let air dry.

I over time I wash my clothes and other things in hot with 2 cups borax and some h2o2. But the spraying works the laundry is secondary. Coats and drycleaning I spray on hanger seal in a bag. Throw rugs same.

If I have throw pillows I spray. But can be stored in a bag with a borax sprinkle until you get to them.

In the bath. I make 3... 1 liter water bottles or soda bottles. I tbsp borax add 1% h2o2 let float in water to stay warm. When borax dissolves saturate hair with first bottle. Let sit while you soak. My bath for pain and health. 2 cups borax defluoridates water improves skin kills mites 1 or 2 cups epsom 1 cup h2o2 this improves circulation too it oxygenates blood 1 cap fish tank dechlorinator to protect your heart from chlorine steam. A few drops of essential oils stirred in well lavender and lemon for me. As you soak you will get brief itches intense but then they resolve as you soak.

After 10 minutes add next bottle to hair massage into scalp. Another 10 minutes. Rinse with 3rd bottle. Do not rinse this out air dry. Let your skin air dry. I put on my robe and wait to dry.

I found it took 3 weeks of 2x a week spraying to stop them. Retreated for 3 months. But I spray the house 1x a month anyway.

I treat the yard(spread diatoaceous earth is best but wear gloves it roughs up hands) by the doors the door frames. You just never know the source. I suspect our neighbors dogs. But ours got them from a friends pet visiting for 1 hour.

It sounds like too much but is better than vaccuuming and rewashing bedding and clothes endlessly. This spray drives off any hornets nests in the ground that happen along.

The clue that they have returned is if you get itchy and you get another itchy spot in the same spot on the opposite side of your body. Or bumps in scalp.

The h2o2 portion does not discolor anything I have ever used it on. Finest spray the bottle allows drys quickly and efficiently.


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GENIE,,,,,,,,, I have had visible mites and microscopic Demodex mites. If you can see these mites then they are not the Demodex mites, which live in the sac of your hair follicles. That would be in your nose, eye lashes and eye brows. I even ran mine into my hair. The other mites can live in your skin anywhere from head to toe. The treatment is different for each. I would suggest that you research both types of mites and determine which you have. Then you can get some good help from folks on EC. Think you are going to do more than Borax regardless of which mite it is. Go to the EC archives for guidance.

Wish you well. =======ORH=========

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Hellooo out there! My first post. (maybe ref to Bill if possible) I'm new to the natural healing bandwagon as of 10 weeks ago. I'm very grateful! Will be posting more on that and other subjects later. Right now, I'm asking 2 questions re: borax protocol. I've been taking it internally, and full alkalizing regimen for 10 weeks for Demodex mites. Those nasty buggers had me eaten alive. Also using many of the basic tools for pain and other issues. Love ACV! I mean I really love it as a drink w/fizzies.

Happy to say borax is a great success for all issues it addresses, but still have areas of heavy mite infestation. I understand the eggs are not killed even by internal treatment so I'm still plowing through the cycles. 1st question is whether it could be alright to stay on borax continuously. Some places say 5 days on/2 off, which I do. Others say 4/3.

I knew this process would be long but of course I'm eager to get them flushed as my face is ravaged due to extreme allergic reactions to skin expelling them. I've had infections hardly avoidable in my case..but thrilled to find colloidal silver and that has kept me cleaned up. (yep I'll be chasing the make-your-own-plan in the future as I can't afford those prices and I am soooo done with traditional antibiotics.) The reason I want to stay on the borax is I can't help but think of all the breeding/hatching in those 2 days. 15 to 20 eggs per female just chills my bones after yanking out hundreds of bugs already. And for me I do have to pull and debride them out as the skin takes a long time and it's quite painful and gets infected meanwhile. I have dermatographia and I don't know if that plays into things with over-producing histamine. The skin does crack itself open in the process. (for me..not sure how it would be for others) Sorry this is repulsive to hear so imagine why I'm interested in NOT resting off borax.

Actually I have already stayed on borax more than 5/2 times, and have no problem. I just wanted to ask as I'm not sure WHY time off is needed and maybe it really isn't good to skip the time off. (I've read most, if not all Ted/borax posts but that point seems to elude me.) After I get past being a "Mite Motel" I'll be glad to do the proper rest periods.

I'll be staying on the borax as I have bought Bill's book on Candida. Thank you, Bill and Ted. And let me tell you right now I am blubbering/bawling as I say that. I am also the walking-half-dead. I'm assembling the components right now. (have bought all the EC books in fact--all wonderful--thanks again).

2nd question is whether I should be taking 1/8 or 1/4 spoon borax. I'm female but have been doing ¼ as I'm overweight and Ted said it was by weight. 64 yrs old, and right now 205 lbs. (But the good news is I've lost over 20 pounds in this 10 weeks due to the protocols! More on that later..) In Bill's book he says 1/8 and makes no caveat about male or female (hope I'm quoting that correctly I've read so much for so many hours I'm dizzy.) I thought I should clarify that in view of ongoing usage. If I should do ¼ now at what weight should I cut to 1/8?

I've had lots of what I call the "˜Happy Herxies" (die off) and sometimes it's been pretty bad. But I'm happy to suffer it --if that's what it takes. Allopathic medicine has also made me sick but with no payoff! I've had much improvement in many issues from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I will tell about them all eventually as this post is already long. I have so much good to report it will take several posts! Like my babies used to say "it's a mackerel!" (miracle). Thank you all for filling up my bucket of strength. I fully expect a bucket of 'mackerels'.